Master Plan Report Waverley Christian College. Narre Warren South Campus

Master Plan Report Waverley Christian College Narre Warren South Campus Issue DRAFT Feb 2014 Contents 1 Executive Summary ________________________...
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Master Plan Report Waverley Christian College Narre Warren South Campus

Issue DRAFT Feb 2014

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Feb 2014

Suite 1, 70 Kerr Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065 Tel (03) 9416 3044, Fax (03) 9416 3232 [email protected] Directors Virginia Ross, Christopher Hose, Gray Barton Bill K Williams Pty Ltd ACN 005 624 868


Executive Summary 1.1


Waverley Christian College (WCC) was established in 1978, moving to the Wantirna South campus in 1989. The Wantirna South campus has an enrolment of over 1200 students from Kindergarten to Year 12. The College commenced operations from a second campus in Narre Warren South in 2012 offering Prep to Year 9 in 2014 with an enrolment of about 400 students. Classes up to Year 12 are expected to be offered by 2017. The campus has a student cap of 1350, and the College aims to grow to a 4-stream school of 1300 students. An existing childcare service remains in operation on the site until the end of 2014. After this date childcare and kindergarten will no longer be offered from the Narre Warren South site. The Narre Warren South campus was established by another College as an education facility in 2006-07. An existing Development Plan (master plan) was endorsed in 2006 by Casey City Council based on this previous College’s vision. The existing buildings on site were constructed between 2006 and 2009. Waverley Christian College purchased the site in 2011and have recognised the need to review the current Development Plan against the College’s vision for the campus.


Master Plan Scope

WCC appointed Williams Ross Architects to undertake the College master plan for the Narre Warren South campus to reflect the new vision for the campus. The master plan was to encompass: 

Development of a facility area analysis and brief based on the College’s vision and identified facility needs, refer the appendix for the ‘NWS Facilities Master Plan’ document prepared by the College

Review of existing facilities, site uses and faculty distribution

Compilation of existing conditions floor plans

Identification of priority projects and building opportunities for the College for short and long term planning

Review of existing Town Planning Permits and strategy for future amendment to the Development Plan for the site

The College master plan was undertaken alongside a feasibility report for the new Gym / Auditorium building. The new Gym / Auditorium building has been identified as a priority project in the master plan. The work undertaken by the consultant team on the Gym / Auditorium Feasibility Report has informed the master plan itself. Please also refer to the Gym / Auditorium Feasibility Report, dated January 2014.


Previous Studies and Documentation

The master plan review is based on the following documents: Waverley Christian College, Narre Warren South Campus Master Plan Report

ISSUE DRAFT Page 3 / 22


NWS Facilities Master Plan, prepared by the College

Hard copy plans of existing buildings obtained from the College

Previous site master plan prepared for the previous School

Endorsed Town Planning Development Plan drawings

Feature and Level Survey completed by Millar Merrigan in February 2014

Terms of Reference

This report was prepared for the use of Waverley Christian College by Williams Ross Architects. No one other than Waverley Christian College may rely on it and Williams Ross Architects does not accept responsibility to any other user. Findings and analysis are based on drawings and photos of the site. A visual site inspection was conducted only. Detail site measure and inspections were not conducted. Subject to these limitations Williams Ross Architects confirms that to the best of its knowledge the content and drawings provided in this report are a fair and reasonable description of proposed facility requirements and a potential development approach at the time of writing.

Waverley Christian College, Narre Warren South Campus Master Plan Report

ISSUE DRAFT Page 4 / 22


Introduction 2.1

Existing Site Description

Waverley Christian College Narre Warren South Campus is located at 20 College Drive, Narre Warren South. The College site is bounded by Cranbourne-Narre Warren Road, Pound Road and College Drive. College Administration and main pedestrian entry faces College Drive. The main vehicular entry to the College is via two separate car park entries off College Drive. The site has a slight fall down to the Pound Road, Cranbourne-Narre Warren Road corner. The College Drive and Pound Road corner of the site has been built up above street level with site fill during previous construction works creating a grassed batter up from the street.

