Message from the Executive Director

Our Mission The Preeclampsia Foundation reduces maternal and infant illness and death due to preeclampsia, HELLP Syndrome, and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy by providing patient support and education, raising public awareness, catalyzing research and improving healthcare practices.  We envision a world where preeclampsia no longer threatens the lives of mothers and babies.

Established in 2000, the Preeclampsia Foundation already made history as the nation’s only patient advocacy organization for preeclampsia. We expanded that role in 2008 by merging with the HELLP Syndrome Society to better serve the many families impacted by related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Along with our dedicated voluntary Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Board, and hundreds of other volunteers across the country, it’s our mission to reduce maternal and infant illness and death by: • Raising public awareness • Providing patient support and education • Improving health care practices, and • Catalyzing research

The Preeclampsia Foundation is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit patient advocacy organization serving the five percent to eight percent of pregnant women – 300,000 women each year in the U.S. – who are affected by hypertensive disorders of pregnancy such as preeclampsia (formerly known as toxemia), eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. Your personal or corporate donation is deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Tax ID #91-2073087.

2013 Board of Directors Erik Henrikson, Board Chair Katie Rielly-Gauvin, Vice Chair & Treasurer Kathy Maguire, Secretary Beth Frazer, JD John Jacobson, MD Linda J. Murray Beth Ann Schimel, PharmD

2013 Medical Advisory Board Thomas R. Easterling, MD, Chair Phyllis August, MD Peter Von Dadelszen, MBChB Ananth Karumanchi, MD Marshall Lindheimer, MD James N. Martin, Jr., MD Suzanne Oparil, MD John T. Repke, MD James M. Roberts, MD Roberto Romero, MD Baha M. Sibai, MD Doug Woelkers, MD

Making Preeclampsia History – that’s how I would sum up 2013 and the many milestones we achieved during the year that will be remembered for a long time. It’s also how I’d characterize our mission every day of every year – working towards a world where preeclampsia becomes a thing of the past and no longer threatens the lives of mothers and babies.

Certainly 2013 was one for the books. The year started with a look back at this lifethreatening disorder through the popular PBS television show called Downton Abbey. In this British historical drama, one of the show’s beloved characters died from eclampsia after giving birth. Although the fictional series represents life in the early 1900s, women in the United States and elsewhere still die or suffer devastating outcomes from the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. We seized the Downton Abbey opportunity to clarify historical facts and inform viewers through media articles and social media posts that underscored the fact that maternal death is still a tragic and needless complication of pregnancy. We also provided online support to thousands of survivors and families who visited our website after the show aired, many of whom were left grieving because of their own all-too-similar tragedies. Also in 2013, we added to the Foundation’s historical timeline with our national health observance designation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – May 2013 will be remembered as the first “official” National Preeclampsia Awareness Month. Key to our awareness-building activities in 2013, more than 40 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia™ events showcased support and education during the month. The rest is history – or it will be anyway. Read on for other ways we made history in 2013 – all of which made possible through the support of hundreds of dedicated friends and benefactors. Please note at the end of this report our listing of Tribute Gift donors who gave so that others may never know the devastating consequences of preeclampsia. Thank you for your dedication yesterday, today, and tomorrow – until preeclampsia no longer threatens the lives of mothers and babies. Sincerely,

Eleni Tsigas, Executive Director

First National Preeclampsia Awareness Month Makes It Official With our ongoing focus on increasing awareness of

Making History in Raising Awareness

A key message throughout all our activities during Preeclampsia Awareness Month is that every pregnant woman should receive detailed information about preeclampsia and its signs and symptoms.

preeclampsia and related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, we celebrated our first “official” National Preeclampsia Awareness Month in May 2013. The Preeclampsia Foundation secured this national designation with support from congressional leaders, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and thousands of survivors and volunteers. An online “Hear Us Now”petition campaign generated more than 3,000 signatures, and Congresswomen Lois Capps (D-CA), Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA), and Gwen Moore (D-WI) each wrote letters to U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Howard Koh requesting the national designation. On state and local levels, more than 30 government proclamations were secured across the country to raise awareness about preeclampsia and related hypertensive disorders.

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report


The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia™ Events Set Record As our signature public awareness and fundraising effort,The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia events were held at 43 locations across the U.S. and raised an all-time national high of $494,000 toward our mission in 2013. More than 5,000 participants had the option to join friends and families at local events or to participate in a virtual event. Special thanks to our local Mission Families who spearheaded efforts to secure media coverage and raise significant donations in their communities, setting new fundraising and awareness records.

We walk to find a cause and a cure.


Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report


RECIPIENT OF HOPE AWARD FOR VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR TARGETS HELLP The Preeclampsia Foundation’s annual Hope Award for Volunteer of the Year was given to Johanna Aiken in 2013. This prestigious award was presented to Aiken at the annual benefit dinner, Saving Grace - A Night of Hope, last October in Iowa City. The award recognizes an individual who epitomizes the true spirit of volunteerism and has made significant contributions to the Foundation. Volunteer of the Year Johanna Aiken was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome at 39 weeks and has since dedicated herself to increasing awareness of the disorder. While Aiken had heard of preeclampsia and associated it with high blood pressure, she had never heard of HELLP Syndrome. Thankfully, it was diagnosed early and managed successfully, and Aiken and her daughter both made full recoveries.


A HELLP survivor, Aiken has been an instrumental member of our volunteer leadership and helped produce a HELLP DVD for those impacted by this severe form of preeclampsia. She also helped establish the presence of our signature public awareness event, The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia. For three years, Aiken dedicated herself as the Central Regional Coach and helped build numerous provider and patient education alliances in her local Chicago community. Aiken remains a tireless advocate not only for those affected by preeclampsia and related disorders, but for those who aren’t here to speak for themselves.

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report


Historical Drama Sparks Widespread Interest

Learn more about how Downton Abbey helped us shine a light on preeclampsia and its devastating consequences by visiting or click here.


In early 2013, an unexpected plot twist in Downton Abbey, a popular British television drama with a robust and loyal American following, brought preeclampsia to the attention of viewers and media across our nation and beyond. When one of the show’s beloved characters died from eclampsia after giving birth, we took the opportunity to clarify historical facts and inform viewers that the maternal death portrayed remains today a tragic and needless complication of pregnancy. Although the fictional drama represents life in the early 1900s, this episode left many viewers grieving also because of their own all-too-similar tragedies. The week after the show aired, visits to our website tripled and we initiated stories in numerous national media outlets, including CNN, The Daily Beast, and National Public Radio.

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report


#1 Online Resource for Preeclampsia Information In our unrelenting effort to make preeclampsia a thing of the past, we focused on empowering and educating pregnant women, survivors, families, and others potentially impacted by this life-threatening disorder. With 1.65 million visitors in 2013, our website continued to serve as a primary source of education and information. More than 2,000 other websites referred to our website, and the number of our mobile phone visitors nearly doubled in 2013. 2013 2012 2011 0


1 Million

2 Million

Visits Pages Viewed

3 Million

Also in 2013, we were named a Global Giving partner by BabyCenter®, one of many partnerships we formed to make motherhood safer for all women. As the #1 pregnancy and parenting digital resource, BabyCenter helped us spread the word, especially about our highly successful Promise Walk for Preeclampsia events. Other dynamic partnerships in 2013 included the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American College of Nurse-Midwives, Every Mother Counts, Lamaze International, March of Dimes, and Pregnancy Magazine – to name a few.

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 11

With Education Comes Support For survivors like Laura Ryan A shining example of empowerment, Laura Ryan Moakley (left) took full advantage of everything the Foundation has to offer – education, information, research, and support. She continues to participate in our online Community Forum and The Preeclampsia Registry, and organized a team for the 2013 Brooklyn, NY Promise Walk. To give back even more, she donated the proceeds of her photography business to the Foundation in 2013 – all so that one day, other women and families are no longer threatened by preeclampsia and related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.


