Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary

THE SPECULATOR Special Issue Anniversary/Christmas Party The Mississippi Chapter Celebrates 50 Years A Proud Past A Promising Future Thursday Dece...
Author: Gavin Stokes
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Special Issue

Anniversary/Christmas Party

The Mississippi Chapter Celebrates 50 Years A Proud Past A Promising Future

Thursday December 8, 2016 At

The Old Capitol Inn

226 North State Street Jackson Mississippi

In this issue: Page 2 - President’s Message Individual Sponsors Page 3 - Old Capitol Inn Page 4 - Event and Silver Sponsors Page 5 - Mississippi CSI History Page 10 - October Board Meeting Page 11 - Product Show 2017 Page 12 - Chapter Calendar Membership News Page 13 - Leader Contacts

Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary

President’s Message As your Chapter President I, wish to express my sincerest appreciation to our members for your loyal support as we celebrate our fiftieth year of service to the construction industry. When our Chapter was founded in 1966 with 33 members, we were hardly able to foresee our growth and impact on the industry. We could not have come this far without the continued support and hard work of each member of the Mississippi CSI team. I especially want to thank our members who worked so diligently in volunteering their time to plan and support the anniversary celebration. In recognition of this anniversary we are inviting all present and former members, accompanied by their guests to celebrate with us at Jackson’s Old Capitol Inn, December 8, at 6:30 p.m. Please come prepared to remember "the good old days" as we look forward to the new opportunities. Betina Latiker, CSI, CDT

The Construction Site Investigators Test Test your knowledge Being able to understand and interpret written construction documents is key to a successful project. By understanding the roles and relationships of all participants, CDTs help to improve communication among all members of the construction team. 1. Who was the first president of Mississippi CSI: a. Thomas (Tom) Clarke b. Robert Harrison c. Lynton Cooper d. Jack Carney 2. Larry Bouchillon is one of the charter members of Mississippi CSI: True or False November Answers: Q1- D: (Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide) Q2- True: AIA-A201:3.4.2 (Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide)

Mississippi 50th Anniversary Individual Sponsors John and Charlene Dunaway David Mockbee Sean Dunaway Jim Reed Keith West Kent Kile Bob and Freda Harrison GM Horne Architectural Systems Carson Law Group, PLLC The Garland Company Inc. Seabrook Paints Filing and Storage of Mississippi ASSA ABLOY Durrell Design Group Clarke Consulting Service JHH Architects

Mississippi CSI Celebrating lifelong friendships

The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

Page 2

The Mississippi Chapter 50th Anniversary Celebration

Thursday, December 8, 2016

This will be a gala event as only could be done in the Hospitality State! The celebration will be held at the Old Capitol Inn, a boutique hotel located in downtown Jackson with special room rates available. It will be the kickoff of the Christmas season and the hotel will be decorated in its Christmas best! We’ll have an outstanding meal, prepared by Chef Bruce Cain, a multi-media presentation remembering the history of the chapter, and we’ll have some folks who will remind us of events, old times, and maybe tell some new lies! We’ll have our Region Officers, The Institute’s Executive Director, and some Institute leaders as well as special guests from outside of CSI. Music will be provided by Sergio Fernandez on piano. A staple of Jackson’s music scene, Sergio is well known for his work with These Days and as the pianist at the Walthall Hotel bar. We’ll wrap the evening up with a champagne toast! Come join us and be part of the celebration! Tickets are only $50 each but must be purchased by December 1. Sponsorship opportunities and tickets may be purchased at It will be a night to remember, and we’d love nothing more than for you to share in the celebration with us. Check out the Mississippi CSI website for more information and for updates, or call any CSI officer for more information. Old Capitol courtyard adjacent to ballroom

Old Capitol Inn State Street Entrance

Old Capitol Inn Ballroom

The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

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Mississippi CSI 50th Anniversary Event Sponsors There’s still time to sponsor this event. Sponsorships can be purchased at

Mississippi CSI 50th Anniversary Silver Sponsors In business since 1877 and owned by the same family since 1900, Cherokee Brick is proud to be one of a few family-owned manufacturing companies. Their brick products are in 32 states and they are still growing. Their collections include Modular & Queen Size, Classic, Colonial, Antebellum, and Architectural. Nearly every item in their product line may be made into thin brick. Special shapes are available as well. This flexibility allows their customers to choose from an incredible selection of colors and textures to build their project. Cherokee Brick and Tile is now at the old Tri State Brick location in Jackson, Mississippi and your local sales representative is long time Mississippi CSI member Woody Nance.

