Minutes of the 8 th ASA Board Meeting

Minutes of the 8th ASA Board Meeting Date: Tuesday, March 5th 2013, 10:00 till 15:30 Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Cebu, Philippines Present: Samim A...
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Minutes of the 8th ASA Board Meeting


Tuesday, March 5th 2013, 10:00 till 15:30


Shangri-La Hotel, Cebu, Philippines


Samim Aydin, Celebi (Chairman) Barry Nassberg, WFS Sally Leible, ATS (partial via conference call) Jon Conway, dnata Michael Hancock, CAHA Tim Ornellas, Ground Handling International Martin Meyer, AAS (Secretary General)


Kobus Van Niekerk, BidAir John Batten, Swissport Carlos Navas, Acciona Mohamed Hanno, ASE Group


Opening of the Meeting


Samim opened the meeting by welcoming all members. Apologies were received from Kobus, John, Carlos and Mohamed, who unfortunately could not attend.


Approval of the Minutes of the 6th Board Meeting


The Minutes of the 7th Board Meeting held on November 26th, 2012 in Milan were unanimously approved.


Report on membership status


Applications for membership: TCR


Follow up on potential new membership: Servisair , Lybia Ground Services & Handling Partner Gabon


Cancellation of membership: GHI Italy & Total Airport Services


Increase of the membership base / new membership category The Board discussed the creation of a new member category to accommodate local and regional associations. The membership fee for the association was defined and approved. Please see the attached new “ASA Membership Structure”. If a regional association joins ASA, then each member shall become an ASA member as well under their association.

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Meetings with the German VDF and the French CSAE shall be organised and the new structure will be promoted. 4.

Financial Report


2012 year end The year end figures were reviewed and it was confirmed that all payments had been settled. No other outstanding payments are due except the carried forward debts for 2011 (five monthly salaries for SG)


2013 YTD The Board reviewed the finances 2013 YTD. See attachment.


Competition Law Guidelines The final competition law guidelines were reviewed and approved. This document shall be sent to all members and will be published on our website.


ASA Introductory Meetings with ICAO and ACI (Report by Sally) Sally Leible (Airport Terminal Services) represented the ASA as a Board Member to make initial introductions on behalf of our association to ICAO and ACI in Montreal, QB, (Canada) on February 26, 2013. The following are brief notes from the meeting with final recommendations for action. ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Ms. Leible met with Christian Schleifer, President of ANC (Air Navigation Commission). The Air Navigation Commission is composed of 19 independent international experts, responsible for the development of Standards and Recommended Practices for the Safety of International Civil Aviation. ANC presides over 90% of the annexes and is made up of 191 Member States. Mr. Schleifer provided a brief overview of the ANC: -


Annex 19 sets forth SMS and SS. ANC has no regulatory jurisdiction over airports. They perform audits for compliance but there are no penalties for any infractions that may be cited. They formally recognise IATA and ACI. (David Gamper is ACI's representative). They specifically wanted to know what percentage of ground handling companies is represented by ASA. As a comparison, ICAO claims to represent 98% of the member states. (NOTE: It is important to stress that ASA has a large market share of the ground handling community). They asked that Ms. Leible discuss our introductory meeting with the ASA board. If ASA desires to go forward, a formal letter of request should be sent. ANC does not have the authority to grant ASA observatory status. They can recommend but it would have to go to council for a final vote and approval.

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The minimum criteria to be considered in any observer or invited status from ICAO is that you must represent global members and have an international footprint. ASA meets this requirement. The most significant exchange noted at the meeting was ICAO's interest in safety data from our member group with our international footprint. Ms. Leible shared an overview with regards to ASA. The meeting was productive and provided a meaningful, but cursory, introduction of both groups.

