NCATA The North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants

FALL NEWSLETTER 2016 NCATA The North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants SUPPORTING NORTH CAROLINA’S TEACHER ASSISTANTS SINCE 1981! The Nort...
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NCATA The North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants

SUPPORTING NORTH CAROLINA’S TEACHER ASSISTANTS SINCE 1981! The North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants promotes the important role of teacher assistants in the public schools, provides professional training opportunities, and works to improve salaries and employment security.

Your 2015-2017 NCATA Board of Directors William K. Johnston, President Chris Brown, 1st VP Teresa Sawyer, 2nd VP Jennifer Tysinger, Treasurer Marjorie Moore, Secretary Carolyn Barringer, Parliamentarian Candace Herring, Historian Michelle Bailey, Legislative Chair Fred McClamb, E.H.R. Chair Gayle Parker, P.D.P. Chair Regina Davis, Conference Chair Victoria Hampton, D1 President Sharon Best, D2 President Cornetta McKey, D3 President Vacant, D4 President Dru Davis, D5 President Sandy Borders, D6 President Andrea Cranfill, D7 President Luann Coyle, D8 President Melinda Zarate, Executive Director

PHONE EXTENSIONS for (800) 979-2077: 0 – NCATA Office (Melinda Zarate) 1 – President William K. Johnston, Jr 2 – 1st VP Chris Brown 3 – 2nd VP Teresa Sawyer 4 – PDP (William Johnston, PDP Administrator) 6 – Membership (Melinda Zarate) 700 – Finance (Jennifer Tysinger) 701 – Legislative (Michelle Bailey) 703 - EHR (Frederick McClamb) 702 – District 1 President Victoria Hampton 704 – District 2 President Sharon Best 705 – District 3 President Cornetta Mckey 706 – District 4 President Position Vacant 707 – District 5 President Dru Davis 708 - District 6 President Sandy Borders 709 – District 7 President Andrea Cranfill 710 – District 8 President Luann Coyle

North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants PO Box 334 Welcome, NC 27374 Phone Toll Free: 1.800.979.2077 Fax: 1.800.979.2077

Chris Brown NCATA 1st Vice-President

William K. Johnston, Jr. NCATA President

Greetings Members! NCATA Shaked, Rattled, And Rolled through my first year as the NCATA State President! What a wonderful time we had last year uniting the membership, working on behalf of teacher assistants, and providing professional development opportunities across the State of North Carolina. As we go into my second and final year as the NCATA State President we will be “Pursuing New Horizons in Education” because it’s a whole new year, a whole new chance, a whole new opportunity, and a whole new NCATA! It is because of dedicated officers, committee chairs, district presidents, and most importantly dedicated members like you that we have faced adversity, stood in the face of opposition, weathered the storms, fought for teacher assistants, and sent a message that NCATA is ALIVE AND WELL! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for this “WHOLE NEW WORLD OF NCATA!” I am ready to continue fighting the good fight for education because as teacher assistants we continue to educate children to the best of our abilities for we are in this profession for the OUTCOME not the INCOME! I want to take this opportunity to say “THANK YOU” to each of you who took the time to participate in our post conference survey, and our evaluation surveys for each member of the Board of Directors. We value your input, and appreciate your responses. These surveys will allow us to continue striving for excellence as we work to fulfill the mission of NCATA. I ask that you be alert, responsive, and attentive this year as information is sent out to the membership. We must remain vigilant in legislative matters pertaining to our profession. We must examine the candidates who seek elected office, and we must vote our conscious when we go to the polls in November. Always remember it is not about a political party, it is not about the candidates themselves, it is not about personal agendas, and it is not solely about our jobs, BUT IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN BECAUSE KIDS ARE OUR BUSINESS! If you are interested in serving in a leadership capacity within NCATA then this is your year! All elected offices on the district and state levels of NCATA will be up for election. Let your District President know that you are interested, and inquire about the different opportunities available to you. All districts will hold an officer nominations meeting at either their fall miniconference or other designated district meeting to allow for nominations of those members who would like to run for office. Remember you must be present and nominated from the floor to run for office. WE ARE SEEKING QUALIFIED MEN AND WOMEN! As you go back to school this year, I challenge each of you to pursue new personal horizons within the teacher assistant profession. Let’s strive to work together, put the children first, support NCATA, and treat each other as professionals because we are all in this together. Always remember there is no “I” in team, but there is always a “TA” in team. Together everyone achieves more, and teamwork makes the dream work! I am not only proud to be a member of this team, but humbled to be a part of this family. I look forward to another successful year serving the members of NCATA and teacher assistants across the state. In Service, William K. Johnston, Jr. NCATA State President 2015-2017

Hello, my fellow Teacher Assistants! I'm Chris Brown, your NCATA 1st Vice-President. As the time draw near for us to roll up our sleeves and go back to work to assist in teaching the children we love and care about, I ask that you go back with this thought. We are the best Teacher Assistants in our schools, counties, and in the State of North Carolina. The public education system cannot function as effectively without us. I know it. You know it. Rest assured your NCATA officers and I are hard at work on your behalf. One of our goals is to keep you informed on the legislative happenings in our state when it comes to the children and our profession. I encourage each of you to stay in tune with your local and state news and pay close attention when it comes to public education. Remember: Register and then VOTE (V=valuable, O=opportunity, T=to, E=express yourself). I love each one of you and I have your best interests in my heart. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve you.

