Magnetic Attraction by frizzy

Magnetic Attraction by frizzy Summary: Draco Malfoy is a Veela and has just come into his Inheritance. His Veela blood urges him to find his mate, wh...
Author: Janis Hubbard
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Magnetic Attraction by frizzy

Summary: Draco Malfoy is a Veela and has just come into his Inheritance. His Veela blood urges him to find his mate, whom he discoveries is none other than Harry Potter. Will Harry fight the bond forced upon him, or will he accpet it and fall in love with the softer side to the boy he used to hate? Rating: R Categories: Harry Potter Characters: Draco, Harry Genres: Romance Warnings: Yaoi / Slash Challenges: None Series: None Published: December 23 2003 Updated: January 27 2005 Index Chapter 1: New Discoveries Chapter 2: Coping with the Truth Chapter 3: Reaction of the Gryffindors Chapter 4: Flirtation and Protection Chapter 5: Classes Chapter 6: Jealousy Caused by a Green Eyed God Chapter 7: Surprising Discoveries Chapter 8: The Tower Chapter 9: Dumbledore Explains Chapter 10: The Malfoy's Chapter 11: Invitations, Seamus and Jealousy Chapter 12: The Manor Chapter 13: The Dance part 1 Chapter 14: The Dance part 2 Chapter 15: A New Day Chapter 16: Irish Pixie Chapter 17: A Fresh Start Chapter 18: Mistletoe Chapter 19: Christmas Holidays Chapter 20: Suspicious Lucius Chapter 21: Proposal Chapter 22: Reactions Chapter 23: Christmas At Last Chapter 24: New Year Chapter 25: The Big Day Chapter 26: Honeymoon Chapter 27: Back at Hogwart's

Chapter 28: Surprise Chapter 29: The News Chapter 30: The Bad Side of Being Pregnant Chapter 31: An Appointment Chapter 32: It Never Rains But It Pours Chapter 33: Sometimes You Don't Know What To Do Chapter 34: Waiting Chapter 35: Precautions Chapter 36: Miracles Sometimes Happen Chapter 37: Guests Chapter 38: The Prophecy Chapter 39: Seamus Finnigan Chapter 40: Madame Pomfrey Chapter 41: A trip to Hogsmeade Chapter 42: Seamus' Love Life Chapter 43: notice Chapter 44: Authors Note Chapter 45: New notice Chapter 46: important - back! Chapter 1: New Discoveries Beta Readers: Lisa and Winsome. Thank you for doing it for me, I appreciate it. Chapter 1: New Discoveries: Harry stood outside Professor Dumbledore's office, hesitating to go in when he heard the raised voices from inside. He frowned, moving closer so that he could hear better, but the sound was still blurred and he could not tell who was in the room. “...No…unbelievable...Death Eater...Vee...mad...insane...can't...believe...Harry...impossible...Malfoy…" Harry knocked on the door loudly and all noise stopped. There was silence for several moments before anyone answered. “Ah, Harry, come in," said Dumbledore, beaming. Harry walked into Dumbledore's office cautiously, somehow knowing that something was wrong. His suspicions were confirmed when he spotted Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, and Draco Malfoy waiting for him inside. His eyes wandered to Malfoy, widening in curiosity as they met silver orbs that stared at him with a strange emotion in their depths. He caught Sirius' slightly stunned face, so he assumed that it was Sirius who had been shouting. He allowed Dumbledore to lead him towards a chair next to Malfoy, which he frowned at but sat in all the same. "You look just like James," Sirius finally managed to choke.

Harry blinked, turning confused green eyes on his godfather. It was true that he had changed over the years. He had grown taller, and at six foot was one of the tallest boys in the school. He had grown slightly muscular and his shoulders had broadened due to the Quidditch practices he had every day. His hair was slightly tamer, now messily styled rather than a complete mess it used to be. He had grown it slightly longer than it used to be and the heavier weight helped keep it under control — most of the time. He had changed his glasses for magical contacts, claiming that it would help with his Quidditch if he could see in the rain. They were a new make, which allowed the contacts to change with his vision. He didn't really want to try the new potion that corrected eyesight...he was wary of anything Snape had invented. Harry supposed he did look like his father, thinking about the photos in his album that Hagrid had given him. He did have his father's face; in fact, he was the exact double of James Potter except, of course, for the green eyes, which he had inherited from his mother. He found it strange that although many people said he looked like his father, he never really found any connections to his father through his looks. He had no living memory of his parents; after all, they were all moments captured by photographs or described to him by other people. "I suppose you’re wondering why I asked you to come," began Dumbledore, interrupting his thoughts. Harry nodded. “Before I start, Harry, I need to ask you a few personal questions..." "Okay," Harry said uneasily. “Are you currently in any relationship?" Dumbledore asked, his eyes meeting Harry’s with a strange gleam. Harry noticed that they were twinkling and inwardly groaned. Twinkling eyes, to him, always meant that he was going to do something that he would not want to do. Harry knew from experience that Dumbledore could persuade anybody to do anything. The old man could make Snape sit in a room and have a civil conversation with his worst enemy, Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black--which Harry considered a bloody miracle. " No..." " Have you been in a...serious...relationship in the past?" asked Dumbledore, blushing. “What do you mean?" asked Harry, blinking in confusion. “He hasn't," snapped Malfoy, eyes on Harry in an almost predatory way. “How do you...?" began Harry angrily, not liking the fact that they were discussing his love life with none other than Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin leader, who apparently hated him, in the room. “I know everything about you, Harry," said Malfoy, lips lifted into a half smile.

“What did you just call me?" asked Harry, a little startled by the use of his first name. “Harry. That is you name, isn't it?" "Since when have you called me Harry?" demanded Harry in a strangled voice. “Since now," mocked Malfoy. “And which orientation are you?" Dumbledore rushed in quickly. “What?" Harry gasped in amazement. "I realize how embarrassing these questions are Harry, but it is important that they are answered," muttered Dumbledore, blushing slightly. If he weren't so embarrassed Harry would have laughed at the fact that Dumbledore was embarrassed about something. He had always assumed that the man was unable to be anything as humane as embarrassed. “I guess I've never really thought about it..." "Why not?" asked Dumbledore. Harry looked at Sirius with a pleading expression, begging Sirius to get him out of this mess that he had somehow got into. Sirius, however, was grinning at him, clearly waiting for an answer. Harry scowled darkly, feeling betrayed by the only man he considered as a father. “I guess it never really bothered me because I always thought I'd die before I reached the age of sixteen," he snapped, grinning mockingly, watching as Sirius' face clouded with anger. “So you do not have a preference for either sex?" questioned Dumbledore hastily. “I guess not. I suppose it wouldn't bother me if I cared about the person...." Snape snorted back what sounded like a sarcastic laugh and Harry looked at him in confusion. What did Snape find so funny about this? ‘Snape probably liked seeing me embarrassed,’ mused Harry angrily, sending the man a glare. McGonagall frowned at Snape, clearly ready to say something to him. Harry grinned, amused at the uncomfortable expression on Snape's face. It was very rare that any emotion except disdain was on the Potion master's face. Draco Malfoy was the same. He gave off the impression of distance and coldness but he often snapped, mainly in anger, when he had had enough. Harry assumed it was because of the fact that they were Slytherins. “I think that Mr. Malfoy should explain," said Dumbledore, looking slightly relieved to turn the matter over to the young boy who was still eyeing Harry with the same strange expression. “Okay," Harry said hesitantly, switching his gaze to Malfoy, who appeared to be wearing an almost dreamy expression. Harry blinked in amazement and the other boy’s face

returned to its renowned emotionless mask which he had apparently inherited from his father. ‘It’s amazing,’ Harry thought, ‘how much the boy is like his father....’ “I suppose the first thing to tell you is that I am not entirely human," Malfoy began. Harry snorted. “Harry!" admonished Dumbledore with a smile. Sirius grinned, clearly amused. “I have Veela blood from my mother's side," Malfoy explained. “And?" asked Harry, not understanding what the other boy was getting at. “Part-Veela are different from normal Veela in many ways: they don't change in anger; they remain in human form, although they do inherit inhuman strength and beauty; on their sixteenth birthday they come into their Inheritance," Malfoy continued. “What’s that?" asked Harry in curiosity. “It’s when the blood from a Veela comes into full power. The magnetic attraction towards them starts in full force and they tend to look for a mate," explained Malfoy, eyes unreadable. "How do they do that?" "They go by scent, selecting the person they are attracted to. The Veela will usually feel a pull towards that other person before they reach the age of sixteen, but as they develop towards that age it increases. On the day of their birthday they usually have the desire to mate with their partner, bonding with them…" "How do they do that?" asked Harry. He failed to notice the other people in the room blushing as Malfoy smirked wickedly. “The Veela, during sex, casts a binding spell, allowing them to grind some of their attraction to their mate; however, this does have some disadvantages. The Veela will become overly protective, especially every spring in the mating season. The desire for their mate grows rapidly, increasing the need for a physical any time or any place..." By now Harry was blushing, crimson, as were the other occupants in the room. “Without a mate the attraction gets totally out of control. So far I have managed to control it, but without a mate I will not be able to walk around the school without people trying to...accost me..." “So what you're trying to tell me is that on your birthday you are going to be looking for a mate," concluded Harry finally.

"Yes." "But you said that you still had the Veela attraction...your birthday was last week," Harry said with a frown, remembering the Slytherin party, which had resulted in the whole House in the Infirmary with hangovers. Harry barely prevented a laugh as he remembered Pansy Parkinson's pale face and the time she had thrown up all over Snape. The whole of the Slytherin House had been punished severely and surprisingly it had been Snape to do it. Although that probably had to do with Pansy's vomit over his robes, Harry thought, a grin appearing on his face. “Yes," Malfoy agreed. “Then why don't I feel it?" asked Harry in curiosity. "I mean, if you have been a Veela for over a week then I should have felt some attraction to you, but I haven't…." "That's a good question," mused Malfoy, eyes switching to Dumbledore. Dumbledore beamed, popping a lemon drop into his mouth. He offered one to Harry, who refused quickly, not wanting Dumbledore to go off track or start talking in riddles. Even he had to admit that however brilliant Dumbledore was he still had moments of insanity. “I assume you remember the Veela from the Quidditch World Cup?" asked Dumbledore gently. Harry nodded. “Then you were aware of Mr. Weasley's attraction to them, ...and Miss. Delacour?" he added with a smile, deliberately emitting the fact that Harry himself had been attracted to the Veela in the World Cup before his fourth year, although Harry suspected he knew due to the bright blue eyes watching him. He blushed uncomfortably. Harry grinned, Sirius coughed, and Snape smirked. McGonagall looked disapproving while Remus poked Sirius in the ribs to silence him. “Can you remember Miss Granger's reaction?" Dumbledore beamed. “What do you...? Oh! You’re on about Ron fancying Fleur and Hermione being jealous,” Harry grinned lopsidedly. “Yes," Dumbledore chuckled. “Yeah, it was hilarious. They are still denying how they feel for one another even though they are hopelessly in love. It's weird--I always thought Hermione was clever, but she's still in denial." "One point to Gryffindor," spat Snape. “Severus!" exclaimed McGonagall in shock. “What? The boy actually said something that made sense," snapped Snape irritably.

“Don’t you dare insult my godson!" raged Sirius. “Gentlemen!" roared Dumbledore. Everyone went silent instantly and both Sirius and Snape looked sheepish. “Can you remember a little gift she gave the pair of you in your fifth year?" queried Dumbledore. Harry appeared puzzled for a moment before realization hit him and he blushed, crimson, looking decidedly uncomfortable. Sirius looked between Dumbledore and Harry in amusement while Malfoy eyed Harry with unreadable eyes. “What did she give you?" Grinned Sirius, clearly thinking it would be something to tease Harry about at every available opportunity later on. “She took me to a tattoo parlour," Harry muttered, squirming uncomfortably in his seat. “What?" shrieked McGonagall. “What did you have done?" Smirked Malfoy, eyes filled with interest as he leaned over slightly, eyes raking over Harry's uncomfortable frame. “She blackmailed me into having my nipple pierced." He blushed, his voice so low they barely heard it. Sirius howled with laughter. “That’s a joke, right?" asked Sirius in between laughs. Harry hesitated before shaking his head, watching as Sirius stared at him in growing disbelief. Snape smirked, Remus goggled, McGonagall nearly fainted, Dumbledore beamed, and Malfoy licked his lips, making Harry stare at him in shock. “Would you care to show me, Harry?" asked Dumbledore merrily. Harry shook his head dumbly and pulled off his robes. He lifted up the red polo shirt he wore underneath to reveal a tanned muscular chest. Everyone blinked as the top was pushed under his chin, revealing the right nipple, which was pierced with a small golden stud. “Why didn't you tell me you'd had that done?" croaked Sirius. “I thought you'd go mad with me," Harry mumbled, avoiding Sirius' eyes. Malfoy made a throaty moan and everyone's eyes fixed on him. He was leaning forward in the chair, face flushed and eyes fixed on Harry's bare stomach. The desire in his eyes was noticeable now and Harry gaped, hastily yanking down his top and avoiding the young Veela’s eyes. “I think that Miss. Granger charmed yours and Mr. Weasley's stud to be attraction proof. As long as you wear them you will not be attracted to Veela charm, other charms, lust

potions, or any other forms of desire unless they are real," Dumbledore informed him cheerfully, trying to cover the silence in the room. Harry understood the reason why Hermione had done it. She had been in love with Ron for a while, although the boy was oblivious to the fact. Harry had thought that it was suspicious the way Hermione had insisted on it. Perhaps a piercing was one way of keeping the charm invisible from prying eyes; after all, the two boys wouldn’t show off their nipple studs due to the fact that it wasn’t allowed at Hogwart’s. “So that's why Hermione made sure that Ron was wearing the stud when the students from Beauxbatons visited earlier this year," laughed Harry. He remembered Hermione's adamant face as she helped Ron to change the stud. She had even been smiling secretly, making Ron gape at her. Sometimes Hermione was too clever for her own good. Perhaps he had better tell Ron... “So that's why you have not been attracted to doubt Granger will laugh when she hears..." muttered Malfoy, trying to control the urge to pounce on Harry. “Sir, forgive me for asking, but was has this got to do with me?" asked Harry uncomfortably. Sirius let out a moan and Harry looked towards him. He was eyeing Malfoy in lust. On glancing at Snape, McGonagall, and Remus he discovered similar reactions. Even Dumbledore appeared dazed as the young Veela licked his lips, eyes glowing with lust. Even Harry had to admit that he was attractive. Over the past two years Draco Malfoy had shot up to over six foot--taller than Harry. His body had filled out, become muscular and tanned. His hair was the same white-gold colour, but instead of being plastered down with gel it hung naturally to lightly skim his shoulders, framing a strong handsome face and a pair of silver, glowing eyes. He was the exact copy of his father, beautiful but deadly. He was the perfect Slytherin: a deadly serpent with a poisonous bite. Now that Harry thought about it, he had heard the girls and several of the boys in Gryffindor commenting on Malfoy's new looks, particularly Parvati, Lavender, Seamus, and Dean. Malfoy was never without admirers; he was perhaps one of the most popular boys in the school, even if he was only in his sixth year. “Mr. Malfoy's mate is at Hogwarts," sneered Snape. “Who?" asked Harry cheerfully. Harry had a mental picture of Malfoy trying to seduce a Gryffindor, or even worse a Hufflepuff. He couldn't stop the laugh that escaped him as he imagined Malfoy mating with Neville Longbottom. He hastily covered his mouth with his hand and went into a coughing fit. He wondered whether Malfoy’s mate even liked him. The adults all went silent and suddenly a thought struck Harry and he stared in shock at the Veela. What the hell...! It couldn't be! They hated each other, and yet it made sense...Malfoy had been avoiding them lately... He had barely said a word to them...That in itself was strange as he usually went out of his way to annoy them at least once a day.

"I don't believe it!" "Harry," began Dumbledore hastily. "Ron will kill him!" "What does Ron have to do with this?" asked Sirius in confusion. “You mean it isn't Ron?" asked Harry, relaxing instantly. Everyone gaped. “Whatever made you think that I would be interested in the Weasel?" drawled Malfoy. “I don't know...I just...well..." “Harry, I must say this before you find out. It is possible for the person to not accept Draco's bond. The person may ignore it..." “Oh..." Harry said, not really understanding. “The only fact is that once a Veela has decided on its mate it will continue to try and seduce him until they do bond...Veela are very persuasive creatures..." Suddenly it all clicked. Dumbledore had wanted to know whether he liked boys or girls...he had questioned whether he was in a relationship...he had discussed Veela with him...Harry felt the sudden urge to run as he looked in panic towards the silver-haired boy. Oh my God, his mind screamed. This couldn't be happening. His rival was not trying to seduce him...he couldn't be! It was impossible! "It's you," moaned Malfoy, clearly wanting nothing better than to pounce on the stunned, horrified boy staring at him, as if he had admitted to having a crush on Voldemort. Choices: For those that don’t know me very well, I’d like to say that at the end of each chapter I give a number of choices for the reader to choose from. This gives me help when I need it and makes the reader more involved. I’ve found that my previous readers appreciate it and since then other authors have started to do the same. Harry tells Ron and Hermione Harry and Draco are left alone Draco gets jealous Back to index

Chapter 2: Coping with the Truth

Chapter 2: Warning: This story contains SLASH! If you don't like, then please do not read. It will contain MPREG in the future, but I'll warn you when it starts. MPREG is male pregnancy. Authors’ note: I’m glad that you’re all so happy to find my fic again, and I hope that you continue to read. Thanks for reviewing. ***************** Coping with the Truth: "You're lying," Harry snapped, desperation in his voice as he looked at Sirius for the truth. Sirius bowed his head, unable to bear the desperation in his Godson's eyes. He wished he could stop this but there was no way Dumbledore would allow him to do anything. As they had discussed before Harry had entered the room, Veela will take their chosen partner as a mate and will never cease trying to bond with them. As much as he hated to admit it, there was nothing he could do. “But why?" begged Harry. “I don't know," replied Malfoy, pity in his gaze, mingled with lust and desire. “Why me? You could have anyone you wanted! Why not Pansy or..." “I don't want them! I want you! You have no idea of the self-control I have had this week! Every time I saw you I wanted to pin you down to the floor and ravish you! You tease me! Your scent is everywhere...I can't escape the hell do you think I coped when I discovered I wanted you?" raged Malfoy. “I...Please...I can't..." muttered Harry, green eyes strangely unfocused. Malfoy sighed softly, eyes soft and filled with adoration as they fixed on the other boy. What could he do? He knew what he wanted to do...He wanted to lock himself in his room, alone with Harry, where he could kiss that soft mouth, touch that tanned skin, suck on that tempting neck and… “Draco!" scolded Dumbledore hastily, recognizing the look in the Veela's eyes. “Sorry," he mumbled sheepishly. “What about your father?" said Harry desperately. “I do not plan on ever becoming a slave. I have my Grandfather's mansion, his money and estate; I am perhaps as wealthy as my father in my own right. I do not intend to keep in touch with him if he decides to force me against you. I would never allow him to harm

you!" The possessiveness in Malfoy's voice made Harry stare at him in shock. He had never seen Malfoy like this before, his eyes glowing with honesty and truth. It scared him... Hell, he was terrified! Malfoy was serious...he wanted to mate with him...wanted to have sex with him! “You can deny this all that you want but I intend to make you mine. I will never give in, of that you can be sure," said Malfoy gently, but stubbornly. “But why me?" asked Harry quietly, slight disbelief in his voice. Malfoy stood and moved towards him, gripping his chin and forcing it back until he was staring up into his eyes. He studied the boy before him. How could he tell Harry how beautiful he was? How much he adored the thick messy hair, the bright emerald eyes and proud figure? How could he tell this boy that he needed him, wanted him, desired him? “You are are everything I could ever possibly dream of," Malfoy replied at last. His eyes a blaze with so much emotion that even Dumbledore appeared amazed. “I don't know what to do... I hate hate me...I'm confused..." mumbled Harry uncertainly. “Then take your time to work it out. I only want you to be happy. Think about it, Harry. I can give you everything: love, protection, and friendship...I would give my life for you...I would never force you to bond with me, and all that I ask of you is that you don't shut me out. I need you, Harry. I tried to deny it at first but I can't any longer..." “Can’t we be friends?" Harry asked finally, after a moment of silence. “If that is all you are prepared to give me at the moment," consented Draco. He lightly moved his thumb to stroke Harry's bottom lip tenderly. Harry was surprised by the tenderness of the gesture, having never been treated that way before. He got lost in Draco's eyes for a moment, marveling at the silver eyes that now, when he looked closer, had pale blue tints around the pupil. Harry blinked in confusion, pulling away from the Veela with a sudden jerk. He lifted startled green eyes up to the other boy, a question clearly visible in their depths. Draco smiled in amusement, but there was also relief in his expression. “What did you do?" snapped Harry angrily. “It seems that you are not completely immune to my charm. The stud does take away most of the magnetic attraction you will feel towards me but under constant pressure it will start to break down," he smiled. “So I'll still be attracted to you?" asked Harry, clearly looking horrified. Snape snorted.