Source: Nearmap Waverley Christian College, Narre Warren South Campus Master Plan Report

ISSUE DRAFT Page 5 / 22


Investigations and Reports

Members of the consultant team have made various site inspections and investigations, and the following supporting information has been obtained: Williams Ross Architects:

Various site inspections to understand existing facilities

BRT Consultants:

Advice on site services based on BRT’s work on the Gym / Auditorium building

Millar Merrigan

Feature and Level Survey

Contour Town Planners

Review and advice on existing Town Planning Permits and future town planning strategy

Cardno Traffic Engineers

Review of existing drop-off / pick-up traffic flow and advice on vehicle access to Cranbourne Narre-Warren Rd

Waverley Christian College, Narre Warren South Campus Master Plan Report

ISSUE DRAFT Page 6 / 22


Existing Condition Surveys and Drawings

The following existing conditions surveys and inspections were made: 2.3.1.

Building Plans

Existing hardcopy drawings of the College were converted to CAD. Where possible, these drawings were updated to reflect the current internal layouts of buildings. These updated drawings do not constitute detail inspections or measure-up of buildings. Please refer to the appendices for the updated site plans for the College. 2.3.2.

Level and Feature Surveys

A new feature and level survey was undertaken by Millar Merrigan as part of this project. Please refer the appendices for a copy of this drawing. A title re-establishment survey was not undertaken as part of the master plan process. 2.3.3.

Site Services

BRT Consultants were commissioned to provide advice on site services for the proposed Gym / Auditorium feasibility project. This work has also informed the master plan. Please refer to Gym / Auditorium Feasibility report for further information.


Existing Site Description

A site analysis of existing conditions was conducted to: 

Understand site distribution of uses, activities and faculties

Review accessibility across the site, external circulation and use of external space

Identify future building opportunities

Identify opportunities for upgrading existing facilities

Identify any authority controls over the site, such as town planning overlays and the existing Development Plan (refer Section 5)

The following drawings illustrate the existing site conditions.

Existing Site Plan, not to scale

Existing Use Distribution on Site , not to scale


Existing Buildings

While WCC commenced operations from the Narre Warren South campus in 2012, the campus was established in 2006 with the following existing facilities constructed between 2006 and 2009: 

Early Learning Centre, a single storey building with surrounding licensed children’s play area

Administration Building, a 2-storey building with main College administration on the ground floor, and the resource centre, a small auditorium and 7 general learning areas (GLAs) on the first floor. A lift connects the two levels.

Specialist Building, a 2-storey building with Food Technology, Design Technology and Art on the ground floor and 2 x Science Labs and 4 x GLAs on the first floor. Student amenities and change facilities are externally accessed from the ground and first levels.

Walkways, 2-storey walkways connect the Administration and Specialist Buildings


Existing Outdoor Play Space

The site is 7.49ha in size, providing for good potential for outdoor passive and play spaces. The existing site has the following outdoor spaces available for students: 

Children’s playground associated with the Childcare Centre

Double basketball court / play space

Play equipment

Large grassed areas

Junior oval

The existing site master plan allows for the following additional external sports facilities: 

Senior oval

Tennis Courts

Multi-purpose sports field (hockey and/or soccer)


Existing Vehicular Movement and Car Parking

There are three vehicle entries off College Drive,1 for the northern car park, 1 located centrally along College Drive for access to Administration and visitor car parking, and 1 near the corner of College Drive and Pound Road for access to the Pound Road car park. There is a minor vehicle access point from Cranbourne-Narre Warren Road. On site there is good separation between students and vehicles with the only vehicles crossing student areas being maintenance vehicles. The endorsed Town Planning drawing ‘Master Site Layout Ultimate’ cites a total of 305 car spaces required on site. However the same drawing only shows about 270 car spaces. Preliminary advice indicates the 305 figure will be the required car parking provision for the full master plan once there are 1300 students on site.


Master Plan 3.1

Master Plan Concept

The concept for the Waverely Christian College master plan is based on creating discreet Junior (prep – Yr 6), Middle (Yr 7 – Yr9) and Senior (Yr10 – Yr12) buildings with corresponding courtyard areas. Specialist facilities would be dispersed and accessible to all year levels. College Administration and the Resource Centre would remain in a central position on the campus.