Teresa Sawyer NCATA 2nd Vice-President

Welcome back! It is time to begin the 2016-2017 school year with NCATA! Summer has been too short! I would like to start by encouraging our members, North Carolina's teacher assistants, to be proactive and recruit at least one new member this year. If we put membership first, we will continue to grow and end the year with double our membership. Make plans to talk to teacher assistants at your school to help them understand the importance of NCATA membership especially during an election year. Our mission statement encourages our members to promote the important role of teacher assistants in our public schools, provide professional development activities, and work to improve salaries and employment security within our great state. We will then have more new friends as we synergize together at NCATA's annual conference while we explore a whole new world in the spring of 2017. Our diversity makes us the only win-win organization for North Carolina's teacher assistants. As a team we continue to make a difference in the lives of North Carolina's children. Here's to a brave new year filled with wonders to explore! If I can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Greetings From Your Committee Chairs Gayle Parker

NCATA PDP Chair Professional Development Plan

I hope everyone has had a fun, relaxing summer break! It seems it goes by too quickly! For now, let’s focus on getting back to work, to help our teachers and most importantly, our children. In order to be the best that we can be as highly qualified, please consider getting your PDP (Professional Development Plan) completed if you have not done so in the past. If you received your last PDP certification in 2012, your renewal (64 hours needed for workshops taken after your PDP submission for 2012) is due by December 31, 2016. This is so important for your own professional development and for counties that give incentives, it definitely helps to get the bonus. (NCATA does not award incentive monies.) This is in addition to any compensation you are getting for your degree or education status from your Central Office. Being a member of NCATA is the most rewarding thing I believe you will ever do. By joining NCATA and getting your PDP, the amount you pay for membership and application fee pays for itself in a matter of months in the counties that offer the incentives. If you are in a county that does not pay an incentive for having a PDP, please let us know here at NCATA and we will support you in contacting the proper personnel to speak with them about this important aspect of encouraging professional growth. In the past few years, there have been a couple of school systems that are now offering incentives after teacher assistants and our NCATA President approached the superintendent and school board with information and facts of the importance of continuing training and benefits of offering a stipend to those who further their training to better educate the children. Your PDP Committee meets twice a year, in November and in February. The committee has one member from each district that serves on it (8 people and 1 chair person). You can go to our web site, and print off a copy of our PDP booklet under Links and Documents, and select P.D.P. docs for complete instructions. Please remember to take several of the Certificate of Completions forms from the booklet with you for your workshops in case you are not given a course certificate. Below is a review of our previous changes to help us better serve you and to hopefully help review your folders more quickly and efficiently: • School Continuing Education County History Reports or Umbrella Forms will NOW be accepted, but the names of classes, hours and dates must be listed on the forms. Remember, we will need your principal’s signature, title and date on these forms or we will not accept them. • If only the year is shown with a set number of hours and no class names are listed, you must send a Certificate of Completion Worksheet with the class details. • Journeyman’s Certificate: We will accept a Journeyman Certificate from NCDOL as an upgrade to Associate Level I. A list or transcript of courses taken for the Certificate and a copy of the Certificate will need to be sent with the PDP application and fee for the upgrade to be accepted. • Bus Training: We will now accept all hours taken for Bus Training yearly, but there must be training involved, not just meetings. • Courses of questionable academic benefit must be approved prior to submitting. • A Certificate of Completion Worksheet MUST be completed for all classes taken should a course certificate not be available. • Your workshops also need to pertain to the students’ education. On the NCATA Certificate of Completion Form, there is a place for a brief description of course/workshop. Please try to be very specific in defining the content of the course or workshop. If you are a school that does the Safe Schools Training, we need you to put all hours totaled up on one of our NCATA certificate of completion forms and add a brief description in the provided area. Have your principal sign and date your form. This will save us all a lot of time. The Effective Teacher Training course for CEU certificates is now highly recommended but not required. The three alternative courses listed on page 8 are also highly recommended but not required for CEU certificates. PLEASE remember to make sure all your forms have signatures, titles of person signing, and dates on them. Our goal is to better serve you and make this process easier for all involved. Have a wonderful school year! If I can help you in any way, please feel free to call or email me. Phone: (336) 577-8749 cell anytime, leave message, Email: [email protected]


Frederick McClamb NCATA E.H.R. Chair Education and Human Relations

Regina Davis NCATA Conference Chair

NCATA 35th Annual Conference Dates: April 27-30, 2016 Location: Cary, North Carolina Theme: A Whole New World Statement: TA’s Discovering New Horizons in Education. Colors: Turquoise, Teal, Gold, & Purple

Hello everyone. My name is Frederick McClamb and I am your Education and Human Relations (E.H.R.) chairperson. This will be my second year in the position. I am a member of District 3 working in the Johnston County school system. I currently reside in Clayton, NC. I work at Corinth Holder High School where I assist in the life skills classroom. I also coach JV and varsity football.

