NAECC BOOK COLLECTION ARTS & CRAFTS Arts and Crafts of the Cherokee Rodney L. Leftwich American Indian Art Peter T. Frust Crafts and Skills of the...
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NAECC BOOK COLLECTION ARTS & CRAFTS Arts and Crafts of the Cherokee

Rodney L. Leftwich

American Indian Art

Peter T. Frust

Crafts and Skills of the Native Americans

David R. Montgomery

The Hawaiian Quilt

Poaklano and John Serrao

Drawings by Frank Big Bear (2copies)

Tweed Museum of Art

Doug Lindstrand's Alaska Sketchbook

Doug Lindstrand

AUTOBIOGRAPHIES, BIOGRAPHIES The First Navajo Woman Surgeon Combines Western Medicine & Traditional Healing

Lori Arviso Alvord, M.D.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Rebecca Skloot

Ka'iulani Crown Princess of Hawai'i

Nancy Webb and Jean Francis Webb

Bright Eyes: The story of Susette La Flesche, an Omala Indian

Dorothy Clarke Wilson

Legends of The West: Narrative of My Captivity Among The Sioux Indians

Fanny Kelly

Black Elk Speaks

John G. Neihardt

The Dull Knifes of the Pine Ridge

Joe Starita

Captured By The Indians

Edited By: Frederick Drimmer

Walking The Trail: One Man's Journey Along The Cherokee Trail Of Tears

Jerry Ellis


Rachel A. Koestler-Grack

Fools Crow: Wisdom and Power

Frank Fools Crow, Thomas E. Mails

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

William Kamkwamba & Gryan Mealer

No Turning Back: A Hopi Indian Woman's Struggle to Live in Two Worlds

Elizabeth Q. White & Vada F. Carlson

George Catlin and the Old Frontier

Harold McCracken

Daughters of The Eath:Lives and Legends of American Indian Women

Carolyn Niethammer

The Turquoise Ledge (2 COPIES)

Leslie Marmon Silko

I, Rigoberta Menchú

Rigoberta Menchú

CHILDREN'S The Girl Who Helped Thunder and Other Native American Folktales

Joseph Bruchac and James Bruchac

Crazy Horse's Vision

Joseph Bruchac

How A Chipmunk Got His Stripes

Joseph Bruchac and James Bruchac

Tyee's Totem Pole

Terry Shannon

Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back

Joseph Bruchac and Jonathan London/Locker

Walking in Beauty

Susan Kent

Quillworker: A Cheyenne Legent

Terri Cohlene

A Kid's Guide to Native American History

Yvonne Wakim Dennis and Arlene Hirschfelder

The Birchbark House

Louise Erdrich

Aunt Mary, Tell Me a Story

Mary Regina Ulmer Galloway


Ethel Gardner

All Our Relatives

Paul Goble

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

Paul Goble

Kohala Kuamo':Nae'ole's Race to Save a King

Kekauleleanae'ole Kawai'aea

Coyote: A Trickster Tale from the American Southwest

Gerald McDermott

Fox Song

Joseph Bruchac

This land is my land

George Littlechild

Raven: A Trickster Tale from The Pacific Northwest

Gerald McDermott

The Way to Rainy Mountain (2 copies)

