November 2014 Football Frenzy parking cars Annual Benefit, Monte Carlo Style Welcome Pancake Breakfasts Keep Christ in Christmas,

November 2014 By the time you read this, we will know the results of our state and national elections. I hope that each and every one of us voted wise...
Author: Valerie Logan
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November 2014 By the time you read this, we will know the results of our state and national elections. I hope that each and every one of us voted wisely. When the wrong people are in office, it is like Will Rogers said, “I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts”. At least we can take consolation in the cessation of negative political ads. We Knights can be very proud of all that we accomplished during October. Fall is always the busiest time of year, and we seem to be juggling 4 or 5 balls at once. First we had Football Frenzy tickets, which earns us a few bucks. It also helps to keep membership costs down, something important to all. For the 10 weeks of games, I will be watching and waiting to win some of the $10,000 in prize money. A hardy crew of brothers is parking cars at the US Air Force Academy home football games. They work at 6 games from September to November, getting everyone safely in and out of the parking lot. If you think herding cats is fun, you would enjoy being part of that team. They also have great tailgates. October 24th was a fun evening of casino-style games, as we did our Annual Benefit, Monte Carlo Style. Bonzel Hall was full of people trying their luck and skill, and hoping to win drawings for prizes. Of course, behind the scenes was a large team of Knights and Ladies who did the planning, advertising, selling, dealing, serving, and so on. Debbie Williams made sure the snacks were just so, including cheese slices cut in the shape of hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds. Everyone had a great time, and we’re looking forward to donating the proceeds to The Home Front Cares and our other charities. Our Welcome Pancake Breakfasts were placed on hold during the renovation. When our planned October breakfast was cancelled, we hosted coffee and donuts, and wine and cheese during one weekend, so that we could promote ticket sales for the Benefit. We also participated in the sale weekends during September and October. Now that the kitchen is finished, and we have been oriented on the new equipment, we are resuming breakfasts on November 2nd. In fact, you may have already prepared or eaten at that breakfast! Every year, we participate in the program to Keep Christ in Christmas, selling religious Christmas cards, ornaments, pins, and car magnets. It is important to keep our Lord in the forefront during the holidays, and these cards help to do that. We usually make a few dollars which we can designate to one of our favorite charities. We still have a few boxes of cards left, so look for us. It wouldn’t be October without the Mentally Handicapped Program. This year we gave out around 22 cases of 300 Tootsie Rolls each. Once we complete counting the donations, we will send the money to Colorado State Charities. They will keep 75% for their charities, and remit 25% back to our council for local charities that we designate. Be sure to attend our November 12 meeting to vote on which charity we should support. (continued next page)

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November 2014

All these accomplishments involve the hearts and hands of many volunteers, putting others before self. It is my great pleasure to be associated with so many caring and generous individuals. I can’t adequately thank all of you, but I know that the Lord will. (See Matthew 25) But we must not get so wrapped up in busy-ness that we neglect our spirituality. We have Advent to look forward to, preparing to receive the cause of our holiday joy. At Christmas and Thanksgiving, we also give of our abundance, not just to our loved Tracy Estes greeting a group of young children during the ones, but to the needy through holiday baskets, Mentally Handicapped Drive the angel tree, and more. Spend some family time in prayer. Get your Advent candles ready. Let’s make it a very holy season! Finally, we are a family that works and prays together, but we also play together! It’s wonderful to get together in a social setting and enjoy food and friendship. Because of the holidays, we won’t have our usual social meetings in November and December. We will however gather for our annual Christmas Party on Saturday December 6th. See the details inside on how to RSVP. I hope to see most of you there, and enjoy getting to know you better! I am looking forward to meeting and talking with more and more of our members. It would be great to hear about your ideas of other ways for us to serve the parish, community, and our families. Yours in Christ, Ron Krom, GK

FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER Brothers and Sisters, please remember in your Prayers: ♣ Fr Larry Solan, Deacon Ken Huard, Roy Salem, Vince Kierney, Don Bartek, Bill Zint, Ann & Chuck Weida, Mabel Page, Peggy & Joe Solms, Madeline Pacheco, Taylor Lilly, Rick Losey, Bill Cruse, Aaron Williams and family, Baby Grace, Esther Alvarado, and Anthony Joseph Patalano. ♣ For the Repose of the Soul: — ♣ For all Military, Police, Fire Fighters, First Responders and all who work diligently to provide comfort for people in need. ♣ For our National Leaders that they may work to preserve our Freedom of Religion, The Rights of Conscience, the Sanctity of Marriage and respect for all human life from conception to natural death. ♣ For the Prayer intentions and Mission of our Holy Father Pope Francis I. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF ANYONE IN OUR K OF C “FAMILY” Brother Knights, if you have changes to your home address, phone number or email address, please email Paul Miller, Financial Secretary, at [email protected] or call 719-440-5313 (leave a message if no answer)

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November 2014

Date: December 6 (Saturday) Location: Swan House Manor Time: 6:30 p.m.

