Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014 ... Writing your own stories... ... Schreibt eure Geschichten... Nottingham - Budapes...
Author: Julia Hartmann
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Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

... Writing your own stories... ... Schreibt eure Geschichten...

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe The dovetail joint is noted for its resistance to being pulled apart. It probably pre-dates written history, and the design used is an important method of distinguishing the origins of a piece of woodwork.

Through the EU‘s GRUNDTVIG programme of Lifelong Learning Partnership (LLP), three organisations, the GEDOK from Karlsruhe, Germany; the Nottingham Writers‘ Studio from Nottingham, UK and 5K Központ Kft from Budapest, Hungary were afforded the opportunity to take part in a trinational project that ran from between the 1st of August 2012 and the 31st of July 2014. Lifelong Learning Partnerships were conceived to be collaborations of various types of institutions involved in adult education. It was expected that the content and areas of interest in the field of general adult education of the learning partnership were to be developed together. The DOVETAIL Lifelong Learning Partnership was involved with the area of „Creative Writing“. Cultural exchanges were used as a vehicle to further cultural understanding and expand the English language ability of all the participants involved. The main goals of the project were to take the ideas and experience of those participating and enable them to „write their stories“ down. Regular local meetings were planned in all three project partner cities, as well as three tri-national joint workshops in each of the three project partner cities. Each of the tri-national workshops was deemed to be the most important cooperative activity on a truely international / European level. The DOVETAIL partnership in Karlsruhe was financed by the EU GRUNDTVIG‘s National Agency NAA at BIBB (Federal Institute for Vocational Training) and through the Department of Culture at the city‘s Town Hall. A first of the three international six-day workshops was from the 12th to the 17th of February, 2013 in Nottingham, UK and organised by the Nottingham Writers‘ Studio. The second from the 4th to the 9th of June 2013 a further 6-day workshop was held in Budapest Hungary and was organised by 5K Központ Kft Budapest, Hungary. The third workshop took place from the 8th to the 13th of May 2014 in Karlsruhe, Germany during the European Culture Days (Europäische Kulturtage). The „lingua franca“ of the overall project was English, whereby the „local workshops“ in Karlsruhe were in German and in Budapest in Hungarian. The GEDOK was fortunate to have two members of the organising team that have Hungarian roots and a project coordinator whose mother tongue was English. This anthology is the last-but-one in a series of four. All the anthologies document both visually and more importantly textually, material written during the inspirational workshops. The texts were created by the DOVETAIL project participants and reflect their stories about themselves, stories about their lives, stories about their cities, stories about their history, stories about their culture and stories about their experiences during this time.

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Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Content 4 6 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 22 23 24 25 26 27 Topic: 28 29 30 31 Topic: 32 33 34 35 Topic: 36 37 38 39 40 41

Workshop Programme in Karlsruhe, Germany Anne Molony The „MULTISENSORY“ Experience Anne Molony Barefoot Path – collagen In memory of Martin Stehle Heike Pietschmann Maria Hirling I see, I think – Trojan! | My human cart pusher Ahinee Mensah Sankofa! Off your sofa Ahinee Mensah BACKBONE Graham Lester-George Progress Anne Holloway Juggling | The Tram Pippa Hennessy Karlsruhe Raisa Mcleary Francis Top Hat Sarah Baily Historical Bicycles – collage 2:45 am–3:19 am, Yorckstrasse Karlsruhe... Serita Blake Broken Britain Viv Purkiss Progress Nigel Smith Poets that Juggle – collage MindMap MemoryStick Károlyi Júli Rope Garden – collage „Words“ Embrace Róth Katalin Blossoming Lime Trees Baár Tünde In Him Mihályi Anikó Downstairs Walking Szettele Katinka PROGRESS You Always Find Another Path Barcza Kati Writing Róth Katalin Stream Barcza Kati Impressions of Travelling Baár Tünde TRAVELLING On the Road Mihályi Anikó Hoops Mihályi Anikó The Price of Freedom Róth Katalin Karlsruhe ? ! ? Maria Hirling “3 Sätze – Jonglieren – Bälle“ Joachim Hirling “TRAM – without ADJECTIVES” Joachim Hirling

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Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Workshop Programme in Karlsruhe, Germany Anne Molony

It is, indeed, a daunting experience/task for any project manager to think up and provide the last of a series of three trinational workshops for a group of people who had already experienced Nottingham, England, and its almost 1150 year old historical tradition with its internationally known superhero Robin Hood or Budapest, Hungary, the capital city of one of the newer members of the European family, with its almost 1120 year old, vibrant, colourful and diverse cultural traditions. What did/does a „spring chicken“ (only being just about 300 years old) like Karlsruhe, where it is thought that the clocks tick differently anyway, have to offer: • A city with an opportunity to picnic with red wine, baguette and cheese on the castle lawn - here it is definitely not „KEEP OFF THE LAWN“ • A city where boule can be played on one of the wide paths actually in front of the castle itself (France is oh so very close!) • A city where awkward thinkers are very popular • A city where the Badenian Hymn (http:// http:// is passionately seen as a irreplaceable cultural asset. • A city where the local football team once beat Valencia 7:0, • A city where there is an extraordinary legacy of openness and liberal mindedness towards other religious and unfamiliar ethnic groups - 37,000 of a city with almost a 300,000 population have foreign roots and almost 25,000 students belong to the many and varied faculties of the nine universities and colleges in the city • A city where in informed circles, Karlsruhe is well known for being the birthplace of German constitutionalism. When the Margrave of Baden signed the constitution for the Grand

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Duchy of Baden in 1818, it was deemed to be the most liberal constitution in Germany. The Badenians are rightly very proud of giving the impulse for the democratic awakening in Germany, the institutional form of a parliament, the „Ständehaus“ ( haus_%28Karlsruhe%29) became the first German parliament building to take up its work as early as 1822. • A city and home of people who wanted to change gear in one sense or another. Freiherr Karl von Drais and Carl und Bertha Benz were inventors who succeeded in „putting the world on wheels“. Heinrich Hertz and his discovery of electromagnetic waves paved the way for modern communication technology and Fritz Haber‘s manufacture of synthetic ammoniac lead to a worldwide improvement in the standards in nutrition. • A city that is the seat of the two highest courts of the nation, the German Federal Supreme Court ( and the German Federal Constitiutional Court ( and being termed the „Federal Seat of Law“. • A city that has an exciting/thrilling balance between rationalism and emotionalism expressed in the wealth of events that sustain the thirst for culture (see • A city where cultural offers range from the avant garde/ experimental theatre offered by the Badenian State Theatre through to the ambitious programme that comes from alternative independent scene. • A city where the Majolica porcelain manufactory (http:// still sets trends - see the Yellow and Blue Ceramic Rays ( index.php?id=2)

• A city where fountains and sculptures, architecture, squares and gardens characterise the relaxed atmosphere ( de)

Indians“ from the „south of city“ and the old Durlacher, the very proud Mühlbürger, and academics from the West- und Oststadt as well as Bohemians and students living in the „Dörfle“.