N. Scott Momaday

Florida's Seminole Indians

Wilfred T. Neill

Gift Horse: A Lakota Story

S. D. Nelson

The story of the Jumping mouse

John Steptoe

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Scott O'Dell

Sing Down the Moon

Scott O'Dell

Plate Full of Color

Georgia Perez

Tricky Treats

Georgia Perez

Native Americans: The People and How They Lived

Eloise F. Potter and John B. Funderburg

Sitting Bull

Augusta Stevenson

The American Indian School Studies Curriculum Activity Guide 9-12

Esther Stutzman

The American Indian Social Studies Curriculum Activity Guide 7-8

Esther Stutzman

The American Indian Social Studies Curriculum Activity Guide K-6

Esther Stutzman

The Gospel of the Redman

Ernest Thompson Seton & Julia M. Seton

Cherokee Legends and the Trail of Tears

Thomas Bryan Underwood

The Story of the Cherokee People

Tom B Underwood

Hiawatha's Childhood: From The Song of Hiawatha

Henry Longfellow

John Ross: American Indian Stories

Felix C. Lowe

Carlos Montezuma

Peter Iverson

Plenty Coups

Micheal P. Doss

Chief Joseph: Leader of Destiny

Kate Jassem

Pontiac: Chief of The Ottawas

Jane Fleischer

Cherokee Animal Tales

George F. Scheer

A Book About Me

Virginia Stroud

The Goat in The Rug


CULTURE The Sacred Pipe: Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux

Joseph Epes Brown/Black Elk

Trailof Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation

John Ehle

Home Before the Raven Claws

Richard D. Feldman

The Cherokee Perspective

Laurence French and Jim Hornbuckle

Dancing Voices

Rex Lee Jim

Cogewe: The Half-Blood

Mourning Dove

Empire of the Summer Moon

S.C. Gwynne

Tlingit Tales

Lorle K. Harris

I Am the Grand Canyon

Stephen Hirst

The Zunis

Alice K. Flanagan

Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points

Noel D. Justice

Women and Power in Native North America

Laura F. Klein and Lillian A. Ackerman

Indian Dances of North America

Reginald and Gladys Laubin

Women of the Dawn

Bunny McBride

The Indian Affair

Vine Deloria, Jr.

Colonialism on Trial

Don Monet and Skanu'u (Ardythe Wilson)

American Indian

National Society for American Indian Elderly

Native Carolinas: The Indians of North Carolina

Theda Perdue


Theda Perdue

Slavery and the Evolution of Cherokee Society

Theda Perdue

Growing Up Native American

Patricia Riley

Keepers of the Earth

Michael J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac

Rock Art of the American Indian

Campbell Grant

A Haida Potlatch

Ulli Steltzer

Indian Names in Indiana

Alan McPherson

Native American Cookbook

Edna Henry

Native North American Spirituality of the Eastern Woodlands

Elisabeth Tooker

Diversity and Dialogue: The Eitejorg Fellowship For Native Fine Art 2007


Remember This! (2 copies)

Waziyztzwin Angela Wilson

Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americans Transformed the World

Jack Weatherford

Native Roots

Jack Weatherford

The Spirit and the Flesh: Sexual Diversity in American Indian Culture

Walter L. Williams

The Removal of the Cherokee


The Native Americans: An Illustrated History

David Hurst Thomas,Jay Milller,Richard White, Peter J. Deloria

The Living Tradition of Yup'ik Masks

Ann Fienup-Riordan

Tribal Scenes and Ceremonies

Gerald Vizenor

Hopi Kachina: Spirit of Life

Dorothy K. Washburn

Navahjo Medicine Man Sandpaintings

Gladys Reichard


Sherman Alexie

Reservation Blues

Sherman Alexie

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Sherman Alexie

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven

Sherman Alexie

War Dances

Sherman Alexie

Shadow Tag

Louise Erdrich

Love Medicine (5 copies)

Louise Erdrich

The Bingo Palace

Louise Erdrich

The Painted Drum

Louise Erdrich

The Plague of Doves

Louise Erdrich

The Round House

Louise Erdrich

Winnebago Boy

Mario and Marel Scacheri

Last Standing Woman

Winona Laduke

The Seminole Trail

Dee Dunsing

Sacred Clowns

Tony Hillerman

The Blessing Way (6 copies)