“Yes," Draco smiled easily. “ don't have to decide can take your time..." mumbled Sirius, sounding as if he would like nothing better than to pretend the whole scenario wasn't happening. “I guess..." Harry muttered uncertainly. “Perfect!" beamed Dumbledore. “Albus, what will you do about Mr. Malfoy? After all, you can't let a Veela stay unprotected in the school," pondered McGonagall. “Draco will be given his own room and study. There's also an en-suite bathroom if I remember correctly...yes, it's behind the painting of Merlin on the top floor of the abandoned Tower," Dumbledore smiled. “Thank you," Draco said sincerely, his eyes still fixed on the dazed Gryffindor. “Right...oh, I believe that we had better leave the pair of you to discuss your...relationship," Dumbledore added, quickly moving towards the door, and forcing everyone else to leave, much to Sirius's chagrin. Harry gulped, wondering why he always had to get himself in impossible situations. Draco moved to sit down on the chair next to him again, his eyes strangely calculating as they watched him. Harry shivered, unsure of what to say. “I know that you are uncomfortable with this situation and I just have to say that I will try to control myself. However, there will be times when the desire will get too strong for me to control," Draco finally said. “What will happen then?" asked Harry softly. “I am most likely to try and pounce on you. If I go to far, stop me immediately," the answer was soft, the warning unmistakably clear. " Thank you for warning me." " Just don't shut me out. I'd like to get to know you, Harry. I can cope with the friend thing for now," Draco said, sounding almost fearful of his answer. “I’d like that," smiled Harry weakly. Draco smiled brightly. “I won't ever give up trying to seduce you," he smirked after a while. Harry laughed, finding his honesty amusing. “Just don't force'm a..." "I know."

" How?" asked Harry, stunned. “I can tell by your scent...your so pure...its addictive," Draco purred. Harry blushed crimson. “Don’t be embarrassed," Draco smirked, "I intend to ravish you soon." Harry choked, his blush darkening furiously. Malfoy gave a triumphant smirk and leaned over quickly. He slowly brushed his lips tenderly over Harry's for a moment before tugging at his lower lip. Harry appeared to be too stunned to move or stop him so he decided to deepen the kiss. After regaining his senses Harry pulled away, green eyes wide with disbelief and astonishment. Draco smiled warmly; clearly amused by his reaction, and slightly embarrassed by the tenderness he had just displayed so openly. “Just don't go with anyone else unless you want me to kill him or her," he said finally. Harry nodded in a daze, knowing that it was no idle threat. Draco Malfoy had claimed him as his future mate and he would not stand competition. He was after all, a Malfoy, and Malfoy's did not share, in any circumstances. “Especially that Irish prat," Draco snarled. “Seamus?" gasped Harry, regaining enough composure to reply to Draco's warning. “He’s been after you! I can tell by the way he looks at you, the way he tries to touch you...I nearly killed him the other day when he was drooling over you," Draco raged. " Seamus?" " Yes!" " But Seamus doesn't like me like that!" " Harry! That prat has been after you for's practically Hogwart’s news that he wants to be the Boyfriend of the Boy Who Lived!" spat Draco, jealousy burning in his eyes. “But he hasn't..." argued Harry. " YOU'RE HOPELESS!" " Excuse me, you're the one saying that my friend is trying to seduce me," spat Harry. " And you're the one too dense to see it!" " Well I'm glad that is sorted," beamed Dumbledore, suddenly appearing into the room. Harry blinked, looking up to see Dumbledore, Sirius and Remus staring at them with a

mixture of amusement and slight horror. Harry felt relived to see them, as it meant that he could stop the stupid conversation with an overprotective, jealous male Veela, who was now going to try and seduce him, or as Draco had warned, pounce on him. “You will both return to your rooms, Draco to his new tower. Harry, I think that you need to have a decent nights sleep," suggested Dumbledore, calmly, ignoring the fact that he had just interrupted an argument between the two. “But I want to talk to Sirius," Harry argued, looking at Sirius with pleading eyes. “Sirius will be here for a few weeks, walking through the school as Padfoot of course," Dumbledore soothed. “Really?" asked Harry, looking relieved to have his Godfather’s protection. After all, he would be able to prevent Draco Malfoy from attacking him, unless of course, Sirius pounced on Malfoy he thought with a grin, remembering Sirius' attraction to the Veela from earlier in the meeting. A grin sprang to his face as he hastily turned his laughter into coughs. Everyone eyed him curiously and he shook his head wildly to show that he was all right. Snape smirked, obviously realizing what he was laughing at. “Can I go?" Harry asked finally, avoiding Draco's eyes like the plague. “Of course, Harry," said McGonagall, who clearly didn't like the idea of her Gryffindor Seeker being tied down to a Veela, and a Slytherin Veela at that. As if in a daze, Harry stood up and left the room, ignoring the concerned glances aimed his way. Malfoy sighed, raking a hand through his hair. He sat down, a thoughtful expression on his face before he grinned. Sirius was instantly suspicious. “He’s adorable!" Sirius choked. “I’ll get him," Draco smirked. “He won't be easy to get," Remus added, avoiding Sirius's stunned eyes. “Yeah...and that horny Irish prat better keep away from him unless he wants to be castrated," growled Malfoy possessively. Sirius burst out laughing, unable to stop himself. “Castrated?" he choked. “Yes...either that or I'll strangle him," smirked Draco. “Mr. Malfoy, I will not tolerate threats to members of my House," snapped McGonagall, sending Snape a dirty look.

Snape fought down the smirk rising on his face, just barely. Dumbledore beamed at them, clearly not bothered by the fact that a student was threatening to maim another student. After all, Draco Malfoy was within his rights as a Veela to protect and fight for the person he wanted as his mate. ‘It should be amusing,' he thought. “Draco!" scolded Dumbledore with a smile. “What? It's going to be hell not trying to pounce on Harry, I mean, he's gorgeous!" exclaimed Draco easily, causing McGonagall to blush. “Hmm," snorted Snape, clearly not siding with the Veela's opinion. Draco rolled his eyes, his mind already drifting to his potential mate. ‘How does one seduce a Gryffindor?' he thought to himself. 'I could try the subtle romance...but...that nipple ring...mmm...maybe I could just try to kiss him, or maybe give him a little caress, or a little hug...hmm, that was definitely worth thinking about...' " Draco!" yelled Dumbledore quickly. Draco Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy fortune, blushed crimson. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~* Harry made his way to the portrait of the Fat Lady. He stared at her for a moment, his mind reeling from what he had just learned. He barely heard her when she asked him for the password, frowning at his lack of attention. “Oh! Greasy hair," he mumbled finally. She gave him a concerned look before opening the portrait. Harry stumbled inside easily; not hearing her mutters about how some people needed more sleep. Harry entered the Gryffindor Common Room in a daze. He made his way automatically to the sofa where Ron and Hermione were sitting, finishing their Transfiguration essay, which was due the next day. They looked up in concern, noticing the almost horrified look on their best friends face. At first they didn't say anything but Hermione soon bit her lip, unable to prevent questioning her friend to find out what was going on. After all, she had never seen Harry in such a state before. What on earth had happened to him? “Harry? What did Dumbledore say?" asked Hermione gently, pulling Harry to sit beside her. Harry stared at her in silence for a moment until he answered. “Malfoy!" he finally spat, horror obvious in his voice.

Everyone gaped at him. *************** I decided to just have a kiss in this chapter as I thought that it was too early for the pounce, although I DO intend to have Draco pounce on Harry in the future. I intend to have the Gryffindor's reaction in the next chapter...and a little Seamus and Harry...How should Harry react to the Irish boy now that he knows that Seamus has been trying to seduce him all year? Back to index

Chapter 3: Reaction of the Gryffindors Disclaimer: I do not own anything that belongs to J. K. Rowling. **************** Reactions of the Gryffindor's: Chapter 3 "Malfoy!" Harry yelled loudly, causing the Common Room to fall silent. “What about him?" asked Ron, clearly as surprised as the rest of the Common Room. “He’s a Veela!" Harry spat. Everyone gasped. “A Veela?" asked Hermione in astonishment. “Part Veela," added Harry as an after thought. “But why did Dumbledore want to tell you that?" asked Hermione, eyes filled with curiosity. Harry was about to tell her about how Dumbledore had somehow manipulated him into agreeing to being seduced by a Veela who wanted nothing better than to bond with him when he was interrupted by none other than the boy Draco was threatening to kill over him. “You mean that Malfoy is one of the sex gods?" gaped Seamus. “No! I mean Malfoy's a...I don't know what he is...oh, God!" Harry moaned, burying his head in his hands helplessly. Hermione frowned.

“But what's Malfoy being a Veela got to do with you?" asked Fred, perplexed. “He’s chosen a mate," Harry said hollowly. Ron paled. “Who is it?" he asked. “Me." At Harry's words' the whole Common Room erupted into laughter. Ron collapsed onto the floor, tears streaming out of his eyes. Harry stared at the ceiling, waiting for the inevitable explosion, which would occur when they realized he was being serious. As soon as the laughter stopped he looked back at Ron. “I’m serious Ron...he wants me to be his mate," Harry said, honesty blazing in his green eyes. For a moment it appeared as if Ron didn't believe him. His pale blue eyes went wide with absolute astonishment and his face paled dramatically until every single freckle was more pronounced. Harry would have laughed at the sight if it weren't for the circumstances. “But you hate him!" howled Ron. “Yeah..." “He hates you!" Ron continued, clearly still in the stage of disbelief. “Not anymore," muttered Harry with a sigh. “Are you sure Harry?" asked Hermione uncertainly. “Yeah! Put it this way, don't leave me alone with him," Harry muttered, almost to himself. “Bloody hell!" gasped George and Fred in unison. “His father's a Death Eater!" added Ginny. "And besides, you're not gay." "You aren't, are you mate?" asked Ron in shock. Harry shook his head. "I never really thought about it, it’s not like I expected to live long enough to even consider a serious relationship..." Harry admitted. On seeing Hermione's eyes darken with suppressed anger he quickly tried to prevent one of her famous lectures. Her temper terrified everyone, including the staff. Over the years she had loosened up, grown even more intelligent and scared the hell out of most people. This probably had something to do with the time she had dueled Blaise Zambini, who had attacked Lavender, and had won easily. Even with muggle parents she was one hell of a witch.

“Dumbledore asked me whether I preferred girls or boys," he added. "But I don't know..." “So you don't know whether you're gay?" gaped Colin Creevey. “I don't really care at the've got to save me from Malfoy! You should have seen him when he saw my..." Harry broke off with a blush. “Saw what?" grinned Fred. “Yes...what...? Oh!" gasped Hermione. “Yeah...and you never said it had a Veela repellent charm on it," accused Harry, turning to face her. Hermione blushed and Ron gasped. " Why the hell did you show him that?" gaped Ron in shock, clearly not liking the idea of his best friend stripping for a Veela, missing the fact that it had a Veela repellent charm on it completely. It was clear that his mind was fixed on the fact that Draco Malfoy was trying to seduce his best friend. “Dumbledore made me show Snuffles my stud. You should have seen him. I think McGonagall’s going to make us take them out, though," Harry thought, remembering her disapproving face. “McGonagall!" shrieked Hermione. “What the hell did they say?" gaped Ron, paling at the thought. “Well...Snuffles didn't believe it, Remus gaped, Snape smirked, McGonagall frowned, Dumbledore laughed and Malfoy...well..." “Too much information," Ron moaned. “What are you going on about?" snapped Ginny, obviously annoyed at being left out of their conversation. “We went to a muggle tattoo parlour and I dared them both to have their nipple's pierced," grinned Hermione, giggling when the pair both blushed. “What?” "When?" "Wicked!" The Gryffindor’s gaped at the two boys, clearly not believing it. Hermione placed her hand on Harry's arm in an almost motherly gesture. “What exactly did Dumbledore say, Harry?" she asked. “Basically, Malfoy's going to try and seduce me. He's chosen me as his mate and wants to

bond with me. He came into his Inheritance; something about his attraction charms kicking in, and found out he liked me. He says that's why he's been avoiding us," Harry explained. “Seduce you?" croaked Neville. “Yeah..." Harry answered weakly. “Bloody hell," swore Dean. “It’s not fair! I mean, Harry's like one of the sexiest guys at Hogwarts, and now we've lost him and Malfoy," complained Parvati. “You can have him!" Harry yelled, making everyone jump. “Harry, you need to calm down mate, there's got to be something we can do..." began Ron, his voice almost desperate. “There isn't. He said he won't give up until he has me," Harry complained bitterly. “What about his father?" queried Hermione, curious. “He says that he has his Grandfather's money and mansion, so he's all right financially. You should have seen him 'Mione, he was...well...possessive, I guess. He shouted that he wouldn't let his father touch me..." Harry said softly, frowning at the memory. “Possessive?" blinked Seamus, clearly not liking the idea of Harry being bonded to Draco Malfoy. “Yeah...he said he wouldn't share me as well..." mumbled Harry, blushing. “Why should you listen to him?" argued Ron. “Ron! You never make a Veela angry! He's likely to kill you if you touch Harry. He'll explode if Harry dates anyone else," snapped Hermione, remembering what they had learnt about Veela in class, and the extra books she had read from the library. “I guess you're stuck with him then," mused Dean. “I don't have to accept him though, I can fight it, but he won't give up. He'll probably haunt me for the rest of my life," Harry moaned, remembering the possessive look in Malfoy's eyes. “He didn't...well...he can't try know...?" asked Lavender suddenly, blushing crimson. “He’s already kissed me! Can you imagine what will happen if I'm alone with him again?" spat Harry angrily, clearly frustrated by the entire thing. “What?" gaped Ron in shock. "He kissed me!"

"Bloody hell," gaped Seamus, now staring at Harry's lips with an almost dazed expression, jealousy clear to see. Hermione frowned. Unlike most of the school, she knew that Harry was completely innocent and wanted real love, not meaningless affairs. She had been stunned at how Harry had changed over the years. Gone was the shy boy to be replaced with a strong, good looking young man who commanded respect for both his magic and personality. Even Hermione had to admit that even though Harry was not good with magic intellectually; he was perhaps one of the most powerful wizards to enter Hogwart’s. Harry was ruthless at dueling now, after training hard with fully trained aurors and Sirius. She had even seen him once duel Dumbledore and win. Even the Slytherins and Death Eaters were wary of him, especially as he had won the International Dueling Championship the previous year. The competition had been introduced by the Ministry to try and boost friendships between countries. Schools from all over the world had sent the most advanced and intelligent students they had to compete. At first she had been skeptical of Harry's chances when he had been manipulated into joining by a beaming Dumbledore. However, that had changed. As soon as Harry had stepped onto the platform a sense of magic so powerful she could almost see it erupted from Harry, scaring her. The utter most concentration and skill with which he had fought had been better than a man three times his age. He knew far more defense spells than she could hope to ever dream of. He had won easily. The newspapers had gone ballistic, claiming that Harry Potter would defeat the Dark Lord easily. Even Snape had respect for Harry, though she doubted Harry even saw this. Sometimes Harry was so naive it was unbelievable. He also knew everything...most of the time before other people. He was, to put it simply, as Sirius had once told her, the incarnation of Dumbledore. He knew things...he knew who to trust, who to hate, who to protect...He also knew who to talk to, who was afraid and it was his sense of companionship and optimism which drew people to him. “What are we going to do?" moaned Ron anxiously. “I think you should just leave it for now, Harry. I'll have a word with him tomorrow; maybe I can get him to back away for a bit while you sort everything out. But we'll try to keep you two separated...God only knows what he'd do if he gets the chance," interrupted Hermione quickly, sensing that Ron and Seamus were about to explode any minute. “I’m just glad I've got some protection against his Veela charm. He even made Dumbledore drool," Harry said weakly. “Dumbledore?" gaped Ron. “Yeah...and Snape..." “Bloody Hell," gawked Lee Jordan.

“The attraction thing will become stronger now, as he'll try to use it to seduce you. Even with the charm part of the attraction will be there. Veela are almost magnetic...I wonder what Dumbledore's going to do with him. I mean, surely he can't walk around school with everyone lusting after him?" wondered Hermione. “I know, I mean, the charm thing helped but it was still there. It's almost hypnotic," Harry mused. “He’s cursed you," muttered Ron. “Ron!" shrieked Hermione, sounding annoyed. “What?" Ron asked innocently. "He's a Veela, he can't help it." "So? If I catch him within ten feet of Harry I'll hex him," mumbled Ron quietly so that she wouldn't hear. Seamus nodded in agreement. “What did Snuffles say?" asked Hermione, purposely ignoring Ron. “He just told me that I had a choice," Harry sighed, remembering Sirius' words. “I’m surprised he didn't try to kill Malfoy," snorted Ron. "He almost did." "How do you know?" asked Hermione. "I heard them arguing before I entered the room...believe me, it wasn't pleasant," shivered Harry. "Whose Snuffles?" asked Fred finally, clearly confused. The rest of the Gryffindors looked the same and Harry blushed, thinking quickly how to explain who Snuffle's was without giving away Sirius' true identity. No one knew that the ex-convict was innocent, except for a small few who were sworn to secrecy. “He’s a friend of Harry's whom Harry has gotten to know...the one who's been training him," Hermione lied smoothly. They could tell by their faces that they believed them. Harry mentally thanked Hermione and smiled lopsidedly at them, causing Seamus to lean closer. Harry shuffled away uneasily, the memory of Draco's words playing in his mind. Did Seamus fancy him? “What’s wrong?" asked Seamus in surprise, clearly hurt. “Nothing...I just don't want to get him jealous..." Harry mumbled, eyeing the Irish boy warily.

"He won't know!" "Seamus, Veela can smell things. Malfoy will smell your scent over Harry easily," Hermione tutted impatiently. “Really?" asked Seamus, obviously frustrated at the fact that Harry was clearly out of bounds. "Yes," snapped Hermione. Everyone went silent. “I can't believe Malfoy's a Veela," choked Seamus finally, breaking the silence. “I can," snorted Ron. Hermione elbowed him in the ribs. “He’s getting his own room in a tower. Dumbledore thinks that it's safer to have him away from anyone in case his magnetic charm gets too powerful," Harry said, preventing the inevitable argument from starting between the two. There was an uncomfortable silence as Harry fiddled with his thumbs, unsure of what to do. Ron was still clearly in a state of shock and Hermione appeared almost happy about it. Wait a minute, his mind screamed, why would Hermione be happy about Draco Malfoy trying to seduce him? At least she had not questioned him on his earlier slip. “Why didn't you think that you'd ever have a serious relationship?" asked Neville finally, clearly confused. Harry inwardly cursed him. He had successfully deterred Hermione from asking him that and now Neville had brought the subject back up! Perfect he thought bitterly, eyeing Neville uncertainly and with a trace of anger. “No reason," he managed to mumble. " Oh Harry...why didn't you tell us...?" whispered Hermione, sadness in her intelligent brown eyes as they gazed at her most loyal best friend, the one who had always stood by her no matter what. “It’s not a big I think I'm going to die..." Harry muttered self consciously, wrapping his arms around himself as if to protect him. Looking at Harry Hermione finally realized the depths of the damage the Dursley's had done to Harry. At sixteen years old he was already prepared to die, and it appeared as if, deep down, he didn't care. At sixteen years old, Harry Potter was tired of life, tired of hiding, tired of fighting. “You’re not going to die, mate!" bellowed Ron, clearly nearly ready to shake some sense into his best friend. Harry shrugged.

