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Fashion Design/Merchandising Course Description FSHN 2307 Fashion Trends, CRN ##### General principles and practices of fashion retail store advertising and consumer directed communication. A study of persuasive media approaches for public relations induced publicity and advertising produced sales promotions. Credit: 3 (3 lecture)

Prerequisites Must qualify to take GUST 0342 (or higher) in reading and MATH 0306 (or higher) in mathematics and ENGL 0300 (or higher) in writing.

Course Goals (includes competencies, incorporation of SCANS, etc. COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES (from Workforce Education Course Manual) 1. Document advertising industry principles, practices, and job opportunities 2. Analyze current fashion advertising campaigns 3. Create and present a fashion advertising campaign SCANS (Secretary's Commission Addressing Necessary Skills) STATEMENT OF FOUNDATION SKILLS AND WORKPLACE COMPETENCIES - SCANS The U.S. Department of Labor's Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) to enter the workplace determined that specific competencies must be addressed. HCCS is committed to preparing every student with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today's work environment. The following competencies will be addressed in this course: Demonstrate Thinking Skills, Problem Solving Students will research, develop and present to the class a formal Advertising Campaign including budget, sample items, and target market analysis. Knowing How to Learn Students will complete a final project that involves all knowledge accumulated during the entire semester.

Instructor Information Steven Guthrie, BA, MS Fashion Design Professor Lifestyle Arts & Design Department Central College [email protected]

Textbook Information Retail Advertising and Promotion, Jay Diamond, 2011 Publisher - Fairchild Publications ISBN: 978-1-56367-898-1

Lab Requirements (if any) None


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Academic Honesty Students are responsible for conducting themselves with honor and integrity in fulfilling course requirements. Penalties and/or disciplinary proceedings may be initiated by College System officials against a student accused of academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on a test, plagiarism and collusion. Possible punishments for academic dishonesty may include a grade of "0" of "F" on the particular assignment, failure in the course, and/or recommendation for probation or dismissal from the College System. A recommendation for suspension or expulsion will be referred to the College Dean of Students for disciplinary disposition.

Attendance and Withdrawal Policies 1. Students are expected to attend all classes (see college catalog for attendance policy) 2. Students are responsible for all work missed during and absence. 3. Students may be dropped from courses for absences that exceed 12.5% of the total semester contact hours, usually equated to more than 4 absences in a 2 day per week class more than 2 absences in a 1 day per week class. 4. Fashion Department Attendance and Participation Policy: Classes that meet once per week: 0 Absences 100% Attendance and Participation Grade 1 Absence 95% Attendance and Participation Grade 2 Absences 80% Attendance and Participation Grade 3 Absences 50% Attendance and Participation Grade Over 3 Absences 0 Attendance and Participation Grade Classes that meet twice per week: 0 Absences 100% Attendance and Participation Grade 2 – 3 Absences 95% Attendance and Participation Grade 4 – 5 Absences 80% Attendance and Participation Grade 6 Absences 50% Attendance and Participation Grade Over 6 Absences 0 Attendance and Participation Grade Three tardies (up to 15 minutes late) equal one absence. More than 15 minutes late will be recorded as an absence.


IMPORTANT NOTE – As this course is entirely online, attendance will be taken through discussion, workgroup and coursework submission activities. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain their coursework schedule, participate in all assigned discussions and workgroup assignments. Failure to do so will result in a reduction of the final course grade.

Course Requirements and Grading Policy 1. Students will complete reading assignments in due time in order to attend online discussions and reading quizzes in a timely manner. 2. Students will develop critical thinking in order to assess the quality of the various elements making up a given advertisement campaign. 3. Students will analyze various strategies employed by retailers to achieve advertisement goals. 4. Students will display efficient research abilities and creative problem solving when faced with a fictional scenario involving target customer, advertising budget and deadlines. Numerical Grades Related to Letter Grades: A= B= C= D= F=

90 – 100 80 – 89 70 – 79 60 – 69 Below 60

Testing Evaluation: Reading Quizzes Class Participation & Attendance / Class Discussions Project 1 – Target Market Analysis Project 2 – Planning & Budget Final Project Final Exam

25% 30% 10% 10% 15% 10%

Extra Credit: Available from Instructor

Make-up Policy Students are responsible for turning in all work assigned. Work turned in late will have 10 points deducted for each day it is overdue.


Projects, Assignments, Portfolios, Service Learning, Internships, etc.      