Tony Hillerman


Oscar J. Craig

Painter in a Savage Land

Miles Harvey

The First Eagle

Tony Hillerman

House Made of Dawn

N. Scott Momanday

Almanac of the Dead

Leslie Marmon Silko

The Power of Horses and Other Stories

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn


Leslie Marmon Silko

Indian Sleep-Man Tales

Bernice G. Anderson

Flying with the eagle, Racing the great bear

Joseph Bruchac

Two Old Women

Velma Wallis

The Man Who Killed the Deer

Frank Waters

Four Souls

Louise Edrich

Fools Crow

James Welch

The Heartsong of Charging Elk

James Welch

The Indian Lawyer

James Welch

Winter in the Blood

James Welch

RED: Passion and Patience in The Desert

Terry Tempest Williams

Coyote's Canyon

Terry Tempest Williams; John Telford

Cache Lake Country: Life in The North Woods

John J. Rowlands

Daughter of Thunder

Grace Moon

Saint Issac and The Indians

Milton Lomask


Louise Erdrich


Sessions S. Wheeler

Civilized Men

Ivor Noël Hume

The Lesser Blessed

Richard Van Camp

HERBOLOGY, MEDICINE, PLANTS Indian Herbalogy of North America

Alma R. Hutchens

Plants in Hawaiian Culture

Betrice H. Biruss

Navaho Symbols of Healing

Donald Sandner

American Indian Medicine

Virgil Vogel

Native Trees of the Midwest

Sally S. Weeks, Harmon P. Weeks, Jr., George R. Parker

Edible and Medicinal Plants of The West

Gregory L. Tilford

Hawaiian Herbal Medicine

June Gutmanis

HISTORY Tracing the Past at Honaunau

Dorothy B. Barrere

Science Encounters the Indian 1820-1880: The Early Years of American Ethnology

Robert E. Bieder

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (3 copies)

Dee Brown

First Peoples

Colin G. Calloway

War for the plains

Alexandria Virginia

Indians of the Americas

Edwin R. Embree

Indians of the United States

Clark Wissler

The Columbia guide to American Indians of the Great Plains

Loretta Fowler

The Indian Heritage of America

Alvin M. Josephy

Custer Died For Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto

Vine Deloria, Jr.

The Indians

Benjamin Capps

Through Indian Eyes

Reader's Digest

Over The Earth I Come

Duane Schultz

The Great Chiefs

Benjamin Capps

Shoal of Time: A History of the Hawaiian Islands

Gavan Daws

The American Heritage Book of Indians

William Brandon

Indians and a Changing Frontier


Children's Atlas of Native Americans

Rand McNally

Anti-Indianism in Modern America: A Voice from Tatekeya's Earth

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn

Shoal of Time: A History of the Hawaiian Islands

Gavan Daws

Birds of Hawaii

Jim Denny

Custer Died For Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto

Vine Deloria, Jr.

Unsung Heroes of World War II

Deanne Durrett

The Grandfathers Speak: Native American Folk Tales of the Lenape People


Trails of Tears: Paths of Beauty

Joseph Bruchac

Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country

Frederick E. Hoxie & Jay T. Nelson

All Our Relations

Winona Laduke

Native Women's History in Eastern North America before 1900

Rebecca Kugel and Lucy Eldersveld Murphy

The Journey of Crazy Horse

Joseph M. Marshall III

Dream Tracks: The Railroad and the American Indian 1890-1930

T.C. McLuhan

The Names: A Memoir

N. Scott Momady

Always a People

Rita Kohn & W. Lynwood Montell

Chief Joseph and the Flight of the Nez Perce

Kent Nerburn

Native America: A History

Michael Leroy Oberg

The Timeline of Native Americans

Greg O'Brien

Indians and the American West

Donald L. Parman

Navajo Medicine Man Sandpaintings

Gladys A. Reichard

My Life as an Indian

J.W. Schultz

Searching for Lost City

Elizabeth Seay

Negotiators of Change

Nancy Shoemaker

When The Legend Dies

Hal Borland

Indian Women and French Men: Rethinking Cultural Encounter in the Western Great Lakes