“Harry...your scar hasn't been hurting you lately, has it?" asked Ginny suddenly. All eyes switched to her and Harry cursed. He had kept it a secret, revealing the information of his visions and scar to only Dumbledore and Sirius. In fact, he had never even told Hermione or Ron, fearing their possessive behaviour and almost mothering protecting to develop into obsession for his safety. Besides, he didn't need the whole wizarding world to know that he was slowly, albeit slowly, going insane. It had been the previous summer while staying at the Weasley's when he had woken up from a vision. It had been the death of a muggle village, he hadn't known where, but the destruction, pain, torture and death he had witnessed had terrified him. He had stumbled downstairs, intent on getting a glass of water when he had met Ginny, and promptly collapsed into her waiting arms, pouring out his heart about the visions and the fear he had of sleeping, lest a dream transform into a night of horror. He had sworn her to secrecy, and now she had broken it. She had told the entire Gryffindor common room that his scar had been hurting him...proving that Harry had been lying all along. Hermione and Ron would kill him! “What does she mean, Harry?" snapped Hermione, brown eyes flashing. “Nothing!" gulped Ginny, seeing her error and sending an apologetic, slightly pleading expression to Harry. “Your scar's been hurting you? But You Know Who...He isn't near us, is he?" gaped Ron in shock, his freckled paling to blend in with his white face. “NO! You’re's nothing..." Harry yelled loudly, causing the whole room to jump in shock. “You’ve lied to us! You told us that your scar hadn't been hurting you!" Hermione shrieked, clearly furious that he hadn't confided in her. “Look, its nothing to worry about, Snuffles and Dumbledore one else...apart from Ginny...and you lot now!" protested Harry. “In what way has it been hurting?" asked Hermione insistently. Harry saw red. “For God's sake! Do you have to know everything? Can't you accept the fact that I'd prefer to keep something to myself? I can cope! I'm not a child anymore Hermione, I've never been a child! I grew up on my own, and I can deal with things myself. I've never had a mother and I don't need one know!" Harry hissed poisonously, his green eyes glowing furiously. The Gryffindor's sat in a daze, unsure of what to say or do. They had never seen Harry like this before. This wasn't Harry. This was somebody else, a stranger. “You can't shut us out!" said Hermione, fear beginning to enter her eyes, although she

knew she had to try and persuade it out of Harry. “Fine, do you want the truth? Do you want to know why I've not told you? I've been protecting you! All of you! I couldn't cope with your pity, Hermione and I never will. What do you want me to do? Write to Rita Skeeter and confess that their Golden Boy is actually going mad?" raged Harry, his body tensing with fury. Hermione paled. “That’s right Hermione? Do you really want to know? Fine! Every night when I close my eyes I see him...Voldemort...sometimes its one person...sometimes its a group and sometimes its hundreds. Night after night I watch them die, slowly! Do you know what its like to watch women, men, children being tortured? I've seen death Hermione...death every night… Why the hell do you think that the aurors are actually able to attack Voldemort? We're connected! I can see him, but he can't see me! I've been giving the aurors tips and evidence for the past two years!" Finally Harry collapsed onto the sofa, all energy drained out of him. No one spoke or moved and it was Ginny that moved forwards, wrapping her arms around him and drawing him close in just the same way as she had done that night. “I’m so sorry Harry," she whispered uncertainly, unsure of how to apologize to the boy she had idolized for years and now loved as a brother. Harry didn't answer, but buried his face into the hollow of her throat, his breathing ragged and fast. Hermione suddenly moved forward, hesitantly stroking his back. No one else moved until Harry pulled away, his face once again composed and serene. ' How much is the mask?' Hermione thought. 'Why did I never notice how Harry tried to block his emotions? He doesn't even realize he's doing it...' “I’m sorry," she said out loud. Harry nodded, avoiding her eyes. “Why didn't you tell us?" asked Ron softly, unsure of what to say. “I was ok...I mean Dumbledore and Snuffles talk to me. They have this Pensieve which I use every night to show them my dreams. Snuffles nearly fainted when he first realized what I saw...Only them and one auror actually know have to promise to keep it a secret...please," Harry whispered. The Gryffindor's nodded but Harry didn't look convinced. Peter Pettigrew, his parent's best friend had betrayed him and he didn't doubt that it would happen again to him. “Secreta monissssss nemetaire silenciousss," he hissed suddenly, his voice turning the words into parseltongue so that only he knew what he had said. A faint blue light erupted around the room, covering everyone until it finally end with Harry, entering his body and burning gold before it disappeared. “What did you just do?" Hermione asked.

“It’s a spell. You will never be able to say anything about my scar to anyone. No one will ever get the information from you, not even if they torture you or use Veritaserum," Harry said truthfully. Hermione gaped. “But that's impossible," argued Ron. “Not anymore. It's a new spell and you will never be able to remind yourself of it within ten minutes. You will know, deep down what I have told you and done but you will never be able to tell anyone the truth. The spell silences your mind," Harry said simply. “How did you learn it?" asked Lavender. “I was taught it," Harry said with a lopsided smile, effectively changing the conversation to Quidditch within minutes. Only Hermione watched him with a frown, her mind silently remembering everything Harry had told her. ******************************* Anyways I hope you liked it! I decided to have a bit of background information in this fic to fill in the fifth year, as this story is set in the sixth year. Harry turned sixteen in the holidays, and Draco turned sixteen in the first week of term. This story is set a week into the school year. I'm at a loose end now. I mean, I want to add a lot of Harry/ Draco in the next chapter. I'm thinking about any of the below scenarios. Draco visits Harry in Gryffindor Tower the next morning before the others wake....*pounce pounce* Draco attacks Harry in the great hall after a fit of jealousy after he watches Seamus *accidentally* touch Harry. Draco sends Harry a bouquet of white roses. Ron decides to hit Draco for checking Harry out *giggle* I love all of these and I don't know which to pick so I've decided to leave it all to you. I'll even include a mixture of more than one if you wish. All advice is welcomed and appreciated. Please review and tell me what you think. Back to index

Chapter 4: Flirtation and Protection

Disclaimer: As you all know, I own nothing and J. K. Rowling owns everything. *************** Flirtation and Protection: It was about five o'clock the next morning when Harry awoke. He blinked sleepily, his eyesight blurred, as he couldn't sleep with his contacts in. He sighed softly, until his mind wandered to the dream he had had. He had dreamed that he was being seduced by Draco Malfoy. “Barmy," he mumbled, stumbling out of bed towards the shower. He showered lazily, relaxing under the water. As he stood in front of the mirror, dressed in just a towel, his mind came into focus and he barely prevented the scream from escaping his mouth. It hadn't been a dream. Draco Malfoy was trying to seduce him! An image of the silver eyed Veela came into his mind, along with the memory of the soft kiss. It had been his first kiss. Draco Malfoy had stolen his first kiss. Only two days ago that thought would have made him laugh hysterically but know a feeling of dread entered him. He had a fully powerful male Veela trying to mate with him. “Bloody hell," he swore softly. He hastily changed into the regular uniform that he had been wearing ever since his first year at Hogwarts. As he tried to comb his wild hair into some semblance of control he wondered just how he was going to avoid Draco that day, especially as Dumbledore's new friendly inter-house relationship idea had somehow meant that Gryffindors and Slytherins shared nearly every class together. Harry wondered idly yet again whether Dumbledore actually wanted him to survive his sixth year. He finally left the dormitory silently, not bothering to wake up the other boys in the room, as it was too early to. They never woke up until seven o'clock and had all agreed publicly that Harry was loosing it when he had first started waking up early. Harry had had to convince Hermione that he wasn't ill. He had started waking up earlier to try and get used to having less sleeping time. Sirius had warned him about needing less sleep if he ended up in the middle of the War after he graduated. ‘Why do I always somehow get myself into a mess?' he thought sadly. As he entered the Common Room he was surprised by the fact that there was someone in there already, a boy with silver eyes who watched him intently from a red sofa next to the fireplace which he assumed had been lit by the House Elves. “Hi," Harry croaked out. “Morning," Draco replied easily, standing up gracefully in one fluid motion. “What are you doing here?" asked Harry, forcing his voice to remain neutral so that it

wouldn't show any of the inner turmoil he was feeling. “Dumbledore gave me the password after you left. He assumed that you had already told the Gryffindor's," was the answer. Harry weakly nodded. “Good. I came to escort you to breakfast," Draco smiled charmingly. Harry gulped, edging nervously away from the blond. Draco sighed impatiently and grabbed his arm, effectively dragging him through the portrait and out into the corridor. He didn't let go, and Harry was alarmed to find that the hand holding him was strong yet gentle, the fingers almost caressing the bare skin of his arm. “Why?" Harry finally managed to ask. “I woke up early so I decided to come and wait for you. It isn't a crime, is it? After all, I thought I'd save you from the early morning Gryffindor dumbness as Weasel finally realizes that it wasn't a dream," Draco smirked. Harry gulped audibly. “Besides, it isn't as if I need an excuse to visit you. I plan on spending a lot of time with you - Dumbledore agreed that we should get to know one another first," Draco continued arguing. “Figures..." muttered Harry quietly. “We have Medical Magic's first," Draco added. Magical Magic's was a new class, which had been added in Harry's fifth year. It was a class devoted to wound fixing and healing charms and potions of all kinds. Harry had guessed correctly that Dumbledore was preparing the students for war. It was no big surprise to anyone that Harry was at the top of the class, having a natural gift with healing, which perhaps had something to do with the fact that he was the most frequent visitor to the Infirmary after the Weasley Twins, and the Marauders. “Did you do your homework?" Harry asked, genuinely curious. “Yeah...but it won't be anywhere near as good as yours. You'll have to let me read it in the Hall," Draco grinned mischievously, watching Harry blush at the compliment. They were soon near the Great Hall. As they stepped inside Harry was relieved to see only a few students inside, as well as the teachers. Harry made his way to the Gryffindor Table, forgetting about Draco until the boy sat down next to him. Harry gaped. “What are you doing?" he hissed. “Sitting with you. I don't intend to sit across the room from you when I can sit next to you," came the reply, the voice coated in innocence as he raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Harry blushed uncomfortably, shifting slightly away from the Veela. He was completely aware of the disbelieving stares from most of the staff and all of the students. In fact the only people who didn't look surprised were Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall. Harry quickly picked up a piece of toast and began to eat; he watched thankfully as the Veela promptly did the same. It was an uneasy silence as more and more students wandered in, gaping at the couple at the empty Gryffindor table, whom they had thought were still rivals. Twenty minutes later there was a huge babble of noise and then nearly the whole of the Gryffindor house swarmed in, led by a frantic Ron. Ron rushed towards Harry, stopping abruptly when he noticed the boy by his side. His face paled considerably. “Malfoy," he managed to choke out, the usual loathing still present. “Weasley," drawled Draco easily, smirking. “Harry, Draco," called Hermione's voice as she sat opposite the two seating boys, her intelligent brown eyes filled with calmness. "’Mione," Harry breathed in relief, shooting Ron concerned looks. Ron promptly sat next to Hermione, eyeing Harry in sympathy. Hermione rolled her eyes in frustration before helping herself to her breakfast. Gradually the other Gryffindor's sat down, Seamus next to Harry much to Draco's disgust and Fred next to Draco. “Have a nice sleep Harry?" asked Seamus in his thick Irish brogue. "Er...I guess," Harry answered uneasily, shooting Draco warning looks. The Hall was still silent, the students watching the small group perceptively. To everyone except Harry Draco Malfoy appeared calm and unruffled but the Veela's eyes were dark with barely controlled fury as they fixed on the boy next to Harry. “Why are you so interested Finnegan?" he sneered. “I was worried that he might have had nightmares," grinned Seamus innocently, too innocently Draco thought. “And what may I ask, have Harry's nightmares got to do with you?" he spat out. “Harry’s my dorm mate," smirked Seamus cheerfully, winking at Harry. Seamus leaned lightly over Harry, brushing his shoulder and Draco lost it. “You little..." started Draco, intent on yelling and screaming. “Malfoy!" Harry cried angrily, a warning in his voice. “I’ll behave," answered Draco calmly, fighting the urge to murder Seamus for daring to touch *his* Harry.

“Good," said Harry, relaxing instantly. “If he moves," added Draco firmly. “No way," smiled Seamus. "You little Irish bast -" "Malfoy!" snapped Harry, quickly placing his hand over his mouth to stop him from swearing. He was not prepared for Draco lightly sucking at his fingers and nibbling at his palm. Harry jolted in shock and tried to pull away but the Veela prevented it. Draco possessively wrapped an arm around Harry who pleaded with a dumbstruck Ron and Hermione to help him. They didn't move. Draco lightly slipped a hand to caress Harry's back soothingly as his lips assaulted his neck, sucking at the soft skin and leaving red marks where he had sucked too hard. Harry yelped as teeth grazed his skin, silently begging Hermione to stop the Veela before it went too far. However, it appeared as if everyone was too astounded to do anything. Even the Slytherins were deathly silent, watching the whole scene in barely concealed horror and anger. Harry struggled wildly but this seemed to make Draco worse, and his Veela charm switched on. Harry felt the same magnetic pull and never even noticed when Draco's lips pressed against his own, claiming him utterly and completely in front of the entire school. “Mr. Malfoy!" called Dumbledore suddenly, his voice sounding as if it came from far away to the dazed kissers. Thankfully, the voice must have entered Draco's mind as he slowed down the kiss and brought it to an end. He lightly licked Harry's swollen lips before releasing him, his left arm staying entwined around his waist as he shot a smug look at the stunned Irish Boy next to Harry. The possessive gesture made even Ron look at Malfoy strangely. Draco Malfoy was jealous of Seamus Finnegan. Harry felt himself jolt to his senses. He gaped at Draco in shock, his face paling. Suddenly there was a loud shriek and before Harry could move a hand came flying at him and slapped him across the face, sending his head reeling. The sickening crack echoed around the room before Draco leapt up and tried to hex Pansy for touching his potential mate. “You little cow!" he yelled. “Mr. Malfoy!" yelled Dumbledore, rushing forwards with Snape to try and control the angry Veela. Harry stared at the girl in shock, a vivid red handprint on his cheek and a trickle of blood trickling from his nose. Hermione rushed towards him, hastily passing his a handkerchief to stop the flow of blood, which was rapidly increasing at an alarming rate. “I can't believe you were kissing Potter!" screeched Pansy hysterically.

“Why not? He's way better than you! He's strong, powerful, brave, intelligent, and beautiful - everything you aren't!" spat Draco in fury. Snape hastily gripped his arms to prevent him from lunging at Pansy, noticing the murderous gleam in his eyes. Veela were protective, severely so, and Draco would not rest until he had taken revenge for his mate, of that he was certain. "He's the Boy Who Lived!" "So what? Unlike you I do not intend to lick Voldemort's shoes," Draco raged, his eyes glittering strangely. "But your father will -" argued Pansy obstinately. "Will leave both myself and Harry alone unless he wants the Ministry to find out certain things," spat Draco. Pansy gaped in shock, clearly not believing that Draco Malfoy was threatening to hand his own father over to the Ministry if he objected to Draco being with Harry Potter. Malfoy’s were extremely loyal and abided by their name until death. Everyone knew that to betray a Malfoy meant trouble, particularly if the betrayal was within the family. 'Voldemort would kill him as well', she thought wildly. "But you can't! You're promised to marry me!" she screamed, her face twisting in fury. "My father arranged that years ago but I assure you that I would rather marry Weasley than you," spat Draco. "Your father will disown you!" "My father would never disown the only Malfoy heir after him. Talk sense, if I am disowned and he dies then the Malfoy line will end completely. My father's too proud to do that, even Voldemort knows that! Besides, he will never argue when he realizes the truth." "What truth? That you've gone insane?" “No. The truth is that Harry Potter is my mate." Draco's voice was strong, cool and firm, making everyone believe that he was telling the truth. The Gryffindor’s shuffled uneasily. Ron and Hermione shielded Harry from most of the incredulous stares from the other students. Even the teachers looked astonished and slightly disbelieving that the Boy Who Lived was the mate of the son of a well-known Death Eater. “What do you mean?" Pansy finally managed to choke. “I’m a Veela, or part Veela actually," Draco hissed poisonously. “Veela?" echoed Pansy in shock.

“Yes, surely your little brain can remember that Veela kill anyone that harms his or her mate," Draco asked sweetly, innocence pouring out of his cold silver eyes. “AAH!" Pansy screamed as Draco lunged for her. The teachers, unsure of what to do simply tried to pull him back but it apparently wasn't working very well. Harry had never seen Draco Malfoy like this before. The undeniable rage on his face was frightening, and it was because of him. The full situation hit him and he unsteadily made his way to his feet, effectively stopping Draco from trying to murder Pansy by pulling on his arm. Draco stopped, turning quickly to his chosen mate. His eyes softened instantly and the same glow, which only appeared when looking at Harry, appeared. He lightly rubbed his thumb across the red skin, anger rapidly taking control again as Harry flinched, the drying red blood a sharp contrast to his skin. “Why did you stop me?" he finally asked. “She’s not worth Azkaban," Harry said with a shrug. "And you'd know this how?" "You don't spend time with an escapee without learning that Azkaban is your worse nightmare...I learned that in my third year." Draco looked surprised before curiosity entered his silver eyes. What did Harry see when a Dementor got too close? What image made him faint? A sudden surge of protectiveness rushed towards him and he lightly scooped Harry into his arms. Harry sighed thankfully, not pulling away but not leaning into the embrace either. He hoped that by holding him the Veela would calm down and not try to murder his Housemate. And why, why had Draco told the entire school that he was his chosen mate? He was about to ask but hesitated. No, he would talk to Draco about his protective and possessiveness later, when they were safely away from Pansy. He remembered the kiss and successfully fought a blush. And why couldn't Seamus leave him alone? And why hadn't he noticed Seamus flirting with him before? It was so obvious! “Then what is she worth?" queried Draco. “She is worth nothing. She's nothing, never will be. Compared to the War and Voldemort she is just a petty childish girl who should learn to grow up," was the slightly muffled response. “Since when did you go all philosophical?" joked Draco. “Since I learnt that childish rivalries aren't worth the effort," was the answer, a small smirk playing across Harry's bruised lips. Draco threw back his head and laughed. *******************

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Chapter 5: Classes Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything else that you recognize as J.K. Rowling's. ********** Classes: Medical Magic was a mixed class, with the sixth year students from each of the four houses. It was an amusing sight to see Harry Potter sitting next to a protective Draco Malfoy, who was in turn glaring at the Irish boy leaning a little too close to his mate. Everyone could see the rage beginning to build up in the usually cold silver eyes and moved rapidly away from him, leaving Harry, Draco, Seamus, Ron and Hermione in a small group on their own. “Skele-Gro is an extremely painful experience, as the process of growing bones anew is a lot more difficult than fixing them. I'm sure Mr. Potter remembers, thanks to Gilderoy Lockhart..." Madame Pomfrey seemed to have decided to ignore the situation and continue teaching, although her eyes often lingered on the strangely silent group, curiosity clear. Every time she looked at Harry he blushed darkly and his eyes flickering to the floor, much to Draco's amusement. “Why are you blushing?" he whispered, leaning in close so that his breath lightly skimmed Harry's bruised cheek. Madame Pomfrey had rubbed on some ointment as soon as they had entered and it was now slowly disappearing. The sight of it had nearly sent Draco into another fit of rage when he discovered that it would clearly bruise. Madame Pomfrey had finally managed to calm him by telling him that she could fix it, and Harry had allowed Draco to hold his hand, hoping that it would be enough to placate the other boy. Pansy had to escape the room for her own safety, much to Draco's disgust, for he had clearly wanted to seek revenge. Even though Harry had told him that she wasn't worth it,

he couldn't shake off the feeling of rage which filled him at the mere thought of Harry's battered face and his beautiful green eyes clouded in pain. “Why are you blushing?" Draco repeated patiently, leaning in just a tad bit more. “I’m not!" hissed Harry, sounding indignant. “You are," teased Draco. Harry scowled. “Now you're in a sulk," taunted Draco, leaning closer, just enough for Harry not to notice until they were almost nose to nose. “I’m not sulking," Harry's eyes flashed darkly, the brilliant green smoldering with hidden flames. Harry never saw the look of desire, which suddenly overcome Draco. After all, Harry Potter was perhaps one of the sexiest things Draco had ever seen. He wondered what those dark green eyes would look like lit by the flames of passion...would they glow? Would they widen or narrow...? He imagined Harry pinned underneath him, dark hair tousled and lips parted wantonly… He imagined Harry's moans as he lightly touched that teasing nipple ring. The sight of Harry's bare stomach had driven Draco nearly crazy last night. He had barely slept and had finally awakened early to visit Harry in Gryffindor Tower. ‘Would he like that?' Draco wondered vaguely. “Mr. Malfoy!" screeched a voice. Draco blinked in shock, looking up to see Madame Pomfrey staring at him angrily. Harry looked confused, and he looked around the room. He suddenly noticed that everyone, except Ron, was eyeing Draco Malfoy as if they wanted to pounce on him, including Seamus Finnigan. “Sorry," Draco blushed uncomfortably. “As much as your attraction for your mate is impossible to deny, please keep it at an acceptable level when you are not alone together. I cannot teach a group of drooling teenagers," she nearly shouted. “I’m sorry...I wasn't aware..." Madame Pomfrey's eyes softened noticeably. It seemed that the Veela charm was very persuasive after all, even on middle aged matrons who ruled with an iron fist. “Apology accepted." She turned and swept away and Draco refused to look at Harry's wide green eyes. He had completely lost control there for a second, but he couldn't help it. How could anyone be so pure and wanton at the same time? Draco secretly thought that God had invented Harry

Potter simply to drive him crazy. “Are you okay?" asked Harry hesitantly. Draco nodded, avoiding Harry's eyes and ignoring Hermione's giggle. Draco fought to put on the cold mask that he had perfected over the years and just managed to win. As the usual cold sneer slid over his features he relaxed. He could not afford to push Harry too far. He was lucky that Harry had been thankful to stop his anger in the Great Hall. The boy clearly could not see his own attraction. “Bloody Potter," he mumbled, much to Hermione's amusement, as she was the only one who heard him. **************** It was in Defense Against the Dark Arts class when Harry learnt more about Veela. The new teacher, Professor Carroll, seemed to think that Draco was a living dark creature, much to his amusement. Professor Carroll was young, pretty, and intelligent, but she seemed to have a fascination with dark creatures. Harry secretly thought that she would make Hagrid the perfect friend. She was quite small at only 5'4". Her eyes were a vibrant blue and they reminded Harry of Dumbledore's. Her hair was a mass of gold curls, untamable and wild. She often appeared to be a little child, but she was a good teacher, thorough and she knew more things about the Dark Arts than Harry could have guessed. Her appearance was clearly misleading. “Today class, I was hoping that Mr. Malfoy might share a bit more information with us about his Veela magic," she said excitedly. Instantly all eyes fixed on Draco. “What do you want to know?" Draco shrugged non-committedly. "You have recently come into your Inheritance - Could you explain?" "Yes, Veela usually come into their Inheritance on their sixteenth birthday." "Would you care to tell us about it?" Draco thought with a frown on his face, considering what to say. "The Inheritance is when a Veela comes into full power. As a part Veela I am biologically different from a pure Veela. I will not change into a different form in anger, although I do have a small taste for revenge," Draco smirked, his eyes flickering to Pansy who was sitting as far away from him as she could get. Pansy audibly gulped. "I inherited their pale looks on my birth, and have their inhuman strength which multiplied a hundredfold on my birthday. Their magnetic attraction also came into full force and it's harder to control. Before it was hidden, disguised I guess, but now that the barriers have been stripped away, I have little control, especially as I've recently chosen my potential mate."

