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• Multivitamin made with raw fruits & vegetables.

• Deliciously dairy free cheese slices.

Realfood Organics Your Daily Nutrition

Provolone Cheese-Style Slices • Dairy, lactose & casein free.

• Supports energy, bone, immune & digestive health.*

• Gluten & soy free.

7.8 ounces

60 tablets



Save Up To $12.00

Save Up To $1.82



• Children’s multi-vitamin & mineral gummies.

• Naturally refreshing & delicious!

100% Organic Coconut Water

U-Cubes Mult-Vitamin Gummies

• With potassium, magnesium & other electrolytes.

• No artificial flavors or colors.

60 chews

11.1 ounces


Find multivitamins and immune support formulas on sale for the whole family.

Save Up To $2.34 Van’s

One Degree

Fire-Roasted Veggie Crackers

Sprouted Brown Rice Cacao Crisps

• Crispy whole grain baked crackers. • Loaded with brown rice, oats, millet, quinoa & amaranth.

4 ounces

Popcorn Indiana

Sea Salt Chip’ins • All natural popcorn chips.

• Veganic sprouted grain cereal.

• The taste of popcorn, the crunch of a chip.

• With whole grain brown rice & cacao.

• Whole grain.

10 ounces

7.5 ounce

$1.67 Save Up To 92¢ Raaw

Raspberry Lemongrass Juice • 100% pure fruit & vegetable juice. • With antioxidant raspberries and calming lemongrass.*

12 ounces





Save Up To 74¢

Save Up To $1.53

Save Up To $1.53

Save Up To $1.20





40% OFF *


35% OFF




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AKIN’S • Once you’ve decided to be healthy, choosing where to go is simple! ™


Explore Asian

Healthy Lunch Box

Vegetarian Chicken Soybean Noodle Soup • Instant vegetarian soybean noodle soup. • High in protein & fiber. • No MSG.

2.2 ounces

$2.09 Save Up To 40¢


Tasty Brand

That's It

• Made from sunflower seeds.

• Gummies made with real fruit juice.

• Made with 1 apple + 10 cherries…that's it!

• Boosted with antioxidant Acai.

• 100 calories per bar.

Natural Sunbutter

Organic Superfruit Snacks

• Great tasting alternative to peanut butter. • Peanut and tree nut free.

5 / 0.8 ounce packets

16 ounces


Apple + Cherries Fruit Bar

Late July

Peanut Butter Mini Sandwich Crackers

• Supplies 3 g fiber.

• Real organic peanut butter between mini buttery rich crackers.

1.2 ounces

5 ounces




Save Up To $1.56

Save Up To $1.13

Save Up To 30¢

Save Up To $1.00

Funky Monkey

Snikiddy Snacks

R.W. Knudsen


• 100% real fruit snack that crunches.

• Seasoned baked potato & corn snacks.

• 100% juice with no added sugar.

• 3 servings of fruit in every bag.

• 50% less fat than regular potato chips.

• No sugar added.

4.5 ounces

Pink Pineapple With Guava

Cheddar Cheese Baked Fries

Organic Apple Juice • Savor the refreshing goodness.

3 8-ounce boxes

Chocolate Sun Butter Bar • Whole grain gluten free bar. • 6 g fiber. • Naturally flavored.

1.48 ounces

1 ounce





Save Up To 61¢

Save Up To 87¢

Save Up To 92¢

Save Up To 33¢

Way Better Snacks

Nature's Path

Barney Butter

Ginny Bakes

Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips • Way better than the average tortilla chips. • With sprouted golden flax, chia, quinoa & radish seed. • Low sodium.

5.5 ounces


Envirokidz Chocolate Crispy Rice Bars • Wheat & gluten free snack bars. • Low fat. • Low sodium.

6 / 1 ounce bars

Smooth Almond Butter • A nutritious, tasty alternative to peanut butter.