Recommendation: Letter from Chairman to Mr. Schleifer requesting ASA be granted Observer Status ACI (Airport Council International) Ms. Leible met with David Gamper - Director of Safety & Technical. (Note that Mr. Gamper serves in the official capacity of “observer status" at ICAO on behalf of ACI) -






ACI relocated headquarters to YUL over one year ago to specifically collaborate more closely with ICAO and IATA. Ms. Leible stated on behalf of ASA that our concern is that ground handlers could not be represented objectively by other aviation associations as one is the landlord (ACI) and the other its customer (IATA). John Pottinger attended for a short time. His role is now strictly devoted to APEX. (Mr. Pottinger was an attendee when Tim Ornellas and Sally Leible provided an ASA presentation to ICAO over a year ago.) APEX is the ACI safety program called Airport Excellence. Had a courtesy meeting with Angela Gittens, Director. She stated that they are close to having a more formal relationship with IATA. She was very enthusiastic about our ground handling community and thanked us for “reaching out" to ACI. Ms. Leible stated to Ms. Gittens that the members of ASA viewed the airports as a significant relationship with a shared vision to enhance safety and raise standards. Ms. Gittens stated that a 2013 initiative with ACI members would be enhancing customer service at airports. Ms. Leible stated that often the ground handler is the sole airline representative at the airports. As such, this a perfect illustration as to why ground handlers should be included the in this important initiative. Ms. Leible advised Ms. Gittens that we would have to entice her to speak at our annual conference . She said she would be pleased to address the ground handling community. Mr. Gamper stated that IATA wanted ACI to endorse ISAGO. They were interested in our thoughts on this.

Recommendations: 1. Letter from ASA Chairman to David Gamper to offer formal MOU with ACI to collaborate and provide exchange of information to (a) educate them on ASA membership and vision (b) enhance the safety of all ground operations. 2.

Consider a Board Member assigned to each chapter as liaison: The structure of ACI is one of regional chapters. ACI’s world offices are based in Montreal, Canada and it has five geographical regions, as follows: Africa (Casablanca) Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong)

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Europe (Brussels) Latin America and Caribbean (Quito, Ecuador) North America (Washington DC) 7.

Feedback from African Chapter meeting An inaugural meeting of the African Chapter of the ASA was held in Johannesburg on the 22nd of February; the meeting coincided with the Air Cargo Africa conference. Just over 20 people confirmed their attendance for the half day meeting but in the end only 11 delegates actually registered. Delegates represented handlers, airlines, airports and equipment suppliers. A brief presentation on the aims and objectives of the association was provided as well as telling insights from Board members Barry Nassberg and John Batten. It was agreed that there is a need for the ground handlers on the African continent to have a substantive vehicle through which they could liaise and lobby with local, regional and continental bodies as well as to develop industry standards for training and safety related matters, and that ASA should be that vehicle. Although the attendance was not as good as originally anticipated the meeting proved worthwhile. It is anticipated that further meetings would be required in order to put this arm of ASA on the same footing as other well established groups. Such meetings would need to be scheduled alongside other industry related events in order to ensure representative participation.


Feedback from HR Committee meeting The first meeting of the ASA Human Resources Committee was held in Istanbul on 16 February 2013. ASA Chairman Mr. Samim Aydin, ASA General Secretary Mr. Martin Meyer, ASA HR Committee Permanent Members Ms. Asmaa Al Ghassani as a representative of Abu Dhabi Airport Services, Mr. Blake Wickham as a representative of BidAir Services, Ms. Natacha Saller as a representative of Swissport International, Ms. Rana Halabi as a representative of Nas Corporate and HR team of Çelebi Aviation Holding and its subsidiaries as an invitee, participated in the meeting, which was moderated by ASA HR Committee President Ms. Derya Tekin Yusuf. At the meeting, presentations were made by each Committee Member and 2013 Targets of the Committee were discussed and revised. The new targets for 2013 are: · ·

setting up an effective demographical reporting system and focusing on the training modules of one selected operational position regarding standardisation of airport services training modules.

An action plan and responsibilities were distributed among the members; in addition, participants of the meeting found the opportunity to benchmark general HR practices of their companies within free discussion parts of the meeting. 9.

MoU with IATA The board reviewed all received inputs regarding the first IATA proposal. In general all the proposed changes were accepted and incorporated into a new draft version. This new draft version shall be circulated to all Board members for approval prior to being sent to IATA.

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Any other business No other business was discussed


Next Meetings Board Meeting 2013 BM # 9 BM #10 BM #11

Sunday, May 5, 2013 in Vancouver, Canada tbd Monday, November 25, 2013, Madrid, Spain

General Assembly 2013 GA # 2

Sunday, May 5, 2013 in Vancouver

For the minutes: Bubendorf, April 19, 2013

Martin Meyer Secretary General

Salih Samim Aydin Chairman of the Board

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