Greetings NCATA Members,

I am excited to serve as the E.H.R. chairperson this year. We have a great team of representatives, one from each district. Last year we awarded three scholarships to wonderful students looking to further their education. We look forward to having more applicants this year from all the districts.

Let me start by saying “THANK YOU” to everyone who attended last year’s conference in Raleigh, NC. Your attendance is what helped to make the conference a huge success, and allowed me to show each of you some of the things that I really enjoy doing, like decorating for all the different events. While it is no easy task at times, it is all worth it when you see the finished product come together.

Our Teacher Assistant or the Year selection process was a huge success. For the first time in years we had a nominee from each district. I hope we are able to keep this momentum going this year. I would like to see more counties being represented on the district level this year.

I am so excited about the 35th Annual Conference and know that you will not want to miss attending this professional development opportunity that will bring TA’s from all across North Carolina together for three jammed-packed days of workshops, fellowship, and lots of fun along the way. Your Conference Committee is already busy with planning this year’s conference. In fact, I was so eager to get started that I already started discussing my ideas with NCATA State President, William Johnston, at the close of last year’s event. It was amazing that we were already thinking alike, and shared many of the same ideas and concepts.

I look forward to serving the members of the association this year as we not only award scholarships to deserving students but also celebrate teacher assistants who go above and beyond what is expected from them through the Teacher Assistant of the Year award. May you have a great start to the school year!

Michelle Bailey NCATA Legislative Chair

Our theme this year will be centered on cultural diversity, and meeting the needs of students from various backgrounds and walks of life. Each NCATA-District will be assigned a culture to represent at conference, and will have various opportunities to share with the other districts throughout the conference. Attendees will also have opportunities to win prizes, and represent their district with pride. District Cultural Assignments District 1: Italian Culture (Italy) District 2: African Culture (Africa) District 3: Japanese Culture (Japan) District 4: Hispanic Culture (South America) District 5: Chinese Culture (China) District 6: Russian Culture (Russia) District 7: Indian Culture (India) District 8: Polish Culture (Poland)

The General Assembly announced on June 27 a compromise on the state budget for the coming year that is a mixed bag for both state employees and retirees. Legislators proclaimed that the budget includes a 3 percent state employee raise. The deal includes a 1.5 percent true salary increase for all state employees along with a .5 percent bonus. Another 80 million was set aside for targeted bonuses, which equals the 1 percent of salaries as well. However, lawmakers have failed to specify exactly how the merit bonuses will be awarded. The Senate budget left that up to agency heads to make that decision.

I hope that you are excited as I am, and I can’t wait to see you in April! Don’t forget that conference registration, and our hotel room block will open up on January 1, 2017. No registrations or hotel room reservations will be accepted before that time.

In fact, in that equation, state employee paychecks are only guaranteed to increase by 1.5 percent in this deal. The budget for retirees did not give them a true cost of living adjustment; legislators decided on a one-time bonus of 1.6 percent. For the average retiree receiving $25,000 annually, the bonus will amount to around $400 before taxes are taken out.

Access photos from 2016 conference here: https://ncata2016confer

While the budget does include a raise for state employees, it is still woefully inadequate to address the need. Also, it is not too early to start thinking about elections coming up in November. Please get out there and vote.


Greetings From Your State Officers Jennifer Tysinger NCATA State Treasurer Management Team – Financial Director

Marjorie Moore NCATA State Secretary

Hi Everyone! I want to thank everyone who came to the 2016 Conference. I saw many old friends and made MANY new friends. Teacher Assistants always know how to have a great time together. I am enjoying being your state secretary. I am here to help you in anyway I can. Don't hesitate to ask. I can't wait to see what we plan for you in 2017. Get ready!!

I hope that everyone has gotten some much-deserved rest over summer break. Thank you to all our members for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns about NCATA’s finances, please don’t hesitate to contact me. The easiest way to reach me is through email [email protected] The total cost of our 2016 conference was $62,522.07. Rest assured your NCATA Board of Directors is making sure we are being good stewards of all funds.