Chocolate Chip Love Cookies

• No hydrogenated oils.

• All natural gourmet cookies.

• Peanut free & Gluten free.

• Fresh baked.

16 ounces

• Gluten free.

7 ounces




Save Up To $1.12

Save Up To $1.30

Save Up To $2.32

Save Up To $1.24


Back To Nature

Peeled Snacks

Kinnikinnick Foods

• Super hydrating water.

• Loaded with rich chocolate chunks.

• No sugar or preservatives; just gently dried mango.

• Soft, moist & tasty bread.

Essentia Water • Alkaline 9.5 pH. • Smooth, clean taste.

1 liter

Chocolate Chunk Cookies • No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors.

Much-Ado-About-Mango Snack

White Sandwich Bread • Contains no preservatives.

• No hydrogenated oils.

• An excellent source of vitamins C & A.

9.5 ounces

2.8 ounces

20 ounces

• Gluten & Wheat free.





Save Up To 90¢

Save Up To $1.22

Save Up To 91¢

Save Up To $1.41


AKIN’S • Once you’ve decided to be healthy, choosing where to go is simple! ™

Royal Hawaiian Orchards

Healthy Breakfast

Sea Salt Macadamias • Perfectly roasted macadamias with a dash of sea salt. • A delicious whole food snack.

5 ounces

$5.37 Save Up To $1.42 Wild Planet

Jim’s Organic Coffee


• An organic coffee blend.

• Nonfat Greek strained yogurt.

• Sprouted grain crunchy cereal.

• Full of aroma and smooth, good taste.

• Rich & creamy.

• A complete protein cereal.

• Hand roasted for a rich, flavorful coffee

16 ounces

12 ounces





Save Up To $1.70

Save Up To $1.68

Save Up To $2.41

Save Up To $1.53


Green Valley Organics

Mediterranean Organic

Cascadian Farm

• Made with organic corn, rice, all natural refried beans, salsa and authentic seasonings.

• Organic low fat yogurt.

• Made from 100% organic fruit.

• Real dairy yogurt with none of the lactose.

• Artisan crafted extra fruit preserves.

6 ounces

• Made in small batches.

Wild Albacore Tuna No Salt • Delicious white tuna steak. • High omega 3 and low mercury. • Sustainably caught.

5 ounces

Vegetarian Bean & Cheese Burrito

• Gluten free natural burrito.

4 ounces

Food For Life

Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Almond Cereal

Blueberry Lactose Free Yogurt

Jo-Jo's Java Blend Coffee

Organic Strawberry Preserves

Total 0% Plain Greek Yogurt • Good source of calcium.

17.6 ounces

Honey Nut O’s Cereal • Whole grain oat & barley cereal. • Touched with golden honey & almond flavor. • Organic.

9.5 ounces

13 ounces





Save Up To 91¢

Save Up To 70¢

Save Up To $2.00

Save Up To $1.62

Clif Bar

So Delicious

Gnu Foods


Cookie Dough Luna Protein Bar

Original Coconut Milk Beverage

Cinnamon Raisin Fiber Love Bar

• Supplies 12 grams protein from soy & whey.

• Delicious creamy alternative to milk.

• Soft-baked fiber bar.

• With calcium, folic acid, vitamin D & iron.

• Good source of calcium.

• Chewy & full of plump raisins.

• Sweet satisfaction.

• Dairy free, soy free, gluten free.

• 48% of daily fiber per bar.

1.59 ounces

32 ounces

1.4 ounces

Rich Cocoa Instant Breakfast • With 6g of fiber and 14g of protein. • Contains 23 vitamins & minerals. • Just blend 1 pouch with 8 oz of cold milk!

5.29 ounces





Save Up To 41¢

Save Up To 64¢

Save Up To 62¢

Save Up To $1.82

The Ojai Cook



Bob’s Red Mill

• Organic soy protein shake.

• Hand-crafted whole grain clusters granola.