Moakley, the emotional support offered through the Preeclampsia Foundation was also an important part of her recovery. Moakley experienced HELLP Syndrome with her first pregnancy, and her daughter Rowan was born at 32 weeks via an emergency C-section. “After going through preeclampsia and HELLP, then delivering so early, I was suffering from post traumatic stress,” said Moakley. “I didn’t know where to turn for help, but then I found the Preeclampsia Foundation online Community Forum. I didn’t feel alone or abnormal any more as I read many other survivors’ personal stories. The Preeclampsia Foundation’s website is a wealth of knowledge and support that continues to help me, and I will always be grateful to the many supporters of the Foundation.” Moakley’s desire to learn the potential impact on her long-term health and have a second child moved her to participate in preeclampsia research conducted by the University of Vermont, an institution that received our Vision Grant funding in 2008. Having recovered from HELLP Syndrome, and with the encouragement of the study’s team members, Moakley sought the advice of a high-risk Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist before becoming pregnant again. In June 2013, she conceived and thankfully didn’t experience severe complications with this second pregnancy, which she attributes to her great team of doctors. Today three-year-old Rowan is thriving and relishes being big sister to her four-month-old brother Rory.

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 13

New Illustrated Education Tool Introduced In 2013, the Preeclampsia Foundation released the Illustrated Preeclampsia Symptoms Tear Pad, a patient education tool developed in collaboration with health services researchers at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. The tool effectively informs pregnant women, even those with potentially poor literacy, about preeclampsia. Because preeclampsia is a disorder that can have grave consequences for a mother and her unborn baby, the tool offers information in a way that allows women to understand and remember it, leading them to promptly seek medical attention if they have symptoms related to preeclampsia.

Also in 2013, patient education efforts included the distribution of the information listed to the right. We also partnered with Abbott Vascular to print 15,000 Preeclampsia & Heart Disease brochures and together we distributed nearly 6,000 of them during the year. Altogether, we provided nearly 20,000 education tools to clinicians and hospitals for their patients throughout 2013:

Preeclampsia Brochure (English)


Preeclampsia Brochure (Spanish)


Preeclampsia DVD



Preeclampsia & Heart Disease Brochure


HELLP Syndrome Brochure


HELLP Syndrome DVD


Signs & Symptoms Magnet (English)


Signs & Symptoms Magnet (Spanish)


Symptoms Pads (English) (25/pad)


Rx Pads (Spanish) (25/pad)


Illustrated Symptoms Tear Pad (50/pad)


Recognizing the importance of patient education in efforts to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity, the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative reviewed and adopted the tear pad into its Preeclampsia Toolkit, which has since been distributed and is now being used by hundreds of hospitals in California and dozens of others across the country. The primary aim of the Toolkit is to guide and support obstetrical providers and healthcare organizations to develop processes for timely recognition and an organized response to preeclampsia. A highlight is the identification of “triggers,” or clinical warning signs, that require immediate evaluation by the provider, whether in the prenatal clinic, the emergency room, labor & delivery, or postpartum. The Toolkit may be freely downloaded at preeclampsia_toolkit or click here.

Total 17,746 Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 15

New Guidelines Improve Preeclampsia Diagnosis and Care As one of a 16-member Task Force on Hypertension in Pregnancy, we played a key role in developing new guidelines released in 2013 by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). For the first time, the Task Force Report concluded that preeclampsia can be diagnosed without high levels of protein in the urine (proteinuria). That’s significant because not all patients with preeclampsia have high protein levels, so previously their diagnosis and treatment may have been delayed. Preeclampsia is now diagnosed by persistent high blood pressure that develops during pregnancy or postpartum with either: • High level of protein in the urine or one or more of the following • Low blood platelet count


For more information on the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Hypertension in Pregnancy report, visit or click here.

• Kidney or liver problems • Fluid in the lungs • Brain-related symptoms such as unrelenting headaches and/or visual disturbances According to the report, one of the biggest changes in preeclampsia management relates to the timing of delivery in women with preeclampsia without severe features, which – according to evidence-based medicine – is 37 weeks. Additionally, the report recommends daily low-dose aspirin to help prevent preeclampsia in very high-risk women, and the use of magnesium sulfate for severe preeclampsia, eclampsia, or HELLP Syndrome. It also reflects an increasing awareness of preeclampsia in the postpartum period and recommends that prenatal education include preeclampsia information.

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 17

Maternal Safety Blueprint Outlined We also played an important role in the “National Maternal Health Initiative: Strategies to Improve Maternal Health and Safety” consensus meeting held in 2013. Motivated by increasing maternal mortality rates in the U.S. in recent decades, the consensus group represented 30 national medical organizations, including the Preeclampsia Foundation.

The Preeclampsia Foundation was one of 30 medical organizations that built maternal safety consensus as part of this national health initiative.


The consensus group determined that every U.S. birthing facility should have specific practices and equipment to optimize maternal safety in pregnancy. These include so-called “safety bundles,” or safety initiatives, of protocols and equipment to prevent and manage severe hypertension, as well as protocols for supporting patients, families, and staff. Specific early-warning criteria should trigger a maternal evaluation, and facilities should regularly review severe maternal morbidity from a system perspective. Since this national consensus-building took place last year, we continue to participate on several of the group’s subcommittees to develop the tools and address the protocols recommended through the effort, and are working with New York and other states to extend the impact and reach of our recommendations.

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 19

The Preeclampsia Registry Goes Live Another important milestone marked 2013 with the launch of The Preeclampsia Registry™, a patient and family database designed to aid and accelerate preeclampsia research. The first of its kind, The Preeclampsia Registry focuses solely on hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and brings together survivors, family members, and researchers from all over the world to develop a comprehensive picture of preeclampsia and discover preventions and treatments, including ones that will reduce its long-term impact. By the end of 2013, only four months after its launch, more than 500 individuals had enrolled in the registry.

Making History by Catalyzing Research

For more information on The Preeclampsia Registry please visit us online at or email Research Coordinator Alina Brewer at [email protected] or call 321.421.6957.

As a place to share health and pregnancy history, The Preeclampsia Registry provides a significant resource for researchers to gather data and start new studies. Participants of The Preeclampsia Registry can upload their medical records, which makes the information collected even mores valuable for scientific research by adding clinical data to patient-provided information. Participants can also view how their responses compare to the entire registry’s population. As always, this information is never shared with qualified investigators without de-identifying it first. All personal information is fully protected as explained in The Preeclampsia Registry’s informed consent process.

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 21

Ana Sofia Teixeira de Cerdeira, MD

Vision Grant Recipients Study Underlying Mechanisms of Preeclampsia The Preeclampsia Foundation awarded $25,000 research grants to two preeclampsia research studies in 2013. Our Vision Grant recipients were Ana Sofia Teixeira de Cerdeira, MD, Harvard Medical School, and Mandy Bell, PhD, RN, University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing. Our annual Vision Grants are awarded to the strongest scientific proposals recommended by the Foundation’s scientific review committee and a consumer advisory board, and approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.


Vision Grants are awarded to the strongest scientific proposals recommended by the Foundation’s scientific review committee with a further review by a consumer advisory board.

