NCCP LEVEL 4 & 5 FIGURE SKATING PROGRAM Goals and Objectives Levels 4 and 5 of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) represent the highes...
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NCCP LEVEL 4 & 5 FIGURE SKATING PROGRAM Goals and Objectives Levels 4 and 5 of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) represent the highest components of coach education available in Canada. The Level 4/5 program is the top level of professional training for coaches and was developed for coaching high performance athletes. These levels prepare coaches for leadership roles in national and international competitions, and ensure they will be effective at any level in the high performance sport system. As a result of certification at Levels 4 and 5, coaches will demonstrate a thorough understanding of their sport and the demands from the developmental level to the elite or international level. As a high performance coach, you will be able to plan, implement and evaluate a variety of programs and activities aimed at providing an environment which is optimal for the overall development of the athlete, including those who aspire to and have the potential for international levels of performance. The Level 4/5 program will enhance the quality of the coach's intervention in the areas of technical, tactical, physiological and psychological athlete preparation, as well as managerial competence. The coach's pedagogical, analytical, critical and conceptual skills will also be refined and will provide leadership at all levels of the sport system. This, in turn, will translate into a better sport experience for athletes, including more consistent and superior performances. Level 4/5 coaches will also understand and promote the concept that every athlete is entitled to a fair opportunity to develop his or her potential to its fullest through a balanced practice of sport. Finally, certification at either Level 4 or Level 5 of the NCCP represents a key component of the professionalization of coaching. As such, it serves to establish the theoretical, technical, practical, and ethical standards and competency of professional coaches. Task Overview Level 4/5 consists of an applied study program of twenty (20) tasks incorporating all 3 components – theory, technical, and practical as they apply to the sport of figure skating in each of its disciplines. Twelve of these must be completed for Level 4 and the remaining eight tasks for Level 5. The tasks address specialized subjects or topic areas: 1) training methods and applied exercise physiology (Tasks 1, 2,4, 5, 6) 2) sports psychology (Task 7 and 8) 3) sport-specific performance factors (Tasks 3 and 13) 4) technical, tactical, practical and managerial aspects of high performance coaching (Tasks 9, 11, 14, 15, 18, 20) 5) biomechanics (Task 10) 6) optimal planning and sequencing of high performance programs and activities (Task 12)

7) growth and maturation, athlete long term development (Task 16) 8) leadership and ethics (Task 17), the Canadian Sport System (Task 19) To register into the Level 4/5 program or attend a Level 4/5 task, a coach must meet one of the following criteria: be fully certified at Level 3; be Level 2 certified and have completed the Level 3 theory and technical courses; coach high performance (elite) athletes or be accepted for certification or task entry by Skate Canada. The opportunities or options available for coaches interested in taking Level 4/5 tasks include: •

Attending a Level 4/5 Skate Canada task, seminar or technical course

Skate Canada approved tasks at the annual CAC National Coaches' Seminars

Skate Canada approved tasks at provincial/territorial coaching seminars

Selected tasks of the CAC Apprenticeship Program

Full-time/part-time residence at a National Coaching Institute (diploma program)

Skate Canada approved courses/degrees at Universities or for equivalency upon review

Certification Requirements at Level 4/5 Skate Canada's Level 4 program consists of 12 of the twenty tasks available with Tasks 9 and 12 being mandatory for certification, as stipulated by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). Completion of the eight remaining tasks is required to be certified at Level 5. Full attendance and participation in each task is mandatory to receive credit. All Level 4/5 tasks feature evaluation requirements. A task credit is granted upon successful completion of all the evaluation components established by CAC and Skate Canada and approved by a Level 4/5 Advisory Committee composed of the following individuals: representatives from Coaches of Canada (CofC); two representatives from Skate Canada; one Provincial/Territorial Committee representative; one representative from Sport Canada; two representatives from CAC and one Level 4 or 5 certified coach. The committee is chaired by the CAC consultant in charge of the Level 4/5 portfolio.

