Newsletter May 2016 Easter Parties

Newsletter May 2016 Easter Parties ELU Parents & Staff Group Easter Parties took place in all playrooms on Wednesday 1st April, 2015. Children enjoy...
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Newsletter May 2016 Easter Parties

ELU Parents & Staff Group

Easter Parties took place in all playrooms on Wednesday 1st April, 2015. Children enjoyed a range of Easter activities including Easter The ELU Parent and Staff Group’s next Egg Hunts and our Easter Bonnet Parade. meeting will be held on A big thank you to all who participated in making Easter Tuesday 21st April Bonnets with their children, they were all fabulous! 2015 @7.30pm in the We would also like to extend our thanks to the Parents and Staff Avonbridge Hotel in Group who supplied Easter treats for all children. Bar Milano. Dates for your Diary Wizard of Oz Walk : Sunday 26th April 2015. May Day Holiday (Nursery Closed): Monday 4th May 2015. In-Service Day (Closed to Children): Thursday 7th May 2015. Public Holiday (Nursery Closed): Friday 22nd of May and Monday 25th May 2015. Summer Fayre: Saturday 6th June from 12 0’clock—2pm. Ladybird Room Sports Day: Wednesday 3rd June 2015 at 10am and 2pm. Ladybird room Graduation Day: Wednesday 17th June 2015 at 10am and 2pm. Caterpillar and Bumble Bee Room Sports Day: Wednesday 10th June at 10am and 2pm. Butterfly Room Graduation and Sports Day: Friday 19th June at 10am and 2pm. Nursery Fun Day: Wednesday 26th of June 2015.

Wizard of Oz Walk The ELU Parents and Staff group are organising a Spring Sponsored Walk on Sunday 26th April at 1pm. It will take place at Chatelherault Country Park. Our 2015 Theme is ‘The Wizard of Oz’, your child can dress up as one of the Characters from the Wizard of Oz i.e. Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Lion or The Scarecrow. There will be refreshments and a snack for all children who participate in the Sponsored Walk.

Focus Of Learning Ladybird Room - The children are learning about “Spring In To Action” where the children are learning about spring animals and flowers.

Butterfly Room —The children are learning about “Spring” where the children are learning about Spring, animals and flowers.

Bumble Bee Toddlers - The children are learning about “Take A Walk On The Wild Side” where the children will be learning about wild and spring animals.

Bumble Bee Babies - The children are learning about “ Sharing and Caring” where they are learning about caring and sharing with their companions.

Caterpillar Toddlers - The children are learning about “Spring time fun” where they are learning about sensory experiences and physical play.

Caterpillar Babies — The children are learning about “ The Hungry Caterpillar Story” they are incorporating experiences revolving around the story.

Lunch Boxes

Bags to School The nursery is holding a Bags To School event. Bags will be distributed on Wednesday 22nd April 2015 to all playrooms. The bags can be filled with clothing, shoes, bags , belts bed linen etc. the heavier the bags the better, as the bags are weighed and the nursery receives money per kilo which will go towards nursery funds. Please return no

For all children who attend lunches can we request that parents/carers ensure children have a drink within their lunch bag.

later than Wednesday 29th April 2015.

Please also ensure a chill block is provided to keep your child’s lunch fresh until lunch time.

It is a great opportunity for a Spring Clean.

As the ELU is a health promoting nursery we ask that lunches have healthy drinks including water or fruit juice.

Health Week The nursery is having a Health Week, week beginning Monday 27th April 2015. We will be focusing on all aspects of healthy living including physical activities, healthy eating, healthy mind and road safety. Throughout the week we shall be having healthy snacks and drinks, fun physical experiences indoors and out including children’s Zumba and the Go Fresh Gang will be visiting as well.

Consultation Dates The nursery is arranging Parental Consultation Meetings in Term 4. Consultation meetings provide a time for parents/carers to have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with their child’s key worker. Dates are as follows :Bumble bee Room – Monday 27th April 2015– Friday 1st May 2015. Caterpillar Room - Tuesday 5th May 2015 - Friday 8th May 2015. Ladybird Room Pre– School - Monday 11th May 2015 - Friday 15th May 2015. Ladybird Room Anti– Pre School – Monday 18th– Friday 22nd May 2015. Butterfly Room– Tuesday 26th May – Friday 29th May 2015. There will be a late night on the Wednesday of each week from 6pm-7 pm for parents who cannot make the core hours for the meetings.

Voluntary Contributions During the month of March the nursery received £691.00 voluntary contributions and donations. During the month the money was spent on the following: Income:


Snack: £655.53

Snack: £668.95

Donations: £2.50

Materials & Equipment £78.92

Bookclub : £16.97

Parties: £54.34

Cash for clothes: £16.00

Bookclub: £18.94

Total: £691.00

Total: £822.15

Please ensure that your child pays a daily donation of 50p per session to support snacks and parties etc. Please note all children are asked to pay even if parents pay an hourly nursery charge, for example, children under 3 and those on 52 week contracts. Even families who are exempt are asked to pay a voluntary daily donation for snack and special treats. Thank you.

Ladybird Room Shoes and Jackets Could all parents in the Ladybird Room please label their children’s shoes and jackets and if possible could you please colour code your child’s shoes or jacket with the colour of group they are in. There has been a couple of mix ups with children wearing the same shoes. If you need any assistance with this, see the key workers who will assist you.

Change of Clothes

Book Fayre The nursery will be holding a Scholastic Book Fayre, where a number of books will be displayed within the reception area for parents to purchase. This is a lovely opportunity for parents/carers to browse the books with their child and choose a new book together .

Please can you ensure your child has a change of clothes in their draw string bag even if your child is toilet trained, as accidents happen with water, snack and paint The books will be delivered on Friday 8th May, etc. 2015 and will be available until Friday 15th May, 2015. Please note the nursery receives new books relating to the sales of books at this event.

Good News Tree The nursery has a ‘Good News Tree’ displayed within the main corridor. The purpose of this tree is for parents/carers to share their child’s ‘Good News’. This can be anything from starting a new class (e.g. swimming, dancing etc) to sleeping all night in their own bed! We would love to hear your child’s ‘Good News’ as this is a great way for staff to learn more about and celebrate your child’s life outside nursery. There are leaves for you to share news as well blue tac to add them to the tree. Please feel free to start sharing! If your child is transported to and from nursery, please feel free to share your news with staff via your child’s communication sheet or diary and we can display it for you.

Active Kids Vouchers

The nursery continues to collect the Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers. The collection box is situated within the reception area. We will be collecting vouchers until Mid May to enable the nursery to purchase some new outdoor physical equipment. Many thanks for your continued support.