Marcel Umphery Bio & Qualifications

1 Marcel Umphery Bio & Qualifications Marcel Umphery (investor, coach, mentor and philanthropist) knew from an early age that business would be his...
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Marcel Umphery Bio & Qualifications

Marcel Umphery (investor, coach, mentor and philanthropist) knew from an early age that business would be his vehicle to change lives. The vision for his company started as a young child, when both of his parents instilled leadership and entrepreneurship in him. Due to the drug epidemic of the 1980’s, Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC’s housing markets took heavy hits. The epidemic ultimately resulted in over 47,000 vacant properties in Baltimore and another 5,000 documented vacant houses in Washington D.C. Experiencing this firsthand, Marcel made it his mission for his company to change lives one home at a time. Marcel Umphery started his real estate investing career while attending Morgan State University where he majored in Physical Education with a concentration in Sports Administration. After taking his financial aid refund check and investing it in tax sale certificates, Marcel purchased his first investment property for just $850.00. Eighteen months later, he sold that same property for $25,000. That initial investment, in 2002, gave Umphery the start-up capital needed to start his company while working part-time for the Social Security Administration in Baltimore, Maryland. Umphery has operated in a variety of market cycles and has experienced ups and downs in the real estate industry. Since 2005, his company has acquired, renovated, sold and controlled over twenty million dollars in real estate in the Baltimore, Washington and Prince George’s County areas. Mr. Umphery has trained hundreds of novice and seasoned real estate investors throughout the Maryland, DC, and Virginia Metropolitan regions; sharing his specialized knowledge on Real Estate Investing and Wholesaling Real Estate. Marcel is the author of two real estate investing manuals and is a member of several real estate investors associations. Umphery takes pride in supporting three local non-profit organizations that have a strong focus on developing youth into successful and productive citizens. For his work in the community, Marcel was recently awarded the prestigious Harlow Fullwood Award and has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine as one of America’s “Young Wealth Builders” with a plan. When the deeds are signed and construction has commenced, Marcel Umphery’s ultimate plan is to continue to change lives through real estate…one home at a time. To learn more about Marcel Umphery and all the work he’s doing in real estate and the community, follow the links below: For media inquiries and bookings, contact Berger Consulting Group, LLC via email at [email protected]


Terminology You Need to Know As A Real Estate Investor Absolute Auction: an auction in which the subject property is sold to the highest bidder, regardless of the amount of the winning bid, and there is no reserve price Real Estate Agent/Broker: a licensed real estate broker or salesperson; must have her/his active license held by a licensed broker Appraiser: a person that has obtained a professional license who estimates the value of a subject property and is paid a fee Appraisal: a opinion from a licensed professional or estimation of a property’s value; speciÞc appraisals can be made, such as to determine a reasonable offering price, to determine the value for estate tax purposes after a death, to allocate the purchase price to the land and improvements, or to determine the amount of hazard insurance to carry Appraisal Report: written explanation of a property’s value, including the comparative data and the reasoning used to derive that value, along with pictures, drawings, and other data needed Appraised Value: primary conclusion of an appraisal; market value, insurable value, or most probable price for a sale Asking/Listing Price: a price that a seller would like to receive for their property; this is not necessarily what he/she will receive for the property Assessed Value/Valuation: a value imposed on a property by the property appraiser/ assessor for property tax purposes; this value is usually lower than the market value because of state laws, tax district appraisals, and infrequent reassessments, but it may exceed market value Assessor: a government ofÞcial responsible for establishing the assessed value of a property for the purpose of ad valorem taxation Associate Broker: in most states, a licensed broker whose license is held by another broker Auction: a way to market a property to the highest bidder by a licensed auctioneer; property can be auctioned on the steps of a courthouse Board of Realtors: a local group of real estate licensees who are elected to the board by their peers; members meet monthly to discuss business and to form multiple-listing services in their area


Broker’s Broker’s Price of Opinion: an analysis provided by a real estate broker to assist a lender, buyer, or seller making a decision about the selling or listing price of a property or to determine a bid for purchase; similar to  comparative market analysis; a fee may or may not be charged; cannot be represented as an appraisal; used mostly for short sales and bank-owned properties Business Day: standard day for conducting business, excluding weekends and holidays Commissions: earned monies between either a sales agent and a sponsoring broker or the listing agent and the selling broker; the amount is determined on the listing agreement with the seller; sellers almost always pay these commissions; each agent then gets a “Split” of the monies from the sale from their broker Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): an estimate of the current value of a property using only a few indicators taken from closed sales of properties similar to the subject property, such as price per square foot and added features, such as a pool, two-car garage, or basement Exclusive-Right-Of-Sell Listing: a listing agreement/contract that gives the broker/ agent the right to collect a commission if the property is sold by anyone, including the owner, during the term of the listing Fair Housing Act: contained in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968; amended in 1988 to protect “classes of people” and prohibit discrimination in selling or renting real estate property on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, handicap, family status, and nationality; covers single-family homes and multifamily dwellings Farming an Area: a marketing plan where you concentrate on a particular area; the person cultivates buyers and sellers like farmers nurture their crops Lot and Block: a land description method used in subdivisions that numbers/letters each lot and block Lowball Offer: an offer from a prospective buyer that is much lower than the listing or asking price; may indicate the prospective buyer thinks the property will not attract good offers and that the listing price is unrealistic for the area or the comparable’s Market Analysis: the study to determine the supply and demand conditions in a speciÞc area for a speciÞc type of property; helps determine what type of property to develop and is helpful in obtaining permitting and construction Þnancing for a proposed development Median Price: the price of a property that falls in the middle of the total number of homes sold in that area; tends to be more stable and better represents the market than


the average price, which can be subject to only a few sales at very high or very low prices Multiple-Listing Service (MLS): database containing property information that all real estate brokers and realtors use and share with their associates throughout the world for greater exposure to sell a property Plat Plan/Map: a drawing of a speciÞc land area (usually a subdivision) that has been Þled and approved with the city engineering department to show detailed sizes and boundaries of each lot, their easements, location of utilities, streets, etc Punchout List: a list of items that need to be corrected prior to a sale or acceptance of a completed construction project Realtor: a professional who has taken many hours of education to gain the knowledge to help sellers and buyers with property transactions; keeps up to date on strategies and market conditions and renews his/her license; is a member of a local board of Realtors and is afÞliated with his/her state association and the National Association of Realtors (not synonymous with Òreal estate agentÓ) Section 8 Housing (Housing Choice Voucher Program): a federal government program that provides assistance to very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to afford housing Section 1031: a section of the Internal Revenue Code that deals with tax-deferred exchanges of certain property; general rules that may apply: the property must be exchanged or qualify as a delayed tax-free exchange, be a Òlike-kindÓ property (real estate for real estate), be held for use in a trade or business, or be held as an investment Staging: interior decoration or remodeling to enhance the marketability of a property Underwater/Upside Down: a term that refers to a property with a debt that exceeds its value; inßated appraisals, along with an economic recession, make the value of the property less than what it originally sold for; both the property and mortgage may be ÒunderwaterÓ or Òupside downÓ Fee Simple Estate: a term used to describe absolute and complete ownership of real property, subject only to government restrictions; this is the highest type of real property interest recognized by law Real Property: the rights to use real estate; real property includes but is not limited to buildings, other structures, rights, and interests


