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Mexican Insurance Industry - Global Strategic Business Report Description:

The Mexican Insurance Industry Report provides insightful analysis, market overview, industry structure and outlook of life and non-life insurance industries in the country. The report also examines other sectors of non-life insurance industry like homeowner’s property, health, and auto insurance among others. Get a rudimentary insight into the Mexican competitive landscape within the insurance industry. The report provides a compilation and discussion on recent past mergers & acquisitions and other industry activities, which have irreversibly changed the landscape of the industry. The report also peeps into the recent past/ historical perspective of the country’s insurance market. A regional level discussion also looks into the leading companies’ footing in these markets along with their annual written premiums and/ or market shares. The report discusses several key and niche Mexican players such as Grupo Nacional Provincial, S.A., ING Seguros Comercial America S.A. de C.V, MetLife Mexico, S.A., and Seguros Inbursa.

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1. Market Overview MX-1 Market Infancy Paints Brighter Prospects MX-1 Table 1: Mexican Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Insurance Industry by Segment - Life and Non-Life Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Premium Income in US$ Billion for the Years 2005 through 2010 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-1 Table 2: Mexican 6-Year Perspective for Insurance Industry by Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Premium Income for Life and Non-Life Markets for 2005, 2008, and 2010 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-2 Table 3: Mexican Insurance Industry (2006): Per Capita Premium in US$, and Penetration of Insurance by Category Life and Non-Life MX-2 Table 4: Mexican Insurance Industry (2005): Percentage Breakdown of Total Insurance Premiums by Category - Auto, Catastrophe, Civil Liability, Death and Disability, Fire, Group Life, Individual Life, MAT, Medical, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-2 Premium Tax in Mexico MX-3 Insurance Brokers MX-3 Environmental Risks MX-3 Challenges Before the Mexican Insurance Industry MX-3 Failings of Mexican Insurers MX-4

Mindset of Mexicans - An Obstacle for Insurance Sector MX-4 Outlook MX-4 A Promising Future MX-4 Competitive Landscape MX-5 Table 5: Leading Players in Mexican Insurance Industry (2005): Percentage Market Share by Gross Written Premiums of Companies - ABA, Banamex, Bancomer, Banorte, GNP, ING Comercial America, Inbursa, Monterrey, Mapfre, Qualitas, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-5 Table 6: Leading Players in the Mexican Insurance Industry (2004): Percentage Market Share for Grupo Nacional Provincial, Seguros Comercial America, MetLife Mexico, Seguros Banamex, Seguros Inbursa, Seguros Monterrey New York Life, Mapfire, Tepeyac, Qualitas, Seguros Bbva Bancomer, Zurich and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-6 Table 7: Mexican Insurance Industry (2004): Leading Companies’ Percentage Business Mix for Life, Auto, Accident/Illness, and Other Non-Life MX-6 2. A Segmental Perspective


2a. Life Insurance MX-7 Market Leaders MX-7 Table 8: Leading Players in Mexican Life Insurance Market (2005): Percentage Market Share by Company - Comercial America, GNP, MetLife Mexico, Seguros Monterrey New York Life, Seguros Bancomer, S.A. de C.V., and Others(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-7 Table 9: Top-Five Players in the Mexican Life Insurance Industry (2003) - Gross Written Premiums in US$ Million for Metlife Mexico, G.N.P., Monterrey New York Life, ING Comercial America, and Banamex (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-8 2b. Health Insurance - A Growth Prospect Cross-Border Health Insurance Market ISES MX-9

MX-9 MX-9

2c. Non-Life Insurance MX-11 Table 10: Mexican Property & Casualty Insurance Market (2005): Percentage Breakdown by Category - Agriculture, Automobile, Credit, Earthquake, Fire, Marine & Transportation, Liability, and Mixed (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-11 Table 11: Non-Life Insurance Industry in Mexico (1H 2001-2004): Gross Premium Income in US$ Billion (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-11 Market Leaders MX-11 Table 12: Mexican Non-Life Insurance Industry (2004) - Gross Written Premiums in US$ Million by Leading Companies for ING, Comercial America, G.N.P., Inbursa, Zurich, Aba/Seguros, Qualitas, Mapfre Tepeyac, BBVA Bancomer, Allianz Mexico and Atlas (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-12 Table 13: Top-Five Players in the Mexican Non-Life Insurance Industry (2003) - Gross Written Premiums in US$ Million for ING Comercial America, G.N.P., Inbursa, Mapfre Tepeyac, and Zurich (Consolidado) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-12 Auto Insurance MX-12 Commercial and Homeowners Property MX-13

Liability Limitations


3. A Recent Past Perspective MX-14 2000-2001: Emergence as the ‘Happening’ Place MX-14 Table 14: Mexican Insurance Industry (2000 & 2001): Premium Written in Billion Pesos by Type of Insurance for Life, Pension, Health & Accident, Auto, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-14 Leading Players MX-15 Table 15: Mexican Insurance Industry (1999 & 2000): Leading Insurers Ranked by Gross Written Premium in US$ Million (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) MX-15 4. A Backgrounder on the Market Undeveloped Nature of Insurance Impact of Globalization NAFTA and the Insurance Industry Legislation Reshapes the Market Structural Changes Come to Fruition The Darker Side Life and Pensions Scenario

MX-16 MX-16 MX-16 MX-16 MX-17 MX-17 MX-18 MX-18

5. Recent Industry Activity MX-20 MetLife to Acquire AFORE Actinver MX-20 QBE Group Acquires Seguros Cumbre MX-20 Aegon Purchases 49% Stake in Seguros Argos MX-20 6. Strategic Corporate Developments in Recent Past MX-21 MetLife Acquires Seguros Genesis SA MX-21 Stewart Information Services Establishes Subsidiary in Mexico MX-21 ING Ups Stake in Seguros Comercial America MX-21 ING Renames Mexican Subsidiaries MX-21 7. Focus on Select Mexican Players MX-22 Grupo Nacional Provincial, S.A. MX-22 ING Seguros Comercial America S.A. de C.V.. MX-22 MetLife Mexico, S.A. MX-22 Seguros Inbursa. MX-22


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