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Volume 36, Issue 3 Adar - Nisan 5775 / March 2015 PAGE 2 KOL EMET Sponsors Emerald Anonymous Behringer Investments Diamond The Children and Gran...
Author: Mitchell Kelly
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Volume 36, Issue 3

Adar - Nisan 5775 / March 2015



Sponsors Emerald Anonymous Behringer Investments

Diamond The Children and Grandchildren of Janet & Robert Behringer Janelle & Larry Friedman The Hayman Family ~ Dot & Basil, Sandy & Andrew, Gary & Julie, Tracey & B. J. & families Alisa & Jason Makler Ann & Howard Rubin / Law Firm of Kessler & Collins

Sapphire Rusty & Liz Cooper Debbie & Bruce Katz / Marcy & Jeff Kahn The Rubin Family Foundation: Julie & Jay Liberman Cindy & Mitch Moskowitz

Pearl The Bader Family

Michelle & Mark Meiches

Tracy & Jacob Cherner

Janine & Charles Pulman

Trudy & Leon Cohen

Nancy & Andy Rabhan

Athene & Warren Harmel

Staci & Paul Rubin

Suzy & Andy Harmon

Dafna & Neil Rubinstein

Darci & Randy Iola

Jana & Barrett Stern

Drs. Yani & Jodi Lemeshev

Rabbi Stefan & Wende Weinberg

ADAR—NISAN 5775 / MARCH 2015


President’s Perspective. . . Getting our Ducks in a Row

Yes folks, these are my ducks. I collect rubber duckies. My office is full of them along with all sorts of other things like rubber balls, Cheshire Cats and other Alice in Wonderland stuff, and old cameras. My colleagues think I’m weird and I’m an embarrassment to my family; but I like my stuff. Anyway, I want to talk about my ducks. They are all lined up. This is the metaphorical embodiment of our strategic planning process. We are getting our ducks in a row! If you recall from last Rosh Hashanah, one of the themes we discussed was the need to create a strategic plan. We have now surpassed 500 membership units. Our religious school has almost 400 students. Our preschool has been successful beyond our expectations. Our fledgling adult education offerings are in full swing. We have b’nai mitzahs almost every weekend. I can go on and on. From all evidence, it looks like we will continue to grow and we cannot laissez faire our way into the future. It’s time to take stock of our shul and lay out a framework for the next 3-5 years. We have engaged a small group of present, past and future shul leaders, under the capable leadership of Ilene Sporkin, to brainstorm for several months on our vision of the shul, our strengths and weaknesses and how we can engage as many members as possible in setting our direction for the future. We will be creating several substantive groups to discuss and recommend action plans on as many areas of synagogue life as we think we can handle. I hesitate to specify them as we have not even begun to create a list, but areas like finances, governance, building community, capital needs/infrastructure, and education will certainly be included. We may or may not formally survey shul members. We will most certainly speak to many of you. We’re not talking about putting our shul in a 3 to 5 year straightjacket. We want to create a series of attainable goals that will aid us as we enter our 20 th year of existence as Anshai Torah. This can be a daunting task, but most certainly doable. Approximately 10 years ago we went through a similar exercise and the product was excellent. Our only problem was that we got caught up in the day-to-day operation of the shul and did not follow through or keep up with action plans. We will not make that mistake this time. Several of you have already approached me about helping with this process. I have your names. This is our first open call to volunteers. If you want to participate in one of the groups we will be forming, e-mail me at [email protected]. Let me know your interests. Be patient with us. We may not be forming our groups for several months. But we do need your help. Quack Quack. Howard

Passover 2015 Passover is early this year . . .the 1st Seder is Friday, April 3, and the 2nd is Shabbat, April 4 . . . You will find forms in this issue for the Sale of Hametz and for our annual Seder Match. Please watch emails for a schedule of all services.

Kol Emet

Page 4

Siyyum HaBekhorim Fast of the First Born Friday, April 3, 2015 The festival of Passover focuses our attention on the Exodus from Egypt. We are to relive the drama every year, imagining that we experienced the moment of redemption as did our ancestors when they were released from the bonds of slavery in Egypt. We eat matzah, “lechem oni,” (bread of affliction) to remind us of the pain of slavery. For eight days we focus on this demanding and dehumanizing period of time. It is with this message in mind that all first-born Jewish children and adults are reminded of their obligation to fast on the day before Passover. When God delivered the final plague upon the Egyptians all first-born Israelite children were saved. To commemorate this moment of redemption, all Jewish first-born children and adults are expected to express their appreciation to God by refraining from eating on Erev Pesach. Judaism places more value on the study of sacred texts than on any other activity. To alleviate the need for the fast of the first-born, those who are first-born are given the opportunity to attend a “seudat mitzvah,” a festive meal, where the conclusion of the study program is celebrated. The mitzvah supersedes the mitzvah of fasting by the first-born and thereby frees the first-born of his/her obligation to fast on Erev Pesach. So, if you are a first-born or if you know a first-born, come to the shul on Friday, April 3. You will be treated to a breakfast, a “seudat mitzvah,” featuring the last bit of hametz until after Pesach!

PASSOVER 2015 Mikhirat Hametz—Sale of Hametz The sale of Hametz in advance of Passover must be completed by the morning of Friday, April 3, 2015. No Jewish person is to have in his/her possession any form of Hametz during the course of the festival of Passover. It is advisable to “sell” the Hametz in every person’s possession by meeting with the Rabbi. For those who are unable to attend to this matter in person, the following form is provided to facilitate the disposal of one’s Hametz. As the form (“shtar”) indicates, the person who completes the form authorizes Rabbi Weinberg to transfer ownership of his/her Hametz. KNOW ALL BY THESE PRESENT I/We _____________________________________, do hereby authorize Rabbi Stefan J. Weinberg at Congregation Anshai Torah, 5501 West Parker Road, Plano, TX 75093, to sell, transfer and assign all Hametz of whatever kind and nature in my/our possession or in which I/we may have an interest whatsoever, situated in my/our residence at: __________________________________________________ or in my/our place of business, or in any other place, without reservation and limitation. In witness whereof I/we have hereunto set my hand and seal this the date of ________________, 2015. ___________________________________________ Signature A donation to MAOT HITTIM is customary but not mandatory. This is a special fund which is created prior to Pesach to help care for the needy in our community. Your support is very much appreciated. Please make checks payable to Congregation Anshai Torah. Hag Kasher v’Sameah

ADAR—NISAN 5775 / MARCH 2015

Page 5

The Haggadah Teaches:

“Let all who are hungry come and eat.” We Learn:

“No Jew should be alone for the Sedarim.”