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LaRose Consulting, LLC The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

 Available in 550 colors in our popular EggShell finish.

Page 4

Mississippi CSI Begins on December 8, 1966 At right is a copy of the original Charter presented to the Mississippi Chapter on December 8, 1966. And this is how it started. The spring of 1966 brought excitement to a number of design and construction professionals in Jackson, Mississippi. Many were aware that communications problems existed within the construction industry but were not sure how to go about resolving the issues or even how to develop a forum for discussion. Architect, Lynton B. Cooper, a nonaffiliated CSI member, brought CSI Region Director, Dempsie B. Morrison, Jr., from Memphis, Tennessee, to make a presentation about CSI. Jack W. Carney, Executive Director of the Miss-Lou Brick and Tile Association had been a member of CSI in Atlanta and Roland Garretson, Technical Representative of the Portland Cement Association, had been a member of CSI in Miami so they had been exposed to CSI but others at that meeting were introduced to the CSI 16 Division Format for organizing written documents for the first time. Interested professionals in attendance were James G. Chastain, of Biggs, Wier, Neal & Chastain, Architects, and Charles R. Smith, Chief Specification Writer for Overstreet, Ware, Ware & Lewis, Architects and Engineers. From this early corps of potential members an interest in forming a CSI Chapter in Mississippi was developed. Some young architects just starting their architecture practice, were Larry L. Bouchillon of Bouchillon and Harris, Architects; Robert V. M. Harrison of Jernigan, Hawkins and Harrison, Architects and Engineers; and Jerry A. Oakes of Mitchell and Oakes, Architects. These young architects, along with senior practicing architects, Charles H Dean, Jr. of Dean and Pursell, Architects; William R. Henry of William R. "Bob" Henry, Architect; John M. Mattingly of Mattingly and Associates, Architect, and others helped to promote the idea of CSI to other design and construction professionals. Many began to express interest, so on December 8, 1966, a Charter was granted to the Mississippi Chapter in Jackson, Mississippi. A past CSI President and Honorary Member, Terrell R. Harper, FCSI, came to Jackson to present the Charter at the first official meeting of the Mississippi Chapter. The Charter Membership consisted of 22 Professional Members and 11 Industry Members.

The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

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More Chapter History Highlights Second Decade 1976-1986 For the first time in the history of the Chapter, we began to make an impact in the Gulf States Region. In August, 1976, the Chapter hosted its first Region Leadership Conference and in March, 1977 hosted its first Annual Region Conference. Lynton B. Cooper served as Chairman for both of these events . Jerry Oakes served as Hospitality Director and each of the other officers helped carry out these successful meetings. The Henry Presidency saw the Chapter begin a major undertaking for membership growth which resulted in at least a 100 percent growth by the end of his term. The Chapter won an Institute Membership Cup as the Chapter with the greatest growth for 1977 and it was received by President Henry at the 1978 Institute Convention in San Antonio, Texas. Beginning in the fall of 1977, Robert V. M. Harrison, who had just started a long term commitment as a adjunct Instructor for the MSU School of Architecture in Jackson, required his 5th Year Students to attend CSI Mississippi Chapter meetings. The enthusiasm of the Chapter to serve higher education thus became a long term