Tenancy by the Entireties: estate created by a husband and wife jointly owning real property with instant and complete right of survivorship (ex. upon the death of either one, the ownership of the decedent’s share is transferred to the survivor) Tenancy in Common: ownership or a property by two or more persons; there is no right of survivorship; rather, the property will be transferred to the owner’s estate or heirs in the event of his/her death Tenancy in Severalty: ownership of property by only one person or legal entity Ad Valorem Tax: a tax based on the value of the property; cities, counties, and school districts raise much of their revenue from ad valorem taxes on real estate (each mill represents $1 of tax assessments per $1,000 of assessed property value) Back Taxes: unpaid property taxes that can become a lien on a property; if they are not paid within a certain time frame, the subject property may be sold by the tax appraiser/ assessor to satisfy the debt Effective Tax Rate: the ad valorem property tax payment compared with the market value of the property; gives a comparison of the tax burden for properties in various jurisdictions that apply different assessment ratios Federal Tax Lien: a debt attached to a property for unpaid federal income taxes; allows the IRS to secure or requisition the property for payment Special Assessments: fees levied according to the value of a property; most condominiums levy Òspecial assessmentÓ when the property has experienced signiÞcant damage and there is not enough money in reserves or no reserves to cover the cost; also, one-time taxes levied on a property to pay for some public improvement that beneÞts the property Tax: a government charge levied on people or property (sales tax, income tax, property tax) Tax Lien: a lien attached against a property for failing to pay taxes; can be imposed for failing to pay estate, county, city, payroll, school, or sales tax Absolute Title: a title that is clear, without any liens or judgements Abstract of Title: ofÞcial, chronological summary of all recorded instruments and proceedings that affect the title of a property Attorney’s Opinion of Title: a written commitment by an attorney, after careful and thorough examination of public records and/or abstracts of title, that states, in his/her opinion, the title to a property is good and clear; the attorney will have a title insurance policy written to afÞrm the title


Bylaws: a set of rules that govern the affairs and administration of a neighborhood or condominium Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions: these are written into the bylaws/rules and regulations of a condominium or subdivision and deÞne how the property can be used; they restrict the property owners from making changes to their individual properties that could result in an unattractive or nonconforming entity that could adversely affect other owners these can restrict the height of a fence, ban certain fences or building materials, approve colors  for the outside of the property, or approve or limit certain TV antennas or satellite dishes Eminent Domain: gives the government and public utility companies the right to acquire property for necessary public use (roads, highways, schools, parks, etc) by condemnation; the owner must be fairly compensated Encroachment: any piece of property that physically intrudes onto or overlaps another property; usually caused by a faulty survey of the lot (ex. another building, a fence, hedges, or bushes) Facade Easement: a type of conservation easement in which the property owner agrees to retain the original (historic) character of a buildingÕs facade in exchange for the right to alter other exterior walls and the interior to modernize the property Habendum Clause: a clause in a deed to real property that stipulates the estate or interest the grantee is to receive and the type of title conveyed Quitclaim Deed: a deed that conveys only the grantorÕs rights, title, and interest in the property, without stating the reason of the rights and with no warranties of ownership; often used to remove a possible defect or error on a title Recording: the act of entering a deed into a book of public records and any other paperwork that will give notice that the purchaser has ownership and interest in the property; leases and liens may also be recorded Scenic Easement: an encumbrance on the title to a property to preserve it in a more or less natural/undeveloped state Variance: an exception to zoning regulations or ordinances granted to relieve a hardship; variances are generally granted when compliance is impossible without rendering the property virtually unusable Warranty Deed: a type of deed that contains the strongest and most comprehensive promises of further assurance possible for a seller to convey to a buyer; guarantees that the seller holds clear title to the property and has the right to sell it to the buyer; usually


contains covenants assuring good title, freedom from encumbrances, and quiet enjoyment Lease: a contract between the owner or landlord and renter in which the renter is granted use/possession of a property for a speciÞed period of time according to a speciÞed schedule of payments Lease with option to purchase: a lease contract, written by a real estate attorney, that gives the tenant the right to purchase the rental property at an agreed-upon price under certain conditions Renewal Option: an option that allows the tenant the right to continue a lease for a speciÞed term and payment Rental Insurance: insurance that covers the contents of the renter against theft or any other damage to his/her personal property Security Deposit: money paid to a landlord to guarantee that the rental property will be left in the same condition as when the renter moved in Rehab: physical changes to a house, condo, or building that do not expand the property but are permanent, such as interior walls, plumbing, electrical, or facade materials Asbestos: a mineral Þber that can pose serious health risks; must be removed by professionals; found in homes built before 1978, the year the manufacture of asbestos was banned; it is usually found on furnace or boiler insulation, ceiling and ßoor tile, insulating pipe wrap, and roof shingles and other rooÞng materials Attached Housing: properties attached to each other on at least 1 side, possibly by Þrewalls or other physical partitions; many FHA loan programs may be available for townhouses, duplexes, and four-plex Builder Standard: usually the minimum level of performance for a construction feature or appliance that will be installed in a new or remodeled property; all categories of house construction features have a minimum level (siding, framing, roof coverings, ßoor coverings, wall treatments, plumbing Þxtures, windows, doors, kitchen appliances, etc Building Codes: regulations established by local governments that describe the minimum requirements for all structures/buildings and include rooÞng, electrical, plumbing, foundation, and safety and sanitation speciÞcations Building Permit: issued by local government; grants permission to build a speciÞc structure or reconÞgure an existing building at a speciÞc location