"Mr. Potter?" grinned Professor Carroll, almost giggling when Harry blushed crimson. "Yes," Draco smirked, his eyes sending a clear message to Harry, who promptly tried to avoid his gaze. "How do you go about choosing a mate?" "Veela go by scent. They usually find a scent that triggers their...desires...the pull towards the person will have existed between the two before the Inheritance of the Veela but afterwards the pull increases, making it almost impossible for the Veela to stay close to the person without trying to seduce them." "And what about the bonding ritual?" the Professor prompted eagerly. “The bonding ritual is a binding ritual. It literally binds the Veela to their mate, creating a link so strong that it can never be shattered. Veela are creatures of desire and need a mate to ground some of their attraction magnetism before it goes out of control. The Veela will usually do everything possible to try and persuade their chosen mate to bond with them, they can't help it, and it's almost automatic. The bond allows the human to have their strength, gives the pair the power of mind communication, also, the need for touch and each other's physical presence. During the mating season, which is in spring, the pair will become even more in need of contact, almost never going out of sight of each other. Veela are immensely over protective over their mates, as you've all witnessed. They dislike any harm occurring to their mates, particularly in malice. They seek revenge, and in their anger are only controllable by their chosen mate. The human does in fact have a lot of power over the Veela. They are the stabilizer in the relationship, grounding the magic and the bond." Harry was listening closely, not really aware of the dreamy Seamus Finnegan staring at him. The Irish boy was clearly more interested in Harry than listening to Draco - Draco barely fought down his rage. Harry was his! How dare that Irish prat try and take him away, Draco thought. “They dislike sharing during what Veela class as Seduction, and will not stop at anything to get rid of competition," Draco added smoothly, sending Seamus a cold stare. “What will happen if the Veela does not bond with their chosen mate?" asked Hermione suddenly. “The Veela will never give in, even if they spend their entire life trying to seduce their mate. They will never take their mate by force, as they do not in any way like hurting their mate. They prefer to seduce, or romance them." "Is it true that the male partner of a Veela can become pregnant?" asked Blaise Zambini suddenly. All eyes fixed on Harry who was staring fixedly at the floor, a bright crimson blush staining his cheeks. Was it true? Could he become pregnant? The idea wasn't repulsive to Harry,

who longed for a family, a child to love and care for. That had been one of the reasons why he had been against the whole idea. He had seen the bonding as an end to his dreams of a child as he had rightly suspected that Draco would not allow him to sleep with a woman to create a child. The idea of carrying his own child inside his own body for nine months was incredible. He would be able to bond with his child like a mother. He was aware of the blush that was staining his face but knew that although the temptation of a child was great, that he could not give into Draco Malfoy unless he was sure about his feelings. He knew that Draco desired him, but Harry wouldn't tie himself down to anyone for life without love. “Yes, it's true", Draco murmured. Harry looked up, green eyes widening. As their eyes clashed a deathly silence filled the room. Everyone watched mouths agape as golden sparks seemed to glow within their eyes, their bodies frozen as they studied each other deeply. They knew that this was perhaps the Veela magnetism but it didn't affect them. Hermione assumed that it was because Harry was unconsciously giving in slightly to the bond. Draco leaned over, running a long finger over Harry's now completely healed cheek, marveling at the softness of the skin. His Harry was so beautiful and pure. How could Pansy assume that she was better than him? Harry was the most incredible creature he had ever met, almost like a wolf: loyal, proud, fearless and powerful. He craved him like an addiction, an addiction he knew he would never be cured from, even if Harry did ever bond with him. “It happens naturally though, if the couple desperately wants a family. There are no precautions at all. I wouldn't mind a child..." Draco trailed off, leaving the rest unsaid, his eyes telling Harry that Draco would love a child with Harry. The idea of a child, his and Harry's, was intoxicating. It was almost as surreal as the image of Harry on their bond night, and that image had haunted him for a whole week. He needed Harry, and knew deep down that Harry would like a family. “Thank you Mr. Malfoy," interrupted Professor Carroll. The class finally settled down as Professor Carroll moved on to writing out the homework on the board. Draco nearly grinned when he saw what it was, knowing that this would be an easy A+. 'For tomorrow night, write an essay on the Inheritance of a Veela. You must include all of the details Mr. Malfoy discussed in class and any extra research or personal experience you have on their magnetism. If you read Chapter 28 in your textbooks there is some information to help you. It must be over 25 inches as it will be a part of your final assignment for the end of term module.' "I'll help you if you want," Draco whispered to Harry. Harry looked up from the parchment he was writing on, blinking in confusion. Draco smiled inwardly, his face carefully straight. Harry obviously hadn't heard a single thing

that he had said. “I’ll help you on that essay tonight if you want," Draco repeated. “Thanks," Harry murmured gratefully. “We can go to my room," Draco suggested. Harry eyed him suspiciously. “Granger and Weasley can come to," he finally muttered. Harry smiled. “Thanks...I guess I'm just not..." “I understand. I hope you know that I'm not trying to push you Harry," Draco said gently. “I know," Harry grinned. ***************** It’s option time again. Next chapter will be in Draco's new room...hint....anyway, I was planning on several scenarios so you can choose which one you prefer, and I can build it into the plot. Do you want Harry and Draco to sit together on the sofa, quite close, and let Draco give Harry an accidental caress...? Or do you want Ron trying to hit Draco for trying to feel Harry? Or do you want Seamus to show up unexpectedly? Or do you want Harry to be covered in Seamus' scent when he arrives and Draco to go mental? It's up to you to decide, as I love all of them. Review! Back to index

Chapter 6: Jealousy Caused by a Green Eyed God Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Everything you recognise belongs to J. K. Rowling. Author's note: There's plenty of Harry/ Draco in this chapter - so I hope you like it!

*************** Jealousy caused by a green eyed God: Harry stood nervously in the sixth year boys' dormitory, not sure what to wear. He glanced at his clothes. ‘The red shirt is too Gryffindor, the green shirt is nice, but what about the….' he thought, before suddenly realizing what he was doing. ‘Oh my God, I'm worrying about my clothes like a love struck schoolgirl,' Harry thought wildly. A picture of Draco Malfoy came to his mind. Was he starting to like the boy? Was it the Veela charm affecting him? Harry sighed, running his hand through his hair. ‘Why is my life always so complicated?' he mused thoughtfully. “Harry?" He whirled around to see Hermione at the door, her face a light with curiosity. He groaned, gesturing for her to enter. She looked around at the piles of clothing scattered on the bed and fought a smile. Whether he liked it or not, Harry was attracted to Draco Malfoy. Hermione began messing through his clothes. She had never seen Harry so nervous before about his appearance and it surprised her. Normally Harry barely even registered what he was wearing, never mind buying when he went shopping normally. In fact, Harry was well known for wearing some of the most appalling outfits imaginable, especially when he went shopping with Ron. She ignored the red shirts that Harry always wore. 'Typical Gryffindor,' she thought with a smile. “Try this," she said softly, picking up a black vest shirt and a pair of black casual jeans. Harry hastily pulled them on, not in the least bit bothered that Hermione had seen him in his boxers. Over the last few years their relationship had developed into a brotherly sisterly love, which suited them fine. They loved each other in a simple, platonic way. To Harry, Hermione was the sister he had never had the chance to have. Hermione studied him critically when he stood facing her, his eyes avoiding her gaze. The black vest clung to his muscled stomach, looking casual and seductive. His bare arms were tanned and strong, his broad shoulders enhanced by the tight material. The dark jeans clung to his long legs, making them appear endless. They were slightly tight fitted, leaving very little to the imagination. Combined with his unruly, slightly damp black hair, a pair of vivid green eyes and a strong handsome face, even Hermione had to admit that Harry was beautiful. “You look great," she smiled. She left him in the room alone, not sure what to say to try to calm him down. Instead she

headed down to the Common Room to find Ron who was impatiently waiting for Harry to arrive. He obviously wasn't pleased about spending the evening with a love struck Veela. “Is he ready yet?" asked Ron immediately. Hermione fought back a giggle at his frustrated face. “Nearly. He couldn't find anything to wear," she explained. Ron looked at her blankly. “He didn't want to wear anything too revealing, or too simple," she lied, knowing that Harry had been panicking over what Draco would think. “Why didn't he ask me then?" asked Ron, clearly bewildered. “Because he didn't want to go looking like a prat," grinned Dean. ************* Harry ran a hand through his hair and gathered his books into his arms. He hastily shoved a couple of quills, parchment and a bottle of ink into his never ending pockets, a spell that Hermione had taught him last year. He was about to exit the room when Seamus Finnegan appeared. At first Seamus never noticed Harry but when their eyes met Seamus grinned, a slightly dreamy expression in his eyes, as he looked Harry up and down. Harry froze. Seamus Finnegan was checking him out. “Looking good, Harry, who's the lucky guy?" he grinned finally. “Me, Ron and Hermione have got a study date with Malfoy," Harry shrugged, warily keeping an eye on the blonde. Seamus frowned, forcing himself not to scowl angrily. “Dressed like that?" he finally managed to ask, looking at Harry's tight outfit. Harry blushed. “Hermione chose it," Harry explained hastily. “Oh..." Seamus murmured, not sure what to say to that. “Yeah." Seamus studied him quietly, trying to refrain from pouncing on the boy who, for years, had only regarded him as a friend. He frowned. Usually Harry never noticed when he was flirting with him, and yet lately he had been uncomfortable when talking to him. A suspicion rose in his mind and he barely stopped himself from going to murder Malfoy. The Veela had obviously told Harry what everyone else had known all along.

'Well,' he thought, 'I'm not giving up to some stupid Veela.' "Your hair's a mess," Seamus said suddenly, breaking the awkward silence. "What?" "Your's a you want me to try and fix it?" Seamus asked casually, hoping that Harry wouldn't hear his pounding heart. “Err...yeah...if you want..." Harry said uncertainly. “Sit on the floor by the bed," said Seamus quietly, not wanting to scare Harry away. Harry sat down quickly, sitting still when Seamus sat on the bed behind him, running his slightly shaking fingers through his unruly locks. He sat quietly while Seamus tried to style his hair and was surprised when he heard a muttered spell. He fought down the urge to ask what it was and waited patiently for the other boy to finish. “Done," Seamus exclaimed finally. “Thanks," Harry smiled. Harry gave him another smile before quickly leaving the room, with his books. He didn't look at his reflection as he passed the mirror. He lightly ran down the steps towards the common room and was surprised when it went silent, everyone gaping at him. “What the hell have you done to your hair?" gaped Ron. Harry blinked. “Err...nothing?" Harry asked hesitantly. “It looks -" began Hermione. “Bloody hell!" blinked Ron, still in shock. “Seamus did it," Harry said quickly. “It looks lovely, Harry," Hermione smiled. “He’s got Slytherin colours in his hair," argued Ron, clearly looking revolted at the very thought. Harry's face must have shown his confusion because Hermione tutted and magically produced a mirror with her wand so that Harry could see. His usually untamed hair had been tamed into soft pikes, embroidered with streaks of silver and green. It made him look older, and Harry wondered why Seamus had dressed his hair in Slytherin colours. “How the hell did he do that?" gaped Ron. “I don't know. He just said that my hair was a mess and asked me if I wanted help. I didn't know how to say no so I said yes and then let him do it. I never even looked in a mirror, I

just came straight down here," Harry explained. Hermione could see several students about to question Harry and hastily grabbed his arm and propelled him out of the Common Room. Lavender Brown whistled loudly, causing the boys to collapse into laughter and the girls to start giggling. The Fat Lady winked at Harry and blushed. Harry gaped and was about to question her when Ron and Hermione started to drag him towards the room where Malloy was staying. They soon arrived at the painting of Merlin, who had a strong resemblance to Dumbledore. Merlin smiled at them, winking at Harry. It was obvious that he had heard the latest news. "Password?" "Damn it! He never told me the password," Harry moaned. Suddenly the portrait opened to reveal Draco Malfoy. Draco smirked at Ron and Hermione before his eyes traveled to Harry. His eyes widened considerably, strangely glowing. A genuine smile lit his face before he stepped aside, allowing them to enter. “You came," he said huskily. “Yeah..." Harry said uncertainly, slipping into the room. Curious, he glanced around. They were in what appeared to be a common room. The room was a light cream with several cream sofas littered around the walls. A coffee table stood in the middle while a desk stood in the far left corner, covered in what Harry correctly guessed was Draco's homework. The room was large and airy and oozed elegance. Harry's eyes traveled to the large display cabinet along the wall next to the roaring fireplace and studied the small figurines, mostly of dragons and other dangerous creatures. Harry saw a few unicorns and wasn't surprised to notice that all of them were made out of ivory and decorated with precious stones, mainly ruby, diamond and emerald. 'They're beautiful.' Harry thought, not used to seeing anything as expensive as them. "What do you think?" asked Draco casually, moving to gather his scrolls off the desk and to sit down on one of the sofa's. “It’s nice", Harry admitted surprise clearly evident in his voice. Draco grinned. “It’s lovely," agreed Hermione. Ron scowled. “Sit down," Draco gestured, his eyes lingering on Harry and then drifting to the space next to him. There was no doubt that he wanted Harry to sit next to him. Harry moved forward and silently sat down, avoiding both Draco’s and Ron's eyes. Draco barely stopped himself from ravishing Harry, then and there. He looked delicious in

black, Draco decided. The dark colour accentuated his long, lithe body and enhanced his green eyes. The spiked hair was amazing and the green and silver streaks added an air of mystery and darkness mingled with the innocence that was purely Harry. Ron and Hermione sat on the sofa opposite them. They got to work and it wasn't long before their essays were nearly done. Harry had found out more information on the Veela, mainly about their bodies and attitudes. He glanced down at his scroll with a frown: 'Veela naturally progress faster than normal children. Their intelligence and magic shows at an earlier age, especially within male part Veela. Veela are naturally curious creatures, especially about their mates. Veela desire neither sex, and they have no orientation. They simply choose the one person that completes them mentally, physically and emotionally.' ' So Malfoy isn't just after me for my looks. Does he really care about me though? Or is it just the Veela charm that tells him that he wants me to be his mate? It would help if I could ask him, but I don't feel comfortable talking about this to him. Perhaps…' Harry thought with a frown. Draco leaned forward and as he did so he caught the faint smell of someone else emanating from Harry's clothes. The smell was strangely familiar - strangely sweet mingled with Harry's usual musky scent. He had smelt that scent before, but he didn't know when. Realisation suddenly dawned on him and he grabbed Harry roughly, slamming him down on the sofa and pinning him down with his own body. His eyes glowed coldly, emitting pure fury as they stared down into bewildered green. He vaguely heard Ron's and Hermione's cries but ignored them. Nothing else mattered except the boy underneath him, the boy who had come to meet him wearing another boy's scent -Seamus Finnigan's scent. “Why the hell do you smell like Finnigan?" he hissed. “What?" Harry choked, looking confused. "Finnigan! Did you not expect me to find out?" he hissed, fury in every line of his face. "I haven't been with -" Harry began arguing. He was cut off by a pair of soft, forceful lips covering his own. Draco's lips were insistent. His warm tongue plunged to taste Harry's mouth, sucking at his tongue and forcing him to surrender. As his body began to respond Harry felt a pair of warm hands travel underneath his hips, grabbing at his bottom and forcefully pulling him closer. Harry moaned at the friction, allowing himself to relax in Draco's embrace. He had never experienced this before and he found that he liked it; he liked Draco doing this to him. Draco felt the boy underneath him relax and smiled into the kiss, moving his lips to graze the tender skin of Harry's neck. He caught the scent of Finnegan again, mingling with the apple scent of Harry's shampoo.

Deciding to mark Harry as his, he bite down on the tender flesh just below his pulse point, sucking at the mark and licking at the trickle of blood. He pulled back, staring into Harry's dazed, passion filled eyes and smiled, satisfied for now. He saw Hermione grab Ron to try and hold him back from hitting the Veela. He clearly didn't like the thought of his best friend being pinned down and ravished by his archenemy. Ignoring them, he looked down at the boy still lying on the sofa. Harry's eyes were wide and seemed to glow with desire, the green a strange dark colour that he had never seen before and the pupil large and penetrating. Draco pulled himself upright, his mind screaming at him to stop while his heart told him to continue and make Harry his own. "You'd better go," he finally choked out, moving away from the sofa on which Harry was still lying, a dazed expression on his face and a lost look in his eyes. Ron was obviously about to yell at him when Hermione stepped forward. She looked at Draco with understanding, deciding to explain, herself, why Harry had Seamus' scent on him, as Harry was in no fit state to defend himself, after being nearly seduced by a Veela. “Seamus did Harry's hair. That's probably why you can smell his scent on him," she said soothingly. Draco started in shock before nodding, accepting the excuse for the truth. His eyes wandered to Harry, who was now sitting up and attempting to gather his scroll from where it had landed on the floor. “I’m sorry," Draco said stiffly, obviously not used to apologizing but doing it anyway, for Harry. Harry looked up, met his eyes and nodded. There was a pensive expression on his face. Almost as if he wasn't sure what he was feeling. Draco cursed silently, realizing that he could just have ruined the fragile friendship he had been developing with Harry. “It’s okay, I understand. I forgot that you could smell- I wouldn't -" Harry broke off, frustrated with himself for not being able to say exactly what he meant. “I understand," Draco said smoothly. "I would never hurt you," Harry said suddenly, his green eyes ablaze with honesty and innocence as they stared up at Draco, wanting to show that he meant what he said. ‘Ever the Gryffindor,' Draco thought with a wry smile. “I know that Harry," Draco said quietly. Harry smiled hesitantly. At that moment Draco would have died the happiest man on the Earth. He had managed to touch the boy he wanted, had actually kissed and claimed Harry for his own and Harry had not pulled away.

Harry had leaned into his touches, kissed him back, albeit innocently and with limited experience, but that, to Draco, was what made Harry special. Gaining Harry's love was a challenge, but it was worth it in the end, of that he had no doubt. “I’d better go," Harry said gently, hiding his mixed emotions successfully as he gave the boy who had nearly ravished him a strained smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast," Draco agreed. “Great! See you tomorrow Draco," Hermione beamed, following Harry out of the tower and dragging a stunned Ron behind her. Draco heard the portrait close and collapsed onto the sofa, relief present in every portion of his body. “I might just win his heart after all," he murmured to himself. A picture of Harry entered his mind. “That’s if I can stop myself from ravishing him every time I see him," he laughed. **************** What do you think? The next chapter I think should have some apologising and making up in Draco's part. So, here are the new choices: Draco giving Harry a single white rose. Draco giving Harry a piece of jewellery - a special amulet, perhaps or another nipple stud. A letter from Lucius Malfoy. A newspaper article by Rita Skeeter. Review with your decision!