K of C Council 9993 Christmas Party

Swan House Manor is located at 5515 Palmer Park Blvd. (Just west of the Walmart Store on Powers). Cocktails at the Cash Bar will start at 6:30 p.m. with dinner at 7:00 p.m. Music for dancing and visiting will begin after dinner. Cost is $30 per person. Reservations required. Make checks out to KofC 9993. The menu is a buffet: Pork loin steak w/ cranberry glaze (on the side) Chicken in white wine sauce Rice Pilaf Mashed potatoes and gravy Mixed Vegetables Green salad with various dressings, croutons on the side Yeast rolls Red Velvet cake

Gluten free is available if requested in advance.

RSVP by November 22nd to GK Ron Krom, 719-590-4971 or [email protected] You can pay at a meeting, or leave a check at the parish office

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November 2014

Happy Birthdays

Jim M Bachta


Derek D Bothern


Christopher A Prentiss


Jack Beuse

Eric K Ogren


SK Thomas J Tenpenny


Philip G Wilker



Mike A Kleppe


SK Peter J Knudsen


William N Rose


SK Anthony J Patalano


SK Stanley P Cahn


SK Rev Joseph E Damhorst


Ronald F Nigro


Ethan D. Rector


SK Ellis C Elee


Aaron N Zemler



Our third annual benefit was a lot of fun. Thanks to a great crew of volunteers, we hosted about 85 guests who enjoyed playing their favorite casino games. One sponsor, Alpine Vision, gave away prizes – from golf balls to free sunglasses - to everyone who spun their wheel. Al Batey, Grand Knight at Mount St. Francis, was there to represent The Home Front Cares, and he told us of the good work that his organization does with soldiers and veterans. Then the play began. The sounds of laughter and excitement filled the room, as people played against the odds and each other. Volunteer dealers had just as much fun as the players, and also had some time during the night to try their favorite games. Door prizes donated by generous sponsors were raffled during the evening by announcer Mark Elio, much to everyone’s anticipation and enjoyment. The Ladies Auxiliary provided wonderful snacks to help everyone keep up their strength, and the Brew Crew kept everyone’s whistles wetted. At the end of the evening, people were given scrip for the final prize drawing, based on how many casino bucks were in their possession. Those were placed in various containers to draw for the final prizes. Many prizes were given out, and there were lots of pleased and lucky patrons. Monte Carlo Night was spearheaded by Brian LaMay who did the lion’s share of organizing, getting sponsors, printing fliers, and so on. Without Brian, the event wouldn’t have taken place, so a major THANK YOU to him. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors and the many helpers and volunteer dealers, our profits were maximized and a healthy amount was raised. We’re very grateful to all of you. The evening’s proceeds will be split between The Home Front Cares and Council 9993 charities. Be sure to attend our business meeting to discuss how the funds will be awarded, and to see the checks presented to worthy recipients. The success of our Annual Benefit comes not just from the money raised for charity. It also comes from the unity and fraternity experienced in the teamwork of pulling the event together. Everyone who contributed was valuable, whether selling tickets, advertising, setting up the room, greeting customers, dealing, serving food and drink, and so on. And we couldn’t have done it without sponsors and people buying tickets. There is great satisfaction in giving of oneself for a worthy cause, and doing it with your brothers and sisters. There is also the fun and enjoyment that comes from being there at an entertaining and social event. Ready to do it again next year? Let’s make it event better! (Some photos from the event follow)

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November 2014

Debbie & the Alpine Prize Wheel

Jak, Dave & Fran at the Craps table Mark & Toni drawing a winner

Mariano—Hit Me

The Beer Crew

Rod Schumann deals

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November 2014 Ladies Auxiliary News for September Fran Krom

October was a busy month for the Auxiliary. Our Ladies helped in the organization and presentation of the Monte Carlo night. Advertising, ticket sales, host and beverage stations, and dealing card games were some of the many tasks which the Ladies accomplished. Following the Monte Carlo night, the Ladies participated in the parish Craft Fair. The second Bake Sale/Craft Sale for the Ladies Auxiliary was a success. We earned enough to meet our pledge to the Holiday Food Baskets and our pro-life contributions. The Auxiliary extends a great “thank you” to all who helped and purchased items. The next Auxiliary meeting is January 28, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. followed by a social hour. The Christmas Party is scheduled for December 6 at the Swan House Manor, 5515 Palmer Park Blvd. Cocktails at the Cash Bar will start at 6:30 p.m. with dinner at 7:00 p.m. Music for dancing and visiting will begin after dinner. Cost is $30 per person. Make checks out to KofC 9993. We need a final count by November 22, so mark your calendars quickly. The menu is a buffet: Pork loin steak w/ cranberry glaze (on the side) Chicken in white wine sauce Rice Pilaf Mashed potatoes and gravy