Mandy Bell, PhD, RN

A Research Fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School, Ana Sofia Teixeira de Cerdeira, MD, obtained her MD degree and started her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Portugal. After receiving a Fellowship from the Gulbenkian Programme for Advanced Medical Education, Dr. Cerdeira moved to the U.S. to pursue a PhD in the field of preeclampsia. Dr. Cerdeira is working on the immune mechanisms of placentation regulation in health and preeclampsia. Recent evidence suggests that Natural Killer (NK) cells from the immune system at the maternal-fetal interface (dNK) are important for remodeling placental maternal spiral arteries. This process is compromised in preeclampsia and believed to be the origin of the disease. These placental NK cells are different from the ones in blood. Understanding the mechanisms of dNK cell differentiation may have potential applications in developing novel therapeutic approaches for preeclampsia. Mandy Bell, PhD, RN, is currently a post-doctoral scholar at Magee-Women’s Research Institute in the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, where she obtained her Nursing and PhD degrees. Dr. Bell’s study is designed to clarify the role that soluble endoglin (sENG) plays in preeclampsia by investigating if differences in the genetic code of the endoglin gene and related genes account for increased sENG in women with preeclampsia. sENG is a protein that is increased in the blood of most women with preeclampsia. It is not yet known why this protein increases or how it contributes to the disease, even weeks before women become sick. Because vitamin D and oxygen may affects ENG levels, the study also explores the effects of different vitamin D doses and oxygen levels on sENG in cell cultures. Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 23

Research Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal In the works for several years, the Preeclampsia Foundation partnered with investigators to publish collaborative research in 2013. The paper, “Prenatal education is an opportunity for improved outcomes in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: results from an Internet-based survey,” was published in the November issue of The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine. Its authors are the Foundation’s Executive Director, Eleni Z. Tsigas, and three preeclampsia researchers: Dr. Anne B. Wallis, Dr. Audrey F. Saftlas, and Dr. Baha M. Sibai.

Supporting the world health organization and Other Task Forces Other research activities included our participation on two World Health Organization (WHO) task forces to identify maternal research priorities for 2015 – 2025, and with Merck for Mothers to prioritize development and implementation priorities in preeclampsia for the next three to five years. We also supported coalitions to increase funding for the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) research associated with prenatal care, e.g. PREEMIE Reauthorization Act. This act is intended to reduce preterm labor and delivery and the risk of pregnancy-related deaths and complications, and to reduce infant mortality caused by prematurity. 24

The authors concluded that knowledge enables women to recognize signs and symptoms, leading to earlier diagnosis and management, and to reduced morbidity and mortality.

Their paper reports on our 2008 survey of 754 women in which we found that most received prenatal checkups and regular screenings, but only 42% “definitely” recalled specific education about preeclampsia and only half of those “fully understood” the explanation. However, 75% who understood acted on this knowledge by promptly reporting symptoms and complying with treatment. Of those who did not remember some or any of the education, only 6% took any action. The difference between these two groups is highly significant. The authors concluded that knowledge enables women to recognize signs and symptoms, leading to earlier diagnosis and management, and to reduced morbidity and mortality. They proposed the adoption of formal preeclampsia education guidelines, a recommendation we have actively pursued with state, national, and international guideline development groups.

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 25

Our Finances Transparency, financial accountability, and stewardship of our resources guide us. In 2013, 83 cents of every dollar went directly to advancing research and education to save lives. Our 2013 audit (available upon request) passed the scrutiny of the independent auditing firm Whittaker Cooper Financial Group. Total 2013 end of the year net assets were $632,614. EXPENSES 2013

INCOME 2013 $719,899

5% 2%

3% 14%

12% 45%






s s s s s s


Individuals $322,087


Awareness $335,143

Corporations $167,713

Management & General $95,285

Foundation Grants $99,980

s s s

Merchandise Sales & Interest $4,133


Advocacy $34,682

Other $22,470


Fundraising $13,675

Special Events $103,516

Research $93,209 Patient & Provider Education $77,617

Tribute Gifts Help Us Remember A tribute gift to the Preeclampsia Foundation is a special way to honor or remember someone whose life has been touched by preeclampsia, eclampsia, or HELLP Syndrome. Whether honoring a loved one, friend, or colleague, or celebrating a significant event or achievement, tribute gifts serve as a special expression.

Pledge to Accountability and Stewardship The Preeclampsia Foundation is committed to transparency, the highest standards of financial accountability, and appropriate stewardship of our resources. We are a 501(c)(3) not-forprofit organization established in 2000. Our Tax ID Number is 91-2073087. Funds received by the Preeclampsia Foundation are carefully monitored to ensure their use complies with donor

intent. An annual audit of our finances is conducted by an independent certified public accounting firm and overseen the Preeclampsia Foundation Board of Directors. Board and organization assessments are conducted by an outside party with expertise in board governance and evaluation every two years.

Donations may be made at You may contact the Foundation at: Preeclampsia Foundation 6905 North Wickham Road Suite 302 Melbourne, FL 32940 Toll-free: 1.800.665.9341 Phone: 321.421.6957 Fax: 321.821.0450 Website:

When a tribute gift is made, the donor receives a thank you letter and receipt for tax purposes, and the honoree or the family of an honoree being memorialized receives a special notification by mail (gift amounts are not disclosed). Please consider the Preeclampsia Foundation when you plan a tribute gift in honor or memory of a loved one. Your gifts ensure the future of our mission – raising public awareness, providing education and support, improving health care practices, and catalyzing research. We thank the donors listed here for their generous Tribute Gifts received in 2013. While every attempt has been made to accurately list those being remembered and honored, please contact us with any corrections.

Tax ID Number: 91-2073087 26

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 27

Gifts Received In Honor Of… Aarush Ramamurthy Barnett Family Ramya Ramamurthy Lauren Ardigo Abbie Rodriguez Becky Sloan Kay Lee Victoria Donoso Andre Rodriguez Michelle Platero David Rodriguez Vicki Price Abby and Isaiah Beth Schimel Stuart Smith Loretta Sloan Abigail Lila DeLisi Judy Valecko Alexander DeLisi Benjamin Scruggs Ada Margaret Gillen Russell Scruggs Elizabeth Justice Beth Frazer Linda Latham Janis Lee Alexa and Landon Amy Stuber Laurie Burns Bob Rothert Alida and Heidi Cain Nana Wilson Lauren Ridge Boesch Family Allison Christi Melissa Buckley Erin Foster Annie Graas Allison Jones Brady Graham Faith Curtis Frank Graham Diana Darflinger Brian Johnsrud Alexandra and Abigail Paulus Sherry Johnsrud Kimberly Paulus Jennifer Johnsrud Amy and Amaya Roberts Brittany Heisler Kelly Jones Barb Fritz Amaya Roberts Brittany Larson Erica Danneker Marianne Carter Heather Digman Barbara Larson Brenda Herek Carol Sarnowski Catina Koenig Rick and Mary Jean Williams Nicole Luer Bruehl Family Diane Wedel Lisa Lidgus Jennifer Wright Bucca Family Amy and Elizabeth Leeser Faye Ampe Mary Wegmann Linda Bucca Amy and Mason Hodapp Alissa Stevens Mary Duddridge Caitlin and Evelyn Caswell Carrie Embleton Susan Caswell Karen Hodapp Caitlin Zeitz Amy Suggs Kenneth Silverman Teresa Hulseman Carin, Brian, Aylah and Debra Wittenberg Everett Gray Angela Little Erik Phillips-Nania Deborah Bush Carla Basom Anna-Mae and Grayson Wickard Mel Dexheimer Brian Burrier Carley and Colt Thomas Aramis Colon Robin Dolinger Laura Schroeder Ellen Smith Julie Osborn Carley and Colt Thomas Ariana and Phoenix Courtney Thomas Patricia Gustafson Carson Clary Asher and Asa Mello Robin Ziemke Jessica Mello Carson Spann Sharon Eichler Carlynn Jones Avery Dillingham Gill Overcash Wendy Dillingham Carter Bagley Ayah Mawiyah El Hannah Pellas Annie Daley-Johnson Chase and Kari Badway Annette Doster Michelle Jones-White Annelise Hallinan Chase Family Pam and Mike DeRose Kathy Brewer Katherine Leicht Cherie Elliott Christ Barbara Tishler April Andersen Terry Dougherty Bridget Flanery-Fownes


