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Annual Programme Report | 2007-2008

Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation

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foreword I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation bring help and hope to so many children. Because of your support, we were able to make a tremendous difference in the lives of countless suffering children and their families around the world in 2008. Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation has been able to provide food and shelter for some of the poorest children in the world. Our work is done through our children’s feeding centres and rescue centres. But without

you—it cannot be done! You are such a vital part of our life saving programmes.

we follow the example of Mother Teresa in reaching out with mercy to the “poorest of the poor.”

You have proven that each one of us can make a difference in our world with our caring and concern. The children in remote villages in India and Africa have food, shelter and medical supplies that will ensure their survival. They thank you for your unending kindness in helping to make this relief possible. Your humanitarian heart and mercy for the suffering children is an inspiration to us all at Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation, as

On behalf of the poor, hungry and suffering children, I thank you very much from my heart for your compassionate contribution. You have given these children hope for a better life and brighter future. Sincerely,

Sr. Myrna Velasco International Advisor

Annual Programme Report ▪ 1

MISSION MOTHER TERESA CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION provides solid, workable solutions to the suffering of precious children and their families. Through our proven humanitarian relief programmes we offer lasting support and loving care to the poorest of the poor, following the example to the world made by Mother Teresa. Through the contributions of compassionate donors, the MTCF merciful outreaches bring hope to the hopeless in some of the poorest communities in the world. As Mother Teresa showed us, it is truly miraculous how compassion and care can change a life. Caring individuals who want to partner with us and be a part of Mother Teresa’s legacy of compassion can truly make a difference in the lives of suffering, forsaken children around the world. Together, we can save them from a life of hunger, disease, despair and death.

Annual Programme Report ▪ 2

Motivation Mother



in Macedonia, on August 27,


Foundation was founded with the

1910. At the age of twelve, she

of the poor in the slums of

desire to help suffering children

felt strongly the call of God as a

Calcutta. For the rest of her life,

and their families throughout

missionary to spread the love of

she cared for the unfortunate

the world. We are inspired by

Christ. At the age of eighteen,

and the dying leaving a lasting

Mother Teresa’s life as we reach

she went to India, where in

legacy of compassion that is

out to help the needy and less

1931, she took her initial vows

the basis for everything MTCF

fortunate of our planet. MTCF

and adopted the name Teresa.

does. Mother Teresa’s work has



From 1931 to 1948, she taught

been recognised and acclaimed

mercy by independently helping

at St. Mary’s High School in

throughout the world. In 2003,

children all over the world and is

Calcutta, but the suffering and

she was beatified by Pope John

not supported by or connected

poverty she glimpsed outside

Paul II. Mother Teresa Children’s

in any way to the Missionaries

the convent walls made such

Foundation is dedicated to her

of Charity in Calcutta. “Mother

a deep impression on her that

example of mercy and following

Teresa,” as she is known, was

in 1948, she left the convent

in her footsteps by reaching out

born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu

school and devoted herself to

to the poorest of the poor.







Annual Programme Report ▪ 3

MOTHER TERESA CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION is guided by a set of operating principles that determine how we choose our relief projects. We seek to honour our contributors by following these guidelines for every programme we support and every mission we sponsor:



2 3 4 5

Offer compassion and aid to those in need, regardless of age, race, gender, or religion

Focus our resources on reaching out to the poorest of the poor all over the world

Respond with mercy and relief to victims of disasters who need immediate help

Partner with well-established, indigenous organisations to maximize the compassion we can share

Require strong accountability from our programmes and operations and maintain that accountability with our contributors


Support education and community development to promote lasting change and continue to improve the lives of suffering children and their families

The Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation family of charities throughout the world support many projects that meet these project criteria. The following pages describe just a few of the project areas that Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation in the United Kingdom and other countries support because of compassionate contributors around the world.

Annual Programme Report ▪ 4

Safety It is estimated that there are more than 143 million orphaned children in our world today. There are 1.7 million orphans in Sudan alone. These children may never know the care of a family or having someone to provide for them. Many of these orphaned children experience physical, mental, and emotional delays in development. Many will not survive at all. But Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation refuses to let even one child suffer the fate of living alone and in danger. We support children through Care Point homes and villages located

throughout Sudan and in many other parts of the world. Each home that MTCF helps to build provides shelter, safety, and security for 8-12 children and a “mama” (caretaker), who lives with them and provides for their needs. We provide full care for the children including nutritious food, medical care, and education. When children live in their own home with a small family of other orphans and a permanent caretaker, they find a sense of family and belonging which is so important to their future health. We are helping to build entire villages of these orphan homes where children can thrive and

grow. Without these orphan villages, these children would be on the streets, cold, hungry and vulnerable to disease or worse. The MTCF network of charities supports homes and care centres in Uganda, Sudan, Zambia, Kenya, and Malawi. We also support children’s homes in the Philippines and areas of the Caribbean. In 2008, MTCF sent lifesaving medical supplies to be distributed to multiple care centres in Sudan; clothes, shoes, and food to the Philippines; and significant food and medical aid to India to help support the children that are in our care. Annual Programme Report ▪ 5

