Missouri State Poultry Association Show

Missouri State Poultry Association Show 33rd Annual Spring Show Double Show, 1 Day April 18, 2015 Missouri State Poultry Association Show The Missou...
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Missouri State Poultry Association Show 33rd Annual Spring Show Double Show, 1 Day April 18, 2015

Missouri State Poultry Association Show The Missouri State Poultry Association Show welcomes you to our 33rd annual spring show. It will be a 1 day, double show, held April 18, 2015 at the Poultry Barn at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, MO. The State Fairgrounds are located at 16th Street & US Hwy 65. At 16th Street, turn west and drive to the entrance of the fairgrounds. The Poultry Barn is on the south side of the fairgrounds, on last south road. If coming from I-70, turn south on US Hwy 65 and drive 18 miles to Sedalia. If coming from 50 Hwy, turn south on US Hwy 65 and drive one half mile to 16th Street.



Co- President: James Miller/Dwight Madsen Vice President: Jerry Church Sec/Treas: Bernita Miller Assist. Sec: Barb Church

Dale Postma Jerry Semsch David Huddleston Steve Dixon

Mark Cunningham Seth Smith

JUDGES for the 33rd annual spring show will be: Gary Overton and Dennis Thompson, plus two more pending

Please have ENTRY FORM and check POSTMARK by April 6, 2015 MAIL entries to: MO State Poultry Assoc. Bernita Miller 300 N. Franklin Windsor, MO 65360

Phone: (660) 647-2474 Email: [email protected]

ENTRY FEE of $3.50 per bird in the Open Show, $2.00 for the Junior Show, $7.00 for Double Coop and $4.00 for Sale Coop. NO TRIOS ACCEPTED. LATE FEE of $10.00 per bird in the Open Show will be charged if entries have not been received by the Show Sectary by April 13, 2015. ALL JUNIORS ARE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP. JUNIORS WILL HAVE ONE SHOW ONLY WITH OTHER ACTIVITIES PLANNED.

SHOW SCHEDULE NO EARLY COOP-INS and NO EARLY COOP-OUTS Friday, April 17, 2015, the showroom is open from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM Saturday, April 18. 2015, the showroom is open from 6:00 AM until the birds are released from the show The JUDGING will begin at 8:00 AM BIRDS WILL BE RELASED ONLY AFTER JUDGING HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND THE AWARDS GIVEN OUT.



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The Missouri State Poultry Association (MSPA) is open to all poultry exhibitors, no membership is required. You are invited to become a member of the MSPA. Membership dues are $8.00 a year and can be mailed with your entry. The MSPA is a member of the APA and ABA. We recognized all breeds of poultry, turkey and waterfowl. APA and ABA rules govern this show unless otherwise stated. No protest will be accepted unless made in writing and accompanied by a $25.00 cash protest. Protest of a judge’s decision will not be considered unless a disqualified birds has been placed. BIRDS ARE TO SHOWN INDIVIDUALLY, WE DO NOT ACCEPT TRIOS. Cocks and Hens are 1 year and older. Cockerels and pullets are under 1 year of age at the time of the show. To be considered for a display, it consists of a cock, hen, cockerel, pullet and at least three other birds of the same breed and variety shown by one exhibitor. Only Bantam displays will be calculated for show reports. ENTRY FORMS MUST BE FILLED OUT COMPLETELY. Specifying bantams or large fowl, variety, breed and where applicable single or rosecomb and bearded or non-bearded. Birds not specified as bantams or large fowl will be entered as large fowl and will not be moved. NO DOUBLE COOPS UNLESS PAID FOR WHEN ENTRY MAILED. $7.00 ENTRY FEE PER BIRD FOR DOUBLE COOP. ANY CALLS MADE TO THE EXHIBITOR TO VERIFY AN INCOMPLETE ENTRY FORM WILL BE COLLECTED. There will be only 1 change per exhibitor per show. No changes after April 13, 2015 because of all the paper work that has to be changed and cages that would have to be moved. No substitution of one breed to another the last week before the show. No entry fees will be returned for any reason. All entries must have check or money order enclosed and made payable to Missouri State Poultry Assoc. ENTRY FEE IS $3.50 PER BIRD FOR OPEN SHOW AND $7.00 PER DOUBLE COOP. JUNIORS WILL HAVE ONLY 1 SHOW WITH AN ENTRY FEE OF $2.00. SALE COOPS ARE $4.00 EACH. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE POSTMARED BY APRIL 6TH, 2015. ANY ENTRY RECEIVED AFTER APRIL 13, 2015 WILL BE CHARGED $10.00 PER BIRD. NO ENTRIES TAKEN THE WEEK OF THE SHOW. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY ENTRY FOR ANY REASON. MAIL ENTRY & CHECK TO