Christi McKeag Gina Ralston Christine Piper Andrea Whaley Christopher Anthony and Katie Lara Alice Lara Chyler and Miqui Miller Carrie Nortillo Clara Eberhard Stephanie Eberhard Clara Miller Audrey Clinesmith Clare Boesch Nikki and Haran Rashes Karen Ulrich Clarks Family April Wang Colleen and Seamus Carter Priscilla Smith Colleen Davis Michael LaClaire Debra LaClaire Colton Botsford Holly Botsford Cooper and Nikki Mather Kathy Burke Donna Ekl Fred and Deb Mather Arron Yohe-Mellor Patricia Kassel-Moberg Dan Sloan Victoria Donoso Dana Bitetti and Faye McPhillips Jason Mowry Dana Hanlon Metzger Linda Hanlon Daniel Harris Antoinette Lucero Danielle Smith Elaine Hecker Darlene Lynch Louise Fisher Darlene Benson Susan Fierros Davis and Amelia Frazer Bryan and Beth Frazer Dezarae Beaudion Robin Kiser Drew Olds James Bell Danielle, Emerald, Cloud, Arden, and Griffin Abbott Phillip Rust Maria Daniels Family I.N. Sanders Davis and Amelia Frazer Charla Lancaster Dylan and William Betsy and Joanne Schiffbauer Alan Silver, MD Laurel Lyman Dr. Brian and Mrs. Anne Isaacson Dawn Lolla Ellen Seely, MD Lisa Dell

Gifts Received In HONOR Of… Continued George Henning, MD Colin MacNeill H.E. Blake, MD Andrew Blake Jaimey Pauli, MD Leanne Parke John Repke, MD Leanne Parke Marshall Lindheimer, MD Ellen Seely, MD Eleni Tsigas Dr. Neil Jordan Cornett Edward Magers Manmeet Cozzens Amy Currie Jennifer Davis Edwin Babcock Eliza Babcock Jay Ricci Ekiko Family Amber Burton Eleni Tsigas and Family Christine Cremidan Cynthia Paleologos Bill Navrides Beth Schimel Lisa Snow Eliza and Lobo Tobon Darcy Coder Joshua Coder Elisabeth, Madeline, Abigail, Maggie, and Lily Jeffrey Schanz Elizabeth Mugala da Costa Chrystal Rambarath Ella McDougal Cheryl McDoujgal Jennifer Warner Elle Polverelli Sara Quartiers Elsie Mae Leake Debra Halvorsen Randall Leake Barbara Pall Donna Celli Walsh Eric, Jennifer and Kayla Chan Helen Wong Erik and Julie Henrikson Mike Fisher Carolyn Henrikson Erik Daniels Jill Daniels Eva, Elijah, Drew and Tyler Carlson, and Derrius and P.J. Jackson Timothy and Sue Carlson Ethne, Catie, Riley and Gavin Brett Heiniger Fathiyyah Doster and Ayah Mawiyah El Annette Doster Tykia Hampton Sandra Harris Jerome Harris Clara Holton

Fathiyyah Doster and Ayah Mawiyah El continued Brandy Mitchell Ijeoma Nwahiri Marquita Polite Katina Reed Betty Reed Linda Ripert Cory Ritchie Calvin Smith Rosa Vann Storr Netter K. Wallace Faye and Dana Sharon Savoy Mallon Thomas Bradley Finn Kilbourne Melanie Lopez Fiordeliso Family Gene Fiordeliso Gabi, Ruby Pollard and Oscar (+ Tyler) Susan Elliott Garrett, Lochlan, Willow, and Logan Shannon Gamboa Gavin, Charlotte and Jack Davis Abigail Davis Gillian Mowry Elinore Farnum Grayson Moritz Doloris Buckmaster Grayson and Anne Marie Wickard Becky Gibbons Karen Hain Dawn Healy Mary Elizabeth Hill Melinda Rhoads Nicolette Shaddock Curtis Smith Amy Spease Greg, Jana, and Gavin Slaughter Karen Slaughter Hagen Family Casey Higgins Tim and Aly Kohring Hallinan Family Stephanie Reeve Hailey Lang Jose Lopez Hayden Teske Heather Darby Helen and Rowan Scott Gurholt Homme Family Karen Wingard Hudsen Annalee Mosey Bruce Brown Isabel Henrikson Jayne Ames Jaclyn MacDonald Janet McGeehan Jacob Rush Sara Rush Jacquline Cecilia Letson Mark Letson

James, Brooke, and Baby Savannah Valeri Gates James and Robert Goolsby Helen Goolsby James Murphy Kathy Murphy Jamie and Evan Moyer Jean Seibert Jase Bruehl Morgan Belding Trisha Maddox Jayden Erickson Crystal Scovel Jenna Pfaff Linda Hanson Jennifer, Paul and Quinn Voss Juanice Edwards Karen Voss Jessica VanEseltine Anna Buff Jill Siegel Claire Shingler Jill Sunderbruch Sara Poulos Johanna and Macy Aiken Martin Fine Lauren Levy Margaret Lurie Ben Meyer Judy Zimmerman Jonathan Dougherty Donna Neshek Joshua Barwick Janice Franciose Stacey Roberts Julianne and Avery Brackeen Cathy McDaniel Julie and Ranya Hussain Gwen Mack Marjorie Shapiro Julie Kurowski Andrea Brewer Julie, Gwen and Emily McGarry Michael McGarry Kandice Tjebkes Terry Curry Katie Eichelberger Anne Morales Kai David and Leanne Parke Kathleen Mattes-Longo Leanne Parke Kailey and Addison Lowman Janice Darif Kally and Carson Clary Kelli Larson David and Rita Nelson Kari Badway Elizabeth Kraft Kate Mohrmann Lindsay Fitzgerald Jena Walla Katherine Cary and Linda Murray Summer Schiavo Katie Levis Patricia Wood

Kelly and Carley Thomas Susan Barringer Diane Young Kelly Joy Allen Lori Gordillo Susannah Whitten Kerry and Clare Boesch Sarah Ziegler Kevin and Joanna King Vicki Burrus Kimberly McKeon Kenneth Palmer Jenn Seeley Kim and Liam Timer Gladys Dolan Dorothy Johnson Katie Magill Kriste Mahaffey Tricia Pycraft Laura Satterthwaite Steve Wasiesky Kim Wyman Teresa Mantle Kovarik Family Yvette Duffy Kitty and Steve Groot Kathleen Hutchinson Renee Vespa Gregory Zomchek Kristen and Cooper Dain Brian Cooper Tanya Pelfrey Katie Preston Kutson Family Cassandra Camacho Susan Lee Dennis Scurletis Kylie Theresa Zagorski Chad Zagorski Laney Poye Roselle Spann Lang Family Arlene Henke Larry and Hailey Bloomstein Madeline Dreifus Jay Pinsky Rachel Schinderman Laura Kessler Medoff Carol Allen Laura and Rowan Clancy Moakley Mary Armstrong Laura Moakley Joseph Sackman III Laura Ramsay Eileen Kuc Leah Faith and Aubrey Hope Rebecca Dixon Leake Family Emily Daidone Liam Carter Gladys Dolan Dorothy Johnson