National Coaching Certification Program OVERVIEW OF THE LEVEL 4/5 PROGRAM AND TASKS TASK #







4 or 5*

Energy Systems



4 or 5*

Strength Training



Music and Choreography



Nutrition for Optimal Performance


4 or 5

Environmental Factors and Performance


4 or 5

Recovery and Regeneration



Mental Preparation for Coaches



Mental Preparation for Elite Athletes



Practical Coaching: Advanced Skills Training by Discipline


4 or 5

Biomechanical Analysis of Advanced Skills



Practical Coaching: Advanced Strategy and Tactics



Planning and Periodization: Optimal Sequencing of Sport Science, Training and Competitive Activities



Analysis of Competitive Performances (Debut to Final)



Practical Coaching: Training Camp, Seminar or School


4 or 5

Practical Coaching: International Assignment


4 or 5

Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) 9

#17 #18

4 or 5

Leadership and Ethics Strategic Program Construction using CPC (Cumulative Points Calculation)



Canadian Sport System



National Team Program

• Level 4 Certification: Must complete 12 Tasks in total. Must do either task #1 or 2 plus tasks #3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 or 18, 14, and two other tasks, and have a skater/team place in the top half of the Canadian Championships. • Level 5 Certification ➜ Must complete remaining 8 Tasks

NCCP LEVEL 4/5 TASK DESCRIPTION AND COMPLETION REQUIREMENTS Task #1 - Energy Systems Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the characteristics of the three energy systems of the human body (alactic; lactic and aerobic), of their trainability and factors that limit the performance of each energy system. Completion Requirements: CAC Task Workbook Task #2 - Strength Training Upon completion of this course, the coach will design, implement and evaluate specific training programs and exercises appropriate for figure skating and produce detailed programs for the various phases of the year. Determine the strength demands of figure skating; understand the key physiological and neurological factors determining strength and the differences between the various types of strength; the muscle groups involved in key technical actions as well as the mode of muscular contraction to improve the athlete’s strength qualities. Completion Requirements: Pre-course assignment, CAC Task Workbook Task #3 - Music and Choreography For each discipline (singles, pairs, dance, synchronized skating) a variety of choreographers will address the selection of music and choreography for the development and construction of artistic and technical programs in figure skating at the high performance level. Completion Requirements: Video footage of a Jr./Sr. skater/team at Canadians and Skate Canada Task Workbook Task #4 - Nutrition for Optimal Performance Design, implement and evaluate nutritional strategies aimed at optimizing the athlete’s performance in training and competition. Plan competition meals, carry out nutritional assessments, adapt meals during travel, integrate nutrition within your yearly plan and manage special situations related to athletes’ nutrition. Completion Requirements: Pre-course assignment, CAC Task Workbook Task #5 - Environmental Factors and Performance Prepare or adapt an athlete training program according to environmental influences; changes in altitude; the effect of thermal stress on training; dealing with travel and time changes. Completion Requirements: CAC Task Workbook Task #6 - Recovery and Regeneration Review common skating injuries and mechanisms for healing and recovery; non-adaptive responses to training/stress; neurological fatigue and recovery; physical therapies to aid recovery; techniques to aid relaxation. Completion Requirements: CAC Task Workbook Task #7 - Mental Preparation for the Coach Demonstrate an awareness of your attitudes, perceptions, communications skills and stress management profile in training, competitions and every day life situations. To enhance coaches’ psychological preparation for training and competition in a manner which facilitates improved athlete and coach performance. Completion Requirements: Skate Canada Task Workbook

