P R O D U C T C A T A L O G U E their counterparts who may be using competitive equipment. The quality and reliability of Bourgault’s equipment is ...
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their counterparts who may be using competitive equipment. The quality and reliability of Bourgault’s equipment is legendary. For more than 25 years we have made and backed our claim that our equipment will out perform all other brands while using 50% less repair parts than competitors’ units. Our commitment to supporting our equipment is unsurpassed in the industry. Bourgault has become the leader in large air seeder and tillage equipment technology. Bourgault supplies its leading edge technology to large, progressive farms throughout the world. At Bourgault, we maintain the highest level of commitment to continuous innovation and the never-ending pursuit of perfection.

Gerry Bourgault President of Bourgault Industries Ltd.



With its ongoing research and development efforts, Bourgault strives to make its customers more profitable than

Seeding 5710 Air Hoe Drill ................. 2-7 5725/30 Air Coulter Drills ... 8-11 6000 Air Seeders ............. 12-19 Mid Row Banders ............. 20-25 Seeding/Tillage 8810 Cultivator ................. 26-29 9400 Chisel Plow ............. 30-31 9800 Chisel Plow ............. 32-33 Mounted Systems ............ 34-35 Harvest Products 750 Smart Cart ................ 36-37 1100 Grain Cart ............... 38-39 6000 Mid Harrow .............. 40-41 7200 Heavy Harrow ......... 42-43 1650 RBM ........................ 44-45 Liquid Fertilizer Carts ....... 46-47

5710 Air Hoe Drill The 5710 Air Hoe Drill is the benchmark for all one-pass seeding systems. The superior design, combined with strong, high quality components, make the 5710 an Air Hoe Drill that you can count on. For over a decade, the 5710 has provided farmers with trouble-free operation, low operating costs and the highest resale value.

5 7 1 0 A I R H O E D R I L L F E AT U R E S


The Most Durable Packer Wheels in the Industry

One-Pass Seeding with Mid Row Banders

Durable & Proven Spring Trip Design

A wide selection of packer wheels are available for all seeding requirements. All-Steel Wheel > 2¼", 3½" and 4½" wide > thick steel cap with 11 ga. side-walls > weld seams do not contact soil > Mud-scrapers optional for steel wheels

The Proven Performer! The 5710 is the only air hoe drill designed from the ground up to handle the draft and weight of Bourgault Mid Row Banders. The cutting action of the front-mounted coulters, paired with Bourgault’s 5-row trip layouts provides unsurpassed trash flow.

The Bourgault trip design allows the 5710 to aggressively and uniformly penetrate hard fields maintaining an even seed-depth.

Rubber faced wheel — 22" Diameter Semi-pneumatic design - 3" and 4" widths Fully Pneumatic wheel - 5½" wide > Stone kickers standard

The 5710 still maintains one of the shortest contour lengths in the industry, ensuring remarkable field-following and consistent seed depth control.

All Bourgault trip assemblies come standard with greaseless nylon pivot bushings, proven to provide farmers with years and years of maintenancefree operation. The 5710 is available with: > 230 lb. single spring trip > 330 lb. dual spring trip > 450 lb. dual spring trip

5710-70 & 5710-74 Air Hoe Drill Set Records in Productivity! Set records for single-operator productivity with Bourgault’s new 70' and 74' Air Hoe Drill. The proven performance of past 5710 air hoe drills can be expected from this industry-leading configuration.


For example, competitors require a unit over 90' in width seeding at 4½ m.p.h. to match the productivity of a Bourgault 5710-74 seeding at 5½ m.p.h.

Compact Transport Configuration Combine its exceptional size with Bourgault’s cutting edge X-Fold technology (patent pending), and you have the most capable air hoe drill on the market today. Bourgault’s X-Fold technology provides remarkably compact transport dimensions — dimensions comparable to the profile of a 60' machine allowing you to transport with ease. TM


State-Of-The-Art Hydraulic System

The simple, yet durable hydraulic system ensures that your seed and fertilizer are on target all the time. > A sophisticated seal design ensures durability and accuracy. > An in-line filter is mounted on each master cylinder. > A precision line lock valve eliminates rebound and keeps the series cylinders locked into place while seeding.


Robust Design Provides Exceptional Penetration

The 5710 frame features five trip-mount rows sandwiched between continuous members running top and bottom the full depth of the frame.

Excellent Weight Distribution for Even Packing

Automatically Engaging Rear Transport Locks.

The rear transport frames on 5710 AHDs from 40' to 74' units are designed with an over-center locking system. This over-center mechanism automatically locks the transport wheels in place and removes all load from the transport cylinders.

The 5710 has been designed to produce even packing pressure across the entire width of the machine. > Heavy wing lift cylinders have been mounted on the wing to transfer weight away from the heavier main frame. > The maximum number of packer wheels are located on the main frame for optimum weight distribution.

> This construction provides a deep profile for high strength and many years of trouble-free operation. > The frame of the 5710 allows weight to be transferred throughout the frame. Weight transfer allows the 5710 to aggressively penetrate compacted areas providing uniform seed placement in conditions where flexible frame designs simply ride up. > The exceptional frame is designed to tow large air seeder tanks, tow fertilizer caddies, and accomodate MRBs.

Contouring Depth


Excellent Contour Following Capability

Set Seed Depth in Seconds

Bourgault has designed the 5710 with the packer wheels mounted closely behind the rear trips and the front caster wheels positioned within the first row of the air hoe drill’s frame. This results in a very short Contour Depth (distance between packers and castor wheels) enabling the 5710 to better follow undulant land.

Correct seeding depth is a critical factor in every farming operation. Depth requirements will change with factors such as seed type, moisture conditions and soil type. Farmers need the ability to make seeding adjustments when the conditions change. The accurate and infinitely adjustable Quick Shift Depth Control system provides one point depth control in seconds! Ease your workload with a design that works for you.

Land Hugging Packer Gangs

Quick and Easy Levelling

The 5710 Requires Little Maintenance

Primary & Secondary Manifolds

Packer sections pivot from sideto-side so entire sections can walk up and down to clear obstacles with ease, and to distribute packing pressures evenly to ensure good seed to soil contact.

The 5710 is the easiest drill to level in the industry! Easily accessible heavy-duty turnbuckles found both on the caster wheels and packer gangs can be adjusted with the provided wrenches . Detailed instructions are also located near the point of adjustment.

It takes little time to grease a 5710. Bourgault designers incorporated high quality replaceable wear-resistant components such as Nylatron, case hardened steel or composite bushings in many pivot locations. Even the rockshafts are mounted on maintenance free nylon bearings. This leaves only a minimum number of greasing locations required on a 5710 AHD.

The Bourgault product delivery system is designed for accurate distribution and low incidence of seed damage (PAMI test #702). Quick inspection manifold caps are made from polyurethane to absorb impact and minimize build up of dust or seed treatment. Secondary lines are constructed of a highly durable heavy black rubber hose with a steel helix. Tertiary lines are made of polyethylene plastic.

5710 Specifications Model

No. of Sections Working Widths 7" 9.8" 12.6" Frame Widths Main Frame Inner Wing Outer Wing Transport Width (@ Top) Transport Height (max) Weights 7" 9.8" 12.6" Tires Main Frame Casters (tandem walking axle) Inner Wing Casters Outer Wing Casters Rear Transport Wheels



















24'6" 24'6" 25'2"

29'2" 29'5" 29'5"

35'0" 34'4" 33'7"

42'0" 40'10" 42'0"

n/a 47'4" 46'2"

51'4" 53'11" 52'6"

n/a 58'10" 58'10"

60'8" 63'8" 63'0"

n/a 70'3" 69'4"

n/a 73'6" 73'6"

12'10" 6'1" — 18'6" 10'7"

12'10" 8'4" — 18'6" 12'7"

12'10" 10'0" — 18'6" 15'3"

15'9" 13'1" — 21'7" 17'2"

12'10" 10'1" 7'1" 20'0" 15'0"

15'9" 9'11" 8'8" 22'0" 15'8"

15'9" 12'6" 8'10" 23'0" 17'6"

15'9" 12'6" 10'0" 26'0" 18'0"

15'9" 13'5" 13'8" 23'6" 18'11"

15'9" 13'5" 13'8" 23'6" 18'11"

17,220 lb 16,400 lb 15,740 lb

18,650 lb 17,660 lb 16,780 lb

20,290 lb 18,920 lb 17,820 lb

23,230 lb 21,360 lb 20,240 lb

n/a 27,180 lb 25,640 lb

29,680 lb 27,790 lb 26,030 lb

n/a 31,780 lb 30,020 lb

36,080 lb 33,840 lb 31,860 lb

n/a 42,500 lb 39,800 lb

n/a 43,300 lb 40,600 lb

5 (7 transport) 5 (7 transport)

