No such thing as rubbish!

Sustainable Communities SA No such thing as rubbish! Produced for Sustainable Communities SA by College P...
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Sustainable Communities SA

No such thing as rubbish! Produced for Sustainable Communities SA by College Park-Hackney Community Group September 2011

There's more to reducing landfill & energy use than just kerbside recycling REFUSE Don't buy things you don't need, avoid packaging, take your own bags REDUCE Use just a little less of everything RE-USE Avoid disposables, use things for as long as you can Be creative - find uses for things, rather than throw them away Give away unwanted useable items REPAIR Mend things, or pay a skilled repairer, if at all possible RECYCLE If it can go into the kerbside yellow bin, please remove all lids and food residue If it can't, make sure it remains a resource, rather than becoming rubbish Recycle correctly in your yellow bins: Items must be able to be picked up by someone wearing heavy gloves, and not so small they get caught in machinery. Food residue contaminates clean items so they have to be discarded. Plastic bags and their contents will also be thrown out.


Sustainable Communities SA

What can be recycled Aerosol cans: Recycle in yellow bins. Make sure they’re empty! Aluminium: Small pieces of foil, foil yoghurt seals & wine bottle tops can be collected & recycled when there's 1kg or more. See Lids: Aluminium Aluminium cans, oven trays & metal cans: Recycle in yellow bins Batteries (single-use or rechargeable): Battery World Stores offer a free battery recycling service for household batteries Books & magazines: Most Op Shops; Oxfam Second-Hand Books, 5 Hutt St, Adelaide; Rotary Book Exchange, 205b Sturt Rd, Seacombe Gardens Bread tags (square plastic): Mental Health Association no longer collect these. Collect and recycle with plastic lids – see Lids. Building waste (construction & demolition): Adelaide Resource Recovery, Hanson Rd North, Wingfield – Cameras and photographic accessories: These are E-waste and should NOT go in kerbside bins – take to Hutt St Photos, 186 Hutt St, Adelaide; or Diamonds Camera stores in the City, Marion & Tea Tree Plaza; or recycle at E-Cycle Recovery, for a small fee Cans, bottles & jars (rinsed): Recycle in yellow bins Car batteries: 98% can be recycled. Most Repco, Super Cheap Auto & Battery World Stores recycle car batteries. Some councils have collection points Cardboard boxes & packaging: Flatten & place in yellow bins CDs, DVDs, videos, floppy discs: Op shops take DVDs and videos in good condition. They are E-waste and can be included in Council E-waste collections; or take to E-Cycle Recovery or Solo Resource Recovery (fee applies) Clothing: Do NOT put clothing in yellow recycling bins. Most Op.Shops will accept clean clothing for re-sale or recycling. Edmonds Recycling Centre pays 10c/kg for old clothing Corks: Girl Guides no longer collect corks. Place in your green bin Electrical appliances: Rotary has a number of outlets for working electrical items. Most Rotary clubs will arrange to pick up goods. St Georges Church Jumble Mart accepts small working electrical goods 24 hrs/day via a shed located adjacent to the hall


Sustainable Communities SA

Lions Club Blackwood & Bargain Centre accept working electrical items, whitegoods & furniture for re-sale Adelaide Furniture & Electrical also purchase second-hand electrical appliances, whitegoods & furniture for re-sale See addresses below. See also E-waste, Whitegoods E-waste: Computers, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, digital cameras, stereos, photocopiers, printers, fax machines. E-waste contains non-renewable resources, eg tin, nickel, zinc, aluminium & copper, as well as hazardous materials such as lead & mercury. Sending these products to landfill means the resources they contain are potentially lost & there is a risk that the hazardous substances may be released into the environment. Many councils now have E-waste collections, &/or offer a subsidy if taken to E-Cycle Recovery or Solo Resource Recovery, which charge a fee Food waste: Composting, bokashi bins & worm farms are the best way of dealing with food waste. Otherwise check with your Council to see if it can go in your green bin Green/organic waste: Place leaves, weeds, grass cuttings, prunings, small branches (up to 15cm in diam) in your green bin Lids: Plastic – eg tops of soft drink bottles, Liquid Paper Board containers, bottles & jars, aerosol cans, food containers Ferrous metal: These lids will stick to a magnet eg crown seals, beer bottle tops, tops of some food jars & bottles Aluminium: Tops made from aluminium can be easily bent with the fingers. Mostly from wine bottles. Remove inner seals All these lids are collected by College Park & Unley SCSA Groups & taken to Edmonds Light globes: Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), fluoro tubes etc contain mercury. Take to Mitre 10 for safe disposal Mattresses: Most mattresses can be recycled. Contact your local Council, or Dreamsafe mattress recycling/cleaning company at 23a Humphreys Tce, Kilkenny, tel. 1300 551 245. If they collect, cost is $35 per piece, if you take them in, $15 per piece Mobile phones: Mobile Muster recycles mobile phones including the battery, charger & SIM Card (remove personal information first). Look for collection points at phone retailers, post offices & council offices Paper & envelopes: (Clean, NOT shredded) Recycle in yellow bins Pizza boxes: If clean, put in yellow bins. If have food residue on them, put in green organics bin Plastic buckets and plant pots: Remove metal handles - Edmonds Recycling Centre 3

