Multi-Stream Blender Advanced solutions for Bio-fuel blending applications

Multi-Stream Blender Advanced solutions for Bio-fuel blending applications The Multi-Stream Blender utilizes the latest advancements in microprocesso...
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Multi-Stream Blender

Advanced solutions for Bio-fuel blending applications The Multi-Stream Blender utilizes the latest advancements in microprocessor technology, to bring unparalleled accuracy to blending system solutions with features such as multiple target blend percentages, user definable alarm outputs, self calibrating functionality, and clean arm flushing. The Multi-Stream Blender can be configured in several arrangements, allowing for up to four streams per assembly. Utilizing the Honeywell Enraf designed hydraulic actuated V-port flow control valves the Multi-Stream Blender is capable of achieving highly accurate linear control across the complete blend range.

The Perfect Blend With energy costs spiraling upwards, and elevation of environmental issues on the global agenda, the majority of oil companies are now seeking to capitalize on the expansion of blended bio-fuels at the load rack. Honeywell Enraf developed today’s standard for load rack blending, starting in the 1980’s for ‘Mid Grade’ fuels. During the 1990’s Honeywell Enraf extended its expertise to Ethanol blending at the load rack and today has the most advanced solutions to blend custom grades of Ethanol and Bio-Diesel blended fuels. The design of Honeywell Enraf’s blending skids takes into consideration the various issues for adding an Ethanol or Bio-Diesel blending capability to the load rack: • The need for a small foot print blender. • The requirements for accurate measurement and tight ratio control of Ethanol and Bio-Diesel. • Temperature compensated total for blend components. • Fast and simple meter proving. • Easy interface to existing load rack controls. • The flexibility of multiple blend ratios.

Seamless Integration The design philosophy behind all Honeywell Enraf additive injection and blending systems is to ensure that every application can be catered to. Regardless of whether the loading facility has single or multiple arms, the requirement for seamless integration with load rack computers, Terminal Automation Systems and a multitude of 3rd party equipment is paramount. This seamless integration capability is further enhanced by Honeywell Enraf’s provision of all peripheral equipment like additive offloading pump skids, additive storage tanks, additive boost pump pressure skids, containerized additive units and portable injection equipment.

Features Arrangements

Calibration Kit

Honeywell Enraf offers multiple configuration and flow rate

To aid calibration of the Multi-Stream Blender, proving

designs for the Multi-Stream Blender. Some examples are

connections are pre-installed in the blend unit, with a single

the customized 6-stream horizontal Bio-Diesel blend skids

connection for ‘volumetric’ proving or dual connections for

or 2-4 stream vertical Ethanol blend skids. For alternative

‘master meter’ proving.

(e.g. slave configuration without the smart Micro-blend controller, etc) or customized arrangements please contact

Comms Mini-Pak Emulation

your local sales office. The Multi-Stream Blender contains a communications

Valve Control – Hydraulic Power-Pak

emulator that allows the blender to be operated as if it were a Mini-Pak injection system. A typical application would be

The Multi-Stream Blender is provided with a Hydraulic

direct communications to an Accuload or Honeywell Enraf

Power-Pak (HPP) for valve control. The HPP stabilizes valve

1010 load computer: The Accuload/1010 could be configured

control pressure, solving issues with high viscosity products

to communicate with a Mini-Pak injector and connected

(over 50cst) and reducing the pressure differential required

to the blend controller on RS485. When an additive recipe

across the blender (15 psi). The HPP is a completely self

is selected, this will be translated in the blend controller

contained unit including hydraulic tank, pump/motor and

as a blend percentage; the blend controller will operate

control tubing and is designed for use in Class 1, Div 1

normally and upon completion upload the blend totals to the

hazardous areas.

appropriate load computer registers.

Temperature Compensation


Temperature compensation upgrade option includes pre-

The Multi-Stream Blender is supplied as standard with inline

installed temperature transmitters and compensation

strainer containing 80 mesh basket.

software features. Temperature compensation is available via API tables, specific gravities, or co-efficient of expansion

Automatic Isolation

techniques. Each of the streams has isolation valve for easy maintenance.

Blend Product Supply The Multi-Stream Blender requires a pressurized product supply. Typically 15 - 20 psi differential pressure is required across blend product supply & main product flow pressure.