9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) 12.5Lx15FI (4) 12.5Lx15FI (4) 16.5Lx16.1FI (4)16.5Lx16.1FI (4) 11Lx15FI (2,4) 11Lx15FI (2,4) 11Lx15FI (2,4) 11Lx15FI (2,4) 11Lx15FI (2,4) 11Lx15FI (2,4) 11Lx15FI (2,4) 11Lx15FI (2,4) 11Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) — — — — 9.5Lx15FI (2,4) 9.5Lx15FI (2,4) 9.5Lx15FI (2,4) 9.5Lx15FI (2,4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) 12.5Lx15FI (4) 12.5Lx15FI (4)

General Specifications (All Sizes) Packer Options, 7" Spacing 9.8" & 12.6" Spacing Packer Wheel Mud Scrapers Stone Kickers Openers Seed boots Air kits Blockage monitors Tandem wheels (wing sections) Tandem walking wheels (wing sections) In-frame harrow Floating wing

Steel 2¼", 3½" /Rubber 3" Steel 2¼", 3½", 4½" /Rubber 3", 4" /Pneumatic 5-1/2" Optional for steel wheels Standard Bourgault Tillage Tools (BTT) Quick-Change adapters Low or wide spread seed boot available Single-shoot, double-shoot and granular air kits available. Optical blockage monitors available for secondary or tertiary air lines. Standard on 5710-59 & 5710-60 inner wings, Optional on all other wing sections. Standard on 5710-70 & 5710-74 inner & outer wings, Optional on all other wing sections except 47’ Optional 4 row configuration with a clear back row for rotary or tine harrows. (Select Models) Optional

Trip assemblies Trip assemblies Row to row spacing Frame depth Contour depth Hydraulic system

Safety chain and lights Transport locks Mid Row Banders Mid Row Shanks Field Markers Rear Tow Hitch ®

(7" Spacing - 230, 330), (9.8" & 12.6" - 230, 330, 450) 1" x 2" shank, 27" to 31" of frame to ground clearance (depending on opener), 11" of obstacle clearance 24½" 102" 145" working at 1" of seeding depth (149" for 5710-70 & 5710-74) High quality master/slave series cylinders with in-line hydraulic filter, double line lock/pressure reducing valve, slide action single point quick shift depth control. Standard Standard Optional on 12.6" and 9.8" spacings with dry and liquid/NH3 fertilizer tubes Optional on 12.6" Accepts most 3rd party disc markers Standard



5725/5730 Air Coulter Drills The 5725 Air Coulter Drill is the ultimate Zero-Till seeding implement! No other seeding system can offer ease-of-use, seedbed preservation, and guaranteed seed-to-fertilizer separation in a single pass at the level of the 5725.

More Durable, More Productive

The Ultimate Zero-Till Drill

Bourgault Air Coulter Drills are the lowest maintenance coulter drill on the market. Competitor’s coulter units have a multitude of linkages and pivots that are prone to bending and wear. Their coulter drills also require depth adjustment on every run, burning up valuable seeding time when setting seed placement. The Bourgault 5725 ACD uses a single point depth control allowing the depth to be set in seconds, saving you hours in adjustment time and reducing any chance of error.

The 5725 Air Coulter Drill provides ultra low disturbance seeding. The 5725 ACD is designed to operate in managed field residue and stubble which was cut high to capture moisture and bind soil. The coulters disturb little of the surface residue that shields the soil from the evaporating effects of the wind and sun. The 5725 ACD is also perfect for seeding into chemical fallow.

Series 25 MRB II ®

Bourgault’s 5725 ACD is designed for one-pass seeding with the optional Mid Row Bander System. Mid Row Banders operate independently of the seed coulters, depositing granular, liquid, or NH3 fertilizer between the seed rows. Bourgault MRBs guarantee seed to fertilizer separation preventing seed burn, with any fertilizer source, now that’s peace of mind performance! One-pass seeding is achieved while maintaining moisture levels, and soil and seedbed quality, to create the ideal growing environment. ®



Sealing in the Moisture


The initial trip load of 450 lbs. will provide enough tension for superior cutting action.

The flap of soil cut by the coulter is directed back to the furrow by the closer wheel, then sealed by the packer. The existing soil moisture is retained to ensure optimum germination. Steel and rubber cap packers are available for both models.

Composite fibre self-lubricating bushing with urethane seals on a 1" diameter chrome pin will provide years of trouble-free operation.


Extreme Zero-Till

The 5725 ACD pictured at left is seeding directly into a field harvested with a stripper header. The coulters cut through the straw and accurately place the seed and fertilizer in the soil. This successful zero-till operation demonstrates the 5725’s ability to operate in extreme conditions.

Spring loaded closer wheel arm ensures adequate soil return on the furrow, even in challenging field conditions.

Seed Into All Stubble Types.

The 5725 ACD is designed to operate in the most challenging standing stubble. Even in corn or sunflower stubble, the 5725 will achieve even seeding depths. Competitor’s units, equipped with gauge wheels tend to ride on the corn or sunflower stalks, resulting in uneven seed depth or seed deposited on the ground.

Solid steel ½" x 11-5/8" diameter closer wheel.

Scraper Adjustment Slide

The 20" diameter coulter is manufactured from special hardened steel, and provides over twice the wear life of an 18" diameter. coulter.

Carbide Inside Scraper Dry Seed Boot

5725/5730 Specifications Model



No. of Sections 3 3 No. of Rows 5 5 Working Widths 7" Spacing — — 9.8" Spacing 29'5" 34'4" 12.6" Spacing 29'5" 33'7" Frame Widths Main Frame 12'10" 12'10" Inner Wing 8'4" 10'0" Outer Wing — — Transport Width (@ Top) 18'6" 18'6" Transport Height (Max) 12'7" 15'3" Weights: (with 3.5" steel packer option, without MRBs) 7" Spacing — — 9.8" Spacing 19700 lb 21900 lb 12.6" Spacing — — Weight Packages 7" Spacing — — 9.8" Spacing (No MRBs) — — 9.8" Spacing (With MRBs) 1200 lb — 12.6" Spacing (No MRBs) — — 12.6" Spacing (With MRBs) — —








3 5

5 5

5 5

5 5

1 5

3 5

3 5

— 40'10" 42'0"

— 47'4" 46'2"

— 53'11" 52'6"

— 63'8" 63'0"

17'6" 17'12" n/a

24'6" 24'6" 25'2"

29'2" 29'5" 29'5"

15'9" 13'1" — 21'7" 17'2"

12'10" 10'1" 7'1" 20'0" 15'0"

15'9" 9'11" 8'8" 22'0" 15'8"

15'9" 12'6" 10'0" 26'0" 18'0"

15'11" — — 17'8" 6'2"

12'10" 6'1" — 18'8" 10'6"

12'10" 8'4" — 18'8" 12'8"

— 25800 lb —

— 28100 lb —

— 29540 lb —

— 37000 lb —

17880 lb 13365 lb n/a

25214 lb 19430 lb 18488 lb

30002 lb 21804 lb 19648 lb

— — 1200 lb — —

— — 600 lb — —

— 600 lb 2400 lb — —

— 600 lb n/a — —

4800 lb 1500 lb 4800 lb n/a n/a

3900 lb — 3600 lb — 600 lb

6900 lb 900 lb 6900 lb — 2100 lb

5730 Air Coulter Drill — The Cattleman’s Machine Pasture and hay land operators now have an option for direct seeding and fertilizer application. Known as the Cattleman’s Machine, the 5730 ACD has been designed with heavier components to seed directly into established pastures and sod. Direct seeding into pastures or sod will eliminate the costly process of ripping and working the fields prior to reseeding. Cattlemen can also extend the life and increase the productivity of pastures by banding fertilizer with a 5730 ACD. The closed furrow ensures minimal soil disturbance, yet allows water to better infiltrate the soil. Cattle can continue to graze right after the banding operation. Hay land can also be rejuvenated without creating a rough and unmanageable field finish.


6350 > > > >



6550 ST > 550 Bushels > 4 compartment tank > 10" Deluxe Load/ Unload Auger > Dual rear and row crop tire options > Tow behind.

350 Bushels 3 compartment tank 8" Load/Unload Auger Dual rear and row crop tire options > Tow behind or leading.

6280 > > > > >



6450 > 450 Bushels > 4 compartment tank > 10" Deluxe or Std. Load/Unload Auger > Dual rear and row crop tire options > Tow behind or leading.

