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0920 – 0904

0940 – 1000

1000 – 1020

1020 – 1040

28th SEPTEMBER 2016 (15)

Polymer Technology Shuhib Mamat

REGISTRATION Engineering Shah Ridhwan

Science & Technology Abdul Munir Abdul Murad




Preparation and Characterization of 49% Poly(methyl Methacrylate) Grafted Natural Rubber (MG49)-Sodium Iodide (NaI) based Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Application

Predicting Fatigue Crack Growth of SAE 1045 Carbon Steel Under Different Loading Conditions

Genetic Engineering Strategies for the Improvement of Hemicellulase Production by Filamentous Fungus, Aspergillus niger

Intan Juliana Shamsudin

Yushaizad Yusof

Eqbal Mohammed Abdu Dauqan




Conductive Biopolymer Based on Chitosan with Dual Function Ionic Liquid for Electrochemical Devices Application

Single-phase Shunt Active Power Filter Employing Simplified Reference Current Extraction Method

Benefits of Red Palm Olein on Human Health

Norhazirah Nordin

Pik Kha Chong



Siti Aishah Hasbullah (ST-O-28)

Effect of Different Plasticizers and Mechanical Properties of Starch Film Incorporated with CaCO3 Nanoparticles

Modeling and PID Control of Two Continuous Stirred Tank Heaters in Series

New bisthiourea derivatives with amino acid side chain linkers and their binding behavior with selected metal ions

Khairiah Badri

Normah Abdullah

Mamoru Koketsu




Rubber-Like Polyurethane from Plant Oil

Neural Network Controller Design for Continuous Stirred Tank Heat Exchanger

Effects of Functional Groups and Sugar Composition of Quercetin Derivatives on Their Radical Scavenging Properties [1]

Taweechai Amornsakchai

Mohammed Hamood Othman Ahmed

Nur Hasyareeda Hassan

(PT-O-15) From pineapple leaf waste to high performance reinforcement for greener rubber and plastic composites

(E-O-05) Modeling and Controller Design of Two Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor in Series

(ST-O-29) The Influence of Ionic Liquid 1-Butyl-3Metylimazolium Chloride on Iota Carrageenan Based Solid Polymer Electrolyte

1110 – 1155

1155 – 1240

1430 – 1540 1540 – 1600 1600 – 1730 1730

COFFEE BREAK (1040 – 1110) PLENARY 1 (P01) Prof. Dr. Sahrim Hj. Ahmad Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia Developments of Rice Husk and Hybrid Fibers Reinforced Recycled Polyolefin Blend Bionanocomposites PLENARY 2 (P02) Prof. Dr. Suwabun Chirachanchai Chulalongkorn University, Thailand Functional Bioplastics: An Approach for Value-added Bioplastic Products LUNCH (1240 – 1430) OPENING CEREMONY COFFEE BREAK (1540 – 1600) POSTER SESSION END


0830 – 0900 0900 – 0920

0920 – 0940

0940 – 1000

1000 – 1020

1020 – 1040

1100 – 1150

29th SEPT 2016 (51)

Polymer Technology Izwan Ishak

REGISTRATION Science & Technology Aminah Abdullah

Science & Technology Nurul Huda Abd Karim




Enhanced Electron Transfer Rate and Dye Stabilization in Dye Sensitize Solar Cell (DSSC) by Using Starch-Calixarene Based Solid Polymer Electrolyte

Fruits as a source of antioxidant for maintaining good health

Platinum(II) salphen complex as potential porcine DNA sensing material

Mohd Sukor Su'ait

Shigeyuki Uemiya

Nuur Haziqah Mohd Radzuan




Novel Bio-Based Polyurethane Polycation for Solid-State Electrochemical Devices Application

Hydrogen Production Promoted by Simultaneous Reaction and Separation

Preliminary Studies on Synthesis of Porphyrin Pentamer

Sharina Abu Hanifah

Seng Joe Lim

Muntaz Abu Bakar




Tatrazine electrochemical biosensor based on functionalized photopolymer microspheres

Structural Elucidation of Fucoidan from Cladosiphon okamuranus (Okinawa mozuku)

Synthesis of Nonplanar Porphyrins and Arrays

Rizafizah Othaman

Md. Habib Alam

Farah Nadiah Mohd Fazil




Aminosilane Modified Nanocrystalline Cellulose (NCC) from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch

International Electronic Sale Contract under UN Sale Convention: An Interpretational Note with Particular Reference to Malaysia

Response Surface Optimization on the Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activities of Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus nutans) Leaves Extract

Hamizah Md Rasid

Chin Wai Ho

Lee Wah Lim




Fluorinated Liquid Natural Rubber for the Construction of Hydrophobic Surfaces

A Novel Fermentation Technique Using Mushroom and Yeast Combination to Produce Soursop Wine

Polymeric Sulfobetaine Stationary Phases for Capillary Liquid Chromatography

COFFEE BREAK (1040 – 1100) PLENARY 3 (P03) Prof. Dr. Mutsuhiro Shima Gifu University, Japan Magnetic Behavior of Nanostructured Functional Materials

