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Organizing Committee • • • • • • • • • • Chartzoulakis K., NAGREF - Institute for Olive Tree & Subtropical Plants, Greece Metzidakis I., NAGREF - In...
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Organizing Committee • • • • • • • • • •

Chartzoulakis K., NAGREF - Institute for Olive Tree & Subtropical Plants, Greece Metzidakis I., NAGREF - Institute for Olive Tree & Subtropical Plants, Greece Stefanoudaki E., NAGREF - Institute for Olive Tree & Subtropical Plants, Greece Psarras G., NAGREF - Institute for Olive Tree & Subtropical Plants, Greece Pittara I., NAGREF - National Agricultural Research Foundation, Central, Greece Loulakakis K., TEI CRETE - Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece Georgoudis N., PEMETE - Panhellenic Association of Table Olives, Processors, Packers & Exporters, Greece Representative of Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Greece Representative of SEVITEL, Greek Association of Industries & Processors of Olive Oil, Greece Representative of EDOEE, National Inter-professional Organization of Olive Oil & Olives, Greece

International Advisory Committee • • • • • • • •


Caruso T., University of Palermo, Italy Chartzoulakis K., NAGREF - Institute for Olive Tree & Subtropical Plants, Greece Ismaili - Alaoui M., Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire Hassan II, Morocco Karray B., Institut de l'Olivier, Sfax, Tunisia Roussos S., IRD - Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, France Barjol J.L., IOC - International Olive Council, Spain Sebastiani L., Scuola Superiore Sant' Anna, Italy Solh M., ICARDA, Syria

Scientific Committee • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Akesbi N., Morocco Aparicio R., Spain Ben Ruina B., Tunisia Caballero J.M., Spain Caruso T., Italy Centritto M., Italy Chartzoulakis K., Greece Duarte J.C., Portugal Ferguson L., USA Fernandez E., Spain Fernandez-Escobar R., Spain Gucci R., Italy Hagidimitriou M., Greece Harwood J., UK Kalaitzaki A., Greece Karray B., Tunisia Kiritsakis A., Greece Lavee S., Israel Lionakis S., Greece

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Metzidakis I., Greece Nychas G., Greece Ouazzani N., Morocco Ozkaya M., Turkey Panagou E., Greece Psarras G., Greece Rapoport H.F., Spain Roussos S., France Rugini E., Italy Sebastiani L., Italy Servili M., Italy Serraj R., Syria Sherman F.V., Argentina Stefanoudaki E., Greece Tassou C., Greece Therios I., Greece Tous J., Spain Vemmos S., Greece Xiloyannis C., Italy


Invitation The first Conference on ‘Biotechnology and olive products quality in the Mediterranean’ (Olivebioteq-2004) was organized in Errachidia Morocco in November 2004, the second (Olivebioteq-2006) in Palermo, Italy in October 2006 and the 3rd (Olivebioteq-2009) in Sfax Tunisia in December 2009. The fourth Conference (Olivebioteq-2011) will be held in Crete, Greece in autumn 2011 (31/104/11/2011) in collaboration with national and international organizations We organize this fourth conference to promote scientists, technicians, students but also managers, exporters and policy makers to exchange their own experiences in the olive sector and start to cooperate for a new, sustainable and profitable olive industry around the world. We are confident that the opportunity to meet together in Crete, Greece, an island with remarkable Mediterranean civilization, long olive history, beauty and hospitality, will facilitate to extend the results of this exchange to the professionals to improve the environmental and economical sustainability of the olive industry. Looking forward to welcome you at Chania,

The convener Dr. K. Chartzoulakis


Conference Topics The submitted presentations should be related to olive growing and olive products and be included within the following general topics: •

Genetic resources, breeding and propagation

Biology, physiology, response to abiotic factors

Planting systems and mechanization of pruning / harvesting

Table olive and olive oil technology / Management of olive industry byproducts

Quality, safety and human health issues for olive products

Orchard management with emphasis on sustainable use of agricultural practices

Pest and disease control

Economics and marketing


Venue Information

Conference Center OLIVEBIOTEQ 2011 will be held in the Conference Center of the hotel resort Caldera Creta Paradise at the Prefecture of Chania, Crete, Greece. The conference center is located 11 km to the west from Chania city center, in the coastal area of Platanias. Conference activities included in the participation fee, such as attendance, launch, gala diner, etc., will all be held within the area of Caldera Creta Paradise resort. For room reservations at Caldera Creta Paradise please visit the accomodation section of our website. For more information about Caldera Creta Paradise, please visit the hotel’s webpage.