The master plan proposed the following facilities: 3.2.1. Prep and Junior Facilities The existing childcare facility will be refurbished into a standalone Prep Building: 

4 x Prep GLAs of minimum 80sq.m for 100 students

Staff facilities

Interview Room

General Purpose Room

Foyer with display space

Student amenities for 100 students

Retain access to the northern play area

Create new entry to the building facing the new Junior Building across a Junior Forecourt area

The new 2-storey Junior Building will house Year 1 to Year 5, 4 stream year levels, or a total of 500 students: 

Foyer and entry with display

Staff offices and facilities

20 x GLAs with locker pigeon holes directly outside classrooms

Interview room

3 Resource / Seminar spaces of 20sq.m each

Primary Drama Room

Primary General Purpose Room

Student Amenities

Year 6 facilities (4 x GLAs) would be located upstairs in the Administration Building in the northern corner of the building. An external upper floor connection would provide direct access for Year 6 students into the Year 3-5 area, and vice versa. 3.2.2. Middle School Facilities The new single storey Middle School Building will house Year 7 to Year 9, 4 stream year levels, or a total of 300 students: 

Foyer and entry with display

Staff offices and facilities

8 x GLAs

Interview room

3 Resource / Seminar spaces of 20sq.m each

Lockers access externally undercover

Middle School students would access the existing student amenities in the Specialist Building. 3.2.3. Senior School Facilities The new 3-storey Senior School Building will house Year 10 – Year 11, 4 stream year levels, or a total of 300 students: 

Foyer and entry with display

Staff offices and facilities

14 x GLAs

Interview room

3 Resource / Seminar spaces of 20sq.m each

Lockers accessed internally

VCE Common and Study Rooms

Careers Room

Senior School students would access the existing student amenities in the Specialist Building. 3.2.4. Resource Centre The Resource Centre will be located centrally on the campus, upstairs in the Administration Building at the southern end of the building overlooking the existing green space. 3.2.5. Gym / Auditorium The Gym / Auditorium building will be located along Pound Road, facing the new Senior Oval. This site has good connection to future external sports facilities. The building will house: 

Foyer and entry with display

Staff offices

Fitness Room

1 x single court netball / basket ball court

Raised stage with storage

Mezzanine level overlooking the Gymnasium

Seating storage

PE store

Student amenities and change facilities

3.2.6. Performing Arts and Music Building The Performing Arts and Music building will face the College Drive / Pound Road intersection between the existing 2-storey Administration building and the 2-storey Specialist building. The 2-storey building will house: 

Foyer and entry with display

Staff offices

Auditorium divided by an operable wall, with retractable seating for 300

Backstage dressing rooms and storage

Control room and technical storage upstairs

Secondary Music Classroom

2 x Ensemble Rooms with shared recording studio

2 x Primary Music Classrooms

9 x Music Tutorial rooms (including the recording studio)

A first floor connection can be made to the first floor of the adjacent Administration building. Audience amenities would be located in the adjacent Specialist building. 3.2.7. Existing Specialist Building The existing 2-storey Specialist Building requires completion of its internal fit-out to provide: Ground Floor: 

1 x Food technology practical space (existing)

1 x Food Technology dining / theory space (new)

2 x Visual Arts rooms (new)

2 x Design technology rooms and store (1 existing, 1 new)

First Floor: 

2 x Science Labs at 64sq.m each (existing)

4 x Science Labs at minimum 100sq.m each (new)

Prep and chemical store

Science staff space

A new 2-storey extension to the west side of the existing building is proposed to provide a dedicated Maintenance office, delivery access and store on the ground floor and added capacity for the larger Science Labs on the first floor.