commitment. Slowly, the Mississippi Chapter would make an impact on the construction industry in Mississippi throughout its second decade. With the change in the Institute Bylaws which allowed Industry Members to serve as President, the Mississippi Chapter installed its first Industry Member President when Glynn G. Butler took over the reins in 1980. Other outstanding Industry Member Presidents that followed in later years were Greg Horne in 1982, Tom Clarke 1987, Glen Lewis in 1990, Bob Hamm in 1992, and Connie Miller in 1993. At the Institute level, Lynton Cooper served on the Education Committee. In 1981, the Chapter instigated an Annual Products Show as the only fund-raiser for the Chapter. Much hard work goes into this each year and it continues today as a major success for the Chapter. Under the direction of President Gary LaRose, the Chapter hosted its second Region Leadership Conference in Jackson in 1984. Other outstanding accomplishments during the second decade began with Lynton Cooper serving for five years as an Institute Director. He completed his tour and the second decade of the Chapter by being elevated to Fellow of the Institute. both accomplishments being a first for the Chapter. Lynton B. Cooper was also the first in the Chapter to obtain the Certified Construction Specifier (CCS) designation, followed soon thereafter by

The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

Robert V. M. Harrison, Gary W. LaRose and A. J. Staub, III. Many Chapter members have followed this example and attained the CCS. Jim Vinson completed the second decade of the Chapter as the Chapter President. He was in the first graduating class of the School of Architecture at Mississippi State University. In December 1986, to celebrate the completion of two decades, the Chapter held a celebration dinner with many members and guests attending. Third Decade 1986-1996 As the Mississippi Chapter began its third decade, there was a new and enthusiastic cadre of outstanding leadership taking charge and moving the Chapter ahead with new life and directions. In the spring of 1987, under the leadership of Conference Chairman Glen Lewis and President Jim Vinson, the Chapter hosted a GSR Conference in Natchez. The Chapter first offered educational seminars at the 1989 Product Show and that practice continues to this very day. Construction Document Technologist program study courses were first led by Lynton Cooper, then Robert V. M. Harrison and Percy D. "Don" Wilkerson. The Chapter continues to offer these helpful study sessions. In 1987 a Gulf States Region Award went to the Chapter for the largest growth of a Chapter in the Region. GSR Awards in 1988 went to the Page 6

More Chapter History Highlights Mississippi Chapter for its continued support of the students in the School of Architecture at Mississippi State University and the students in the School of Engineering Technology at the University of Southern Mississippi. Bob Harrison also received a GSR Education Commendation Award for his work at the School of Architecture at Mississippi State University. An Institute Educational Commendation was presented to the Chapter in 1988 at the annual convention in Washington for the years of service to both MSU and the USM. The J. Norman Hunter Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to CSI was presented to Robert V. M. Harrison in 1989 at the annual convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1991, another high honor came to the Chapter at the Institute's annual convention in San Diego, California, when Bob Harrison was advanced to Fellowship in the Institute. The Chapter hosted the Region Leadership Conference in August, 1991 in Jackson under the chairmanship of Glen Lewis. In 1993, at the Region Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Chapter received an award for its Transfer of Power meeting and a Technical Award for publishing a Guide for Bidding Procedures. The Chapter also received a Technical Commendation for this publication from the Institute at the 1993 convention in Houston, Texas. The Chapter received an Institute Commendation at the 1994 convention in San Francisco for our Transfer of Power Meeting. Beginning in July 1994, Connie Miller became Chairman of the

Region Products Show Committee, and Phillip McDade became a member of the Institute Awards Committee. Fourth Decade 1996-2006 Our fourth decade began with Phil McDade being elected as Institute Vice-President. The Chapter received the Institute’s Student Liaison Award for its dedication to the students of our area. Not only is this award a high honor, but this was the first time that it was awarded to a chapter rather than an individual. The Chapter continued its commitment to students through our involvement at USM and our very active USM Student Affiliate. Through the leadership of Hugo Ley and the dedication of our Chapter members, the affiliate grew stronger with each year. The Chapter again hosted a very successful Region Conference in 1997 while our own Tom Clarke was GSR President. The Chapter was doubly honored in 1998 by the award of an Institute Citation to Phil McDade for his long time service to the Chapter, Region, and Institute and by Tom Clarke’s advancement to Fellow of the Institute. Phil McDade was elevated to Fellow of the Institute the following year. The Fellowship award was also very special to Phil and the Chapter because Bob Harrison was serving as chairman of the Jury of Fellows. In 2000 our Chapter was awarded the Outstanding Chapter Commendation, one of the few given at the Institute convention. We

