GROOMING SALON www.croftmountpetresort.co.uk OPENED IN NOVEMBER 2004

Ten Modern State of the Art UPVC 2 Roomed Apartments in 12 acres of Parkland

As featured on Yorkshire Television, ‘Wood You Believe It?’ BBC Radio Leeds, Pulse Radio, West Yorkshire, the Halifax Evening Courier & Yorkshire Life Magazine Our Promise – Only the Best Care for Your Dog!! Telephone: 01422 246482 LOWER BROCKHOLES FARM, LANE HEAD LANE, OGDEN, HALIFAX HX2 8XQ

Only 10 – 2 Roomed Apartments – so we can pamper your pet(s) – Family Apartments available One room for eating & sleeping and the other for playing Modern State of the Art UPVC Accommodation with individual Air Conditioning & Heating Each guest has his/her own two roomed apartment however if there are any other members of the family staying we have family sized apartments to cater for them all to be together. All apartments are temperature controlled to maintain a pleasant environment no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

For the comfort of guests we prefer to provide our own fresh clean bedding however you may prefer to bring your pets own blanket, any favourite toys & treats.

TLC – TENDER LOVING CARE Comes naturally and all our guests receive lots and lots!!!

TV & Piped Music in each apartment All apartments have piped music and television - just let us know what they like to watch!

The Resort is set in 12 acres of parkland with trout ponds - our guests go out on a one to one 3 times a day & thoroughly enjoy themselves

Collection & Delivery We can collect and deliver our guests in our ―Dog Bus‖ if this assists you. Guests are insured during their stay at the resort Insurance cover for the duration of our guests stay is included in the resort fee.

We have a bright, super-spacious environment set in the country and offer only the highest standards of individual care.

Home from Home!!

Holiday, Weekend & Day Crèche Open throughout the year Security & Peace of Mind There is a comprehensive Fire Detection and Security system throughout the resort.

Special dietary or medical needs – no problem. We understand that each dog has his/her own personality with unique likes, dislikes and individual requirements.

Croftmount Grooming Salon Our Grooming salon opened in December, 2005 and is available for guests who need a bit of a wash and brush up. This will be on offer for both guests who are staying with us or for others who make an appointment.

Sally our fully qualified groomer will be pleased to help you with all your dogs grooming needs

―I feel much better for a bath and hair cut‖ Woof! Woof!





£12.00 £15.00 £15.00 £22.00 £16.00 £16.00 £18.00 £26.00 £30.00 £25.00 £30.00 £16.00 £45.00 £35.00 £30.00 £16.00


£24.00 £32.00 £26.00 £28.00 £28.00 £30.00 £35.00 £35.00 £30.00 £40.00 £60.00 £55.00 £35.00

£5.00 £10.00 £12.00


Arden Grange Dog Food During 2009 we started to feed our dogs on Arden Grange Dog Foods and have been very pleased with the wide range of good quality food that they supply. This includes food for all dogs and puppies including those with allergies and weight problems. We are now selling this dog food at Croftmount Pet Resort and if you are interested then please discuss it with Janette or Colleen and take one of Arden Granges brochures from reception!

Some dogs playing in the exercise field. In fairness they like all our guests come first and they get lots and lots of TLC!!!!!

FEES AND GENERAL INFORMATION Accommodation Fees Resort Apartments No. of Guests in Family Price per Day Day Crèche (8am until 6pm)

1 £26 £26

2 £39 £39

3 £47 £47

4 £52 £52

5 £58 £58

Due to the limited availability within the resort all bookings can only be secured by a 50% deposit. Check In & Out Our opening hours are:- Monday to Friday 8.30am – 6pm Saturday & Sunday 9am – 2pm Bank Holidays – No check in or out Please ensure dogs are on a lead when getting in/out of your car and when entering or leaving the building. A guest can check in/out between any of the above hours and if a guest is collected before 10.30am then there will be no further charges for that date. If a guest is collected after 10.30am then that day will be charged for. Bookings of less than 4 days may be charged a premium rate especially in peak holiday periods. All guests must be checked in/out between these times. We hope that you will understand that it is imperative that the majority of our time is spent in ensuring our guests care within the resort and restricting the check in/out times is the only way to do this.

Our Promise – Only the Best Care for Your Dog!!