Carolyn Barringer NCATA State Parliamentarian

Candace Herring NCATA State Historian Hello Everyone, I am Carolyn Barringer, your State Parliamentarian and the District 6 Treasurer. I hope that all of you had an awesome summer. It is a blessing to work with such a great team of teacher assistants within our association. You are the most valued part of our organization! I hope that everyone had a great summer! Yes! It was hot and now it’s time to start a hot new year! I am looking forward to working with everyone this year. I feel the theme “diversity in education” opens the door for us to show different cultures and the different use of NCATA history for thirty-five years. A special thank you to my dad, Gene Lanier, and to Charlotte Reaves for taking pictures while I was on your stage. Thank you to all the district historians for their efforts to keep a history of events in their districts. Remember members, if something newsworthy happens in your district, please make the district historian aware. You can send them links to news articles in an instant! Also, if you happen to take pictures at local and district events, send them to your district historian. Local association banquets and special events are a great opportunity to record historical information.

God has blessed me to be the wife of Cecil Barringer, who is my biggest cheerleader, and a mother, grandmother, a member of Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Shelby and a member of NCATA for 14 years while working at Washington Elementary School, the greatest school in Cleveland County. During the summer I worked at WES with the 1st and 2nd grade reading program and it was incredible to work with small groups, getting to know the students better each day to improve their reading skills. We all learned a lot from this program. It was the first time our school has done this type of reading program and a first time for Cleveland County Schools. We all know at the end of the day it is not about us, it is all about the students, and that is one of the reasons I really liked this program. Small groups are great!

Again, let’s remember to keep a history of what is happening in your local associations and your districts.

I am looking forward to working with NCATA this year and helping increase our membership. We all can start today by asking all of the TA'S at our schools as well as other staff members and our family members, such as parents, spouses, and even our adult children.

“When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.” ~ George Washington Teacher assistants do amazing things in our schools and communities every day. Let’s make certain we shine the spotlight to show others how valuable we are!

Thank you all for all you do and know it is appreciated and has not been overlooked. Have a blessed school year.


Greetings From Your District Presidents Victoria Hampton District One President

A special WELCOME BACK to all District One Members from your District One President, Victoria Hampton! I hope everyone had a relaxing and restful summer break. A new year is approaching quickly. Get ready, get set, and go for a busy year with NCATA and in District One. We have a lot planned this year starting with a membership drive, then a mini-conference to assist in your professional development and earning hours for your PDP, along with raffles, the election of new officers, plus more, and let's not forget about the 2017 conference. Come get informed, educated, and join in the fun year ahead!



President Victoria Hampton Shawboro, NC [email protected] [email protected]

Teacher Assistants are helping hands with open minds to promote unity, productivity, and team work. DISTRICT ONE CALENDAR OF MEETINGS Sept 10, 2016 Regular meeting Nominations for state offices, membership drive, and plans of action for Martin County and Pasquotank County

Vice President/PDP Chair Regina Chappell Aiden, NC [email protected]

October 29, 2016 MINI CONFERENCE To be held in Currituck County. Time and location to be given at a later date

Treasurer Judy Moore Farmville, NC [email protected]

Jan. 7, 2017 Regular meeting Nominations for District One Officers, Raffle for a fire pit and 2 chairs

Secretary/ District 1 Legislative Chair Lori Byrd Shawboro, NC [email protected]

Jan 28, 2017 District One Interviews for TAOY April 8, 2017 Regular meeting Installation of new officers for District One; Raffle for a friendship basket

Parliamentarian Gloria Koonce Tyner, NC [email protected]

District 1 Systems Beaufort County Bertie County Camden County Currituck County Dare County Edenton/Chowan Gates County Hertford County Hyde County Martin County Elizabeth City/Pasquotank County Perquimans County Pitt County Tyrrell County Washington County

Historian Gloria Carter Edenton, NC [email protected] District 1 E.H.R. Chair Felicia Williams Moyock, NC [email protected]

Vickie and Felicia Williams draw the winning ticket for the D1 EHR Basket.


Sharon Best District Two President

Greetings to the members of my wonderful district! I want to first say to you that I've enjoyed serving you as your president. I pray that you have had a fabulous summer. I'm excited about our upcoming year! I pray you are ready, willing and able to put your best foot forward for our district and association. Our district board members met a few weeks ago to set our calendar, those that were able to attend. We will be hosting a district mini-conference this year in Greene County. Our state president has asked that each district host a mini-conference this year. Our mini-conference will be December 10, 2016. Please mark your calendar! The mini-conference will have a Christmas theme and we will offer three workshops that will give 10 credits. We will end it with a Christmas Bash. Please plan to attend all meetings but especially the first meeting that will be held in September 17, 2016 in Wayne County. The location and address will be announced in an email blast. We will need to form two committees for this event. I need all hands on deck from every county. We will have people from other districts and from throughout the state attending our mini-conference. Everyone is welcomed to have a part in this event and the festivities. All ideas are welcomed. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you. Please invite a co-worker and friend. You will not want to miss this event. If you have any concerns or thoughts please feel free to call me at 252-320-0473 or email me at [email protected] Have a blessed first day of school. Pray when you start each day and ask God to guide your every move, so you will make good sound choices when it comes to your students. The first week of school I encourage you to speak over yourself as you start your day. Declare and decree all is well. I love all of you with sincerity.