Please help us. . .  Match families who would like to share the Seder experience 

Ensure no member will be alone for the Sedarim

Nurture our extended Congregation Anshai Torah family

_____I/We would like to host a congregational member/family at our Passover Seder on Friday, April 3_____ and or Shabbat, April 4_____. _____I/We are unable to host a member/family this year, but we would appreciate attending a Passover Seder with a member/family of the congregation on Friday, April 3_____ and/or Shabbat, April 4_____. Name(s)___________________________________________________ Email / Phone Number(s)______________________________________ Names / Ages? Gender of Children who will attend:_________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Preferable age range of Host/guest member/family__________________ Do you keep a kosher home? _____Yes


Please return form to shul office.

Deadline Friday, March 27, 2015

Page 6

Kol Emet

Preschool. . .a great beginning

The Anshai Torah Preschool Difference We have just started our registration process. Every student that enrolls by March 31 will be able to take advantage of our Early Bird Tuition pricing which includes a 5% discount. We have many new options including tuition that combines 10 weeks of the summer and the school year. The excitement in the building is contagious; and if you have not heard what Anshai Torah Preschool has to offer, just ask any one of us. When you drop off your child for their school day, they are enveloped into our inquiry based learning center- a center of individualized attention and differentiated instruction for every age. We offer an integrated curriculum that develops a sound foundation and nurtures the whole child. Anshai Torah Preschool has developed our philosophy from well-researched and documented early childhood philosophies. Concepts introduced are continually reviewed and revisited. Anshai Torah’s curriculum allows children to pursue their own interests and fascinations in subjects. Students are actively engaged in learning, where they ask questions and make decisions about their activities. Our students can enjoy the satisfaction of self-motivated learning during which their curiosity can be expressed purposely. The Anshai Torah Preschool Difference:      

Advanced on-the-spot learning opportunities Impassioned Staff More Days for increased educational value Dedicated Holiday programming Combined Summer & School Year tuitions Dynamic specialty classes enriching the mind and body

We are waiting with open arms to welcome you into our Early Childhood home.


ADAR—NISAN 5775 / MARCH 2015

Page 7

Religious School . . . education and enrichment What is Purim?

According to Jewish tradition when the Persian Empire dominated the civilized world, an evil man, Haman, devised a plan to annihilate the Jewish people. But on the 13th day of the month of Adar, our people were delivered from Haman’s decree. The celebration of Purim is not only our most joyous festival, it is also a day of great significance — a day whose lessons remain real and relevant for all times. At first reading, Megillat Esther seems more like a story of espionage and suspense than Sacred Scripture. In fact, throughout this carefully woven story of evil ambition and palace intrigue, we do not find the name of God mentioned, not even once! Yet, within the details of the Megillah, we can detect the unmistakable hand of God. The closer we look into the events of the story, the more we discover that every “coincidence,” every seemingly insignificant event, is precisely arranged by the hand of the God. When Haman denounced the Jewish people to King Ahashuerus, he argued that “there is one people, dispersed, and divided among the nations . . . and their laws are different from those of any other people.” What Haman did not realize, however, was that his very “accusations” held the key to our ultimate victory over his evil plan. We are “the people” and by strengthening our unity and adhering to the Torah and mitzvot, we survive and flourish. Enemies may arise in every generation to attack and destroy us, but when we affirm our unique heritage and hold fast to our essential character as Jews, we will always prevail. Mordecai, the Jewish leader of his time, succeeded in uniting the people to defeat Haman. Megillat Esther tells us that he “did not bend his knee, nor bow down.” He refused to compromise the eternal values of the Torah, even at the risk of his life. The lesson is clear: Only through closer adherence to our Jewish heritage can we ensure our own survival. Purim is celebrated on the 14th day of Adar. . .Wednesday evening March 4 & Thursday, March 5.

Bob 4

Religious School Activities for March Purim Celebration and Megilla Reading

8 10-11 15 28 29

No Religious School – Daylight Saving Begins No Religious School Spring Break Classes Resume Family Shabbat Service 3-6 11:00 6th Grade Shabbat Program with Rabbi Weinberg following the Service K-2 Passover Family Activity

Anshai Torah Youth Groups!! CATUSY has taken off this year with oodles of engaging and exciting programing at our synagogue, around the DFW area, and all over Texas! This school year began with the secret Mystery Bus Tour that took us all over the city for miniature golf, go cart racing, bumper boats, arcades, frozen yogurt, team building exercises, pizza, and late night broom ball, ending in an overnight at Anshai Torah. From there kids have flocked to events for Gaga, meals and trivia in the Sukkah, Main Event, Dreidel Tournaments, group painting lesson at Color Shack, and so much more! Our Jewish youth also traveled across the state to Regional Conventions with other kids from the whole South West United Synagogue Youth (SWUSY) in Houston, CYJ, San Antonio, Fort Worth! SWUSY conventions allow amazing connections and lasting friendships to be formed with not only USYers and Kadimanicks from all the Texas chapters, but also Oklahoma and Louisiana chapters. The success of our chapter here in Plano is made possible by our amazing chapter board. While Halutzim is programmed by our Youth Advisor, Kadima and USY are fueled by student led boards that learn leadership skills through meetings, planning events, speaking to the Religious School, helping to run events, and the constant flow of ideas to improve CATUSY. These youth help bring appealing and desirable events to their peers while learning valuable life skills. As year end approaches, CATUSY has more awesome programming as well as elections for the 2015-16 USY and Kadima Boards and SWUSY Regional Convention. We end the year with the one last summer program! For more information on CATUSY, running for board, conventions, or chapter events please contact Youth Advisor, Rachel Massarella at [email protected].



B’nai Mitzvah...called to the Torah Lola Frenkel ~ Chase Olschwanger Jordan LeBon ~ Julien Egnal Lola Isabel Frenkel will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on Shabbat morning, March 7, 2015 at Congregation Anshai Torah with Rabbi Stefan Weinberg officiating. Lola is the daughter of Marci and Mark Frenkel and younger sister of Jonas. She is the granddaughter of Irene and Bennett z”l Pearlman of Houston, Betty Frenkel and Arnold Williams of Plano, and Jonas Benedict Frenkel z”l.

