October 22, Brought to you by. RunMackinac Events

October 22, 2016 Brought to you by RunMackinac Events Pre-Race Information Participant Packet Pick-Up Your Bib Number Gear Check Hoodies Weather Fe...
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October 22, 2016 Brought to you by

RunMackinac Events

Pre-Race Information Participant Packet Pick-Up Your Bib Number Gear Check Hoodies Weather Ferry Transportation

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Post-Race Information Race Results Finisher’s Medals & Awards Post-Race Amenities Halloween Celebration

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Packet Pick-Up Friday, October 21 Mission Point Sound Stage 5:00 – 8:30 PM

Saturday, October 22 Mission Point Sound Stage 9:30 – 11:30 AM

The Sound Stage is located above the Spa at Mission Point Resort Check the map on page four for directions. The stairs leading up to the Sound Stage are between the Theater and the Spa on the Promenade Deck.

Ferry Landing

Mission Point Resort

Bib/Shirt Pick-Up Instructions: • Please look up your bib number prior to your arrival at the race. Click Here to find your number. • When you arrive at the Packet Pick-Up, proceed to the Participant Packet Pick-Up area (organized by bib number) to get your bib and shirt. • If you are unable to pick up your bib during regularly scheduled hours, someone else may pick it up for you but we do ask that you provide a copy of their photo id or some written authorization

Bib Number Requirements Your 2016 Great Turtle Trail Run bib number is a unique identifier and must be worn at all times on race day. • Do not physically alter your bib in any way • Do not remove, bend or fold the timing tags attached to your bib; This will result in damaging the timing device and you may not receive a finishing time. • Your bib must be visible and worn on the front and outside of your clothing during the entire race • Your bib is non-transferrable and must be worn only by you

Gear Check You can store your gear in the Mission Point Sound Stage during the race. We ask that you retrieve your personal belongings immediately after you finish the race. Please note that we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. All gear must be picked up by 3:00 PM. Gear that is not picked up will be left at the front desk of Mission Point Resort Note: There are no longer showers/lockers available to runners at the resort.

Fleece Hoodies We've done our best to ensure you receive a hoodie your preferred size, but we understand that Sizes vary and you may not be happy with the fit. If you would like to exchange your hoodie for another size, please go to the Exchange table to make the switch.

Weather The weather can change quickly on the Island. Dress in layers to avoid over-heating or long term exposure to the cold. The average temperature for the weekend is in the 40’s and partly cloudy. Please be sure to check the weather before you leave so that you can pack the proper gear.

Ferry Transportation We have partnered with Shepler’s Ferry, who are offering discounted tickets to all runners and their families. To purchase tickets in advance, please use the code RUNNER16 Shepler’s Ferry schedules is available online or by clicking here.

Shepler’s Ferry www.sheplersferry.com 231-436-5023 PROMO CODE: RUNNER16

Start Locations 5.7 Mile Event (See Event Map on Page 5) The 5.7 Mile Event will start in front of the Mission Point Straits Lodge on Wendall Street. Half Marathon (See Event Map on Page 5) The Half Marathon will start in front of the Mission Point Main Lodge on Huron Street.

Start Times 5.7 Mile Run 5.7 Mile Walk Half Marathon

11:30 AM 11:33 AM (walkers have a separate start after the runners have departed) 11:45 AM

Finish Locations All events will finish in the Mission Point Park, located directly in front of the Mission Point Main Lodge.