District 2 Teacher Assistants will educate students while promoting academic excellence, by empowering students to achieve their maximum potential. We will grasp this goal by preparing our students for an opportunity to have reasonable participation in an ever-changing world. We will strive to help push the importance of NCATA until we have conquered all our counties and schools in our district.

September 17, meeting in Wayne County at 10:00 AM, location to be announced. November 5, meetings at Swansboro Middle School in Jacksonville at 10 AM. December 10, District 2 Mini-Conference in Greene County February in Lenoir County, location to be announced.


April 8th, location to be announced.

President Sharon Best [email protected], [email protected] Vice-President Candace Herring [email protected], [email protected]

District 2 Systems Clinton City Sampson County Brunswick County Carteret County Craven County Duplin County Greene County Jones County Lenoir County New Hanover County Onslow County Pamlico County Pender County Wayne County

Treasurer Addie Hall [email protected] Secretary Tonya King [email protected] District 2 E.H.R. Chair Evelyn Davis [email protected] Other positions will be updated as received.

Michelle, Sharon, Vickie, Candace, Regina, and William cooling their jets before the Friday night event begins.


Carnetta McKey District Three President

Welcome back to a whole new school year filled with lots of opportunities and possibilities to shape and mole our children. Some of us are returning to new schools and administrations, while others remain the same. Whether you had changes made in your school system or not, I know that whatever tasks we (T.A.’s) are asked to preform, we will put our best foot forward because we CAN make a difference! Look out for more details about upcoming events in District 3.



President, Cornetta Mckey [email protected]

District 3 will be strong, supportive, and unified by working together to help each other reach our fullest potential.

Vice President, Lauren Hope [email protected] Secretary, Beverly Harrison [email protected] Treasurer, Lisa Soard [email protected] Parliamentarian, Therisa Ruffin theriseruffin[email protected] Historian, Rita Jackson [email protected] Teresa Fiske [email protected]


District 3 P.D.P. Chair, Chellie Cherry [email protected]

November 19, 2016 – District 3 mini-conference. This will be held in Johnston County. Location and time will come in an email.

District 3 E.H.R. Chair, Jackie DeProspero [email protected]

District 3 Systems Wilson County

District 3 Legislative Chair, Tina Taylor [email protected]

Durham County Edgecombe County

Carolyn Kay [email protected]

Franklin County Granville County Johnston County Nash-Rocky Mount Vance County Wake County Warren County Halifax County Northampton County Roanoke Rapids Weldon City


Vacant District Four President No information available at this time. District 4 members will be emailed when information becomes available.



District 4 Systems Harnett County Lee County Bladen County Columbus County Cumberland County


Hoke County

Montgomery County Moore County Richmond County Robeson County Scotland County Whiteville City


Dru Davis District Five President

Greetings District 5! I am so excited about the 2016-2017 year! Your board of directors has been working hard to make this year terrific! With that said, mark your calendar for November 5th! District 5 will be hosting a mini conference! All people who register and pay before September 23rd will be entered into a drawing to win a free registration! November 5th will also be our first general meeting of the year. Watch your inbox for more information!

DISTRICT FIVE OFFICERS/COMMITTEE CHAIRS Dru Davis, President [email protected] [email protected] Lisa Miller, Vice President [email protected] Linda Stamat, Treasurer [email protected]

DISTRICT FIVE MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to assist in the development of Teacher Assistants to have active and creative minds, and a sense of understanding and compassion for students. We are committed to assure learning experiences that will assist Teacher Assistants to achieve their greatest potential to adapt and adjust to diverse and ever changing learning communities.

Lori Norris, Secretary [email protected]

We are dedicated to serve Teacher Assistants with the understanding that diversity of gender, physical or mental ability, culture, and background are strengths to be respected.

Carol Louya, Historian [email protected]


Tina Phillips, Parliamentarian [email protected] Barbara Hayworth, District 5 PDP Chair [email protected] Dixie Black, District 5 E.H.R. Chair [email protected] Sandra Strupe, District 5 Legislative Chair [email protected]

September 13, 2016 – DCTAA Meeting/NCATA Officer Nominations Meeting Davis-Townsend Elementary School, Davidson County November 5, 2016 - NCATA D5 Mini Conference 1st General Meeting 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Churchland Elementary School, Davidson County February 7, 2017 - 2nd General Meeting (DCTAA Meeting with NCATA District 5 Meeting following) April 27 - 30, 2017 35th Annual Conference

