NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme General Management Financial Management Human Resource Management Health Informatics Management

NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme 2012 General Management Financial Management Human Resource Management Health Informatics Management Purpos...
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NHS Graduate Management

Training Scheme 2012 General Management Financial Management Human Resource Management Health Informatics Management

Purpose of the NHS Graduate Scheme The scheme exists to grow highly skilled managers who have the potential to go on to achieve senior leadership positions in the NHS to improve health and healthcare.

A high calibre scheme that has delivered 3 of the last 4 Chief Executives 1st in the Guardian UK 300

Our Challenges • 1.5million people use the NHS every 36 hours • One of the largest organisations in Europe

• Approx 100 billion budget and 90+ different occupations/professions • The White Paper “Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS” • The Kings Fund “The future of leadership & management in the NHS”

• Current NHS re-structure - reduced spending & headcount • Focus on service transformation and improvement • Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention

• Meeting the needs of a diverse and changing population • Constant Media Spotlight

It Will Be Tough Over 15,000 applications last year for 150 jobs Only 1% managed to get on the scheme

You need to be clear why you really want to join the NHS

The NHS is going through a period of unprecedented change so....... There will be a huge pressure and responsibility on you You must to committed to improve services & patient experience You need to be ready to deliver

Are you excited by this challenge?

What do you need to be a trainee? • Minimum 2:2 degree, any discipline • Patient-centred approach • Ownership of your career & personal development • Passion and work ethos aligned to NHS values • Able to work in a diverse NHS • Energy & enthusiasm

Scheme Structure 31 months Final Placement

24 months

8 months Flexi Placement 2 Months

Final Placement 10 months

Final Placement

PG Cert in Leadership for Service Improvement

12 months

Flexi Placement 2 Months

1st Placement 8 Months


Specialism Specific Education

Action Learning Sets

1st Placement 11 Months

General, HR & Informatics

Orientation 20 days

Experiential Learning

A fast track management scheme: • Specialist knowledge of 1 leadership specialism • An extensive induction/orientation • Work based placements • A Post Graduate Qualification & professional membership • Management tools and Experiential Learning • Personal development • Strong support network (peers / mentors / senior management) • Exposure to clinicians • Career Development and assisted transition into first role

A day in the life..... Nicky Murphy, 2010 General Management Trainee [email protected]

Visit Career Player for more profiles: http://www.careerplayer.com/graduate-jobs/health-care-and-medicalservices/nhs-management/nhs-manager/william-monaghan.aspx

Potential Locations (YH)

You could be based anywhere in England, pick a preferred region

Why Yorkshire and Humber?  5.3 million people with remote rural communities as well as inner cities with unique economic and health challenges  Narrowing health inequalities - A baby boy born in Bradford is almost three times more likely to die before their first birthday than a baby boy born in Hambleton  The biggest avoidable threats to the health of our population are the continued prevalence of smoking, abuse of alcohol and rising obesity. We have the highest number of obese and overweight girls aged 11-15 in England  An ageing population, living longer and with higher expectations of health and the health service. By the end of the decade there will be 1.5m people living in the region a long term condition  Life expectancy varies from 74 / 79 (M/F) in Hull to 79 / 83 in Craven National average is 77 / 81

Your Future Career With the NHS • Roles of recent alumni (left this year) include: - Finance Manager - Assistant General Manager - Senior Employee Relations Advisor - Service Transformation Manager - Health Visiting Services Programme Manager - Business and Quality Performance Manager

• Average salary for the 2008 intake is £33,902 • Average NHS salary 2003 intake is £50,000+

• 9 trainees from the 2004 intake have reached Director Level already • Our retention rates are good

What Is The Application Process? Stage 1: 31st Oct 2011 to 9th Dec 2011 Application Form and Online Tests Stage 2: 25th January to 10th February 2012 Competency/Strengths based interview with senior NHS Managers Stage 3: W/C 12th March 2012 Assessment Centre includes group and individual exercises Start Scheme on 1st September 2012

Online Tests • • • •

Verbal reasoning Numerical reasoning Situational Judgement test Personality Profile

http://www.psl.com/practice/ PRACTICE FIRST! Put yourself in the best conditions Be aware of time pressure

The Interview • Motivation To Join NHS • Demonstrating Personal Qualities • Working With Others • Impact at interview Based on the NHS Leadership Framework


Interview Technique: The STAR story approach SITUATION – Set the scene: What was the situation? Who was involved? TASK – What was the task that needed to be done? What was the desired outcome? What was your role? ACTION – What did you do to achieve the outcome? What preparation/ steps did you take? RESULT – What was the result? Was it successful? What did you learn from it? Would you have done anything differently?

Prepare your STAR story....

Consider your experience and using the STAR template cover 1 of the following scenarios: - A time you have taken the lead/responsibility OR - A time you have demonstrated strong influencing skills Remember you can use any examples – University/previous jobs/volunteer work and so on

Practice makes perfect.... In pairs take a few minutes each to rehearse your STAR story

Provide feedback to your partner on their ‘STAR story’ • Were you able to ‘follow’ their story • Was there a clear Situation, Task, Action and Result? • Did they focus enough time on each section? • Did they have a clear result? – were they able to demonstrate how this was satisfactory • Any further advice?

Top Tips • Research the scheme/talk to current trainees

• Think about the challenges facing the NHS • Is the NHS the right match for you? • What is your motivation to join the NHS

• Think carefully about your choice of specialism & location • Apply early • Practice the online tests

• Take the online tests in a suitable environment • Put all the dates in your diary in advance • Prepare for your interview

• Enjoy & learn from the challenge!

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Any questions?