March Volume 26 Issue 1

The Asheville Quilt Guild The purpose of the Guild is to promote and preserve the art and history of quilts through education of its members, and to ...
Author: Alan Waters
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The Asheville Quilt Guild

The purpose of the Guild is to promote and preserve the art and history of quilts through education of its members, and to inspire community involvement. The Guild depends on the cooperation of the entire membership for the success of its projects.

March 2013

Volume 26 Issue 1

Next Meeting: March 19th, 10 am at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway Newsletter Deadline: Monday, April 1, 2013, 6 pm.

President’s Note: This year, 2013, is a special milestone in the history of the Asheville Quilt Guild. We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary! Guild members will work together to make this a memorable year for the Asheville Quilt Guild. There are some very important decisions for the guild this year. We have come of age and are researching a credit card system for use at the Quilt Show and eventually by the general membership for workshops and membership. The committee researching the various options for the guild’s use have been hard at work investigating all possibilities. Also, as the quilt show continues to become more successful and the number of quilt entries increase, a need has arisen for an easier, faster way to set up the show. Another committee is investigating a new hanging system to make setup more efficient. And, as the year 2018 looms ahead, the Asheville Quilt Guild will be responsible for the North Carolina Symposium. Work has begun to gather information needed and an organizational committee has been selected to

Inside this Issue: Lectures / Workshops Membership

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begin the process for putting on this amazing quilting event. Guild members will be encouraged to join in the fun and hard work to make this event a success. What an honor to recognize Julie Simpson as the 2012 Dorothy Tresner Award Winner. Julie has worked quietly and creatively to develop an excellent education program to inspire young quilters through her Quilt-in-a-Shoebox curriculum. There are so many areas she has touched with her quilting and sewing talent. Her enthusiasm is truly inspiring. Our March meeting features one of Asheville Quilt Guild’s own members, Ann Holmes. Guild members will be treated to a technique she developed where there is no sewing until you quilt your quilt! The workshop is for all levels of quilters and you will learn something new and exciting. It is time for you to approach your stash of fabric, pull out some unsuspecting fat quarter or yardage and create a quilt or wall hanging for the quilt show. This year promises to be a banner year for the guild! Happy Quilting and see you at the March meeting! Yolanda

President’s Block Treasurer’s Report Guild Projects Guild Challenge Page

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Quilt Show Official Business Ways & Means Community Quilts

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Lectures and Workshop 2013 March – Ann Holmes presents her lecture, “Double Happy.” At her workshop she will teach her extremely helpful, “No Sewing Until You Quilt It”, technique. April – Cindy Williams will tell us about, “My Quilt Journey”. (See p. 3 for information about Cindy’s “workshop”.) May – Laura Wasilowski presents “Stitcher-tunities”, a light-hearted look at adding hand embroidery to your work. (See p.3 for workshop information.) June – Mickey Depre presents, “Tips, Tricks, and Other Stuff”, and her “Pieced Hexies Buffet” workshop. Also, see Mickey’s article in Quilters Newsletter, Oct/Nov 2012. July – Judy Heyward presents her “Trunk Show”, and teaches “Machine Quilting”.

August – Annual Asheville Quilt Guild potluck on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, Norene Goard teaches “When Close Enough Isn’t Good Enough”, in other words: miniatures and show quilts. September – Pepper Cory presents “The Art of Real Scrap Quilting”. Learn creative ways to use two blocks together in your quilt top in her workshop, “Two Blocks are Better Than One”. October – Sharon Schamber presents her interactive lecture and teaches her Piecelique technique: prepare pieces similar to appliqué but the seams are pieced. NOTICE: Hosts for Teachers - Most of our teachers for 2013 will be staying in a host home. If you would like to host one of our teachers and have a 'no smoking, with a guest bedroom and guest bathroom' home, please let me know. Some teachers are comfortable with well-behaved pets. Contact Diana Ramsay.


