Novel Trends in Production Devices and Systems II

Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 693 Novel Trends in Production Devices and Systems II Special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers onl...
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Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 693

Novel Trends in Production Devices and Systems II Special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers only. von Daynier Sobrino 1. Auflage

Trans Tech Publications 2014 Verlag C.H. Beck im Internet: ISBN 978 3 03835 313 3

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Table of Contents Preface, Organizer, Editors and Editorial Board

Chapter 1: Novel Trends in Production Systems and Logistics Laboratory of Flexible Manufacturing System for Drawingless Manufacturing P. Košťál, D.R. Delgado Sobrino, R. Holubek and R. Ružarovský Specification of the Component Base for CNC Processing Centre EMCO Concept MILL 105 M. Bučányová and E. Riečičiarová Algorithms and Evolution Diagrams Application for Determining the New Assembly Process Sequences N. Vetríková and M. Šimúnová Layout Redesign and Material Flow Analysis at a Flexible Assembly Cell Supported by the Use of Simulation D.R. Delgado Sobrino, R. Holubek, P. Košťál and R. Ružarovský Priority Index of Production Equipment: A DEA-Based Multi-Criteria Approach to Setting Investment Priorities for Industrial Production Processes R.A. Ledón and D.R. Delgado Sobrino Methods of Storage Management in the System iCIM 3000 M. Matusova and M. Kusa The Methodical Procedure for Designing of Clamping Jaws J. Oravcova Automated In-Process Inspection Method in the Flexible Production System iCIM 3000 R. Ružarovský, D.R. Delgado Sobrino, R. Holubek and P. Košťál The Methodology for the Selection of the Appropriate Sensory Equipment for the Grasping End Effectors in the Assembly Workspace M. Šimúnová, N. Vetríková and K. Velíšek Offline Programming of an ABB Robot Using Imported CAD Models in the RobotStudio Software Environment R. Holubek, D.R. Delgado Sobrino, P. Košťál and R. Ružarovský Experiment Solution Velocity and Pressure Field in the Mixing Process Computer Simulation H. Kraváriková Interval Censored Data Analysis with Weibull and Exponential Distribution T. Nánási Influence of Random Components of the Sampling Period on the Combined Dynamic System G. Michalconok, M. Nemeth and M. Stremy The Methodology Proposal for the Model-Oriented Safety Analysis of Dynamical Systems M. Strbo, P. Tanuska, A. Gese and L. Smolarik The Dynamical Systems Safety Analysis by SQMD Method P. Tanuska, M. Strbo, A. Gese and B. Zahradnikova Automation of Force Assessment Generated by Upper Limb for Ergonomic System EAWS L. Ondriga and G. Michalconok The Use of Petri Nets in Safety-Critical Control Systems G. Michalconok, M. Korytar and P. Tanuska Modeling and Control of Compression System L. Smolarik, D. Mudrončík and M. Strbo Input Control in Production System by Simulation Optimization D. Jurovata, P. Vazan, L. Hrcka and J. Kurnatova The Options of Using Data Mining Methods in Process Control A. Kopcekova, M. Kopcek and P. Tanuska Synographical Approach to Dynamical Systems Analysis I. Markechová and H. Stúpalová

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Optimization of Technical System by Using FTA and Genetic Algorithm A. Libošvárová and P. Schreiber Improving the Sustainability and Effectiveness of the Inventory Management in Manufacturing Company J. Prachař, H. Fidlerová, P. Sakál and T. Zbojová Improving the Quality of Manufacturing Process through Six Sigma Application in the Automotive Industry M. Kučerová and H. Fidlerová Genetic Algorithms in Test Design Automation M. Sroka, R. Nagy and D. Fisch Reflections on the Opportunities of Multicriteria Optimization within Simulation Studies V. Jerz The Impact Analysis of a Tire Model Properties on Running Stability of a Vehicle in the Environment of ADAMS/Car A. Sapietova and M. Lukac Application of Multi-Criteria Optimization to Large-Scale Structures Design M. Sága, P. Pecháč and L. Jakubovičová Precision Analysis of Optical 3D Digitisation of Shaped Elements R. Mendřický Precision Analysis of Part Manufacturing Using SLM Method R. Mendřický and P. Keller Use of Reverse Engineering Methods in the Field of Fashion Design J. Šafka, R. Mendřický and P. Zelený Prototype CNC Machine for Laser Cutting of Sheet Metal P. Zelený, P. Pokorný and M. Lachman Application of Linear Programming Method on Selected Examples from the Enterprises E. Šlaichová, E. Štichhauerová and L. Turčok 3D Printing of Fractal Deterministic Shapes into Polymer Matrix with Respect to Final Composite Mechanical Properties J. Bobek, J. Šafka, J. Habr and M. Seidl Application of 3D Scanner for Transportation a CNC Machine Tools R. Havlik, A. Gottwaldova and J. Vavruška Design of Simulation Experiments Using DOE F. Manlig and F. Koblasa Dividing the Complicated General Shapes of the Surface into Partial Elements According to Curvature (Gauss and Maximal Curvature) and its Multi-Axis Machining J. Šafka, M. Lachman, P. Zelený and M. Seidl Properties of Models Produced by Direct Selective Laser Melting Technology M. Ackermann, J. Šafka, P. Zelený, M. Lachman and P. Keller Applying Group Decision Making and Multiple Attribute Decision Making Methods in Business Processes K. Kashi and J. Franek Use of Relocation Device at Scanning of Polymeric Material Surface Quality V. Pata, M. Řezníček, L. Sýkorová, J. Knedlova and M. Malachová Application of Theory of Hypothesis Testing in Process of Laser Micromachining V. Pata, L. Sýkorová, J. Knedlova and M. Řezníček Scanning and Evaluation of Biological Surfaces Using the Technique of Rapid Prototyping V. Pata, J. Rahula, L. Sýkorová, A. Zapletalová and J. Knedlova Optimization of the Mixing Process and Quality Evaluation of the Thirteen-Component Granular Mixture J.B. Krolczyk, M. Tukiendorf and R. Dawid Industrial Conditions of the Granular Material Manufacturing Process J.B. Krolczyk Finite Element Analysis of Laminating Tools for Automotive Interior Parts E.I. Croitoru, D. Măgurian and G. Oancea Augmented Reality Applied in Machining Processes and Cutting Tools Management R.E. Petruse and P.D. Brîndaşu