Course Rules • The course and mile markers will be clearly marked with white flour on the road and distinctive Turtle signage. There will also be course monitors at key decision locations. • Please be aware that headphones may inhibit your ability to hear instructions from course monitors. It is your responsibility to be aware of the course and attentive of your surroundings. Maps are on the back of your bib to assist you should you become confused at any time. • If you use Gu Packs along the course, please do not dispose of them on the course; Either carry the empty packs with you or dispose of them in a cup at an aid station • Horses always have the right of way on the Island and remember to be aware of any bicycle traffic • Absolutely no roller blades, pets, wagons or other wheeled vehicles will be allowed on the course. Baby joggers are strongly discouraged due to safety concerns. • Please be considerate of other people along the course. • Please mind traffic coming from both directions. NOTE TO 5.7 MILE PARTICIPANTS: There will be faster runners in the Half Marathon coming from behind you.. PLEASE STAY TO THE RIGHT AT ALL TIMES, ESPECIALLY ON THE PORTION OF THE COURSE WHERE YOU COME DOWN THE HILL TO ENTER LAKE SHORE DRIVE AND ON LAKESHORE DRIVE. DO NOT WALK OR RUN 2-3 ABREAST.

Restrooms Restrooms are available in the Theater lobby and the Conference Center (the majority of the restrooms are located in this building). We ask that you do not use the restrooms in the Sound Stage and do not crowd the Theater lobby restrooms. There will also be Porta-Johns located in the Mission Point Park, near the Half Marathon Start Line.

Water Stations There will be five (5) aid stations on the Half Marathon Course, approximately 2.5 miles apart from one another. Gatorade will be available at the second (near British Landing) and fourth (Arch Rock) water stations. The 5.7 Mile course will have two (2) aid stations. (See Map)

Directions to Sound Stage: From Ferry Docks go right on Main Street approximately ½ mile. Turn left on Frank Street by the Mission Point Resort sign and head up the hill, staying to your right until you reach the Promenade Deck. From the outside Entrance to the Hotel, take Stairs on your left up to the Promenade Deck. The Sound Stage is on the second level above the Spa. Stairs are between the Spa and the Theater.











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Race Results The Great Turtle Trail Run Results will be available online at www.runmackinac.com and on computers in the Mission Point Sound Stage immediately following the race. The results will also be updated throughout the race. You may also view your individual results by scanning the QR Code printed on your bib. You must have a QR Code Reader app on your Smartphone to utilize this results resource.

Finisher’s Medals & Awards Finishers of the Great Turtle Trail Run will receive a commemorative medal. Awards for all three events will be given to the Overall winners, the Masters Male and Female winners, and the top three finishers in each age group. There will not be an award ceremony after the race, so you are responsible to pick up your award in the Mission Point Sound Stage prior to 3:30 p.m. After that time, results can be mailed to you (fee may apply).

Free Finisher Photos We’ll capture you in high-resolution shots, and track those shots using your unique bib number. After the race, each registrant will be able to retrieve free photos to share ion Facebook, tweet or download and print out. The photo link will be posted on our website 3-4 days after the race.

Post-Race Amenities Following the race, there will be water, bananas, apples granola bars and Chex Mix available to all finishers. Food this year will be bagged and available in the Finisher Tent immediately after your Finish. We ask that you respect those who finish after you and only take one prepared bag. There Will be a table where you can get a second portion of an item or leave something from your bag you are not interested in. (Our goal is to streamline food distribution and make sure everyone gets enough).

Mission Point Halloween Celebration Adults and children can enjoy a very festive Halloween event at Mission Point on Saturday evening.

If you are staying at the Mission Point Resort, be sure to bring candy to pass out to all of the Trick-or-Treaters going door to door throughout the hotel. Children’s Halloween Parade at Mission Point Children will meet in the lower level of Mission Point at 6:00 with “Mac the Moose” to Trick or Treat throughout both buildings in the hotel.

Downtown Halloween Celebration Don’t miss the festivities downtown – this is the Island’s BIG Halloween celebration !! Trick or Treating At the local businesses for the kids will start at 4:00 p.m. from Windemere Point on Main Street At 9:30pm the Costume Parties Downtown will begin, featuring live music at Pink Pony, Horn’s Bar, Huron Street Pub, Cawthorne’s Village Inn, Mustang Lounge and Gate House. Don’t miss the great Music and amazing show of costumes competing for the prize at local establishments!