Wed, 3/20/2013

No Sewing Until You Quilt It! (choose one) __Fiesta Rose __Bloom

$40 AQG members, $55 non-member

Cindy Williams

Wed, 4/17/2013

Perfectly Pieced Borders

$40 AQG members, $40 non-members

Laura Wasilowski

Wed, 5/22/2013

Zen Doodle Quilts

$40 AQG members, $55 non-members

Are you an AQG member? Yes/No Total Amount Enclosed $___________ Indicate your workshop selection by circling the name of the workshop. If you are signing up for more than one workshop, please write separate checks for each workshop. Please date your checks with the date of the workshop and make payable to Asheville Quilt Guild. Name:__________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________ Phone:__________________________________________________ email:___________________________________________________ Mail to: Peggy Tobin, 20 Stonebridge Drive, Asheville, NC 28805

[email protected]


Cancellation policy: Workshop cancellations must be made with the workshop chair at least 14 days before the workshop date in order for the registration fee to be refunded. Otherwise, you must find a replacement for your workshop space and notify the workshop chair.

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No Sewing Until You Quilt It Ann Holmes This workshop, will enable you to make quilts you never would have tried before. There are two parts to Ann’s technique: 1. Build the quilt top onto French Fuse with no sewing with most of the class time spent buildFiesta Rose ing your project. 2. Stitch and quilt at the same time. Kit Fee: $10 (working drawing, freezer paper pattern with general directions, use of spray baste, project-size piece of French Fuse). All skill levels. Note: If you choose to do “Bloom”, Bloom you won’t need to bring your sewing machine as the entire class time will be spent building the project.

Cindy Williams of Cashiers, NC Folk Art Center (Blue Ridge Parkway, East side of Asheville, NC, near Rte. 70) In lieu of a traditional workshop Cindy will do a 6-hr (with breaks) interactive presentation, “Perfectly Pieced Borders.” No sewing machines, no fabrics, just come and learn. Cindy will teach how to size borders to quilt tops and transform pieced quilt tops from ordinary to extraordinary. The workshop fee is $40 for guild members and non-members alike. Each participant will receive Cindy’s book (her beautifully done handout on the information presented in the lecture) valued at $25 at no extra cost.

Zen Doodle Quilts A One Day Workshop with Laura Wasilowski (No sewing machine needed) Explore the mesmerizing world of Zen Doodling and design an original art quilt at the same time. You'll soon discover how easy it is to doodle like a Zen master and learn how to convert that drawing into a pattern for your quilt. With an easy pattern transfer process for fused fabric, your drawing quickly becomes a fused art quilt. New fusing tips and tricks are presented to enhance your Zen doodle design. Drawing paper and a kit of colorful hand-dyed fabrics in clear colors in a variety of values, “a lot to work with,” and threads are provided to give you the freedom to play. $25 Kit Fee. Page 3

Asheville Quilt Guild 2013 Membership Form Please print carefully. This information will be included in the directory. Please check here if there are no changes to last year’s listing. Check the directory to be sure!! Name__________________________________________ Phone number___________________________ Street________________________________________

Cell phone number:_______________________

City/State/Zip____________________________________ Year you joined:_____________ Email_____________________________________

Member Dues

We need your help!

(Make checks payable to AQG) Annual dues $25.00 Add $2 to have directory mailed $ 2.00 Add $10 to have newsletter mailed* $10.00

Would you like to participate in the success of the Guild? Serve as an elected officer: ___President ___President-Elect ___Secretary ___Treasurer ___Board Member at Large

Membership type: Charter Member

Serve as a committee chair or member: (Note: For more information on the committee’s work, go to the Guild website and click on the Officers & Committees link.)

Check #__________


Renewal Amt: _____

You can bring your check to the Membership table or mail your check to: Peggy Newell 29 Ballard Branch Rd Weaverville, NC 28787 Note: To be included in the 2013 Directory, renewal and payment must be received by March 20, 2013. Skills and Services for Hire: Those members who wish to be listed in the Service Directory must join or renew and provide listing information before March 20th.

___Community Quilts*




___Guild History


___Guild Projects*


___Holiday Party



___Quilt Show*


___Ways & Means*

___Member Bees


___Member News


___Membership *Committee chair is a board member

* The Guild newsletter, the disPatch, is available on the website. To receive a hard copy by mail, include additional $10 for postage.