Task #8 - Mental Preparation for the Elite Athlete Develop, implement and refine a mental training program/plan for high performance figure skaters to mentally prepare for training in the pre-competitive, competitive and post-competitive phases. Completion Requirements: Skate Canada Task Workbook for a Novice figure skater/team at the challenge level or higher Task #9 - Advanced Skills Training Plan, conduct and evaluate a variety of practical coaching sessions of skill training appropriate to high performance figure skaters in the coach’s chosen discipline (singles, pairs, dance and synchronized skating). Completion Requirements: Coach a skater/team that finishes in the top half at the Canadian Championships (Jr./Sr. competitive level) and submission of a videotape with on-ice lessons. Task #10 - Biomechanical Analysis of Advanced Skills Analyze advanced technical skills biomechanically. To develop specific strategies or approaches that will contribute to the enhancement of the technical performance of an athlete through the applied knowledge of biomechanical principles. Completion Requirements: Skate Canada Course requirements/workbook Task #11 - Strategies and Tactics Plan, conduct and evaluate a variety of practical coaching sessions appropriate to high performance figure skaters in simulations, strategy and tactics in the pre-competitive and competitive phases of training. Completion Requirements: Full attendance/participation in the course. Task #12 - Planning and Periodization Identify, analyze and discuss sport-specific factors of training and performance in figure skating, examine interference and interaction between the key factors of training and performance, and analyze and discuss short and long term planning techniques and procedures. Integrate physiological, psychological, technical and tactical factors into an annual time management/training program for high performance figure skaters. Completion Requirements: CAC Task Workbook Task #13 - Analysis of Competitive Performances Perform a video analysis of training and competition performance at the high performance level relative to training performances and development stage of the athlete at the Novice level or higher (i.e. debut of program to final performance - Summer Competition, Sectional, Challenge, Nationals) Completion Requirements: Video submission and Skate Canada task workbook Task #14 - Training Camp, Seminar or School Plan, conduct and evaluate a skating training camp, seminar or school for a minimum of one week for figure skaters in Singles, Pairs, Dance or Synchronized Skating (one or more disciplines). Completion Requirements: Skate Canada Task Workbook

Task #15 - International Assignment How to prepare, plan, conduct and evaluate a Junior/Senior Level International Assignment. Completion Requirements: Skate Canada Jr./Sr. International Assignment, Skate Canada task workbook (coach’s report) Task #16 - Athlete Long-term Development Plan and design figure skating programs (training methods and training intensities) and activities that are appropriate for the optimal long-term development of the athlete, given age, gender, stage of development (stages of growth and maturation) and performance potential. Plan the long-term development of athletes. Completion Requirements: CAC/Skate Canada Task Workbook Task #17 - Leadership and Ethics To help coaches realize their potential and responsibilities as leaders in the Canadian Sport system. To understand and apply the concept of values-based leadership practices and to enhance a coach's leadership practices through critical reflection, participant-observer position, increased tolerance of ambiguity and improved intervention skills. To discuss and reflect on ethical issues affecting high performance coaches. Completion Requirements: TBD by CAC Task #18 - Strategic Program Construction using CPC (Cumulative Points Calculation) judging system To perform a score analysis for a program in the planning/choreography stages and a comparative risk analysis of two optional planned programs for an athlete at the Novice-Senior Competitive performance level of competition. An up-to-date knowledge of the Scale of Values, levels of difficulty definitions, understanding of the consistency of the athlete in the executing the elements of the planned program and well-balanced program criteria as distributed by Skate Canada and the ISU, are required. Completion Requirements: Skate Canada workbook and video/DVD Task #19 - Canadian Sport System Enhance the understanding of the various components of the Canadian sport system and the issues/trends affecting sport in Canada. High performance coaches will learn how to access specific programs and services that will improve the support provided to athletes. Completion Requirements: CAC Task Assignment Task #20 - National Team Program To understand the role of the National Team Program in the development of elite athletes. To familiarize the high performance coach with the various human, administrative, technical, political, logistical and economic factors that determine the nature of Skate Canada's National Team Program. Completion Requirements: TBD In order to receive Level 4 certification all task participants must be reqistered with Skate Canada in the Level 4/5 program. The registration fee is $50.00 and applies to the maintenance of your file and the processing fee of all tasks by the Coaching Association of Canada. To obtain a registration form please contact the Coaching Department at 1-888-747-2372 ext. 2504 or 613748-5635 or by email at [email protected]