Greenbelt: an area of undeveloped land around a residential area; intended to preserve open space and a natural environment; often enforced by a covenant, a deed restriction, or city zoning laws Mold or Mildew: organic growth common in areas exposed to moisture; some types are thought to pose health problems; regions with high temperatures and high humidity are more prone to these issues Primary/Principal Residence: a person’s home where he/she lives full-time or over 6 months; cannot be a vacation home or second home Backup Contract: usually asked for when the property is in a short sale or foreclosure to be sure that, if a lender turns down the offer, there will be a secondary contract to send to a lender; can also be put into place if the seller feels the prospective buyer may not be able to obtain Þnancing within the time frame or the contract could not be consummated Bankruptcy: a serious remedy to relieve a person of any Þnancial inabilities to pay debts when due; the person seeks relief through court actions that may erase debts--usually with credit ramiÞcations lasting at least 5 to 7 years Chapter 7: liquidation of all assets in exchange for the cancellation of all debts; this is the usual course for most individual debtors Chapter 11: reorganization of a corporation or a partnership (not individuals); the debtor usually proposes a plan to reorganize to keep the business going and to pay the creditors Chapter 13: requires a payment plan between the borrower and the creditor and is monitored by a court system; the homeowner can keep the home but must make payments according to the courtÕs terms (usually within 3 to 5 years) Deed In Lieu / Friendly Foreclosure: a non-judicial procedure; does not involve a lawsuit; the borrower voluntarily gives the deed/title to the lender, and the lender takes title to the property subject to all existing liens; this does not necessarily cancel the promissory note and its monetary obligations for the borrower DeÞciency Judgement/Decree: a court order stating that the borrower still owes money--- the proceeds from a mortgage foreclosure sale did not satisfy the defaulted loan Foreclosure: the borrower has failed to pay his/her mortgage payments as stipulated in the mortgage contract - the lender will generally go after the property as its Þrst source of repayment


- if the money from the property is not sufÞcient to pay off the mortgage, the lender can go after the borrower personally Lis Pendens: a recorded notice of the Þling of a suit, which may affect the title to a property Loan ModiÞcation: the adjustment of the terms of a mortgage loan; usually done to avoid foreclosure; must be accepted by mutual consent of the lender and the borrower; the lender makes a concession to the borrower which might be: - lender may allow the borrower to skip a payment, but interest is added to the loan balance - lender may lower the interest rate for a certain amount of time so that the payment is less of a burden to the borrower - lender may lower the balance and interest rate to the borrower (borrower must show true hardships) Short Sale: arrangement between borrower and lender through which the property is sold what is owed; the lender must be apprised of the intention to do a short sale and agree to it; in most cases, the IRS will tax the borrower on the difference between what is owed and what the lender collects Real Estate Owned (REO): a property owned by a lender (bank); the lender has already foreclosed on the property and usually has received the certiÞcate of title from the court; the former owner no longer has any interest or rights to the property but may not be completely free of liability Additional Principal Payment: a voluntary payment to an established payment amount to reduce the principal of a loan and save interest Adjustable-Rate Mortgage: a mortgage whose interest rate ßuctuates according to a set index; usually the loan rate is adjusted annually based on the 1-year Treasury bill rate, plus a 2% margin Amortization: the gradual paying off of a debt by regular installment payments Annual Percentage Rate: the effective interest rate being charged for borrowing; expressed as a percentage, it takes into account various loan charges of which interest is only 1 charge Application Fee: charged by a lender to a potential borrower for the time and effort required to process a loan application; usually pays for an appraisal and credit report Commitment Letter: this is the Þnal, ofÞcial notiÞcation to a borrower stating that the lender has approved the loan application and the terms of the prospective loan; it lets the seller know that the buyer can purchase the property


Credit Rating Services / Bureaus: organizations that provide information regarding the creditworthiness of a prospective buyer (ex. Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) Fair Credit Reporting Act: a federal law that allows people to examine and correct the information used by credit reporting services FICO (Fair ISAAC Corporation) Scores: measure the credit risk of a borrower; commonly used by mortgage underwriters; the score is based on the applicants’ credit history and the frequency with which they use credit; a number between 300 and 850; the score not only determines whether the loan is approved but also determines what type of terms the lender is offering; usually, the higher the score, the lower the interest rate and required down payment Good Faith Estimate: an estimate of closing costs that must be given by a lender to mortgage applicants (for residential loans on 1 to 4 units) within 3 days of applying for a loan Hazard Insurance / Casualty Insurance: insurance that protects against certain risks such as Þres and storms, but not against ßoodwater Jumbo Loan: an amount exceeding the statutory limit placed on the size of loans that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can purchase Loan-To-Value Ratio: relationship between borrowed and appraised value (sale price) of a property: loan amount divided by price (or value) equals the L/V Ratio Organization Fees: the fees charged by the lender to cover the costs of issuing the loan (credit checks, appraisals, title expenses) PITI: the principal, interest, taxes, and insurance payments on a mortgage Points / Discount Points: fees paid to induce lenders to make a mortgage loan; each point equals 1% of the loan amount; points have the effect of reducing the amount of money advanced by the lender and, in doing so, increasing the effective interest rate Pre-approval: a mortgage lender certiÞes that a prospective buyer is Þnancially qualiÞed and creditworthy for a speciÞc type of loan with speciÞed terms Pre-qualiÞcation: a mortgage lender estimates the most expensive home a buyer can afford based on the buyer’s income, credit, and available liquid assets; the lender indicates that the buyer may be able to afford a home in a speciÞc price range Private Mortgage Insurance: additional default insurance on conventional loans provided by private mortgage insurance companies; PMI can be cancelled when the


