OREGON PARK DISTRICT TRIATHLON 7.30.16 Things you should know This will be our seventh year offering the race! We have put together some information...
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Things you should know This will be our seventh year offering the race! We have put together some information about the Oregon Park District Triathlon and made a picture guide that we hope will help you feel comfortable about how to complete our race. This Triathlon is great for beginners and experienced athletes. Please don’t hesitate to call and ask if you have any other questions. Participants registered by July 13th, 2015 will receive dry fit shirts. We order very few extras to help keep the cost of our race down. Please register by our shirt deadline (July 13th) to insure you get a shirt and that it is the correct size. We will take registration until Wednesday, July 22nd at 9 PM (no shirt guaranteed). The pool will be very crowded. Participants will start about every 15-30 seconds depending on the amount of swimmers registered. Upon registering you will need to record your estimated swim time. You can call or email your change in swim time through Wednesday, July 27th at 9 PM. After this point you will be assigned a starting number based upon your time and will not be allowed to move. Passing in the pool will be permitted (gently tap the persons foot in front of you). Please make the effort to swim the 300 meters and time yourself. Here at the Nash pool 300 meters equals 6 laps (one lap is down AND back). You may also want to practice swimming under the lane line like you will do in the race. Please see our swimming guide for more information. Race packet pick up will begin Thursday, July 28th starting at 5 PM until 9 PM and again on Friday, July 29th from 5:30 AM until 9:00 PM. It is not required that you pick your packet up in advance. All packets will be available at check-in on Saturday morning. You must still check in on race day and get your number (written on your arm) regardless if you pick up your packet beforehand. You must wear your race bib after your swim. This helps us enter your number as you are crossing the race mats if we are having difficulty with the computer reading your chip. Your times could be inaccurate if your chip doesn’t register and the race staff can’t see your number. This also helps us identify you in pictures! If you plan on putting on a shirt or shorts after the race pin your number onto your clothing before the race begins. If you are planning on biking and running in what you swim in, I would recommend a runners belt that you can attach your number to. The pool will be open for practice from 6:15-7:10 AM—if you would like to warm up. We will have announcements at 7:15 in the River Room and start promptly at 7:30 AM. Please make sure to have your transition zone completely set up prior to this meeting. You will NOT be going into the locker room or river room after the swim. Please use caution. All roads will be open to traffic; however, we will have volunteers at intersections where cross traffic doesn’t stop and a police officer at Route 64 stopping traffic. You may want to familiarize yourself with our race route. We place a volunteer, and we have signs pointing you in the right direction at necessary locations throughout the course. In addition we use spray chalk at every intersection. You can always look down for a confirmation on which direction to go at every intersection. A map can be found at our website at www.oregonpark.org. You may want to practice your transition and try swimming biking and running in the clothes you plan on wearing for the triathlon. Make sure that your bike is ready to go the night before. Check to make sure that everything is working properly and there is air in the tires. Things you may want to have: Bodyglide (anti-chafing stick) Shirt/Shorts (easy to put on when wet) Sports Bra (worn under your suit)

Sports Drink/Water Energy bar or gel Sunglasses

Towel(s) Swim Cap Goggles

Helmet (required) Race belt Bike shorts

6:00-7:00 AM Check-in and pick up packet in the River Room. (everyone checks in on race day!)

At check in, your number will be marked on both of your arms. Then, take your bike to the transition zone on School Street. Get your bike and gear ready for your quick transitions.

By 7:15 AM, be in the River Room for race announcements and to line up in swimming order.

You will then be lead out to the pool and receive your timing chip on the pool deck. You will then attach it to your ankle. Make sure it is secure! Enter the water when instructed by volunteer and start. You will then complete 6 laps by snaking up and down each lane. (See our swimming instructions.)

Hop out of the pool & head down the stairs to the transition zone.

Make sure to have everything you will need ready to go in the transition zone before the announcements start, including your bib number. You can attach it to your shorts, shirt or a special race belt.

Don’t forget your helmet and to hydrate!

Walk your bike all the way out of the transition zone making sure to cross the timing mats. Take off on your bike. Head back into the transition zone and place your bike back on the rack and take off for the run. You may want to grab more water. We will have two water stations out on the run at about the mile and two mile point.

Finish Strong and Proud!

Turn in your Timing chip at the finish.

Definitely bring some people to cheer you on!

Don’t forget to have Fun!

After the race enjoy some post-race refreshments and use of our shower facilities. Checkout the race results before you leave and see them online later that day!

Stick around for our awards ceremony at approximately 10 AM. All participants will be allowed to finish.

Past Top Finishers

2010    Jose Rosales 53:06.2    Roanna Leckey 1:13:30.1   

2011  Patrick J. Tharp II 55:13.4  Ashley Saunders 59:56.0  

2012  Jackson Halsmer          54:30.7  Eileen Skisak            1:04:21.7 

                      2013    Chris Beveveroth    51:43.4    Eileen Skisak    1:01:48.9       

2014  Karah Osterber 1:02:40.1  Will Cornish 53:47.5

2015  Will Cornish 51:18.1  Karah Osterber 59:43.1

Still have questions? Contact Jena Wehmhoefer at 815-732-3101 or [email protected]   Don’t wait to register! Register by: Mail, Online, Fax, Phone or even drop it off in person! Don’t miss out on a great dry fit t-shirt register by Wednesday, July 13th to make sure you get yours! Checkout our team option as well for those that don’t want to do all three events!