Discussion Forums Quizzes Project 1 – Target Market Analysis Project 2 – Planning & Budgeting Final Project – Fashion Advertising Campaign Final Exam

Course Content Introduction to Course, SCANS Projects and Safety Instruction. Introduction to Advertising A. The Impact of Advertising on the Retail Industry B. Ethics and Social Responsibility in Today’s Advertising Arena Planning the Advertising Program A. Pre-Planning: Research the Target Markets B. Targeting the Multicultural Markets C. Planning and Budgeting Strategies D. In-House and External Resources for Retail Advertising Development The Advertising Media A. Newspapers B. Magazines C. Television and Radio D. Direct Marketing: The Internet, Social Networking, and Direct Mail E. Outdoor Advertising Creating the Advertising A. Print Media B. Broadcast Media Promotional Tools Used by Retailers A. Special Events B. Visual Merchandising C. Public Relations: Promoting and Advancing the Retailer’s Image Putting It Together A. Dovetailing the Advertising and Promotional Tools

Course Calendar and Reading Assignments Module 1

Moodle, Course Structure & Chapter 1 Readings  Course Syllabus  Chapter 1 – The Impact of Advertising (pp. 3-27) Quizzes  Extra Credit Quiz on Syllabus and the Course Interface (worth 5% extra on your final grade)  Quiz 1 on Chapter 1 Forums  Forum 1


Module 2

Module 3 Module 4

Module 5

Module 6 Module 7

Module 8

Module 9

Pre-Panning and Planning Readings  Chapter 3 – Pre-Planning: Researching the Target Markets (pp. 53-77)  Chapter 5 – Planning and Budgeting Strategies (pp. 103-123) Quizzes  Quiz 2 on Chapters 3 & 5 Forums  Forum 2  Forum 3 Project 1 – Target Market Analysis Advertising Media: Newspapers and Magazines Readings  Chapter 7 – Newspapers (pp. 153-175)  Chapter 8 – Magazines (pp. 177-201) Quizzes  Quiz 3 on Chapters 7 & 8 Forums  Forum 4  Forum 5 Advertising Media: TV/Radio and Direct Marketing Readings  Chapter 9 – Television and Radio (pp. 153-175)  Chapter 10 – Direct Marketing (pp. 177-201) Quizzes  Quiz 4 on Chapters 9 & 10 Forums  Forum 6  Forum 7 Project 2 – Plan & Budget Creating the Advertising: Print Media and Broadcast Media Readings  Chapter 12 – Print Media (pp. 281-309)  Chapter 13 – Broadcast Media (pp. 311-327) Quizzes  Quiz 5 on Chapters 12 & 13 Forums  Forum 8  Forum 9 Promotional Tools: Special Events and Visual Merchandising Readings  Chapter 14 – Special Events (pp. 331 - 353)  Chapter 15 – Visual Merchandising (pp. 355-377) Quizzes  Quiz 6 on Chapters 14 & 15 Forums  Forum 10  Forum 11 Final Project Readings  None Quizzes  None


Forums  None Activity  Final Paper Final Exam

Module 10

Other Student Information (clubs, tutoring, web resources, etc.) FASHION ADVISORS Each Fashion Student is assigned an Advisor THE FASHION STUDENTS ADVISORY COUNCIL The Fashion Student Advisory Council is a group of student’s leaders who plan student activities for the Student Fashion Club. Students may request to be on the council or may be nominated by a faculty member. All HCC students are automatically members of this dues-free organization. FASHION BOOT CAMP Fashion Boot Camp is held at the beginning of each fall and spring semester for all fashion students to alert them to the students’ opportunities for the upcoming semester. STUDENT COMPETITIONS HCC fashion students are highly successful in student competitions at the local, state, national and international levels, frequently winning best -of-show, cash and scholarship awards. DELTA EPLISON CHI Delta Eplison Chi is Professional Development. DECA'S programs, competitions, activities, focus on helping it's members grow and develop as professional marketing and management leaders. FASHION RESOURCE CENTER The resource center is located in the Fashion Gallery at 3601 Fannin Street, the home of the Fashion Department on HCC's Central Campus. It houses the Historical Fashion Collection, fashion books, video tapes and designer press releases. The Historical Fashion Collection is a collection of international designer, ethnic and vintage clothing from the 1900's to the present. For additional fashion links see the Fashion & Interior Design page at HCCS home page at Central College under Workforce programs.