1150 – 1210

1210 – 1230

1230 – 1250

1250 – 1310

1430 – 1450

1450 – 1510

Polymer Technology Nur Hanis Adila Azhar

Science & Technology Akiyoshi Takeno

Science & Technology Takahiro Nitta




Studies on Hydrogenation of Liquid Natural Rubber using Diimide

Healing properties of crazed porous polypropylene - Application to the battery separator -

Understanding translation of microtransporters driven by biomolecular machines

Farah Hannan Anuar

Wong Sheryn

Djearamane Sinouvassane




Copolymers Containing Poly(ethylene glycol), Poly(propylene glycol), Polylactide and Polydimethylsiloxane Segments

Solvent-Free Microwave Accelerated Synthesis of Phthalide Derivatives

Oxidative Stress of Nutritional Supplement Chlorella Vulgaris by Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

Mohd Razi Mat Piah

Yoshito Moriwaki

Shun Yoshizawa




Comparison of the Effectiveness between LNR and LENR Treatments on Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber/ High Density Polyethylene/ Mengkuang Fiber Bio-composite

Identification of Aminotransferase Acting on Alkyldiamine from Variovorax paradoxus

Hydroxylation of Adamantane Derivatives using Actinomyces

Noriah Abdul Rahman

Nadiah Ramlan



Bohari M. Yamin (ST-O-40)

Synthesis and characterization of Onitrochitosan

Effect of Plasma Treatment (He/CH4) on the Glass Surface during Drying to Reduce Powder Adhesion

Grafting an ubi gadong starch with C-3,4 -dimethoxyphenylcalix[4]resorsinarene triphenylphosphonium chloride . A preliminary study

Polymer Technology Pranee Phinyocheep

LUNCH (1310 – 1430) Science & Technology Majd Ahmed Jumaah

Science & Technology Nurfaizah Abu Tahrim




Functionalization of natural rubber with bromine atom and its applications

Charcoal Base Metallic Composite Electrode for The Wastewater treatment

Emerging Contaminants in Urban Waters

Azizah Baharum

Noor Fatimatul Akma Awang Ngah

Emma Izzati Zakariah

(PT-O-17) Mechanical Properties and Morphology of Fungi – resistant Rubber Wood Polymer Composites

(ST-O-13) Synthesis and characterization of 1,3[(aminophenyl)-3-(ethylene-1yl)]thiourea and 1,4-[(aminophenyl)-3-

(ST-O-14) Synthesis and Characterization of New Ethyl Thiourea Compounds


1510 – 1530

1530 – 1550

1610 – 1630

1630 – 1650

1650 – 1710

Ruey Shan Chen

Nurazira Mohd Nor

Nur Khairunnisa Salleh




Tensile and Thermal Properties of Poly(lactic acid)/Liquid Natural Rubber Blend Matrix Incorporated with Nickel Zinc Ferrite Nanoparticles

Chemically Modification of Epoxidized Palm Oil for Biolubricant Application

Ultrastructure of the Light Organ of Pteroptyx tener (Coleoptera: Lampyridae)

Satriani Aga Pasma

Marhaini Mostapha



Md. Pauzi Abdullah (ST-O-41)

Development and In-vitro Characterization of Polymer Organogel as Drug Carrier

Sugar Isomerization of Core Oil Palm Trunk Sap at Different Conditions

Polymer Technology Noraisah Jahi

COFFEE BREAK (1550 – 1610) Science & Technology Afnani Alwi

Science & Technology Fatimatuzzahraa Mohd Fadzel




Modified Empty Fruit Bunch Cellulose as Oil Absorbent in Palm Oil Mill Effluent

Isolation of Two Botryane from Hypoxylon rickii and Identification of the encoding genes

Hydrolysis of RBD Palm Stearin

Azlin Mohmad Azman

Afifah Aqilah Alias Khosnan

Hadi Akbar Dahlan




Process Control in the Production of Engineered Palm-Based Fibreboard

Conversion of Core Oil Palm Trunk Sap into 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural by Using Homogenous Catalyst

Lysine Comparison Between Dairy, Coconut and Palm oil milk Yogurt

Mohamad Azwani Shah Mat Lazim (PT-O-20)

Nur ‘Aishah Zarime

Norhidayu Zainuddin



Estimating Hydraulic Conductivity by using Centrifuge Technique

Modifed Nanocrystalline Cellulose Based Microemulsion as Topical Delivery System for Curcumin

Azfar Al Ariff Ahmad

Manjusha Elizabeth Mathew

Zaitun Ghazali




Isolation and Characterization of Starch Nanocrystal from Sago (Metroxylon sagu) Starch as Particle Emulsifier

Polychloromethyl styrene ammonium chloride for Anion Exchange Membrane fuel cells

Silica from Bamboo as Moisture Absorbent

Novel Dioscorea hispida Starch-Based Hydrogels and Their Beneficial use as Disinfectants

1710 – 1730


Modeling the Formation of Chloramines during Chlorination Process


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