• Helps control hunger.*

• Made with flax, amaranth, quinoa, oats, millet & buckwheat.

Original Lemonaise • Lemon-infused mayonnaise. • Use in place of mayonnaise in sandwiches, dressings and dips. • Low sodium.

12 ounces

Banana Crème Svelte Protein Shake • Supplies 11 g protein & 5 g fiber.

Cinnamon Oat Clusters Granola

Organic Flaxseed Meal • Rich in fiber, lignans & omega-3 fatty acids. • Add to your cold or hot cereal, pancakes & waffle mixes.

16 ounces

11 ounces

11 ounces





Save Up To $1.14

Save Up To 82¢

Save Up To $1.93

Save Up To $1.43

Mail Orders at www.akins.com or 1-800-800-3133 (8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily CST).


Bioray Kids NDF® Calm

Nordic Naturals

• Boosts mood & brain power.*

• 100% Arctic cod liver oil.

• Binds to & removes toxins.*

• Promotes brain development and visual function.*

Children’S DHA Strawberry

• Alcohol free vanilla flavor herbal drops.

• Great strawberry taste!

2 ounces

90 softgels



Save Up To $7.03

Save Up To $2.33



• Whole food multivitamin for kids.

• Whole food based multiple.

Kid’s One Daily

Rainforest Animalz Multiple • Complete daily nutrition formula for kids.*

• Mini tablets. • No sweeteners added.

• Natural assorted fruit flavors.

30 tablets

90 chewables



Save Up To $3.85

Save Up To $3.98



• Children’s daily multivitamin drink.

• Tasty gummy for kids.

• Nurtures, strengthens & protects growing bodies.*

• With herbs researched for immune & respiratory support.*

Children’s Bubble Berry Punch Multi

• No sugar added.

Elderberry Yummy Gummy Tutti Frutti

60 chewables

30 packets

Keeping the Kids Healthy The kids are heading back in school. As you buy back to school supplies, make sure you include supplies to maintain good health.

q HEALTHY FOODS. Make sure a healthy breakfast is eaten every day. If time is an issue, mix up a shake with green foods powder, or choose a nutritious fruit and nut bar to eat on the go. Make sure plenty of healthy snacks are available at home, including fresh fruits and vegetables. And watch out for excess sugar intake, which can weaken the immune system, making a child more susceptible to infection. q DAILY MULTIVITAMIN. Add a daily high-quality multivitamin. This ensures the basic nutrient requirements needed by growing children are met. Look for natural supplements that do not contain the artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners that you’ll find in a lot of well-known children’s cartoon vitamins. q HEALTHY SUPPORT. For added brain power, consider a DHA formula which supplies this essential fatty acid needed for healthy brain development. Adaptogen herbs and mushrooms can also support calm and focus in kids. To enhance the immune system, add nutrients that support the body’s natural defense systems and protect cells from damage. Probiotics are an excellent way to boost immunity and keep bad bugs and viruses in check.



Save Up To $4.99

Save Up To $5.52

Greens +

Nature's Plus

Jarrow Formulas

Nutrition Now

• Children's liquid multivitamin.

• For intestinal and immune health.*

• Fruity gummy bear multivitamin for kids.

• With vitamins D3, K2 & gold standard whole foods.

• Provides 4 probiotic strains.

• No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Advanced Multi Raw Superfood

Animal Parade Gold Liquid

• Whole food supplement. • Supplies vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll and more.

• Natural tropical berry flavor.

16 ounces

9 ounces

Yum-Yum Dophilus • Great tasting sugar free chewable for kids and adults.

60 chewables

Rhino Gummy Multi-Vitamin

• Gluten, dairy & peanut free.

70 gummies





Save Up To $9.99

Save Up To $3.17

Save Up To $3.99

Save Up To $2.00


Dr. Tung’s

Himalayan Institute

New Chapter

• Cardiovascular support.*

• Natural double-sided plaque removers.