Please fill out the brief Survey on page 5. Re: your interests to help Workshops & Programs.

What do/did you do professionally or as a volunteer? ___Computer ___Video technology ___Education





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Quilting Interests Survey


Please indicate your quilting interests to help us plan programs and workshops.

Greetings from the Membership Squad. The memberships are ____ Hand Quilting rolling in at a healthy clip but ____ Machine Quilting we will need many more before ____ Hand Appliqué our March 20 deadline to get in ____ Machine Appliqué the directory. At the end of our ____ Miniatures year (2/28) we had 299 members. ____ Art Quilts As of the beginning of our new year, we have ____ Quilted Clothing 95 paid members of which, 13 are new mem____ Dye Techniques bers! They are Sarah Bookspan, Emily Coffey, ____ Digital Imaging Bonnie Cunningham, Joanna D'Andrea, Monica ____ Computer Designed Quilts Hayden, Jackie Itzkovitz, Ellen James, Carolyn ____ Quilt History or Historical Influences Kayne, Jane Kennedy, Dawn Kucera, Jeremy ____ Other Lerner, Hannah Parks, and Gail West. Welcome! Quilting Level: For those of you who haven't renewed, please mail your check in today! Thanks. Jean Karpen (Meeting membership), Helen Kehoe (Directory Layout), Mary Jo Leonard (Meeting Helper), Peggy Newell (Paperwork Shuffler)

____ Beginner ____ Intermediate ____ Advanced ____ Professional Name___________________________________

Janie Wilson President's Block Guild members are asked to make a block for Janie Wilson to thank her for her extraordinary year as Guild President. Following is her request: Since my beds are covered with quilts from my family or those I have made and my walls with carpets from our time in the Middle East, I want to follow Sara's example and ask that those of you who wish to make a block think about a quilt for the walls at MANNA Food Bank. I suggest: primary colors 9" blocks (so they can be finished to 8 1/2") subjects: fresh food, growing or picked canned or frozen food depictions of one of 231 partner agencies* Here’s an apple you can use. *For any who are not familiar with this idea, MANNA is like a big distributor. It distributes food to agencies in 16 Western North Carolina counties (enough that about 27,000 meals a day are provided!). The agencies vary greatly in size with many being faith based. And most of the volunteers who staff those 231 agencies are volunteers. Next to Louisiana, North Carolina has the highest rate of child hunger in the US!

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Asheville Quilt Guild Treasurer's Report -January 31, 2013

2013 NC Quilt Symposium

Budget Category

Below is a link for local hotels in the area of symposium. Look for hotels located near Methodist University and the mall area. These will be closest to the campus and local restaurants. According to the representative from the Convention center in Fayetteville, the rates will be better than contacting the hotels directly. Have fun and good luck. Micki Batte

Member News • •

Congratulations to Judy Heyward for being juried into the Southern Highland Craft Guild. Thank you AQG members who have held us in your thought and prayers following my son's recent heart attack. He is home, doing therapy and getting stronger every day. Diana Ramsay Yolanda Hall wishes to thank guild members for keeping her family in your thoughts and prayers during her son's battle with brain cancer. Best wishes to Sally Gross-Holbrook and Micki Batté for a speedy recovery from their respective surgeries.

Upcoming Events

Income Donations Guild Projects Holiday Banquet Interest Li brary Membership Dues & Pins Newsletter/Directory Quilt Show Ways & Means Workshops Total Income Expenses Accounting Services Awards Bank Charge Comm unity Quilts Equipment Guild Projects Historian Holiday Banquet Hospitality Insurance Li brary Membership Mentorshi p Newsletter Programs & Workshops Publicity Quilt Show Rent Subscri ptions & Dues Supplies & Misc. Ways & Means Tot al Expenses Excess or (Deficit) Cash - checking

Jan. 2013

Fiscal YTD


23.00 1,426.00 2,232.00 100.67


6,980.00 364.00 42,027.62 8,794.00 5,995.00 67,942.29 681.74


28.65 480.34 945.10 962.30

2,494.57 603.44 275.00 63.20 806.74 113.77 361.65 10,341.96 30.45 31,562.00 158.00 733.00 75.00 20.76 258.44 6,436.18 1,314.25 57,015.85 -1,313.34 10,926.44 513.83