280 Bushels 2 compartment tank 8" Load/Unload Auger Row crop tire options Tow behind or leading.

6200 > > > > >

200 Bushels 2 compartment tank 8" Load/Unload Auger Row crop tire options Tow behind or leading.

6000 Air Seeder

Over twenty-five years of Air Seeder development has led to the 6000 Series, the latest generation Bourgault Air Seeder. The 6000 Series is the most versatile line of air seeders offered today.

PDM Plus Metering System

Flexible, Internal, Tank Design

Variable Speed Transmission

The heart of the 6000 Series air seeder is the Bourgault Positive Displacement Metering Plus system. (Patent Pending)

The individual compartment internal port tank design provides unprecedented flexibility to farmers. The three (6350) or four (6450, 6550ST) internal compartment design allows for efficient use of total volume, regardless of seeding rates or size of seed being applied.

The heavy-duty design of the Variable Speed Transmission ensures that precision metering rates will be maintained even in the harsh agricultural environment.

> High density poly metering augers designed for accurate metering and low maintenance. > A precisely matched steel orifice ensures the PDM Plus is gentle on peas and lentils, yet accurately meters fine seeds like treated canola. No rollers to change! > A large flow-through sump for easy and complete tank clean out and metering auger inspection. > A five year, 100% warranty, plus a 50% lifetime warranty are offered on the PDM Plus metering auger and housing system.

The Class A Straight-Through distribution system allows the operator to configure the air seeder to any possible product delivery scenario. The flexibility offered by the Bourgault 6550ST and 6450 Air Seeders is unmatched in the market.

> Each transmission is protected by a selfresetting torque limiting clutch. > Change rates “on-the-go” with the optional Cab Rate Adjust (CRA), Zone Rate Control (ZRC), or the ZYNX Monitor/Controller System. > In case of electrical problems, transmissions can be easily converted to manual adjustment to ensure no downtime.


Convenient Catwalk & Safety Handrails

Gearbox Transmission Drive


This drive system provides a clean and efficient transfer of power from the drive wheel to each variable speed transmission. The shaft drive system will provide you with trouble-free operation and virtually zero maintenance requirements.

Product Lift System (6280 - 6550ST)


This revolutionary new feature means you no longer have to strain yourself by lugging heavy seed bags or calibration boxes up the tank stairs. Simply load your bags, or boxes, at waist level, and lift them hydraulically to the top air seeder platform. (Patent pending)

Four-Level Bin Sensors (491 Monitor Only)

Four optical sensors in each tank are strategically positioned to report product drop and the contents remaining in each tank. The top, or just off full sensor indicates early in the seeding operation if the tank level is dropping. The last, or just off empty sensor will indicate that the compartment is almost empty. All but the last sensor can be repositioned according to the operator’s preference.

The convenient two-stage ladder and 5th wheel platform provides easy access to the tank top from either side of the air seeder. The tank top handrails have a lift-and-release feature, allowing them to be easily folded down for indoor storage.

Working Lights

The working lights include lights around the metering transmissions, the sides of the tank, the load/unload auger head, catwalk, and on the rear of the air seeder. These lights give excellent illumination around the seeding unit during night time operation and are standard on the 6000 Series.

Patented Hydraulic Power Calibration

With the standard Hydraulic Power Calibration system, it is very easy for an operator to obtain a large, accurate product sample. The power calibration operates on oil flow diverted to a hydraulic motor on the metering system. A tank mounted switch box (with optional auxiliary clutches) allows you to independently control the size of the calibration sample collected from each meter.

Class A Straight-Thru Primary Line Design

The Class A Straight-Thru primary line design makes it very easy to direct the contents of any tank into any air stream. This allows the operator to set up his seeding operation in the single, double, or multi-shoot mode. Tank cleaning is clean and simple, with an unobstructed drop into the load/unload auger hopper.

Tire Options that Work for You

Bourgault offers a tire for any soil type. Large single, or dual tire options minimize compaction of your fields. Correct tire loading is not only important for reduced compacting, but also for safe operation of the unit


10" Hydraulic Assist Deluxe Load/ Unload Auger The 10" Hydraulic Assist Deluxe Load/ Unload Auger is optional on the 6450 & standard on the 6550ST Air Seeders: > > > >

Fill all four tanks from one hopper position Achieve up to 90 bu/min Low-profile, folding hopper Hydraulic cylinders for auger height/lift control and hopper storage > Easy, 100% clean out > Patent Pending

10" Standard Load/Unload Auger The 10" (254 mm diameter) Standard Auger provides a rapid fill time at a modest price. The 10" standard auger is equipped with hydraulic control for swing. This auger also has the classic hopper design. The 10" standard auger is available on Model 6450 air seeders.

8" Standard Load/Unload Auger The 8" (203 mm diameter) Standard Auger is the same classic auger design that was successful on the 5000 Series air seeders. This fully manual positioning auger will give you proven reliability and well balanced operation. The 8" standard auger is available on the Model 6350, Model 6280, & Model 6200.

Convenient Tank Unloading With all distribution lines located on the left-hand side of the tank, the load/unload auger is easily pivoted under the sump of the PDM Plus metering auger to clean out the tank and metering system. No other air seeder has such convenience!

Optical Blockage Sensors Eliminate the danger of costly misses. Optical sensors installed on the tertiary air lines signal the air seeder monitor if there is a lack of product flow. Optical sensors are superior to pin sensors as they will not run the risk of product lodging. Customers can choose between sensors installed on each tertiary run, or one run per manifold to monitor each secondary run.


Other Features and Options > Large tank lid design > Steel tank construction delivers superior durability. > Standard EZ Hitch for easier attachment of a tow-behind air seeder to the seeding implement > Standard hitch jack > Standard broom for cleaning tank top

Leading in More Ways than One Choose a leading configuration of 6000 Series Air Seeder from 200 to 450 bushels. A number of different tire options can ensure superb flotation in single or dual configurations. Each size has been designed to ensure optimum load distribution, with a maximum hitch weight of 8,500 lbs on the Leading 6450 unit.

Deluxe 491 Air Seeder Monitor

ZYNX Monitor/Controller

The Deluxe 491 Monitor is capable of monitoring:

ZYNX by Kee Technologies is a multi-skilled console which can perform many tasks at the same time. Users monitor and control air seeder activities through the touch screen with a colourful, easy to understand graphic interface. All sensors, clutches, and actuators are connected to a central control box (ECU) on the air seeder. This allows for a single harness from the tractor cab to the air seeder.

two blowers > Alarms for a host of four product rates possible issues four bin levels > optional optical ground speed blockage sensors field & total acreage > Tank calibration is auger RPM & performed using the seeding rate 491 monitor.

> The 491 is also compatible with rate control options: Cab Rate Adjust (CRA) Zone Rate Control (ZRC)

An independent switch box (standard) can be used instead of the touch screen for controlling clutches and tank rates.

Seed & Fertilizer Rate Controller

Cab Rate Adjust — CRA The application rate can be adjusted for each metering auger at the push of a button, on-thego, from the tractor cab. An electric actuator 18 mounted on each transmission remotely adjusts the rate setting when activated by the operator. A second control panel is located on the tank for convenient rate changes during calibration.

Zone Rate Control — ZRC Zone Rate Control allows for all metering augers to be automatically adjusted by a single control. Up to five different product application groups can be preprogrammed by the operator. The operator can now make a coordinated rate change with just a click of one dial when crossing zone boundaries. Hi

An example (right) of a field showing different application requirements. A nominal rate can be set up for the yellow zone, a higher rate for the blue zone, and a lower rate set for the green zone. The lowest rate setting can be assigned for the red zone. (Note: CRA & ZRC can be switched to manual operation in case of electrical problems to ensure no down time.)