Mixed Vegetables Green salad with various dressings, croutons on the side Yeast rolls Red Velvet cake

The Bottom Line - "$upporting Our Good Works " What follows is a brief summary of the financial activities associated with our 3 rd Degree Council [9993] and 4th Degree Assembly [3049]. Remember mention of a “Silly Season”? Well, October is definitely it. The Council and the Assembly are now neck deep in activities and good works. The biggest item on the radar at the moment is the Annual Benefit for Council 9993. Please see the rest of the newsletter for further information. In short, the event raised $5,398.50 in sponsorship and ticket sales, tallied so far, with an expense of $2,841 tallied so far. A final total to the charities will be included after the check presentations. Along with our Annual Benefit, the Mentally Handicapped drive has been hard at work raising money for those in need. So far the generosity of King Soopers and Walmart shoppers has led to $2,695.76 in fundraising. Again, a final tally, minus the cost of the candies, will be included after the check presentation ceremonies. Returning to some of our ongoing fundraising efforts, the Keep Christ in Christmas program has raised $487.84 in support of Pike’s Peak Citizens for Life and Life Network’s education programs. Our King Soopers gift cards raised $550.73 this month for Council 9993 and the new Great Lakes Scrip program raised $7. These programs support the good works of the Council such as our donations to Life Network, St. Patrick’s Parish, Coats for Kids, Food for Families, and other worthy causes. With regards to putting that money to good use, Council 9993 donated $175 to the Respect Life Crafters this month, in support of their Pro-Life efforts. Additionally, Council 9993 renewed its commitment to the Life Network Pregnancy Center locations with its ongoing $100 monthly donation. Lastly, on the business side, the Council paid its annual liability insurance at a cost of $475. If anyone would like more information on the financial status of the Council or the Assembly, please stop by any regular business meeting or feel free to contact me directly. Faithfully yours, Taylor Lilly Treasurer, Council 9993 and Purser, Assembly 3049

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November 2014 King Soopers Gift Cards . . . Going Just “Sooper” Herman Jasper King Soopers Gift Card Coordinator

We began this program in mid-July—just over three months ago. At this time we have sold/distributed 161 cards. This is well beyond my expectations for this stage of the program. (I had set a target of having 100 cords in use by Christmas) We are on track to receiving over $5000.00 before June 30. Our rebate could easily become $7000.00 to $9000.00 per year as we get more cards in use. Week by week we find more Knights, family, and friends joining with us in this fundraiser. We have no fundraiser that invites your participation more than King Soopers Gift Cards--no matter your physical condition, work schedule, or time commitments. How else can you help us earn 5% on the purchase of items used every week? Knights and friends now using our cards find doing so as easy and simple as promised, with no additional cost for purchases. Many reload their card using their favorite credit card, earning the same rewards they earned when using the credit card to pay for groceries or fuel. And we are finding that many people are planning to use the cards as gifts at Christmas for those that can use a little help, or as a thank you for those who are special friends. Of course they can be loaded to a value that is appropriate and affordable. The next opportunities to buy our $10.00 King Soopers Gift Card will be at all future pancake breakfasts and Council meetings. We ask you to become an ambassador for our King Soopers Gift Cards!! You know what a great program this is. Talk to brother Knights, family members, parishioners, and friends. Make note of those you see shopping at King Soopers or purchasing fuel. Ask them to join us in this program. Tom and Madeline Barnitz, and JR Nandin have recently done this and have sold several cards. Work out an arrangement for getting a card to them and collecting for it. Let me know. GK Ron Krom, Rick Losey and I have cards with us at all times. Thanks to each of you that have played a part in making this program such a success.

Debbie and Snacks

Happy winner Margery

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November 2014

The Special King Soopers Gift Card (Scrip) Available Only From K of C Council 9993 How is this Card “Special? King Soopers donates 5% of purchases made with this card to Council 9993 in support of our charitable works It can be purchased only from K of C Council 9993 It is identified by the K of C logo and message on the front of the card. How is it used? Present it to pay for your normal grocery and fuel purchases at any King Soopers, Loaf ’n Jug, City Market, or any Kroger family of stores location Present it as a gift to family and friends at any time, but especially during the holidays and for special occasions. There is no additional cost of purchases which are paid for with the card Are there any special features? It is issued as a $10.00 gift card—its cost is $10.00. The card is reloadable, meaning that you can add purchasing value to the card. Up to $500 at a time. The card can be reloaded using your favorite credit card—you earn the normal credit card rewards by reloading with your credit card. Also reload with cash or by check. This is done at any King Soopers, Loaf ‘n Jug, or City Market cash register Convenient and easy to use—and painless! There is no additional cost for purchases made with the card. How does this work with the King Soopers Card I am now using? Continue using your Kings Soopers to earn discounts, fuel discount points, and special promotions. Present the Gift Card to pay for your purchases