Budget 0.00 500.00 0.00 150.00 50.00 6,875.00 520.00 33,515.00 5,000.00 5,000.00 51,610.00 475.00 1,075.00 10.00 300.00 200.00 800.00 150.00 500.00 500.00 400.00 150.00 1,000.00 125.00 1,200.00 12,000.00 250.00 30,000.00 1,000.00 350.00 25.00 1,100.00 51,610.00

2013 North Carolina Quilt Symposium: Regis- Cash - CD's $22,632.06 tration for the symposium which is May 23-26 at Nancy Dalzell, Treasurer Methodist University at Fayetteville is underway. Go to or It is sponsored by the Symposium Board and the Tarheel Quilters Guild. Classes by 21 teachers, a quilt show, vendors and more… Old Baldy Creativity Challenge: The Old Baldy Foundation along with the keepers of that lighthouse invite participation in their 2013 Creativity challenge which has 2 youth divisions and an artisan division. Applications deadline is July 6. Information at NQA: Thanks to Ruth Pollow, NQA President, for sharing information about that group with AQG members at the February meeting. 1st Annual OLLI Art Bazaar at UNCAsheville College for Seniors April 26, 2012 11 a.m. 5 p.m. If you are a member of OLLI you are invited to participate in their first annual Art Bazaar. Click on the following link for information:

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2012 Dorothy Tresner Award Winner

Mentors Committee

Julie Simpson was honored at our February 19th Guild meeting as the 2012 recipient of the Dorothy Tresner Award for her long-term commitment and devotion to the art of quilting. Julie was given the award minutes before she delivered the evening’s program on “Shoebox Quilts.” Congratulations, Julie!

Mentors are needed in this new Guild year. Expertise is not a requirement, just an ability to welcome a new member and offer to be a friendly contact. It's a wonderful opportunity to make a new friend in either case. Contact Kim Thompson at [email protected]

Guild Projects Super Saturday – “Quilt in a Shoebox”, part of Super Saturday at UNCA, begins on March 16. You need no special expertise – just the desire to encourage young students in their interest in sewing and the joy of quilting: March 16, 23, April 6, 13, 20, 27. You may help with one class or both (9-10:20am and 10:30-11:50am), one Saturday or all. Contact Joan Tolley to volunteer. [email protected] NC Arboretum Exhibit – The new exhibit will be hung March 1 and lasts through April. Kate Weston and PTA friends are exhibiting. Other exhibitors are listed: May/June - Laurie Brown, July/August - Firehouse Quilters. We need four more exhibits: September/October 2013, November/December 2013, January/ February 2014 and March/April 2014. We are a talented group – show your stuff!! Contact Deb Walker for more information or to sign up. [email protected] UNCA Reuter Center Exhibit – The current display ends March 31 and we need more quilts! The total exhibit is 4 quilts – you may show one or all four. Two quilts are smaller – 5 feet wide and two are larger – 7 feet wide. Contact Deb Walker for more information. [email protected] AQG Displays - The displays are for the month of March and are located in display cases at the Reuter Center-UNCA and the Pack branch of the Buncombe County Library. Stop by to enjoy. National Quilting Day – March 16. Baby quilts made by our own members will be given to babies born this day at Mission Hospital. It is not too late to create a quilt for this special day. Page 7

2013-2014 Guild Challenge This year’s Guild Challenge targets each member of the guild and the guild itself, and it is in close collaboration with the guild’s Community Quilts. The 2013-2014 challenge reminds me of a pitchfork or trident where we are offering three basic designs with varying degrees of creative freedom to encourage wide participation across the guild. 1. Veteran’s quilt 2. Simple block or patch Quilt 3. From your stash Quilt Building on last year’s success with the Home of the Brave Quilts, the first design will be a new pattern for veteran’s quilts. We ask that you follow the pattern using either fabric that we provide or your own stash to create the quilt tops. The second design will be a simple block quilt, a nine-patch or a disappearing ninepatch, your choice, again using either fabric that we provide or your own stash to create the quilt tops.