> > > > > >

Lo w Lowest


Field Map

> Control up to 5 products including granular and NH3. (Monitoring only on liquid fertilizer) > Variable rate control > Adjustable voice and visual alarms > Bin levels count down as product is used > Granular blockage monitoring (Single run only) > Autosteer, sprayer control, and spreader control options are available

Guidance System > > > >

Parallel & contour guidance standard Includes obstacle marking and automatic air seeder clutch ON/OFF DGPS receiver options available through Bourgault Save As-Applied Map

Mapping System (optional) > Upload maps from a PC or create one in ZYNX > Use GPS and VR control to apply prescribed rates with prescription maps > Log product application rates in a field map format

6000 Specifications










Total Tank Volume #1 Tank Volume #2 Tank Volume #3 Tank Volume #4 Tank Volume Weights Height Transport (top of L/U auger) Field (top of hand rail) Overall Width (single tires) Front Axle to Rear Axle (TBHD only) Hitch Pin to L/U auger Tow Behind Units Leading Units Hitch Pin to Rear Tow Hitch Pin Tow Behind Units Leading Units Front Tire Spacings (TBHD only) Rear, Single [** - 10' also available] Rear, Inside Dual Rear, Outside Dual

200 bu 80 bu n/a 120 bu n/a 8800 lb

280 bu 112 bu n/a 168 bu n/a 10200 lb

350 bu 140 bu 70 bu 140 bu n/a 11000 lb

450 bu 145 bu 15 bu 60 bu 230 bu 14000 lb

550 bu 170 bu 15 bu 75 bu 290 bu 15500 lb

12'1" 13'1" 11'11"

12'1" 14'0" 13'2"

12'5" 15'0" 13'6"

12'5" 15'0" 13'9"

12'5" 15'0" 13'9"






29'2" 31'3"

29'2" 31'3"

29'2" 31'3"

30'8" 32'8"

32'11" n/a

29'10" 27'3"

29'10" 27'3"

29'10" 27'3"

32'10" 30'2"

32'10" n/a






10'0" n/a n/a

10'10"** n/a n/a

10'10"** 10'0" 15'0"

10'10" 10'0" 15'0"

10'10" 10'0" 15'0"


NOTE: Measurements may vary depending on tire options. All units weighed with a L/U Auger




versatility Over twenty-five years of Air Seeder development has led to the 6000 Series, the maintain latest generation Bourgault Air Seeder. Read why the 6000 Series is the most seedbed versatile line of air seeders offered today.


efficiency guarantee separation

Mid Row Banders open a window of opportunity for farmers who wish to ®

Mid Row Banders


maximize the benefits of one-pass seeding, yet avoid the risks that are inherent with other one-pass systems found on the market.

For over a decade and through millions of acres, Bourgault Mid Row Banders have provided guaranteed seed-to-fertilizer separation and seedbed integrity. This product has truly revolutionized one-pass seeding. ®

MRBs place nitrogen fertilizer between the seed rows, shielding the seedlings from the nitrogen’s harmful toxic and salt effects. The separation allows only the mobile and beneficial nitrate form of the fertilizer to reach the seedlings for optimum nutrient uptake. Producers have the versatility to choose from granular, liquid, or anhydrous without worry. From every angle, the Bourgault Mid Row Bander system is the superior one-pass seeding system available. ®

The Series 25 MRB II is built on the outstanding performance of the original Series 20 MRBs. The Series 25 offer more user-friendly features, yet still provide the same benefits to farmers. It is an effective one-pass seeding system that does not endanger the seed, and does not compromise seedbed quality. ®

Mid Row Bander, Mid Row Banders and MRB are registered trademarks of Bourgault Industries Ltd. in Canada and the U.S.A.


Adjustment is vertical and infinitely adjustable; this allows the operator to change working height quickly and easily, or “park” in the up position when not in use.


Fiberglide bushings in the cast height adjustment mount provide a solid low friction fit on the chrome shafts.

Floating scraper adjustment can be made quickly by setting the tension on the spring.

The initial trip force is set at 450 lbs for excellent soil penetration.

A heavy duty arm with a 4" wide pivot provides durability through extreme conditions. Composite fiber selflubricating bushing with urethane seals and plastic thrust washers pivots on 1" diameter chrome pin.

22 A user friendly slide adjust scraper/boot system allows for adjustment as the disc wears.

The combo boot is a versatile fertilizer applicator. It can be fitted with distribution hoses for dry urea, or tubes for anhydrous ammonia or liquid fertilizer.

The carbide scraper provides many acres of service. The carbide edge and wear pad ensures long life, even in abrasive conditions.

The hub is a ductile, greasable, 4 bolt 1500 lb rated capacity and comes with a tapered roller bearing and triple lip seal.

The large 20" coulter disc is set at a 5° angle to cut field residue.

Series 20 Mid Row Banders

Benefits of Mid Row Banders


The Bourgault Series 20 Mid Row Banders will help farmers meet the challenges of adopting an effective and low-risk one-pass seeding system at an economical price. The Series 20 MRBs are the original mid row banding system that revolutionized low disturbance one-pass seeding in the small grain growing regions of North America.


Nitrogen Seed


Mid Row Band — after 1 day, the nitrogen band is in a concentrated and dangerous form, but located well away from the seed. The seed is beginning to germinate, utilizing nitrogen from itself, the soil, and starter fertilizer included with the seed.

The cam lock at the top of the tension spring allows the operator to quickly retract and lock the MRBs when they are not used. The MRB is capable of 1" (25 mm) increments for height adjustment. ®

Mid Row Band — after 4 weeks, the nitrogen band has converted to nitrate and moved out towards the plant roots, which during growth have sensed and tapped into the nutrient source.

The adjustable pressure spring allows the operator to change the pressure on the inside floating scraper. An 18" (457 mm) coulter disc set at a 5° angle cuts open a furrow in the soil.

Seedbed Integrity – MRBs coupled with narrow seed openers provide a superior low disturbance single pass seeding system. Wider profile side-banding openers create more disturbance, exposing the seedlings to potential emergence problems from seedbed fracturing and poor seed - fertilizer separation. Guaranteed Separation – MRBs guarantee separation of nitrogen fertilizer from the seed row. Side-banding systems may cause the seed to mix with the fertilizer depending on a number of factors such as: seeding speed, soil texture, opener condition, and soil moisture. Versatility – MRBs work well with all forms of nitrogen fertilizer: Dry Urea, Anhydrous Ammonia, and Liquid UAN. Farmers have the choice of using the nitrogen form that is advantageous to their seeding operation. No 23 other one-pass system can offer this range of flexibility with the same degree of safety. Efficiency – MRB systems aid seeding efficiency by allowing farmers to seed at higher speeds, while those with side-band systems typically have to maintain a slower seeding speed to reduce soil throwing and soil fracturing by the openers. ®

Mid Row Band


One myth is that in dry years, Mid Row Banders will strand nitrogen. In actuality, if there is sufficient moisture for germination and fertilizer nitrification, mid row is the best place for nitrogen. It is easy to see from the photos above that even in dry conditions, the roots from an MRB system is more developed, optimizing nutrient uptake and maximizing yield potential.

Horsepower Requirements/Fuel Consumption– Side-banding openers can pull harder than MRBs with narrow seed knives. Easier pulling MRBs mean less fuel consumed for the same number of acres seeded, as well as, less wear and tear on the tractor.



MRBs Provide Optimum Nitrogen Location

Salt Effect & Seed Desiccation

Mid Row Banders prevent crop damage from fertilizer toxicity by providing the required amount of separation between nitrogen and seed to provide protection from ammonia and ammonium, but ready access to nitrate. This separation also prevents salt effect of the fertilizer from desiccating the seed(lings). The management of risk from fertilizer damage allows producers to grow the best crops possible.

Nitrogen is a fertilizer but it is also a salt. Placing high rates of nitrogen close to the seed subjects the plant to high salt concentrations. Salt is a drying agent which takes water from any available source, this may make water unavailable to the seed and seedlings. Urea and Liquid UAN have a high salt index rating, so separation from the seed is critical. MAP (12-51-0) has a much lower salt rating, therefore, it can be placed safely with the seed in the recommended rates.

Fertilizer Form & Toxicity The initial form of nitrogen fertilizer is ammonia, (NH3). Nitrogen fertilizer, in this form, is very toxic to the seed and plant, and is not very mobile in the soil. Risk of fertilizer toxicity is high if the seed(ling) is close to the fertilizer row. Mid row banding fertilizer eliminates the chance of the 24 seed coming into contact with the toxic ammonia. Ionic transfer converts ammonia to ammonium, (NH4). Ammonium is not as toxic as ammonia, but can cause seedling damage at an excessive concentration. Ammonium sensitivity varies with plant species and is not very mobile in the soil. Risk of fertilizer toxicity is reduced in comparison with ammonia, but may impair plant development. Microbial activity in the soil converts ammonium to nitrate (NO3). Nitrate is the safest, most effective form of nitrogen and promotes robust plant development. Nitrate is very mobile in the soil, and can reach the seed row from the mid row band in as little as two days.