Chase looks forward to sharing his weekend with his family and friends that will travel from all over the United States for this special simcha as well as the Anshai Torah community. We are so proud of Chase for his commitment to becoming a Bar Mitzvah. We know he will pass this commitment to Judaism on to his children.

Lola is a seventh grade student at Ann and Nate Levine Academy. For her Mitzvah project, she is collecting items to be donated to EARS and Second Chance SPCA. In addi- Jordan Sara LeBon will be called to the Torah as a Bat tion, Lola is donating Tzedakah to these animal rescue and Mitzvah on Shabbat morning, March 21, 2015. Jordan is the daughter of Eddie and Ruthie LeBon, the grandadoption organizations. daughter of Joseph and Rica Sonego of Dallas and BenLola and her family would like to recognize all of the teach- ny and Delores LeBon of Virginia, and proud niece and ers, administrators and staff at Levine Academy, who have cousin to many family members. given her the greatest foundation on which to prepare for th this special day. They would also like to thank Rabbi Stef- Jordan is a 7 grade student at Robinson Middle School an Weinberg, Bruce Feldman, Dana Eisenberg of Haute where she is highly active in theater and choir. She has Happenings, Beth Berk of M & M – The Special Events enjoyed acting in several of the school plays and musiCompany and Marla Buskin for their profound guidance and cals including Aladdin and most recently in The Werewolves Curse. Along with school activities, Jordan is on support. the competitive Hip Hop team at her dance studio, where she has been enrolled for four years. Of all Jordan’s activities, Camp Chai is by far her favorite. She has attended Camp Chai since moving to Texas in 2007 and participated in TTC this past summer where the group went to New Orleans, Orlando and Memphis. Jordan is looking forward to this summer when they will travel west through the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and California.

Chase Manning Olschwanger, son of Lisa and Eric Olschwanger, will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah Shabbat morning, March 14, 2015 at Congregation Anshai Torah in Plano with Rabbi Stefan Weinberg officiating. Chase is the brother to his older sister Marli as well as the grandson of Nikki and David Olschwanger of Dallas, Elaine and Jay Silver of Sugarland, Texas and Fern Silver of ChiWe’d like to give a huge thanks to Jack Molad, Jordan’s cago, Illinois. tutor, for his help and guidance as she prepared for her Chase is a seventh grade student at Renner Middle School Haftarah. We’d also like to extend a special thank you to in Plano, where he is a member of the Mustang basketball Bob Westle and Rabbi Weinberg for their help in preparteam. In addition to playing for Renner, he plays for BIQ in ing Jordan for this very important event. a competitive league through the PSA. Jordan is honored that many friends and family will travel In addition to his recent weeks of volunteering at Operation from Virginia, Baltimore, San Diego, Colorado, New MexiKindness, a no-kill shelter for cats, Chase has volunteered co, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York, and of course, as a “buddy” with the Miracle League in both basketball and Texas to join her for this simcha. soccer. Special thanks to Sherri Massarella and Bob Westle for preparing him for this special day. We would also like to thank Rabbi Weinberg and Rabbi Kushnick for their wisdom and support.

Cont’d on page 9


ADAR - NISAN 5775 / MARCH 2015 . . .B’nai Mitzvah cont’d from page 8

Julien Jacob Egnal will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Shabbat morning March 28, 2015. Julien is the son of Claudia and Mike Egnal and the brother of Daniel Egnal. He is the grandson of Hannah z”l and Cyril Egnal of Toronto, Canada, Antonio Bouza of Dallas and Julieta Ugarte z”l of Honduras. Julien is in seventh grade at Frankford Middle School where his favorite subject is science. He is also on the football team and looks forward to playing again next year. He is an avid basketball player and has been on many league teams. Julien has a large circle of friends and enjoys all sports and hanging out with friends and family. He also has a love for animals. Julien’s Mitzvah project is feeding the homeless through the Dallas Life organization which provides food for the homeless in Dallas, and he also participated as a volunteer in feeding the homeless downtown on Christmas day.

We would like to give special thanks to everyone who helped make this special day possible. We would like to thank Bruce Feldman, Julien’s tutor for the countless hours he has contributed to make this a fun, learning experience. We would also like to extend a very special thanks to Bob Westle for helping Julien with his Shacharit and Rabbi Weinberg and his staff for all the years of guidance and support bringing us to this special day. We are extremely proud of Julien and look forward to sharing this special Simcha with our family and friends who have come from far and wide to celebrate with us as well as our Anshai Torah family.

Correction: Elizabeth Lesh was incorrectly identified as as Ella Lesh in last month’s Kol Emet. We regret the error and apologize to Elizabeth and her family.

Tikkun Olam Corner. . .Social Action Annual Pesach Food Drive for JFS As we begin to clean out our kitchen pantries in preparation for Passover, please bring your hametz or any unwanted staples to the shul and place in the box identified for JFS, near the reception desk. There are many benefits to participating in this Tikkun Olam mitzvah. It is impressive to note that in 2014 over 2900 individuals were served. The food we donate to the food pantry at JFS was sufficient in preventing hunger in the families of the JFS clients. Food Pantry needs include staples such as: Canned tuna and meats, chili, beans and meat extenders Peanut butter and jelly Canned hearty soups of all kinds Canned fruits and vegetables Cereal of all types Pasta of all kinds, Mac and Cheese Hamburger Helper type meal extender products Oil and condiments for cooking Mayonnaise, salad dressing Crackers Cake Mixes and Bread product mixes Beverages—coffee, tea, fruit juices, fruit drinks

Kosher, low sodium and sugar free products also needed. Personal Care Items: Shampoo, bar soaps, deodorant, tooth brushes, tooth paste Feminine hygiene products Baby items—unopened formula, baby food jars, bottles, diapers, baby wipes

Paper Goods: Toilet paper (individually wrapped or 4-pack), paper towel, tissues

JFS cannot use any open containers of any kind, perishable products or expired products. Monetary gifts allow JFS to purchase needed Food Pantry items not donated. Your monetary and food donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your participation. Look for the JFS identified box near the reception desk. For more information, please contact Bonnie Rubinstein at [email protected] or call/text 214-502-0873

Hesed. . . The Hesed Committee is here to assist!! Please let us know of illnesses, hospitalizations, accidents, births, deaths, or any other need you or another congregant may have. We have a group of volunteers who are willing to bake, prepare a meal (kosher or not), make a hospital visit or phone call, provide transportation for appointments, or send a card . . .whatever the need! Please notify Liz Cooper, Hesed Committee Chair, at [email protected] or Kay at [email protected] to let us know your needs. We want to help. We can always use more volunteers if you can share a little time.