• A city where the oldest „Japanese Garden“ in Europe and an unusual „Garden for the Blind“ in the city park and Zoo can be found.

• A city where you can come to the conclusion that all of the above is not such a bad renommeé for a youngster compared to the two other „oldies“.

• A city where „Das Fest „ ( takes place, with its fame for 25 years of being the largest free open air festival in southern Germany • A city celebrated for its countless beer gardens and open air cafés • A city with its lack of notable industry, if you exclude Michelin, L‘Oreal and the oil refinery. • A city housing the oldest technical university in Germany between 2006 and 2012 it reached the „elite university“ status i.e. Institute of Technology ( • A city whose inhabitants are proud of their nickname „yellow-feet“. •A city eagerly in competition with Berlin for the most dense network of restaurants. • A city that has the greatest number of sunny hours per year (1800) in Germany • A city where built-up and open spaces are so wisely well balanced (27,6% against 29% whereby 40% of build-up areas are protected areas) • A city widely admired and much respected public transport system (tram and cycle ways) • A city that is home to one of the five Federal State Mints (, producing Euro and cent coins with the identification letter G • A city with the clear symmetry of the fan/sun shaped street layout with the castle tower as a focal point almost ensures that no one will get lost on their excursions through the city. • A city where you will find definite identities for the „Red

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Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

The „MULTISENSORY“ Experience Thursday, the 08th of May 2014

The DOVETAILERs from Budapest arrived in two instalments, some by train ( and some had waged the trip by bus ( The English DOVETAILERs flew to our local airport at Karlsuhe/Baden-Baden ( After the early arrivals and the first meet up at the hotel (Gästhaus Kaiserpassage http://gaestehaus-kaiserpassage. de) the DOVETAILERs were able to experience their first encounter with the Karlsruhe tram system ( It was only a short trip to the art gallery where the GEDOK has its office and only for a brief official welcome given by the president of the association, Dr. Christa Hartnigk-Kümmel ( This was followed by a short walk to the Zum Kleinen Ketterer (http://www. on Lidellplatz for lunch. After lunch there was time to discover the book cupboard on the Lidellplatz, before walking the short distance past the Badenian State Theatre (http://www.staatstheater. and the Muses‘ Nag (Musengaul page 129 No. 29 C&pg=PA133&lpg=PA133&dq=Musengaul+KARLSRUH E&source=bl&ots=4YviFmOcS5&sig=KYmOaDDzBrWH gm_ITwAmCzNePBg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=lvnUU9yIG4KS7A bj9IGgCw&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=Musengaul%20 KARLSRUHE&f=false) to the Nowackanlage for the first Creative Writing seminar. The subject of which was „Juggling WithWords - Juggling Poets“, this was led by Florian Arleth from the Bread and Art Publishers (http: The DOVETAILERs proceeded to try and grasp the skills needed for juggling balls as well juggling

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with words and putting their impressions onto paper. When the first signs of tiredness showed it was time for something to eat and then to slip gently into the freetime planned for the evening. Friday, the 09th of May 2014

Breakfast was served in the GEDOK gallery, this was then followed by a Creative Writing seminar in the room with a penthouse view and free sun terrace on top of the building in the Markgrafenstraße 14. At 11:30 the DOVERTAILERs grouped to walk together for the few minutes to the City Hall where an official reception had been organised by the Department of Culture. Bürgermeister Obert welcomed the DOVETAILERs along with a second group of visitors from the Nottingham Central College. Part of the concept of the DOVETAIL workshop programme in Karlsruhe consisted of showing our guest the unusual attractions that Karlsruhe has to offer. The first of a series of experiential activities took place on this Friday afternoon. After a somewhat longer tram ride to Durlach and a ride up the 315 meter long Turmberg cable tram (the Turmbergbahn (http://www.turmbergbahn. de) is the oldest cable tram in Germany) the DOVETAILERs arrived up on the Turmberg, a castle tower 170 meters above Karlsruhe with an excellent view over the River Rhine Valley and beyond as the valley gives way to the forest and hills of the Rhineland Palatinate and the Vosges in France. After another short walk our guests arrived at the Waldseilpark (Rope Garden) ( Those who were brave enough and had no fears of heights then had 3 to 4 hours to try and complete the 11 different courses, to test out what it is like to walk from tree to tree, to test out how it feels when there is nothing but fresh air below ones feet instead of solid earth. From the observations of those who preferred to stay on the ground the brave ones mastered their fears, their lack of skill for walking on air and grew in confidence and triumphed with the knowledge that there is some truth in the motto „yes we can“. Each of the DOVETAILERs went as far as they could (I am told that the „pink“ course was the hardest!). Others, wracked with ambition went the full length and finished with the black course. To offset being flooded by all the impressions and the shear physical effort afforded by the Rope Garden, the evening programme was filled again with freetime Saturday, the 10th of May 2014

Breakfast again was at the GEDOK gallery. At 10:00, after a short walk up through the university campus (http://www. the DOVETAILERs had an appointment in the castle‘s Pheasant Garden (Fasanengarten) at the Tea House (Teehäuschen) with a „ghost“ from the past. The second experiential activity was to see and hear about a famous Karlsruher - Freiherr Karl von Drais, and the influence that he had had on the history of Karlsruhe and indeed in the world, particularly the world of bicycles. It was in 1817 that Freiherr Karl Friedrich Drais built his first „Draisine“ (Laufrad), the forerunner of the bicycle, a steerable „running machine or velocipede“ as it was called. His worthy and stately representatives, Rolf, Barbara and Sabine Huber had agreed to show the DOVETAILERs a collection of their historical bicycles. So each had the opportunity not only to let history envelop them but to try out their skills of riding seldom examples of a reproduction of the original „Draisine“, the „Penny Farthings“, the „Michaulinen“, a recumbent bicycle similar to that made by Challand or the more modern hobby horse made from carbon fibre. If you think that once you have learnt to ride a bicycle it is something that you don‘t forget and that you can ride anything with two wheels, then you must think again, riding bicycles from bygone eras is not as easy as one thinks. After lunch at Kais Pizzeria ( and a short Creative Writing seminar held by Viv Purkiss, it was decided to give the DOVETAILERs some well earned freetime to explore Karlsruhe on their own. Sunday, the 11th of May 2014