Salt Index Ratings: Table Salt (Sodium Chloride) ...........................153 Sodium Nitrate .................................................100 Urea (46-0-0) .....................................................75 Liquid UAN (28-0-0) ...........................................64 Anhydrous ammonia (82-0-0) ............................47 MAP (mono-ammonium phosphate) (12-51-0) ..30

MRBs Specifications

Series 25 Mid Row Bander II ®

MRB Weight Trip Height Trip Mechanism Arm Pivot Depth Control Coulter Diameter Coulter Hub Product Type MRB Compatible Units:

120 lbs with mount 10" unobstructed 450 lbs initial tension 4" wide pivot with composite fiber self-lubricating bushing & urethane seals and plastic thrust washers pivots on 1" dia. chrome pin. Infinite Adjustment Stainless Steel Acme Thread 20" dia. Greasable 4 bolt — 1500 lb rated capacity, equipped with taper roller bearings & triple lip seal Granular, Liquid, or Anhydrous Ammonia application 5710 Air Hoe Drill 8810 Cultivator 5725 Air Coulter Drill

Series 20 Mid Row Bander


MRB Weight Trip Height Trip Mechanism Arm Pivot Depth Control Coulter Diameter Coulter Hub Product Type MRB Compatible Units:

85 lbs with mount 10" unobstructed 375 lbs initial tension 3" wide pivot with composite bushing pivots on 1" diameter chrome pin 1" increments for height adjustment 18" dia. Greasable 4 bolt — 1500 lb rated capacity, equipped with taper roller bearings & triple lip seal Granular, Liquid, or Anhydrous Ammonia application 5710 Air Hoe Drill 8810 Cultivator 9400 Chisel Plow 8800 Cultivator (Special Retrofit Required)


8810 Cultivator

Designed as both a tillage unit and as a one-pass seeding system, the 8810 provides our customer true versatility.


8810 - A Durable Five Row Floating Hitch Cultivator

Make your 8810 a Culti-Drill

Farmers know that if they can use one piece of equipment to replace several, they are money ahead.

The 8810 can be configured as a low-disturbance one-pass seeding system, with adjustable packing pressure.

> The 8810 is available in 8" or 10" spacing, from 24' to 60'.

> An 8810, 10" spaced model equipped with narrow seed openers.

> The 8810 is capable of primary tillage, secondary tillage, direct seeding, chemical incorporation and fertilizer banding.

> Heavy Duty Mounted Packers, which consist of 21" diameter wheels available in choice of 2¼" or 3½" steel, 3" rubber

> The 8810 has the shortest contouring depth of any cultivator in the industry, providing consistent depth in uneven terrain.

> Bourgault Mid Row Banders for the optimum in low-disturbance fertilizer placement.

> With a high quality, single series depth control system, the 8810 is designed to deliver exceptional seed placement with a wide variety of openers. The 8810 can be equipped with either tine harrows or mounted packers.

> This configuration provides a state-of-the-art one-pass seeding system with adjustable packing pressure. When required, the seed knives can be interchanged with sweeps, the mounted packers with mounted harrows, the banders moved out of operating position, and the same unit can be used for primary tillage. No other machine can provide this flexibility!

> The multi-purpose 8810 can also accept Bourgault's Mid Row Banders , making it a leading edge, one-pass seeding unit. ®


Frames Designed for Outstanding Endurance


The 8810 frame features five tripmount rows sandwiched between continuous members running top and bottom the full depth of the frame.

Incredibly Effective & Durable Spring Trips The Bourgault 8810 Cultivator can work soil where other cultivators just ride on top of the ground. The secret is in the design of the spring trip system, utilizing increasing force geometry.

> The deep profile provides high strength and many years of trouble-free operation.

> As the soil gets tougher, the shanks begin to tip back ever so slightly.

> The design allows weight to be transferred throughout the frame to aggressively penetrate compacted areas, providing uniform seed placement.

> This increases the angle of attack of the sweeps and their ability to penetrate the tough soil.


> Designed to tow large air seeder tanks, tow fertilizer caddies, and mount MRBs . ®

Dependable Hydraulics Master-slave hydraulic system for depth control. > An in-line filter is mounted on each master cylinder. > A precision line lock valve eliminates rebound and keeps the series cylinders locked into place during operation. > The Quick Shift single point control sets the operating depth of the entire machine TM

> The trip springs extend and the penetration force increases dramatically. > This increase in force returns the shank/sweep in it’s original position. The result is that the 8810 will penetrate ground the competition barely scratches. The Bourgault trip assembly features a single grease-less pivot point equipped with a nylon composite bushing and a grade 8 bolt. > Extensive tests have proven that Bourgault’s

product will outlast the competitor’s product by more than double! > When maintenance is required, the pivot bushings are easily changed at a price of less than 1/10th of some competitors' units!

Maximum Residue with Minimum Effort The 8810's trip layout is designed to achieve unmatched trash clearance. > Design ensures good residue flow around the wheels. > Distance is maximized between adjacent rows and shanks.

Leg Style Caster The 8810s feature leg style caster wheels, rather than fork type. This feature greatly reduces the effort required in changing a tire.

8810 Specifications Model

No. of Sections Working Widths 8" Spacing

10" Spacing











24'0" 25'4" 26'8" 28'0" 29'4" 25'0" 26'8" 28'3" 30'0"

28'0" 29'4" 30'8" 32'0" 33'4" 28'3" 30'0" 31'8" 33'4"

34'8" 36'0" 37'4" 38'8" 40'0" 35'0" 36'8" 38'4" 40'0"

48'0" 49'4" 50'8" 52'0" — 48'4" 50'0" 51'8" —

54'8" 56'0" 57'4" 58'8" 60'0" 55'0" 56'8" 58'4" —

15'6" 8'8" 7'10" 25'1" 14'4"

15'6" 11'3" 8'4" 26'0" 16'4"

17800 lb 16800 lb

21200 lb 20000 lb

Frame Widths Main Frame 12'10" 12'10" 14'2" Inner Wing 6'1" 7'9" 10'6" Outer Wing — — — Transport Width (@ Top) 17'8" 17'8" 19'0" Transport Height (Max) 12'6" 13'11" 16'3" Weights (Base unit configured with 450 lb double spring trips) 8" Spacing 10600 lb 11400 lb 12150 lb 10" Spacing 10200 lb 10800 lb 11400 lb Tires Main Frame 9.5Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) Inner Wing 9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) Outer Wing — — — Main Frame Casters 9.5Lx15FI (2) 9.5Lx15FI (2) 11Lx15FI (2) Inner Wing Casters 9.5Lx15FI (2) 9.5Lx15FI (2) 11Lx15FI (2) Outer Wing Casters — — —

12.5Lx15FI (4) 12.5Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (2) 11Lx15FI (2) 11Lx15FI (2) 11Lx15FI (2) 11Lx15FI (2) 11Lx15FI (2)

General Specifications (All Sizes) Wheel System Packer Options Mud Scrapers Openers

Air Kits Blockage Monitors Tine Mounted Harrows Trip Assemblies Row to Row Spacing Row Shank Spacing Frame to Ground Clearance Frame Depth Contour Depth Depth Control

Wing Lift Safety Chain & Lights Mid Row Banders Side Draft Eliminators Hitches Frame Members ®

Offset walking tandem axles under all frames. Optional Heavy Duty gang style, poly gang style, or poly Independent Mounted packer wheels Optional fixed or spring-loaded style Quick-Change and Speed-Loc adapters are optional. Refer to Bourgault Tillage Tools for optional openers. Single-Shoot, Double-Shoot and Granular Air Kits available. Optical Blockage Monitors available for secondary or tertiary lines. Optional 3 or 4 bar harrows. (Std. and H.D.) 8" spacing — 230 lb, 330 lb or 450 lb initial tension, 10" spacing — 330 lb or 450 lb initial tension 25" min. 8" spacing — 32" min., 10" spacing — 40" min. 27" with sweeps 104½" 7' 2" between the caster wheels and the walking axle pivot Hydraulic series rephasing cylinders, "QuickShift" depth control, Variable Depth/Precision Control Valve Solid Truss system with hydraulics connected in parallel Standard Optional with NH3, dry and liquid fertilizer tubes. Optional A-Frame Main, optional Heavy Duty Trailing Hitch 4" x 4" x .250" Wall

Minimized Contouring Depth

Easy to Level

Research has proven that the ability to follow field contours is related, primarily, to frame depth and wheel positioning. The 8810 has the shortest contouring depth in the industry. The front caster wheels are positioned close to the front of the frame and the walking axles are centered in the frame. With this short contouring depth, the 8810 seeds more evenly over the peaks and valleys.