These rates do not include guest‘s food which we encourage owners to bring as each guest has his/her own preferences. Changing a dog‘s diet is likely to give the dog an upset stomach and we feel it important for the comfort of our guests to keep to the same diet as they have at home. If a guest runs out of food then we will purchase further similar food for them but will levy a charge for the food and £5 for collection of it. Please give us details of guest‘s diets. Bookings and Cancellation Policy Bookings are only guaranteed by a deposit of the amount indicated at the time of booking. This deposit is not refundable if the booking is cancelled. Also if the booking is cancelled within 28 days prior to the date of arrival then the full amount of the cost of the booking will be due. We only have a limited number of apartments and cancellations at short notice cause us serious problems. Collection and Delivery We can collect and deliver our guests in our ―Dog Bus‖ if this assists you. The cost of this is £10 for the first 5 miles and then 75p per mile thereafter for each full round trip (to your home and the return trip to the resort). This charge is a single charge irrespective of how many guests from one family that are collected or delivered. Exercise Guests are taken out 3 times a day for one to one exercise. This is usually in the field next to the accommodation block and as long as the guest returns when called the exercise will be without a lead otherwise they are taken out on 26 feet extending leads. Cleanliness All apartments are regularly pressure steam cleaned with a solution of strong Virucidal Disinfectant for added protection. All apartments have white UPVC Panels & glass and again are regularly cleaned with this solution.

Our Promise – Only the Best Care for Your Dog!!

Bedding We normally supply all the bedding for our guests. If a guest is a ―chewer‖ and is likely to destroy the bedding then you can either supply his/her own bedding or we will supply it on the understanding that we will have to charge at cost for any bedding that is chewed (about £8 per blanket). Medication & Health Care We will administer guest‘s medication as and when required. If guests require medical attention then we will endeavour to contact their own veterinary practice but if we are unable to do this then we will use a local veterinary practice. Guest‘s are fully insured while at Croftmount. In order to safeguard all our guests‘ health we insist that every pet brought in to the resort has been vaccinated against hepatitis, distemper, leptospirosis, parvovirus and kennel cough. Your pets regular vaccinations will have safeguarded against all the above except kennel cough and as most people do not understand what this is then we felt an explanation was required as to why we insist that all guests have had this prior to their stay with us.

Our Promise – Only the Best Care for Your Dog!!

Kennel Cough is a complicated syndrome composed of one or several infectious agents. Some of these are viral and some are bacterial and although it is rarely fatal, it is a debilitating condition causing a persistent cough of up to four weeks duration. The high temperature and associated lethargy can make dogs depressed and may cause a loss of appetite. If a dog already has a medical condition then Kennel Cough can aggravate it with serious consequences. Kennel Cough is highly contagious and is therefore common where animals are more concentrated. The contraction of the disease is not restricted to kennel visits as the term ―Kennel Cough‖ suggests and it can be picked up at grooming parlours, dog shows, veterinary surgeries and even every day walks in the park. Because of the airborne transmission route associated with Kennel Cough and the fact that vaccinated dogs can be symptom less carriers we are virtually powerless to control the spread of the disease. For all these reasons we insist that our guests are vaccinated against kennel cough at least one week prior to arrival. No dog will be allowed to stay unless we have either the original or a copy of the vaccination certificate (showing that all vaccinations have been given). It is a requirement in law that we retain these on the premises throughout the time that your dog is our guest. If you would like to book a guest(s) in to the Resort please complete the attached Registration Form and bring with you: 1. The completed registration form (These 2 sheets MUST be completed on each visit) 2. Photostat Copies of Vaccination Certificates (This is now a 3. requirement by law) 3. Enough food for the duration of the stay at the resort 4. Guests favourite blanket, toy, plaything and treats Our Promise – Only the Best Care for Your Dog!!

Directions to Croftmount Pet Resort Telephone: 01422 246482 LOWER BROCKHOLES FARM, LANE HEAD LANE, OGDEN, HALIFAX HX2 8XQ www.croftmountpetresort.co.uk A629 Towards Keighley


A629 Towards Huddersfield

Junction 24 on the M62

Directions From M62/M606 & Keighley Jct 26 on to M606 Bradford A6036 towards Halifax. Right at Shelf roundabout (VW Dealership on right) on to A644 Traffic Lights at Thornton and turn left 200 yards later turn left on to A629 towards Halifax. 1 1/2 miles later (Watch out for speed cameras) turn right on to Rocks Lane by the sign for Halifax Golf Club. Continue to end of Rocks Lane—turn left in to Lane Head Lane and the Resort is on the right after about 50 yards.