The original slaughterhouse was built in 1726, only a few years after Karlsruhe was founded. Most of the buildings on the site of the „Old Slaughterhouse“ are from around the year 1885. After the main business of supplying Karlsruhe

and the surrounding area with meat ceased in 1990, a „business incubator“ became one of the most important components for providing ideas for the conversion and renovation of the building complex. The plans to establish a specially designed area for the use by the cultural and creative industries arose from the desire to attract and/or hold highly qualified graduates from creative and creative technology courses (particularly those graduating from the Centre for Art and Media Technology (ZKM), the State Art Academy, as well as graduates from the colleges and universities in the city. The goal from the beginning was to provide flexible, innovative workspaces in an architecturally challenging environment, an environment that adapts to the conditions and requirements of the creative industries. The first drafts of the project were presented as early as 2008. The project is carried and supervised by an interdisciplinary team composed of members of the Department of Culture and Department of Economic Development at City Hall, the Karlsruher Fächer GmbH & Co. Stadtentwicklungs-KG, a company involved in urban development. After the enormous public interest in recent years, the „Old Slaughterhouse“ (http://www.alterschlachthof-karlsruhe. de) opened its doors to the general public, to attest the developments and to enable the general public to absorb the “behind the scenes” development. This year DOVETAILERs were able to witness that the planning phase has long been left behind and in many places the development of the individual buildings is well underway. For example, the newly created roads and tram lines are in operation and the container building that used to be the market hall for the pigs, is now alive with a potential for housing more than 60 companies sharing their „container“ workspace. Guided tours of the grounds were offered during the open day to introduce the artists (e.g. a stonemason), companies (e.g. a piano repair workshop) and institutions that “live” in the Old

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Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe Slaughterhouse buildings and a list of activities (e.g. drumming) also took place. For the early evening, a ride on a historical tram took place. DOVETAILERs could relax and experience the extent of the unique and widely acclaimed tramsystem that the city has to offer.

neverless an „insider tip“ for any visitor who wishes to risk and stray or deviate (Irrweg/Umweg), who cares to take a chance to see what this vibrant city in the middle of Europe has to offer - a city that is true to its newest motto „Karlsruhe - planning ahead, and a remembering the past“ („Karlsruhe - viel vor und viel dahinter“). The evening was then taken up with tasting the food at Purinos ( php?ort=Karlsruhe). Somehow DOVETAILERs are always good for suprises and this evening was no exception - or have you ever experienced a motley mixture of people from different parts of Europe give an overweight and underpaid cosmopolitan, a box of thoughtfully decorated stones and three beautiful Hungarian folk songs in recognition of their thanks for a job done. I will remember a lot of laughing faces and sparkling eyes. Tuesday, the 13th of May 2014

Monday, the 12th of May 2014

At the beginning of this short description of the workshop programme, you will have read the sub-title „The MULTISENSORY“ Experience“ - the juggling component had to do with eye/hand coordination, the Rope Garden with walking along ropes in a not so usual environment, the historical bicycles had to do with balancing on not so usual types of bicycles. After breakfast, once again in the GEDOK gallery, the experiential activity for this particular morning became an experience of what it was like to walk over a multiplicity of different textures, but this time without the comfort of shoes under foot. The open-air swimming pool at Durlach-Turmberg ( offers an opportunity to walk a Barfoot Path where each DOVETAILER could try to walk over such things as sand, wood cuttings, gravel, fir cones, glass, pebbles, willow rods, palisades, glacial boulders, wood stumps, a wobbly/ swaying rope bridge and probably the most delicious of all, a mud pool in bare feet. Afterwards Simone Dietz (http:// revealed a little bit about the history of shoes during an impulse seminar that neatly changed into seeing things that we often miss when we look at something for the first time. The afternoon was offered as time to sit and reflect and write about the impressions that each of the DOVETAILERs had gained in their short, but intensive visit, to a city that has a lot to offer, a city not known for its influx of tourists, but

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Tuesday was the time to say GOODBYE, ADIEU, AUFWIEDERSEHEN and BÚCSÚ. Departure at 07:00 from the main station was a very early start for the DOVETAILERs travelling back to Budapest by train, but the rest were able to take it easy before their time to depart came. The Nottingham DOVETAILERs were brave enough to venture out on the return journey on their own, that started with a real train and underground ride to the airport in Stuttgart without any translators accompanying them. The rest of the Budapest DOVETAILERs left on the bus in the late afternoon. Each returned to their homes safe and sound only to experience that their days in Karlsruhe had been like living in a bubble, a bubble that took some DOVETAILERs quite a few days to burst, after being confronted with the everyday challenges of their „normal“ lives.

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our DOVETAIL guests - without them this workshop, this project wouldn‘t have been possible. But most of all heartfelt thanks to the people working in the support team, to Angelika Schmidt at the Department of Culture, the KVV, to our baker Mr. Nussbaumer, to Mr. Dentler or the wheelchairs (http://, to the team at the GEDOK Edit, Emilia, Ludwig, Marion, Renate K, in the office Renate S. and Dr. Hartnigk-Kümmel, to Florian Arleth at Brot und Kunst (, to Jochen Brieske at the Waldseilpark, to the family Huber, to Simone Dietz at Kunstfilter Karlsruhe, to all the photographers, to the CVJM and the Department of the Environment for the seminar rooms, to Sonia Lauinger at the Kleine Buch Verlag (http://, to Sean, Kai, die Kippe (, Purinos (http://www.purino. de/restaurant-detail.php?ort=Karlsruhe) and Extrablatt (htt:// eMail: [email protected] de) for the wonderful food, to the Karlsruhe DOVETAIL group for all their inspiring ideas, to Pippa Hennessy and her team at the Nottingham Writers Studio ( for the original vision for DOVETAIL and last but not least to Birgit and Hanna for harbouring my weary head each night during the workshop.

Anthology Picture Credits / Bildnachweis Bettina Amann Joachim Hirling Júli Károlyi Wolfgang Kohl Sonia Lauinger Anne Maria Letsch Anne Molony Katinka Szettle Gina Plunder

5; 8; 9; 12; 14; 17; 18; 25; 29; 34; 37; 42; Flyleaf back/Deckblatt hinten 4; 17; 43; 12; 13; 16; 19; 20; 23; 26; 28; 30; 32; 33; 34; 37; 42; 43; Flyleaf back/Deckblatt hinten 11; 18 Flyleaf front/Deckblatt vorn; 8; 41 5; 13; 15; 17, 25 10; 11; 24; 29; 31; 33; Flyleaf back/Deckblatt hinten 5; 7; 10; 13; 15; 16; 17; 20; 21; 22; 24; 30; 32 - 40; 43; Flyleaf back/Deckblatt hinten The pictures on pages 39 (above left) are of the work from Gina Plunder exhibited at the GEDOK gallery exhibition „The Peace-loving Woman - from an artists viewpoint / Die friedfertige Frau - sichtweisen von Künstlerinnen“ during the European Culture Festival/Europäische Kulturtage 2014 - „Peace - War/Frieden - Krieg: 2014 - 1914“ from the 8th til the 25th of May 2014.

