MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE. Making Modern Living Possible with Danfoss Solar Inverters DANFOSS SOLAR INVERTERS

MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE Making Modern Living Possible with Danfoss Solar Inverters DANFOSS SOLAR INVERTERS Danfoss is dedicated to manufactu...
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Making Modern Living Possible with Danfoss Solar Inverters


Danfoss is dedicated to manufacturing advanced energy-saving products that make modern living possible while contributing to a safer and cleaner environment.

Danfoss Headquarters in Nordborg, Denmark.

The heart of our inverters is the power module, made by Danfoss Silicon Power in Germany. This integrates all power semiconductors into one component just 8 cm long. Applied easily on a heat sink, the power module provides a well-defined thermal environment for the power transistors while ensuring a long product life.

Frequency converters and PV inverters are technologically closely related, sharing 80-90 % of their components. Danfoss solar inverters are based on tried, tested and trusted power electronics from 40 years of experience in the frequency converter industry.

All Danfoss Solar Inverters are humidity, temperature and safety tested at approved Danfoss test facilities.




Renewable energy solutions Danfoss Solar Inverters offers a comprehensive range of advanced grid-connected inverters for residential and commercial solar energy applications. The range also includes monitoring solutions that help owners supervise their plants and thus achieve optimal yield and return on investment. A strong foundation Focused on developing energy conversion and management systems for the global energy generation market, Danfoss Solar Inverters began life as a venture project in 2001 within Danfoss Drives – a leading global supplier of frequency converters. Due to its rapid growth, the venture became an independent company in 2002, partly owned by Danfoss, and named PowerLynx. The company has succeeded in building a strong position in the solar inverter private label market by offering a unique product and support concept. In the spring of 2007 PowerLynx became a fully integrated part of the Danfoss Group. By combining PowerLynx’s solar energy know-how with Danfoss’ scale and long experience in power electronics, the perfect match has been created to develop outstanding high-quality renewable energy solutions.

Alongside maintaining and further strengthening the private label business, Danfoss now introduces a complete Danfoss inverter range for the solar energy market. Setting the pace with innovative clean technologies Danfoss has a long tradition of developing products that meet the environmental challenges of reducing energy consumption in heating, cooling and the regulation of process speeds. Technological perfection and constant innovation have made Danfoss one of the leading manufacturers of energysaving products that make modern living possible, while contributing to a safer and cleaner environment. Scale and expertise Having 40 years of experience in power electronics technology and an annual production of more than 600,000 frequency converters, Danfoss has the sourcing scale needed. Danfoss Solar Inverters has state-of-the-art final assembly and test facilities which enable us to offer our customers high-quality products with short lead times. A partner you can trust By making customer satisfaction the first priority, Danfoss has built a reputation for quality products and services. Danfoss’ worldwide production and service network forms an excellent basis for Danfoss Solar Inverters to match the pace of the fast growing solar energy business.

An integrated electromechanical DC switch ensures maximum security during servicing. Simply switching off the DC switch is enough to disconnect DC power from the solar modules to the inverter.

Danfoss solar inverters cover both residential and commercial applications.

Three individual PV inputs and three dedicated MPP trackers form the multi DC string input.




Intelligent Inverter Solutions – for resid Designed for residential and commercial solar energy applications, our gridconnected inverters include a range of single phase 1.8, 3.6 and 5.4 kW in high voltage and medium voltage versions and the TripleLynx range of three phase 10, 12.5, 15 kW inverters. It’s all about energy output Combining efficiency optimisation with intelligent functionalities, our inverters are made to maximise the energy output of any given installation. Energy output is dependent on a wide range of parameters, including string operation, solar radiation and grid conditions. Having an MPP tracker efficiency of 99.9% and even 99.4% at dynamic irradiation, Danfoss inverters always maximise the use of energy from the modules. Up to three individual MPP trackers – independent string operation – ensure that the system always runs at optimum power output. Due to the three string input, module mismatch losses and losses from partial shading are greatly reduced; if one string is not functioning optimally, the remaining two strings will continue production unaffected. Danfoss Solar Inverters use a combination of two methods, dedicated to work with both high and low irradiation levels, ensuring power production even with limited sun. The Ride Through functionality of our inverters ensures that they remain on grid and produce energy even during severe grid disturbances. The inverters will only disconnect when AC grid limits set by the authorities are exceeded.

Unique versatility Three string input and individual/ parallel configuration provide a high degree of flexibility. The same inverter can be used in different applications, both in systems with diverse panels of different sizes and/or angles, and for systems where all panels are identical.