The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

have continued to excel and receive this award at the annual conventions. Tom was elected to serve as Institute Vice President in 2000 and Phil went back to the Institute board as Institute Secretary. Phil was elected to serve as Institute President Elect in 2001 and made his Chapter proud by serving as Institute President the following year, the first, and so far, the only member in our Chapter to ever reach this high office. Phil stepped forward to lead the chapter once again and chaired the committee to host a Leadership Conference in August of 2004. Our chapter, noted for innovative planning, raised the bar for this event by gathering a group of talented CSI musicians and forming the Spectones Band to perform at the opening party at Hal’s and Mal’s restaurant. The Chapter members, emboldened and inspired by Phil and Tom’s service, continued to move forward, and in 2005 Gary LaRose was elevated to Fellowship for his service to the Institute and his steadfast and meaningful contributions to the Uniform Drawing System. Also in 2005 Tom Clarke received the Robert V. Bishop Award which is the Gulf States Region’s highest honor Page 7

More Chapter History Highlights bestowed on an individual. When Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast the chapter members stepped forward, and along with Mississippi AIA, performed damage assessments and other volunteer efforts to assist in the recovery. Awards continue to bring pride to the chapter and so, in addition to other accomplishments, the Chapter received Region and Institute awards for its Chapter Calendar of Events and New Member Orientation Guide designed and created by John Dunaway. Those documents have now been incorporated into the Chapter's website. Pertinent information about our Chapter, our members, chapter events, and programs can be found on our website. Fifth Decade 2006-Present In December of 2006 the Chapter celebrated its 40th anniversary. John Dunaway, Glen Lewis and others headed a team to plan a special event, and through Phil McDade’s efforts had Edward Soenke, then President of the Institute, join the celebration as the keynote speaker. John Dunaway unveiled an A/V Documentary created for the occasion, which later won both Region and Institute awards for Special Publications. Tom Clarke continued his service to the Chapter and Region by serving the Chapter as both Certification and Technical Chair from 2006 until 2011 and serving the Region as Technical Chair from 2006 - 2008.

John Dunaway served as Region Awards Chair from 2006-2008 bringing dignity and order to the Region Awards ceremony. John also served another term as Chapter President 2008-2009. He was the first recipient of the Gulf States Eugene Wetzel Award for Communication Excellence at the Region Conference hosted by the Gulf Coast Chapter in May of 2009. The Newsletter Editor, Chuck Byrd, received numerous Region Awards for the Speculator during his service as editor from 2006-2010 and brought unique messages to the membership through his byline "Rants and Ramblings". Chuck Byrd, John Dunaway, and Shawn O'Keeffe and Honorary Chapter Member Charlene Dunaway received acclaim for their work with the Spectones, a CSI Region R&B Band, culminating in a performance at the CSI National Convention in Indianapolis in 2009. At the 2010 Region Awards Banquet the second Communication Excellence Award was presented to Phil McDade for his outstanding communications skills as witnessed by his many speeches and lectures on behalf of CSI. Randall Lewis

The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

received special recognition at the 2010 Region Awards ceremony for his work as Region Electronic Communications Chair and he went on to the 2010 Institute Convention to present a special program on the release of the new Institute website. Phil McDade continued his service to the Institute by serving as Chairman of the College of Fellows and was the Master of Ceremonies at the 2010 Institute Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the 2010 Chapter Awards ceremony Charlene Dunaway was honored with a special award for her devotion and service to the Chapter. John Dunaway was elected to the office of Gulf States Region Vice President for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2011. At the Institute Convention in September 2011 Tom Clarke received the Hans William Meier Award for Advancement of Certification Programs in recognition of his work in developing and implementing construction documents education programs throughout the Gulf States Region. The Chapter received its 10th Outstanding Chapter Commendation at the Page 8