Susan Sleeper-Smith

Killing Custer

James Welch with Paul Stekler

Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma

Camilla Townsend

American Indian History

Wiely Blackwell

Black Hawk: The Battle for the Heart of America

Kerry A. Trask

Hawaii: The Territorial Years, 1900-1959 [A Pictorial History]


"The Rise and Fall of the Hawaiian Kingdom" A Pictorial History


Geronimo: War Chiefs

Bill Dugan

The Fight of The Nez Perce:A History of The Nez Perce War

Mark H. Brown

The Lakotas and The Black Hills

Jeffrey Ostler

In The Shadows of Wounded Knee: The Untold Final Story of The Indian Wars

Roger L. DiSilvestro

The Civil War: War on The Frontier; The Trans-Mississippi West

Alivin M. Josephy Jr.

The French and Indian War: Deciding The Fate of North America

Walter R. Borneman

The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek: A Tragic Clash Between White and Native America

Richard Kluger

Fur, Fortune, and Empire: The Epic History of Fur Trade in America

Eric Jay Dolin

Away Off Shore: Nantucket Island and It's People, 1602-1890

Nathaniel Philbrick

500 Nations

Alvin M. Jose, Jr.

Abram's Eyes

Nathaniel Philbrick


Nathaniel Philbrick

The Last Stand:Custard, Sitting Bull, and The Battle of the Little Bighorn

Nathaniel Philbrick

The Gods of Prophetstown

Adam Jortner

Mr. Jefferson's Hammer: William Henry Harrison and the Origins of American Indian Policy

Robert M. Owens

LANGUAGE A Grammar of Lakota

Eugene Buechel, S.J.

Lakota-English Dictionary

Eugene Buechel, S.J.

Cherokee Words

Mary Ulmer Chiltoskey

Visions and Life Journeys

Kathy Sanchez and Corrine Sanchez

Indian Sign Language (3 copies)

William Tomkins

Beginning Lakhota Vol. I

University of Colorado Lakhota Project

Beginning Lakhota Vol. 2

University of Colorado Lakhota Project

Frontiers and Beyond: Visions and Collections from the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art


The Last Lecture


Rabbit Boss

Thomas Sanchez

A Pocket Guide to the Hawaiian Language

Albert J. Schutz

MYTHOLOGY Native American Mythology

Dawn E. Bastian & Judy K. Mitchell

Mythology of the Lenape

John Bierhorst

Algonquin Legends

Charles G. Leland

American Indian Myths and Legends

Richard Erdoes & Alfonso Ortiz

Hilo Legends

Frances Reed

The Dancing Fox: Artic Folktales

John Bierhorst

American Indian Stories, Legends, and Other Writings


Myth: Student Log

Lawana Trout

Native Heart: An American Indian Odyssey

Gabriel Horn


John P. Bowes

The Life of A Kiowa Apache Indian

Charles S. Brant

A Little Matter of Genocide

Ward Churchill

Indian School: Teaching the White Man's Way

Michael L. Cooper

The Fourth World of the Hopis

Harold Courlander

Songs of the Earth

Edward S. Curtis

Indians in Unexpected Places

Philip J. Deloria

Living in Two Worlds

Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa)

If You Poison Us

Peter H. Eichstaedt

Crying for a Dream

Richard Erdoes

Light of the Feather

Mick Fedullo

Snakes in the Grass

Mike Floyd

The Eel River Tribe of Indiana

Mike Floyd

The Columbia Guide to American Indians of the Great Plains

Loretta Fowler

On the Rez (2 copies)

Ian Frazier

Contemporary Native American Political Issues

Troy R. Johnson

Cherokee Heritage

Duane H. King

Viet Cong at Wounded Knee: The Trail of a Blackfeet Activist

Woody Kipp

The Pueblo Children of the Earth Mother

Thomas E. Mails

The Lakota Way

Joseph M. Marshall III

The Day the World Ended AT Little Bighorn

Joseph Marshall III

Genocide of the Mind:New Native American Writing

MariJo Moore

Hawaiian Journey

Joseph G. Mullins

Black Elk Speaks (2 copies)

John G. Neihardt

The American Heritage Book of Indians

Alvin M. Josephy Jr.