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Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Barefoot Path Barfußpfad

In memory of Martin Stehle In Gedenken an Martin Stehle Heike Pietschmann


Vom Tod lernend Angesichts Deines Todes Dein Kampf um Dein Leben präsent Angesichts Deines Todes Egoismus positiv belegt Angesichts Deines Todes Bedürfnisse reflektierend Angesichts Deines Todes Achtsamkeit weiterentwickelnd Angesichts Deines Todes lebendiger werdend

Maria Hirling Germany

Mein lieber Freund Martin ist heute ( am 18. Juni 2014 ) von uns gegangen. Seine Wärme bleibt in meinem Herzen, seine Worte prägen mein Denken, seine Menschlichkeit begleitet mich im Leben. Und wenn ich die Sterne sehe, dann erinnere ich mich an Dich, lieber Martin, weil Du für mich einer dieser Sterne bist. Möge deine Seele das ewige Licht finden! My dear friend Martin has left us (on the 18th of June 2014). His warmth stays with me in my heart, his words shape my thoughts, his humanity accompanies my life. And when I see the stars, then I will remember you, dear Martin, because you are one of those stars. May your soul find the eternal light!

Angesichts Deines Todes ruhiger sein Martin Josef Stehle gewidmet (*12. Januar 1980 - †18.Juni 2014)

In the face of your death The fight for your life present In the face of your death egoism positive connotations In the face of your death reflecting needs In the face of your death developing mindfulness further In the face of your death becoming more alive In the face of your death tranquility being me

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Dedicated to Martin Josef Stehle (*12. Januar 1980 - †18.Juni 2014)

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Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Ahinee Mensah

Sankofa! Off your sofa

Great Britain

I see, I think – Trojan! Imposing – gigantic! Metal and wood merged into one Do I see ceramic eyes? Hot chocolate gleaming in the sun is it a friend or foe? Brown beauty A trick or a treat I see, I think – Trojan! Then I survey a tail of metal brush Imaginative! A magnificent creature sculpted. 8th May 2014 ©Ahinee Mensah (T.A.M.F)

Ich Sehe – ich Denke Trojaner! eindrucksvoll – gigantisch Metall und Holz in eins verschmolzen sehe ich keramische Augen? heiße Schokolade schimmert in der Sonne ist es Freund oder Feind? Braune Schönheit Süßes oder Saures ich sehe. Ich denke - Trojaner! dann erblicke ich einen Metallbürstenschwanz phantasievoll! eine prächtige Kreatur gestaltet

Get up from the comfort of your sofa Look back at the journey you have made so far See how much in life you can offer To others who suffer Share some joy and laughter Take your sword of light and the darkness slaughter Sankofa Off your sofa!

Sankofa! - stehe auf! Stehe auf, raus aus dem Komfort deines Sofas Schau zurück auf die Reise die du bisher machtest Sieh wieviel du im Leben anderen anbieten kannst, die leiden Teile Freude und Heiterkeit Nimm dein Lichtschwert um die Dunkelheit zu erschlagen Sankofa stehe auf!

My human cart pusher Many stairs to go through in one day Up, down, up and down! From airport to Karlsruhe Stairs merging into one Wheels sliding on slopes My hope My human cart pusher Mixed emotions, my heart filled with quilt I do pray his pillars can cope

The Akan people of Ghana use an Adinkra symbol to represent this

8th May 2014 ©Ahinee Mensah (T.A.M.F)

same idea and one version of it is similar to the eastern symbol of

Mein menschlicher Karrenschieber Viele Treppen an einem Tag zu bewältigen Auf, ab, auf und ab! Vom Flughafen nach Karlsruhe Treppen verschmelzen in eine Räder rutschen auf Schrägen Meine hoffnung Meine menschlicher Karrenschieber Gemischte Gefühle, mein Herz erfüllt von Schuld Ich bete, dass seine Beine stark genug sind

a heart, and another version is that of a bird with its head turned backwards taking an egg off its back. It symbolizes one taking from the past what is good and bringing it into the SANKOFA Means “To go back and reclaim”. It is part of a collection of symbols from Ghana called Adinkra.

present in order to make positive progress through the benevolent use of knowledge. Adinkra

SANKOFA "return and get it" Symbol of importance of learning from the past

symbols are used by Ghanaians to express proverbs and other philosophical ideas.

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Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Graham Lester-George

Great Britain


Rob cuts through the park on his way somewhere. Sue is pushing Jasmine on a swing. She makes no show of seeing Rob as he approaches.


Hi. Hello.


How are things? They‘ve been better. Not working? Can‘t afford nursery. Of course. I‘m sorry.


Lorraine said she‘d met you. What do you want? I want to make things right between us. What does that mean? No - look - don‘t get the wrong idea. I‘m sorry about that night I came round. I was well out of order... I just... Rob. Unless you can pay for the upkeep of your daughter, there‘s no point. I‘d like to be her dad - for her sake at least. That‘s what your wife said. She‘s quite a wo man. I know she is. Jasmine‘s perfectly happy. She doesn‘t need anyone else in her life except me and her brother.

Rob stands next to Sue awkwardly.


LISA’S HOUSE/FRONT ROOM - EVENING Rob watches 24 HOUR NEWS on the TV. More on the bankers. A mini profile Sir Gordon Hunnicut, CEO of The Royal Caledonian Bank, who has just announced his resignation, taking a humungous pension and refusing to hand back his bonus. Rob stares at the screen with impotent anger as we see IMAGES of Sir Gordon‘s LONDON HOUSE, MANSION IN OXFORDSHIRE and VILLA IN UMBRIA. A NIGHTTIME NEWS CLIP of him getting into the back of a JAGUAR LIMO and being driven away AS CAMERAS FLASH. INT. JOHNSON HOUSE/KITCHEN - EVENING The SAME NEWS on the TV as Lorraine and the boys eat yet more PIZZA.

LORRAINE Saw your dad yesterday. KIERAN Did he say sorry? LORRAINE He did as a matter of fact.