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Chapter 7: Surprising Discoveries Disclaimer: I don't own anything - everything belongs to J.K.Rowling, except the plot, which belongs to me. *********** Surprising Discoveries:

Harry sat on his bed listening to his sleeping dorm mates. Ron was murmuring in his sleep again, Seamus was cursing, Dean was mumbling about football fouls and Neville was snoring loudly. Harry fought back a grin when Dean yelled 'Take him off!' loudly, his voice slightly muffled by his pillow. Harry thought back to the study session he had had with Draco Malfoy. The boy had been courteous, even to Ron and Hermione. He had not even considered the fact that Seamus would leave his scent all over him while doing a simple thing such as fixing his hair. He wondered idly for a moment whether that had been the Irish boy's intention in the first place. 'I wouldn't put it past him.' he mused thoughtfully. He had been surprised at first to realize that Seamus fancied him. He had been friends with the Irish boy since his first year at Hogwarts and had never even noticed the change in his behaviour. His attention went back to Draco. It had been strangely nice sitting next to the Veela, studying together quietly, albeit rather strange at first to be so close to his old enemy. He had also learnt more on Veela and figured he understood what was happening to himself. The thing that had shocked him the most was the absolute fury on Draco's face at the thought of Harry being with another boy. For a moment Harry had been afraid of the other boy, not knowing what he could do to calm the Veela down. He had been stunned when Draco had kissed him. But that hadn't stopped him from responding to the pale haired Veela. In fact, Harry had to admit that he had liked being that close to the other boy. He had been dazed for several hours afterwards, much to Hermione's amusement and Ron's disgust. It had taken nearly three hours for Ron to stop ranting and had taken a further two hours to attempt to persuade Ron into not going and smashing Malfoy's face in for attempting to 'rape' his best friend who, according to him 'had no desire for a filthy Slytherin'. Both Harry and Hermione had been in stitches and had desperately fought to keep straight faces. Thankfully, they had won - just about. 'I wonder what will happen when Rita Skeeter finds out.' was Harry's last thought before he fell into a deep sleep. ********************** Harry was awoken the next day by an amused Draco Malfoy. Draco watched as the tired boy opened his dream filled green eyes before sitting up, running a hand through his tangled black hair. He peered through half lidded eyes up at the boy leaning over him. It was then that Harry realized that he was dressed only in a pair of boxers, sitting completely unprotected in front of a Veela who wanted nothing better than to have sex with him. "What are you doing here?" Harry asked uncertainly. "Breakfast in bed," Draco grinned, understanding Harry's uncertainty.

He flicked his wand and muttered something so that a tray appeared out of thin air into his outstretched arms. Harry's attention turned to the tray. It was the usual Hogwarts silver, covered in a white lace cloth. A plate of bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms stood in the middle, a pile of toast to the left and a goblet of pumpkin juice to the right. There was also a thin crystal vase from which a single white rose rested. The rose was beautiful. The petals were the purest white, silky to the touch. The stem and leaves were a vivid emerald green. It was thorn less, and it appeared that the other boy had used magic to preserve the flower so that it wouldn't need water. It was perhaps the most romantic gift Harry had ever received. "It's beautiful," he breathed. "It's enchanted to stay alive. It will never die or wilt," Draco smiled softly, reaching out to place the tray in the Gryffindor's lap. "Why?" Harry asked finally, still staring at the rose. "It's a gift to say sorry for accusing you yesterday. I'll see you later, in Potions," was the reply before the boy disappeared, leaving Harry to eat his breakfast in peace. Harry sat there stunned. ************** Harry walked into the Common Room later on than usual that day because he had had his breakfast brought too him. He had told Ron to leave for the Great Hall without him, after explaining to the stunned Gryffindor that Draco had brought his breakfast in bed, as well as the beautiful rose which stood on the bedside cabinet where Harry could see it. Seamus had barely constrained his famous Irish temper when he had discovered what the Veela had done. He had eyed the rose as if he was going to crush it and it was only Harry's obvious delight in having received such a gift which stopped him from pulling off the petals and throwing the rest out of the window. The room was filled with Gryffindor’s of all ages, all of whom were apparently reading the Daily Profit. Harry barely prevented himself from groaning, knowing the reason for their behaviour. 'Rita Skeeter,' he thought angrily. Wordlessly, Ron handed him the newspaper. Harry Potter - Draco Malfoy's mate and the most powerful Wizard in the world! As many people know, the Malfoy family has a history filled with Veela blood. The family is also one of the most powerful wizarding families in the entire wizarding world today, due to the prestigious Lucius Malfoy. It has come to our attention that Mr. Malfoy's wife, Narcissa, also comes from a family

with a Veela background, making their son and only heir one of the most well sought after Veela this century. Draco Malfoy has recently celebrated his sixteenth birthday and has, therefore, come into what is known as his Inheritance. Since then, he has in fact publicly announced at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that he has chosen none other than Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, as his potential mate. The couple are apparently working on developing their relationship now that their famous rivalry, which caused the Gryffindor and Slytherin Houses to reach the worst rivalry ever witnessed at Hogwarts, has ended. Harry Potter, in fact, also comes from a very powerful family background. His father, James Potter was one of the most powerful young wizards fresh out of Hogwarts, along with the Azkaban escapee, Sirius Black. His mother, Lily Evans, was one of the most talented muggle born students to study at Hogwarts as well. We at the Daily Profit have done a little research and discovered the real reason why Harry Potter destroyed He Who Must Not Be Named. It seems that Mr. Potter is in fact the only descendant from Godric Gryffindor, making him the legendary Gryffindor heir. The Daily Profit has also discovered information leading us to believe that He Who Must Not Be Named is in fact the only descendant from Salazar Slytherin himself. It seems that the rivalry from a thousand years ago has begun again, this time with their descendants. However, evidence leads us to believe that Harry Potter inherited some of You Know Who's power on the night that lead to his parents’ death. Harry Potter is a well known parseltongue and it was believed that it was in fact he who let loose the basilisk in his second year, when in fact it was Tom Riddle himself, preserved within an enchanted diary. A scientist at St. Mungo's confirmed to me that it was entirely probable that Mr. Potter can be magically clarified as the descendant of both Godric and Salazar, and the blood descendant of Godric. However, the evidence at the Third Task in Harry's fourth year means that You Know Who is now in fact the blood descendant of both Godric and Salazar, due to the fact that he used Harry Potter's blood to resurrect himself. The Wizarding world can only hope that Godric Gryffindor's heir will in fact be able to defeat the Slytherin heir, ending all rivalry once and for all. Perhaps once bonded with Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter will truly be able to defeat the world of He Who Must Not Be Named once and for all. Written by Rita Skeeter. Harry dropped the paper in shock. All of the blood drained from his face. The Gryffindor's watched in silence, apprehensive of Harry's behaviour. They had never seen the Boy Who Lived like this before.

Harry was beyond furious. He had been lied to, manipulated, by one of the people he had trusted impeccably. Dumbledore had used him. He was nothing but a tool, a tool to defeat something he could not. "Harry?" asked Ron uncertainly. "Get away from me!" Harry yelled. "Harry - you need to calm down,” pleaded Hermione, scared of the look in his eyes. "Fuck the whole lot of them! Sod Dumbledore to hell!" Harry hissed. The Gryffindor's stared in shock as Harry promptly stormed out of the room. Ron yelled at him to stop and began to chase him as he ran towards the Great Hall. Harry didn't listen. As soon as he stormed into the Hall everything stopped. Every eye watched as the Boy Who Lived stormed towards Dumbledore, a dark look in his eyes as they met the dull blue eyes of his former mentor. "Do you want me to tell you what I think of you?" he finally asked. Dumbledore nodded sadly. Harry spat on the floor at his feet. "You're scum, Dumbledore. You're absolute scum who hides behind a sixteen-year-old boy to fight his battles for him. Sod you to hell Dumbledore because I'm not on your side anymore." "Harry," begged Ron, desperately. "Then whose side are you on, Harry?" asked Dumbledore softly. "My side. From now on there's three sides. Your stupid pathetic Order, Voldemort and his Death Eaters and me," Harry said, barely restraining the urge to hex the man before him. "Your parents." began Dumbledore. "Are dead," Harry said bluntly. There were gasps of shock throughout the Hall. Even Dumbledore looked shocked at Harry's blunt reply. "From now on Dumbledore, stay out of my life. I will not live with the Dursley's any longer. What is it with you Dumbledore? I mean, I could understand why you sent me there; after all, we wouldn't want Harry Potter to become the next Dark Lord, would we? You act like a hero when your not. You’re as biased as Snape bloody is! All you care about is yourself. I'm nothing but a tool to you, and I've been a fool believing that you cared! Your plan worked didn't it, Albus? After all, why would a boy who had been abused for

eleven years not want the comfort a man who he thought he could trust offered?" Harry spat. "Harry, please, that was not my intention." "Liar!" "Harry!" snapped Dumbledore, growing angry. "You told me that it was my mother's love which helped me to survive. When I pulled Godric's sword out of the sorting hat you said that it meant I was a loyal Gryffindor! You never even told me that the reason why Voldemort wants me dead is because I'm the heir of his worst enemy!" "Harry!" snapped Dumbledore. "Shut up! The sorting hat wanted me in Slytherin but you told me in my second year that I was a Gryffindor. You used me, Dumbledore. My whole life has been nothing but a lie!" Harry raged, the fury in his face shocking Dumbledore into silence. "Harry, it was not like that, believe me," began Dumbledore. "I thought I told you to shut up!" raged Harry. Suddenly things began to explode. Plates, windows, glasses and bowls exploded creating a firework of glass. The candles flickered out and as Harry raised his arm green sparks erupted from the palm of his hand. Draco, who had been sitting with the Slytherins, knew that he had to do something. Harry was going rapidly out of control. His whole life had been stripped away from him, making him feel lost. His powers were wild, creating havoc. Getting up, he ran to Harry's side, wrapping his arms around the shaking boy and rocked him slowly. Harry turned and buried his face into the crook of Draco's neck; seeking the comfort the other boy gave him freely. There was nothing but love in Draco's embrace and Harry needed to know that he had someone stable in his life, someone who would do anything for him, no matter what. "I can't control it," Harry moaned. "Shush, it'll be all right. Let go. Calm down. Just concentrate on me okay? Forget about your magic," Draco soothed gently, rocking Harry slowly still. "Kiss me," Harry pleaded, his voice slightly muffled. "What?" Harry lifted his head, stared deeply into Draco's eyes for a moment before lifting his head so that his lips lightly brushed against the other boys. Draco understood. Harry needed love right now. He needed to know that Draco would never leave him. "I'll never leave you, Harry," he murmured before kissing the other boy deeply.

As they kissed, they never saw the faint green glow which surrounded them. Everyone else did though - including a sad Dumbledore. The heir of Gryffindor had come into his powers at last. *********** What do you think? I hope you like how this chapter went. I decided that as many of you loved the rose idea, I couldn't let you down so I hope you like Harry's special breakfast. Also, I hope you like the article by Rita Skeeter. I hope you don't hate me for making Harry appear to be a tool to Dumbledore. Next chapter, here are the choices: Harry remains mad at Dumbledore Harry stays with Draco in his tower Harry meets with Sirius and they talk in private about the article Dumbledore explains everything to Harry Review and tell me what you think! Back to index

Chapter 8: The Tower Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot and Draco as a Veela. Everything else, the characters and Hogwarts etc. belongs to J.K.Rowling. Author's note: This story is my most praised and loved piece of work. I have no problem with people who use the Draco as a Veela storyline, but I'd appreciate that you create your own original story and don't use my ideas. I have had a lot of mixed reactions about the last chapter, and I would like to say that Dumbledore, at least in my opinion, can manipulate people, albeit subtly. He has always given Harry a push in the right direction, if you think about it. Also, this is my fic and I believe that Harry should be mad at Dumbledore. After all, wouldn't you want to know the real reason why Voldemort wanted to kill you if you were in Harry's situation? I know I would.

Yes, the problem will be sorted out later on, but I'm not going to tell you how. As for whether Harry will ever completely trust Dumbledore again, that's something which you'll have to find out yourself. ENJOY! ***************** The Tower: Dumbledore had instructed Draco to take Harry back to the Gryffindor Tower as soon as Harry had gotten control over his magic again. Harry had not stopped clinging to Draco and the Veela looked overjoyed at being able to hold the other boy so close. Harry had not allowed Dumbledore to explain his actions and had refused to talk to the old man. Dumbledore's normally bright blue eyes had looked dull as they had watched the two boys walk out of the stunned Hall. Draco led Harry down the corridor leading to his Tower. He knew Harry needed time to think and the Tower was the perfect place. The privacy charm, that Draco had placed around the tower to keep people out, kept even Dumbledore out - much to his amusement. He could comfort Harry in peace without the interference of Granger, Weasley, Black, Lupin, and especially the old meddlesome fool - Dumbledore. Harry didn't seem to mind being led towards the Tower, if he even knew where he was, which Draco suspected he didn't. His huge green eyes had been fixed on Draco's face since they had left the Hall - as if to reassure himself that Draco was really there, holding him. When they arrived at the Tower, Draco guided Harry through the living room to a discrete door that almost blended in with the wall. The door led to a small staircase that was barely lit. Draco helped Harry climb them, his arms still wrapped tightly around the dark haired Gryffindor. They passed another landing and continued to the next floor. Once at the top of the staircase, Draco opened a door to reveal a beautiful room. The wallpaper was a soft mint green. The border was decorated with silver snakes, which seemed to slither in the light from the small fire, which had already been lit in preparation for Draco by the house elves. A huge four-poster bed was the centrepiece of the room. The mahogany wood gleamed; the serpent carvings on the posts were delicate and beautiful. The drapes were a soft silver silk, tied back to reveal emerald green silk sheets and covered pillows. Harry pulled away from Draco and moved towards it. He lightly ran a hand down the silk sheets, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Perhaps it would make you feel better if you took a bath," Draco suggested gently, worried about the submissive way Harry was acting and not wanting Harry to assume that he had brought him here to bond. He had no intention of forcing Harry when he had no idea what was really happening to him. Harry nodded and allowed himself to be propelled to a door on the opposite side of the room. Inside was an elegant bathroom; it was created from white marble, the fixings a gleaming silver. The bath was built into the floor and was large enough for Harry to swim

around in. There was a separate shower, toilet and washbasin as well. Candles suspended in air lit the room, creating a warm glow. Draco turned the taps on and the bath was soon filled with vanilla scented water. Harry was still standing near the doorway, a half dreamy expression on his face as he inhaled the scent. With a smile, Draco moved forward. He reached out and began undoing Harry's school robe to reveal a pair of tight fitting black trousers and a plain white shirt. He was surprised that Harry never protested. He just stood there, allowing himself to be undressed, his huge green eyes fixed intently on the top of Draco's head. Draco felt a surge of love when he realised that Harry trusted him utterly and completely. The robe slipped to Harry's feet in a pool of black cloth and Draco carefully lifted his hands and slowly began undoing the buttons on his shirt. His fingers lightly caressed the tanned skin of Harry's chest for a moment before he slid his hands to his shoulders, sliding the material off Harry's body in one fluid motion. Draco's breath hitched slightly as he stared at Harry's half naked body. The nipple ring gleamed in the dim light, tempting him and he barely restrained himself from touching it. Instead, he lowered his slightly trembling hands down to Harry's waist. Draco slowly undid the button and zip which fastened Harry's trousers before sliding his hands to the other boy's hips. He slid the trousers over the tiny waist, marveling at how slim Harry was, so that they fell to the floor. Harry kicked off his shoes and trousers and pulled off his socks. He stood up, a blush rising to his cheeks as Draco's smoldering eyes traveled around his body, lingering on his nipple ring and the tight fitting black silk boxers which he was still wearing. "I can...I'm okay now. I can finish the rest myself," Harry muttered, clearly embarrassed. "I'll leave you then," whispered Draco, his voice strangely husky as he gave Harry one last lustful look before leaving the room to give Harry his privacy. Harry stripped completely and lowered himself into the bath, sighing in satisfaction as the magically heated water soaked and relaxed his tense muscles. He found a bottle of shampoo and carefully washed his hair. He closed his eyes. He opened them again when he heard the door opening and saw Draco picking up his clothes. He smiled at Harry and gestured to the towels and the black silk pajamas which he had set out for Harry to use. Harry smiled gratefully. "Thank you." "Don't stay in too long -Dobby brought up some lunch for us to eat," Draco murmured gently. Harry nodded and watched as Draco disappeared again. Draco had been so gentle with him, he realised. He had been there for him, holding him, whispering to him, calming him completely. He had never been so furious in his life, he realised with a sinking heart, remembering Dumbledore's sad face.

He had had everything about himself taken away. He had believed in his mothers love, only to have his belief shattered with the discovery of being the Heir of Gryffindor. That had hurt; he had to admit, but the thing which had hurt Harry the most was the fact that Dumbledore had sent him towards danger without knowing the truth. He could have died; never knowing anything about his own family, except the little Sirius and Remus had been able to tell him from their days at Hogwarts. He knew very little about his mother, due to Petunia's hatred towards her sister, and the fact that his father had come from the Gryffindor bloodline had stunned Harry completely. His attention wondered back to Draco. Draco had been so gentle, managing to control himself while he nearly stripped him completely. He had liked being so close to Draco, he had to admit. He had felt loved when those gentle hands had caressed him, almost as if Draco had believed that he could break like glass if he was handled too roughly. He realised that he needed Draco. Draco would always be there for him, no matter what. Draco was stability and he truly cared about him. Oh, he knew that Sirius, Remus, Ron and Hermione loved him, but he needed the love of a lover, not of a friend or fatherly figure. Harry rinsed off the soap and climbed out. He dried himself and dressed in the pajamas reveling in the feel of silk against his damp skin. He hastily dried his hair and stepped out of the room back into the bedroom. Draco was lounging on the bed when Harry reappeared. His eyes instantly fixed on Harry's slender form. Harry's eyes roamed around the room, noticing a beautiful dressing table, large wardrobe and a large window over looking the Quidditch pitch which he had not noticed on first entering the room. "It's a lovely room," Harry admitted, breaking the silence. "Thank you. There's a brush on the dressing table which you can use to brush your hair," Draco replied calmly. Harry made his way over to the dressing table where a silver backed brush and comb set was laid out neatly. He picked up the large silver brush and sat down on the stool. He began brushing his hair automatically, studying his reflection in the mirror carefully. "You're very beautiful," Draco said truthfully, meeting Harry's eyes through the reflection. Draco watched as the green eyes lowered, hiding the thoughts within them as a blush rose and spread across Harry's face. He was telling the truth. Harry was beautiful - beautiful, pure, and unique. Harry finished brushing his hair and moved over to the bed. There was a tray similar to the one Draco had given him that morning in bed. It was filled with bowls of vegetables, a plate of meat, two goblets of pumpkin juice and a large strawberry cheesecake. It seemed that Dobby still knew which were his favourite foods, Harry thought with a smile. Harry sat on the bed, careful not to knock the tray over. He picked up a roast potato and

popped it into his mouth, savouring the taste with delight. Draco eyed him in amusement, glad that he had escaped from his earlier submissive behaviour. "Hungry?" he teased with a grin. "Yeah," Harry smiled easily. Draco handed him a fork and together they finished the meal. Draco found himself hypnotized by the way Harry ate. It was careful, but as if Harry truly loved the simple task of eating. He wondered idly how Harry never got fat with the amount of food he appeared to eat. "Dobby always gives me my favourite foods," Harry grinned. "So I gathered. As soon as I called him and told him to prepare a meal for us he said that he knew exactly what you'd like. He used to work for my father, at the Manor, if I remember correctly." "Yeah. I freed him in my second year," Harry grinned at the memory. "I hated you for that. Dobby was my favourite house elf," Draco mourned. Harry laughed. "Have you calmed down properly now?" "Yes. I don't know what happened," Harry confessed. Draco frowned. "You lost control and your anger made your magic react to your feelings. I suppose it also had something to do with the Gryffindor powers coming into play as well. After all, you always seemed more powerful when angry or emotional. I think your power is probably connected with your emotions," he said thoughtfully. "I lost it! I yelled at Dumbledore! Hell, I spat at Dumbledore!" moaned Harry. "He'll get over it. Personally, I think you were right. He shouldn't have kept it a secret from you. You'd be better off letting him explain everything and then deciding from there. I think he truly cares for you Harry, even if he does have a funny way of showing it. Deep down, you know that you're special to him." "Maybe. I think I need some time to cool down first," Harry said with a wry smile. "You're welcome to stay here as long as you like," said Draco softly, not wanting the boy to leave but also not wanting to pressure Harry into staying at the Tower if he didn't want to. "I'd like that," Harry confessed truthfully, another blush starting to cover his face. *******************

It was later that day when they heard a knock at the portrait. After finishing their meal they had curled up on the bed, talking quietly about their years at Hogwarts, their friends, their houses, homework and even the teachers they most liked and hated. Harry had calmed down completely and had even moved closer to Draco, placing his head under Draco's chin, which had made Draco grin. They were arguing about whether Snape was a horrible teacher when they heard Merlin shout from his portrait. "There's a mad man and his mutt down here wanting to get in!" Harry had simply grinned wildly, burying his face in Draco's shoulder to muffle his laughter. "Do you want them to come in?" Draco asked softly. "Yes. Tell Merlin to let them come in." "LET THEM IN!" Draco yelled, careful not to yell in Harry's ear. Several minutes later, a flustered Remus Lupin and Sirius Black appeared at the doorway to the bedroom. Remus smiled at them, although he looked amused at seeing Harry curled up in Draco's arms. Sirius just smiled sadly at Harry, moving to sit down on the bed. "I guess you heard about my fit in the Great Hall?" asked Harry quietly. "Yes," Sirius said carefully. "I lost it," Harry shrugged. "I think you actually made Albus gob smacked," Remus added with a smile, his golden eyes twinkling with suppressed mischief. Harry laughed loudly. "Good. The old fool deserves to be knocked off his pedestal for a few days," drawled Draco. "You didn't know about my dad either, did you?" guessed Harry. "No," Remus. Sirius simply shook his head. "I don't know what got into me. I think it was the fact that everyone knew more about my family than I did. I know you tell me about my mum and dad as much as you can but it's just not the same. I mean, Dumbledore knew why Voldemort wants to kill me and he never said. That's what hurts the most, the fact that I trusted him, and he betrayed me." "You have every right to be as angry as you want with Albus. I think he realizes that, but he does have an explanation Harry. I think you should at least talk to him," Sirius said gently, reaching out and stroking Harry's cheek tenderly.