More Chapter History Highlights Convention and, Randall Lewis, CSI, received an Outstanding Contribution Award for his notable contributions to the goals of the Institute. In 2012 the GSR presented the Robert V. Bishop award to Keith West and in 2015 bestowed the same honor on John Dunaway. More Mississippi Chapter members have received the Robert V. Bishop Award than any other chapter in the Gulf States Region. Randall Lewis received an Institute Outstanding Contribution Award for his notable contributions to the goals of the Institute in 2014. Our members continue to achieve great things so in 2014 Keith West was elevated to Fellowship for his service to the Institute. The following year John Murray received the Institute’s Outstanding Contribution Award. Hardly a year goes by without someone from the Chapter being on stage at the Convention receiving an award. John Murray served the GSR as Electronic Communications Chair for two years and was elected to Vice President of the GSR in 2015. You can find more details about the Chapter history on our website. And here’s some more fun photos taken over the years. Serious cooking goes on at many Chapter events and we seriously enjoy each others company. No member ever leaves hungry at any of our Mississippi Chapter cookouts.

The Chapter’s fun bus trips to Gulf States Region Conferences help foster our great camaraderie and friendships.

Chapter Christmas Parties, often hosted in member’s homes, bring spouses into the fold of those great Chapter friendships.

The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

Getting to know student members on a personal basis strengthens our relationships with our future industry leaders and keeps us thinking “young”.

Water Ballet, conceived at a Gulf States Region Conference hosted by the Mississippi Chapter, is not just about fun but about team building. In a swim suit you must drop your inhibitions and trust your comrades. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this brief history and leaned something about the Chapter. Join us for fun, camaraderie, education, teamwork building, and more. Page 9

November Board Meeting Highlights Date: October 31, 2016 Call to Order: Betina Latiker, President Members present: Betina Latiker, President Keith West, Secretary Randall Lewis, Treasurer Phil McDade, Director John Dunaway, Director Jim Vinson, Director Scott Slay, Director The Board discussed/approved previous meeting minutes. Treasurer’s Report: Randall submitted the Treasurer’s Report to the board. He also discussed the liability insurance policy that the chapter carries. The board asked Randall to contact the carrier for some additional clarifications and was authorized by the board to renew the policy. Committee Reports: Product Show: Betina reported that booths are being sold, progress is happening, and to keep selling. Committee meeting is scheduled November 14. Programs: Betina reported that the program is in place for this month. Discussion with Mississippi USGBC regarding presentation at CSI meeting sometime next year. Education: Lantz is working on a special hands-on seminar with Cherokee Brick that he hopes will be ready soon. Student Affairs: John reported that officers

Jim Vinson Retires from MDOT

have been elected in the USM Student Please join me in wishing a Happy Retirement to Chapter. Names will be forwarded and shared Jim Vinson. Jim first became involved in the when received. Chapter while still a student at MSU and later Technical Committee: John Dunaway became Chapter President. As seen from these reported that the committee recently met and photos he has been an active member for all those years and a strong will assist Programs Committee in obtaining advocate for CSI. Most programs, but will also focus on technical of all “Thank you, Jim” information and articles that coincide with the for introducing me to monthly programs. CSI. Electronic Communications: Randall had John Dunaway, Editor nothing new to report. Publication: John noted that the deadline for December issue is November 16th. The December Speculator will focus on the 50th Anniversary and Chapter history. Pints and Pontification: Phil reported that P&P will meet this month at Fondren Public Thursday November 17th due to the 4thThursday being Thanksgiving Day. Will confirm and advertise.

