Master Business Informatics Study Plan Utrecht University

Master Business Informatics Study Plan Utrecht University Sjaak Brinkkemper, Slinger Jansen Utrecht University The Netherlands [email protected] 1 St...
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Master Business Informatics Study Plan Utrecht University Sjaak Brinkkemper, Slinger Jansen Utrecht University The Netherlands [email protected] 1

Study Plan – Introduction

 Total 120 ECTS  10 Courses - 75 ECTS • Mandatory • Optional • Deficiencies

 Thesis project - 45 ECTS • Research project 40 ECTS • MBI colloquium 4 ECTS • Introduction to MBI 1 ECTS

 Plan = some consistency or direction related to your

ambition, expressed in your choice of optional courses and thesis project  Check with study advisor or program leaders


Study Plan – specific MBI courses 

Mandatory, per period: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Deficiency a. b.

Scientific Research Methods (Wetenschappelijke onderzoeksmethoden) (WO) Strategic Management, Organizational and ICT (SMOI)

Optional, per period: 1.






Intro to BI, Knowledge Management, deficiency if applicable Enterprise Architecture Method Engineering & deficiency if applicable None

Financial management, Motion and manipulation, Multimedia retrieval, Algorithms and networks, data mining, generic programming, probabilistic reasoning, Social simulation, Intelligent agents, Seminar Software Ecosystems, Advanced research methods, Pattern recognition, Computer animation, Computer vision, Advanced functional programming, Evolutionary computing, Queries and retrieval, Commonsense reasoning, Multi-agent systems Business intelligence, geometric algorithms, Advanced graphics, Multimodal interaction, Program verification, Compiler construction, Simulation, Multi-agent learning, Multi-agent programming Seminar ICT in life sciences innovations, Seminar Intelligent User Interfaces, Seminar Medical Informatics, Seminar Software Patterns, Summer School, Game and agents, Game physics, Path planning, Automatic program analysis, Scheduling and timetabling, Computational sustainability, Seminar dependently types programming, Philosophy of AI ICT-Entrepreneurship, Capita Selecta

Study Plan – non-specific MBI course 

All courses listed at; select ‘masterfase’

Course at other UU faculties/schools  Utrecht School of Economics • Organization and Strategy Analysis • Corporate Governance  Utrecht School of Goverance • The development and change of organizations and communities  Faculty of Geosciences • Theory of Organizational Learning and Innovation  Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, et cetera

Courses at other universities  Erasmus University Rotterdam  Leiden University  Radboud University Nijmegen  Tilburg University  Lund university (Sweden)  …

 But be on time!


International  Courses at Universities abroad  Could be replacement for mandatory courses  No double subjects  Check on international website of UU for UU partner

universities  No tuition

 Standard arrangements  Lund University  ETH Zurich  Many, many others  See it as an investment in your life, in your career.  International experience is an asset on your CV  MBI team has contact worldwide

 For more information contact: Corine de Gee or

Leonie Silkens


MBI Profiles

 Entrepreneur  Technical Consultant  Researcher  Business Consultant


Fraud: Don’t get caught!

 Definition of Fraud •

The action or negligence of a student that prevents or obstructs a correct judgment of (part of) the student’s knowledge, insight, and abilities.

 For instance  Cheat during an exam. Helping is cheating too.  Own restricted materials (mobile phones, books, etc.) during     


an exam. Faking research results. Have others do your work. Copying without citing the original authors. Copying from another student. Purchasing work from organizations that “help” students.

Fraud (2): Consequences

Light punishment • mark on your final diploma • in osiris for all professors to see • Exam or assignment for which was cheated is annulled

 Medium punishment • Removal from the course (if it’s not an elective, you’re in trouble) • No more cum laude

 Heavy punishment • Removal from university for one year

 Extreme • Bye bye Birdie


Some FAQs

 Three courses per period, Osiris

will not let me?


Cannot be fired So you want to be an Academic?

Full professor

Hoogleraar (Emeritus)

Sjaak Brinkkemper

Special professor

Bijzonder hoogleraar


Associate professor

Universitair hoofddocent

Ronald Batenburg

Assistant professor

Universitair docent

Rik Bos




PhD student


Jaap Kabbedijk

Master student

Master student

Bachelor student

Bachelor student