Neither Wolf Nor Dog (2 copies)

Kent Nerburn

The Miami Indians of Indiana

Stewart Rafert

Through Indian Eyes

Reader's Digest

The Ordeal of the Longhouse

Daniel K. Richter

Mabel McKay: Weaving the Dream

Greg Sarris


Andrea Smith

Like A Hurricane

Paul Chaat Smith and Robert Allen Warrior

Spirit of a Native Place: Building the National Museum of the American Indian

Smithsonian - National Museum of the American Indian

I Am A Man

Joe Starita

Walking the Choctaw Road

Tim Tingle

Indian Oratory


W.C. Vanderwerth Leslie Marmon Silko, Micheal Dorris, John Gattuso C. Ann Fitterer

The Sun Horse: Native Visions of The New World

Gerald Hausman

Chief Joseph's People and Their War

Alvin M. Josephy Jr.

Kitchi-Gami:Life Among The Lake Superior Ojibwey

Johann Georg Kohl

Sharing Indigenous Wisdom: An International Dialogue On Sustanable Development

College of Menominee Nation: Inaugural Conference

America's fascinating Indian Heritage

James. A. Maxwell

Primitive Man in Michigan

W.B. Hinsdale

The Huron: Farmers of The North

Bruce G. Trigger

The Enduring Seminoles: From Alligator Wrestling to Ecotourism

Patsy West

Rebuilding Native Nations: Strategies for Government and Development

Miriam Jorgensen, Oren Lyons, Satsan

The Life and Trditions of The Red Man

Joseph Nicolar

A Circle of Nations: Voices and Visions of American Indians

The American Indian

Oliver La Farge

The Native Americans: "The Indigenous People of North America"

Colin Taylor

POETRY, LITERATURE Voices of The Rainbow: Contemorary Poetry by American Indians

Edited by: Kenneth Rosen

Wind Borne Seeds

Charles Mann

Coyote Stories

Ethel Gardner

Honey, I love

Eloise Greenfield

Plains Native American Literature

Globe Cook County

How Can One Sell The Air?



Randy Pausch

REFERENCE Native American History for Dummies

Randy Pausch

Encyclopedia of American Indian Removal: Vol 1, A-Z

Thomas Sanchez

Encyclopedia of American Indian Removal: Vol 2, Primary Documents

Littlefield, Jr. and Parins

Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus

Oxford Corpus

Encyclopedia of Native Tribes of American

Michael G. Johnson and Richard Hook

Reference Encylopedia of the American Indian

Barry T. Klein

American Indian Culture and Research Journal

SOCIAL SCIENCE Forced Federalism: Contemporary Challenges to Indigenous Nationhood

Jeff Corntassel


Grace Raymond Hebard

Secret Mesa: Inside Los Alamos National Laboratory

Jo Ann Shroyer

The Sacred Tree

Judie Bopp

The Good Red Road: Passages into Native America

Kenneth Lincoln with Allogan Slagle

Red Alert! Saving the Planet with Indigenous Knowledge (2 copies)

Daniel R. Wildcat

Hawai'I Land of Volcanoes

Jan TenBurggencate

God Is Red

Vine Deloria Jr.

Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everythign Your American History Textbook Got Wrong

James W. Loewen

The Emperial Map: Cartography and The Mastery of Empire

James R. Akerman

Beauty from the Earth

J. J. Brody

Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples

Linda Tuhiwai Smith

SELF HELP, INSPIRATION The Tiny Warrior: A Path to Personal Discovery and Achievement

D. J. Eagle Bear Vanas

Mother Earth Spirituality: Native American Paths to Healing Ourselves and Our World

Ed Mc Gaa, Eagle Man