amount owed reaches less than 80% of the debt of the home’s value and is automatically cancelled when the loan principal is less than 78% of its original cost Promissory Note: a written, legally executed promise to pay a certain amount of money to a speciÞed entity under speciÞed terms Regulation Z / Truth-In-Lending Act: a federal regulation requiring lenders to provide full disclosure of the terms of a loan, and the interest rate must be stated as a n annual percentage rate; anyone who arranges credit for more than 5 sales of residential real estate in a year must comply Reverse Mortgage: a type of home loan that allows homeowners to convert a portion of the equity in their home to cash; to be eligible, the homeowner must be 62 years of age or older, own the home outright or have low mortgage balance that can be paid off at closing with proceeds from the reverse loan, and live in the home; the size of the reverse mortgage is determined by the borrower’s age, the interest rate, and the home’s value; lenders recover their principal, plus interest, when the home is sold Seller Financing: money provided by the seller to the buyer; this type of Þnancing is used as an inducement to a sale when the buyer does not or cannot obtain Þnancing from a normal third-party lender such as a bank Subprime Loan: a loan offered to applicants who have less than top-quality credit ratings; such loans typically have higher interest rates, more discount points, and a lower maximum loan-to-value ratio compared to standard mortgage loans Title Insurance: protects the holder from any loss resulting from defects in the title; most mortgage lenders require the buyer to obtain title insurance; after a satisfactory title search and in exchange for a one-time charge, the title company insures the buyer against most claims to the title of the property Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association): a government sponsored enterprise established by Congress in 1938 that purchases a large share of residential mortgages each year in the secondary market; does not make home loans directly to home buyers but works with lenders to help ensure they have funds to lend to home buyers at affordable rates Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation): a government sponsored enterprise established by Congress in 1970 that purchases and handles mortgages in the secondary market; most loans are conventional Federal Housing Administration: gives Þrst-time home buyers mortgage insurance to help them get a better deal on a home loan; these home buyers are more likely to receive a low, Þxed interest rate on a higher-value home because the loan is insured by the federal government; new regulations will make it slightly more difÞcult for Þrst-time home buyers with bad credit to receive mortgage insurance


Ginnie Mae (Government National Mortgage Association): a government agency established by Congress in 1968 that channels global capital into US housing markets; the Ginnie Mae guarantee allows mortgage lenders to obtain a better price for their mortgage loans in securities that are backed by pools of mortgages; the lenders can then use the proceeds to make new mortgage loans available Veterans Affairs: allows eligible veterans with qualifying income and credit to purchase a primary residence without having to put any money down (as long as the sale price does not exceed the appraised value of the home); veterans need to pay closing costs, but these may be paid by the seller and can be negotiated when the sale price of the home is established; VA will guarantee a maximum of 25% of a home loan, which limits the maximum loan amount


Recent Success Stories Are you going to be the next Successful Coaching Student?


DJ Frazier The first success story that I want to share with you isn’t as glamorous as the first, but there are certainly a few lessons and teaching tools to be taken away from this narrative. Meet D.J.Frazier, and no he is not a radio personality or mix tape champion. . His real name is Don Julian, and happens to be a young professional, who also serves as a full-time dad, husband and Minister. Don has an undeniable passion for real-estate, and his thirst for knowledge has provided him with some early success in this lucrative business. I actually met D.J. two years ago after he expressed an interest in one of our one-on-one coaching programs. During the initial meeting, D.J uttered to me that he had a burning desire to learn real-estate investment. He shared with me how he had witnessed some of my other students develop and gain success. Despite his curiosity, D.J was reluctant to join the program and like most skeptics he disappeared. It wasn’t until 2012 that he resurfaced back at my office. I was on my way out the door to enjoy a free evening which is completely out of my element. If you have ever tried to set up a meeting with me in the past, you know how hard it is. As soon as I hit the door we met chest to chest; I was startled upon first glimpse but after a blank stare I recognized him from a year ago. D.J looked at me with an enthusiastic smirk and said, “I’m ready to get started... where I sign?” We went back inside and suddenly my free day became pleasantly occupied. D.J began filling out our application, and I explained to him that it takes about 2 business days for us to review and come to a decision of acceptance. He then shared with me how he had invested in other systems and programs with these superstar GURU’s that travel from city to city selling a dream in a box. Long distance coaching programs leave their followers confused and frustrated, and never closing a deal due to the lack of hands in mentoring and training. I told D.J., “You caught me right in time.” D.J. started out really slow in our coaching program, struggling to grasp the concepts and staying committed to putting his first deal under contract. The frustration reached unbearable heights, and it got so stressful he contemplated putting an early end to his real-estate career. Like most newcomers who fail to generate any good leads after their first month, D.J. became the king of excuses. He tried everything from, “I don’t have the time” to “I don’t know if this will work for me”. D.J. started out really slow in our coaching program, struggling to grasp the concepts and staying committed to putting his first deal under contract. This went on for months. After making a few changes within his business, D.J. found new life when he teamed up with a coach that held him accountable for his actions, taught him the importance of setting goals, and pushed him to After almost quitting on real-estate several times before experiencing any success, he finally received a call from a motivated seller who had a house for sale in West Baltimore for $15,000. D.J. and his coach evaluated the deal and decided to offer the seller $2,500 which the seller accepted. However, several hiccups occurred during this deal (watch the video on the DMV R.E.I. United YouTube channel for the details) that put him down in the dumps and almost caused him to forfeit the deal. Luckily D.J. had a coach that was dedicated to working hands on with him in closing his first deal. D.J. scored a $6,800 profit! When I asked D.J. what kept him in the game on a recent conference call, he explained to our members that prayer, his coach, and his family were the driving force to closing his first no-money-down wholesale deal. Great job, D.J.! 15

Deone Carter I actually went to high school with Marcel Umphery where we formed a bond on and off the basketball court, but despite the connection he always seems to tell the tale of how he was the high school teammate of New York Knick Forward Carmelo Anthony and my name isn’t mentioned once in the story. After high school we all went our separate ways but Marcel and I reunited through real-estate. Shortly after college I started a residential and commercial painting company and Marcel and his business partner Mike Jones were buying dilapidated houses, renovating and reselling them. They decided to let me in on some of the action, so I began to do some of the labor in their properties. Little did I know the entire time I spent with Marcel he was planting a seed. He would repeatedly tell me that I needed to consider taking a stab at real-estate investing. He went as far as offering to teach me how to buy property with no cash or credit. I found that too good to be true. One day while doing a painting job in one of their properties I began thinking to myself that there has to be some truth in the madness because neither one of these guys have had 9 to 5 jobs in quite a long time. When they launched the coaching program in 2007, I began to see their students have the same type of success that Marcel promised me. It was a no brainer for me to get involved. There was no way possible I was going to sit back and watch my former high school teammate create his very own dream team and not fill one of those roster spots. Getting off the bench and into the action has certainly been a game changer for me. I am now married with a six month old baby boy and six figure wholesale real-estate company to support my family. Thanks Marcel and Mike! 16

Nana Nyarko I’m a full-time law student at Howard University in Washington, DC finishing up my last semester. I’ve been with the program for about a year now and it’s just been very motivating. Marcel the different strategies that you and Mike have taught me during my tenure have help me develop in multiple areas. Time management is my biggest obstacle due to the stain in endure from law school. I intern a lot during the school year at different law firms in the area, and your mentoring program has just been a good way for me to focus my energy on implementing the profitable strategies that work for in both real-estate and my law degree. This is the first time I’ve been able to apply anything from all real-estate courses that I’ve ever taken. The strategies you all have taught me have actually aided me closing a deal. I have been a part of several programs but this is the first time that I have reaped the benefits One of the biggest benefits of becoming a member was the ability to work with experts that were actually doing deals in my marketplace and also having the privilege of someone there to actually walk me through the steps explaining exactly how things are done instead of listening to someone across the country isn’t familiar with my market.


