Maruti Genuine Accessories Bulletin

Maruti Genuine Accessories Bulletin MGA Bulletin no 02/12 Dated: 12/04/2012 Subject: Introduction of Maruti Genuine Accessories for ERTIGA It is our...
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Maruti Genuine Accessories Bulletin MGA Bulletin no 02/12

Dated: 12/04/2012

Subject: Introduction of Maruti Genuine Accessories for ERTIGA It is our continuous endeavor to offer latest accessories under MGA for all car models of MSIL. With the launch of the Ertiga, we are happy to introduce the latest range of accessories under MGA. The new thoughtfully designed accessories create a perfect symphony of design, technology, comfort and performance. New Accessories introduced for Ertiga are as follows: Exteriors: 1. Styling Kit – Adds style to Ertiga, designed to match the profile of car.

Part Description Ertiga Roof End Spoiler Ertiga Styling Kit

Part Number 83900M60M00 990J0M60M07-020

Catg A O

MRP 3490 22990

2. Roof Luggage Carrier: Available in 2 options (premium & Economy)

Part Description Roof Luggage Carrier-Premium Roof Luggage Carrier-Economy

Part Number 990J0M60MR0-010 990J0M60MR0-020

CODE MRP O 9990 O 6990

3. ORVM with Turn Signal indicator – Gives the car executive look

Part No. 990J0M75L06-010 MRP: Rs. 3990/- per set 4. Alloy wheel – Gives an elegant & classy look & improves the ride quality

Part No. 43210M60M50-27N

MRP: Rs. 4990/- per wheel

5. Wheel cover – Engineered to ensure perfect fit, balance & elegant look.

Part No. 43250M60M00-ZGJ

MRP: Rs. 400/- per wheel

6. Body Graphics: Available in four different designs. A superior quality artwork, these graphics have new and fresh designs that suits car body colour.

Part Description Graphics(Windy Magic),Ertiga Graphics(Ertiga Dream),Ertiga Grphics(Golden Ray),Ertiga Graphics(Breezy Wave),Ertiga

Part Number 990J0M60MJ2-010 990J0M60MJ2-020 990J0M60MJ2-030 990J0M60MJ2-040

Catg B B B B

MRP 2200 2250 2250 3750

7. Body side molding – Protects the door from scratches

Part No. 990J0M60M01-010

MRP: Rs. 1390/- per set

8. Bumper corner protectors – Protects from scratches & enhances the look of the vehicle.

Part No. 990J0M60M17-010

MRP: Rs. 650/- per set

9. Door Visor: Protects from rain when windows are open & enhances the looks.

Part No. 990J0M60MQ0-010

MRP: Rs. 1250/- per set

10. Mud flaps – Made from high quality material & matches the profile of the car perfectly. Part No. 990J0M60M00-010

MRP: Rs. 395/- per set

11. Vision Plus – Better visibility, customized to the vehicle electrical system.

Part No. 990J0M60M11-030

MRP: Rs. 3890/- per set

12. Body Cover – Protects body paint & scratches

Part No. 990J0M60M02-010/020

MRP: Rs. 1190/- per set

Interiors: 1. Interior Styling kit: Improve the car interiors with artistic interior styling kit available in three different shades i.e. Wooden, Steel, and Carbon applicable for all Ertiga models.

Part Description Interior Styling Kit, Zdi/Zxi/Vdi/Vxi Wood Interior Styling Kit, Zdi/Zxi/Vdi/Vxi Carbon Interior Styling Kit, Zdi/Zxi/Vdi/Vxi Steel Interior Styling Kit, Ldi/Lxi PU wood Interior Styling Kit, Ldi/Lxi PU Carbon Interior Styling Kit, Ldi/Lxi PU steel