Hand-Held IR Controller The hand-held Infra-red remote controller is a tool used to interface with the Multi-Stream Blender, allowing tasks such as the adjustment of parameters, resetting of alarms and calibration of the blender. The same hand-held is capable of communicating with all Honeywell Enraf additive and blend controllers therefore it is not necessary to have a controller for each blend unit.

Technical specification Flow Flow Rate

: 3 - 150 GPM (12 - 565 LPM)

Resolution (PPG)

: 384 PPG (101 PPL)


: ± 0.25%


: ± 0.05%

Pressure Drop

: 15 psi

Max Viscosity

: 300 cst. Hydraulic Power-Pak

Environmental Temperature Humidity Approvals

: -40 ºF to +150 ºF (-20 ºC to +40 ºC) : 5% to 95% without condensation : Class 1, Div 1, Groups C&D

Materials Meter Control Valve Actuator Enclosure

: : : :

Casing - 316 SS, Gears - Ryton w/ carbon bearings, Seals - Teflon Body - 304 SS, V-Ball, Seals - PTFE Body & Piston - Aluminum Cast Aluminum or Steel, Glass

Electrical Micro Blend Controller V.1 Voltage : 110 VAC - 265 VAC, 48-63 Hz Digital Inputs : 2x DC Staus Inputs, 1x AC Input Digital Outputs : 2 x AC Outputs, 1x DC Output Analogue I/O : None Comms : 1X RS485 (2 wire) Display : 2 Line by 14 character Conduit Entries : 2x 1” NPT (AC); 2x 1” NPT (DC) Meter Pulses : Hall effect, digital current sinking output Temperature Sensor : N/A Mechanical End Connections

: ANSI 150 lb RF Flanged

Options Interfaces Proving Connections Temp Compensation Processors

: : : :

Micro Blend Controller V.2 110 VAC - 265 VAC, 48-63 Hz 4x AC Status Inputs (Reset, Enable, Pacing), 4 x DC Status Inputs, 2 x AC Multi-functional Outputs, 2 x DC Multi-functional Outputs 1 x 4-20 mA Analog Input 1 x RS 485 (2 wire or 4 wire) 2 Line by 16 character 2x 1” NPT (AC); 2x 1” NPT (DC) Hall effect, digital current sinking output Absolute accuracy ± 0.1% of span

Hand-Held IR Controller (P/N 10-31052) Single or dual arrangements for vessel or master meter proving Temperature transmitter and compensation firmware Continuous pipeline application software

Identification Code Pos 1, 2, 3 Product Family 4 4 - Ethanol Blending Skids with EFT Oval Gear Meter and EFT Control Valves Pos 4 Number of Blend Arms on Skids 1 1 Arm 2 2 Arm 3 3 Arm 4 4 Arm 9 Special Pos 5 Control and Power 1 120 VAC with/out Control for (Slave Operation) 2 240 VAC with/out Control for (Slave Operation) 3 120 VAC with Micro-Blender Controllers on each Stream 4 240 VAC with Micro-Blender Controllers on each Stream 9 Special Pos 6 Control Valves 1 1 1/2” V-Port Hydraulic Control Valves 2 2” V-Port Hydraulic Control Valves 9 Special Pos 7 Prover Connections 1 2” Cam Lock Connections for Master Meter 2 2” Cam Lock Connections for Volumetric Prover Can 9 Special Pos 8 RTD 0 Standard 1 RTD in common header feed line 2 Optional 2 RTD’s one in each blend stream 3 Optional 3 RTD’s one in each blend stream 4 Optional 4 RTD’s one in each blend stream 9 Special 4











Typical Identification Code Your Identification Code

Note: Please contact the local sales office for Bio-diesel blending systems.

General Arrangement

4 1.25” (1048 mm) 26” (660 mm) 13” (330 mm)



3 /4 " N P T H O LE

5.2 5” (133 mm)

32.7” (831 mm)


9.25” (235 mm)

4 2.00” (1067 mm) 4 5.88” (1165 mm) 5 8 .75” (1492 mm)

F R O N T V IE W Dimensions in inches and (mm)

Honeywell Enraf Americas Inc. 2000 Northfield Court Roswell, Georgia 30076 U.S.A Tel: +1 770 475 1900 Fax: +1 770 475 1717

4417804_ENG Revision 0 March 2009 © 2009 Honeywell International Inc.

7 1.75” (1822 mm)


6 7.75” (1721 mm)

6 3.75” (1619 mm)

82” (2083 mm)

3 /4 " N P T H O LE

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