District 5 Systems Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chatham County Orange County Person County Alamance-Burlington Asheboro City Caswell County Davidson County Winston-Salem/Forsyth Guilford County Lexington City Randolph County Rockingham County Stokes County Thomasville City Rowan-Salisbury

Dru Davis sings “Hero” at the NCATA 34 th Annual Conference Legislative Luncheon


Sandy Borders District Six President

Welcome back District Six teacher assistants. This is the beginning of great things to come. We, as a team, are on a journey to blow our membership out of the water. I know that we will make this happen. Our first meeting will be August 20, 2016 at South Regional Library, 5801 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277. Our district rally will be October 22, 2016. More information will be coming out very soon, so get ready because it’s going to be a blast. Your local presidents will be receiving the calendar with the dates of our district meetings and everyone is invited to attend them. So please, come, we welcome your support. May God bless each and every one of you!


DISTRICT SIX OFFICERS/COMMITTEE CHAIRS Sandy Borders, President [email protected] [email protected] Vacant, Vice-President

The mission of District 6 is to enable and inspire our local counties to increase their membership and make positive contributions to the growth of the organizations.

Elizabeth Fitzwater, Secretary [email protected] Carolyn Barringer, Treasurer [email protected] Robin Davis, Parliamentary [email protected] Juanita Surratt, Historian [email protected] Susan Niday, District 6 Legislative Chair [email protected]

DISTRICT SIX CALENDAR OF MEETINGS August 20, 2016 September 24, 2016 October 22, 2016 (Rally and Mini-Conference) November 19, 2016 December 10, 2017 January 14, 2017 (TAOY Interview) February 18, 2017 April 8, 2017 May 20, 2017 All meeting at South Regional Library, Charlotte NC 10:00 AM

Jerry Sadler, District 6 PDP Chair [email protected]

District 6 Systems Anson County

Sandy Borders, District 6 EHR Chair [email protected]

Cabarrus County Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Cleveland County Gaston County Kannapolis City Lincoln County Stanly County Union County


Andrea Cranfill District Seven President I want to welcome back everyone and I hope you all got some much needed rest this summer. District 7 is off and running getting everything ready for an exciting year! We have been working on a calendar for meetings and workshops. Remember, your needs are important and if you need workshops or want to know more about NCATA in your county, we can be there for you with bells on. Please feel free to contact me and please share my information with anyone and everyone. Our meetings are open to all districts. Remember visitors are welcome so bring a friend! Come and get to know us. We are dedicated to helping you receive professional development with workshops at these meeting, so let us know what you need, and we will do our best to provide it. This year is also our nomination year for District and State officers. This will be held at our next District 7 Mini-Conference; the date of this conference will be sent out very soon. If you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could do something positive that makes a difference”, then this is a great opportunity to make that difference. This association positively affects our classrooms with support of our State’s Teacher Assistants. You Can Make A Difference with NCATA! DISTRICT 7 MISSION STATEMENT:

DISTRICT 7 CALENDAR OF MEETINGS All meeting will start at 9am

District 7 will encourage others with a positive attitude. We will do this by respectfully listening to other’s points of view because working together is understanding that there is more than one way to achieve a goal, which is the final destination for each and every goal set.

September 17, 2016 Alexander County (Hiddenite Elementary School) October 8, 2016 Catawba County – Mini-conference (Oxford Elementary School) November19, 2016 Iredell County (Cloverleaf Elementary School, 300 James Farm Rd, Statesville, NC 28625 from 9-11am.)

DISTRICT 7 OFFICERS/COMMITTEE CHAIRS Andrea Cranfill, President [email protected]

February 4, 2017 Davie County (Pinebrook Elementary School) (snow date February 11)

Trina Combs, 1 Vice-President [email protected] st

March 12, 2017 Catawba County (Lyle Creek Elementary School)

Dawn Bradley, 2nd Vice-President [email protected] Debbie Crowder, Secretary [email protected]

District 7 Systems Alexander County Alleghany County Ashe County Avery County Burke County Caldwell County Catawba County Hickory City Newton-Conover Watauga County Wilkes County Yadkin County Davie County Elkin City Mount Airy City Surry County Iredell-Statesville Mooresville City

Kelli Shupe, Treasurer [email protected] Joanne Brown, Historian [email protected] Dawn Bradley, District 7 Legislative Chair [email protected] vacant – District 7 PDP Chair Connie Gunsley, District 7 EHR Chair [email protected]

Some District 7 ladies ready to rock and roll in their poodle skirts, and one cat skirt (Gayle Parker!).