Finding a safe source of water is one of the most difficult problems facing the poor in underdeveloped countries today. More than 1.1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water, and more than 2.5 billion people do

Children celebrating their new borewell provided by MTCF in Southern Sudan.

not have indoor plumbing. The lack of clean water leads to illnesses that claim the lives of helpless children. In fact, more


than 80% of all diseases in developing countries are related to unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. Almost 400 million children in India alone live with no reliable source of water, and the water they can get is often contaminated or even deadly. This is why MTCF has made the provision of clean, safe water for every child one of our primary goals. Working in partnership with our contributors and local communities, the MTCF network of charities worldwide have helped establish clean water sources for thousands of people by digging wells in key locations in Sudan, Swaziland, Kenya, and India. A typical water well will be used by up to 1,000 people and will last at least 20 years.

Before MTCF established a well for these communities, thousands of people were forced to walk for hours to collect water. Women and children are primarily responsible for this back-breaking chore, and the water is often from polluted rivers or filthy swamps and contaminated with parasites and the dangerous cholera bacteria. But an MTCF-donated well brings real relief to these people by drastically reducing exposure to unsafe water, water-bourne epidemics, inadequate sanitation, and even tribal conflict associated with water rights. Many children previously burdened with water collection are now able to attend school. A water well is one of the most effective and lasting ways we can make an impact in the poorest of communities around the world. Annual Programme Report ▪ 6

Nutrition In the developing world, well

MTCF has made it our mission to

can help them obtain shelter,

over 500 million people are

make sure that every child has

medical care, and schooling. In

living in what the World Bank

enough to eat. We are making

2008, the MTCF charities helped

has called “absolute poverty.”

it possible for hungry, homeless

ship 25 pallets of food and

Every year 15 million children

children to eat a hot meal

vitamins to Swaziland to help

die of hunger. The World Health

every day through successful

support the children there. And



programmes such as our Care

in Bangalore, India, the MTCF-

one-third of the world is well-

Points in Swaziland and Sudan,


fed, one-third is under-fed and

and our Mobile Feeding Centres

Kitchen,” provides up to 1,200

one-third is starving. The Indian

in Malawi, Uganda, and India.

meals a day to some of the city’s


subcontinent has nearly half the



most helpless children. It is our

world’s hungry people. Africa

In Africa, many street children

dream to see a place in every

and the rest of Asia together

who come to our Care Points

needy region where children can

have approximately 40%, and

used to feel lucky if they got to

come and receive a hot meal

the remaining hungry people are

eat 3 or 4 times a week. But now,

and a little hope in their lives.

found in Latin America and other

they come and receive a hot

Because of MTCF’s generous

parts of the world.

meal every day and are put in


contact with care providers who

becoming a reality.




Annual Programme Report ▪ 7

Resources Mother



these nations so that our relief


Foundation was founded by

efforts will have a lasting impact

effectiveness of our projects to

Dr. Sajan George Kavinkalath

for the nations in which we

make sure that our resources

as a non-profit organisation

work. In addition to providing


committed to providing food,

direct relief to children, their

benefit for the children. MTCF




receives financial support from

aspects of care to suffering

we seek to educate the public

private individuals and public




companies. Many of our donors


the plight of these children

support the projects of MTCF on

accomplish this goal by keeping

through community awareness

a regular basis. MTCF informs

a very limited administrative

projects. All of our projects are

the public of its relief projects

structure in order to provide

held to the highest standards

around the world by means of



direct mail appeals, programme

shelter, in




nations and worldwide.









our projects. We also support

independent audits and strict












reports, and the internet.


Annual Programme Report ▪ 8

Organisation information ADDRESS Unit 10B Sovereign Park Cleveland Way Hemel Hempstead Herts, HP2 7DA





E-MAIL [email protected]

board members Dr. Sajan George Kavinkalath - President Crystal Chen – Treasurer Nathan Barnes – Member

Annual Programme Report ▪ 9

Programme Grants

UniteD Kingdom

Grants to Programmes In year ended 31 May 2008, MTCF in the UK donated £193,937 to life-saving programmes in countries throughout the world.


China India

£111,768 £6,523



Philippines £1,035



Zambia £0







ALL Europe

Grants to Programmes The MTCF charities throughout Europe together donated £794,083* during the last fiscal/calendar year to areas of need in the following countries.




India £13,556



Philippines £5,733



Sudan £58,063



Zambia £0







*currency conversion rates as of 21-7-09 Annual Programme Report ▪ 10