Lilleonah and Leilahni Mandujano Kata Mandujano Lilyan Cline Kayreen Altman Susan Avery Janet Renfrow Lilyan Joyce Carlson Williams Susan Avery Phil Williams Linda Bloomstein Susan Jaffe Linda and Anthony Dolceamore Lynne Linale Arlene Russo Lindsay, Jonathan and Lilah Dougherty Shelley Lawton Alison McHenry Donna Neshek Lindsay Murdock Ann Christian Chris Gavin Vicki Gladfelter Wendi Hook Julie Martin Joy McKelvie Marci Patterson Jacqueline Piper Cheryl Temple Lisa and Logan Dickey Roisum Lisa Roisum Lisa Staton Cheryl Waldrup Logan Chase Shirley Shanahan Craig Snyder Logan and Maddie Pruden M. Kay Perry Nancy Southerland Logan Taylor Adele Muller Lucinda Marcello Robin Atkins Lucy Graham Glenn Leatherwood Lyla Weinberg Emily Perlis Stephanie Rodnick Lynn and Olivia Smith April Crider Lynn Norris Christopher DiGuardia Madilyn Boyd Chris Boyd Rebecca Boyd Barbara Perry Maisie Basom Henry Mroczkowski Maggie Means Renee Brogan Laura Duncan Rachel Moore Elizabeth Petty

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 29

Gifts Received In Memory Of…

Gifts Received In Honor Of… Continued Martha, Eloise and Sedonah Heidi Horgen Marcy Herrera Ekiko Angelica Leonardo Corliss Taylor Marie Halvorsen and Elsie Mae Leake Annette Campbell Susan Jackson Tammy Leake Samantha Stratton Marissa Steiner Gabrielle Clissold Kathleen Cohen Stephanie Steiner Mary Jo Tracey and Makayla Hammen Jody Tracey Mary Tracey Richard Tracey Mason and Lucy Graham LeJuan Byford April House Elizabeth Higgs Sharon Kohout Kate Lennox Bob and Mary Morrow Elizabeth Muir Mason Hodapp Gary Duddridge Melissa Weinberg Ronnie Meyer Evelyn Yablon Megan and Olivia Killian Megan Killian Robin Killian Melanie, Alida and Heidi Cain Kathy Wilson Melanie and Delilah Radil Marian Greene Marjorie Radil Melanie Dalponte Nicole McCord Melissa Lagemann Jennifer Hogg Melody Kramer Scott Kramer Melissa, Brad and Greyson Busch Robert Cole Jean Michalec Michelle and Alexandra Derry Marilyn Heffner Molokie Family Julie Bamsey Bonnie and Terry Beach Morna Clement-Martinez Sarah Jessee Mya Detweiler Dawn Detweiler Nathan Alexander Huhn Shelby Carpenter Gail and George Fogelman Henry Powell Brooke Taylor


Nathan Keller Kelsey Young Nicole Purnell Cathy McDaniel Noelle Ivie Erin Burkhart Oliver and Sharon Bull Jatany Bull-Welch Oliver Huckaby Brandi Huckaby Olivia Kwait Marshall Kwait Owen Sheckler Carolyn Sheckler Penelope and Lucille Guenter Barbara Frommelt Philip James O’Connell Doreen Bergeron Candice Camacho Erin Giblin Kerin O’Connell Rachel and Nathan Keller Jeanette Almy Rebecca and Jillian Infinger Ruth and Paul Young Raenah Carby April Campbell Rebecca and Lena Geshuri Debrah Miller Regan Dalton Sharon Burleson Robbie and Charlotte Cox Kara Mahoney Amy Medeiros Nicole Plegge Ruby Pollard Marjorie Gatenby Ryan Pardi Thomas Canan Sarah and Karen Alexander Karen Eileen Alexander Sarah Cassandra Schofield Lisa Willinger Sarah Hughes Andrea Abad Elizabeth Applegate Jennifer Burden Jenna Donza Sarah Parker Poss Laura Parker Serena, Savannah and Veronica Homme Jason Homme Martha Homme Serena Homme Mari Irmiter Terri Irmiter Kimberly LeFebvre John Weber Shanell and Preston Reed Katherine Wright Sharon Spatucci Veronica Millar

Shuster Family Sharon Draznin Sloan Family Laura Daly Terri Johnson Sola Oluwande Lissa Kurtz Christopher Otiko Mandy Roper Stacey Sheckler and Bridget Hedgecock Penny Dresselhaus Joan Garstang Sandy Jorgensen Stacy and Tyler Vallely Ellen Auerbach Sarah Cohen Linda Cowan Wendy Dillingham Fredda Gordon Paul Miller Michael and Heather Needleman Susan Needleman Stacy Kregg Sheila Wall Steiner Family Dana Kaplan Stephanie and Marissa Steiner Julie Engel Melanie Lewis Gina Levy Sarah Lieberman Shelley Hartnett Julie Steiner Steve and Ari Huhn Lucy Huhn Stu and Sue Needleman Kenneth Goodman Susan Brodesser Emily Polillo Susie and Marty Fine Marilyn Davis Sutter “Butter” and Gabriel Sheer Juliaette Chamberlain Nancy Jones Sara Lovins Renee Pulse Kim and Todd Truax Sam Visalli Sydney and Hudson Rothert Laura Rothert Tara Carter Dorothy Johnson Tara and Leo Laverty Brian Laverty Tayen Parke Morgan Lennon Jody Mahoney Rebecca Robinson Jaime Soutner Temple Sha’arey Shalom Ari Rosenberg Tia and Ayah Doster Ashley Miller

Tina Rose and Vanette Thompson Jenni Murphy Brandie Renner Thomas Matthew Heller Devon Coyne Alexis Egan Amanda Heller Kelly Lockberg Lorraine Mabardi Kevin Mahoney Shannon McCarthy Heather Schaefer Elyse Slayton Dune Thorne John Toomey Traci and Michael Hemphill John Hemphill Tyler and Kerry Zahn Kerry Zahn Vineeta Bonthala Ansha Goel Terri Herrmann Bhavna Katkar Andre Mura Winnie Beadle Catherine Letsinger Janet Reiter Worrell Family Daniel and Kate Pullen Xan Nappi Anna Califano

Abby Wolfe Laurie Winans Abraham B. Elliott Linda Foley Addison Marie Cull Paul Cull Addison Rose Davis Kim Romich Addison Rose Stephenson Donald Anderson Leanne Bowker Linda Clark Linsey Field Victoria Gleason Aaron Hall Jennifer Huntsman Marci Jackson Judy Joyner Heidi Lowry Shauna Lugar Marie Marquardt Veronica Martin Yvette Romasko Kristine Rupp Elizabeth Salois Violet Stephenson Mary Schoonover Angela Turner Adley Leighton Hansford Addison Hansford Alexander Jerome Baum Marion Birmingham Alexandra Dreossi Sara Bruinooge Fay Chin Lisa Degennaro Jacqueline Granski Gladys Herreros Michelle Miller Lisa Picillo Allison Paulus Kimberly Paulus Alyce Nash Donna Jennings Amalia Hope Larsen Colleen Blickensderfer Ana Kacanowski Anderson Maxwell Graham Sharon Kohout Anna Millicent Pebelske Lucy Anderson Carrie Jensen Travis Sullivan Annabelle Woolbert Kimberly Lenherr Margaret Nettleton Annaelise Grace Janzer Becky Evans Valerie Hunt Annelise Rae DesRoches Sheryl Blunck Tyler Kopet Anthony Arturo Zecena Mark Jones Jazmine Ronningen