Luann Coyle District Eight President

Hello, my name is Luann Coyle and I am the president of District 8. Last year was my first year and I am learning every day about what this position is all about, just like I am as a teacher assistant. I am a teacher assistant in Buncombe County Schools and have worked for 13 years in various assignments, all in elementary. I have my degree in elementary education, but have chosen to be the assistant to be able to spend my time with the children. My goal this year is to increase membership because numbers do matter in the efforts of this organization to the outside world. We have NCATA members in three counties and Asheville City, but our district is comprised of sixteen counties. I know physical diversity is an issue within this district, but I am willing to travel to get the NCATA word out to all assistants. I am going to offer more staff development opportunities because providing this is a big component to NCATA. Assistants are always coming up to me saying, “What will NCATA do for me?” A mini-conference has been planned for October 1st in Candler. Many members of the Board of Directors will be attending. There are some positions vacant on the district level that need to be filled. Please contact me if you are willing to serve.

DISTRICT 8 MISSION STATEMENT: District 8 will provide professional development relevant to current responsibilities and challenges. District 8 will encourage teacher assistants to become members for greater involvement in district and state events. District 8 will promote individual ideas and success for unity.

DISTRICT 8 OFFICERS/COMMITTEE CHAIRS Luann Coyle, President and District 8 PDP Chair [email protected] Billie Highland, Treasurer [email protected]

District 8 Systems McDowell County Mitchell County Yancey County Asheville City Buncombe County Cherokee County Clay County Graham County Haywood County Henderson County Jackson County Macon County Madison County Polk County Rutherford County Swain County Transylvania County

Sandy Clark, Historian and District 8 E.H.R. Chair [email protected] Vice President Secretary Parliamentarian District 8 Legislative Chair

vacant vacant vacant vacant

DISTRICT 8 CALENDAR OF MEETINGS Buncombe County TA Association Meetings (BCATA) September 20, 2016 November 15, 2016 March 21, 2017 May 9, 2017 (Banquet, Governor’s Residence in Asheville) District 8 Mini-Conference Saturday, October 1, 2016 Candler, NC, 10:00 AM District 8 Meeting March 11, 2017 10:00 AM


Greetings From Your NCATA State Teacher Assistant of the Year

Welcome back to school! I am honored to be the NCATA State Teacher Assistant of the Year. I never expected for such an honor and opportunity to come my way. Here we are at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year and I am excited to be able to represent you, the members of NCATA! Thank you! I believe in teacher assistants and the jobs we do. Our jobs are such a vital part of a child’s education and future. Each day we touch the lives of so many child by teaching, giving a pat on the back, saying, “I’m proud of you,” or maybe just a hug and an “I love you” – so many things that some children never hear or receive outside of school. We need to bring more awareness to our role in the education of North Carolina’s children and the many hats we wear while at school. With larger class sizes, teachers and students benefit from our assistance. My kindergarten class in the last school year had 24 students. Imagine what it’s like on the first day of school when the teacher has twenty-four five-year-old students who may have never been taught to walk or stand in a line, much less a quiet one. Many students enter kindergarten not knowing how to hold a pencil, or a book, or a pair of scissors. Many of our students have never been to preschool and have never learned things we see as simple, but are a major part of every day life in the classroom. As an assistant, I am able to help the teacher with teaching our students those skills. With special needs students being main-streamed into regular classroom settings, the need for teacher assistants is even greater. Often teachers have to leave their classrooms to deal with bathroom accidents and behavior issues. When assistants are available to teachers, we can deal with those issues instead of the class missing instructional time, or we can continue instructional time while the teacher deals with a situation. When students come to school without finishing homework because their parents couldn’t, or wouldn’t, help them, teacher assistants are able to help those students while the teacher is working with other students. When students get behind in their work from missing school, teacher assistants are able to help the students catch up with their missing work and with the new instruction they have missed. As a first responder, I am often called to all areas of the school to deal with nosebleeds, cuts, scrapes, broken bones, and possible sprains. When a child is vomiting or thinks he has a fever, a teacher assistant is able to help the child without disrupting the learning of the whole classroom. When an assistant isn’t present, the teacher has to stop teaching to deal with the many issues that are bound to arise when dealing with children. Many teacher assistants drive buses for field trips. We do morning and afternoon duties such as dismissal, car-rider lines, and watching students before and after school. We wash tables in the cafeteria after lunch and sweep the floors. One time this past year I even had to fix a clogged toilet. (We were in the hiring process for a new custodian and he didn’t start until the next day.) Teacher assistants are needed. Again, we need to make sure the public knows that we do more than cut out stars and check off papers. We make a difference! We do so many things that benefit North Carolina’s children. We assist students. We assist teachers. We assist administrators. We assist! It’s what we do! I’m proud to be a teacher assistant and a member of this great association, NCATA!