Derriel Ervin Hey folks this is Derriel Ervin here. I always had an interest in real estate. I love to travel, spending time with my family, and surrounding myself with strong minded driven individuals. I am an active church member, family man, part-time barber, and a full-time employee. Real-estate always interest me because of the freedom and lifestyle it can provide once you gain access to and learn the specialized knowledge. I just closed my first deal following Marcel Umphery’s techniques along with the help of my Flip Success coach Jamal Gardener. That deal would have never been possible if it were not for them, and I just netted five thousand dollars and who right now in this economy couldn’t use an extra five thousand dollars. My blessing cam right before Christmas. I had absolutely no experience and did not put any money down nor did anyone ask to see my credit score. I put the property under contract for thirty thousand a single, and it family detached house in Randallstown Maryland, that’s unheard of. The time is now to get involved in real estate whether you pursue it part-time or full-time. Today is the day to get involved with Marcel and Mike and learn real-estate, because they find extreme satisfaction in sending students to closing table smiling. Thanks for everything.”


Phillip Caillavet “Marcel you don’t hold anything back in your system from the scripts to the marketing templates. Thanks for everything”


D’Mona Boykin My name is D’Mona Boykin from Bowie, MD and I just have to say after attending one of Marcel Umphery’s seminars, I learned more in just that one seminar than any of the dreadful 2 or 3 day functions that I have spent thousands of dollars on real-estate related. After purchasing some of his information I finally decided to jump off the fence right into his coaching program, and I actually closed my first deal earning seven thousand dollars. I’m so excited, and Mike Jones walked me through the entire process.


Reggie Hales Thank god for this opportunity. After joining the R.E.I inner circle I was able to put a house in Washington, DC right across the street from Howard University under contract, and this was only after a few days of being affiliated with this real-estate powerhouse. The first property that I controlled was only five hundred and ten square feet but it was in DC, where the market is smoking hot and investors are trying to buy up everything. You have to know their buying criteria once you know and understand those principles you will be able to sell at a rapid pace. One thing that I love about Marcel and Mike is that they consistently push you no matter what types of results you are getting whether good or bad. Their style of coaching is hands on and real, holding back no punches. If I could share anything with you it would be “consistency” is the key over here along with faith, focus and follow through. I’m in such a great position in my life, and I am honored to say when I joined this organization it was the beginning of the rest of my new life. The feeling of closing my first deal with these guys exceeds anything I have ever experienced during my 30 plus years of corporate life.


Jonathan De la Cruz My story is a little different from most of Marcel and Mike’s students. I was already educating myself on how to become a real estate investor, but after seeing a few episodes of “Flip This House”, I was hooked. The first step that I took in my pursuit of my new career was obtaining my real-estate license. After working diligently through the courses I was faced with the task of passing the final exam. This one day sticks out to me like a sore thumb, and I even refer to it as my turning point. It was a typical study day, I hit the books really hard cramming my brain with exam materials until I reached my max. I decided to take a short intermission with some friends before I returned to cram some more. During that time I was staying with my Grandma, my family had just moved up to Maryland from Miami in search of a better life. I remember sitting at my computer studying when I felt the nose of a gun of the back of my head, then a deep raspy voice whispered “where’s is it?” I immediately stood up and tried to run out of the room when shots were fired. I fell to the ground in a pool of my own blood unable to feel anything at all, thinking to myself those would be my last seconds on earth. I looked up and saw my grandmother at the top of the basement stairs while the assailant jetted right pass her. While in the hospital and going through several surgeries, I decided that if I made it out of this situation I will undoubtedly become a successful real estate investor. When I was finally released from the hospital after almost 3 months, I was paralyzed from the chest down and confined to a wheelchair for the time being. Those long night in the hospital had fueled my fire, and I was determined to make a difference in those poverty stricken innercity neighborhood like the one that almost claimed my life. One day I came across Marcel Umphery on YouTube after viewing one of his former student’s videos who had become very successful. Soon after that I attended a 3 day boot camp where Marcel memorized me with his training techniques, and the rest is history. I joined his coaching program and in 2 years built a six figure wholesaling and realestate investing business without stepping foot into a single property. Buying and selling all from my wheelchair using my laptop, cell phone and Marcel’s system. I am now able to share my blessings with my family and friends, and I recently joined Marcel’s team as a coaching staff to help others. 22

Belinda Reese Hi my name is Belinda Reese, I’m a Gold Inner Circle member and I want to tell you about my first deal. I applied and joined the program in September 2012, and soon after I started implementing the methods and strategies taught by Marcel and Mike. I launched my first marketing campaign for properties in probate, and by October 2012 I placed my first deal under contract. The deal consisted of four houses in East Baltimore for seven thousand dollars. Thanks to Mike and Marcel’s help, I made seven thousand five hundred dollars on my first deal. I actually highly recommend this program for those looking for financial freedom and independence. These guys are the Real Deal!