JCRC 3rd Annual Interfaith Seder...Confronting Poverty Join us Monday, March 23, 7 p.m. (6:30 registration) for an interfaith program based on the traditional Passover Seder that will bring members of the greater Dallas community together to explore the reality and impact of local poverty. This year’s Seder will be held at Anshai Torah and led by Rabbi Stefan Weinberg. Dinner will be served. The cost for this event is $18. For more information or to register, email Talia Kushnick at [email protected] or call 214-615-5229.

Kiddush Sponsors/Donors March 7— Kiddush Sponsors Betty Frenkel Irene Pearlman & Arnold Williams in honor of their granddaughter Lola Frenkel’s Bat Mitzvah

Donors Sharon Horn in honor of Barry’s Birthday Sheila & Larry Stern in honor of their Anniversary and Shawn Frank’s Birthday Carolyn Birenbaum in honor of Bob’s Birthday March 28—

March 14— Kiddush Sponsors Elaine & Jay Silver in honor of their grandson Chase Olschwanger’s Bar Mitzvah Donors Leslie Peskind in honor of Steven’s Birthday March 21— Kiddush Sponsors Delores & Benny LeBon Rica & Joseph Sonego in honor of their granddaughter Jordan LeBon’s Bat Mitzvah

Roy Ehrlich

Kiddush Sponsors Claudia & Michel Egnal in honor of their son Julien Egnal’s Bar Mitzvah ~~

Sponsor a Kiddush Honor a Loved One or Celebrate A Special Occasion $36 Contact The Shul Office 972-473-7718

Andrew Blake son of Nicole & Jay Post

Sunday, March 22, 2015 The Kosher Chili Cook-Off Volunteers Needed!! Chefs, Servers, Friendly Faces Help us bring home the Trophy!!! Contact: Mark Meiches [email protected] or receptionist 972-473-7718.

ADAR —NISAN 5775 / MARCH 2015


Sisterhood. . . .schmooze and news This past month, members of Sisterhood enjoyed a wonderful event tasting five Kosher wines from around the world. Two representatives from Market Street graciously came to the synagogue to educate us on what makes a wine kosher and presented a range of bottles from sweet whites to full body reds. Members all loved tempting their palettes with the varieties presented. We were familiar with some wines and others were new to us allowing a buzz of conversations to take place. Of course, there were many opinions expressed on favorites and not so favorite, and in the end each member had a good idea what bottles they would be using for their upcoming Seders. The added treat of the night was our mitzvah project to benefit Team Shayna. Dawn Strauss presented a beautiful D'var Torah reminding us that we need to take our past with us to remind us who we are in order to become the best person we can be today. Fitting, contributions were made to Team Shayna in order to help say thank you to Children's Hospital Heart Center on behalf of Shayna Strauss who was diagnosed with congenital heart defects and underwent her first open heart surgery when she was only 15 months old at Children's. Four years and over $50,000 later, Team Shayna has grown into a fundraising, advocating, educational machine. Most importantly, Shayna is a vibrant little girl who is living an active life today. To read more about Team Shayna and to donate, go to teamshayna2015. Donations can also be made in cash or by check payable to Passion for Children's, Inc. Book club's March selection is Focus by Arthur Miller. We have selected All the Light We Cannot See by Doerr for June. We need suggestions for books for April and May. Please contact Sandy Balis at [email protected] if you would like to attend or volunteer to help lead a discussion. The Thursday morning mah jongg group could use more players. We play from 9:30-11:30am. If you have Thursday mornings free to play, please contact Kathryn Kaplan at [email protected]. The 2015 Sisterhood Torah Fund Shabbat was a great success. Thanks to everyone for your donations, support and participation in Sisterhood Torah Fund Shabbat. A special thanks to our honoree Michelle Meiches. Donor Recognition Associate Michelle Meiches* Guardian Roberta Berger Sherry Lynn Rubin* Benefactor Randi & Jeff Aaronson Neila Bendas* Charlotte Benson Beth Berk* Shelley Cecil Tracey Cherner Ferne Farkas* Sharyn Fein Shawn Frank* Alice Goldberg* Leslie & Av Goodman Harriet P. Gross* Darci Iola* Marcy Kahn Andrea Kleinman-Parker* Diane & Allen Kufert* Stephanie & Joseph Kufert Melanie Kuhr* Amy Leibowitz* Alisa Makler* Sandy & Andrew Marks Rachel Nicholas Janine & Charles Pulman* Ian Rosenberg Ann Rubin* Patricia & Allan Schultz* Barbara Schwartz* Sheila & Larry Stern* Rabbi Stefan & Wende Weinberg

Berakhot Diane Ratner* Sheryl Billman* Pam Kurtzman* Jana & Barrett Stern* Janis Barbash* Janet Behringer Jacqueline Fleschman Sharon Horn* Cindy Moskowitz* Victoria Pomerantz Irwin Roth Amy Schachter Suzy Schwartz* Janice Sweet-Weinberg Carolyn & Michael Wilcov Gail & Harvey Wine* Laurie Davis Double Chai Faina Aronovich* Jane & Harold Babitch Mojgan & Farzin Bakhshian* Amy Balis* Nechama Baron Ilene Baumel Leigh Bennett* Ilene Bierman Cathy Brook* Elayne Brown* Lauren Busch Sheila & Tom Buttermark* Barbara Carr-Goodman* Trudy Cohen* Debbie Cohn* Linda Cooper Janet Dolginof*

Double Chai Ricki & Jeff Dworkin Gail & Marshal Eisen Dana Eisenberg Mimi & Russ Eschbacher Lindsay & Dan Feldman Joyce S. Garb Randi Gerber-Katz Lori Goldberg Charlene Goodman Sonia & Carl Goodman Athene Harmel Jennifer & Errol Hepker Irene Jacobs Phyllis Jacobs Fern W. Jaffe Lesley & Ivan Kahn Kathryn Kaplan Andrea Katz Debbie Katz Lisa & Ben Kenter Julie Liberman Del Matsil* Nathan Meiches Debra & Fred Miller Carol Newman & Robert Ciago* Lisa Olschwanger* Roberta Poznick Sherri Riskind Gerry Romanik Shani Romick Edna & Hugh Robinson Marilyn Rothstein Paige & Neal Rothstein* Merle Rubin Bonnie Rubinstein* Dafna Rubinstein*