STATE ASSOCIATION CALENDAR OF EVENTS/DEADLINES August 15, 2016 – NCATA State Officer Nominations open September 1, 2016 – Fall newsletter out to members October 1, 2016 – Nominations for NCATA Community Action Hero Awards open November 14, 2016 – NCATA Scholarship raffle tickets go on sale December 1, 2016 – NCATA State Officer Nominations closed December 1, 2016 - Nominations for NCATA Community Action Hero Awards closed December 31, 2016 – Deadline for officer nominee packets to be at state office December 31, 2016 – Deadline for membership dues and PDP applications January 2, 2017 – Registration opens for the 35th Annual Conference, Early Bird registration $150/$200; Conference hotel booking opens January 21, 2017 – Nominating Committee interviews for officer candidates January 30, 2017 – District level TAOY names due to E.H.R. Chair Fred McClamb February 8, 2017 – NCATA Scholarship Application deadline (packets must be to state office by this date) February 20, 2017 – NCATA ballots emailed to members and voting opens February 24-25, 2017 – Scholarship Selections and NCATA TAOY Interviews March 1, 2017 – Price increase for conference registration $160/$210 March 15, 2017 – 100% School Forms due to state office March 16, 2017 – Voting for NCATA state officers ends March 24, 2017 – Scholarship raffle ends; money due to state office April 1, 2017 – Conference registration ends April 11, 2017 – Deadline for payment of all conference registrations, including school pay April 26 – 29, 2017 – NCATA 35th Annual Conference in Cary, NC


Special Awards and Recognitions 2016 District Level TEACHER ASSISTANTS OF THE YEAR

SCHOLARSHIP RAFFLE WINNERS Winners drawn at the 2016 Conference Four $250 awards

District 1-Regina Chappell District 2-Tonya King District 3-Mechelle Alford District 4-Kristy Smith, 1st Runner-Up District 5-Dixie Black, NCATA TAOY District 6-Donna Casey District 7-Trina Combs District 8-Donna Smith

Elizabeth Allgood – Cedar Point Rose Brown – Cary Lora Friedle – Aberdeen Holly Meggs – Elizabethtown Scholarship Raffle Tickets are received by district presidents, distributed to members in their districts, go on sale November 30, and then the money is collected in April, and the winning tickets pulled at the NCATA Annual Conference. After conference, the NCATA Treasurer, Jennifer Tysinger, mails the checks. It is very important that people who purchase tickets put their address and phone number on the tickets.

2016 NCATA SCHOLARSHIP AWARD WINNERS Each recipient received a $1000 scholarship. Summer Martin * Daughter of Michael and Jerri Lynn Martin * Senior At Lumberton Senior High School * Will Attend East Carolina University * Major in Speech and Hearing Sciences

DISTRICT BASKET WINNERS Winners drawn at the 2016 Conference Awards Banquet District 1 – Sandy Clark from District 8 District 2 – Judy Barnes from District 5 District 3 – Therisa Ruffin from District 3 District 4 – Holly Rogers from District 4 District 5– Sharon Santifer from District 2 District 6 – Margaret Johnson from District 4 District 7 – Julia Austin from District 5 District 8 – Regina Chappell from District 1 E.H.R. Kindle Fire – Sandy Clark from District 8

Madeline Anderson * Daughter of Thomas and Kathleen Anderson * Senior At Pinecrest High School * Will Attend North Carolina State University * Major in Zoology and Animal Science Carlie Smith * Daughter of Brady and Cyndi Smith * Senior At Union Pines High School * Will Attend Brigham Young University * Major Undecided but would like to pursue a degree either in French, Film, or Photography

2016 RECRUITMENT AWARDS Highest Growth in Membership within a Local Association: Currituck County Association of Teacher Assistants – received one paid conference fee for the 2017 conference


Highest Growth in NCATA Membership within a District: District 6 - $300, District 1 - $100, District 4 - $100. Evan

New Member MVP Recruitment Award: Regina Davis, District 4, $200 Walmart gift card Very Honorable Mention Recruitment Awards: Carolyn Barringer, Teresa Sawyer, Margaret Johnson, Lois Credle, Myra Bartell – Each received a $25 Walmart gift card.

Evan, age 14, is now in the ninth grade in the Davidson County school system. Evan received this award for his courage during the summer of 2015. He volunteered to speak at a press conference on behalf of teacher assistants. Speaking in front of a row of TV cameras is difficult even for an adult, but for a young person to volunteer, write his own speech, and then speak out took an amazing amount of courage.

Winner of Drawing for 2017 conference registration fee and hotel cost (from top three recruiters): Teresa Sawyer We ask that every member set a goal to recruit at least one new member in order for our association to keep growing and going strong. Set a goal to recruit 5 or more new members and you could be the one up on stage at the 2017 conference winning an award.

Eric was the first recipient of the NCATA Community Action Hero Award. This award recognizes outstanding public school students who make a difference in education by showing others that you are never too young to make a difference. NCATA will award two recipients each year from young people who are between the ages of 5 and 18 for their contributions to their school community. More information on how NCATA members may nominate these outstanding students will follow in a future email.

A note from the newsletter editor: I designed the newsletter so that members can print just their district information page to keep for reference. I hope this helps. Melinda Zarate


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