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All birds must meet state pollorum testing regulations. Mail your copy of testing reports with your Entry Form. Any bird showing signs of disease will not be allowed in the show room. Sale coops are $4.00 each. There will be designated sales area. There is a limited number of sale coops. Tags are to be purchased from the Show Sec. No birds from the outside sales are allowed in the building. All birds must be leg banded before being placed in their assigned cage. Any person handling any birds or gathering eggs other than their owner will be disqualified as an exhibitor and any premiums won will be forfeited back to the club. All exhibitors must feed and water their own birds. Feed will be provided. All show boxes with names on them must be covered up completely or taken out of the building. If you take pictures of birds, please ask permission of the owner and the show management, as we have had people coming in and taking pictures of our birds for their catalogs and websites for their own profit. BIRDS WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL AFTER THE JUDGES ARE DONE AND THE AWARDS PRESENTATIONS IF FINISHED. ANYONE REMOVING BIRDS FROM THEIR ASSIGNED CAGES BEFORE BEING RELEASED WILL FORFEIT ANY AND ALL AWARDS WON AND CAN BE BARRED FROM ANY FUTURE SHOWS. THIS INCLUDES THE REPORTING TO THE APA & ABA AND ALL BREED CLUBS REPORTS. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN ANY AWARDS AND POINTS, WE WILL NO LONGER MAIL ANY AWARDS OR MONEY.

Missouri State Poultry Association Show Entry Form Mail entries to: Bernita Miller 300 N. Franklin Windsor, MO 65360 Entry # ________ Open Show


Junior Show ________

Exhibitor Name __________________________________ Address ________________________________________ City, State, Zip __________________________________ Phone _________________________________________ Email __________________________________________ Total # of Open Show birds __________ @ $3.50 each = $ Total # of Junior Show birds _________ @ $2.00 each = $ Total # of Double Coops ____________ @ $7.00 each = $ Total # of Sale Coops _______________ @ $4.00 each = $ Clean Up Fee due per each exhibitor Membership _____________________

@ $5.00 each = $5.00

This is a mandatory fee

$8.00 _______________ TOTAL ENCLOSED $

Bantam (B) or Large Fowl (L)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Breed & Variety

Double Coop (Y/N)

Cock #

Hen #

Cockerel #

Pullet #

Bantam (B) or Large Fowl (L)

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36.

Breed & Variety

Double Coop (Y/N)

Cock #

Hen #

Cockerel #

Pullet #

MOTELS & RESTAURANTS Our motel this year is Sunset Motel. Tell them you are with the Missouri State Poultry Association. It is located on South Hwy 65. The address is 3615 South Limit Ave., Sedalia, MO and their phone number is (660) 826-1446. We have a 24 hour Walmart on Hwy 50. There are lots of antiques and flea markets in the area. There are many restaurants in the area including Applebee’s, Ryan’s, and several Chinese and Mexican restaurants. Kehde’s Barbeque is located across the street from the fairgrounds on Hwy 65 South.

Super 7 Motel 5650 S Limit (660) 827-0215

Show-me Kort 1217 S. Limit (660) 826-8400

Sunset Motel 3615 S Limit (660) 826-1446

Best Western 3120 S. Limit (660) 826-6100

Super 8 Motel 3402 W. Broadway (660) 827-5890

Ramada Inn 3501 W. Broadway (660) 826-8400

Comfort Inn 3600 W. Broadway (660) 826-5050

Stardust Motel 4710 S Limit (660) 826-8662

Holiday Inn Express 4001 W Broadway (660) 826-4000

There are several Motels/Hotels in Warrensburg, MO, which is about 30 miles west of Sedalia on Hwy 50.