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(pointing at the screen)


Anyway, it was them - the bank people who messed everything up. Well said Samuel! It was them, the greedy arses. So what did you meet him for? We‘re just talking at the moment - to see if we can work something out. I‘m going to pray for him to come home.


You what! Lorraine frowns at Kieran and shakes her head. You do whatever makes you feel good Sam. Who‘s he going to pray to - Santa Claus? Doesn‘t matter Kieran - it‘s Sam’s choice so we just have to respect his right to believe whatever. But I don‘t have to respect him for believing it. Yeah, well he’s twelve - alright!



The landline PHONE RINGS. Kieran gets up to answer it.


Yeah, she’s just here.


Handing the phone to Lorraine.

LORRAINE Who is it?



But you know it‘s not all his fault. I miss him. I want him to come home. What for? He messed up - he‘s ruined this family. Hey - he is your father. And I don‘t remember you complaining when he was buying you boys computers, and Guitar Hero and the like - and taking us on nice holidays.


(Mouthing) Kieran shrugs. (Listens)


I didn’t know banks worked this late...

Yes that’s right...

I see...


(Listens - becoming worried)


Okay thank you.



(Almost in shock) She puts the phone down slowly.

You alright mum? I don’t know.

LISA’S HOUSE/FRONT ROOM - EVENING Rob and Lisa watch tv. THE LOTTERY SHOW. Lisa’s checking her numbers. Rob is not concentrating on the telly but has his thoughts elsewhere.


(Screwing up the ticket)

Not even a tenner. Oh well...

Want a beer?


Oh yeah - please.

(Getting up) Rob doesn’t hear.

(Tuning back in)

Lisa goes out to the kitchen and returns quickly with TWO OPEN BOTTLES OF BEER. She hands one to Rob and clinks her bottle on his.


Cheers. Cheers Sis.


You alright? Yeah.


Just thinking about Lorraine and the kids. I think she wants you back really. I miss them all. Well she didn’t tell you to get lost did she. No. I think it’ll all come good in the end.



Hi. LORRAINE Rob. I had this woman from the bank on the phone earlier. ROB And? LORRAINE It was like threatening, but not - if you know what I mean. ROB What was she saying? LORRAINE Oh I dunno, stuff about consequences of not keeping up, and not wanting to make things worse, but there not being many options. ROB That sounds more like the bloody mafia. Are you managing the arrears Lorraine? I mean are you paying them off? LORRAINE We sold a load of stuff on ebay, but I’m slip ping backwards again. They sent me a war ning letter ROB Why didn’t you tell me? The mortgage is in both our names!


I’m gonna come back home. We’ve gotta do this together.

Lorraine is silent, pained.

ROB (CONTINUED) What happened was a terrible mistake. You’ll never know how sorry I am.

Lorraine pauses as she takes this in.

LORRAINE Meet me from work tomorrow - nine o’clock.


Lisa sits down and lowers the volume on the TV. (Beat)

Rob’s phone rings. LORRAINE on the display. JOHNSON HOUSE/KITCHEN

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Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Anne Holloway

Great Britain

Pippa Hennessy



She told me that in her language the word for progress is holodash. She laughed when I asked if it is a compound word, because, she told me, hol means fish and dash means transmission, like in a broadcast.

primary colours of rubber bite my tongue and crawl up the inside of my nose spheres slash my field of view one two three one two three swap swap swap there’s nowhere else for the pattern to go so my head empties to make space and is filled with one two three one two three one two three swap swap swap until it breaks

Fish-Transmission. I like it. I picture a world where Sponge Bob watches TV brought to him by a shoal of tuna. And in my language? Hollow dash means empty run. A mad rush to a goal which has no meaning.

Fortschritt Sie hat mir gesagt, dass in ihrer Sprache Fortschritt holodash heißt sie lachte als ich fragte ob es ein zusammengesetztes Wort ist sie sagte, hol bedeutet Fisch und dash bedeutet Übertragung wie in eine Rundfunksendung

Great Britain

Jonglieren Primärfarbene Gummibälle, beißender Geruch, kriecht meine Naseninnenwand hoch Kugeln schneiden mein Sichtfeld eins zwei drei eins zwei drei wechsel wechsel wechsel alles muss in Muster bleiben meine Kopf leert sich, um Platz zu machen, und füllt sich mit eins zwei drei eins zwei drei eins zwei drei wechsel wechsel wechsel bis alles zusammenbricht

Fisch-Übertragung Ich mag es Ich stelle mir eine Welt vor wo „Schwammkopf“ TV schaut hergebracht duch einen Tunfisch schwarm Und in meiner Sprache? Hollow dash bedeutet Leerfahrt Eine verrückte Hetze auf ein Ziel Das keine Bedeutung hat

The Tram feeding the city to me one building at a time

Die Straßenbahn füttered mich mit der Stadt ein Gebäude nach dem anderen

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Page 17

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Raisa Mcleary Francis

Sarah Baily

Great Britain

Great Britain

Karlsruhe The sight of the man‘s smiley eyes at arrivals, sighted by mine as I pass him my passport my heart is excited in angst. But my eyes and dimples, show up my anxiety. I leave him with laughter. Please „phew“ He didnt ask me 101 questions. I leave the thought of having just landed off a plane in a different country forget me until. I get on the journey to my hotel I realise the reality of being in a whole different country. The houses have different shapes The posters are in a different language. The grass looks greener. There are trams, cars, pedestrians and bicycles all using the same roads. Hardly a pavement in sight once we hit the city of Karlsruhe. This is really exciting! I flew! A mile stone for me I achieved this Even though I imagined. My stomach full of butterflies, when the plane dipped. I guess I enjoyed that part more than I thought I would hate it. Arrived safe. Hello Germany,

Karlsruhe Ich sehe die lächelnden Augen des Mannes am Ankunftsschalter. Sie treffen meine, als ich ihm meinen Pass reiche. Mein Herz ist aufgeregt. Aber meine Augen und Grübchen zeigen meine Beklemmung. Ich lasse ihn lachend zurück. Bitte „puh“ Er hat mir nicht 101 Fragen gestellt. Ich vergesse den Gedanken, dass ich gerade mit‘m Flugzeug in einem anderen Land gelandet bin,bis Ich mache mich auf den Weg in mein Hotel und mich trifft die Realität, dass ich in einem vollkommen anderen Land bin.

Top Hat


Kevin peered through the fog at the lake and saw a vague shape. Not sure what it was, he stepped closer. A large wheel appeared, then a small wheel. They formed part of a Victorian bike. On top of the bike was a man. A welldressed man in coat-tails and a top hat. He had a charcoal beard and wore an officious expression. Kevin stepped gingerly towards the lake and saw ripples in the water. He knelt down beside it. He dipped his fingers in and snatched them back. Further ripples emerged where his fingers had been. It was water, that was for sure.

