Myths and truths of platelet-rich plasma

Myths and truths of platelet-rich plasma The treatment with Prp Boston seeks to stop the aging process and promote cell regeneration. As it is done wi...
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Myths and truths of platelet-rich plasma The treatment with Prp Boston seeks to stop the aging process and promote cell regeneration. As it is done with the patient's own blood, it requires a team of medical professionals. Two specialists answer the most common doubts.

There are several myths surrounding this procedure: PRP rejuvenates the skin True. Biostimulation with platelet-rich plasma makes it possible to delay the aging process of the skin. Activates cellular regeneration allows obtaining a better skin quality, more luminous and fresh, with better texture, less flaccidity and less wrinkles. It is a very well tolerated treatment True. As it is an antilogous treatment (blood is obtained from the patient), it does not entail risks of allergies or incompatibility reactions, which makes it a safe procedure for the patient. This procedure, although it is simple, is performed in an outpatient clinic, with a team of medical professionals (including a hematologist), and under conditions of extreme quality control, according to the system of process for the treatment of organic fabric. . It's a beneficial treatment True. It is recommended when you begin to observe that the skin loses collagen and its capacity for cellular regeneration. Prp in Boston can be practical as a defensive action, in the container of younger hide, or as a healing, in that older skin. It will be the medical doctor who, in the end, decides when the correct occasion for its request is. I do not need to perform any control or prior medical study

False. It is very important to emphasize that all patients should be given, before application, a complete clinical history and a blood test, to rule out any pre-existing disease. There are specific contraindications for patients with blood disorders and immunological, among other pathologies.

I can do it as a lot of era as I desire False. The protocol of application and frequency depends on each patient and the degree of coetaneous aging that is present. In universal, it is sensible to be relevant it 2 or 3 era a day, to endorse tissue renewal. After the treatment, I can rejoin my work and social activities without problem True. After the application, people can resume their professional and social life immediately. It also serves to combat cellulite and stretch marks True. It is used to treat all pathologies that require tissue regeneration. It is applied through microinjections in the affected areas. By repairing damaged fibers and tissue, it improves the appearance of the skin and regenerates new, better quality cells. It can be complete at any occasion of the day True. It can be done in winter, spring or summer, taking into account direct sun exposure. Any type of skin can be treated with PRP False. Skins with active acne or medical treatment for any particular pathology cannot be subjected to infiltrations with PRP. After performing this treatment, you do not need sunscreen

False. After any medical and / or aesthetic treatment to improve the quality of the skin, the use of sunscreen is essential. It is important to raise awareness about the damage caused by the sun, and the need to use creams or emulsions with sunscreen (it will vary which product will be used depending on the time of year).