Office Lighting LED Lighting for the Modern Workplace

Office Lighting LED Lighting for the Modern Workplace LED Lighting for the Modern Office Driving Down the Cost of Energy LED lighting technology ha...
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Office Lighting LED Lighting for the Modern Workplace

LED Lighting for the Modern Office Driving Down the Cost of Energy

LED lighting technology has advanced dramatically in recent years. Once only viable for display and effect, and only used in commercial offices with unlimited budgets and ‘green’ agendas, LEDs are now a financially viable low energy workplace lighting solution. LED lighting now offers exceptional light quality and reliability, with a varied range of visually stimulating luminaires to suit any space.



A Typical LED Lighting Scheme Delivers


LL/CW 120

M 5W

As LED technology advances, the savings potential and scope of suitable projects widens. LEDs have now surpassed even long lamp fluorescent light sources in terms of energy consumption; making them ideal for general area lighting in commercial office spaces. By using LED lighting in the workplace, energy savings of over 50% can be achieved, with this number increasing if lighting controls are also utilised. An LED office is no longer an option just for ‘any-cost’, trailblazing developments. In today’s market, commercial LED luminaires are now priced little more than their fluorescent counterparts, making tangible energy and financial savings a realistic option.

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Creating Comfortable Office Spaces

Driven by Design

All Ceiling Types

Whitecroft Lighting’s range of commercial LED luminaires have been specifically designed around the best quality LEDs available today. All of our luminaires control glare from any angle of view, and employ cutting edge optical controllers to ensure comfort and durability. This creates the optimum working environment for all users; enhancing well-being and productivity. Compliance is also guaranteed, with our solutions meeting the glare limits as defined in BS EN 12464, as well as the SLL Lighting Guide (LG7) and British Council of Offices Lighting Guide (BCO).

For decades, conventional source luminaire design was dictated by lamp shape. LEDs offer the freedom to move away from traditional constraints, allowing the designer unparalleled flexibility and creativity. Whilst there is still a need to offer luminaires that integrate into standard ceiling layouts, there are now many more innovative options. From seamless continuous lines of light to curved and cornered shapes, LEDs raise the bar of office design.

Whitecroft has a variety of LED luminaires that can be integrated into standard suspended ceiling systems; whether traditional grid or metal pan systems. For open soffit ceilings, we also offer single or connected lighting solutions that can stand alone or be part of a continuous system with other integrated services. Some of our luminaires have the option to be recessed or suspended; promoting consistency of both efficiency and aesthetic across many ceiling types.

LED Lighting for Recessed Applications

Duo3 Duo3 is designed to meet the needs of the whole modern workplace. Whether in offices, transitory or signature areas, Duo3 provides high quality lighting with a cohesive aesthetic that can be carried through an entire building. Duo3’s inner and outer tiles can be switched separately, allowing a variety of scenes to be created from a single luminaire. Duo3 also has a range of light outputs for tailoring to any lux requirement. • Separate inner and outer tiles that can be individually switched or dimmed • Multiple product configuration options to suit any area or requirements • Optional integral air return facility • Symmetrical from all angles of view

Cityline Whitecroft Lighting’s Major Project Solution product Cityline, is specifically designed to meet the requirements of modern metal pan ceiling installations. The unique co-extruded diffuser that utilises Hexaprisms in a full or central format, delivers excellent glare control from all angles and also adds visual interest to the ceiling plane. • SAS 330 ceiling compatibility

Total Power




Duo3 Office 4000 lumen

• Optional integral air handling






• Unique visual contrast optic • Definable light output (DLO)

Duo2 4 x 14W T5

Total Power



Cityline Full Hexaprism optic 1900 lumen

Duo2 Linear Fixed Microprism optic 1 x 28W T5

Avenue Recessed Avenue offers unmatched flexibility for linear lighting in any application. Lines of unbroken LED light trace ceilings and walls, bringing buildings to life. The 90 degree illuminated corner can be used to aid navigation, or add visual interest into the celling plane. Avenue can also be mounted vertically, adding drama by creating ribbons of light in wall surfaces. Simple to install and requiring minimal maintenance, Avenue brings cost savings to any project.

Total Power






Avenue low output Hexaprism 1200 lumen

Life L 1 x 28W T5

• Truly unbroken line of light • Illuminated corner option • Choice of diffuser; opal or Hexaprism • Suspended version also available


Office Lighting

Office Lighting


LED Lighting for Open Soffit Applications Foil LED

Avenue Suspended

Current best practice in building design is to utilise the natural cooling properties of a building to deliver the lowest throughlife cost. The removal of a suspended ceiling challenges the designers of building services to meet both the technical and aesthetic demands of the modern building. Foil LED has been developed in response to these challenges; a revolutionary lighting system that incorporates acoustic properties and allows full integration of other services like sprinkler systems, radiant panels, tannoys etc. Foil LED’s wide raft creates a sleek visual plane below the ceiling line, reducing the visual clutter associated with exposed soffits.

Avenue suspended is a unique modular LED lighting system. Finished in white or textured silver, showcasing a slim line, contemporary design and with optional uplight, Avenue suspended is visually stimulating and brings life to the ceiling plane.

Total Power




Foil LED Single Optic 3500 lumen

• Narrow profile 60W

52 Foil Single Optic 1 x 54W T5

• Truly continuous linear illuminaition • Optional uplighting element • Single point suspension

Total Power

• Hexaprism optic



• Integration of acoustic materials • Optional integration of services


• Continuous or standalone mounting

40 Life L

Avenue suspended 92 high output opal diffuser 2600 lumen

1 x 54W T5

Bayon Bayon combines cutting edge design with the latest LED technology to deliver a high performance, linear architectural lighting solution with unmatched energy consumption. Whether used as a single luminaire, or continuously mounted to create uninterrupted lines of light, Bayon offers the flexibility to be used in a wide variety of applications. Unlike traditional fluorescent continuous systems, Bayon’s light engines lay end-to-end, resulting in a shadow-free transition from one to the next. As well as a choice of light outputs, the uplight feature adds visual interest and creates brighter ceilings at any mounting height. Used individually, Bayon is also ideal for task lighting. • Slim profile of 50mm • Three special colour finish options • Truly continuous line of central light • Almost invisible diffuser joints

Total Power






Office Lighting


Bayon 1500mm 3300 lumen

Glide 1 x 49W T5

Office Lighting


Lighting, design, controls: Total Project Solutions

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