Kevin schaute durch den Nebel am Ssee und sah eine undeutliche Gestalt. Nicht sicher was es war, ging er näher. Ein größeres Rad tauchte auf, dann ein kleineres. Es waren Teile eines Fahrrades aus viktorianischer Zeit. Auf den Rad saß ein Mann. Gut gekleidet in Rock und Zylinder. Er hatte einen grau melierten Bart und zeigte einen würdevollen Ausdruck.

Top Hat turned his bike towards the other side of the lake and moved steadily out of sight. ‘Wait, wait,’ shouted Kevin after Top Hat. ‘Who are you, how can you cycle like that, you‘re on water, what you doing? What ARE you doing?’ Top Hat looked back, shouted at Kevin, ‘Archaic doubt and progress.’

Kevin ging ängstlich zum See und sah, dass das Wasser sich kräuselte. Er kniete sich hin. Tauchte seine Finger hinein, und zuckte zurück. Weitere Kräusel zeigten sich dort, wo seine Finger gewesen waren. Es war Wasser, das war sicher. Zylinder lenkte sein Fahrrad auf die andere Seite des Sees und bewegte sich langsam außer Sichtweite. ‚Warte, warte,‘ schrie Kevin Zylinder nach. ‚wer sind sie, wie können sie so Rad fahren, sie sind auf den Wasser, was machen sie? Was MACHEN sie?‘ Zylinder schaute zurück, rief Kevin zu, ‚Archaischer Zweifel und Fortschritt‘

Die Häuser haben andere Formen. Die Plakaten sind in einer anderen Sprache. Das Gras sieht grüner aus. Da sind Straßenbahnen, Autos, Fußgänger und Fahrräder, die dieselbe Straße benutzen. Kaum ein Bürgersteig in Sicht, in der Karlsruher Innenstadt. Ach ist es aufregend! Ich bin geflogen! Ein Meilenstein für mich Ich habe es geschafft

Page 18

Obwohl ich es mir vorgestellt habe. Mein Bauch voller Schmetterlinge, als das Flugzeug in Sinkflug ging. Ich glaube, ich habe es genossen, mehr als ich dachte, dass ich es hassen würde. Sicher angekommen. Hallo Deutschland.

Page 19

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Historical Bicycles Historische Fahrräder

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Page 21

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Serita Blake

Great Britain

Viv Purkiss

2:45 am–3:19 am, Yorckstrasse Karlsruhe...

02:45–03:19, Yorckstrasse Karlsruhe...

Standing still is moving. The announcement passes me by. I stand on a platform Cold Wind Blows At Me! Attacking me like I don’t know what! THIS IS ADVENTURE! Refreshingly scared. 3:19am is so far away... Like the wide perspective road my ankles are cemented to. TWO STOPS!... 30 MINUTE WALK! I pace! Heart races! I stand up I sit down I walk from window to window wishing I was wrapped up in the safe comfort of linens and the sofas on display. I look down the boulevard. My longsighted eyes fail me. The distance blurs.. The time on the clock is in SHARP FOCUS.

Stehen bleiben ist Bewegung. Die Anzeige geht an mir vorbei. Ich stehe am Bahnsteig Kalter Wind Faucht Mich An! Greift mich an wie ich weiß nicht was DAS IST ABENTEUER! Erfrischend ängstlich 03:19 ist so weit weg Wie die breite langgezogene Straße, worin meine Knöchel zementiert sind ZWEI HALTESTELLEN!... 30 MINUTEN LAUFEN Ich gehe auf und ab! Herz rast! Ich stehe auf Ich setze mich Ich laufe von Fenster zu Fenster, wünsche, dass ich eingepackt wäre in den sicheren Komfort von Linnen und ausgestellten Sofas. Ich schaue den Boulevard hinunter. Meine weitsichtige Augen versagen. Die Ferne verschwimmt.. Die Zeit auf der Uhr ist GESTOCHEN SCHARF.

Great Britain

Broken Britain

Gebrochenes Britannien

In the year 2014 Cameron looked back to what had been Thought Britain was a Utopia Some time past seen with nostalgia

Im Jahr 2014 Cameron schaute zurück auf das was war Dachte Britannien war eine Utopie Einige Zeit vergangen, gesehen mit Nostalgie

Was it in the year 2010 Lib Dems and Tories win the election Time before can’t be Cameron’s ideal ‘cos that’s when the Labour party had the wheel

War es im Jahr 2010 Liberalen und Konservativen gewinnen die Wahl Die Zeit davor kann nicht Cameron‘s Ideal sein Weil dann waren die Sozis am Steuer

In the year 2001 Started a recession we’ve just got out from Arsehole bankers fucking with peoples’ lives But bankers still need a bonus to survive!

Im Jahr 2001 Fing ein Rezession an, die wir gerade hinter uns brachten Arschloch Banker pfuschen im Leben der Leute herum Aber Banker brauchen immer noch Zulagen um zu überleben!

To the tune of “In the year 2525” by Zager and Evans

So let’s go back to 1994 Is this the year when Cameron’s Britain is whole? If you’re homeless, black or poor Life’s not so good for you for sure In the year 1985 Thatcher’s in office, individualism’s the jive Says, Get on your bike and make your own future I’m self-made what about you? Any year you pick, is that when Britain was whole? Is that when Cameron thinks it’s the real deal? Just when do Cameron’s rose-coloured focus? Truth is, he’s not like the rest of us.

Page 22

Zur Melodie von „Im Jahr 2525“ von Zager und Evans

So zurück zu 1994 Ist das das Jahr, als Cameron‘s Britannien ganz war? Falls du obdachlos, schwarz oder arm bist, Ist das Leben nicht so rosig, das ist sicher Im Jahr 1985 Thatcher ist im Amt, Individualismus ist der Tanz Sagt, auf dein Rad und gestalte deine Zukunft Mein Reichtum ist „self-made“ und was ist mit dir? Egal welches Jahr du nimmst, ist es das Jahr, in dem Britannien glänzte? Ist das das Jahr, von dem Cameron denkt, es sei das große Ding? Wann stellt sich Cameron‘s rosa rote Brille scharf? Die Wahrheit ist, er ist nicht wie alle anderen.