• Organic odorless garlic extract.

• With a tapered, anatomical profile.

• Extra strength potency.

• Made from eco-certified, biodegradable Nordic birch.

Reserve Aged Garlic Extract

60 capsules

Thin Perio Sticks

100 count



Save Up To $3.53

Save Up To $1.02


Neti-Wash Eco Neti Pot & Salt • With biodegradable bioplastic neti pot. • Complete nasal irrigation system. • Plus neti salt.

1 count

$9.74 Save Up To $3.25

Wholemega 1000 mg • Extra virgin omega-rich fish oil. • Nature’s whole complement of omegas - 3,5,6,7 and 9 - along with vitamin D and astaxanthin.

60 softgels

$25.56 Save Up To $6.39

AKIN’S • Once you’ve decided to be healthy, choosing where to go is simple! ™

Paragon Plus™


Q: A:

My child has an earache and is in pain. Is there anything that can help with the pain until the infection goes away?

It is important to make sure there are no serious issues, so be sure to check with your child’s doctor. In the meantime, there are things that can help anyone who suffers from an ear infection. It is important that you keep fighting it naturally with immune boosters like vitamin C and probiotics. In addition, an ear oil can help ease the pain until the infection subsides. Ear oil is a natural remedy where drops are placed in the ear. Look for one that has analgesic ingredients such as mullein and arnica to help ease the pain. Arnica also helps increase circulation to the area, increasing the body’s ability to heal the infection. Antimicrobials such as garlic also help to fight bacteria in the ear. With the oil, these ingredients help to calm the pain and soothe the ear. While they are most commonly used for ear infections, ear oils can be used for clogged ears due to allergies as well.

Earth Science

Fragrance Free Shampoo • Extra gentle shampoo for sensitive hair & scalp. • With mild coconut cleansers, wheat germ & chamomile to leave hair revitalized.  

Keeki Pure & Simple

Blue Frosting Nail Polish

• Non-toxic nail polish. • 100% biodegradable. • No formaldehyde or toluene.

17 ounces

0.5 ounce



Save Up To $2.24

Save Up To $2.50

Nature's Life

Paragon Plus

• Helps support normal blood levels of calcium.*

• Provides immediate immune support.*

Super D-3 5000 IU • May help support a healthy immune system.*

100 softgels

Opti-Extract™ Oregano Oil • Has broad spectrum effect.* • Standardized extract in convenient capsule form.

60 liquidcaps



Save Up To $4.33

Save Up To $4.03

Ridgecrest Herbals

Pure Inventions

• Supports healthy thyroid function.*

• A detox blend for liver, skin & immune support.*

Thyroid Thrive • Nourish, strenghten & protect the thyroid & other glands.*

Healthy Liver Drops • With turmeric, ginger, dandelion, burdock & rooibos.

• Improve metabolism.*

• No sugar, calories or caffeine.

60 veggie caps

2 ounces



Save Up To $10.03

Save Up To $8.00

Kids Mull-Ear™ Ear Oil • Topical ear oil for children. • May provide soothing support for ear pain.*


Chia + Blackberry Hibiscus Green Tea • Plant-based nutrition drink mix.

• With mullein, arnica, garlic and coptis.

• With flowery hibiscus, green tea & chia seeds.

1 ounce

12 /0.59 ounce packs



Save Up To $3.88

Save Up To $7.92

Derma E

Kiss My Face

Skin Lighten • Natural fade & age spot crème. • With licorice, alpha-arbutin & vitamin C. • Therapeutic topical.

2 ounces

Kids Orange You Smart Bubble Wash • Chemical free foaming bath & body wash. • No parabens.

12 ounces



Save Up To $4.99

Save Up To $2.00


Soap Box Soaps

• Diaper rash relief cream.

• Helps you feel clean, soft & nourished.

• Enriched with calendula & avocado + therapeutic zinc.