Ash Tigerstrom Heidi Jenson Audrey Stewart Susan Fine Autumn Rayne Ostendorf Karen Clouatre Trista Turner Ava and Noah Bungey Shawn Bungey Carla Hughes Jane Kobza Jennifer Kobza Bailey Rae Griffith Myriah Marsh Barbara Tishler Terry Dougherty Benjamin McColl Sabine Harvey Beryl Branch Sam Branch “Blue” Francisco James Riehl Jimeno Natalia Dafaeeboini Francisco Jimeno Rudy Medina Nga Luu Kim-Hoa Ung Machiko Uyeno Alfredo Vite Bob Hammond Kevin Russell Brandon Pruden M. Kay Perry Brian Gilbert Janice Gibilisco Bridget and Elsie Drews Amir and Talayeh Banan Bruce Goren Stephanie Pocock Lisa Walzl Janet Whary Caley Brianna Joyce Nicole Lanoue Charles McDaniel Sylvia Meckel Milana Meshenberg Denise Norton Joelle Ware Leonard and Sharon Welsh Camilla Jumashukurova Saltanat Alymkulova Candice Boyle Christa Boyle Cayla Cynthia Feltman Vicki Auger Lisa Babb Tina Blandford Alicia Borders Michael Chartier Megan Delaney Daniel Feltman Debra Feltman Diana Feltman Michelle Feltman Lisa Hensley Andrew Kavanaugh

Cayla Cynthia Feltman, continued Sandra Koehl Cynthia Maude Teresa Plummer Caroline Sanders Cindy Sermersheim Nancy Timpe Carole Toscano Chase Thomas Parke Dan Angst Julie Berarducci Kathleen Bond Jennifer Brody Lynn and Edmund Foster Morgan Lennon Jody Mahoney Angela Manoskey Stephanie Nace Rebecca Robinson Jaime Soutner Jennifer Varma Chloe Hill Schelly Bankston Sheila Betterton Linda Davison Pamela Davis James Goode Anita Goode Thomas Hallsted Pam Hill Heather Kaluzney Ernie Lamirand Jessica McCarty Carla Nauman Max Punneo Bear Spears Jeff Stanford Janie Wadley Chloe Mary Gorleski Katie Friesen Christie Polverelli Mary Ciriello Eileen Connor Susan Dane Jan Davis Beth Emory Jim LaFrank Rita Harfield Tara Howard Vanessa Lawless Paul Losavio Loralee Parah Donna Polverelli Mark Polverelli Steven Polverelli John Schaefer Dominic Scialdone Robert Steve William Sullivan Maureen Wilming Tim Wright Claire Elaine Zahm Grace Kuhns Laura Zahm

Conner James Moore Elizabeth Birney Kelly Joseph Susan TreDenick Traci Walker Connor Gideon Woods-Morrison Hooe Caldwell Jack Celie Cindy Coffman-Logsdon Pamela Fly LaQuita Massee Cynthia McDonald Laura Morrison Tina Nickles Shanna Padgham Cindy Roses Theresa Stejskal Deana Woods Constance Palfy Stephanie Zavitsanos Cooper Hamilton Rebecca Floyd Lynda Jones Megan Tajlili Cooper Landon Barnett Elizabeth Barnett Bridget and Mike Castello Jessica Hooley Jordana McVey Noni McVey Stefanie Parker Kelly Sparrer Allison Stember Cooper Walker Purnell Laura Adamek Renee Brackeen Lynn Kelley Cathy McDaniel Laura Morrison Laney Poye Riley Purnell Elizabeth and Kevin Schlicksup Pat Woodyard Darby Grace Worrell Nicole Ballinger Michele Bogdanowicz Gina Borton Nicole Cahill Jill Clevenger Carol Downing Colby Drayton Jamie Drayton Taryn Drayton Shari Fisher Shelly Gephart Lauren Greenberg Joe Joes Kathleen Karn Barbara Kelly Judith Kelly Denise Krieger Gina and Tim Leusner Monica Mathie Lauren McCormick Heather Muzik

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 31

Gifts Received In Memory Of… Continued Darby Grace Worrell, continued Rita Oliva Nicolle Oriente Carla Rosati Megan Sheerin Linda and Dale Simons Suzanne Thomas Laura Thompson Carmela VanHorn Linda Waters Tina Marie Williamson Christine Worrell Denise Worrell Kristin Worrell Tim Worrell Alison Zirilli Dawn Steber Nicholas Rathbun Vincent and Judy Smith Demilade Christian Nkusuwila Chrystal Rambarath Denise Pendergast Hores Lynne Frederick Pamela Glatter Tammy Hahn Janice Harvey Christine Haskins George Hobbs Sany Joseph Sheila Lewis Michelle Romano Kristin Rorapaugh DeAnne Pendergast Beth and Chris Schimel Donna Wiehenstroer Avis Wilson Donna Becker Dignan Pat Aronoff Nazarah Birkett Jo Becker Murray and Anita Becker Burns Family Patrick Dignan Serena Fisher Lynn Haber Irmine Hero Ellen Rothschild Eileen Morris Julie Morris Eleanor Elizabeth Lewickyj Elizabeth Mylander Eleanor Knox ElisaBeth Staudt Elijah Hagen Corrine DeArmitt Ann Hagen Charles Hagen Doracy Harrison Glenna Sears


Elijah Jacob and Lilith Alma Christ Diana Barr Bruce Blair Cherie Christ Gina Christ Andrew Clemence Gregory Cole Catharine Craig Alyssa and Chad Elliott Julie Elliott Kathryn Elliott Sara Hughes Donna May Whendi Poole Angie Saskowski Jennifer Wedemeyer Elissa Elizabeth Derry Marilyn Heffner Scott Klase Eliza Grace LaRose JoLynn Backes Megan Blankley Ashleigh Graham Meredith and Jason Helgerson Alana Henderson Dawn Kirk Teresa Kneezel Tawn Malison Denise McCormick Deborah Miller T. Morrison Jerry and Amy Nash Elizabeth Neild Damaris Nieves Kathleen Nigro Cory Nugent Teresa Perkins Connie Reynolds Katie Reynolds Michael Rizzolo Florence Schetzel Alicia Segura Robert Soave Cheryl Socha Ramnik Singh Heidi Tell Elizabeth Hudson Christine Betts Elliot Aaron Lathrop Michelle Ballard Sarah Berner Valencia Davis Susan Deabler Michael Green II Patricia Liedy Karen Stevenson Jennifer Valenstein Lyyli VanWhittle BJ Vickers Ellissia Lewis Kelly Lewis

Gifts Received In Memory Of… Continued Elodie Louise Gray Stacy Brown Carin Gray Margo Greenfield Christie Holmes Carlotta Jensen Joseph Kahr Kirsten Lewus Lisa Maday Lauren Rodgers Cassi Rosekrans Rita Staib Emily Stites William Wagner Emilia Di Guardia Ann Bakas David Bell Tanja Benjamin-Manzo Gretchen Cohen Leah Davis Paula DeGloria Pamela Frye Lizabeth Quinton Hale Pam Hildreth Sarah Hilman Liz Kutcher Kelly Murray Pamela Perusse Erin Plante Darlene Poplawski Cheryl Schnider Tanya Sinclair Barbara Strell Cristin Sullivan Eileen Terlaga John Van Weeren Emilly Ann Woods-Morrison Hooe Caldwell Jack Celie Cindy Coffman-Logsdon Pamela Fly LaQuita Massee Cynthia McDonald Laura Morrison Tina Nickles Shanna Padgham Cindy Roses Theresa Stejskal Deana Woods Emily Elnora Cliborne Ryan Carlozzi Sandra Wood Emma and Connor Shea Susan Shea Emma Marie Keller Christine Keller Emma Muccigrosso Kristine Muccigrosso Ethan Staton Cheryl Waldrup Eva Ixchel Tobon Josh, Renee, Anders and Greta Coder-Carlson Darcy Coder Joshua Coder Priscilla Schafer