Sustainable Communities SA

Polystyrene cups, packing and trays: Must be clean & free of contaminants. Recycle at Coolfoam, 3/12 Kingstag Cres, Elizabeth West, tel. 8287 3666 Postage stamps: Used, undamaged - College Park, Unley SCSA Groups, & NE LETS stall at One Planet Market collect these for the Quakers Power cords: Can be sold to Daw Park Recycling Centre for $2-50/kg Printer cartridges: Includes cartridges from printers, photocopiers & fax machines. Some can be refilled for reuse at Cartridge World. If not, can be recycled at most Dick Smith, Tandy, Cartridge World, Officeworks & Australia Post stores Reading glasses: Collected by Laubman & Pank & some other optometrists, sorted, & sent overseas for re-use Shredded paper: Recycle in GREEN bins (NOT yellow bins - it gets tangled in the machinery) Smoke alarms: Take to any SA Metropolitan Fire Station. They are forwarded to the Environment Protection Agency for safe disposal Sneakers: Are recycled by Nike and used for surfacing, eg playgrounds & tennis courts. Recycle in bins at Joggers World stores - 123 Pirie St, City or Harbourtown Soft plastic: Many local supermarkets have designated bins for plastic bags (not biodegradable or compostable). Plastic sheeting including black & orange sheet plastic, & bubble wrap, can be taken to Edmonds Recycling Centre Tyres: ontact your council for addresses of recycling centres Whitegoods: Most scrap metal businesses will recycle without charge: washing machines, fridges and freezers, that aren’t working. If working, contact Rotary (see addresses below) or sell them X-rays: Contain silver which can be recovered. Take to Red Cross Centres, or Siltech,1 Deeds Rd, Camden Park; some councils have collection points


Sustainable Communities SA

What can’t be recycled •

Biodegradable plastic bags must not go into soft plastics recycling

Broken crockery, tableware

Credit cards (have magnetic strip)

Drinking straws

Foil-topped plastic capsule (pill) containers

Garden hose

Laminated items

Plastic freight strapping

Plastic plant labels

Postpaks – paper with bubble wrap lining – but if you remove the paper, the lining can be recycled with soft plastics

PVC piping

Pyrex, Corning Ware, sheet or broken glass, drinking glasses

Thin plastic postal bags/envelopes with black inner lining


Vegetable nets/onion bags


Sustainable Communities SA

ADDRESSES Adelaide Furniture & Electrical 150 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, tel. 8340 0114 Freecycle Adelaide E-Cycle Recovery 12-14 Baulderstone Rd, Gepps Cross, tel. 8262 4074 Edmonds Recycling Centre 389 Glen Osmond Rd, Glen Osmond, tel. 8379 9955 Lions Club of Blackwood & Bargain Centre 8 Colebrook Dve, Eden Hills Pickup of goods tel. 8370 2144. Open Sat 8.30am – 12.30pm Oz Recycle Rotary Club of Campbelltown The Shed, Benjamin Rd, Newton Arrange pickups tel. 8337 3377 (8am-5pm) Rotary Club of Unley Thrift Shop 130 Unley Rd, 10am-3.30pm Mon-Fri & 9.30-1.30 Sat Pickup of goods – phone Geoff Hill 8271 0965 or Bob Laws 8223 6403 or Thrift Shop on 8172 0900 Needed items include electrical goods, records, CDs & DVDs Solo Resource Recovery (Adelaide Waste & Recycling Centre) 181 Morphett Rd, North Plympton, tel. 8295 5077 St Georges Church Jumble Mart 43 St Bernards Rd, Magill, tel. 8364 4152 Accepts quality goods 24 hrs/day via a shed located adjacent to the Hall Cannot accept large electrical items, garden furniture & similar items St Peters Rotary Rotary Rummage Shop at the rear of Marden Shopping Centre tel. 8363 5991 Mon & Wed-Fri 10am-3pm & Sat 9am-12noon Donations of saleable goods tel. 8411 0277


Sustainable Communities SA

COUNCIL WASTE & RECYCLING SERVICES Adelaide City Council: tel. 8203 7203 Burnside Council Waste & Recycling: tel. 8366 4266 Campbelltown Council Waste: tel. 8366 9222 Charles Sturt Recycling/Wasteline: tel. 8295 5077 Gawler Refuse Collection & Recycling: tel. 1800 111 004 Holdfast Bay (SOLO): tel. 8295 5077 Mitcham City Council/Recycle Right line: tel. 1300 137 118 Marion Council Waste & Recycling Hotline: tel. 8295 5077 Mount Barker District Council: tel. 8391 7200 Norwood Payneham St Peters Waste/Recycling Hotline: tel. 8347 5130 Onkaparinga Recycling & Green Waste Hotline: tel. 8295 5077 Port Adelaide Enfield Waste Line: tel. 1800 777 844 Prospect Council Waste Enquiry Line: tel. 1800 283 529 Salisbury Council Waste & Recycling Hotline: tel. 1800 111 004 Tea Tree Gully Council Waste Services: tel. 8295 5077 Unley Council Garbage & Recycling Hotline: tel. 8347 5180 Walkerville Town Council: tel. 8342 7100

Acknowledgements •

College Park-Hackney Group of Sustainable Communities SA

Zero Waste

Local Recycling Collection Points, Mount Gambier brochure by Community Action for Sustainability Inc.

Beyond the Kerb Community Tour on Recycling & Waste Notes, 29/6/11 (Heather, Coordinator of Prospect BUG that supports cycling, sustainable transport & sustainability)

Disclaimer We aim to provide information that is as up-to-date as possible. Since recycling policies & practices are constantly changing, we cannot take responsibility for its accuracy. Different recyclers use different machinery & methods. Use the above Council phone numbers to check what goes into kerbside bins in your area. Please help by feeding back new information: [email protected]


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