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Marquette summer study abroad programs are an ideal opportunity for students to build on their global experiences. Faculty-led programs encourage students to deepen their knowledge about specific topics through guided academic work and hands-on experience abroad. All dates and details are subject to change. College of Business Administration programs are indicated with a number one and are not open to students from outside Marquette University.

Buenos Aires, Argentina — Language and Culture Dates: May 25–July 4 Subjects: Spanish (6 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Todd Hernandez This program allows students to explore the urban landscape of Buenos Aires, a vibrant city of 13 million. Specialized coursework in Spanish language, second-language acquisition, and Argentine literature and culture will expand participant familiarity with Argentina beyond tango, Evita and fútbol. Prereq: 1 semester college-level Spanish.

Antwerp, Belgium — Business European Travel Program1 Dates: May 18–June 7 Subjects: MANA 3002 or Business elective (3 credits) Faculty Leader: Joseph Terrian This program offers the opportunity to study the business, economic, social and cultural ramifications of the European Economic and Monetary Union. It includes lectures by University of Antwerp faculty, corporate visits to companies such as Ford, KBC Bank, or Nike and visits to the European Parliament and Commission. Anticipated cultural excursions include: Brugge, Ghent, Amsterdam and Paris.

Beijing and Shanghai, China — Graduate Business Program1 Dates: May 22–June 1 Subjects: Business elective (3 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Jamshid Hosseini This program provides graduate students with critical insights and valuable first-hand experience with China’s business climate, culture, society and history. Highlights include lectures by Peking and Tongji University faculty, government officials, and Chinese business leaders. Students will also hear about the experience of working and living in China from U.S. and Chinese executives.

China and Japan — Pacific Triangle: China, Japan and the United States Dates: May 20–June 9 Subjects: International Affairs and Political Science (6 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Richard Friman and Dr. Barrett McCormick This course offers a first-hand perspective on relations between the United States, Japan and China. Students will visit key historical and cultural sites and learn from Japanese and Chinese scholars and officials. Participants will return with in-depth knowledge of the cultures, relationships and conflicts that will structure global politics in the coming decades.

Finland and Russia — Comparative Crime and Punishment Dates: May 13–26 Subjects: Sociology/Social Welfare & Justice/Criminal Justice (3 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Richard Jones Students will study issues of crime and punishment alongside students from Tampere University in Finland. Individuals studying criminal justice will benefit from experiential learning through prison tours, visits to museums and interactions with criminal justice organizations. Additionally, students will experience Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia through historical and cultural site visits.

Strasbourg, France; Frankfurt, Germany; Basel, Switzerland — Graduate Business Program1 Dates: July 4–July 13 Subjects: Graduate business elective (3 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Jamshid Hosseini Graduate students will study the socio-political situation in the European Union and how U.S. businesses approach this unique market through an online course and ten-day European study program. In addition to seminars by the faculty of the Ecole de Management Strasbourg, the program will include presentations by experts from business, industry and the European Union.

Giessen, Germany — International & Comparative Law Dates: July 20–August 17 Subjects: Law (4 credits) Faculty Leader: Alan Madry This program brings together up to 60 students from all over the world to study comparative and international law. Excursions to Berlin and Munich to visit courts and other legal institutions, panel discussions on the differences and similarities in legal education and practice between the US, Germany and other countries, and lectures on a variety of topics enable students to broaden their perspectives on international law.

Ghana — History of Africa Dates: July 5–26 Subjects: History (3 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Chima Korieh Designed to help students better understand the complexities of the issues facing the African continent today, this program will expose students to many aspects of Ghanaian and West African cultures. Participants will visit Kumasi, Ghana’s cultural capital and Elmina, the site of the first European slave-trading post in sub-Saharan Africa.

Rome, Italy — Business European Travel Program1 Dates: June 28–July 12 Subjects: MANA 3002 or Business elective (3 credits) Faculty Leader: Joseph Terrian & Sr. Eileen Ennis, SSND This program will provide students with an opportunity to study international business in a European context. The course includes corporate visits to companies such as Manpower or Accrea Bank and lectures by professors from universities in Rome. Cultural visits include: Roman Ruins, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museums, etc.

Amman, Jordan — Project GO: The ROTC Language and Culture Project Dates: June 12–Aug. 13 Subjects: Arabic (11-12 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Enaya Othman Project GO at Marquette offers ROTC students a full-scholarship, eight-week intensive Arabic language program in Amman, Jordan. Students will live with local Arabic-speaking families and engage in experiential learning every day while gaining an insider perspective on Jordanian culture.