> Front-to-back adjustment is performed by adjusting the screw jack that connects the in-frame running gear to the caster wheel. > Adjustment screws on top of the depth control cylinders allow side to side adjustment. > Wrenches are provided.


9400 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow Bourgault has refined the floating hitch design into today's proven 9400 Series Chisel Plow. > An experienced design team using the latest in computer solid modelling and stress analysis design software ensures cleanest, most effective design. > Evaluated over hundreds of hours in extreme conditions, both at the factory and by a select group of demanding co-operators. > Built to the highest standards used in the agricultural equipment industry. Customer satisfaction and the high residual value reflects a high degree of success. In fact, a 50% premium over other brands is common for used Bourgault chisel plows!

Speed-Loc Adapters available with a wide range of opener options.

High Performance Spring Cushion Assemblies

Dependable single series master and multi-slave hydraulic system with in-line filter, precision line lock valve, and Quick Shift depth control

Shortest contouring depth in the industry for superior groundfollowing capabilities

9400 Specifications Model

No. of Sections Working Widths Frame Widths Main Frame Inner Wing Outer Wing Transport Width Maximum 6' above ground Transport Height Frame Depth Weights (Base Unit) with 500 lb trips with 600 lb trips Tires Main Frame Inner Wing Outer Wing Main Frame Casters Inner Wing Casters Outer Wing Casters





3 28', 30', 32', 34'

3 36', 38', 40', 42'

5 46', 48', 50'

5 54', 56', 58', 60'

13'6" 7'5" —

15'6" 10'5" —

15'6" 9'2" 6'3"

15'6" 11'0" 8'5"

19'3" — 12'6", 13'3", 14'2", 15'0" 8'11"

20'11" — 14'9", 15'8", 16'6", 17'3", 8'11"

24'6" 22'0" 16'5", 16'5", 16'5" 8'11"

26'6" 22'8" 16'9", 16'9", 16'9", 16'9" 8'11"

11750 lb 12710 lb

13070 lb 14300 lb

17530 lb 19100 lb

18990 lb 20840 lb

9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) — 9.5Lx15FI (2) 9.5Lx15FI (2) —

11Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) — 11Lx15FI (2) 9.5Lx15FI (2) —

11Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (2) 9.5Lx15FI (2) 9.5Lx15FI (2)

11Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 11Lx15FI (2) 11Lx15FI (2) 9.5Lx15FI (2)

The unique three point frameto-hitch attachment is designed to better distribute load on the frame.

General Specifications (All Sizes) 500 lb Spring Cushion

1" x 2" shank, 30" of frame to ground clearance, 12" of obstacle clearance 600 lb Spring Cushion 1¼" x 2" shank, 31½" of frame to ground clearance, 13" of obstacle clearance Wheel Standards Offset walking tandem axles with tapered roller bearings, leg type caster wheels for easy tire removal Safety Chain and Lights Standard Transport Locks Standard Row to Row Spacing 32" minimum Spring tine mounted harrows Optional 3 or 4 bar (Std. and H.D.) Mounted Packers system Optional gang style, or individually mounted Mid Row Banders Optional, with Combo-boot Side Draft Eliminators Optional Mud Scraper Optional, fixed or spring loaded style Shank Spacing 12" shank spacing with 36" min between adjacent shanks and 32" between frame rows Contour Depth 8'4" between the castor wheels and walking axle pivot Hitch Three Pull-Point Main, optional Heavy Duty Trailing Hitch Frame Members 4" x 4" x .250" Wall Openers Speed-Loc Adapters are optional. An extensive range of openers are available through Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd. ®


9800 Rigid Hitch Chisel Plow Bourgault is confident in it’s claim that the 9800 RHCP is the strongest chisel plow ever built. The 9800 is the culmination of over 30 years of tillage equipment manufacturing experience, the latest in stress analysis design software and hundreds of hours of extreme endurance testing. The claim is backed up with a 3-year limited warranty. The renowned Bourgault “increasing force” trip assembly is available in the 230, 330, 450, 500 or 600 lb. configuration. All spring cushions are standard with greaseless composite nylon pivot bushings.

Precise side-to-side frame section levelling is adjusted above the depth control cylinder using the wrench provided. The top cylinder mount has two positions: an 18" lift range regular lift setting and a high pressure 22" setting. Optional stabilizer wheels available for working in high draft situations to ensure penetration of the ground engagement tools.

An appropriate tongue height can be found regardless of draw bar height or operating depth. The hitch height adjustment mount can be flipped end for end to provide additional ground clearance.

9800 Specifications Model


No. of Sections 3 Working Widths 8" Spacing 28'0", 29'3", 30'8", 32'0" 10" & 10.125" Spacing 28'3", 30'0", 31'8", 33'3" 12" Spacing 28'0", 30'0", 32'0", 34'0" 15" Spacing 28'0", 30'6", 33'0"

Frame Widths Main Frame 13'6" Wing 7'6" Transport Width 18'10" Transport Height 14'2" @ 34' High Lift Range 15'1" @ 34' Weights (Base Unit with 500 lb double spring trips) 12" Spacing 10480 lb Tires Main Frame 11Lx15FI (4) Wing - Single Wheel 12.5Lx15FI (4) Wing - Double Wheel 9.5Lx15FI (4) Gauge (Optional) 9.5Lx15FI (2)

9800-36 3 36'0", 37'3", 38'8", 40'0" 35'6", 37'6", 39'0", 41'0" 36'0", 38'0", 40'0", 42'0" 35'6", 38'0", 40'6"

13'6" 11'4" 18'10" 18'3" @ 42' 19'2" @ 42' 11080 lb 11Lx15FI (4) 12.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (4) 9.5Lx15FI (2)

General Specifications (All Sizes) Wheel System Main Frame Wings Wheel Standards Packer Options Mud Scrapers Openers Air Kits Tine Mounted Harrows Trip Assemblies Row to Row Spacing Row Shank Spacing Frame Depth Wing Lift Safety Chain & Lights Side Draft Eliminators Frame Members

Hitch with an Attitude!

Unmatched Frame Strength

The 9800 hitch consists of two 8" side beams that attach near the hinge area to transfer heavy draft loads, and a center beam which transfers all fertilizer/air seeder cart loads to the tractor.

The frame features 4" x 4" x ¼" wall steel tubing members welded between 4" x 3" x ¼" wall frontto-back members, producing a structure that is extremely strong. With the continuous front to back hitch beams running under the frame, the 9800 is given unmatched frame strength.

Offset walking tandem axles. Standard: High floatation single axle; Optional: Offset walking tandem axles. Main Frame & Wing - Triple-lip seals on 5000 lb hubs Optional (Not available on 15" spacing) Optional fixed or spring-loaded style Speed-Loc adapters are optional. An extensive range of openers are available through Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd. Refer to Bourgault Dealer for availability Optional 3 or 4 bar harrows. 230 lb, 330 lb, 450 lb, 500 lb, 600 lb 31" min row centres 8" -> 24" min, 10" & 10.125" -> 30" min, 12" -> 36" min, 15" -> 45" min 110.5" Solid Truss system with hydraulics connected in parallel Standard Optional 4" x 4" x ¼" frame members with 4" x 3" x ¼" cross members

Maximum Residue with Minimum Effort The 9800 has a four row frame design with shank spacings of 8", 10", 12" or 15". No other chisel plow can even come close to matching the 9800s performance in heavy residue. The four-row design provides generous distance between the sweeps and the wheels. The shank arrangement has been optimized to provide excellent residue flow.


Features and Specifications Mounted Systems

Gang Style Mounted Packers

Independent Mounted Packers

Section Widths

Section Widths

Wheels Features

Packing Force

8" (203.2 mm) spacing — 7, 8, 9 & 10 wheel 10" (254 mm) spacing — 6 & 8 wheel 12" (304.8 mm) spacing — 4, 5, 6 & 7 wheel 20" (508 mm) diameter, durable linear medium density polyethylene 1" shaft and heavy duty pillow block bearings mounted on a rugged hollow structural steel frame up to 55 lbs. per wheel on 8” spacing

Wheels Features

Packing Force

8" (203.2 mm) spacing — 7,8,9 & 10 wheel 10" (254 mm) spacing — 6 & 8 wheel 12" (304.8 mm) spacing — 4,5,6 & 7 wheel 20" (508 mm) diameter, durable linear medium density polyethylene Each wheel is individually bearing mounted with its own spring cushion system, utilizing double contact sealed ball bearings 4" (101.6 mm) of independent movement on each wheel Provides uniform packing on each and every row for maximum emergence rates up to 55 lbs. per wheel on 8” spacing

Heavy Duty Wheels Section Widths Wheels


Packing Force

10" (254 mm) spacing 4 & 5 wheel 22" (558.8 mm) diameter available in: 3" rubber cap 2¼" (57.2 mm) & 3½" (88.9 mm) steel; 1½" shaft and heavy duty pillow block bearings mounted on a rugged hollow structural steel frame. up to 90 lbs. per wheel on 10" spacing

Mounted Harrows 3-BAR HARROW Section Widths Features

4-BAR HARROW Section Widths Features

Important: Mid Row Banders or a Weight Kit is required to offset the weight of the Heavy Duty Packers.