"I know. I just want to stay here for a bit. Draco told me that he couldn't get in without him letting him in, and I feel...I don't know...I guess I feel safer," Harry confessed. "Then stay here. I have to admit, from what Ron told me, he's done an excellent job of calming you down," teased Sirius with a suggestive wink. Remus hit him around the head. "Sirius!" "Ahhh! Moony, get off me. Harry knows I'm only joking!" complained Sirius. "Then stay out of your Godson's love life," snapped Remus, clearly embarrassed. "I think I deserve to know if my Godson has bonded with a Veela, Moony," argued Sirius. "We haven't done anything!" added Harry hastily, seeing how Remus was about to launch into a lecture. All eyes switched to him and Harry blushed crimson, avoiding Sirius's eyes. "Harry was in no fit state to bond, and I certainly would never have taken advantage of him when he was barely able to think," Draco said honestly. Harry looked at him, tilting his head to study the blonde Slytherin. Their eyes connected and Harry felt the same magnetic pull towards the other boy. "I believe you," Sirius said, noticing the look. Harry blinked. "Good. I suppose Weasel and Granger are panicking that I abducted their little hero?" Draco asked, clearly amused at the thought. Harry elbowed him in the ribs and Draco winced. "Its Weasley or Ron; make a decision and stick with it," he ordered. With a sigh, Draco reluctantly nodded, much to Sirius and Remus's amusement. Sirius winked at Harry and Draco scowled. "And don't think that I'll allow you to visit often, Black," he added, even though he knew that he would never turn the man and his friend away; they were an important part of Harry's life after all. "I've only come to make sure Harry is okay. He's like a son to me and Moony," Sirius shrugged. "Thanks Sirius," Harry said softly, reaching out a hand to touch the man's arm. Sirius instantly took it in his own.

"You mean everything to me and Moony. Doesn't he Remus?" "Course he does. He's the only member of the new generation of Marauders," Remus grinned. "The last of the Marauders," Sirius groaned in despair. "Unless we have kids," Draco added with a smirk. Harry flushed. "I forgot that male Veela couples could have children," Remus said with a smile. "You want kids?" asked Sirius in surprise. "Yes, but if Harry does not want them then it would not bother me, but I really need an heir for the Malfoy estate," Draco shrugged, trying to hide the wistfulness in his voice. "Of course, Malfoy would want a grandchild. Have you heard anything from your father yet?" asked Remus, clearly curious. "Not yet. However, I think he'll throw a fit when he reads that article. He'll probably visit soon. He knows that he can do nothing to stop it. Even he cannot stop a Veela from wanting their mate, even if the match is nearly impossible to believe, as in this case." "He will tell Voldemort," Sirius added. "Voldemort will already know by now, as I'm betting he gets the Daily Prophet so that he can see what's going on in the Wizarding world," Harry said with a shrug. "I suppose you're right. After all, he can't want you dead any more than he already does," mused Sirius. "That was so comforting Sirius," said Remus in frustration, rolling his eyes. Harry laughed. "He's right though - and in some strange way, it actually made me feel better," Harry gasped between laughs. "Well, he won't touch you," Draco said with a shrug. All eyes moved to Draco and the Veela sighed. "My family is an important family in the wizarding world. Our bloodline is one of the most reliable and powerful ones throughout the world. I hardly doubt that Voldemort would destroy it because of a feud with Harry Potter, whom, might I just add, has done nothing to provoke him. I mean, he'll want us to continue the Malfoy line before he tries anything. Even if anything happens to Harry, which it won't, I will never have another partner. I'll remain childless, and my father doesn't want that. I think that at the moment we are relatively safe from attack," Draco explained.

"You are right," Remus said thoughtfully. ******************** After Sirius and Remus had left, promising that they would visit again as soon as they could, Harry had waited in the bed for Draco to return from the bathroom. The other boy reappeared wearing silver silk pajamas and had slid into the bed. There had been silence for a while before Harry had moved closer to the other boy. He slipped his arms around Draco's waist, pressing his body as close to Draco's as he could. Draco had carefully slid his arms around Harry, pulling him even closer, his breath lightly brushing Harry's cheek. "Goodnight," Harry murmured. "Goodnight, Harry," Draco replied. ******************** The next morning they were awoken by a repetitive banging noise. Harry mumbled his protest, snuggling closer to the blonde Slytherin for warmth and comfort. Draco smiled sleepily and opened his eyes. He saw his fathers Falcon pecking at the closed window and sighed. He slipped out of the bed, carefully detangling himself from Harry before opening the window and accepting the letter off the haughty bird that promptly gave him a glare and flew off, presumably back to the manor. He eyed the letter warily and turned back to the bed to see Harry sitting up, watching him. His green eyes were alert, but they narrowed in apprehension when they fell to the letter in Draco's hand. "Who's it from?" asked Harry, even though he had already guessed. "My father." Draco climbed back onto the bed and carefully undid the sealed envelope. He took a deep breath and began to read out loud: "Dear Draco, Your mother and I were immensely surprised, to say the least, when we read the article about your chosen mate. At first I believed that it was one of those false rumours that that meddlesome old witch had created to gain more readers. However, I have received no letter from you denying the rumours and therefore have come to the conclusion that the article is based on actually fact. Although I was shocked at first I am relatively pleased to see that you have chosen an independent, pure blood mate. Your mother was overjoyed at the news and sends her best wishes to both you and Harry. She left the dining room muttering about baby clothes and nurseries so be prepared for

letters filled with absolute rubbish sometime in the near future as she is positive that you will have a beautiful baby girl whom she can talk to about lipstick and other such frivolities. We have already sent a letter to Dumbledore requesting your permission to attend a dance which your mother is arranging in honour of your Inheritance, and now, as your mother put it, your future with your mate. I hope that you are having no problems so far, but try not to try and kill your mate. As you know, nothing anyone can do can change your decision and I hope you have learnt to accept it. I am pleased to add that Voldemort actually found the situation hilarious when he read it. I don't know whether that is a bad thing or a good thing but I thought I should inform you. Congratulations, Draco. I hope to see you soon. Your mother will send you the details about the dance within the next few days. Father." "Well that was friendly," remarked Harry in astonishment. Draco leaned over and kissed his forehead, clearly amused. "Just wait until we get owls after owls of baby things from my mother," he laughed. "She must want a grandchild very much," Harry murmured. "She always wanted lots of children, but sadly, she was never able to get pregnant after me," Draco confessed. "I don't mind, you know. Its just I don't want just yet. I'm not ready. I do like you though, and I've accepted it," Harry said suddenly. "I'm not forcing you to bond with me Harry. We're sixteen years old. We have the rest of our lives to be together and have children. Ignore my mother... I'll talk to her, and tell her that we're not bonded yet." "NO!" Harry said quickly. Draco eyed him in confusion. Harry blushed. "I'll be okay with it. I do want children," Harry confessed, explaining his feelings. "Really? "Yes. I've always wanted a large family," Harry blushed furiously, avoiding Draco's eyes. "Really?"

"Yes. I always wanted a brother or sister," Harry said softly, thinking back to his lonely childhood. "Then we'll have a large family," Draco said simply, a sparkle in his eyes. "I think you're just thinking about the conception," Harry couldn't help but laugh, a blush covering his cheeks at the thought. Draco grinned. "Of course I am. I can't wait to have you in my arms, completely willing to bond with me," Draco confessed. "I will - bond with you I mean." "I know." Draco lightly gripped his hand and pulled him into his arms. Harry sighed and relaxed into the embrace, liking the way Draco's finger's stroked his back in a soothing motion. Suddenly, Draco sat up looking at Harry with a glint of chagrin in his eyes. "I just realized! Mother will be informing my grandmother - and she's even worse!" Draco groaned. Harry and Draco laughed and laughed until tears streamed down their cheeks. ******************* This is the longest chapter I've ever written! Well, I hope you like it. The choices for the next chapter are: Dumbledore explains to Harry at last Harry gets a letter from Narcissa Narcissa comes to Hogwarts Ron and Hermione visit Harry at the Tower Review with your ideas! Back to index

Chapter 9: Dumbledore Explains Chapter 9: Disclaimer:

I own nothing except the plot and Draco as a Veela. Everything else, the characters and Hogwarts etc. belongs to J.K.Rowling. Authors note: For all of those who wanted more Harry/ Draco action - you've got it! ***************** Dumbledore Explains: It was the next day when Dumbledore sent an owl requesting Harry to visit his office. Harry read it out loud: "Harry, I know that at the moment you are angry with me, and I apologize profusely for hurting you. If you come to my office this afternoon, all will be explained to you. Professor Dumbledore." Harry had sat on the bed in silence since then, thinking deeply. Draco was anxious to understand what Harry wanted to do, but when he finally asked him whether or not he should go, Draco didn't know what to say to him. Harry seemed to sense his confusion. "It's up to you Harry. You know I don't like him, but I think that you should at least see what his explanation is. I'll even go with you if you want," offered Draco. Harry smiled. "I'd appreciate that." Harry hesitated before reaching up and lightly brushing his lips over Draco's in a soft, brief kiss. He pulled back to meet dazed silver eyes before he hastily left the bedroom, making his way down to the living room. Draco sighed in relief. It was late afternoon and it had taken Harry all day to decide whether or not to go. "He makes it so hard for me and yet he's completely oblivious to it," Draco sighed out loud before making his way to follow Harry, a hand lightly tracing his lips where Harry had kissed him. ************** They soon arrived at Dumbledore's office and Harry hesitated before saying the password to the gargoyle. It was obvious that Harry wanted to bolt back to the Tower, and although Draco would like nothing better than to remain at the Tower with Harry alone for all

eternity, he knew that they couldn't. "Chocolate frogs," Harry said quietly. After they climbed the stairs they waited outside the door for a moment before Draco reached out from behind Harry and knocked loudly. Harry rolled his eyes. However much Draco had changed, he was still the arrogant, haughty heir of the Malfoy fortune when in public. "Come in!" called a voice. Draco opened the door and dragged Harry into the room. Harry sighed, already regretting his decision to go. He regretted it even more when he realized that the room was filled with people, many of whom Harry had never met before, and they all turned instantly and stared at them. "Harry, Draco, please come and sit down," said Dumbledore immediately, gesturing to two spare seats. Harry scowled at his tone and moved to sit down when he was swung up into a pair of strong arms and settled onto a soft lap, a pair of silver eyes watching him with a mischievous smirk. "Draco!" "What? Why should I spend the next few hours bored senseless, listening to that idiot drone on, when I can occupy my time by holding you?" Draco said innocently. Dumbledore coughed. Harry couldn't help it - he laughed. "You're such a snob," he told Draco in between his snorts of laughter. "You're so lucky that I happen to fancy you otherwise I'd have hexed you for that remark," Draco drawled, slipping his arms subtly around Harry's slender frame so that the Gryffindor was skillfully trapped. "And you’re just lucky that I don't feel like yelling sexual harassment," Harry smirked right back. "You wouldn't do that," said Draco confidently. "Why not?" "Because then my dear old mother would blame it all on extra hormones," he grinned. Harry flushed. "Hormones?" asked a voice. Startled, Harry turned his head to stare straight into Sirius's pale blue eyes. Harry

wriggled to escape the arms holding him, to no avail. Harry sighed and reluctantly relaxed against him. "His mother seems to want grandchildren," Harry said with a shrug. Sirius grinned. "I want a great godson as well," Sirius whined. Remus sharply elbowed him in the ribs. "Moony!" "Stop behaving like an idiot," commanded Remus. "But I want a baby!" whined Sirius. "Then go and find a girl and get her pregnant," sneered Snape from across the room, "if a girl will have you." "Why should I when it's far easier to let Draco get Harry pregnant? Besides, Harry has to have a baby so that we can have a baby Prongs," Sirius protested calmly. "Sirius, as much as I appreciate your support in me getting your Godson pregnant I think it would be best that Dumbledore says what he has to say and then me and Harry can both leave," Draco put in, noticing Harry's embarrassment. "Thank you Draco," smiled Dumbledore. "Don't smile at me - you remind me of my Grandfather," Draco frowned. "Samuel Malfoy was a very intelligent man," Dumbledore smiled again. "He was a nice man for a Death Eater - get on with it," snapped Draco impatiently. Harry freed an arm and hit his head, causing several people in the room to laugh. Draco simply smirked and Harry could tell instantly that he was going to come up with something to make him blush. It seemed that the Veela liked nothing better than finding ways to make him blush. He was right. "I never thought you'd like it rough, Harry," he smirked. "Draco!" Harry hissed, eyes narrowing dangerously. "Fine, I'll sit here and be good," Draco gave in with a sigh. "I can't believe it! He's got you wrapped around his little finger," grinned Sirius. He promptly shut up when Remus glared at him. "We match then, don't we?" Draco smirked, amused.

Sirius pulled a face, not denying it. "I brought you here to discuss something, which I should have told you earlier Harry. This, and all of the people here, is the Order of the Phoenix," Dumbledore explained. "The Order of the Phoenix? Isn't that the Order that works against Voldemort?" asked Draco with a frown, interested despite himself. "And how does he know that?" asked Mad Eyed Moody sharply, his magical eye fixed intently on Draco. "My father is a Malfoy. We know everything," Draco shrugged carelessly. "You are correct. The Order of the Phoenix was set up the last time Voldemort came to power," Dumbledore said calmly. "But why are you telling me his?" Harry asked, a touch of annoyance in his voice. "Your father was a member of the Order, Harry. It was for his safety that he joined. The Order is exclusive to those we can trust and everyone is tested frequently to see whether they are spying for the wrong side. It was your father that admitted to us, in a meeting, that the reason why Voldemort wanted him dead was because he was a descendant from Godric Gryffindor. We were shocked, but not surprised, as the Potter bloodline goes back to the very beginning of the Wizarding world. We had to protect your father, and because of that, the Fidilus charm was used. Sadly, it failed, and your parents were killed. However, it was your father that made us promise to never tell you the truth. He made the whole Order promise never to tell you until you reached the age of twenty one." "So why didn't you tell me when they died? I mean, I know I'm not twenty one years old but I think I had a right to know why my parents were killed," argued Harry angrily. "We had promised on the oath of the Order and that oath must never be broken. I always honored James's request. You have my apologies for hiding it from you Harry. I never meant to hurt you." "It's done now, nothing can change the past," Harry muttered, looking away. Draco's grip tightened slightly to offer reassurance and Harry smiled at him, glad of his support. "However, there is something I need to tell you. You came into your powers too early. The reason why we were promised to tell you at the age of twenty- one is due to the fact that on that day you would come into your own Inheritance. However, to our surprise it came earlier than expected, in the Great Hall when you lost your temper in fact," Dumbledore smiled. "That's why I lost control," Harry said thoughtfully. "Yes. I must add that you have now made nearly the whole school literally terrified of

you," said Dumbledore with a chuckle. "But why did it come early?" asked Draco, interested and worried at the same time. "It seems that your mother did not in fact come from a muggle family. Your mother came from a long list of squib descendants from none other than Merlin himself," Dumbledore explained gently. Harry felt all of the colour drain from his face. Draco held him tighter and Harry warily rested his head against his chest, needing the love that Draco gave without question. "Merlin? Christ! Did Lily and James know?" gaped Sirius. "No. I believe that they never knew." "So what you're trying to say," sneered Snape, "is that Potter is in fact the last descendant from Merlin." "Yes," Dumbledore said softly, eyes filled with concern as they stared at Harry. "What about Voldemort? He has my blood! Won't that make him...?" "Harry, Voldemort did give you some of his powers the night he cursed you but you never gave him any powers when he took your blood. Yes, his blood does flow through your veins but he bares no scar, no mark to show he has transformed into another descendant. Your scar was a result of the Slytherin magic fighting the Gryffindor magic. Voldemort took your blood by force. On trying to kill you Voldemort gave you, willingly, his power, whereas your blood was taken forcefully," Dumbledore explained. "So he isn't the heir of Gryffindor?" asked Remus. "No." "Does Voldemort know about my mother?" Harry hesitatingly asked. "No, of that I can assure you." "So you're the descendant from Merlin, Gryffindor and magically Salazar Slytherin," mused Draco. "I guess," Harry said sadly. "Only you would hate the fact that your one of the most powerful wizards in the world," Draco said in frustration. "You just don't like the fact that I'm stronger than you," teased Harry with a grin. Draco scowled. "I have my Veela genes," he said defiantly. "So you're going to seduce Voldemort?" asked Harry in amusement.

Draco looked absolutely revolted at the very idea. "That's disgusting! Besides, I'll never sleep with anyone but you. I don't want anyone but you," Draco said simply. Their eyes met and Harry felt the now familiar magnetic attraction towards the blonde holding him. Knowing he'd give in if he didn't look away, Harry looked towards Sirius, his face flushed and eyes glowing. Draco rolled his eyes. "You keep doing that," Harry argued. "And you keep breaking the pull," Draco argued back. Harry frowned at him, clearly getting angry. "I'm sorry. I had no right to say that," said Draco, realizing that he'd pushed Harry too far. The last few days had been heaven to Draco. He had been able to hold, caress and even kiss the boy of his dreams. They had shared the same bed, albeit innocently, and Draco didn't want it to end. He knew Harry was starting to get comfortable and relaxed around him and he didn't want to destroy that. "It's okay," Harry murmured. "I guess that you'll be staying at the Tower?" enquired Dumbledore with a smile. "Yes," Harry said softly, avoiding Draco's eyes. "Is it protected?" asked McGonagall, purposely ignoring the fact that her student would be in close quarters with a Veela. "Yes," said Draco. "Put it this way, M. Malfoy doesn’t want me in and Merlin therefore won’t let me in,” chuckled Dumbleore. "I don't like you," pointed out Draco with a smirk. "Of course," Dumbledore beamed. "You don't mind that I think that you're a manipulative fool?" Draco asked, raising an eyebrow. "No." "Good." "Death Eater,” mumbled Mad Eyed Moody.