Frances B. Scott Brenda Ray Scott Franklin Fiske Katherine Mollison Frazer Twins Kathleen Cabral Janice Frazer Charla Lancaster Janis Lee Heather Meyernick Robert Strickler Amy Stuber Lindsay Watts Jennifer Williams Gabriel Uriah-Verne Niepman Jean Smart Gabriel Wayne French Patricia Ables Stephanie Atkinson Catherine Bednar Loretta Berg Susan Borchert Leslie Bouscher Everetta Bradley Genie Brazeale Sabrina Brewer Janet Bushey Lyndsay Carter Becky Clemons Sabrina Cooper Robin Devore Eric Dobke Matthew Duffy Faith Duke Lisa Eads Roy Erstine Jennifer Esquivel Terra Fischer Kate Fly Brittney French Helen French Louise Gibbins Angie Gore Sarah Hartley Dru Harvill Sandi Holbert Pam Holt Wendy Hughes Jackie Huguenard Judy Isbell Michelle Kennedy Marty Knoll Fonda Logsdon Mitzi London Vicki Marek Elizabeth McCrea Jennifer Meins Debra Mitchell Gabrielle Mitcherson Ladonna Moorehead Kelli Schroeder Rebecca Sharp Bethany Sherman Lisa Skinner Mary Ann Stone Samantha Stone

Gabriel Wayne French, continued Debra Strabala Donna Tefteller Linda Tull Sherry Tuminello Carolyn Way Angie West Sara Woodell Gabrielle Dori Taylor Sheri Eastman Marshall Taylor Garbiella Sheflin Jayne Trapp Gianna DeGiglio Jessie De Giglio Grace Elise VanEseltine Anna Buff Grace Elizabeth Mormann Roger Andersen Grace Elizabeth Redfield Hallinan Kristi Dalrymple Pam and Mike DeRose Adrienne Edgell James D. Hallinan Kathryn Hallinan Ottilya Hallinan Lora Krick Allison Kumar Katherine Leicht Shannon Porterfield Kelly Preski Adrienne Redfield Deborah Redfield Genevieve Rossi Brandi Sheridan Jeanette Simons Danielle Tsoukalas Petros Tsoukalas Grace Nolan Joe Nolan Grayson E. Kapferer Laurel Kapferer Hayden Scott Thornell – DeLuca Joan DeLuca Heidi Hillman Mueller Jane Kovicak Henrik Magnuson Michelle Rotter Henry Theodor Art Sheila Moran Rebecca Pond Izzy Ella Conklin Eileen Bailey Kendra Elliot Jennifer Krack Kathleen Krychear Noreen Krychear Karinna Lawla Dora Leung Kathryn Menendez Amy Myers Kellyann Ort Kimberly O’Grady

Izzy Ella Conklin, continued Andrea Pavelock Amanda Swan Nicole Tymoczko Daniel Vislocky George Vislocky Amanda Watson Michelle Wrizar J. Eric Holmes, MD Sig-Linda Jacobson Jack K. Cordeiro Bernadette Cordeiro Jack Steven Lueckert Judith Butler Karen Carter Carol Ann Cook Norma Cook Lezlie DuVal Corey Elledge and Friends Joyce Filler Kelly Goforth Holly Huelskamp Pat Lang Edith Lueckert Jacqueline Lueckert Karen Potter Alexandra Pousson Karen Short Jason Watters Marge Wunderlich Jackson Bryant Larry Bryant Deanna Gilbert A. Craig Kruger Jacob Licari Pete and Tina Hartung Angela Spellman James Murphy Kathy Murphy Jason Anthony Bartow Deborah Banko Felicia Ciasullo Cheryl Harkins Barbara Leiman David Murphy Michael Murphy Jayson Grady Stewart Mark Cline Lisa Cook G. and L. Stewart Michelle Stewart Diann Swartz Tammy Thornhill Joan Marie Donnelly-Heiden Beth and Rob Arvey Jeff Caravello Amanda Christensen Lisa and Dave Craig Laura Dale Mary Kay DeRubeis Jim Doak Bob and Rosemary Donnelly Diana Donnelly-Roberts Kimberly Donnelly Richard Heiden

Joan Marie Donnelly-Heiden, continued Sara King Rick Kinney Daniel Kodner Cathy Lewis Kathy and George McMillan Gigi Nugent Danielle Smith Zachary Smith Joanne Loveless Cathy Clay John Fitzgerald Carr Haley Carr John Warner Joanne Smith Joshua Barwick Janice Franciose Stacey Roberts Joshua Patrick Denney Nancy Aguirre Elizabeth Briggs Mary Brown David and Katie Jones Natalie Holtgraves Marshall Miller Joyce Powers Scott Taylor Josiah David Poss Laura Parker Joy King Vicki Burrus Julia Elizabeth Whitehouse Carol Blum Sandra Milliken Julia Rose Olsen Abigail Olsen Kai Ringwalt Lynne Ringwalt Kailer McKeag Gina Ralston Kara Jones Kelly Jones Kari Badway Elizabeth Kraft Katarina Angelina Ioannou Carin Ioannou Katie Weaver Ivy Weston Kayla Tania Zagorski Chad Zagorski Kennedy Jhiselle Stephenson Jennifer Coffey Margareth Corkery Joan Ekengren Fayanne Fraser Leanne Greeran Wendy Hord Megan Mercy Marie Nelson Mike Ortiz Jacqueline Paredes Marilyn Raskin-Ortiz Patricia Rene

Kenneth Blum Melissa Weinberg Kerry and Clare Boesch Sarah Ziegler Kimberly Brockman-Rapozo and Colin Rapozo Carol Brockman Klae Kweku Brothers LaToya Brothers Carol Brothers Olga Kweku-Alleyne Tanya McKinney Tanya Toomer Kristie Rubino Sandra Deckelman Rebecca Firman Claire Lobdell Sheila Skolnik Kimberly Sternberg Valerie Washington Kristina Perales Joseph Dougherty Vicky Eliopoulos Juanita Gallet Mallory Lorence Ana Salazar Jolene Smith Laura Kelly Smith Eunice Gay Tara King Laura Woods Deana Woods Lauren McCarthy Bloomstein Sheri Anderson Vera Banach Larry Bloomstein Elizabeth Cairney Diane Canzanella Nicole Cheret Linda Chewning Kyle Clements Joan Cronin Jenn Czerwinski Megan Daffan Madeline Dreifus Josef Eichinger Donna Ferguson Richard Flax Bonnie Forgash Francesca Fuges Janet Lista Fuges Phyllis Gensler Heather Greco Jeanne Guijarro Wendi Gutkin Carol Hiller Maria Horton Susan Jaffe Jessica Kikta Lee Kirschbaum Susan Kogan Ilene Kronberg Kenneth Lehan Sharon Levinson

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 33

Additional Tribute Gifts

Gifts Received In Memory Of… Continued Lauren McCarthy Bloomstein, continued Carol Long Linda M. Losche Oscar Madrid Roberta Mayerson Debra Menkowitz Mark and Rachel Ann Miller Dianne Mink Joan Montalvo Joyce Murphy Robbin Napier Barbara and Matthew Naula Robert Nestel Elizabeth O’Brien Deborah Pearlman Christine Picarello Denise Picciolo Brian Policastro Allison Quinn Krithiha Raghunaathan John Reynolds Alexander Riss Stephanie Ritacco Michele Rotondo Marianne Russo Richard Russo Rosemarie Russo Rachel Schinderman Lauren Schlossberg Jennifer Schulte Susan and Lenny Shapiro Jennifer Silverstein Benna Smith Leanne Sousa Charlene Stillitano Kerrianne Stillitano Marjorie Terry Ulises Torres Alissa Van Volkom Michele Van Volkom Melody Vargas Ellen Wagenberg Lauren Smith Meredith Collier Lynn Hockett Layla Khalil Amanda Khalil Leila Mae Vicari Regina Beltrama Barbara Caparro Jim and Judy Caparro Casey Drake Alyssa Filter Virginia Handley Julia Lamborn Samantha Witkowski Denai Wolfe Libby Forsberg Nancy Hawkins Annie Templeton Jeanette Wallace


