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French Polynesia || WELCOME TO TAHITI Tahiti is surrounded by water and our people started kayaking on the Pacific Ocean more than 20 years ago. Dur...
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French Polynesia

|| WELCOME TO TAHITI Tahiti is surrounded by water and our people started kayaking on the Pacific Ocean more than 20 years ago. During those years, we have participated in international surf ski races mostly in Australia, San Francisco, Dubai and Singapore. Since our affiliation with ICF and the organization of the 1st Ocean Racing World Championship in July, 2013 in Portugal, we, the Tahitian Kayak Federation (FTK) and the Country of Tahiti thought of going forward in terms of International Racing Organization, and also aligning ourselves with the ICF & IVF partnership and OCA’s promotion of kayaking in our small Oceania Islands Area. For that, Tahiti handed to the ICF a Bid document to host the ICF 2015 2nd OCEAN RACING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP from October 2nd & 3rd, 2015. Last March 2014, the ICF Board of Directors voted to award Tahiti the privilege of hosting the 2015 2nd OCEAN RACING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in October 2015 On April 5th, 2014, the Executive Board of the Tahitian Kayak Federation fixed the date of October 2nd for the prologue & October 3rd 2015 for the downwind race of that great World Event. Tahiti, the Oceania Continent & Islands Kayak/Ocean Racing Community welcome you and look forward to seeing your expertise on our Pacific Ocean. With our Sports and Best Regards

Charles VILLIERME President of the Tahitian Kayak Federation OCA Executive Board Member




The island of Tahiti in the Society Islands group, is situated half way between California (6200km) and Australia (5700km).

The French Polynesian islands enjoy a tropical climate; the maximum numbers of hours of sunshine is close to 3000 per year in the Tuamotu Atoll, one of the highest in the world !

Tahiti’s 118 fabulous islands are scattered across five far-flung archipelagos, each with their own particular character and whose inhabitants have adapted the ancient rhythms of the ocean and the sun to the 21st century.

The temperature which is relatively constant, is cooled by the trade winds of the Pacific that blow throughout the year,

The main island is Tahiti Nui, the largest of the Polynesian islands, with Papeete as its administrative capital. With breath-taking panoramas, pristine islands and atolls, crystalline lagoons and turquoise waters, it’s impossible to capture French Polynesia’s magnificent landscapes with words.

The average ambient temperature is 27°C, and the waters of the lagoons area fairly constant 26°C. While further away from the equator, the archipelagos down south (the Austral and Gambier), enjoy cooler temperatures.

Today, as throughout much of history, a trip to Tahiti Nui and the surrounding islands is an experience made by the incomparable grace of the islanders. The culture, the hospitality, warm smiles and meeting with the locals are some of the experiences that enrich our islands and offer a deeper dimension to the region’s natural beauty, Our way of life, culture, vivacity, history and legends, artisans, cuisine and warm welcome elevate the destination to another level. These are our true treasures that we love to share with everyone who venture out to see our country and discover our culture, LANGUAGE. While the official language is French, the indigenous languages, such as Tahitian, are still widely practiced in each archipelago. English is also widely spoken, particularly in tourist areas.

OFFICIAL NAME –– French Polynesia GPS –– 17°32S, 149°34W POLITICAL SYSTEM –– Democratic NATIONAL SYMBOLS –– National Flag and National Hymn LANGUAGE –– French CAPITAL –– Papeete AREA –– 3,500 km2 POPULATION –– 268,270 (March 2012 est.) CURRENCY –– Euro divides into 120 Pacific francs (XPF GDP PER CAPITA –– 2,23 millions XPF


|| TAKES YOU TO THE 2015 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS FROM Paris (CDG)/PPT Paris (CDG)/Los Angeles : 12h05min Transit : 03h05min Los Angeles/PPT : 08h25min Total time : 23h35min Los Angeles (LAX)/PPT Durée totale : 08h25min Auckland (AKL)/PPT Total time : 05h00min Tokyo (NRT)/PPT Total time : 11h10min

Air Tahite Nui

|| ARUE, the Venue City Located on the island of Tahiti, Arue is a the smallest municipality of 9795 inhabitants (2012) in an area of 15,60 km2, in the suburbs of Papeete in French Polynesia. The city of Arue includes the atoll of Teitiaroa (5.85 km²/2.26 sq. miles; property of Marlon Brando’s family), located 58 km (36 mi) north of Tahiti.

|| MAIN SPORTS. EVENTS. International Ari’i Hoe no Papeete, International Tattoo Convention, etc.