Jim and Phil at 25th Anniversary

50th Anniversary Planning: Phil reported that event planning is well under way and it will be a fantastic evening. Please register if you have not done so. New Business: None presented. Director’s Comments: None presented

Remarks for the Good of the Chapter: None presented Prepared by: Keith West Meeting Adjourned at 6:35

Jim (far right) at Phil’s Institute President's address in Las Vegas

Next Board Meeting December 5, 2016

The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

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Product Show 2017

Early bird deadline is December 15. Don’t delay. Reserve your spot today! Product Show Seminar: 6 HSW hours Build with Strength Concrete Value and Innovations Morning Session; 8am—11:00am Afternoon Session: 2:00pm—5:00pm Attendees benefiting from this seminar include Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Developers, and Building Owners If you have exhibited at the Mississippi CSI Product Show before you know the benefits, but if you have not, see below. Of course, having a state of the art facility at a reasonable cost is a plus but there’s more. Our loyal following of attendees are genuinely interested in learning more about the products and services you have to offer them.

The Mississippi CSI 2017 Product Show at the Clyde Muse Center in Pearl, Mississippi A Great Place for a Great Event! February 22, 2017 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM.

From free wifi and a state of the art hall inside, to this peaceful setting for a break out back . The Clyde Muse Center is a perfect spot for the CSI Show.

 The Mississippi CSI Product Show is the longest running and largest commercial product show in Mississippi.  The Mississippi Chapter CSI plans timely and useful seminars to draw the people you want to see.  Booth cost is reasonable at only $325 (CSI member) and $400 (non-member) if paid by December 15.  Booth application and payment is easy at:  Attendees and exhibitors always rave about the quality and quantity of the food served at the Show.  Food and beverage service is strategically placed to facilitate attendee movement. No bad spots in the Show.  The time is convenient. No over night stay. Come in the morning to set up and head home that night.  CSI volunteers are dedicated to providing you, our exhibitors, the best service we can. We’re there for you!  The Clyde Muse Center staff is friendly and helpful. Just ask and they’ll try to assist, and with no additional charge!

The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

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Membership News Below is a list of the current members whose membership renewal is due within the next two months. This information is based upon what currently shows on the Institute website roster. If you see your name on this list, please check with Institute to verify their records are up to date. This monthly column will serve as a reminder to renew your membership. The Mississippi Chapter values you as a member and the expertise and skills that you bring to CSI. Please renew your membership and participate in the Chapter. Thank you.

Fiscal Year 2017 Calendar, July 2016-June 2017 CSI 2017 Fiscal Year is 7/1/2016 – 6/30/2017 Board Meetings are held from 5:30 PM until 6:30 PM at the AGC Building on Lakeland Drive on Monday evenings unless noted otherwise. December 5, 2016 January 3, 2017 (Tuesday) January 30, 2017 (February Board Meeting) February 27, 2017 (March Board Meeting) April 3, 2017 May 1, 2017 June 5, 2017 July 10, 2017

Mississippi Chapter Product Show February 22, 2017 at the Clyde Muse Center Booth sales are going on now! Contact Dennis Walters to reserve your spot. Tel: 601-278-7705 Email: [email protected] Gulf States Region Conference

Memphis, Tennessee April 20-22, 2017

The Memphis Chapter is planning to kick off the weekend on Thursday afternoon, April 20 with keynote speaker, Marlon Blackwell, just before the opening of their Built/It Product Show. Keith West FCSI, CCPR Monthly Meetings take place from 11:30 AM Friday morning begins with education sessions. until 1:00 PM on the first Wednesday of the Be looking for fun and interesting learning Membership Chair month at Trustmark Park Cafe unless noted experiences. Friday night we will recognize Thanks for renewing your membership otherwise. those who have served CSI so well at the Leland Hinton David Mockbee annual awards ceremony. Our GSR leaders are Thursday, December 8, 2016 planning great training for all those new Randall Lewis Annette Vise Mississippi CSI Chapter leaders on Friday and Saturday. The 50th Anniversary Celebration Membership expires in November GSR Leadership Conference will be at Springhill Old Capitol Inn Ballroom John Dunaway Corey Hanney Suites. Rooms are $141/night. Just mention January 4, 2017 Sean Dunaway Chip O’Rear CSI when talking with the reception desk. This February 1, 2017 will be a weekend of fabulous education and Richard Grantier Dwain Wood networking. Mark your calendars now. More March 1, 2017 Membership expires in December coming soon. April 5, 2017 Jeff Brunner Dana Little Transfer of Power 2017 May 3, 2017 Brion Casey Phillip Perkins Saturday in June, 2017 Thursday, June 1, 2017 (Awards Banquet) Walter Cooper Rodney Reeves Location and Date TBD Location To Be Determined. Kent Kile Scott Slay July 12, 2017 Betina Latiker Ronnie Taylor Pints and Pontification Committee Membership expires in January This group typically meets on the 4th Thursday Kathy Dier John Murray of the month. Look for announcements. Kenneth McGrath Woody Nance