Page 23

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014 Poets that Juggle Poeten die jonglieren

Nigel Smith

Great Britain

Progress progress project promote probate produce pronate propose profuse profile proffer provide promise

ingress inject inmate abate induce innate impose infuse in file infer invite amiss

regress reject emote rebate reduce renature repose refuse refile refer revitalise remiss

digress, ramble deject, sad demote, lose debate, talk deduce, think denature, harm depose, replace defuse, calm defile, mess up defer, forget divide, cut demise, die

Fortschritt Fortschritt Projekt Fördern Nachlass Produzieren I Pronieren Vorschlagen Üppig Profil Anbieten Bieten Versprechen

Eintritt Impfen Insasse Abklingen nduzieren Eigen Aufdrängen Aufgießen Im Gänsemarsch Ableiten Einladen Fehlend

Page 24

Rückschritt Ablehnen Dramatisieren Rabatt Reduzieren Renaturieren Ausruhen Verweigern Wiederablage Verweisen Neu beleben Nachlässig

Abschweifen, Schweifen Entmutigen, Traurig Herabstufen, Verlieren Debatte, Gespräch Ableiten, Denke Denaturieren, Schadens Absetzen, Ersetzen Entschärfen, Ruhig Verunreinigen, Versagen Verschieben, Vergessen Teilung, Schnitt Abtreten, Sterben

Page 25

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Károlyi Júli Hungary

MindMap MemoryStick

Page 26

MindMap MemoryStick

Page 27

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014 Rope Garden Seilgarten

View of Karlsruhe - Durlach from Turmberg Ausblick über Karlsruhe Durlach, Turmberg

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Page 29

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Topic: „Words“ Róth Katalin

Baár Tünde





Blossoming Lime Trees

Blühende Linden

It contains the beginning and the end, the encounter and the farewell. It contains the child, footsteps still unsteady and the parent, the ever-supportive. It contains friendship and love, encouragement and acceptance. A word can be false, it can deceive you, ruin you, rob you of all you have without you even noticing. But an embrace can only be genuine. If I could take a backpack with me to the other world, I would hide it in one of its pockets.

Es umfasst den Anfang und das Ende, die Begegnung und den Abschied. Es ist das Kind, mit noch unsicheren Schritten, und die Eltern, immer stützend. Es enhält Freundschaft und Liebe, Zuspruch und Anerkennung. Ein Wort kann falsch sein, es kann dich täuschen, dich ruinieren, dich ausrauben ohne dass du es merkst. Aber eine Umarmung kann nur echt sein. Wenn ich einen Rucksack mit mir nehmen könnte zur anderen Welt, ich würde sie in einer Tasche verstecken.

It’s my way to connect good things with certain smells, like the smell of the sea = liberty, the smell of candles = expectation, the smell of trees in bloom = beauty. There’s a majestic linden tree in the street next to my house. It wasn’t planted by me, but I consider it mine. It’s respectable, proud and wonderful. It opened its blossoms a few days ago and their smell envelopes me. When I take a sniff with my eyes closed, I feel everything falls into place and the world is my oyster.

Es ist meine Art, gute Dinge mit bestimmten Gerüchen zu verbinden, wie der Geruch des Meeres = Freiheit

Page 30

Der Geruch von Kerzen = Erwartung Der Geruch von blühenden Bäumen = Schönheit Es gibt einen majestätischen Lindenbaum in der Straße neben meinem Haus. Ich habe ihn nicht gepflanzt, aber es ist meiner. Er ist ansehnlich, stolz und wunderschön. Vor einigen Tagen haben die Blüten sich geöffnet und ihr Geruch umhüllt mich. Wenn ich meine Augen schließe und tief einatme, fügt sich alles zusammen und die Welt steht mir offen.

Page 31

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Mihályi Anikó

Szettele Katinka



In Him Outside and inside Craving for closeness afraid of merging walking – being in a field of attraction

Bei Ihm Draußen und drinnen Sehnsucht nach Nähe Angst vor Verschmelzung gehen - sein in einem Magnetfeld

Downstairs Walking Rounded lamps - unusual on the wall don‘t lighten the way. Knocking on the door - who is it? Nobody stops me. Pink possibilities to escape no choice. Just following the way, downstairs. What do you expect? Rounded apples on the bottom. Are they real or made of gum?

Page 32

Treppen Hinunter Gehend Abgerundete Lampen - ungewöhnlich an der Wand Erleuchten den Weg nicht. Klopfen an der Tur - wer ist da? Niemand hält mich auf. Rosa Möglichkeiten zu entkommen keine Wahl. Nur den Weg entlang, Treppen hinunter. Was erwartest du? Runde Äpfeln ganz unten. Sind die echt oder aus Gummi?

Page 33

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Topic: PROGRESS Barcza Kati

Róth Katalin



You Always Find Another Path

Du findest immer einen anderen Weg



To see my own shadow on the ground, walk next to it and then step over it. Primarily, this is my task. Progress is work, effort, constant attention. An uphill path. But there’s no peak for you to reach. You always find another path, taking you ever higher, near to yourself

Um meinen Schatten auf dem Boden zu sehen, laufe ich nebenher, springe drüber. In erster Linie ist das meine Aufgabe. Fortschritt ist Arbeit, Anstrengung, ständige Aufmerksamkeit. Ein Weg bergauf. Aber es gibt keinen Gipfel zu erreichen. Es gibt immer wieder andere Wege, die dich höher und höher tragen, nah zu dir selbst.

which is usually a navel-string, is a frustrating hemp-rope on my neck, and clutching as a lent, tight shoe, depth is silent, I want the words desperately. Time flies as a screeching falcon around my head, lacerating my flesh, cutting in my nape; Though it would be better to be air between cymbals, my agony is still growing – almost a five-ton elephant.

normalerweise eine Nabelschnur, ist ein Hanfseil um meinen Hals, frustrierend, und umklammert mich wie ein geliehener, zu enger Schuh, die Tiefe ist stumm, ich brauche Wörter, dringend. Die Zeit fliegt wie ein kreischender Falke um meinen Kopf, reißt mein Fleisch auf, schneidet in meinen Nacken; Obwohl es besser wäre, wie Luft zwischen zwei Becken zu sein, meine Qual wächst immer noch - fast ein fünf Tonnen schwerer Elefant.

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Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Barcza Kati


Baár Tünde



It goes with you along your way. There’s the well-known world surrounding you, but at its edge there’s always a stream running. You would run to its bank when you wanted to play as a child. You would follow your paper boat with your gaze, as it was carried away by it, taking your dreams with it, no matter where, as long as far enough away. There was silence and purity, when everything is possible. It would still run alongside your path when you grew up, offering calm and light. Its waves were skimmed by the wings of dragonflies and swallows and you still knew that everything was possible. Two worlds can touch one another. And when the time comes for you to take the final journey, there’s no need to be afraid. You will sit in your paper boat next to your dreams and the water will carry you away. You know where. Somewhere far. The stream will be by your side from beginning to end.