5-Year Master Plan - Stages

The 5-year master plan includes building projects to support the growth in student numbers to a 2-stream College by 2017 – approximately 650 students. Implementation of the 5-year master plan includes: Year



Senior Oval


Construct new Gym / Auditorium End 2015 – convert childcare centre into Prep Building (4 x GLAs)

2016 2017 2018


5-10 Year Master Plan - Stages

The 5-10 year master plan includes building projects to support the growth in student numbers to a 4-stream College by 2017 – approximately 1300 students. Implementation of the 5-10 year master plan includes: Year 2019 2018



Site Services

The following is a summary of the main site services and staging issues for the major building projects as advised by BRT Consulting Engineers. Electrical 

The capacity of the existing supply agreement with the authority is unknown. This needs to be determined to assess whether the existing substation has the capacity for the new building and future master plan.

The existing Main Switch Board (MSB) has sufficient spare capacity for all future buildings proposed in the master plan, including the Gymnasium / Auditorium.

Existing reticulation of services has been installed in a logical way to supply the future master plan.

Fire Detection 

There is currently fire detection in each existing building connected to an early Warning System (EWS) that provides alarms.

Although the new building will not require a detection system, the College may extend this to the new buildings.

Gas 

There is high pressure gas reticulated throughout the school.

Cold Water & Fire Services 

Cold water, rainwater and fire services are reticulated throughout the school, and are adequate to service the new building.

Sewer 

Invert levels will need to be established before design is commenced.

Site Master Plan, not to scale

Master Plan, Ground Floor , not to scale

Master Plan, First Floor , not to scale


Cost Estimate 4.1

Cost Estimates

The following cost estimates have been prepared by Prowse Quantity Surveyors. Please refer to appendix for the full cost plan. 5-Year Master Plan Year



Anticipated Total Project Cost (Excl GST) $ $

2015 $ 2016

$ $



2018 $ 5-10 Year Master Plan Year


Anticipated Total Project Cost (Excl GST)


Town Planning Contour Town Planners have been engaged as planning consultants to assist the College with existing and future town planning issues for the Narre Warren South campus. The following is a summary of their advice. Please refer to their full report in the appendix.


Town Planning Overview

The Narre Warren South campus of Waverley Christian College is located in the City of Casey. The site designated as Low Density Residential Zone and is subject to a Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 1). A Development Plan was prepared by the previous owners of the land and endorsed by Council in line with the Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 1), known as Permit No: P176/06A due to expire in mid-2014. As part of the master plan project, an extension of time application was submitted and approved by Council. The new Permit No is PlnA00375/06.A, with an expiry date of 26 June 2016. Please refer to the appendix for the ‘’Master Site Layout Ultimate’ and ‘Landscape Master Plan’ drawings which form the latest versions of the endorsed plans, and a copy of the Planning Permit Extension.


Section 173 Agreement

The College have a Section 173 agreement in place with the City of Casey over the use of the plantation reserve land along the Pound Road and Cranbourne-Narre Warren Road frontages. The Section 173 Agreement allow for car parking, fencing and amenities in the Plantation Reserve in favour of the College as shown on the endorsed plans. Please refer to a copy of the title and agreement in the appendix.


Town Planning Process

Contour met with Council to discuss the town planning process for the revised master plan. Contour has indicated the following steps in the approval processes from here: 1. Gym / Auditorium Application including: - an amended ‘Master Site Layout Ultimate’ drawing showing new Gym footprint - an amended ‘Landscape Master Plan’ showing changes to landscape around new Gym footprint - Gym / Auditorium detail plans and elevations - justification for no additional car parking at this stage 2. Gym / Auditorium Application to allow outside school hours use for a Place of Assembly. This application would be lodged after endorsement of the permit noted above. This application will require: - information on intensity of use and proposed hours - anticipated maximum attendance - assessment of anticipated car parking demand 3. Master Plan Amendment. This application will reflect the WCC vision for the site for the next say 5-8 years. This application will require: - an amended ‘Master Site Layout Ultimate’ drawing showing new building

footprints - an amended ‘Landscape Master Plan’ showing changes to landscape - justification for an alternate stormwater strategy - justification for any changes to vehicle entry / exit - application to extend the time period of the permit


Site Signage

The master plan includes a more substantial sign on the corner of Pound Road and Cranbourne-Narre Warren Road. Previous permits have been granted for site signage, and these need to be obtained from Council prior to lodging a separate application for the new sign. The application for the new sign should be able to occur independently of the process noted above.