Piura, Peru — Community Nursing Program Dates: May 30–June 27 (session 1); June 20–July 18 (session 2) Subjects: Nursing (6 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Darlene Weis Nursing students will have the opportunity to complete their community clinical experience in Peru. Students will participate in a range of experiences, from primary health care to hospice care to alcohol/drug treatment groups. On-campus course work is required prior to departure. Program is full for 2014. Apply early for 2015.

Cape Town, South Africa – Gender and Sexuality in a South African Context Dates: June 12–July 4 (additional online pre- and post-course work required) Subjects: Women’s and Gender Studies (6 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Amelia Zurcher With an emphasis on the complex context of colonialism, apartheid and global racism, this program will help students explore the exciting work on gender and sexuality being done in South Africa by both academics and activists through online, classroom and service learning experiences.

Madrid, Spain – Language and Culture Dates: June 29–August 2 Subjects: Spanish (6 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. German Carrillo This program is the ideal introduction to Spain for those who want to improve their Spanish. In addition to classroom learning at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, a top Spanish university, students will participate in guided visits and excursions to sites around Madrid and Spain. Prereq: 2 semesters college-level Spanish.

Spain – Ritual, Travel Traditions and Cultural Communication Along El Camino de Santiago Dates: May 21–June 7 Subjects: Spanish or Theology (3 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Eugenia Afinoguenova and Dr. Deirdre Dempsey El Camino de Santiago is a historic pilgrimage through northern Spain. While walking along its path for six to eight hours a day, students will learn the history of this religious and historical route. Students will examine the Camino de Santiago in multiple facets: as a channel of cultural communication, a travel tradition, a ritual and a pilgrimage.

London and Prague — Global Brand Tracking Dates: May 20–June 7 Subjects: Advertising and Public Relations (3 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Jean Grow This immersion course is designed to bring culture and advertising to life within the context of the global marketplace. The program begins in London, a thriving business and cultural hub, and moves to Prague, the center of a swiftly emerging Central European marketplace. Participants visit local and multi-national advertising agencies and reflect upon their experiences in digital formats.

London, U.K. — Theatre Appreciation Dates: June 16–July 4 Subjects: Theatre Arts (3 credits) Faculty Leader: Dr. Stephen Hudson-Mairet and Dr. Debra Krajic Through this program, students will explore theatre and British culture in the performing arts capital of London. Participants will learn about the theatre scene through academic lectures and site visits as well as gain a true appreciation by attending live performances.

SUMMER PROGRAMS AT PARTNER INSTITUTIONS Many of Marquette’s partner institutions around the world offer summer study abroad programs taught by their local faculty. Visit Marquette’s study abroad website at for details about each of the programs listed below. Asia Programs The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies

Beijing, China

Peking University - Doing Business in China 1

Beijing, China

Hong Kong Institute of Education

Hong Kong, China

Tongji University 1

Shanghai, China

Sophia University

Tokyo, Japan

Sogang University

Seoul, South Korea

Europe Programs Danish Institute for Study Abroad

Copenhagen, Denmark

King’s College London

London, England

Université Catholique de Lille Université Catholique de Lyon

Lille, France 1

Institut Catholique de Paris Université de Strasbourg–EM

Lyon, France Paris, France Strasbourg, France


IIK Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, Germany

Hessen: International Summer Universities

Various cities, Germany

University College Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

National University of Ireland, Galway

Galway, Ireland


Florence, Italy

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Milan, Italy

John Felice Rome Center

Rome, Italy

John Cabot University Universidad Pontificia Comillas

Rome, Italy 1

Madrid, Spain

Latin America Casa de la Solidaridad

San Salvador, El Salvador

Middle East and North Africa AMIDEAST Arabic Program

Rabat, Morocco

North America Université Laval

Québec City, Canada

Various Locations Arcadia University


SIT Study Abroad


1= These programs are for College of Business Administration students only.

STUDY ABROAD FAIR: SUMMER PROGRAMS January 29, 10 a.m.–2 p.m. AMU 2nd floor Program- and region-specific information sessions will be held Jan. 30–Feb. 7 in the Office of International Education Program Center. Full schedule is available at

Office of International Education Marquette University Holthusen Hall, 4th Floor 1324 W. Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53233 Telephone: 414.288.7289 Fax: 414.288.3701 [email protected]

Office of International Business Studies Marquette University David A. Straz Jr. Hall, 101 606 N. 13th Street Milwaukee, WI 53233 Telephone: 414.288.3433 Fax: 414.288.6803 [email protected]

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