• With shea butter, aloe & jojoba oil.

• Soothes & protects irritated skin.

• One bottle = one year of vitamins for a child in need.

2.7 ounces

14 ounces

Nurturing Balm

Lavender Body & Soul Wash



Save Up To $2.20

Save Up To $1.60

Herb Corner: Oregano Most of you may be familiar with the spice Oregano and have eaten it on your favorite pizza. Did you know that this herb from the mint family is also a powerful antioxidant, a strong antiviral, and has been researched for its anti-inflammatory properties? Oregano is best known as an antimicrobioal agent that fights bacteria and viruses. One recent study found that carvacrol, an active compound in oregano, is effective against norovirus, a common cause of vomiting and diarrhea. Credible new research has also found that oregano may be a potent cancer fighting agent. Carvacrol from oregano was found to have strong anti-cancer properties against prostate cancer. This confirms prior studies that found its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities may have an effect against breast cancer as well as other cancers. While more research is needed, Oregano is rapidly rising as a popular and effective herb for maintaining good health. Oregano is most commonly found therapeutically as a soft gel capsule or liquid containing the concentrated oil extract from wild oregano.

Mail Orders at www.akins.com or 1-800-800-3133 (8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily CST).


Brain Boosters* To keep you mentally sharp! Ginkgo Biloba

Improves circulation to the brain and nerve transmission in the brain, which can result in improved memory, concentration and alertness.


Sugar Free Peppermint Gum


CoQ-10 100 mg • Powerful antioxidant.*

• Sugar-free chewing gum.

• Supports heart health.*

• Sweetened with 100% xylitol.

• 100 mg CoQ10 per serving.

• For fresh breath & healthy gums.

30 softgels

10 count


Save Up To 20¢

$12.96 Save Up To $7.04

Huperzine A

This compound, derived from Chinese Moss, affects memory by reducing the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain.

Sports And Fitness

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

PS may help improve mental function by restoring the function of worn out nerve cells in the brain.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain and appear to be particularly important for cognitive and behavioral function, both in children and adults.



This nutrient dense fruit offers potent antioxidant protection and provides nourishment for the brain and body.

• Soft textured protein bar with 20 g protein.

• All-in-one nutritional shake.

• Low in carbs, high in fiber.

• Supplies 15 g plant-based protein.

Vitamin B12

• No soy protein.

15.4 ounces


This essential B vitamin plays important roles in brain and nerve health, and a deficiency of B12 can lead to nerve damage or dementia. Solaray

SharpMind • The most complete brain formula. • With Ginkgo, L-Dopa, Leci-PS®, Huperzine A, Vinpocetine & More.

60 capsules

Cookie Dough Cheesecake Protein Bar

One Nutritional Shake Vanilla Chai

2.1 ounces



Save Up To 81¢

Save Up To $8.00


Balance Bar

• Supports fat loss.*

• High protein energy bar.

• Ultra-concentrated omega-3.

• Supports dieting goals.*

• For energy that lasts!*

• Total-body proactive support.*

• Supplies 1000 mg of Tonalin CLA complex from safflower oil.

• With 14 grams protein.

Renew Life

Ultimate Fish Oils Critical Omega • Burp-free digestibility with lipase.*

60 softgels

CLA Pure Tonalin Complex

Chocolate Craze Balance Bar

1.76 ounces

90 softgels





Save Up To $7.92

Save Up To $4.50

Save Up To $4.35

Save Up To 50¢

Dead Sea

Garden Of Life

Enzymatic Therapy

Canna Energy

• Nutrient rich plant.

• Certified organic whole food B-12.

• Hemp infused energy supplement.

• Grown in the mineral rich soil of the Dead Sea.

• Vegan methylcobalamin.

• Provides essential ingredients for healthy thyroid function.*

180 capsules

• THC free.