Adjustment 4½' & 6' sections 3/8" x 16" double tines, with 9" centres 3" overall spacing on a 3-bar harrow 5 available tine angle settings 4', 5', & 6½' sections 3/8" x 16" double tines with 8" centres 7/16" x 16" double tines with 8" centres 2" overall spacing on a 4-bar harrow 5 available tine angle settings

3-BAR HARROW (Heavy Duty Mounted) Section Widths Features

Harrow/Packer Mounting Arm

5' & 6½' sections ½" x 20" tines 8" center These harrows can be used in place of the 4-bar double tine harrows

Packer down force is quickly adjusted, up to 550 lbs. of down force per arm Six harrow working height adjustments plus float and lockout positions Two stage spring arrangement provides correct down force regardless of the device Quick change system It takes only minutes to switch from mounted packers to mounted harrows Arm pivot Uses a 7/8" Gr.8 bolt and a composite nylon bushing for long life. When wear inevitably occurs, the bushings and pivot bolts are easily and economically replaced. Two ½" wear plates with two 3/8" bolt tighteners to ensure stability Mounting Four 5/8" bolts and a 5" wide mounting bracket prevent all lateral movement and arm creep


A large 18" turret style auger with single flighting moves dry grain at up to 200 bu/minute with only 80 p.t.o. horsepower. All auger flightings are balanced and ride on bearings for smooth operation and longer life.


A mesh window located on the front panel allows the operator to see how much product is in the 750 cart.

The hydraulic choke on the unload auger gives the operator independent flow control over and above tractor rpm.

The 750 Smart Cart has the choice of p.t.o. drive, hydraulic drive, or both.

The low hitch weight of 3200 lb (1450 kg) loaded will minimize the wear and tear on the tractor.

The high clearance frame and clean out location allow you to back over a regular or swing-away auger and unload without spillage, or to load into an air seeder with the Load/Unload Auger.

Continuously welded tank exterior - no stitch welds or silicone!

Available with 24.5 x 32 Lug Tires or 800/65R32 Radial Lug Tires.

750 Smart Cart Turret Design The Bourgault turret style unloading auger is a unique feature in the grain cart market. > The flatter profile almost eliminates potential contact between the auger and grain truck. > Place grain accurately! The operator can adjust the position of the auger when topping up, rather than riding the tractor clutch. > The 750 turret style unloading auger can be retracted over the tank, well supported and safe for transport.


Specifications Tank Capacity Max Content Capacity Weights Empty Cart Est. Loaded Tongue Auger Size Auger RPM Min. HP Requirement Tire Options Standard Tire Large Tire

750 bu 48750 lb 11600 lb 3200 lb 18" 550-680 120 PTO hp 24.5 x 32 12-Ply 800/65R32

Safety Features

Roll Over Tarp Loadcell Scale Scale Printer Drive Options PTO Options Unloading Rate

Internal Steps Suspended Grates Safety Chain PTO Shields Optional Optional Optional PTO, Hydraulic or Both 1-3/8" 21 Spline 1-3/4" 20 Spline 250 bu/min max. @ 800 to 1000 PTO rpm

Cart Dimensions A B C D E F G

1'3" to 1'8" 1'9" 18'3" 26'1" 28'4" 8'6" 17'6"



** Optional Tarp adds 3.5" to H


11'2" 13'7" 14'7" 11'2" 12'1" std. tire 12'4" opt. tire

1100 Grain Cart

The lowest cost harvesting capacity available. The 1100 Grain Cart has the lowest height for its size in the industry.

Mesh windows located on the front and back panels show grain level. The operator can also detect traffic when in transport for increased safety.


Working lights are provided on the turret auger and inside the grain tank. Marker and signal lights are located on the rear of the cart for safe transport.

Eight flotation tires on a double walking axle assembly guarantees stability and allows travel at 10 mph fully loaded.

The efficient truss design is more than strong enough to take the 1100 bushel load through wet fields and uneven terrain.

Trap doors found on the underside of the 1100 can be opened quickly to empty the contents through the 6" x 56" openings.

Superior flotation combined with the low hitch load allows the operator to keep ahead of the combines. The 1100 is the fastest grain cart in the field!


Turret Style Auger > place grain accurately > top load without riding clutch > virtually no chance of contact with truck box

Tank Capacity Max Content Capacity Weights Empty Cart Est. Loaded Tongue Auger Size Hitch Type Min. HP Requirement Roll Over Tarp

1100 bu 72000 lb 15300 lb 3000 lb 18" Single 200 PTO hp Optional

Loaded hitch weight of only 3000 lb. means less weight/stress on the tractor and operator, even in rough terrain.

Tire Size

Row Crop Tire

Rib and Lug Tire


1'10" 3'2" 14'9" 17'6" 20'3" 28'0" 21'10" 12'8" 6'6" 12'9" 12'0" 13'11" 10'8" 13'6" 15'6"

1'10" 2'9" 14'9" 17'6" 20'3" 28'0" 21'10" 12'3" 6'10" 12'9" 13'3" 13'6" 10'3" 13'6" 15'6"

Loadcell Scales Optional Unloading Rate 350 bu/min @ 800 PTO rpm Row Crop Spacings 30" and 36" Weigh Scale Optional Scale Printer Optional Tires Rib Implement Tire 21.5L x 16.1 14 Ply Lug Tire 21.5L x 16.1 14 Ply Row Crop 460/70R24 Lug Walking Axle Lock Pins for transport on 8' wide flat deck

A unique belt drive system is used to provide a soft start for the drag auger. A 200 H.P. rating slip clutch further protects the drive line.

Optional electronic weight scale tracks yields and inventory accurately. An optional printer is available to output records of each load.


Highly visible indicator gauges let the operator know at a glance how the bar is adjusted. The gauges make it easy for an operator to return to previous settings.

On-the-go hydraulic boom height adjustment allows the operator to adjust tine down-pressure as field conditions vary. Adjust the boom angle without stopping the tractor. This feature, coupled with hydraulic boom height control, allows the operator to regulate straw flow through the harrow tines. An innovative patented self levelling rockshaft arrangement on each section automatically levels the section as the tine angle is changed.


A Double Acting Cable design gives the operator the benefits of a cable draw and solid draw without any negative effects.

The 6000 Mid-Harrow is designed to distribute straw after harvest to ease direct ™

6000 Mid-Harrow

seeding, preserve standing stubble to trap moisture and bind soil. The 6000 Mid-Harrow is also excellent for post-seeding harrowing without fear of dislodging ™

planted seeds. The 6000 Mid-Harrow will be the most versatile harrow you’ll ever own. ™

> Available in 70' or 90' working widths. > Hydraulic control of harrow down-force and section angle. > Requires only 2 to 3 HP per foot for operation. > The 6000 Mid Harrow features 5 rows of 7/16" x 20" straight tines on effective 2" centres. > Features quick and trouble-free auto-fold system. > Manually adjustable running gear to extend the life of tines for up to 4½". > Standard 11L x 15 6 Ply tires can be upgraded to the optional 16.5L x 16.1 tires.

Specifications Model Transport Length Transport Width Weight*

6000-70 50'4" 11'3" 7500 lb

6000-90 60'4" 11'3" 10000 lb

* with 11L x 15 tires

General Specifications (All Sizes) Tires Main Frame (Standard) Main Frame (Optional) Wings Tines Boom Clearance Harrow Sections

11L x 15 FI C 16.5L x 16.1, 6-ply 11L x 15 FI C 7/16" Dia. X 20" Long 16" to 24" 10' wide, 5 bar sections

Main Boom Tubing Safety Chain, SMV Sign & Lights Wheel Standards Transport and End Wheel No. of Hydraulic Outlets Required Tine Angle Control Section Angle Control Boom Height Control

6" x 6" x 0.250" Wall Standard Cart - Triple-lip seals on 6000 lb hubs Triple-lip seals on 5000 lb hubs Two Standard - Manual Adjust Standard - Hydraulic Standard - Hydraulic

NOTE: Measurements may vary depending on tire options.