The derating function protects the inverter from excessive power levels, current and temperature. The inverter intelligently adapts its reaction to these factors in order to maintain working at the maximum possible energy output level without disconnecting from the grid.

The single phase inverters with transformer offer two input voltage ranges: high voltage, dedicated to 5 inch cell modules, and medium voltage, dedicated to 6 inch modules. It also handles thin film modules.

The three phase inverters feature an integrated communication board which means easy installation of monitoring equipment without having to connect external boxes. Even the high kW range is light enough to be wall mounted, and intuitive installation and three-phase output means the inverter is installed in no time.

The wide operation specifications of the three phase inverters mean that a wide range of modules with different specifications and many different string configurations can be connected to the inverter. Voc :1000v max., 250-800 v Mpp range. 3x12 A DC current. It also handles thin film modules, even though it is transformerless. Simultaneous operation in multiple markets is no problem. All Danfoss inverters can run in 16 different countries and are configured on site. All you need to do is select the country at initial set-up and the inverter configures itself to comply with local regulations. Minimum stock is another big advantage for you due to our multi-market approach. Trouble-free installation and operation Installation is as easy as it gets. By using the inverter’s intelligent auto detection algorithm, Danfoss Solar Inverters automatically detect whether the plant is configured for independent or parallel (master/slave) string operation, and operate accordingly.

Automatically assuring perfect phase symmetry, the three phase inverter lives up to the wishes of the utilities.

The Danfoss inverter range. All Danfoss inverters can run in 16 countries and are configured on site.

dential and commercial applications Developed with a focus on wide operation specifications, ease of service and dedicated to commercial applications, our compact TripleLynx inverter is the most versatile inverter you can get. With a weight of only 35 kg it is wall mounted and easily installed.

More than ever, customers require excellent communication and monitoring features to keep control of overall PV system performance, and to enhance the efficiency and energy output of the entire plant. Our product range offers you everything you need: RS485 bus system data loggers that collect and transmit data from short or long-distance inverters, and Webloggers that provide fast access to PV plant data from any location: all that it requires is an Internet browser to show information from each inverter on a web page.

Dimensioning made easy Our PV system configurator allows users to design and dimension both individual string operated and master/ slave solar energy systems. Featuring colours and graphics that intuitively tell the user when the optimum combination has been achieved, the program’s user-friendly functions eliminate the need to perform mathematical calculations thereby making the task of designing and managing solar power plants much easier.

In addition, our Web portal solution offers graphical presentation of all relevant parameters, comprehensive analysis and failure alarms via email or SMS, benchmarking of multiple solar plants, and more.

The ComLynx Datalogger collects and transmits data from short or long-distance inverters.

Optimising return on investment PV system configurator The PV system configurator allows users to design and dimension solar energy systems.

Updates on the PV system can be sent via SMS.

The ComLynx Weblogger provides fast access to PV plant data from any location.

Service Tool The software-based Service tool makes service extremely easy, allowing technicians to configure and monitor PV inverters and PV inverter networks, as well as to update software via RS485 standard communication bus.

Your solar inverter partner Danfoss Solar Inverters Danfoss Solar Inverters is an innovative Danish company owned by the Danfoss Group. We develop, manufacture and sell advanced grid-connected inverters, including communication solutions. By applying world-class power electronics technology and manufacturing processes in a unique product concept, we can offer competitiveness today and in the future. Danfoss inverters are manufactured at ISO 9001 and 14001 certified plants in Denmark.

About the Danfoss Group The Danfoss Group is an international group and a leader in the development and production of mechanical and electronic products and controls. Danfoss products help to heat and cool homes and offices, refrigerate food and control production lines. They contribute to the conveniences of modern life as well as to a safer and cleaner environment. Danfoss A/S is one of the largest industrial companies in Denmark, with net sales of around DKK 20 billion and more than 21,000 employees worldwide. The Group’s production facilities are located at 61 factories in 25 countries.

Danfoss Solar Inverters A/S Jyllandsgade 28 DK-6400 Sønderborg Dänemark Tel: +45 7488 1300 Fax: +45 7488 1301 E-mail: [email protected]

Danfoss can accept no responsibility for possible errors in catalogues, brochures and other printed material. Danfoss reserves the right to alter its products without notice. This also applies to products already on order provided that such alterations can be made without subsequential changes being necessary in specifications already agreed. All trademarks in this material are property of the respective companies. Danfoss and the Danfoss logotype are trademarks of Danfoss A/S. All rights reserved. Produced by Danfoss A/S © (G1 Advertising) Apr 2008

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