Robin Hagin

Hi my name is Robin Hagin and I am a resident here of Randallstown, Maryland, and I have lived here for over twenty five years. I attended a free real-estate investment seminar about five years ago in downtown Baltimore. The seminar was an eye opening experience, and it changed my entire perception about capitalizing on a life changing opportunity. I realized I had a passion for it, so I took my first step that day and joined the program. My biggest challenge was actually taking that first step and joining the team because it was a very big investment of seventeen thousand dollars, but I had the mindset that the profits and returns would be well worth the risk. I purchased my first foreclosure property in state of Indiana using the specific instructions I learned in the mentoring program. Throughout my journey of going to different seminars and getting various trainings. Marcel Umphery and Mike Jones were doing some pretty exciting things right in my own backyard. My real estate business at that point was not really where I wanted it to be, and they were teaching people here locally how to profit from wholesaling houses. During my meeting with Marcel I let him know where I was financially and where I wanted to go, and he assured me that my goal was not only obtainable, but I could do it a lot quicker than anticipated. I applied and joined his coaching program. Soon after that I closed my first deal using one of their marketing methods and then from that point on I realized I was committed. I continued working my 9 to 5 gig, but I continued to come home every day and spend a couple of hours on my real estate business. I would research, look for vacant properties, and even reach out to potential motivated sellers. I put my second deal under contract which I just recently closed. When I closed my first deal I made a profit of eighty-eight hundred dollars, my second deal was a profit of twenty-five hundred dollars, and my third deal earned thirty-five hundred dollars. I am well on my way to financial freedom, and I would recommend you get to know these two gentlemen very well.


Annette Spriggs

Hi my name is Annette Spriggs, I’m originally from Washington DC but I currently reside in Temple Hills, Maryland. I’m a legal secretary at law firm in Washington, DC during the day. I’ve been interested in real estate investing probably for about eight or nine years now. I spent the first couple of years sitting on the sidelines, trying to study and figuring out what it was I was supposed to be doing. Then I decided to take action. I actually signed up with a couple of local coaches who really were supposed to be like my mentors, but sadly they didn’t provide any coaching or help whatsoever. I wasted a lot of money buying these programs and didn’t learn anything or land a single deal. However I did get couple of leads when I started hooking up with a girlfriend of mine and that went well for about a year. Soon after that I got burned on a deal which completely lowered my moral. About a year and a half ago I decided to take another stab at it. I had gotten laid off from my job, and about three or four months prior I met Mike and Marcel at a seminar. I had been receiving there emails for about a year, so I decided to give them a shot. After talking with Marcel I decided to take the plunge and I haven’t regretted it since. I learned more in one Saturday workshop with these guys then I had learned in a six month span with both local and national mentors. I was really impressed with their commitment to assuring their students success. I’m just closing on my first wholesale deal, so I could not be more excited. I can’t say enough good things about the both of them. I made fifty four thousand dollars on my first wholesale deal. I would recommend it to anybody who is looking to get into real estate investing and really need some guidance. These guys really are the real deal, they will be there to help you step by step.


Stephanie Crowell

Hi my name is Stephanie Crowell and I have been in real estate for over fifteen years. I was real-estate agent at one time, and I have even done a couple of deals in the past. But I always wanted to do more so I got involved in Marcel & Mikes R.E.I. Inner Circle. These guys located right in the state of Maryland. They really helped me out by encouraging me and taking care of business when I couldn’t. I have been an Inner Circle member since September 2011 and in that time frame they taught me a lot of principles with the most important being networking. I began spreading the word that I was working with a group of investor that closes approximately 10 to 20 deals a month and that if they refer any vacant properties to me, I would pay them a finder’s fee. As a result, a very good friend of mine told me about a seller who is interested in parting with her property as quick as possible. Mike and Marcel were crucial in helping me find a buyer for that property. I am happy to say in January I had one of the best birthday presents of my life. I’m very happy that I applied for Mike and Marcel’s R.E.I. Inner Circle coaching program, it has helped me out tremendously.


James Ashby

My name is James Ashby and I’ve been a part of Marcel Umphery and Michael Jones’s real estate investment coaching program a little over hundred and eighty days now. During my training sessions I’ve learned how to locate profitable deals in this current economy using the wholesaling and rehab strategies they have shown me. Before becoming a member, I took a strong look at the other programs in this area. I chose to pursue Marcel and Mike’s program because of their track record for success. Recently I closed my first rehab deal and made thirty five thousand dollars in a few short months.


Daniel Wasira

My name is Daniel Wasira I own and operate “Metropolitan Investments“here in Baltimore, Maryland. I was fortunate enough to attend one of Marcel Umphery’s seminars and I purchased the manual, and I would certainly say it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. As a college student you’re not always guaranteed a career, especially not in your field of expertise. I knew I needed to create a backup plan and take immediate action. I purchased the manual, I read it from page one to the end, and I learned many a number of strategies to get my business rolling. With the help of Marcel and his seminar I was able to close my first deal. If you are someone who is just getting started, it is pertinent that you get the manual and remain in constant contact with Marcel. He will teach you everything you need to know.


Tamara Banks

Hello everyone, my name is Tamara Banks and I purchased Marcel Umphrey’s manual, back in December. I let it sit around and I really didn’t take advantage of its power. My pockets weren’t getting any fatter by sitting on my rear, so I picked it up and began to educate myself. I read it from cover to cover and I’m happy I did because I was able to get over my fear of failing. Even though I have been at this for about a year now. I was just scared of contracts, talking to sellers, and the thought of not succeeding. It wasn’t until March that I dived finished the manual. I decided to finally take control of my own destiny. I had a family member who was ready to sell their house but didn’t know what my next move was. After reading the book I was able to talk to them and put the house under contract. I recommend you get Marcel Umphery as your mentor because he will guide you through each and every step. The manual was easy to read and easy to understand. I have gained great confidence and I am now comfortable closing deals on my own.


Myron Autry

There are so many things I can say about Marcel and his books, manuals, and coaching programs. Wow where do I start? Well I went through his coaching program already having experience in realestate. My wife and I purchased a property in the past to fix up and rent out, but I’m always looking to increase my knowledge base and income. I was interested in wholesaling houses but never had anyone I could really reach out to who was willing to share their secrets. I picked up a good deal from one of Marcel’s students and said to myself I need to learn how these guys are buying property so cheap and are able to sell those for a profit without using any of their own cash or credit. Soon after the first deal I joined Marcel’s one on one coaching program. Trust me now my life is changed!