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Novel Trends in Production Devices and Systems II

Remanufacturing of Damaged Parts Using Selective Laser Melting Technology G.R. Buican, G. Oancea and A. Manolescu


Chapter 2: Novel Trends in Applied Mechanics and Materials A Determination of Material Properties of Flexible Structures Using EMA and FEM Analysis R. Duris The Effect of Real and Averaged Boundary Conditions on the Cooling Rate for the Simulation of Heat Treatment Processes Š. Hajdu and B. Taraba The Dependence of the Friction Coefficient on the Size and Course of Sliding Speed E. Labašová Vibration Analysis of Reinforced Beam Structure Using Partially Inserted Longitudinal Core M. Nad, L. Rolník and J. Steinhauser Mechatronic Approach to the Modeling of Machine Aggregates M. Nad, J. Steinhauser and L. Rolník Kinematical Analysis of Gearboxes with Spiroid Gears E. Riečičiarová and M. Bučányová Identification of Surface Topography Scanned by Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope T. Bezak, M. Kusy, M. Elias, M. Kopcek, M. Kebisek and L. Spendla Influence of the Position of Ignition Source on the Raw Materials Used to Produce Biofuel in Form of Wood Pellets J. Horváth, K. Balog and T. Chrebet The Loss of Plastic Properties Stability of Thin Tinplates and its Influence on Change of Corrosive Resistance E. Spišák and J. Majerníková The Loss of Plasticity Stability E. Spišák and J. Majerníková The Combined Approach to the Evaluation of the Cutting Force Data when Ball End Milling J. Beňo, J. Stahovec, I. Maňková, M. Vrabel and L. Kandráč Statistical Analysis of Cutting Force, Temperature and Power of FEM Modeling when Machining Titanium Alloy L. Kandráč, I. Maňková, M. Vrabel, J. Beňo, J. Stahovec, M.N. Durakbasa and G. Bas Verification of Tin Car Body Production by Unconventional Stamping Method M. Tomáš, J. Hudák, D. Draganovská and P. Ižol An Investigation of Springback in Sheet Metal Forming of High Strength Steels J. Slota, M. Jurcisin, E. Spišák and T. Sleziak Response of Fiber Reinforced Composite Structures to Ballistic Loads Z. Pelagić, M. Dudinský and M. Žmindák Influence of Stress Mode on Failure Micromechanisms of Nodular Cast Iron A. Vaško and M. Vaško Effect of Cutting Speed and Feed on Deep Drilling M. Letavay, J. Pilc and D. Stančeková Design of Coaxial Needleless Electrospinning Electrode with Respect to the Distribution of Electric Field L. Vysloužilová, J. Valtera, K. Pejchar, J. Beran and D. Lukáš Impact of Open Cell Bi-Component Structures on Distribution of Temperature Fields M. Seidl, J. Šafka and J. Bobek Design of the Tool for Production of Ear Ventilation Tubes E. Hnátková, Z. Dvořák and V. Zlýnský Investigation of the Topography of Machined Surfaces C. Felhő and J. Kundrák The Characteristic Parameters of the Twist Structure on Cylindrical Surfaces Machined by Turning Procedures I. Sztankovics and J. Kundrák

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Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 693

Dynamic Balancing of the Threshing Drum in Combine Harvesters – The Process, Sources of Imbalance and Negative Impact of Mechanical Vibrations J.B. Krolczyk, S. Legutko and G.M. Krolczyk Influence of Technological Cutting Parameters on Surface Texture of Austenitic Stainless Steel G.M. Krolczyk, S. Legutko and R.W. Maruda Surface Morphology of Duplex Stainless Steel (DSS) in Dry Turning Process G.M. Krolczyk


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Chapter 3: Information Technology and Software Development Applications in the Contexts of Production Systems, Logistics, Applied Mechanics and Materials Design of Portal for Improvement Controlling Sales Channel M. Peci, P. Vazan and V. Surka Rule Making Algorithms for Smart Home Control A. Strasiftak, D. Mudrončík and A. Peterková Vectorization of Scanned Paper-Based Engineering Drawings – Contemporary Software Abilities M. Gramblička and J. Vaský Design a Platform for Multi-Criteria Analysis of a Computer Simulation R. Havlik and A. Gottwaldova

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Chapter 4: Modern Management and Teaching Approaches in the Context of Production Systems, Logistics, Applied Mechanics and Materials Another View of the Product Life Cycle V. Pelantová Education Company – An Experience from the Implementation of Problem Based Learning F. Manlig, F. Koblasa, E. Šlaichová, V. Pelantová and J. Vavruška The Possibilities for Increasing Production Processes Efficiency by Utilizing the Lean Manufacturing Principles N. Klabusayová Value Based Management (VBM) for Logistics Enterprises H. Kościelniak and M. Starostka-Patyk

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