Double Chai Elizabeth Satz Frances Schwartzwald Ilene Sporkin Natalie & Michael Waldman Julie Weinberg Ronda Weisberger Cheryl Weitz* Sherie Wigder* Chai Sheila & Arthur Brown* Debra Dekelbaum* Esther Nathan* Andi & Stuart Rosenfield Sue Schwartz Susan Zetley*

*Additional donation to Congregation Anshai Torah Sisterhood Donation to CAT Sisterhood Sandy Balis Barbara Banner Renee & Robert Soussi Nancy Stanley Nelson Weil

Thank You



Men’s Club . . .camaraderie and commitment Men’s Club members participated in two well attended events in January and February. Our 2 nd annual Whiskey tasting on January 29 was once again a big success. This was followed by another very popular event – the World Wide Wrap sponsored by Congregation Beth Torah.

Come enjoy the spring weather with us at our next events: Sunday, March 29 ,9 a.m. Breakfast Meeting & Speaker Anshai Torah

Weekend of April 24 Annual Shabbaton (Campout) Details to be announced

You can now follow us on Facebook – Anshai Torah Men’s Club And, as always: Watch for Emails; Check our Webpage:'s_Club.php Watch for our Shabbat announcements!

March — Mensch of the Month, Nelson Weil Like many of our loyal Men’s Club members, Nelson attends and participates in lots of Men’s Club and shul events. What makes Nelson a standout member, despite his desire to work quietly and behind-the-scenes, is his willingness to always say "Yes, I can help--I’ll do it!" When we needed help leading our team at the Kosher Chili Cook-off a number of years ago, Nelson stepped up. He is now one of our core chefs/leaders and with a few other special volunteers will again help our Anshai team try to recapture the trophy they won just a few short years ago! Whenever we need grillers for shul events, Nelson is the first to volunteer to work and brave the heat and smoke so the rest of us can relax and enjoy our meal. We can always count on Nelson's quiet, steady support, his many skills and his willingness to pitch in when needed most. Nelson and his sister Judy grew up on Long Island. He attended Union College and received his MBA from American University. Though his first job was as a cabana boy (!), Nelson spent the majority of his career with Nortel as a project manager. He currently works as a business consultant and is active in grant writing. Nelson has been a dedicated community volunteer for decades, and we are fortunate that he is now sharing his time and talents with Men’s Club and our shul. He has been active with the ADL for many years, and works with the Dallas Holocaust Museum and the JFS Special Needs Initiative. He is a key player and longtime volunteer with Bar None, an annual variety production of the Dallas Bar Association benefiting diversity scholarships at SMU’s Dedman School of Law. Nelson is a true polymath. An avid reader and trivia buff, Nelson collects vintage phones and is a model train hobbyist. He is a league tennis player, bike rider and long suffering Redskins fan. Nelson has even written a book, NOW AND NEXT, on business service excellence in the dynamic work environment.

Nelson--Yasher Koach and thanks for always being there for the whole synagogue!


ADAR —NISAN 5775 / MARCH 2015

Hazak . . .young at heart at 55+ While Hazak is not a fund raising arm of the shul, we do participate in shul projects that enhance the facility from time to time. One of our past projects was the large bright light in the parking lot. It is very obvious and does a good job of adding additional illumination. Our most recent project, one that was recently completed, are the handrails up to the Bima in the sanctuary. Hazak membership helps fund these projects. New members are always welcome, especially now when we will soon be voting for new leadership. Join HAZAK and grow with us.

Upcoming events--Sunday, May 3—Hazak Trip to Choctaw Casino, Durant, OK (Date changed from April 26.) All congregants, family and friends invited!! Bus leaves at 9:30 a.m. from Congregation Anshai Torah Parking Lot (east end) and returns at 6:00 p.m. $10 per person . . includes $10 Free Slot Play and more. RSVP to [email protected] by April 19. Please send your check, made payable to Hazak, to the shul address: Hazak c/o Congregation Anshai Torah, 5501 West Parker Road, Plano, TX 75093. WE ARE SAVING A SEAT FOR YOU!!! There will be a receptacle at the bus pick-up for the Jewish Family Service Food Pantry Drive. Additional activities are in the planning stage. Stay tuned for more information.

Illustrated Torah The Illustrated Torah is always a beautiful way to commemorate a special simcha. Thank you to the following people who honored others with parashot read in February. Parashat Pekudei

Parashat Vayikra

Jeanette and Michael Pincus in honor of Erica and Ashton's wedding

Michelle and Mark Meiches in honor of Michael Balis' Bar Mitzvah

Commemorate a special occasion for yourself or a loved one with an original piece of artwork in our Illustrated Torah. Your name(s) will be posted on the date of your parsha . . .contact the shul at 972-473-7718 to order.



Remembering our loved ones. . . March Yahrzeit 10 Adar March 1 Ida Weisman, mother of Mrs. Estelle Rosenfield Isadore Zeldin, father of Mrs. Beth Cohen 11 Adar March 2 Clare Stadecker, great aunt of Mrs. Jolene Risch-Minsky Alfred Westle, uncle of Mr. Robert Westle Hillard Young, father of Mrs. Janine Pulman Yoram Zwick, father of Mrs. Julia Kaufman 12 Adar March 3 Phillip Cohen, husband of Mrs. Sandy Cohen father of Mrs. Bev Sandheinrich grandfather of Rachel Steinberg Mildred Estrin, aunt of Mrs. Jolene Risch-Minsky Sam Rothman, father-in-law of Mr. Fred Strauss Yosef Shmukler, grandfather of Mr. Boris Shmukler Marie Soussi, mother of Mr. Robert Soussi Andrew Tanzer, brother of Ms. Joelle Milstein 13 Adar March 4 David Katz, nephew of Mrs. Geraldine Romanik Frank Weitz, father of Mr. Edward Weitz grandfather of Mr. Lane Weitz 14 Adar March 5 Arnold Boardman, husband of Mrs. Shirley Boardman Edwin Goodwin, father of Mrs. Mindee Zack Donald Klein, father of Mrs. Susan Mondry Julieta Ugarte, mother of Mrs. Claudia Egnal 15 Adar March 6 Phyllis Alperin, mother of Mrs. Gerri Patterson Isidor Davis, father of Mr. Alan Davis Elizabeth Fishman, mother of Mrs. Suzanne Azoulay Herbert Mayer, father of Mrs. Linda Portnoy Libby Rutchik, mother of Mr. Morris Rutchik 16 Adar March 7 Judy Cooper, mother of Mr. David Cooper Sophie Malta, mother of Mrs. Del Matsil Minnie Pulman, mother of Mr. Charles Pulman Maxine Orman Waterman, mother of Mrs. Wende Weinberg 17 Adar March 8 Estelle Donoff, mother of Mr. Ronald Donoff Milton Turner, uncle of Mrs. Lori Goldberg 18 Adar March 9 Sheldon R. Brown, husband of Ms. Elayne Brown father of Dr. Amy Balis Allan Getto, father of Mr. Philip Getto Eric Hepker, father of Mr. Errol Hepker Mike Page, uncle of Mrs. Nancy Rabhan