Nikki and Terry Patamawenu

Meet Terry and Nikki from the Montgomery County, MD. Let me tell you a quick story about Terry. Terry is a scientist and I remember when he was accepted into my coaching program. He said Marcel, “I’ve never talked to anybody outside of my laboratory of course except my wife and children”. This made me very skeptical in the beginning accepting him and his wife and working with them. There was something that really stood out to my business partner Michael Jones he saw that the both had a burning desire to do this business. Terry and Nikki had recently migrated from Thailand. In a recent interview Nikki explained how demanding her husband’s job is. But she also told me that they drive to Baltimore, once a week advertising their “We Buy Houses” business. Since joining the coaching program we have closed over 20 deals and some of them have been Home Run out the ball park deals. It all started after hearing about Marcel Umphery’s real-estate investing coaching program while attending other seminars, workshops and networking events. His name kept coming up and nothing but great things were said about him and his company. My husband and I decided to attend one of their bus tour in 2009. The biggest plus for us was their ability to motivate and extend a helping hand when we were confused about things. It would sometimes take us 2 hours to drive into Baltimore to get this information but it was well worth the drive. I remember our very first deal. Marcel gave my husband Terry a 30 day challenge and he explained to him that he would be a little uncomfortable but if he lasted until day 30 he would have his first deal under contract. And in just 30 days his first deal was under contract and soon after that he went to the settlement table. But then we started getting even more calls and properties under contract in less than two months of this 30 day challenge. I told my husband Oh my GOD, Oh my GOD this is real, this is real, and this is real! Thank you Marcel! Thank you so Much! 31

Henry Garner

For years I’ve helped other people build wealth and huge investment portfolios. After being introduced to the real estate investment arena I discovered there were several ways to invest in real estate. My boss introduced me to Marcel at VIP reception at Baltimore’s Artscape in Mt. Vernon. After seeing him and hearing all the successful stories that Marcel has created in the DC, MD and VA area I was certain I was in the right place. Since 2010 I have been able to supplement my current income and have started prospecting commercial real-estate which has been one of my longtime goals. The first deal I closed was a 3 bedroom 1 bath property on Druid Hill Avenue in West Baltimore. I did not spend one dime out of my own money to close this deal. Debt Free Investing absolutely makes sense if you’re looking to get your foot in the door. I highly recommend that if you seeking someone to grab you by the hand and take you step by step. Marcel Umphery’s coaching program train is on the move, hop on before you get left behind.


Uche Akpa

I had been trying to get involved in real-estate by attending seminars and workshops. I actually meet Marcel at a local seminar where he spoke and taught different methods and strategies that he was currently using in his business. I wasted no time in getting started with one of his mentorship and coaching programs. My very first wholesale deal I put under contract in Downtown Baltimore not far from the Inner Harbor in a waterfront community called Westport. I was able to generate this deal by using one of the strategies I learned in the mentoring program. After doing some research, sending out letters, and making some calls I was able to get in touch with a motivated seller, and after negotiation I was able to put the house under contract and locate cash buyer. Wholesaling is definitely the best way to get started in real-estate. Some of the fears you initially have of getting started are easy to overcome when you have a mentor and a proven and tested system in place to support and guide you.


Leon Garrett

I had been attending R.E.I.A. (Real Estate Investor Association) meetings for years. I met Marcel Umphery after he gave a mind blowing presentation at a wholesale meeting I was invited to by a friend. After exchanging contact information I stayed in touch via email and eventually partnered up with Marcel’s company for my very first no-money-down deal. One of the best things to ever happen to me was getting in touch with Marcel Umphery, an experienced investor that has a proven and successful track record with helping others reach to success. After getting involved with him I was able to close my first deal within 30 days. The feeling I got when that check was cut at the title company and placed in my hands in the middle of a recession was like no other. I used Marcel’s cruising for cash method and spending less than a dollar to send a letter to the seller that brought me a whopping three thousand three hundred dollars. The best part about this deal is that I never took one step into the property. This is the best business, everyone should get involved in.”


Mark Whitten

After joining Marcel Umphery’s coaching program in just 21 Days I received a check of$10,000 dollars. Before joining his program I was working long hours even overtime. I remember calling Marcel and I told him that I had just saved up $5000 after working a bunch of overtime. He chuckled and said man I just made 20,000 on a wholesale deal that hardly took 5 hours of work. When he told me that I had the same opportunity to position myself to make that kind of profit I was shocked. That day I decided to get involved with his mentoring program. I was blessed to have some early success. I applied his principles and methods that he taught in his coaching program which helped me become very successful. I closed 3 deals pretty quickly and have visited the settlement table every month since. His mentoring program is great! The information he shared with me changed my life and it can change yours too. In the middle of a recession I made $10,000 dollars in less than 30 days I feel really blessed. Using Marcel’s principles and methods, I came across a vacant house in West Baltimore on Rockrose Avenue. I was able to communicate with the owner, negotiate a great price with her using Marcel’s principles and Wholesale equations. I put the property under contract using no cash or credit (no investment) for $30,000 dollars, and then Marcel and I wholesaled it to one of his buyers for $40,000. I just made $10,000 out of thin air. Wholesaling houses has given me a chance to travel and spend more time with my family. If you want to take control of your future, get in contact with Marcel, because I’m telling you the information that he will share will definitely changed our life.


Lashawna May

I decided to join Marcel Umphery’s coaching program because of his specialized knowledge on debt-free Investing. My first no money down deal did not go through, but I refused to get discouraged. I knew it was part of the business and I would eventually get to the settlement table. Being a single mom, I had enormous expectations of this business skyrocketing for me. 130 days later I put a house under contract and wholesaled it for four thousand dollars profit, the mentorship program, worked great for me. I’m flipping houses part-time, being a mom as a fulltime, and still as a working professional. So if I can do it, you can do it too.


Ed James

It was 2007 when I ran into Marcel Umphery for the first time. Like many of his students and clients I ended up on his email list somehow. Growing up in West Baltimore there was only one Umphery I knew of “Pretty” Ricky Umphery. It had been years since I had seen or even heard the name because I had spent 15 years in the Federal Penitentiary. I immediately picked up the phone and reached out to him commending him on his accomplishments of starting a successful real estate company and sharing with him the relationship I had with his dad and how I changed my life while was in prison. Since our first meeting, Marcel and I have partnered up on several deals. I’ve been investing in real-estate for years without ever really using the internet other than sending emails back and forth. I have witnessed Marcel’s methods and how he teaches his student’s to become more effective and successful as real-estate investors utilizing the power of the internet. Marcel, his team, and students offers profitable deals to the market place on a consistent basis. I have closed more than 15 deals with them thus far. Everything always goes smoothly, and I’ve never had an issue with his system. For instance I needed to sell a house fast that I had on the market for over a year on Springdale Ave. After contacting Marcel, he showed up and moved the property within 30 days. Marcel was true to his word. As you can see I have a check in my hand for over 50,000 dollars that I just picked up today.