LIVE AUCTION AND RAFFLE Any items or birds you would like to donate for the auction or raffle would be greatly appreciated. All proceeds will go to the Club to help us make the show better. Our favorite auctioneer Michael Cunningham will do the live auction again this year.

OPEN SHOW CLASS AWARDS Class Champions of both shows will receive $10.00 and Reserve Champion of both shows will receive $5.00. You must be present to win any awards. American Asiatic English Mediterranean Continental All Other Class Large Duck Turkey

Single Comb Clean Leg Rosecomb Clean Leg Featherleg Modern Game Old English Game Bantams & American Game All Other Comb Clean Leg Bantams Duck Goose

There must be at least 10 birds in a class shown by 2 or more exhibitors to receive any of these awards. Each exhibitor must be present at the show to win any awards and points; we will no longer mail any awards or money.


JUNIOR SHOW JUNIOR EXHIBITORS MUST ATTEND SHOW. NO EXCEPTIONS. 1. To enter junior show, the exhibitor must be between the ages of 5 & 18, must be the actual owner of the birds, and must know breed of birds, if asked questions, must be able to answer any questions about the bird. 2. All birds entered in Junior Show will be judged separate from the Open Show. 3. Champion Junior bird will be placed on Championship row with Open Show champions. 4. Junior class champions will not be awarded prized unless individually sponsored. 5. On the entry form, must be marked Junior Show. If you are showing any birds in the Open Show, must be on separated entry and marked Open Show. Cannot show same bird in both Junior and Open Shows. 6. You must be present to win any awards and points.

OPEN SHOW AWARDS FOR APRIL 18, 2015 Grand Champion of 1st & 2nd Show Reserve Champion of 1st & 2nd Show Champion Large Fowl Dominique 1st & 2nd Show Champion Bantam Dominique 1st & 2nd Show Champion Araucana 2nd Show

$20.00 MSPA $10.00 MSPA $5.00 Mark Fields $5.00 Mark Fields $10.00 Lisa Helms

All other awards will be posted at the show.

JUNIOR SHOW AWARDS Grand Champion Reserve Grand Champion Trophies for each of the 16 classes of Bantams and Large Fowl Champion & Reserve Champion Champion & Res Champion Large Fowl Dominique Champion & Res Champion Bantam Dominique Best AOV Bantam Cochin Champion Large Fowl Reserve Champion Large Fowl Champion Bantam Reserve Champion Bantam

Trophy & $5.00 MSPA Trophy & $5.00 MSPA Cackle Hatchery $5.00 Mark Fields $5.00 Mark Fields $5.00 K&B Miller $5.00 Caroline Abeln $5.00 Caroline Abeln $5.00 Caroline Abeln $5.00 Caroline Abeln

** Special Thanks to Jeff Smith of Cackle Hatchery for donating the trophies for the Junior Show Any awards received after the show catalog is printed will be posted at the show. The award money comes from the entries received and some exhibitors who help the Club pay for awards. Please donate by giving $5.00 or $10.00 for the Junior exhibitors.

SHOW MEETS FOR APRIL 18, 2015 American Bantams Association American Poultry Association Call Ducks Cochin International D’Anver Dominique Club International Waterfowl Modern Game Bantams Old English Game Bantams Orpington Plymouth Rock Rhode Island Rosecomb Waterfowl Wyandotte

State and Special 2 Special Pending 2 Regionals District & Special 2 Specials 2 Specials 2 Specials 2 OEGBN Specials 2 Specials Pending Pending District & Special Pending Pending

The American Serama Association Breeders will have a table top exhibition of these small birds.

If you want a meet for a breed of poultry, we do not have listed, please contact Bernita so she can get it for you or you can bring the meet papers with you to the show.

GREAT FOOD The Shawnee 4-H Club will have the food stand, Saturday, April 18, 2015. Breakfast and lunch will be served. Pop, water, coffee and great food will be available. Please visit the food stand. All proceeds will be used for camp scholarships.

POULTRY SUPPLIES Don Utterback will have his poultry supplies set up at the show. Please check out what he has and if he does not have it, he can get it for you. Please support our Food and Supply Stands. We appreciate these people for helping us at our show. Thank you!