"Alastor!" Dumbledore scolded him angrily. "I'm not a Death Eater," Draco said with a frown. "Why not?" asked Arabella Figg, her eyes fixed intently on his. "I bow to no one," Draco hissed. "You always did have too much pride," Snape smirked, clearly amused. Harry rolled his eyes. "Anyway, I suggest you get a good nights sleep. You have classes tomorrow, after all," Dumbledore beamed. They were about to leave the room when Dumbledore stopped them. Harry did not like the look in his eye. It was almost gleeful. "I received a letter from your parents this morning, Draco." Severus actually burst out laughing at the horrified look on his face. "What did my mother want?" Draco asked weakly. "She requested your presence at a ball they were having at the manor, in honor of your Inheritance and mate," Dumbledore beamed. "Oh..." Draco said, some colour going back into his face. "And she also told me to tell you that she would arrive tomorrow morning. She mentioned something about visiting Diagon Alley for a gift for her grandchild," Dumbledore twinkled. Harry's eyes widened in shock. "She's mental," Draco moaned helplessly, clearly imagining his mother buying the whole toyshop. "She seemed interested in talking to Harry. She enquired whether he was healthy or not." "Of course Harry's healthy!" raged Sirius. "She'll be visiting tomorrow," Dumbledore smiled. Harry hesitantly looked at Draco. "Please tell me that she's leaving Marissa at home," Draco pleaded. "I'm afraid not." Dumbledore actually grinned.

"Joy," Draco muttered to himself. ************** Harry and Draco left Dumbledore's office and were headed back to their Tower. Harry appeared tired, so Draco easily slipped an arm around him, drawing him close so that some of his weight was balanced between them both. Harry smiled at him gratefully. "Thanks." "You're tired?" Draco asked gently. "Yes." "Then when we go back to the Tower you can rest," Draco suggested gently, trying not to make it seem like an order. Harry nodded. When they arrived at the Tower, Harry immediately made his way to the bedroom. He sat down on the bed. Draco was downstairs studying in what Harry knew to be the study. He had no homework, as Hermione had forced him to complete all of his assignment over the weekend. He thought about Draco. It must have been hard on the Veela to be so close to him when all he wanted to do was bond. Harry wondered whether he was getting tired of him but instantly dismissed the idea. Hesitating, he pushed his nervousness aside and called out. "Draco!?" There was silence and then the blonde boy appeared in the doorway, a quizzical expression on his face. He raised an eyebrow at Harry's fidgeting, clearly amused at his nervousness. "What is it?" he asked softly. "Do you want to kiss me?" Harry blurted out, eyes going wide as he realized what he had said. Draco blinked. "Pardon?" Draco gaped at him as he realized what Harry had said. Harry blushed, looking at the floor in his embarrassment. For a moment Draco just watched him before he moved forward, a loving smile on his face. "Do you want me to kiss you, Harry?" he asked. Harry looked up, startled, before he nodded slightly, his face a deep crimson and his eyes glowing with a strange curiosity which Draco found appealing. Draco found himself

smiling wider in delight; Harry, the boy he loved, wanted him to kiss him. Draco had been afraid that Harry had only wanted to kiss him in the Great Hall for comfort, and although he had been thankful for the brief moment of intimacy with the Gryffindor, it had pained him to know that Harry had wanted nothing more. He moved forward and sat on the bed next to Harry who was watching him with wide green eyes. Draco idly made a mental reminder to have Harry's face painted. It was a beautiful face - the eyes the most amazing emerald. He lifted a hand and cupped his cheek, pulled the boy to him. Harry's eyes fluttered closed and Draco placed his lips lightly over the Gryffindor's mouth in a tender, brief kiss. "Is that what you wanted?" he teased softly. "No...I want you to... to properly kiss me," Harry whispered, his voice hoarse. The lashes fluttered open to reveal dazed green orbs. "What do you mean?" Draco teased. "I want you to kiss me the time you did on the sofa," Harry admitted with a blush. Draco's breathing hitched. "Lie down," he said softly. Harry lay down on the bed. "Close your eyes," Draco soothed. Harry did so. After a few seconds he felt Draco move on the bed and then he felt the light weight of Draco's warm body covering his own. Harry's eyes shot open and he stared straight into a pair of bemused, lust filled silver eyes. Harry opened his mouth to speak when he felt a light pressure stopping him. Draco's lips had pressed down on his own, caressing his mouth gently before his tongue probed. Harry eagerly gave in, loving the feelings that Draco could create within him. He opened his mouth and moaned softly when Draco's tongue explored his mouth, dueling with his own tongue. Draco slid his lips down to Harry's throat, sucking slightly. "Draco...?" "Yes love?" "Kiss me again." Draco looked into passion filled green eyes and knew without a doubt that he could not

deny Harry anything. "With pleasure..." ************* Harry awoke the next day feeling warm and contented. He snuggled closer, sighing his content, when a pair of arms wrapped around him, holding his close. His eyes fluttered open and he met Draco's amused gray eyes. "Morning love," he murmured. Remembering what they had done the night before, Harry blushed crimson. "You're beautiful," Draco murmured, kissing his flushed cheek tenderly. Harry smiled weakly. Draco grinned, pleased at his progress with his mate. They had done nothing more than kiss, and the only clothes to be removed had been Harry's shirt, much to Draco's glee as he had been fascinated with the nipple ring ever since he had seen it. Draco had simply reveled in being able to touch Harry, telling him how beautiful he was and murmuring other endearments. They had talked about the bonding as well, and Harry had told him that he wanted it to be special. 'I'll make it the best night of his life...' thought Draco, tenderly stroking Harry's hair out of his eyes. ********************* They had finally gotten ready. Harry had all but run to the bathroom to take a shower, leaving a smiling Draco on the bed. Draco grabbed a pair of black trousers, a white shirt, a pair of boxers and a pair of socks. He placed them just inside the door, careful not to intrude on Harry's privacy. About half an hour later Harry emerged. Draco's clothes were slightly too big on him, but Harry seemed comfortable in them. His damp hair curled over his forehead, a pair of alert green eyes peering at him expectantly. "You look fine," Draco reassured him. Harry visibly relaxed. "What size shoes do you take?" Draco asked. "Twelve," Harry shrugged. Draco grinned. "You know what they say about big feet..." Harry blushed crimson.

Draco silently pulled out a pair of shoes from the wardrobe and cast a spell on them to change them to the correct size. He pretended not to notice Harry's red face. He handed Harry the shoes. Harry accepted the shoes and Draco smiled at him innocently. He watched as the Veela sauntered into the bathroom to get ready. Harry heard the other boys’ merry laughter through the door and shook his head. He smiled and moved over to get his wand. "Removerio wrinklentia," he muttered, flicking his wand towards the bed. The covers were instantly smoothed out, all wrinkles removed. Harry grinned in satisfaction, thankful for the use of magic. Harry had to admit that he had been surprised at how far they had gone last night. Harry was just thankful that Draco had not forced him to full sex. He needed time to get used to the idea, and he wanted it to be special, which he had admitted to Draco the night before. "Thinking about me?" Harry blinked and as his eyes refocused he saw that Draco Malfoy was standing before him, dressed in his famous Slytherin uniform, the silver hair damp and tousled. He must have been thinking for a while. He grinned, amused to see the boy in a state less than his usual perfection. It seemed to make Draco even more lovable when he was able to witness the proud Veela in his most vulnerable moments. Harry also enjoyed being able to tease the boy who could so easily make him blush in embarrassment through one carefully chosen phrase. "You need to brush your hair." Draco moved easily to pick up the brush that Harry had used previously and quickly but efficiently brushed his hair into place. Harry moved towards the door. Meeting Draco's questioning eyes through the mirror he smiled. "I need to get my books from Gryffindor Tower," Harry said quietly. Draco nodded and watched as the other boy left the room. *************** Harry walked down to Gryffindor Tower. He met a concerned Fat Lady who asked him whether he was all right. After assuring her that he was, she let him through. She had always had a soft spot for him - probably because of his parents. "Harry!" A figure hurled itself at him and Harry gasped, stumbling back. He met the intelligent eyes of one of his best friends, Hermione Granger, with a grin. "Nice to see you to," he grinned.

"Are you alright?" she asked anxiously. "Yeah... Hey... .er... Sorry I lost it," Harry said self-consciously. "It's not your fault," Hermione said gently. She pulled away and Harry met Ron's concerned face. The red head gave Harry a weak, genuine smile and Harry grinned back cheerfully. Ron instantly looked relieved. "Where have you been?" he asked. "With Draco," Harry shrugged non-committedly. "Ohhh!" Ron blushed. Realizing what his friend was thinking Harry was started to deny doing anything with the Veela when he remembered the previous night. Harry flushed and looked away. Hermione giggled. "Bonded yet, Harry?" "What!? No!" Harry gaped. Ron looked relieved. "I just stayed in his Tower to cool down. He made me see Dumbledore. He's explained it, and even though I'm still mad at him, I guess he had a reasonable excuse," Harry sighed, running a hand through his damp hair. "You scared the hell out of us," Ron confessed. Harry fidgeted uncomfortably. "I lost control of my magic," he mumbled. "You okay Harry?" interrupted Seamus Finnegan who had just come into the room. "Yeah - I'm fine Seamus," Harry smiled. "Good," the Irish boy grinned, moving closer. Seeing the other boys intention Harry hastily moved towards the stairs. He had become wary of the other boy ever since Draco had opened his eyes about the Irish boys real reason for his so called 'friendship'. "I need my books," he yelled before making a hasty exit. "What did I do wrong?" Seamus mourned with a pout, his eyes fixed on Harry's retreating back.

"Never mind Seamus," Hermione said soothingly, absent-mindedly patting his back as she moved over to her book bag. She grabbed it and made her way over to the portrait. "Where are you going?" asked Seamus in confusion. "Library," Ron and Hermione said at the same time. Hermione shot him a dirty look, which Ron pretended not to notice, and left the room with a huff. "Girls..." Ron muttered. "Boys..." agreed Seamus. ********************* Harry walked down to the Great Hall with Ron, Seamus and Dean. They were laughing as they entered the Hall. Just as they stepped through the door and before Harry knew what was happening, a beautiful woman walked up to him. "Narcissa Malfoy," she said softly, holding out her hand. "Nice to meet you," Harry said nervously. The woman smiled pleasantly at that, pleased at his greeting. She appeared friendlier than the last time he had seen her - at the Quidditch World Cup in the summer before his fourth year at Hogwart's. She was still beautiful; it seemed that Draco had inherited his features from his mother as well, Harry mused. "I must admit that it was a surprise to learn about you and my son, but I always thought there was a lot of strong emotion between you two," Narcissa said smiling, flashing Harry a wink. Harry blinked, wondering whether he had just imagined Draco Malfoy's mother winking at him. "You're so much like your father, boy," said a soft, cultured voice. Startled, Harry turned to see a tall, middle-aged woman who he guessed correctly was Marissa. Her eyes were the usual piercing Malfoy silver but her hair was a dark brown. She was dressed expensively. She was obviously Narcissa's mother, as their face structures were identical. 'This was the woman that Draco was afraid of,' Harry thought. "Thank you," Harry flashed her a genuine smile and her face softened. "Grandmother, stop teasing him," drawled Draco, suddenly appearing and dragging Harry deliberately away from his relations. Narcissa grinned at this, flashing Harry a second discrete, suggestive wink. Harry mentally sighed, it seemed that looks were not the

only thing Draco had inherited from his mother. Harry blushed. ************** Wow! This chapter took hours to write. I hope you liked it! Anyway, the choices for the next chapter are as following: Harry spends hours talking to Narcissa and her mother about babies with an embarrassed Draco Voldemort sends a 'gift' to celebrate Draco and Harry's relationship Narcissa sends for a private dressmaker for Harry They leave for the manor for the dance Review with your decision. Back to index

Chapter 10: The Malfoy's Disclaimer: I don't own anything - short and simple. Author's note: I've posted ten chapter to last until Christmas and after Christmas day I'll post the rest. There's thirty chapters to be added until I was up to where I was before the fic was pulled, and it takes a while to sort through them. The whole fic is about sixty chapters in total - but that's only a rough guess. **************** The Malfoy's: Draco had managed to persuade his family to visit Dumbledore, much to Harry's relief. He had been overwhelmed at meeting his future family, and had been alarmed to discover that his beliefs about yet another member of the Malfoy family were in fact untrue. Draco had led him towards the Potion's classroom, much to his distress. The only person he needed now to make him feel any worse was the dreaded Potion's Master, none other than Severus Snape. "Sit down!" Snape ordered coldly.

Automatically, Harry sat down in his usual seat, barely registering the fact that Draco sat next to him on his right. Ron and Hermione sat in front of them, close enough to Harry to guard him from 'that blasted Veela' as Ron put it. "Today we are studying the Unvelaia Potion. The potion was created in 1577 by a potion master called Leon Bonneau. Bonneau was a French potion maker who spent most of his life creating potions in his laboratory. The potion, Unvelaia, is in fact a Veela repellent, and due to the...unusual circumstances at Hogwart's, both myself and Headmaster Dumbledore believed it would be wise to eliminate you all from feeling the Magnetic Attraction," Snape sneered, his eyes automatically meeting Draco's innocent silver eyes. "The potion will be applied to all years this week, to prevent any of you drooling in my classroom," Snape added with a sneer. The class began to mutter between themselves, several of the girls giggling while staring at both Harry and Draco. Snape glared. "But of course, Mr. Potter will be in fact not allowed to take it. After all, we can't deprive a Veela of its mate, can we?" Snape added vindictively. Harry blushed crimson, glaring at Snape angrily. Ron opened his mouth to snap something offensive to Snape, and was barely prevented by Hermione. Draco, on the other hand, appeared completely unruffled, but his eyes glowed with anger at the insult to his mate and himself. "I personally suggest you take it yourself sir. We can't have you drooling in class either, can we?" Draco added innocently. Snape eyed him in contempt, turning sharply so that his robes swirled dramatically. "The ingredients are on the board, do not mess it up!" Draco and Harry immediately set to work. They worked individually. Harry knew that Snape was only allowing him to brew the potion in the hope that he failed. He was furious that the man had completely humiliated him, and cheapened his and Draco's relationship somehow. "Calm down," Draco said soothingly, lightly brushing his arm in a gesture of comfort. "I hate him," Harry hissed back. Draco grinned. *************** By the end of Potions everyone had successfully created and drank their potion, much to Draco's relief. He didn't fancy having a crowd of hormonal teenagers trying to seduce him while he used his attraction to attract Harry.

Harry's potion had been bottled and Snape, surprisingly enough, had insisted he take it. It had not been tested, but Harry knew that it would work. He had followed the recipe closely, wanting to prove that he could do well at Potions when he wanted to. They were heading down to the Great Hall when Seamus decided to try and attract Harry's attention. He grabbed the other boy around the waist and lifted him up off the ground, causing Harry to cry out in shock. "Hey Harry!" Seamus grinned. Harry smiled warily, and struggled out of his arms, he glanced at Draco, expecting him to explode, but was scared even more by the calm look on his face; a calm look which hid the fury and rage smoldering in the silver eyes. Everyone moved away from them, but Seamus stayed his ground. He knew that the Veela couldn't force Harry into bonding, and was hoping that Harry would pursue a relationship with him instead of the Veela - and Seamus being Seamus, he wasn't about to quit. "What the hell do you think you are doing Finnegan?" Draco drawled coolly. "Just playing around," Seamus said with a mischievous grin. Draco growled warningly. "Draco..." Harry said softly, shooting Seamus a dark look. Seamus gaped in surprise. "Let's go to dinner, ok? I'm hungry," Harry murmured softly, gently guiding Draco through the doors leading to the Great Hall. Draco did not protest, but his eyes glared fixedly at Seamus. "I think you'd better stop annoying him," Hermione warned carefully. "I'll stop when Harry tells me to," Seamus said stubbornly. "Malfoy will kill you," gaped Ron. "And I might win Harry," Seamus said with a grin. The Gryffindor's shook their heads in exasperation. ******************* It was at the end of the day when Harry and Draco retired to their Tower. Draco had stayed continually at Harry's side ever since the encounter with Seamus that morning, and Harry hadn't objected, content to be 'protected' from 'Irish perverts'. Harry smiled at Merlin, and on Draco's quiet 'Magnetic Attraction' the portrait swung open. Harry climbed through instantly; he did not notice the loving look Draco gave him at

how relaxed and natural he seemed on entering what Draco called 'their home'. Draco immediately waved his wand and lit the fire, and Harry jumped in shock, finally noticing the two women sitting on the sofa. It was none other than Narcissa and Marissa Malfoy. Draco groaned, loudly. "Really Draco, I would have thought that you would have been pleased to see me," Narcissa teased good-naturedly. "It's lovely to see you Mother," Draco said coolly, moving protectively towards Harry who was staring at the women with a stunned expression on his face. "You have no reason to fear for his safety," Marissa said gently, understanding the Veela protectiveness. Harry's gaze instantly turned towards Draco. He offered a soft smile, which reassured the Veela. Narcissa smiled at the way he calmed her son. She was amused to see how easy Draco could be manipulated when he had been taught to manipulate others instead. "You just scared me," Harry explained. "I'm sorry," Narcissa said with a shrug. Harry hesitantly moved towards the other sofa, sitting down and meeting Marissa's eyes with a curious expression. "We're here to talk about the bonding," Narcissa explained. Harry blushed. "I see you know what I am talking about - however; I was told by Dumbledore that you have not bonded yet..." Narcissa said softly, the unspoken question left hanging for Harry to answer. Draco glared. "Harry does not have to answer..." he began to argue, eyes flashing. "It's ok...It's just that it happened so suddenly. It was a shock to find out about Draco and the bond. I wasn't ready. I'm not ready now...I've learnt to accept it but I'm not..." Harry trailed off hopelessly, unable to explain himself. "He was afraid to commit himself to someone he didn't know," Draco added calmly. Marissa nodded. "I can understand that. However, I need to know whether you do intend to bond or you are merely trifling with my grandson's affections," Marissa said coolly. "I do want to bond with him, but I want it to be special and I want it to be perfect," Harry admitted finally.

"Of course," Narcissa beamed. Marissa nodded, excepting his answer. Draco smiled at Harry softly. "We just wanted to talk to you about male pregnancy," Narcissa beamed. Harry flushed, lowering his eyes in embarrassment while Draco smiled brightly. "When you do bond, Harry, there is a large chance of conception," Narcissa informed Harry, ignoring his embarrassment. "Oh..." "You do want children?" Marissa asked. "Yes!" Harry exclaimed firmly. Narcissa's eyes lit up and a dreamy expression crossed her face. She was clearly delighted with the prospect of becoming a grandmother. Draco chocked back a laugh, and Marissa shot him a disapproving look. "Good," Marissa said, eyeing Harry with something akin to approval in her eyes. "Are you having a ceremony?" asked Narcissa suddenly. "A ceremony?" asked Harry blankly. "Yes. As you probably know, in the wizarding world there is no prejudice against marrying someone of the same sex. Veela's can, if they wish, marry their mates before bonding," Narcissa said gently. "Marriage?" Harry asked blankly. "I didn't want to tell you until you were more comfortable with the idea..." Draco murmured uncomfortably. "So we have to get married?" Harry asked, understanding in his eyes. "We don't have to - but we could," Draco said hesitantly. "I think I'd prefer it'd make me feel more...normal...I guess," Harry said quietly, his eyes fixed on the floor. Draco sighed with relief. "Then we will arrange a ceremony. Perhaps the dance could be an engagement party as well?" Narcissa suggested not to subtly. Draco glared at her.

"Ok...but I don't want to be married yet," Harry raised pleading green eyes to Draco's silver. "We don't have to married until you are ready. The party will simply be procedure," Draco told him soothingly. Instantly Harry relaxed. "Good. Now Draco, please leave so that your Grandmother and me can call in the dressmaker. We simply have to do something about Harry's clothes," Narcissa said carefully, avoiding Harry's horrified eyes. ***************** Harry stood tiredly in the bedroom on a stool. The dressmaker turned out to be a man called Silvius Snazzer, one of the best dressmaker's in the entire wizarding world. As soon as he had seen Harry he had set to work, discussing fabrics, colours and styles with the two older Malfoy's as if Harry was not even in the room. Harry wondered idly if Draco would have a fit about a male dressmaker touching his mate. The sight of Draco cursing the man to hell and back bought a grin to Harry's face. "I think green is one of the best colours on him...and of course black...not too much decoration...plain and simple...perhaps a black robe, a green cashmere pullover...or a white shirt...?" Silvius mused, studying Harry critically. "I'm sure Draco would like black...and green brings out his eyes. Make sure he has enough clothes for an entire winter wardrobe...cloaks, robes, casual clothes - everything. Draco will want him suitably attired," Narcissa said coolly, clearing showing her superiority to the dressmaker. "Of course..." Harry started staring wistfully at the door leading to the living room, where an impatient male Veela was waiting for him. 'Help....' was Harry's last thought before he was forced to try on yet another outfit. ************* Nearly four hours later, Narcissa emerged from the room to find an impatient Draco glaring at the door. On seeing her enter, Draco leapt up, eager to see his mate. He pushed past her and stopped, his eyes riveted on the figure before him. Harry's tall frame was dressed in a black robe, the silk gently skimming the floor around Harry's feet. The cloth was tight fitted, clinging to his body, much to Draco's secret delight. The green silk shirt he was wearing was open at the top, revealing tanned skin. The black trousers were well fitted, perfect, showing off Harry's long legs. His face was flushed in embarrassment, a query in the vivid green eyes as Harry waited patiently for his approval or disapproval. Draco cleared his throat, his eyes burning with desire.