Geographic Location –– Latitude: 17°34S, 149°36W Located 3 kms from Papeete Arue

|| Pre Races •  •  •  •  • 

Air Tahiti Nui Trial 2015 Date : Sunday September 27th 2015 Time : 13:00 pm Distance : 12,8 km - 6,91 Nautical Miles NM Venue : Radisson Plaza Resort, Muriavai Pass, Papeete To’a Ta Garden •  Start: Lafayette Beach, Arue •  Finish : Paofai Garde of Papeete •  Classes: SS1


•  •  •  •  • 

WC Tahiti Nui Trial 2015 Date : Wednesday, September 30th 2015 Time : 13:00 pm Distance : 10 km Venue : Radisson Plaza Resort, Muriavai Pass: Radisson Plaza Resort •  Start/Finish: Lafayette Beach, Arue •  Classes: SS1



|| Entries & Registration Ø  Boat reservation deadline : May 2nd, 2015 Ø  Accommodation registration deadline : July 2nd, 2015. ü  In order to benefit from the special rates at the Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti, and other different accommodation offers, all reservations must be registered online at the web site (in  construction) or ü  Nominal entries deadline : September 2nd, 2015. ü  All nominal entries must be made online (Web Site in construction)

Ø  Entry fee : 130 € /15.500 XFP includes: -  Entry in World Championships -  Race Lycra Jerseys -  Cold snacks at the venue after the race; -  Race bag (water, Teipora Noni pouches (2), race t-shirt, race dossier, race and sponsor stickers, city maps and info’s; -  Security service at venue and boat deposit; -  Transfer on arrival and departure: airport to organizing Committee headquarters/ Raddisson Hotel/boat deposit. -  Welcome & Award Ceremony Cocktail & Farewell Dinner -  Entry in Pre Race Events and athletes Village; -  Water at the venue after each day of racing; -  Security service at venue and official training sessions;


|| Venue World Champioships Saturday October 3rd 2015 (3 days window 2nd October to 4th of October) World Championships –

Classes: Ø  SS1 Men Sen/Jun/U23 Ø  SS1 Women Sen/Jun/U23 Distance : 30,7 km – 16,6 NM Start: Marina of Hitia’a : 11:00 am Finish : Radisson Plaza Resort Beach -Arue


Masters World Cup

Classes: Ø  SS1 Men Ø  SS1 Women Distance : 30,7 km – 16,6 NM Start: Marina of Hitia’a : 11:00 am Finish : Radisson Plaza Resort Beach -Arue


|| Prize Money Categories








SS1  Men

2.514  €

1676  €

1257  €

838  €

503  €

377  €

 252  €

SS1  Women

 2514  €

1676  €

1257  €

838  €

503  €

377  €

 252  €


1st  SS!  Men    252  €

1  st  SS!  Women   252  €

Prize Money

|| Accommodation at RADISSON PLAZA - Arue Tahiti Featuring the lush surroundings of Lafayette Beach and beautiful waterfront views, the Radisson Plaza Resort Hotel in Tahiti is the ideal event partner because of its location. Its spacious rooms are with splendid ocean views of Matavai Bay and the magnificent sunsets on Tahiti’s sister island, Moorea. Be seduced by a combined modern and wooded decor atmosphere with bamboo flooring and private large terraces creating an indoor/outdoor feel. As the event is taking place at the Radisson Plaza Resort, the hotel offers special rates to all participants and their relatives.


RESERVATIONS on line and by mail to: [email protected] Open : April 2nd, 2015 - 1st come, 1st serve Dead Line : August 2nd, 2015

Room  Category   Includes  all  Taxes

Room  Only   (No  Meals)

Room*  Including   Breakfast  P/day

Ocean  View  Deluxe  Room     (1  person)


169  €

Ocean  View  Deluxe  Room     (2  persons)

148  €

192  €

Ocean  View  Suite   (3  persons  sharing)

181  €

247  €

Ocean  View  Suites     (4  persons  sharing)

182  €

270  €

*NB: - These rates are per room & per night with Buffet breakfast (22Euro/pax see last column). VAT are Included (5%), government taxes (5%), service taxes (4%) & Communal city tax (1.26€/day P/person).

||  OTHERACCOMMODATION Additional to the hotel venue, there are housing options (self-catering) and lodging with locals or in small family-run hotels. Aside from the competition, for some paddlers, this gives them the opportunity to create their own experience unlike anyone else’s while visiting Tahiti. All of this information is available at www.tahiti-tourisme.com The Organization Committee cannot be responsible for the quality and price of individually reserved accommodation.  


|| CONTACT FEDERATION TAHITIENNE DE KAYAK (FTK) Web : www.federation-kayak-tahiti.com Complexe sportif Napoléon Spitz Rue Gérard Coppenrath, 98716 Pirae TAHITI BP. 9597 Motuuta Papeete Tahiti Téléphone +(689) 877 776 20 - Email : [email protected] Web site : http://www.tahitinui2015-icf-2ndoceanracingworldchampionship.pf/



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