Moringa • May support energy, focus, & healthy weight maintenance.*

120 veggie caps

Kind Organics B-12 Spray

• Raspberry flavor.

Metabolic Advantage Thyroid Formula

Original Canna Energy • With 50 mg hemp seed oil.

12 ounces

2 ounces





Save Up To $5.00

Save Up To $4.19

Save Up To $6.55

Save Up To 75¢


AKIN’S • Once you’ve decided to be healthy, choosing where to go is simple! ™

Natural and Organic Grocery Pukka

Natural Sea

• For peaceful sleep.*

• Packed in water without extenders or additives.

Night Time Tea • Caffeine free herbal tea. • With oat flower, lavender & limeflower.

20 bags

Chunk Light Wild Tuna • With no fat or carbohydrates. • Dolphin safe tuna.

6 ounces


PastaSlim Spinach Fettuccine


Bonta D'Italia Cheese Pizza • Authentic Italian thin crust pizza.

• Low carb pasta alternative.

• Brick oven baked.

• Only 25 calories.

• No preservatives.

• Wheat & Gluten free.

9.9 ounces

7 ounces





Save Up To $1.47

Save Up To $1.55

Save Up To 64¢

Save Up To $2.13



Road’s End Organics


• Quartered artichoke hearts.

• Nondairy version of a classic American comfort food.

• Hydrate naturally.

Mediterranean Mint Gelato Pops

Quartered Artichoke Hearts

• Fresh mint gelato with a rich, dark chocolate shell.

• Perfect for recipes and dips.

• Exotically smooth & refreshing treat.

• No artificial preservatives.

9 ounces

13.75 ounces

Dairy Free Mac & Chreese • Whole wheat elbows and cheddar-style Chreese sauce mix.

6.5 ounces

Coconut Water • Natural source of potassium & magnesium. • No preservatives or sweeteners.

34 ounces





Save Up To $1.84

Save Up To 92¢

Save Up To 73¢

Save Up To $1.73

Oregon Fruit


Blue Sky


Red Tart Cherries • Tree-ripened tart red Montmorency cherries packed in water. • Use for pies, cobbler, sauces, chutney.

15 ounces


Java Crunch Frozen Dessert • Naturally lower in calories & fat than regular ice cream.

Zero Calorie Cherry Vanilla Crème Soda • Guilt free zero calorie soda.

• Non-dairy frozen dessert.

• Naturally sweetened with Truvia stevia.

• Made with coconut milk.

• No caffeine.

16 ounces

12 ounces



Raspberry Lemonade • All natural lemonade. • A tasty refreshing mix of sweet & tart. • No artificial colors or flavors.

16 ounces


Save Up To $1.23

Save Up To 73¢

Save Up To 47¢

Save Up To 83¢

1907 Water

Hail Merry



• Filled with a heavenly lemon ganache made with coconut oil & blue agave.

• Purified water with ionic minerals.

• Natural calorie-free sweetener with stevia.

• Made with raw oils.

• Infused with calcium, magnesium & potassium.

New Zealand Artesian Water • Naturally alkaline water. • Soft, smooth taste. • pH 8.0.

2 liters

Meyer Lemon Miracle Tart

• Vegan.

3 ounces

Qure Water

Organic Stevia Sweetener • Blended with organic agave fiber.

• Stable alkaline pH of 9.5.

• Organic choice for diabetics.

33.8 ounces

40 packets





Save Up To $1.10

Save Up To $1.50

Save Up To 72¢

Save Up To $1.44

Mail Orders at www.akins.com or 1-800-800-3133 (8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily CST).


Organic strawberries

$1.00 oFF!

75¢ oFF!