Information about Chania

Chania is the second largest city in the island of Crete and a favorite destination for thousands of tourists on an annual basis. Olive growing is the major agricultural activity in the area, mostly for producing extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. The airport of Chania is located about 12 km from the center of the city. In late October there might be some direct charter flights from European countries to Chania airport. The normal route however is booking a flight to Athens and then take another short flight from Athens to Chania. There are several domestic flights daily by Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines . More information about the area of Chania can be found at the official website of Chania Prefecture at . Expected weather: The mean air temperature for the area of Crete in October is 20oC, while that of the sea water is 22oC. Typically, the weather is sunny for most days of the month, although autumn rainfalls could be expected (mean total rainfall for the month is around 50 mm). Visa: Non-EU citizens are advised to check the visa-policy of their home country for visiting Greece. If a visa is required, please contact the Conference Secretariat, after you complete the registration process, for asking the necessary documents for visa issuing.


Registration Registration fees for the Conference are going to be as follows (prices in Euros):

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Early registration: registration before July 31st 2011. Late registration (after 31/7) includes an extra fee. After October 20th registration will only be completed during the conference. 1-day attendance: includes the Abstracts Book and coffee break/lunch coupons for 1 day. Regular registration fee: includes Abstracts Book, Proceedings, Conference bag, informative material, buffet lunch during all Conference days, 1-day technical tour, coffee breaks, Gala Dinner, and Welcome Reception. Students' fee: will only be available to those who will have a valid students' ID card during the Conference. Accompanying persons' fee: includes Welcome Reception, Gala Dinner, 1-day technical tour, 2 half-day excursions. See the accompanying persons’ activity program for more details

Payments: Registration fee payment is possible via bank deposit or credit card. More details are given on the Conference registration form (available at website). Receipt of payment will be available at the Registration Desk during the Conference. Cancellation Policy: Any cancelation must be received and confirmed by the Conference Secretariat in official written notice via letter, fax or e-mail before July 31st for 85% refund or before September 30th for 70% refund of total payment. No refund will be granted after this date or for no-show. The refund will be processed one month after the symposium, less the applicable taxes and bank handling charges.


Accomodation The Organizing Committee is pleased to offer to the participants the opportunity to book their rooms at Caldera Creta Paradise Hotel at a quite competitive price. The Caldera Creta Paradise Hotel is the same place where all the scheduled activities of the Conference are going to take place. For more information about Caldera Creta Paradise, please visit the hotel’s webpage. The rates for accomodation at the Hotel are as follows (including breakfast):

The hotel booking deadline is August 31st 2011. Early booking will guarantee availability of rooms at the Conference Hotel. In case that the capacity of the Conference Hotel is reached, the Organizing Committee will announce alternative options for accomodation. Additional information about Accomodation can be found at the Conference website.


Abstract Submission Guidelines  Abstracts submitted should be referring to previously unpublished reports and original scientific or technical work, which falls within the Conference Topics mentioned earlier in this document.  Abstracts should strictly be written in English language.  All abstracts should be in Microsoft Word version, font Times New Roman, single spaced, A4 page size (margin: 2,5 cm top & bottom and 3 cm left & right). Please download the Abstract Template from the Conference website and follow the pre-defined formatting.  The text must be 400 words or less (not including title or authors), and definitely not exceeding a single page under the specified formatting. Scientific committee will not edit abstracts for formatting, typing, spelling or grammatical errors.  Please carefully check text for errors before submitting the abstract, since the outcome of the reviewer's scoring of your abstract, may strongly be affected.  More than one abstract may be submitted per author, but each abstract must be accompanied with a separate Abstract Submission Form.  When using abbreviations, spell the full word while mentioning the first time, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.  Tables, graphs, charts and references should not be included in abstracts.  List maximum six (6) keywords related to your research.  Abstracts not conforming to this standard will be sent back to Authors for proper editing.  Notification of Receipt and Acceptance will be send via mail to the corresponding author only.  Abstracts should only be submitted via mail (to Maria Bertaki, [email protected]), along with the Abstract Submission Form, which can be downloaded from the Conference website.  The deadline for abstract submission is March 31, 2011.  The deadline for acceptance by the scientific committee is April 30, 2011.


Contact Information Organizer:

Dr. K. Chartzoulakis


Maria Bertaki Eleni Barbopoulou Athina Giannakaki

Abstract & Paper Submission: Maria Bertaki

[email protected]


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