Mid-Harrow is a registered trademark of Bourgault Industries Ltd. in Canada.

Adjustable Down-Pressure The 10' sections mount on spring loaded arms providing section down-pressure to be adjusted from 0 to 750 lbs


A Double Acting Cable design gives the operator the benefits of a cable draw and solid draw without any negative effects. An automatically locking/ unlocking system enables the operator to move between working and transport without leaving the tractor cab. The latch cable can be moved to deactivate the feature when windrowing.


The 7200 is designed and built for years of service. It has been tested for high-speed service with high horsepower tractors. The 7200 will perform well even in challenging conditions. The 7200 features 5 rows of straight 9/16" x 26" straight tines on an effective 2½" tine spacing. Tine angle is adjustable between 45° and 80°. Optional 5/8" x 26" tines are available. Spring-loaded heavy-duty extension springs eliminate harrow bouncing regardless of the operating speed. Sections can “trip out” without damage when an obstacle is encountered.

Having hydraulic control of all settings from the tractor seat puts the 7200 Heavy

7200 Heavy Harrow

Harrow head and shoulders above the rest. While competitor’s units require stopping and manually adjusting to meet the conditions, the 7200 allows farmers to make every


adjustment from the cab, making the most of each precious hour available.

Tine angle, down force and harrow section angle are hydraulically controlled for on-the-fly adjustment in variable straw conditions. Highly visible gauges indicate settings.

harrow section angle


tine angle

Specifications Model





Transport Length





Transport Width Transport Height Weight*

14'2" 11' 8360 lb

14'2" 11' 10350 lb

14'2" 11' 12450 lb

14'2" 11' 13780 lb

*with 9/16" tines and 16.5L x 16.1 tires

General Specifications Tires, Main Frame Tires, Main Frame Tires, Wings

Standard 16.5L x 16.1, 6-ply Optional 21.5 x 16.1, 10-ply 11L x 15, 8-ply

Tines Harrow Sections

Standard - 9/16" x 26", Optional — 5/8" x 26" 6' wide, 5 bar sections

> Features quick and trouble-free auto-fold system.

Main Boom Tubing 8" x 8" x 0.250" Wall Safety Chain, SMV Sign & Lights Standard Wheels, Cart Frame Triple-lip seals on 6000 lb hubs Wheels, Wing` Triple-lip seals on 5000 lb hubs Hydraulic Outlets Required Three Tine Angle Control Hydraulic, from 45° to 80° Section Angle Control Hydraulic

> The axles may be adjusted to extended harrow tine life by an additional 6".

Boom Clearance

> Available in 48', 60', 72', and 84' working widths. > Hydraulic on-the-go control of tine angle, down-force, and harrow section angle. > Requires approximately 5 HP per foot for operation. > 5 rows of 9/16" x 26" tines or optional 5/8" x 26" tines on effective 2½" centres.

> Mainframe tires: Standard 16.5L x 16.1 6-ply tires or Optional 21.5 x 16.1 10-ply tires

Hydraulic, from 20" to 28"



Twin forks mounted on 6' x 6' loading arms can be adjusted for various sizes of bales. Angled forks will rotate the bale into position for problem-free loading.

The patent pending rubber paddles on the bale chain prevent damage to the bales or cutting the bale twine during loading or unloading. The rails provide a secure transport of bales.

The walking and oscillating action of the running gear ensures smooth travelling. Weight is spread 45% on the front wheels and 55% back to prevent diving in on soft ground. All wheels are easily accessible for maintenance.

Five different settings are available for the rail height. Rail height is adjusted with a screw jack and wrench supplied. Rails are adjustable to accommodate bales from 4' to over 6' in diameter.

Last bale indicator lets the operator know when the bales have reached the end of the rail. The last bale reflective indicator is highly visible, even during night use.

Bale rows are designed to give the operator good visibility behind the bale mover. Transport lights and a transport safety chain are standard.

The Bourgault 1650 Round Bale mover is at the top of its class. The massive

1650 Round Bale Mover

6" x 6" x .250" loading arms and sturdy frame will accommodate bales up to 2500 lb. The patent pending rubber paddles on the bale chain prevent damage to the bales or cutting the bale twine during loading or unloading.

> Double row design can hold up to 16 five foot bales. FEATURES

> The massive 6" x 6" x .250" loading arms and sturdy frame will accommodate bales up to 2500 lb. > Walking & oscillating axle design distributes the load and provides an superior ride > Rubber paddles on the bale chain moves the bales along without damage or slipping > Excellent visibility when loaded > The last bale indicator alerts operator of a full row

Specifications Weights Unloaded Est. Tongue Weight (empty) Maximum Load Capacity Per bale Load Capacity (Bale length) 4'0" 5'0" 6'0" Deck Length Unloading System Carrying Chains Min Tractor HP Requirement

11500 lb 1650 lb 40000 lb 2500 lb Qty. 20 Bales 16 Bales 14 Bales 44'0" Tilt deck & bi-directional bale chains 2082 Chain with 105 ft of rubber paddles 100 hp

Tires (8 per unit) Hydraulics Hydraulic Motor High Pressure Cylinders Standard Items

12.5 x 15FI load range F Pressure — 85 psi Two remotes with standard Electric over hydraulic system 45.6 in 3 (with heavy duty drive link) 3-1/2" x 20" Walking/Oscillating Axles Last Bale indicator on each side of deck Screw Jack and Wrench provided Cylinder Transport locks/guards Greaseless bushings on sprockets


Straight Forward Piston Pump System

Liquid Distribution Kit

The ground driven piston pump is perfect for customers that want to set one rate and go. Choose from two piston pumps, a 34 gpm or a 68 gpm model.

The Bourgault liquid distribution kit consists of: > A pressurized boom type primary manifold with single or combo-rate nozzle bodies.

User Friendly Heavy Duty Clutch

> Metering orifices in the nozzle bodies cover rates from 5 to 80 gpa.

A heavy duty electric clutch engages the ground driven pump eliminating the need to manually disconnect a drive shaft for transport.

> To avoid plugged nozzles the system is equipped with line and nozzle filters. The liquid distribution kit works well with knives or MRBs. .

High Output Transfer Pump An optional 3" pump mated to a 6.5 HP (5 kW) gas engine fills the tank in as little as 12 minutes.

46 The ground driven diaphragm pump is used in conjunction with an in cab rate controller to allow the operator to change rates on demand.


Control Fertilizer Rate on the Go

The Cone Bottom Liquid Fertilizer Cart family includes the LFC 1800,

Liquid Fertilizer Carts

LFC 2400 and the LFC 3000. Each model utilizes the same heavy duty frame and a tank, designed for complete drainage, sized to suit your needs. The LFC 2000 is a 2000 US gallon liquid fertilizer cart featuring the ability to convert between a tow behind and tow between unit in under 10 minutes.

Cone Bottom LFC Features > 10° cone bottom tank provides total drainage > low centre of gravity for stability > 5/16" thick polyethylene tank available in 1800, 2400 or 3000 US gallon size > heavy duty 8" x 8" frame > steer-able 5th wheel front axle for superior tracking > walking front axle provides even loading > goose neck hitch allows for tight turns > emergency rinse tank > transport light package > tank ladder

LFC 2000 Features > optional diaphragm pump with rate control system > complete clean out with fertilizer tank sump > converts from tow behind to tow between in under 10 minutes > durable 7/16" thick polyethylene tank > 2000 US gallon capacity > heavy duty 8" x 8" frame > transport light package > emergency rinse tank > tank ladder

Specifications Model Tank Capacity US Gallons Imperial Gallons Litres Max. Length Max. Width Height Weight Tongue Weight Empty Loaded Wheel Spacing Front Rear Standard Spacing Row Crop Spacing

Polyethylene Tank Construction Optional Transfer Pump (includes 6.5 hp engine) Metering Pump Options (Ground Driven)


LFC 2000



1800 1500 6280 294" 164" 92" 5060 lb

2000 1665 7570 184" 150" 117" 4100 lb

2400 2000 9090 294" 164" 108" 5130 lb

3000 2500 11360 294" 164" 124" 5180 lb

n/a n/a

400 lb 4200 lb

n/a n/a

n/a n/a





n/a 120"

122" 122"

132" 120"

132" n/a







34 gpm piston 35 gpm diaphragm 68 gpm piston 34 gpm piston 68 gpm piston

NOTE: Measurements may vary depending on tire options.



34 gpm piston 68 gpm piston

34 gpm piston 68 gpm piston



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