Oleochemical Raw Materials and Specialties

Oleochemical Raw Materials and Specialties Oils • Fats • Fatty Acids • Lanolins • Specialties Our Goal: Your Smile. For your raw material supply y...
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Oleochemical Raw Materials and Specialties

Oils • Fats • Fatty Acids • Lanolins • Specialties

Our Goal: Your Smile.

For your raw material supply you have precise requirements regarding quality, availability and documentation. You expect enquiries and orders to be carried out in a swift, flexible and reliable manner. And you need competitive prices.

Imperial-Oel-Import understands its customers’ applications and their individual requirements. Our goal: A relaxed smile on your face...

Experience, Experience, Experience

Hanseatic Merchants

Since 1920, we have been focusing on natural oleochemistry. We know the international raw material markets inside out. Through our network of partners from the countries of origin all the way to the research labs of our suppliers and customers, we provide excellent know-how, making the difference.

As an independent family-owned business, we are bound to the Hanseatic tradition. For you, that means: Our word is our bond and your orders are carried out with utmost precision. And even if a problem should arise, we are at your service – quickly and straightforward.

Competence by Specialisation Focus: You will not find bulk chemicals in our portfolio. However, you can be sure that we understand our products. From our range of specialty oleochemicals, we offer you the quality which really matches your needs.

Our Mission: Staying Tuned.

Since the foundation on February 27, 1920, we have been continuously expanding our product range, adjusting it to the ever-changing customer requirements. Today, Imperial-Oel-Import is a modern trade partner, supplying you with a broad variety of specialised raw materials.

Direct Imports from all over the World

By Sea, Land and Air

Our often decade-long contacts to customers and suppliers around the globe form a network we cultivate personally. For the selection of the best raw material sources, we systematically observe current market movements as well as new laws and regulations.

Our products always take the best route: Yours. Whether via sea container, air freight or tank truck, we efficiently manage your preferred means of transportation. Our warehouses in Hamburg, Neuss and the Netherlands facilitate just-in-time deliveries of all common packaging units.

Tracking Down Innovations

Custom-Made Production – No Problem

Modern product concepts and process technologies require for new oleochemical raw materials. Therefore, we are always looking for suppliers who live up to our quality standards and who are keen on designing tomorrow’s raw material trends.

In co-operation with efficient partners, we realize tailor-made specialty oils and fat blends for all applications. Your requirements are our incentive. We stay tuned for you – from conceptual design to packaging.

Our Solution: Your Success.

We have customers in many different industries. The requirements to the raw materials utilized are therefore also very variable. In addition to product quality and dependability in delivery, the documentation of products and processes gains more and more significance in many areas. We support our customers in complying with internal and external standards and secure their success with precisely tailored raw material solutions.

Example Leather Chemistry

Emulsion performance often is a critical factor, when it comes to lanolin-based fat liquors. With a broad spectrum of efficient lanolin derivatives, we will find the quality that works for our customer – technically and economically.

Example Cosmetics

With innovative ingredients, we help our customers develop products that stand out from the competition. We offer you specialties such as deer tallow, emu oil, milk thistle oil and evening primrose oil as well as various other natural raw materials.

Example Food Supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins play an important role in the human nutrition. You are looking for fish oils, fish liver oils or Omega-3 concentrates? On top of our standard qualities, we also offer custommade solutions fitted to your specification requirements.

Our Products: Oleochemistry that works.

Here you find an overview of our product groups. If you need natural specialties not listed below, please contact us. Your suggestions are always welcome.

Vegetable Oils and Fats

Animal Oils and Fats

Wool Grease and Lanolin Products

Borrage Oil Thistle Oil Hemp Seed Oil Jojoba Oil Pumpkinseed Oil Almond Oil Evening Primrose Oil Peach Kernel Oil Cocoa Butter USP/NF

Mink Oil Neatsfoot Oil Lard Oil Emu Oil Marmot Oil Deer Tallow Beef Tallow

Wool Grease Neutral Lanolin Fatty Acid Wool Grease Fatty Acid Lanolin, technical

Turkey Red Oil Cashew Nutshell Liquid Cardanol Soya Lecithin Non-GM/IP Soya Lecithin Standard Soya Lecithin Powder Rapeseed Lecithin Sunflower Lecithin

Fish Oils and Fish Liver Oils Fish Oils, crude Fish Oils, refined Fish Oils, filtered Salmon Oil Sardine Oil Omega-3 Fish Oils EPA/DHA Concentrates Fish Liver Oils Cod Liver Oil Halibut Liver Oil

Lanolin Anhydrous USP Lanolin EP Lanolin Cosmetic Grade Lanolin Oil Lanolin Ethoxylated Lanolin Hydrogenated Lanolin Alcohol EP Lanolin Alcohol Cosmetic Grade Lanolin Alcohol Ointment

Bone Products


Chemicals, Tars and Pitches

Bone Meal Bone Ash Bone Charcoal Powder Bone Charcoal Granular Bone Black Bone Oil

Petroleum Sulfonates Barium Sulfonates Calcium Sulfonates Sodium Sulfonates

Furfural Furfuryl Alcohol Tetrahydro Furfuryl Alcohol

Fatty Acids and Alcohols Vegetable Fatty Acids Tallow Fatty Acids Mixed Fatty Acids Oleic Acids Caproic Acid C-6 Caprylic Acid C-8 Capric Acid C-10 Caprylic-Capric Acid C-8/C-10 Lauric Acid C-12 Myristic Acid C-14 Palmitic Acid C-16 Stearic Acid C-18 Behenic Acid C-22 Erucic Acid C-22:1 Oleyl Alcohols

Fusel Oils Distilled Naphthenic Acids Crude Naphthenic Acids Naphthenates Octoates

Tall Oil and Rosin Products Abietic Acid Gum Rosin Colophony Tall Oil Resin Crude Tall Oil Tall Oil Fatty Acid Distilled Tall Oil Tall Oil Pitch Turpentine Oil Pine Oil

Coal Tar Pitch / Oil Creosote Cresols Wood Tars Birch Wood Tar Beech Wood Tar Juniper Tar Distillation Residues Fatty Acid Stearic Pitches Tall Oil Pitches

We are looking forward to your enquiry...


Fon: +49 (40) 33 85 33-0

Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Fax: +49 (40) 33 85 33-85

Öle • Fette • Wachse • Harze Oleochemische Bergstrasse 11 E-mail:• [email protected] 20095 Erzeugnisse •Hamburg Spezialitäten www.imperial-oel-import.de Germany

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