2013 Quilt Show “Quilting in the Carolinas” September 27-29, 2013 The first quilt show committee meeting will be on March 12th. As we plan for that meeting, many of the activities related to the quilt show are already underway: soliciting sponsors and ads for the program, generating publicity for the show, signing contracts with vendors, etc. By the end of March, the entry form will be on the website and the show flyers will be printed and available for distribution around town

The third design gives you the most flexibility. Given that many of our members have accumulated stashes over the years, we ask that you design unique quilt tops using your stash. You pick the pattern which could be a pattern you like, have never tried before, or very scrappy with little pattern at all. Your choice; get creative! Quilt sizes should be in the range of 45” X 45” to 45” X 65”. Patterns will be available on the guild website on the Monthly Challenge page. More information will be available at the March guild meeting where we will have samples, patterns and fabric for your consideration. The challenges: • For each member, deliver at least two quilt tops or completed quilts to Community Quilts • For the AQG, provide Community Quilts with 600 quilt tops or completed quilts Sharon Smith, AQG President-Elect

and at shows. As you think about your quilt for the show, please keep in mind two special awards that are available: Best Theme Award and Best First Quilt. To be eligible for “Best First Quilt,” the quilt submitted for entry must be the first quilt you have ever made. Our theme this year is “Quilting in the Carolinas.” If you believe that your quilt supports this theme, check “yes” in the box on the form indicating that you want your quilt considered for the theme Page 8

award. Some guild members create their quilt with the show theme in mind. Our judges this year are Pepper Cory and Jane Hall. Both women are from North Carolina and have long, illustrious careers in the quilting industry. Pepper Cory will also be our speaker and workshop teacher in September. Jane Hall is a well-known author and certified judge who has judged our show twice before. Charlotte McRanie, 2013 Quilt Show Chair

about volunteer vs. paid quilter. Cookbooks – The Guild has not yet earned enough to pay for investment in cookbooks. Sharon will continue to look for Meeting called to order at 10:07 a.m. opportunities to sell cookbooks. Announcements: New Business: Janie Wilson, President: -If you are going off the Janie Wilson, president, Discussion on items up for board (4 are), please meet with your replacement consideration in 2013: for a smooth transition. • Credit and debit card system Send annual reports and job descriptions to Janie. • Quilt hanging system will be discussed at QuiltMinutes of January Board meeting stand approved as Show Committee meeting then brought to Board in written. April. There were no questions on the Treasurer’s Report. • AQG is 25 years old – how to celebrate Old Business: • Possible Guild membership in NQA, AQS, and AlliNancy Dalzell and Yolanda Hall are looking into backance for the American Quilt. up options for AQG financial records. They will conNancy Dalzell is trying to simplify treasurer’s job. sult with Marcia Salansky (new Equipment • Must have voucher to get a check Chair), and will have a report at the March board • Audit committee needs to know treasurer’s procemeeting. dures. Charlotte passed out a list of the 2013 Quilt Show • Discussion about adding assistant. treasurer posiCommittee Chairs. tion, to move up to treasurer. Nancy Goodwin, Community Quilts: Discussion of our • Assistant positions aren’t in the by-laws. This relationship with Moda. Janie suggested good reneeds to be discussed in future. cordkeeping. Every 3 months we get a free ship• Nancy will write up job descriptions/timelines for ment. We can also request other items at reduced the 2 jobs. cost. Meeting adjourned at 11:27 a.m. Sharon Smaldone, Opportunity Quilt - Discussion Linda Schissler, Secretary