Part No


990J0M74LPJ-040 990J0M74LPJ-050 990J0M74LPJ-060 990J0M74LPJ-010 990J0M74LPJ-020 990J0M74LPJ-030

5990 5990 5990 4990 4990 4990

2. Seat Cover – A whole new range of Fabric, Art leather

Part Description Scr Fab (Beg Bols&Beg Jute)Lxi Scr Fab(Beg Bol& Brw Bol)Lxi Scr Fab(Beg Bol& Brw Jac)Vxi Scr Fab(Beg Bol& Pile Plane)Lxi Scr Fab(Beg Bol& Pile Plane)Vxi Scr Fab(Beg Bol&Beg Jute)Vxi Scr Fab(Beg Bol&Brw Bol)Vxi Scr Fab(Beg Bol&Brw Jac)Lxi Scr Lxi Bisque Pu Leather Scr Lxi Bisque Pu Leather Scr Lxi Bisque With Embroidery Scr Lxi Black Perf & Bisque Pu Leather Scr Lxi Blk Perf & Bisque Pu Leather Scr Lxi Black Pu Leather Scr Lxi Crm Pu Leather Scr Lxi Gray Pu Leather Scr Vxi Bisque Pu Leather Scr Vxi Blk Pu Leather Scr Vxi Cherry Bodex & Bisque Pu Leather Scr Vxi Crm Pu Leather Scr Vxi Gray Pu Leather

Part Number 990J0M60MB4-010 990J0M60MB4-040 990J0M60MB4-060 990J0M60MB4-030 990J0M60MB4-070 990J0M60MB4-050 990J0M60MB4-080 990J0M60MB4-020 990J0M60MB3-030 990J0M60MB3-310 990J0M60MB3-150 990J0M60MB3-110 990J0M60MB3-230 990J0M60MB3-010 990J0M60MB3-020 990J0M60MB3-040 990J0M60MB3-270 990J0M60MB3-290 990J0M60MB3-170 990J0M60MB3-300 990J0M60MB3-320

Catg B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B

MRP 4290 3990 4390 4590 4890 4590 4290 4090 4990 5390 5190 4990 5390 4990 4990 4990 5590 5390 5390 5390 5390

3. Mats – Available in Designer, Carpet and PVC options. All mats now with anti Skid Holder.

Part Description Pvc Designer Mat (Ertiga) Full Floor Mat-Black(Ertiga) Full Floor Mat-Transparent(Ertiga) Carpet Mat Carera (Ertiga) Carpet Mat Boxer (Ertiga) Carpet Mat-Karting(Ertiga)

Part Number 990J0M60MA1-010 990J0M60MA2-030 990J0M60MA2-040 990J0M60MA4-010 990J0M60MA4-020 990J0M60MA4-030


MRP 1980 1345 1790 1690 1690 1190

4. Door sill guard – Protects the paint & further enhances the looks

Part No. 990J0M60MP6-010

MRP: Rs. 450/- per set

5. Power window – Roll down & up windows with ease and comfort.

Front Part No. 990J0M60M03-010 Rear Part No. 990J0M60M03-020

MRP: Rs. 7050/- per set MRP: Rs. 6170/- per set

6. Gear Lock – Provides additional safety

Front Part No. 990J0M75L14-010

MRP: Rs. 1390/- per set

Infotainment: 1. Integrated Audio System:

Part No. 39101M74LA0-R8R MRP: Rs. 11990/- per set

Part No. 990J0M60MD3-010 MRP: Rs. 15990/- per set

2. Audio System: In addition to above vast range of JVC, Sony, Kenwood stereo systems with different features like Aux In, USB Port, DVD, Bluetooth, Multimedia Screen etc.

Attached is the price list of the complete range of accessories available for the Ertiga. We are confident that above accessories range will add more attitude, style, comfort, performance to the Ertiga.

Happy Selling!!!

Tarun Gandhi Asst General Manager (Accessories) To - All Dealers CEO/Dealer GM Sales/Accessories Manager/SPMs/DSEs CC - All RM/RPM