18 Adar March 9 Sylvia Schneck, sister of Mrs. Shirley Boardman Herman Tupper, father of Mrs. Arlene Levine Hilda Wahl, aunt of Mrs. Nicole Roy 19 Adar March 10 Richard Arnold father of Dr. Ann Arnold Fanny Epstein Carr, grandmother of Mrs. Barbara Carr Eva Deutsch, mother of Mrs. Cherie Chestler Jerome Feldman, father of Dr. Mark Feldman Zevy Kirshenbaum, father of Mr. Joel Kirshenbaum Seldon Mars, father of Mrs. Debbie Haas Arthur Perlmutter, father of Mr. Ruben Perlmutter Byron Strug, brother of Mrs. Harriet Goodman 20 Adar March 11 Harry Goodman, grandfather of Mr. Herb Goodman Leo Hoffman, father of Mrs. Charlotte Benson Sadie Peskind, mother of Mr. Stanley Peskind grandmother of Mrs. Andrea Katz and Dr. Steven Peskind Robert Portnoy, husband of Ms. Lorraine Portnoy father of Mr. Mark Portnoy Rick Stanley, son of Dr. Renee Stanley brother of Mr. David Stanley 21 Adar March 12 Sylvia Knazan, mother of Mrs. Joanne Croll Nate Magid, father of Mrs. Lisa Kravitz Anne Shapiro, mother of Mrs. Lorraine Rosenberg Gladys Simon, grandmother of Mr. Jeffrey Satz 22 Adar March 13 Thelma Croll, mother of Dr. Gary Croll Fagie Kimmell, grandmother of Mrs. Roslyn Sureck Morris Knubowitz, father of Mr. Don Knubowitz and Mr. Joel Knubowitz Jacob Kreitman, father-in-law of Ms. Gloria Kreitman Joel Moskowitz, father of Mrs. Jane Babitch Paul Rannou, father of Mrs. Renee Soussi Ezriel Asher Zelig ben Leeba, father of Dr. Jerome Schechter 23 Adar March 14 Ida Aniess, aunt of Mrs. Ilene Knubowitz Thea Bernstein, grandmother of Mr. Stephen Bernstein George Dubin, father of Mrs. Fran Wilson Rose Ross, aunt of Mrs. Diane Kufert great aunt of Mr. Joseph Kufert Sanford Wine, father of Dr. Harvey Wine 24 Adar March 15 David Rosenfeld, brother of Dr. Janis Barbash Rebecca Tolpen, grandmother of Mrs. Beth Cohen

ADAR —NISAN 5775 / MARCH 2015


3 Nisan March 23 Marvin Kursh, grandfather of Mr. Rich Reister Nathan Sugerman, grandfather of Mrs. Elisabeth Brustein Molly Younger, mother of Mrs. Sheila Brown

Yahrzeit...cont’d from page 12

25 Adar March 16 Rafi Adler, uncle of Mrs. Deborah Silverthorn Irvin Jacobson, father of Mrs. Janis Peiser Meyer Kessel, grandfather of Mrs. Bonnie Rubinstein Sonya Luskey, grandmother of Mrs. Jennifer Rappaport Leo Mandell, father of Mr. Lawrence Mandell Marilyn Shatz, mother of Mrs. Lisa Shatz

4 Nisan March 24 Milton Farkas, father of Mr. Andrew Farkas Gail Ross, cousin of Mrs. Diane Kufert Myrtle Rubin, sister of Mrs. Alice Goldberg

26 Adar March 17 Richard London, father of Mrs. Roslyn Sureck Minnie Rabin, mother of Mrs. Linda Cooper Janie Utay, mother of Mrs. Jennifer Hersh

5 Nisan March 25 Harry Budman, grandfather of Mrs. Hilarie Bursten Sara Fayman, mother of Mrs. Roni Socolof Rose Weisberger, grandmother of Mrs. Sheryl Billman

27 Adar March 18 Joseph Buttermark, father of Mr. Thomas Buttermark

6 Nisan March 26 Shimon Azoulay, father of Mr. Moshe Azoulay Sarah Granofsky, mother of Mrs. Sheila Buttermark James Kurtzman, father of Ms. Hilary Kurtzman and Mr. Matthew Kurtzman Jack Rosenberg, father of Mr. Ian Rosenberg Marta Ungerman, mother of Mr. Todd Dolginoff

28 Adar March 19 Max Kramer, father of Mr. Larry Kramer grandfather of Mrs. Cheryl Weitz Charles Panzer, grandfather of Mrs. Elizabeth Satz Sylvia Poznick, mother of Mr. Leonard Poznick grandmother of Mrs. Pamela Kurtzman Pedro Roig, grandfather of Ms. Rachel Wallace Joseph Wilkov, father of Mr. Michael Wilkov

7 Nisan March 27 Meyer Martin, father of Mrs. Ilene Bierman

29 Adar March 20 Gertrude Fertman Mann, mother of Mrs. Sherry Rubin grandmother of Mrs. Debra Clamp Rosie Postan, grandmother of Mrs. Shani Romick

8 Nisan March 28 Carolyn Galersten, mother of Ms. Lauren Busch Eli Langer, husband of Mrs. Shirley Boardman

2 Nisan March 22 Meyer Lapidus, father of Mrs. Alice Goldberg Lawrence Mazer, father of Mrs. Suzanne Schwartz Seymour Rubin, father of Mr. Warren Rubin grandfather of Mrs. Debra Clamp

