Operative Surgery. -- Rob & Smith's. Alimentary Tract and Abdom'inal' Wall. Fourth Edition' 2, Liver Portal Hypertension Spleen Biliary Tract Pancreas

-- Rob & Smith's Operative Surgery Alimentary Tract and Abdom'inal' Wall 2, Liver· Portal Hypertension· Spleen · Biliary Tract · Pancreas Fourth E...
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Rob & Smith's

Operative Surgery

Alimentary Tract and Abdom'inal' Wall 2, Liver· Portal Hypertension· Spleen · Biliary Tract · Pancreas

Fourth Edition'


Hugh Dudley ChM, FRCS(Ed.), FRACS. PRCS Professor of Surgery, 51 Mary') Hospital,


Butterworths London Boston

Durban Singapore Sydney Toronto Wellinston



All rights fC~~rved. No pan 01 this pubhc~ t1'1i1Y be lel)r'Odu.:ed orltansmlttcd in IIny {(1TT1'l or by any me:ln;, including phO!Dcopyine and rocordinl\. without the wrttr.en penni.. ion of the copvrism hoider, apphalion /or whiCh should be .:!dr:ll'()~ to the Pwbli.h.r;. Sud! wrlllerJ permi»ion mUSI also be oIrtainad bc!ore any part of this pIJbliGaticn i~~tored In a retrfev..1syaom aI ...,y nawn::. Thi~ book is ~old '"bject tothc Standard Ccndilions 0/ Sale 01 Net Boolc:; ilnd may I'lOl be 'rHOld in the UK below (he net prite given by the Publis~er5 1"'\tIeir currCl'lt pricelbt.

e autterworths 1983 F;~H:dltlon published in eigktvolume~ 1956-19'8 Secand ell ifin pubJ i shed in follrtet!f\ volumes 19~-1971 TIIiRl edition p",blished in nineteen IIClumfli: 1976--1981 fow,," editIon published 1983

Britisllllbrarv aUl....i"S I" PIIblication DAtil ~b,Ch.lrlos

Rob &: Smith, Ql)Crlltive "''6e/'Y. - 41h cd .

..,Iimentar;' rractand ~bdomin.:ll wall

t. Surgery, Operative I. Title II. $",ith. Rod~ Smith. Baron

III. Dudlcv, l1u2/l 617'.91


ISBN 0-407-00651-6 (pt. 1)

ISBN 0-407-00654-0 (IX. 2) ISS N 3-407-00652-1 (Set: 1*. 1, :\ :>.nd 3)

LIbrary of Con.,., o.t.alopnS in Publjt'lldcn Dau Miun cnt"! under title:

Aliment/1ry tract iIond abdominal w~lI; (Rob &Smlth'~ operolivo sU'Iery) Bibhogr2phy: p. Indu~ index. CQ!lll:n~: 1. "_I'll pfiJ1(;lpll!$. Ocsallh~$. Stomach. DuoQanUll1. Small intc5tine. Abdanln:ll W:l1I. Hemia I edited by Hugh DIIdl~. liver.

Portal nypertcn!oion. Sp1een.Sili;lryttoct. Panqeas. 1.l\lImenrary c.anaUu'80ry. 2. Digetive organ!.--$Ul1cry. 3. Abdominalwall-Sur8'lry. I. Dudley, Hush AmQld freeman. II. Ser~. [DNlM: 1. Sure~ry, Opli1l

3 It not, the lesS4!r ortllmtum is wid",1y opened arrd the ~tom~ch is retrllcted ciludally. The coeliac 4lCili is exposed by incising tit.. crura of the diaphragm. The left gll)tric artery and splerlic ~t!I~ for tllrt",rniil ~uluring or tho posterior Willi. The: continUO\ls intraluminal technique described earlier is applied, u.ing IiIO 1125c:ular '1Ik. The U$e ot Prolono suture horc tond~ to purse-string the anastomosls of the thin-walled portal vein. The usual technique of rellrteri4li:t:4tion is by 4I1d~tomo' sis of the graft common hepaTic anery or coeliac alCis to the: recipic::nt common or proper hepatic artery. The "nd~tomm;IE Is easy In adults with a !:t3ndard leuia.

Furthldf rl:N1.ding 5131%1. T. t., I!oall, R. H., 8c;m, R. W., P~1rnIm, c. W. Ht:piItJr; triseam8r1tec:tomy ~nd othar IIYcr rc:~io,,~, SurS'"'Y, Cyne.:ology and Obaetncs 1m: 141: +29-437 SQr.lI. T. E., Porter, K. A., PutIWn, C; W. e~ ai. Ortnotopic; liver .. , tr3nspl:mbtlon in ninotv-three patienu. Sur~I'y, Gynecaicl!)' .' '«nd Ob~tetrig '976; 142: 487-505




70 I 7 . 0 ~I

5tarzl. T. /:., Groth. Co G., Brott:;dlnelder, l. An ~inl: tCO::hl1lqUQ tor intralu"'in~d vllICulilr Murine. 5urs~ry, Cynecology and O~trio 1~: 127: 12....'25

IAII1I ~ : {.,





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