Lila Rose Preciado Holly Adams Maria Trinidad Arroyo Miriam Becerra Amalia Bonilla Maria F. Castillo Ana Cobb Jacob Cortez Lucia Daines Ramon Delarosa David Delfin Krystal Fierro Angelica Garcia Gloria Gonzalez Teresa Gonzalez Christine Johnson Leslie Larrinaga Rachel Marin Lisel Mendez Carlos and Elvira Mendoza Michelle Meza Norma Nunez-Clarke Rasanda Rivera Eva Rodriguez Patricia Rodriguez Van Trac Gloria Vallejo Lorenzo and Janet Villanueva Angie Zamarripa Lilyan Joyce Carlson Williams Susan Avery Lincoln Taylor Krietsch Vanessa Spanik Lorelai Tess Roberts Jay Lerew Lukas Roskopf Holly Roskopf Luke Russell Young Kristen Young Mackenzie M. Ogunride Ebonie McClintock Larry McKenzie Retha McKenzie Carla Moorman Madden Campbell Letson Mark Letson Margaret Allen Vigderson John Allen Margaret Edward Mae Jarnagin Susan Brodesser Margaret Joy Vigderson Tiffany L. Baldwin Jennifer Beachell Marcy Broadwell Helen Chhokar Lori Gordillo Cheyenne Haven Lori Holland Amran Hussein Laura Lovas Rebecca Offer Healy Vigderson Kate Vigderson Susannah Whitten

Maria Morales Anne Morales Marilyn Rose Kurowski Andrea Brewer Matthew David Crane Marie Crane Matthew Tiernan Bramfeld Mary Ann Jayne Nadine Paduano Joanne Weilbacher Maya C. Watson Roe Adams Maralee Rodgers Tom Smith Mia Jane Powell Angela Adams Chadara Hall Trashaun Powell Michael Erlbaum Melissa Weinberg Mildred Lillian Manderfeld Diana Pompe Millicent Mathews Lindsay Ayers Colleen Collins Linda Hopkins Rachel Pompe Mollie Grace Yarbrough Spyro and Brittany Costopoulos Myles Lee Anderson Stephanie Carlson Nathanael Morlock Cheryl Hartke Nikonia Evangelia Tsigas Sophia Kondoleon Patricia Raphael JoAnn Zuras Peter Zuras Olivia Brooks Angela Brooks Onnalee Erickson Park Tricia Halford Oscar Waters Adrian Waters Penelope Rose Momot Jennifer Momot Reese and Scotlyn Wyman Georgia Huelsman Katie Mense Linda Palma Nicole Pelch Kacey Selliers Regan Dalton Sharon Burleson Reid Nicholas Ziska Rebeka Whitman Roosevelt Washington VI Eleese Dorsey Nikki Jones Lea Lindsey Karmin Ray Sharmin Ray Ebony Washington

Rosalyn Sloan Christine Cotter Christine Feiler Julie Garofalo Danielle Meyer Ronnie Meyer Esther Plotkin Annette Swartz Debra Weinberg Abbe Weiswasser Geraldine Weiswasser Betty Wells Evelyn Yablon Shelly Yablon Shelley Zeichner Ryder Price Hadley Arla Carver Julie Hadley Rick Hopkins Rose Hurley Myron Nelson Marc Price Sam Booher Larson Gail Bonniksen Rhonda Broadfoot Erin Burkhart Lenore A. Caldwell Marianne Carter Kress Drew Georgeann Emmons Jodi Farrera Leslie Hanscom Christine Haug-Chin Barbara Larson Mackenzie Larson Elizabeth Nordling George and Joyce Pazianos Tracy Poitras Carol Sarnowski Rick and MaryJean Williams Laura Zahm Sara Crowe Marlene Fidler Seeley Andrew Hiett Natalina Archambeault Leanna Babb Laurel Hiett Jasmine O’Neill Nikki Ragsac Jennie Truso Shelly Warner Bridgewater Katherine Boyd Donna Claussen Amy David Mitzi Matzen Beth Schimel Margo and Jack Sahrmann Joseph Sgro Julie Weckel Shirley Mae Tesar Kathy Zieser Soleil Sophia Wooley Allison Wooley

Sophia Marie Rubach Brittany Britz Josh Gilmore Wayne and Deb Rubach Courtney Sundell Norma Steber Sophia Nicole Young Sandra Hawthorn Debbie Langford Jessica Stafford Margaret Young Soren Emery Strong Foltz Mark Foltz Sydney Josephine Spear Autumn Spear Trey Dolceamore Lynne Linale Mary Ann Marfia Arlene Russo Trey Garza Stacy Garza Che and Kain Molina Virginia T. Allen Neil Allen Wilder Lynn Abbott Diane Cooper Will Frasca Nicholas Frasca William Kilbourne Laura Ellenberger Desa Halstead Vera Kalinowski Carly Kilbourne Melanie Lopez Shirley McCafferty Katie Perkins Jenifer Nicoloff Rachel Nicoloff Rachel Zaradich Zachary James Feller Kim Lathrop Louis Reichlin James Schuman Jayne Turner Debbie Williamson

Alida and Heidi Renee Cohen Alice Crist Jenna Stanley Anthony IV and Anthony “Quinn” V Martin Marissa Martin Baby Cole Colleen Voorhees Baby Emily Kelly Haller Baby Girl McColl Barbaranne Liakos Baby Girl “Scooter” Wanda Sheffield Barbara Laura Morrison Berteal D. Lorrie Milton Brian Witter Tom Steber Bonnie Delloney Ware CJ Cari Hansan Cody Smith Nikki Case David Healy Brian Healy Eleanor DeSevo Roberta DeSevo Emmalin Jane Shannon Edwards Grandparents Ellen, Eli, and Rita Michael Cekovic Grandma Florencia Rebecca Samson Gus Carol Griffin Jennifer McCabe

Heiniger Babies Amy Hohulin Hershey Medical Center Karen Hain Isabella Florim Ligia Florim Jacob and Kayla Andrew Jennifer Andrew James Murphy Kathy Murphy Jennifer Reiko Anderson Terry Ruskauff Jerry Connolly Marcy Connolly Jessica Gregory Jennifer Morgan Jodine Goodman Michael Goodman Joe T., Steve S., Terry S., Gina W. and Val H. Erin Kelly Joshua Barwick Janice Franciose Stacey Roberts Katie and Olivia Mary M. Yaeger Landon Church Andrea Greenway Laura Lee and Trent Rose Kaylee Niemeier Lindsay Kashuba Tom Steber Logan Taylor Allison Gorman Lucy and Abraxas Bonnie Hayes Lydie Clarisse Cespedes Lyla Piasecki Patrick Piasecki

Marivel and Mia Richelle Simms Martha Ramirez Martha Duarte Max and Darlene Susan Fierros Miranda Ilse Mindling My Mother Nancy Mahoney Natasha Woods Chris Woods Our Mom, Elisabeth, Madeline, Abigail, Maggie, Lily Jeffrey Schanz Peggy Carr Jennifer Voss “Q” Devin Melancon Raenah Sharon Burleson April Campbell Rose Adcock Suzanne Kelley Sammy and Zoey Jennifer Su Sean Morris Julie Morris Talya Merritt Heather MacPherson Tino Vitale Chris Vitale Todd W. Erin Kelly

Preeclampsia Foundation | 2013 Annual Report 35

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