10 Nisan March 30 Min Lambert, mother of Mr. Shell Lambert

9 Nisan March 29 Tilli Opwald, grandmother of Ms. Diane Roth 1 Nisan March 21 Louis Rubinstein, father of Mr. Harold Rubinstein Elizabeth Roth, mother of Mr. Paul Roth grandfather of Mr. Neil Rubinstein Matthew Sherman, grandfather of Mrs. Stephanie Oberstein Jesse Weinberg, father of Mr. Steven Weinberg Saralyn Uzick, mother of Dr. Kenneth Uzick

11 Nisan March 31 Milton Alperin, father of Mrs. Gerri Patterson Ruth Hirsh, aunt of Mrs. Fran Wilson

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Amy & David Balis CAT Catering Hazak Lisa & Eric Olschwanger

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Donations. . .we are grateful to our donors Adult Education In memory of Jack Caplan Sheryl Billman In memory of Phyllis Putter Jodi & Alan Putter In honor of Daniel Kaplan’s Bar Mitzvah Shani & Jeff Romick In memory of Robert Malta Del & Bob Matsil Building In memory of Sylvia Gendel Cheryl & Lane Weitz Children’s Library In memory of Herb Marcus Bobbi & Mel Cohen Gaines Youth Activities Mazel Tov on the birth of Ferne & Andy Farkas’ granddaughter, Naomi Adele Amy & Phil Leibowitz General Operating In memory of Rose & Irving Jacobs In memory of Ruth Grandberg Irene & Mark Jacobs In memory of Phyllis Putter Jodi & Alan Putter In memory of Martin Donald Florence Shapiro In honor of Daniel Kaplan’s Bar Mitzvah Janet, Todd, Seth & Marla Dolginoff Purchase of folding chairs in honor of the 50th anniversary of Errol & Jennifer Hepker Kate & Danny Goldberg In memory of Marie Soussi In memory of Paul Rannou Renee & Robert Soussi In honor of Janis Barbash’s birthday Nelson Weil Speedy recovery of Elayne Brown Janis & Bruce Barbash In honor of Michelle Meiches as Torah Fund Honoree Anna, Daniel, Gabbi & Kalia Popp In honor of Beatrice Teitelbaum’s birthday Adolph Teitelbaum Hazak In memory of Phyllis Putter Jodi & Alan Putter In memory of Patricia Kassel Marcus In memory of Meyer Babitch In memory of Estelle Babitch Jane & Hal Babitch

Hazak In memory of Harold Vexler In memory of Ralph Dolgoff Susan & Mo Hasson Hesed In memory of Lillian Rose Del & Bob Matsil Kitchen In memory of Anne Leffler In memory of Morris Poznick In memory of Sylvia Poznick In memory of Patricia K. Marcus Speedy recovery of Elayne Brown Roberta & Lenny Poznick In honor of Helaine Kramsky Men’s Club Kol Rina In honor of the wedding of Howard & Marianne Goodman Pamela & Matt Kurtzman In memory of Martin Rosenfield Estelle Rosenfield In honor of Julien’s Bar Mitzvah Claudia & Michel Egnal Donation from Tuesday Mah Jongg group Men’s Club In memory of Abe Gerber Randi Gerber-Katz Preschool In honor of Daniel Kaplan’s Bar Mitzvah Athene & Warren Harmel In memory of Rose Kimmelman Gail & Harvey Wine In memory of Robert Franklin Diane Kufert Rabbi’s Discretionary-Kushnick In memory of Ella Rose Goodman Sonia & Carl Goodman Rabbi’s Discretionary- Weinberg In memory of Patricia Kassel Marcus Bonnie & Harold Rubinstein In memory of Milton & Beatrice Goldstein Carol & Alan Silverman Donation by Shari & Ira Nevelow In memory of Rose Horn Sharon & Barry Horn In memory of Joan Behringer Donations cont’d on Page 17

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ADAR - NISAN 5775 / MARCH 2015 Donations...cont’d from page 16

Rabbi’s Discretionary- Weinberg In memory of Mort Liss Janet & Robert Behringer In memory of Helen Liberman Bassel Rhonda Bassel-Duby & Alan Duby Congratulations to Dr. David Balis Elayne Brown In honor of the 40th wedding anniversary of Janet & Robert Behringer Patti & Bob Aisner In memory of Martin Rosenfield Sherri & Lorin Riskind In memory of Eva Rosenstock Katty & Julio Rosenstock In honor of the 50th anniversary of Errol & Jennifer Hepker Diane & Dick Evans & family In honor of Danielle’s Auf Ruf Hazak In appreciation of Rabbi Weinberg Alan Davis Religious School Donation by Paula Rabinowitz In honor of Ella Makler’s Bat Mitzvah In honor of Leah Bernstein’s Bat Mitzvah Walker Wood & the Wood Family Ritual Purchase of Humash in honor of their “dear cousin, Michelle Meiches, being the Torah Fund Honoree for 2015 Neila & Danny Bendas Gilit & Pete James Carin & Ben Blazer & Alon Bendas

Sisterhood In honor of Michelle Meiches Barbara Banner & Spencer Michlin Summer Camp Scholarship In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Daniel Kaplan Patti & Mark Tenenbaum Tikkun Olam In memory of Rabbi Abraham Shusterman David Shusterman In memory of Phyllis Putter Jodi & Alan Putter In memory of Nathan Rosenberg Janine & Charles Pulman

Thank You for your continued support.

With sincere sympathy on your recent loss… Anita Francine Schindler, mother of Richard Schindler

“May God comfort you among all the Mourners in Zion and Jerusalem”

Kol Emet

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Congregants Celebrate. . .March