Er begleitet dich durchs Leben. Du bist von der bekannten Welt umgeben, aber am Rand gibt es immer einen rinnenden Bach. Du bist dorthin gerannt als spielendes Kind. Du hast das Papierschiffchen mit deinem Blick verfolgt, als der Bach es mit deinen Träumen fortgetragen hat, egal wohin, nur weit genug weg. Es gab Stille und Reinheit, alles war möglich. Er rann neben dir als du erwachsen wurdest, er hat Gelassenehit und Licht gespendet. Seine Wellen wurden durch die Flügel von Libellen und Schwalben gestreift und du wusstest, dass alles noch möglich war. Zwei Welten können einander berühren. Und wenn die Zeit kommt, die letzte Reise anzutreten, brauchst du keine Angst zu haben. Du wirst in deinem Papierboot sitzen, neben deinen Träumen, und das Wasser wird dich forttragen. Du weißt wohin. Weit fort. Der Bach wird dich begleiten vom Anfang bis zum Ende

Page 36


Impressions of Travelling


Wednesday evening, launching, Budapest, confined sleepingcompartment, rain. Wednesday night, Vienna, confined sleeping-compartment, window stuck, heat. Thursday dawn, Munich, two minutes, junction, hope and run. Thursday morning, Karlsruhe, sunshine, laugh, tram. Thursday afternoon, new faces, salads, balls, exhaustion. Thursday evening, dinner, clean bed, friends, good company.

Mittwoch Abend, startend, Budapest, enge Schlafwagen, Regen. Mittwoch Nacht, Wien, enge Schlafwagen, klemmendes Fenster, Hitze. Donnerstag Tagesanbruch, München, zwei Minuten, umsteigen, hoffen und rennen. Donnerstag Morgen, Karlsruhe, Sonnenschein, Gelächter, Straßenbahn. Donnerstag Nachmittag, neue Gesichter, Salate, Jonglierbälle, Erschöpfung. Donnerstag Abend, Abendessen, sauberes Bett, Freunde, gute Stimmung.

Page 37

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014 Mihályi Anikó

Topic: TRAVELLING Mihályi Anikó



On the Road Away again – to be back then. Meanwhile, there is the town – people, faces, figures, squares. I let myself arrive, at last.

Page 38

Auf der Straße Wieder weg um zurück zu sein. In der Zwischenzeit, dort ist die Stadt Menschen, Gesichter, Gestalten, Plätze. ich lasse mich ankommen, endlich.



I’m considering our existence imprisoned in hoops Black nails thrust into the heart The fine embroidery of the silver wires Keeps in one and produces flowers. Door slams. The female figure trembles.

Ich betrachte unsere Existenz als gefangen in Reifen Schwarze Nägel ins Herz gestoßen Die feine Stickerei aus Silberdraht Hält zusammen und bildet Blumen. Tür kracht zu. Die weibliche Gestalt zittert.

Page 39

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014 Maria Hirling

Róth Katalin



The Price of Freedom

Der Preis der Freiheit

A grey slate, set unproperly, is swinging constantly in the wind. It is hitting the side of the house furiously. It is longing to “ease out“ the other fixing screw. It hasn’t wanted this relationship for a long time. It felt captive in its own home, though it has always desired a little freedom. It doesn’t understand the wild vine with its clinging pads. It was already dead frozen in its box last winter, up on the roof terrace, but still faithful to the wrinkles of the thought-to-besafe southern wall. However, the slate wanted to escape. No matter where, but as soon and as far as possible. It had been swinging itself for three days when, at last, it was unchained. It was an enormous fall. Landing wasn’t as successful as it was planned; the slate was broken in the middle, and fine splinters burst out at the moment of arriving on the ground. The slate was free for a second.

Eine graue Schieferschindel, nicht richtig gesetzt, schaukelt ständig im Wind. Sie schlägt gegen das Haus, wütend. Sie wartet sehnsüchtig darauf, sich von der anderen Schraube zu lösen. Sie wollte diese Bindung schon lange nicht mehr. Sie fühlte sich gefangen im eigenen Haus, obwohl sie immer ein bisschen Freiheit ersehnte. Sie versteht die wilde Rebe mit ihren Haftfüßen nicht. Sie ist schon im letzten Winter erfroren, da oben auf der Dachterasse, aber immer noch den Unebenheiten der „sichergeglaubten“ Südwand vertrauend. Aber wie auch immer, die Schieferschindel wollte entfliehen. Egal wohin, aber so schnell und so weit weg wie möglich. Sie hatte schon drei Tage lang geschaukelt, als sie sich endlich löste. Der Fall war ungeheuerlich. Die Landung war nicht wie geplant, die Schieferschindel brach in der Mitte, und feine Splitter zerstoben beim Aufprall. Die Schieferschindel war frei für eine kurze Sekunde.

Page 40

Karlsruhe ? ! ? Größe, die entspannt – hm Kein Tag ohne Kran, Kein Tag ohne Bagger. Bagger ruhen Karl schläft Kräne krähen

Karlsruhe ? ! ? Greatness, that relaxes - hmm Not a day without a crane Not a day without a bulldozer Bulldozers are quiet Karl sleeps Cranes crow

Page 41

Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Joachim Hirling Germany



“3 Sätze – Jonglieren – Bälle“


Lost Problem Lost Problem S PRO Probably

Verloren Probleme verlorene Probleme e BA Problem

Verloren Problem verlorenes Problem es B LY e

In Karlsruhe unterwegs! Der wievielte Tag? Der erste Tag! Nicht für mich – jetzt. Damals – am ersten Tag, war Karlsruhe auch für mich fremd. Orientierungslos – war ich auch verloren – schnell.




































PROBLEM – E Probleme – vielleicht – viel Leichte – e – viel Leichtes! Es findet sich! PRO BA BLY – i – In Karlsruhe KARL s RUHE Aus – ruhen – ausruhen–aus!

„3 Sentances - Juggling - Balls„ Lost Problem Lost Problem S PRO Probably

Verloren Probleme verlorene Probleme e BA Problem

Verloren Problem verlorenes Problem es B LY e

Out and about in Karlsruhe! What day is it? The first day! Not for me – now Back then – on the first day, Karlsruhe was a foreign place me too. Disoriented – I too, was lost -–quickly! PROBLEM – E Problems – perhaps – easy – e – very easy! It will resolve itself! PRO BA BLY – i – In Karlsruhe KARL s REST Re-st – rest – re!

Page 42

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Nottingham - Budapest - Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014

Page 44

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