Asheville Quilt Guild Board Meeting February 5, 2013

Quilt Show Committee. Entry Form will be available by end of March. Save books, magazines and patterns for “What’s Old is New.” We will start collectThe meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. ing items in April or May. The minutes of the January 15, 2013 General Meet• Micki Batte, member at large: May 21-22, Camp ing were approved. Bluebird will make preemie quilts. See Micki if you Treasurer’s Report: There were no questions. are willing to help with the bus trip to Symposium in Special Guest: Ruth Pollow, National Quilt AssociaFayetteville in May. tion President, spoke about the NQA, and the NQA • Janie Wilson, president: See the newsletter for inQuilt Show in Columbus, OH, June 26–29, 2012. This formation on Symposium and the Old Baldy Foundashow is not juried. tion. National Quilting Day is the 3rd Saturday in March each No Old Business year. This year’s theme is “Celebrate America.” New Business: Announcements: • Sharon Smith, President Elect: Announced Dorothy • Sara’s House Block Quilt is now hanging at Habitat Tresner Award: Julie Simpson • Diana Ramsay, programs, reviewed upcoming work- • Nancy Dalzell gave the recommendation of Nominatshops. See the newsletter for details. ing Committee, which came as a motion. The nomi• Lorie Groetzinger, librarian, invited members to pick nations are: up free book, “The Laundry Room. • President – Yolanda Hall, President Elect – Sharon • Sue Lerner, Guild projects: Quilting displays at Pack Smith, Secretary – Kathy Budde, Treasurer – Nancy Library and the Reuter Center at UNCA during March Dalzell, At-Large – Micki Batte, Sally Gross-Holbrook, March 16, National Quilting Day, quilts distributed to Helen Kehoe, Barbara Pate, Dee Werner newborns at Mission. Contact Deb Walker. • There were no nominations from the floor. • Jean Karpen, Membership: Memberships must be • Sue Lerner seconded. Motion carried. renewed by March meeting to be in Directory. • Sharon Smith, President Elect: Recognized Commit• Sharon Smaldone, Ways and Means: Cookbooks tee Chairs for 2013 and introduced the 2013 budget. available. Opportunity Quilt, “Our Delectable Moun- • Connie Brown moved to accept the 2013 budget as tains,” displayed. Tickets available in March. printed in the newsletter. Diana Ramsay seconded. • Nancy Goodwin, Community Quilts: Free workshop, Motion carried. April 18th on String Quilts. See newsletter for details. Meeting Adjourned at 7:56 p.m. • Charlotte McRanie, Quilt Show Chair: Introduced Linda Schissler, Secretary

Asheville Quilt Guild General Meeting February 19, 2013

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Ways & Means Guild Fundraisers: 2013 Opportunity Quilt – “Our Delectable Mountains” It is amazing! It is beautiful! The quilt was designed, pieced, and appliquéd by the “Out-of-theBoxers” and machine quilted by Norene Goard. Tickets will be available at the March 19th Guild meeting, future Guild meetings, or by mail for a nominal fee. Please contact me at [email protected] or 828-782-8588. The Opportunity Quilt is a major fundraiser for the Guild. I hope every Guild member will support our outstanding Guild and sell/purchase their packet of 12 tickets ($10). If you are unable to volunteer for a committee or at the Quilt Show, this is the perfect way to support your Guild.

Pick up your packet of tickets at the March 19 meeting. COOKBOOK “The Quilter’s Kitchen – A Patchwork of Delectable Mountain Delights…” is available for $17 per book. Every recipe is delicious, quilts are spectacular, and quilting tips are priceless… Available at Guild meetings or you can contact me at [email protected] or 828-7828588. Sharon Smaldone, Chair own, you are invited to do so. This is a great way to use up scraps. The resulting quilts will be going to Mission’s Senior Program.

Community Quilts On February 28th I was invited to Habitat for Humanity’s 30th Anniversary Luncheon. I conspired with Sara Hill to have the Guild’s quilt hung up in their facility in time for this luncheon. To my surprise I found that the quilt was already hung and Habitat was using it as the backdrop for the festivities. The quilt was a great hit and everyone their commented on how lovely it was. Following is a picture of Mayor Bellamy and the quilt at the luncheon.

In 2012/2013 Community Quilts did over 600 quilts, and this year we will be working closely with Community Quilts will be having Sharon Smith to see if we can’t th free workshop on April 18 at top this number during Habitat for Humanity from 9:30 to 2013/2014. 3:30. Helen Kehoe and Nancy Dalzell will be teaching the class. Nancy Goodwin We will be will be making string Community Quilts Chair quilts. Fabric will be provided, but [email protected] if you would like to bring your 828-669-8929

Asheville Quilt Guild P.O. Box 412 Asheville, NC 28802

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