The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

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GSR Institute Director

Fiscal Year 2017 Officers

F/Y 2017 Committee Chairs

Billy Mathis, CSI, CDT Tel: 501-758-7443 Email: [email protected]

President 601-359-9835

Betina Latiker, CSI, CDT [email protected]

Product Show 601-278-7705

Dennis Walters, CSI, CCCA [email protected]

Gulf States Region Leaders

President Elect 601-278-7705

Dennis Walters, CSI, CCCA [email protected]

Programs 601-932-3913

Leland Hinton, CSI, CDT [email protected]

Gulf States Region President Thomas Ferguson, CSI, CCCA Tel: 850-936-8186 Email: [email protected]

1st Vice President 601-932-3913

Leland Hinton, CSI, CDT [email protected]

House 601-352-3071

Cassie Parker, CSI, CCCA [email protected]

2nd Vice President 601-352-3071

Cassie Parker, CSI, CCCA [email protected]

Membership 601-853-9908

Keith West, FCSI, CCPR [email protected]

Secretary 601-853-9908

Keith West, FCSI, CCPR [email protected]

Financial 601-601-948-4601

Randall Lewis, CSI, AIA [email protected]

Treasurer 601-948-4601

Randall Lewis, CSI, AIA [email protected]

Gulf States Region Vice President John Murray, CSI, CDT Tel: 601-948-7337 Email: [email protected] Immediate Past President James Bagley, CSI, CCS, AIA Tel: 334-271-3200 Email: [email protected]

Construction Specifications Institute

Director Phillip L. McDade, FCSI, CCS, FASLA 601-362-9707 [email protected] Director 601-397-6452

Kevin McKay, CSI [email protected]

Director 601-948-7337

John Dunaway, CSI, CCS, AIA [email protected]

Director 601-708-4788

Greg Durrell, CSI, AIA [email protected]

Gulf States Region Website:

Director 601-359-7292

Jim Vinson CSI, CDT, AIA [email protected]

The Mississippi Chapter of The Construction Specifications institute PO Box 321327 Flowood, MS 39232 Chapter Website:

Director 601-672-6116

The Construction Specifications Institute 110 South Union Street, Suite 100 Alexandria VA 22314 Tel 703-684-0300 Tel 800-689-2900 Institute Email: [email protected] Institute Website:

Immediate Past President 601-855-2600

Awards 601-948-4601

Lacie Gibson, CSI [email protected]

Technical 601-948-7337

John Murray, CSI, CDT [email protected]

P&P Phillip L. McDade, FCSI, CCS, FASLA 601-362-9707 [email protected] Elec Communication 601-948-4601

Randall Lewis, CSI, AIA [email protected]

Golf Outing 601-397-6452

Kevin McKay, CSI [email protected]

Editor 601-948-7337

John Dunaway, CSI, CCS, AIA [email protected]

Academic Affairs 601-853-9908

Keith West, FCSI, CCPR [email protected]

Education 601-863-0464

Lantz Kuykendall, CSI, CDT [email protected]

Scott Slay, CSI [email protected]

Certification 601-278-7705

Dennis Walters, CSI,CCCA [email protected]

Nicholas Gibson, CSI [email protected]

Planning 601-855-2600

Nicholas Gibson, CSI [email protected]

The Mississippi Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

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