Directions From Halifax Take the A629 towards Keighley for approx. 3 miles. Look for a Fire Station on your left and after a further 1/2 mile turn Left in to Field Head Lane. After 200 yards fork off to the right and then immediately cross Per Lane in to Lane Head Lane. The Resort is on the Left after about 75 yards.

Turn on to Rocks Lane by the sign for Halifax Golf Club

Croftmount Pet Resort

Croftmount Pet Resort

Fire Station

Yorkshire Telelevision In October, 2007 we were featured by Yorkshire Television in a series they broadcast called ‗Wood You Believe It‘. The programme showed the high standards of our accommodation and the individual pampering we at Croftmount give to our guests. We have also featured on BBC Radio Leeds & Pulse Radio, West Yorkshire and The Halifax Evening Courier & Yorkshire Life Magazine!! For accommodation or grooming enquiries please telephone Janette, Colleen or Sally (our groomer) who will be pleased to help. Our Promise – Only the Best Care for Your Dog!! Telephone: 01422 246482 LOWER BROCKHOLES FARM, LANE HEAD LANE, OGDEN, HALIFAX HX2 8XQ www.croftmountpetresort.co.uk

These 2 sheets MUST be completed on each visit

Croftmount Resort Guest Registration Form (Please complete in block capitals)

Name of Guest ____________________ Breed _____________________________ Sex D/B _____ Age __________ Date of Birth _________Spayed/Neutered __________ Owners Name ______________________________ Home Address ____________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Home Tel. No. ________________Work Tel. No. _______________ email_________________ Mobile Tel. No. __________________ Any other contact Tel. Nos. ___________________ Emergency/Holiday Contact Name, Address & Tel. No. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Veterinary Practice (Name, Address & Tel. No.)

Animal Health Insurance (Details including Policy No.) ________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Any Medical Condition or Health Problems __________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Any Medication (Details of Dosage etc.) ________________________________________________________________________________ Details of Diet & Regularity ________________________________________________________________________________ Exercise Routine (i.e. three times a day or keep on lead etc.) ________________________________________________________________________________ Likes or Dislikes ________________________________________________________________________________ Any other useful information (i.e. likes television, frightened of other dogs or strangers etc) ________________________________________________________________________________ Description of Items brought to the Resort ________________________________________________________________________________

Time & Date – (Pick Up/Drop Off) Booking In ___________________________ Checking Out ____________________________

Please ensure dogs are on a lead when getting in/out of your car and when entering or leaving the building. I agree to my dog being looked after at Croftmount Pet Resort and understand that they will do their very best to ensure that he or she will have the highest standards of care that they are able to give. I have ensured that my dog has been fully vaccinated as required prior to being admitted as a guest at the resort. In case my dog should need any medical attentions I agree to this and understand that if possible they will contact my own veterinary practice but if not they will call any other qualified veterinary surgeon who is available at that time. I understand that while Croftmount Pet Resort will do their best to look after any toys, bedding, collars, leads etc. that I bring with my dog then they can’t be held responsible if they are lost or damaged. Signed _____________________________ Please Print Name ________________________________ Date _______________________ If you would like your dog to exercise in the main fields off lead then this will be on the proviso that Croftmount Pet Resort accepts NO LIABILITY in these circumstances. This is because we cannot possibly securely fence all 12 acres and rely on your dog’s good behaviour to return when out in the main fields! If you accept this then please sign again and date it under this paragraph other wise your dog will only be exercised on lead. Signed ____________________

Date ____________

If applicable! If you have booked another member of the family in at the same time and you would like them to stay in the same apartment then please give the other member of families name(s) and sign to give permission for the sharing of the apartment. Name(s) of other guests who are sharing _______________________________________ Signed _________________________ Date ______________ Photographs! During the course of their stay we may if you agree take photographs of our guests enjoying themselves. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to use some of these photographs for display or in Croftmount Pet Resort promotional literature. If you have no objection to your dog(s) being photographed and the photos possibly being used by us would you please be good enough to give your consent by signing below. I have no objection to my dog(s) being photographed and any photographs taken being used by Croftmount Pet Resort. Signed _________________________ Date ______________