101/2 ENGLISH Paper 2 July/August 2012 2 ½ Hours NAKURU DISTRICT SEC. SCHHOLS K.C.S.E TRIAL EXAMINATIONS-2012 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Educatio...
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101/2 ENGLISH Paper 2 July/August 2012 2 ½ Hours

NAKURU DISTRICT SEC. SCHHOLS K.C.S.E TRIAL EXAMINATIONS-2012 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E)

101/2 ENGLISH July/August 2012 2 ½ Hours

MARKING SCHEME ENGLISH PAPER 2 Visit: 1for thousands of free Past papers


(a) It often involves those who can protest/vulnerable patients who cannot speak for Themselves (2marks) (b) - when the patient is imminent - when the patient has left instructions in a living will not to provide care - When the patient refuses to accept nourishment (3 marks – 1 mark each) (c) compassionate tone sympathetic tone 1 mark Despite the ravages of their diseases they are still our fellow human beings/they deserve our care and respect (1mark –identification, 1 mark illustration)

(d) (i) Many states have “living will” laws designed to protect those who withhold treatment. (ii) Numerous court rulings have approved of patients being denied care, starvation and dehydration to death. (iii) Such deaths occur quietly within the confines of hospitals and a nursing homes hence can be kept hidden from the public. (iv) Most victims old, or very ill their death may be attributed to other causes other than denial of care. (v) Courts allow such decision to be made not only by close family members but also by a number of third parties If there is no disagreement between parties and medical staff the courts do not review such cases. • The courts ruled that the nursing home may not refuse to participate in withdrawal of food and water from an incompetent patient. (Must be in note form if not deduct 50%) Any 6 points (6marks) •

(e) The author tells us that the people suffering from terrible and serious illness ate still our fellow human beings and deserve our care and protection1 we must foster a positive attitude towards people with serious illness.1 (2 marks) (f) Admiration attitude


(g) Exceptional /grand /marvelous /Olympian


(i) Heroic – brave/champion (ii) Abridged – shortened/reduced/lessened (iii) Insidious – treacherous/traditions 2


(1 mark each (3marks)

(before )The people gathered at the meeting ground near Honia.1. They are waiting patiently for Waiyaki to arrive .1 (after) The crowd is excited.1 to see Wiyaki arrive and they give him way.1 Visit: 2for thousands of free Past papers


Nyambura had been stolen from Waiyaki’s hut.1 and was in the hands of Kasonyi and Kiama.1. Nyambura was to be taken before the crowd.1 To prove that Waiyaki had betrayed the tribe.1


concerned/loving/caning – she wept for her daughter (2marks) • helpless- she knew she was weak and she could not do anything (Accept any other well illustrated traits) (4marks) • Emotional and she wept……. 1 mk for identification, I mk for illustration


She weeps when Waiyaki tells them that Muthoni is dead.1. Later on when she informs Joshua of Muthoni’s death and he does not show any emotion on his face she weeps uncontrollably 1 (2marks)

(e) Paradox.1 – self contradictory statement.1 (f) For leaders from Kameno had failed, hadn’t they?(Must have commas & question mark) (g) (i) struggle for leadership/old rivalry for it was continuation of that struggle that had always existed between Makuyu and Kameno. For leaders from Kameno had failed them. (ii) Betrayal – And he hated Waiyaki ..............the wrath of the tribe against impurity and betrayal. Leaders from Kameno had betrayed people. (iii) Change/.education – the ridges no longer desired their isolation.......gave a new awareness to the people. (any two well illustrated themes) (4marks)

(h) (i) Symbolism – the flames symbolic of destruction /impending destruction (ii) Rhetorical questions – How could he......longer desired isolation?



Personification – the ridges would now rise and cry vengeance


Simile – The new awareness were like demons sweeping the whole country (any two well illustrated styles) (4marks) NB Accept any other relevant styles

(a) A student – ‘oh, how I hatred standing up to read in front of the class” (1 mark identification, 1 mark illustration) (b) The poem is about a student who is in class and is being asked to read from a poetry book .1 in front of the class.1 but he/she fears.1doing it I n front of the class. He knocks the book which in turn spills the ink.1 and the teacher cannot understand why such a behaviour from the student.1 (any 4 points 1 mark each = 4marks) (c)

(i) Fear – the blood rushed up to my face. And my body began to freeze Visit: 3for thousands of free Past papers

(ii) Embarrassment – The boys behind me sniggered shame..................oh, I wished that I were dead (iii)

Relief – And I sat down fast with relief’


Confusion – ‘I’d lost my page by then and I felt such a clumsy down! NB accept any plausible illustration. I mark for identification, I mark for illustration No mark for identification without illustration (6marks) Hyperbole – my heartbeat thumped in my head Rhetorical question – good........................with you?

(d) (i) Direct speech – ‘You” please read,..................... (ii) Personification – the words kept dancing..................... - a bottle of ink came to grief (iii) Alliteration – body began - clumsy clown (iv) Onomatopoeia -thundered squeaked, mumbled. shuffled (Any 3 well illustrated and styles. No mark for illustration without identification Identification alone = 0) (6marks)


(i) Sniggered – giggled


(ii) shuffled – to walk without lifting the feet


(NB: the past tense has to be used)


(a) (i) furniture (ii) Unless Kamau had Onyango to keep him company, he would find life lonely (iii) The Principal has been robbied of his watch (by an unknown thief)

(b) (i) through (ii) upon (c) (i) its (ii) her (d) (i) little (ii) any (e)(i) already (ii) all right Visit: 4for thousands of free Past papers

(f)(i) A thin black cow (ii) A large modern duplicating machine (g)(i) I will be back in a minute (time) (ii) There are minute organisms in water (small, tiny)

Visit: 5for thousands of free Past papers