10 Avery Wren 1 Sydney Freed 11 Jonah Brustein Mrs. Michelle Malish Ms. Fern Jaffee Michael Uzick Mr. Donald Levine 2 Dr. Jeffrey Berkowitz Mr. Don Minsky Bradley Kellner Mr. Joshua Shatz Mr. Jay Post 12 Mrs. Eden Elieff Allison Sunshine Dr. Yan Lemeshev Peter Wallace Mrs. Shelley Loomstein Mr. Michael Zack Jacob Rodgers 3 Ms. Elayne Brown Madeline Satz Mrs. Sandy Frysh Noah Shore Jacob Getto Jamie Weiss Mrs. Lisa Kolodny Mr. Brad Welcher Eitan Stanley 13 Mr. Robert Greenberg Emily Sunshine Mrs. Julie Miller 4 Mrs. Barbara Feldman Dr. Steven Peskind Ms. Lisa Peck Dylan Sherman 5 Mrs. Alla Bardov 14 Dr. Allan Duby Mr. Darren Blank Saul Gerstenfeld Mr. Alan Kohn Brenna Norton 6 Mrs. Leigh Bennett Jodie Stautner Mrs. Jaime Cohen Adam Strauss Alex Phillips 15 Mrs. Sylvia Lambert 7 Mr. Bruce Feldman Mr. David Rich Benjamin Merrick Daniel Rosenfield Mrs. Carolynn Schwartz Matthew Sebert Mrs. Joyce Schwartzberg Max Smith Sydney Shusterman Dr. Allison Wyll 8 Mr. Daniel Cohen 16 Samantha Gold Julien Egnal Hayley Loomstein Mrs. Lauren Horn Mr. Richard Schindler Kaden Miller 17 Mr. Todd Benatovich 9 Mrs. Sheila Buttermark Mrs. Debbie Herskovitz Dr. Fred Rabinowitz Ella Lesh Nolan Siegel Jacob Moscowitz 10 Gabe Cohen 18 Mrs. Debbie Arbesman Micah Cohen

18 Jeremy Birenbaum Sara Gottesman Mrs. Stephanie Kufert Harris Rabinowitz Mrs. Karen Rozen Mr. Richard Satlof 19 Mrs. Janet Behringer Nathan Fleischman Mr. Mark Frenkel Dr. Eric Jacoby Mrs. Wende Weinberg 20 Teal Cooper Mrs. Alyson Epstein Jessica Gold Sydney Gundy Lauren Karr Mr. Michael Walters 21 Mrs. Nancy Blumenthal Mr. Joel Knubowitz Avigal Laizerovich Mia Laizerovich Ms. Rosalyn Liberman Mrs. Kim Meltzer 22 Evan Bernstein Mr. Barry Horn 23 Ryann Cohen Mr. Cory Feinberg Mrs. Shawn Frank Josh Halpern Mr. Enrique Krajmalnik Danielle Moore Reese Wood 24 Arian Adhamy Mr. Adam Reubin 25 Jacob Kaplan Mrs. Elizabeth Satz Aaron Weinstein

26 Dr. Robert Birenbaum Mr. Thomas Elieff Mr. Jason Parker Ashley Shindler Mrs. Julie Shrell Mr. Mark Tenenbaum Eden Wolfe Michael Zetune 27 Mrs. Cynthia Bredow Mrs. Cathy Brook Mrs. Bobbi Cohen Mr. Jack Fink Eric Schein 28 Mrs. Elisa Goldstein Mr. Mark Kellner Mr. Rich Reister Mrs. Roni Socolof Mrs. Tara Weiss 29 Mrs. Jen Becker Gabriel Strauss Mr. Damon Wolfe 30 Mr. Scott Bennett Reese Bursten Matthew Dubner Gabby Glubochansky Caleb Kasner Mr. Alex Zetune 31 Jessica Cohen Mrs. Marlo Kane Zachary Kremer Brennen Loomstein Mr. Andrew Marks Mr. Glen Smith Mrs. Alix Wren

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ADAR - NISAN 5775 / MARCH 2015

1 Michael and Jenny Walters 2 Barry and Jennifer Hersh 6 Bret and Julie Miller 8 Andrew and Sandy Marks 9 Craig and Dana Duttarer Steven and Stephanie Shiller Damon and Jessica Wolfe 13 Yehuda and Michelle Ederi 14 Lane and Cheryl Weitz 15 Bruce and Janis Barbash

15 Michael and Jane Todres 17 Brian and Micole Schwartz 19 Samuel and Rosanna Belilty Greg and Rachel Nicholas 21 Larry and Dana Freed 22 Scott and Nicole Davidoff Herb Goodman and Barbara Carr Shell and Sylvia Lambert 24 Larry and Sheila Stern 26 Warren and Sherry Rubin

29 Eric and Suzanne Fine Jason and Alisa Makler Mark and Michelle Meiches Todd and Carrie Sternberg 29 Mike and Mindee Zack 30 Scott and Melissa Comisar Robert and Dana Gecker Jerry and Debbie Schechter 31 Mark and Nancy Solls

Spring Break -- March 8 - 15

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1 9a Rel Sch/music 10a Heb Hi 12p Halutzim Purim

2 Fast of Esther 7p Adult Ed

3 4:30p Rel Sch 7:30p Adult Ed (3) PS Arts/Tot Shb

4 4:30p Rel Sch Purim Pgm-Megilla Reading/Carnival


6 6:30p Y/A Purim Dinner

7 Lola Frenkel B/M

8 Learn Fest No Rel Sch

9 7p Adult Ed

10 No Rel Sch

11 No Rel Sch No 7th Grade

12 7:30p European Trip Info Mtg for Community

Daylight Saving Begins


9a Rel Sch/dance 10a Heb Hi 12p Halutzim Activity 1:15p Gabbai Wkshp 22


14 Chase Olschwanger B/M

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Spring Break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


12p Lunch ‘n Learn 7p Adult Ed 7:30p ATID Parent Cmte Mtg

17 H.S. Lunch 4:30p Rel Sch

18 12:30p Adult Ed 4:30p Rel Sch 6:30p 7th Grade

19 7p M/C Meeting

20 Dinner/ Biblical Cocktail Party

21 Jordan LeBon B/M Shabbat Kulanu w/ Jonathan Ross Lunch ‘n Learn with J Ross

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shul Israel Trip ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 23

9a Rel Sch/music 5th Gr. Gam Pgm 10a Heb Hi 10:30a J.Ross Perform 12 USY Chili Cookoff

6:30p Registration 7:00 Interfaith Seder 7p Adult Ed

24 4:30p Rel Sch 7:30p Adult Ed (4) 8:30p Adult Ed (1)

Chili Cookoff


Shushan Purim


Heb Hi o/s 9a Rel Sch K-2 Passover Actv S/H 7p Y/A Seder

30 7p Adult Ed

31 4:30p Rel Sch 7:30p Adult Ed (4)

25 12:30p Adult Ed 4:30p Rel Sch 6:30p 7th Grade


27 5:30p 0-Gr 2 Tot Shabbat

28 Julien Egnal B/M

10:30a Family Shabbat Kn-6 Grade 6th Gr Family Kiddush Discussion w/ Rabbi W