Culture of Life—Fatherhood and the Marriage Deficit By Ron Krom Why all the talk about marriage and families these days? The Bishops and Church are having the Year of the Family. If you read your Columbia Magazine, you will see an article about “Building the Domestic Church.” And everyone has seen in the news how our culture is attacking the idea of traditional marriage. Does any of this matter? In our weekly sessions of That Man is You (TMIY), we have been learning about the importance of fatherhood. Not just having a father available in the family, but a godly father who lives the Gospel. So I was surprised to find an October 28th editorial by Robert Samuelson in the Gazette that backs up our country’s need for the traditional family with both mother and father. Comparing 1960 with 2010, he shows what has happened to marriage in our culture, and its effects on society. In 1960 88% of adults between 25 and 34 had married. By age 45 to 54 it was 95%. In 2010, only 53% of the younger group had married, and projections are that it would rise only to 75% by the time they are 45 to 54. This reflects a trend toward marrying later if at all, more people staying single, and more cohabitation without marriage. Having children out of wedlock isn’t a stigma either, and accounts for about 40% of births. Unmarried mothers combined with a high divorce rate has caused an explosion in the number of single-parent families. That number has gone from 7% in 1950 to 31% in 2013. More alarming is the fact that 34% of Hispanic families and 62% of African-American families have only one parent. So where is the deficit? Economics shows that a family with two paychecks coming in is better off than a family with one. Children with one parent are much more likely to live in poverty, and to get far less attention and guidance. Their parents may go through multiple partners, leaving the child without stable family relationships. These children are much less likely to attend college and succeed in life, thus continuing the cycle of poverty. Children from unstable families are not likely to have a stable two-parent family themselves, so the cycle repeats itself. Government social programs have been unable to win “the war on poverty”, and this may be one reason why. “Governments don’t raise children: parents do”, as stated by President Clinton.

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November 2014

So does having a father matter? Immensely so! One thing I like about TMIY is that they back up their teaching with facts and statistics. For example, they showed that the presence of the father positively impacts the child’s cognitive development. A child's success in education is highly dependent on the quality of her relationship with her father, and the father’s education level. Also, a child who doesn’t form quality attachments with parents during early childhood is unlikely to have good relationships going forward. There is much more than we can say here. If you want to learn more, get into a great program for fathers like TMIY. So let’s support fatherhood and two-parent families in any way we can. Teach our children well and give them the example of fathers who walk the walk and love as Jesus loved—totally! God Bless you and your family on your journey.

Fr. Mikes Ponderings We have just completed the first month of the year on Marriage and Family. For the next eleven month’s I’ll be giving spiritual tidbits on this subject matter presented to us by the Universal Catholic Church. For those who don’t know, I preside Mass for the Benedictine sisters twice a week in the Black Forest. I know the sisters well and often they share their wisdom with me. One of the sister’s showed me her favorite writing on loving ourselves. Now how does this relate to marriage and family? Very much so. We must love ourselves in order to love others. Loving ourselves is not narcissistic. Rather it is loving and respecting what God has created. The writing is titled: A Promise … to Myself I promise, from this day forward: To accept myself unconditionally. To always love myself and cherish my existence. To always show myself respect. To not demand perfection. To stop putting myself down. To give myself the credit I deserve. To be my own best friend, someone I can depend on. To open my eyes to the beautiful promise in me. To utilize my God given talent to build inner security and make a positive contribution to the world because: Only If I love myself can I truly love others. Only if I respect myself can I respect others. Only if I’m open to the specialness in me, can I genuinely appreciate the uniqueness in others. Only if I cherish my own existence, can I become the person I was meant to be!

By: Jan Baller

Try making this promise to yourself for the good of the family and you! Godspeed, Padre Mike

Star Spangled Soldier By Mike Miller O Say can you see, a soldiers twilight, He shined for you, he died for you, in the deepest darkest night. With the rockets’ red glare, He marched and he cared...

And when the bombs, bursted in air, The Star Spangled Soldier, gave his life there. Blood on the flag, freedom's dear price, Gave proof through the night, of this great sacrifice.

Into the unknown, faith was his guide, A compass fashioned, by the Lord inside. One that said, push north towards death

So remember the troops, whose lives were lost, And the good Lord too, who died on the cross. And then one day, when you hear that song, Think of The Star Spangled Soldier, whom the Lord made strong!

So he marched onward, with all he had left.

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November 2014

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November 2014

Election Day Veterans Day Parade Parking at AFA Football Games with Nevada & Colorado State

Newcomer Breakfast on 2 Nov King Soopers Gift Cards

Knights of Columbus Council 9993 6455 Brook Park Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80918 ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED



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