Romaine Lettuce


per container* *EXPIRES 8/28/14 CODE # 100032

- over -

Michael Season’s


Reduced Fat Baked Cheese Puffs

10 ounces 070617206096




8.6 ounces 815055010900



Save Up To $1.22

Save Up To 30¢

Rickland Orchards

Skinny Pop

1.41 ounces

COCONUT JUICE WITH LIME 17.5 ounces 721332820080


- over -


f! 40% Of BUG BAND INSECT REPELLENT TOWLETTES 2 count 786216885012

Topeka Tulsa

Brookwood ShoppingCenter Center Fontana Shopping 2913 S.W. 29th Street (785) 228-9131 51st & Memorial Hours: 9am to 9pm Every Day Oakley

(918) 663-4137 Hours: 8am to 9pm Every Day 29th Street

Oklahoma City Omaha Mayfair Place Center

W. Center Rd.

S. 84th St.

Hours: 8am to 10pm Every Day N.W. 63rd

$2.27 Save Up To $6.97 Hyland’s

Sniffles ‘N Sneezes 4Kids

• Dairy, nut & gluten free.

$3.15 Save Up To $1.04

I And Love And You

So Delicious

Chicken Power Pucks Dog Treats • Nutrient packed with chicken, veggies & fruits. • Raw, freeze-dried whole food treats.

• Relieves runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, & cough.*

125 tablets

$6.97 Save Up To $4.02

Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert

The Real Deal

Real Veggie Chips

• Rich and creamy non-dairy frozen dessert, made with coconut milk.

• 80% less fat than potato chips. • Baked snack chips.

6 ounces

1 pint

10 ounces



Springfield Tulsa

Save Up To $1.40

Save Up To $1.83

FremontSquare Center Newport 1344 E. Battlefield (417) 887-5985 31st & Harvard Hours: 8am to 9pm Mon-Sat (918) 742-6630 8am to 8pm Sunday Hours: 8am to 9pm Every Day

31st Street

Oklahoma City Rogers Quail Springs Marketplace

Lincoln bixby

Meridian Park Shopping Town & Country Center Center 69th&&S. “O” St. (402) 466-5713 121st Memorial Hours: 8am to 9pm Mon-Sat (918) 366-8400 9am to 9pm Sunday Hours: 8am to 9pm Every Day

121st Street “O” Street

helpful symbols

Peanut Free

Dairy Free

Gluten Free

other locations

Scottsdale Shopping Center

N. May

Canfield Plaza Shopping N.W. 63rd & N. May Center 8409 West Center Road (402) 397-5488 (405) 843-3033 Hours: 8am to 9pm Every Day

3.5 ounces

• Only 39 calories per cup.


Fremont Center

• A delicious baked snack.

• Guilt-free snacking.

Save Up To 53¢

Save Up To $3.52

51st Street

Sour Cream & Wasabi Rice Crisps

4.4 ounces

$7.97 S. Memorial




Original Lightly Salted Popcorn

• Packed with nutrition & probiotics.


Save Up To 50¢


• Honey-roasted granola & real fruit, dipped in greek yogurt.

f! 45% Of


2 ounces

Blueberry Acai Greek Yogurt Bar

- over -

2 ounces

• Cholesterol free.



Raspberry Whole Wheat Fig Bar • Moist, chewy & delicious.

5.5 ounces

S. Harvard Fremont

40% Of


2370 W. Memorial Rd. 4019 W Walnut Rd. (479) 986-8787 (405) 418-4305 Hours: 8am to 9pm Every Day Hours: 8am to 9pm Every Day W. Walnut Rd.

Oatmeal Snackimals Animal Cookies • All-natural Animal Cookies.

• Energy for life's great journeys.*

• With 65% less fat than regular cheese puffs.

N. 40th St.

- over -

• Light texture and cheesy flavor.

Nature's Bakery

Barbara’s Bakery



S. Memorial

f! 50% Of

*EXPIRES 8/28/14 CODE # 103330

Low Glycemic

No Salt Added


Sugar Free

Tulsa, OK OKne lincoln, ne •• Bixby, Omaha, Oklahoma city, ok ks rogers, ar • topeka, springfield, mo

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