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Introduction Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited (MEX) was established in Nepal on 14th August 2007, but started its operation from 5th January 2009. MEX is established to facilitate the commodity future exchange market in Nepal. With a huge investment in information technology, MEX operates in a highly sophisticated online system that is in line with the global commodity exchange market. MEX caters its derivatives functions in Nepal as one and only ISO 9001:2008 certified commodity exchange in Nepal. As other commodity exchanges operating in Nepal are self-regulated, MEX is also a self-regulated exchange. But MEX, along with other exchanges is pushing the government to come up with regulatory framework and a regulatory body for the commodity market in Nepal. Currently, the regulatory body of stock exchanges i.e. Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), is the proposed regulator of the commodity market. At present, SEBON and MEX Nepal are deliberately coordinating with each other for the work of regulation of commodity market in Nepal. The education sector in Nepal is thriving as more and more citizens have understood the value of education in molding a person for tomorrow. In this regards, the business schools around the nation have also started to usher new techniques of learning through which a student is well-acquainted with the knowledge as he/she steps into the real world. However, we believe that the theoretical knowledge is definitely surpassing the practical knowledge as we conduct recruitment processes for our company. After the successful completion of the MEX FINANCIAL QUIZ QUEST- 2015, MEX brings you the second edition of the financial quiz competition. ‘MEX FINANCIAL QUIZ QUEST 2016’ is an inter-college competition with a prime objective of allowing the participants to showcase the knowledge of the students from business schools around the nation. It is an endeavor of MEX to inculcate a habit of learning among the students to prepare them with practical exposure complementing the theoretical knowledge within the confined four walls of the classroom. We believe the participants will benefit from the event and look forward to your co-operation and support throughout the competition. We request the college authorities to read the following information carefully and inform the same to the participants.

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MEX FINANCIAL QUIZ QUEST 2016 Process of finding the winner! Eligibility 1. Participants: MEX FINANCIAL QUIZ QUEST 2016 will be an opportune platform for the graduates of the respective college. However, it is at the sole discretion of the college authorities to allow other students of different levels to participate in the event. The participants are required to keep a photocopy of their college identification card for verification purposes before the event, the failure of which will result in the automatic disqualification of the respective candidate from the event. The college authorities are requested to follow the procedure and keep the participants informed regarding the same. A group includes three participants. A minimum of one female participant is mandatory in each group. A college/institute will be allowed to enroll more than one group. However, the entry fee will be charged per group from the college/institute. The list of the participants should also be provided with the confirmation letter. 2. Entry Procedure The corresponding colleges will receive a copy of the confirmation letter. The college will have to fill the confirmation letter along with the details of the participants and submit to MEX. Entry Fee Entry Fee per group for MEX Financial Quiz Quest-2016 is Rs. 7500/- (inclusive of VAT) Participating College is required to pay the amount via account payee cheque in favor of Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited or cash. Competition Format The competition format along with the detailed instructions of the rounds and the rules will be informed after the respective college has registered for the competition. Awards & Recognition 1. Qualifier Round All the participants from the qualifier round will receive a certificate of participation from the organizer. 2. Final Round The participants of the Final Round will receive the following:  

Winner: Cash Prize of Rs. 50,000 to the team, Winner Certificate, Winners Trophy, Medals, & Gift Hamper. 1st Runner Up: Cash Prize of Rs. 25,000 to the team, Runner up Certificate, Runner up Trophy, Medals & Gift Hamper Page |2


 

2nd Runner Up: 2nd Runner up Certificate, Medals, Gift Hamper 3rd Runner Up: Gift Hamper

The participating teams will also have the following benefits:     

Participants from the top 2 teams will have an opportunity to present a presentation in Himalaya TV. Opportunity for top 2 teams to publish articles in the domestic and international media. Articles from the top 3 teams will also be published in the upcoming annual edition of the MEX Yearbook. Participants from the top 3 teams will also receive training worth Rs. 4000/-(free of cost) from MEX in regards to the commodity market. Basic Package of SPACE i.e. training of commodity market, worth Rs. 2500/- will also be provided by MEX to the participating college at a mutually agreed date and time after the conclusion of MEX Financial Quiz Quest-2016.

Note: Coverage of the event will be published in various publications domestically and internationally.


Conclusion The event is targeted towards the students to exhibit their knowledge of the financial markets. This event, though a competition, will enhance the student’s aptitude -a need of the hour in today’s changing dynamics of the market requirements. Hence, we request the colleges to provide the requisite participants in the preliminary round to garner maximum interest among the representatives. We feel that the event will add to the theoretical skills gained within the confined walls of the classroom to the practical aspects to help the students stand in good stead in their forthcoming days.

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GLIMPSES FROM MEX FINANCIAL QUIZ QUEST-2015 Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited organized the inaugural edition of the MEX Financial Quiz Quest 2015 (MFQQ 2015) in the premises of Apex College on 19 September 2015. The competition had nine participating teams from the leading business colleges of Kathmandu valley. Nepal Commerce Campus, was successful in grabbing the winner's trophy with Apex College attaining the 1st runners up position. King's College, rounded up the top three, securing the 2nd runners up position in the competition. The event was targeted to encourage students to enhance their knowledge in the subject of their study focusing on business and finance.

(MEX Financial Quiz Quest 2015 in progress)

(Winners of MEX Financial Quiz Quest 2015-Nepal Commerce Campus along with Mr. Jitesh Surendran, CEO of MEX)

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