Chris Schuler

Chris was actually referred to me by a good friend and mentor. He explained to me that Chris really wanted to learn how to wholesale houses but he needed someone in the local area who knew the market and could successfully teach him the ropes. After meeting with Chris he explained to me that he started out investing in fixer-uppers when the market was sizzling hot with his sister. He and his sister got involved in a bad deal that really left a sour taste in their mouths about investing in real-estate. After taking his chances at a failing and empty job market he gave real-estate investing another shot, but from a less risky approach. Chris stumbled across wholesale real-estate online, and tried to learn the tricks of the trade from YouTube, blogs and social media. He ultimately found himself disappointed never reaching his desired results. When we met he expressed his frustrations with the information online along with his desperation becoming a successful real estate investor. Chris had a set of twin babies on the way and he needed to make some money immediately due to his wife becoming a stay at home mom. You could hear the hunger and passion in his voice. It did not take him very long to bring 5 figures on his first 3 deals.


Jamaal Gardner

Have you ever heard the saying the “teacher teaches the student and now the student teaches teacher”. Well that’s exactly what happened in my relationship with Jamaal Gardner. Jamaal was an Elementary/Middle school teacher in Baltimore City public schools during the early 2000’s when we met. I was introduced to him by a mutual friend that attended Morgan State University. If you’ve heard the story in the past about how I purchased my first house for only $850. Jamaal is the person who turned me on to that deal. I remember it like yesterday it was a night that changed my life forever. After meeting Jamaal and implementing the wisdom he shared with me I took a chance and rolled the dice on my future. Yep I took a risk. Instead of spending my financial aid refund check on the latest clothing fad or a new set of rims for my car I invested the funds into my future. During the housing crash Jamaal’s real-estate and automobile businesses came to screeching halt. Until we caught up with each other almost 7 years later and introduced him to my No Money Down Debt Free investing techniques that work no matter if the economy is up or down. Jamaal applied and got started in our one on one coaching program and started taking action fast. As a full time Baltimore City public school administrator Jamaal’s schedule was very busy, and he had to make some sacrifices early on. In less than 12 months Jamaal managed to bring in a whopping $55,000 dollars wholesaling houses part-time using my strategies. He now is a fulltime stay at home dad, Real Estate investor and one of our Flip Success Coaches.


Ryan Harris

Meet Ryan Harris, a former UPS truck driver now successful full-time entrepreneur and dad. I met Ryan about 3 months ago at one of our monthly complimentary seminars in Baltimore, MD, where he applied to one of our coaching programs. The first thing that stood out on Ryan’s application was the answer that he gave us when asked how much time he could spend each week on his business. His answer was “as much time needed to have success in this business.” During Ryan’s first 60 days, I watched Ryan plug in to every single resource available to our Inner Circle members, from the conference calls, “Live” monthly trainings, online members only area, and staying plugged into his Flip Success Coach. Plugging in is only half the battle; Ryan implemented our methods and strategies each and every day, planting seeds for his success that were awaiting him. By day 60 those seeds that Ryan had planted (taking action) had grown into controlling a $200,000 livable single family detached house with 3 apartment units inside, sitting on a huge lot in one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Northeast Baltimore. Using just one of the strategies that we teach our members with the assistance of his Flip Success Coach, Jamaal Gardner, he placed the property under contract for $75,000wholesaling it to another investor for 90k making a 15k profit. I asked Ryan after he closed his first wholesale deal how did it feel and he exclaimed, “Excited?!! I’m more than excited! I can’t wait to close my next one!”


Suzanna Dent

Hi, my name is Suzanna Dent I own and operate Sweet Home Buyers, and you can visit my website for more details. The first time I heard about Marcel I was attending a real-estate event and the only people in the room actually closing deals were Marcel’s students. After learning that Marcel Umphery was right here in my local marketplace, I started attending his seminars, workshops and boot camps and also joined one of his coaching programs, and now I’m a real-estate investor full time. Since becoming a full-time real-estate investor I have the freedom to rock climb in foreign countries with my daughter, and I recently returned from a trip from Spain rock climbing with my daughter and last year I took her to Cuba. It was a life changing and extremely rewarding experience. I would highly recommend anyone trying to get started you need to align yourself with Marcel and his team.


Juanita Boone

Hi I’m Juanita Boone, one of Marcel’s coaching clients. I just closed my first wholesale deal today after following Marcel’s specific instruction. I did some marketing, located the house, put it under contract, did more marketing, located a buyer, put the two together, and here we are today. I’m planning on doing many more wholesale deals and through Marcel’s coaching program I have learned a lot. I highly recommend the coaching program with Marcel and Mike, you will definitely learn a lot and most importantly if you apply yourself consistently you will get deals closed. The difference between Marcel’s program and the others is that his students are actually making money. A lot of the other programs I’ve been involved in and been around never meets my needs. So I highly recommend it. You should sign up today!


Sheldon Oliver

Hi fellow investors, my name is Sheldon Oliver, I’m here to share my story. A couple of months ago I was stuck at my dead end job and I was seeking a way out as far as creating another stream of income. I was talking to a cousin of mine who lives in Florida, and he told me about this coaching program Marcel Umphery and Michael Jones have here in Baltimore. So I sat in on one of their seminars and listened to their story and it got me interested in wholesaling real-estate. Long story short, I got in contact with Marcel and it’s been golden ever since. Right now, I’m standing in my first property that I put under contract and within a couple of weeks I will go to settlement. The first deal, I closed, I made four thousand dollars. I didn’t really put much into it except my time and effort and the strategies that Marcel and Mike have taught me. I have grown into a great entrepreneur and I just really want to thank these guys for taking their time out to educate me. You know the DMV R.E.I investors family and I just want to let you know that this was a great opportunity for me and I’m just getting started and would like to get more deals like this under contract soon. So the last video that I made, I told you I was going to see you at the settlement table, here I am, at the settlement table getting my money. So if you don’t want to take advantage of this opportunity, heck you don’t have to do it, leave it to me, I’ll get to make all the money. So thank you Marcel and Mike, I greatly appreciate the opportunity and I cannot wait to get started on more deals. See you at the closing table.


Laila Wardak

After my first day in Marcel’s coaching program I learned more in just my first day then I could have only imagined. I’ve been in several other programs in the past but I couldn’t say that after my first day. Marcel is a hands on coach and will take you step by step through the entire process.


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