"You look beautiful," Draco murmured, voice strangely husky. Harry blushed. "It's for the dance...Silvius said that green and black suited me the best..." Harry muttered, eyes lowered. Draco's eyes moved to 'Silvius' and his expression changed to one of loathing. This man had dared to touch his mate...his mother had not mentioned that Harry was to be fitted by a man. "Draco," warned Marissa, trying to clam her grandson. Silvius eyed Draco warily, knowing that the boy was a very protective Veela. At the moment the younger Malfoy appeared to want to hex him. He had to admit that he had found Harry attractive, in an innocent appealing way. The boy was beautiful, and Silvius enjoyed dressing beautiful people. "Your mate is very beautiful, I had no problem fitting him with an entire wardrobe," he said calmly, the word mate emphasized to show the Veela that he meant no danger to Harry or their relationship. Harry seemed to understand and moved forward, gently reaching out to touch Draco's cheek. The gesture caught Draco's attention immediately and he smiled down at Harry, his expression softening. "Thank you for the clothes Draco..." Harry said carefully, knowing that although his pride was fighting over being provided for by another, his gratefulness would calm the Veela. "You are welcome. You will wear nothing but the best," Draco swore. The fierce protectiveness and love in Draco's voice stunned Harry. He smiled lopsidedly. He reached up and placed a soft, brief kiss on the Veela's cheek - a gesture which sealed his promise to Draco and proved that he had no intention of leaving him. By the door, Narcissa and Marissa smiled at the gesture while Silvius thanked Merlin that the Veela had not tried to kill him. *********** After Marissa and Narcissa had left, promising to visit the next day as they were staying at the castle for several days, Draco and Harry had retreated to the bedroom again. Harry had instantly gone to the bathroom, wanting to relax in a tub of warm water after the stressful day he had had. Draco had taken a shower while waiting for Harry to be seen to by the dressmaker to make the time go by faster. It hadn't worked, but it did mean that he would be able to spend more time with the Green Eyed God, as Draco had secretly begun to call him. He stripped off and got ready in his pajamas. He climbed into bed, waiting for Harry. Soon enough, the Gryffindor appeared from the bathroom dressed in a pair of new green silk

pajamas which had been part of his new wardrobe. Draco had to admit that Harry looked gorgeous. "That Finnigan better leave you alone," Draco said suddenly, remembering the Irish Gryffindor. "Seamus is just..." "Trying to seduce you," Draco said calmly, but his voice was hard. "He's just pratting around...I doubt he means it!" Harry argued, climbing onto the bed. "He keeps trying to touch you," Draco growled. "You need to learn to calm down Draco. I am not interested in Seamus," Harry said with a frown. "You don't fancy him?" Draco asked, curious but dreading the answer. "Seamus is like a brother to me. I feel for him the same as I feel for Ron," Harry explained carefully, not wanting to anger the Veela. Draco had already proved several times just how possessive the Veela was, and Harry did not want to anger the Veela into believing he felt anything except friendship for the Irish boy. "Good," growled Draco, and promptly pushed Harry down onto the bed. He began to kiss Harry's face; gradually making his way to Harry's parted lips which were desperately pleading for his attention. Draco moaned as he caught sight of passion filled green eyes. "I love you so much," he whispered into Harry's ear. "I know," Harry murmured back. As they kissed passionately Draco's heart clenched painfully with the realization that Harry had not said 'I love you' back. 'You will love me Harry...even if it takes a lifetime to make you realize it,' Draco swore silently, moaning into his mate's soft mouth. **************** Harry awoke the next morning to Hedwig standing on the dressing table, a letter tied to her leg. Harry disentangled himself from Draco and walked over to her. He carefully untied the letter and watched Hedwig fly off back to the owlery. Harry opened the letter: ’Harry,

On meeting you yesterday I was surprised to say the least. You were not like anything I had expected. I guess that I had expected to meet the duplicate of James Potter. Although you look like him, I have to admit that you were nothing like him. I had been worried before I arrived, on hearing the news about my son's mate. Draco is, and always will be, the most stubborn boy I have ever met. I have heard stories about you, and although I did always wonder at the strong emotions between you both, I never considered this. I was pleased to find out your wishes to become a father. I have always wanted a grandchild, and I know Draco has always longed for a large family - due to his own loneliness as a child. I have several pieces of advice to you. Veela are very possessive creatures, as you know already. You need to be careful to let Draco know that you will never leave him for another, as the thought of loosing their mate can drive a Veela to madness. To a Veela, their mate is everything. To Draco you are his entire world, and always will be. Never hurt my son, as my Veela instincts will barely refrain me from taking revenge against you, even though it would hurt my son to have you hurt. He will always want your happiness, and will give you everything. Draco will never allow you to be hurt, of that you can be certain, and he will protect you until death, if it is needed. I hope to speak to you in private Narcissa Malfoy.’ Harry folded the letter and placed it on the dressing table. He moved back towards the bed, a soft smile playing at his lips as he gazed down at the sleeping face of his future husband. 'My fiancé,' Harry mused thoughtfully. He watched as Draco stirred, his body searching for Harry in the bed. The eyes sapped open suddenly, sudden panic filling them at the thought of Harry disappearing. Harry saw it and moved closer, so that Draco's eyes could fix on him. Draco visibly relaxed. "Your mother sent me a letter," Harry explained. "What did she want?" "She told me some things I needed to hear," Harry said softly, leaning down to kiss Draco's lips possessively. **************** When Draco and Harry arrived at the Great Hall for breakfast, everyone stared at them. Narcissa and Marissa were sitting with the teachers, faint traces of amusement gleaming in

their eyes as Harry promptly dragged Draco towards the Gryffindor table. "Hey Harry," Hermione said cheerfully. "Hey Mione..." Harry said distractedly, helping himself to toast and bacon. Draco shook his head and helped himself to a mug of coffee. "You seem cheerful," Ron said, eyes narrowed. "He's just pleased that he's still alive," Draco said with a shrug. All eyes turned to him. "What? My mother nearly smothered him with clothes," Draco shrugged. "Clothes?" asked Hermione, curiosity in her voice. "Draco's bought me some new clothes," Harry explained, shooting Ron a warning glare. "He's buying you," Ron hissed. "No - I'm providing for my fiancé," Draco corrected. The Hall went deathly quiet. "WHAT?" shrieked Ron. "When?" asked Hermione. Draco grinned. "Harry's agreed to an engagement. The invites to the ball at the Manor will no doubt be arriving tomorrow. Harry and I will write them this afternoon," Draco said calmly. "Invites?" Ron asked weakly. "Harry, hadn't you better explain?" Hermione said tartly. "Well...Draco's mother mentioned marriage, and as I'm not ready to be married or bonded I agreed to an engagement," Harry blushed. "At least you're not getting married," Seamus said suddenly, relief obvious in his voice. Draco growled threateningly. Harry automatically reached out to touch his arm, controlling the Veela easily with his touch. "Not yet," Harry said warily, not liking the grin on Seamus's face. A grin which Harry knew meant trouble.

"So is there such a tradition called kiss the fiancé?" asked Seamus casually. "No!" hissed Draco, clearly furious. Harry grabbed his arms to prevent him from trying to strangle Seamus. "Seamus..." Harry pleaded. "I wasn't going to kiss you," Seamus grinned, amused at the fire crackling in Draco's stormy eyes. "You'd better stay away from my mate," Draco ordered angrily. "Harry, technically, isn't your mate until you bond," Seamus pointed out. Draco moved to get his wand and Harry hastily leaned forward, brushing his lips over the Veela's cheek until a pair of calm, slightly glazed silver eyes met his. "I'm your fiancé," Harry reminded him. Draco seemed to calm down completely at Harry's reassuring words. Everything resumed as normal, and Harry waited to see whether his Godfather would send him any post with the morning owls. Thousands of owls entered the great hall, but one bird stood out. It was a large raven. The feathers a pitch black and the eyes a vivid crimson. But what attracted the most attention was the black parcel tied to its leg. A parcel headed straight for Harry Potter. As the bird dropped the parcel into Harry's plate the Hall fell silent. Draco tensed as Harry reached out, untying it to reveal a black box. Fingers slightly shaking, Harry removed the lid and peered inside. At first nothing happened and then a voice erupted form the box. A voice Harry knew belonged to none other than Voldemort. "Congratulations on your relationship to Mr. Malfoy, Harry. Call this an early wedding present. Technically, the only reason why I'm sending you this is because the sniveling rodent has become useless to me. Try to prevent that mongrel from killing him before he's freed," the voice hissed before dying away. "Harry?" Draco questioned softly, concerned about the ecstatic look on Harry's face. Not noticing the stunned faces around him, Harry reached inside the box and pulled out the stupefied body of Wormtail. "Wormtail!" Ron gasped. "Sirius is free," Harry murmured, eyeing the rat as if it was the most precious gift he had ever been given. Draco had known about Sirius's innocence and about Peter but he had never dreamed that Sirius would be freed by none other than Voldemort.

"What do you mean Harry?" asked Seamus, his voice slightly shaking. "This rat is none other than Peter Pettigrew in his animagus form," Harry explained in a dazed voice. "Mr. Potter, please give me the rat," Dumbledore asked calmly, trying to extract the rat from Harry's fingers. Harry pulled back. "No. I want to give him to the aurors," Harry argued. "Then at least let me transform him," Dumbledore insisted gently. Harry nodded. Dumbledore muttered something and a flash of blue light hit the rat in his hands. Harry let go and dropped the rat on the floor and there were stunned gasps as the rat turned rapidly into the figure of a man. A man who Harry loathed completely. "Peter Pettigrew." Harry whispered - hatred obvious in his voice. **************** Choices: Harry and Draco go to the dance Harry meets Lucius Malfoy Sirius is freed Rita Skeeter writes about what's happened Review with your choice. Back to index

Chapter 11: Invitations, Seamus and Jealousy Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot. Thanks for reviewing. ****************** Invitations, Seamus, and Jealousy:

Harry was sitting in the library on his own. Narcissa and Marissa had managed to virtually drag Draco to the Tower to have a private chat, which Harry assumed was about him and the next generation of Malfoy's. Draco had looked horrified at the very idea and had tried to escape, to no avail. Dumbledore had taken Peter Pettigrew to the Ministry in order to free Sirius. Harry was hopeful that Sirius would be freed soon enough as he longed to have the man a permanent fixture in his life. He had no idea why Voldemort had given him such a gift, but suspected that it was for Voldemort's benefit as well. Harry privately thought that Wormtail had done something to anger him, and this was his punishment. After all, a furious Sirius Black and Azkaban were worse than death, or torture. Harry had decided to visit the library to finish his report on the Unvelaia Potion. It seemed that the Unvelaia potion was an easy potion, but few books had any useful information about the potion. Harry picked up the next book on his pile. It a small, thin book, the title engraved onto the front cover in what Harry thought suspiciously looked like gold. Harry wondered why a book covered in gold would be found in the open section of the library but pushed the thought aside and began to read 'Magnetic Attraction by Clare Sarend,' Harry read silently. He opened the book and turned to the first page which had a simple paragraph. 'Veela are perhaps one of the most fascinating creatures in the wizarding world. They are known throughout the world for their beauty, their possessiveness, and their magnetic attraction.' Harry turned to the next page. 'Perhaps one of the most widely known facts about the Veela is the fact that they live with their mates. On the Veela’s sixteenth birthday, they come into what is known as the Inheritance. The Inheritance is when all of their power and magnetic attraction come into action. During the days after their Inheritance Veela search using their senses to find their mate, otherwise known as the perfect match. On finding their mate, a Veela will do absolutely everything to ensure that their mate will bond with them, binding them together for eternity. The mate will ground the magnetic attraction and some of the attraction will be reflected from them. Unfortunately, the mate will attract the attention of other humans, which sparks of the famous Veela jealousy and anger. Veela can rarely be controlled when they lose control, and only by their mates if necessary. Mates usually have more control than the Veela in their relationship, as the Veela will do everything to please their mate.' Wide eyed, Harry turned the next page.

'The BONDING: The famous bonding of a Veela and its mate is one of the most beautiful moments in a Veela’s life. The moment they become completely connected to their chosen mates they give their heart and soul, combining it with their mate. This happens when both reach orgasm together. The mate is also deeply affected and those that have been fortunate to bond with a Veela claim that it is the most moving event of their lives, when the love of their Veela covers them whole. The bonding can happen any time after a Veela's sixteenth birthday, but Veela go in heat during the spring. This is the time when babies are usually conceived and there is no way to prevent a Veela pregnancy. During this period Veela are immensely protective and possessive of their mates, needing physical contact more than ever. They crave touch and it is during this time when a Veela knows heartbreak, knowing that their mate cannot be with them constantly. Veela have been known to kill anyone who touches their mate during this time as their love and need for their mate causes them to doubt their lovers' faithfulness. It is important for the mate to be aware of this, and proceed to maintain a period of seclusion from everyone except those the Veela trusts with their mate. The scent of another person on a Veela' mate is enough for the Veela to loose all control and reason.' Harry gaped at the book. It was now nearly October. That meant that he had less than half a year before Draco went into heat……… when Draco would need him physically more than ever. In his heart Harry knew that the simple touches and the heartrending kisses they had shared up till now would not work during the spring. Biting his lip, Harry turned to the next page. 'Magnetic Attraction: Magnetic Attraction is the name given to the attraction a Veela exudes after their sixteenth birthday. It is an important factor in capturing a mate and rarely fails. The attraction only heightens the mate's natural reaction to their Veela, and does not force the mate in any way to bond. Unfortunately, the charm is highly dangerous, especially to humans and witches and wizards. The time before the bonding is when the attraction is at its highest, when there is no mate to ground the pull, or magnetic charge. Mates, on binding their hearts and souls with a Veela, share the attraction. There have been several charms in the past to stop the attraction affecting a witch or wizard. The earliest was the Veela Repellent created by a Mortise Luxembourg. This was created in 1134, but several other, more modern charms have been created since then.

The most resent discovery is the Unvelaia potion by Leon Bonneau. Leon Bonneau studied extensively for years, studying Veela before managing to create the perfect potion. The potion, since then, has been praised widely. The potion repels the attraction by making the drinker immune to Veela charms. However, it only lasts for a period of six weeks and needs to be retaken immediately to continue repelling the attraction. On the mates of a Veela the potion works to some degree. However, the constant touch and presence of the Veela will wear it away, especially as more intimate contact occurs. Even if it doesn't, the repellent will grow weaker anyway, until the drinker is unable to ignore the pull of the attraction. Charms work in a similar way, but will wear down more quickly...' Harry closed the book. He knew now why Snape had made him take the potion. Somehow, Snape was trying to protect him long enough for him to decide himself. The charm on Hermione's nipple stud would soon fail... Snape had given him the potion so that he may take it, allowing him to fall in love with the Veela naturally. An image of the dark haired Head of Slytherin entered his mind and Harry shook his head. Sometimes the man completely baffled him. *********** "Mother!" argued Draco angrily. "Draco stop complaining! You know who Harry's friends are. I cannot and will not intrude upon Harry when he should be relaxing," Narcissa said with equal anger. "Harry isn't pregnant," yelled Draco, wondering why God had given him a mother who never listened or lived in the real world. "I know, but stress won't be good for him. Male pregnancies are harder than normal pregnancies," Marissa added softly, reminding Draco subtly of the danger childbirth could bring to his mate. Draco paled. "You're right," Draco said softly. "He will be fine Draco, have no fear. Your mate will be fine," Narcissa reassured him. Draco nodded. "We are going to construct the list of those that shall be invited to the celebration," Marissa told Draco, leading him towards a parchment and a quill set out on his desk.

"Who will Harry want to invite?" asked Narcissa, flicking her wand at the parchment. "Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Fred and George..." As Draco spoke the quill began to write on its own until a list of both his and Harry's friends had been created. Narcissa quickly added all of the Malfoy family, and any other guests whom she trusted to refrain from kidnapping Harry and taking him to the Dark Lord. "Inivatasium Constrinuena," Narcissa commanded, and with a flick of her wand, a large pile of invitations appeared on the desk. Draco grinned. ************** Harry had just finished his essay when a noise behind him made him turn around in his chair, a frown on his face. He barely prevented a groan of frustration when he saw the Irish Gryffindor. "Seamus..." Harry greeted. "Harry!" Seamus grinned, his voice filled with enthusiasm. "What are you doing in the library?" Harry asked. "Looking for a gorgeous, sexy, long legged, muscled, dark haired Gryffindor," Seamus leered. Harry flushed crimson. "What do you want Seamus?" he managed to croak. "I wanted to talk to you," Seamus said, his voice filled with sincerity. Harry sighed and gestured for the other boy to sit next to him. Seamus did so, leaning in close to Harry, much to Harry's horror. "You're engaged to Malfoy," Seamus blurted out. "Yes," Harry said firmly, trying to persuade the Irish boy to leave him alone. "Why?" "Why?" Harry repeated blankly. "Yes. Why do you want Malfoy?" Seamus queried, for once serious. "He's…different...from what I expected him to be. I trust him completely. He'll never hurt me and wants to make me happy," Harry explained.

"Do you love him?" asked Seamus bluntly. "I don't know," Harry said truthfully. "I won't give up, you know, until I know I have no chance whatsoever, no matter how small," Seamus said simply. "I know," Harry gave him a lopsided smile, not noticing the glazed over, lustful expression Seamus was giving him. "You’re worth it — you’re so utterly perfect," Seamus confessed, edging closer. Harry flushed crimson, wondering why he seemed unable to do anything but blush lately. "I'm not..." His words were cut off by a firm, insistent pressure on his mouth. Harry gaped, realizing that Seamus was kissing him. As he struggled to pull away, Seamus' tongue flicked out, roughly pushing past his protesting lips to suck at his tongue. Harry cried out, not knowing what to do. ************ Draco walked into the library, looking for Harry. The library was empty. Wondering whether Harry had left already, Draco was prepared to leave when he caught scent of Harry scent. It was different from normal, laced with an unusual fear and panic. Draco raced past the empty tables and turned into one of the rows of books to see Harry pressed against a table, his arms flailing wildly as he struggled to escape the boy pinning him to the table. He caught sight of Harry's distraught emerald green eyes before he yanked Seamus off his mate, a look of pure fury etched on his face. "I'll kill you," Draco hissed. Seamus stared at him, angry at being disturbed. "You don't own him yet Malfoy," Seamus spat. "He's my mate!" Draco raged. "But you aren't his," snarled Seamus. Draco flinched but soon regained his composure. "I would never force him to endure my advances. You had him pinned so that he could not escape!"

A look of pure horror fixed itself on Seamus' face and he turned hastily to Harry. "Oh God...I'm so sorry Harry," Seamus managed to stutter. Harry face was pale, his eyes wide and so dark that they appeared black. His lips were swollen and bruised, clothes wrinkled and in disarray. "I'm sorry...I lost control... Christ! I'm so..." "Its okay, Seamus. Just leave," Harry said finally, giving Seamus a weak smile. Draco's face turned black. "No Draco! Don't hurt him, please!" Harry begged. Draco instantly moved away from Seamus, unable to disobey his mates command. Seamus shot Draco a wary look before looking at Harry again, a look of self loathing on his face. "I would never hurt you Harry," he said softly. "I know... Just don't...force me Seamus. I don't like being forced to do things," Harry told him quietly. "I won't," Seamus agreed immediately. "Go to the Common Room Seamus," Harry instructed. Seamus gave Harry another apologetic look and walked off, leaving Harry with a furious Veela. "Why the hell did you stop me?" hissed Draco, furious. Alls that he could see was Harry, pinned beneath another man, his beautiful body being explored by another pair of hands, his mouth violated by another mouth. His Harry had been violated... "He didn't mean..." "He didn't mean it? He would have raped you!" thundered Draco. "He didn't..." "Admit it, Harry! You don't love me; you're in love with that bloody Irish slut. Why are you doing this? You know how much I care for you. I could have given you everything," Draco yelled, furious. But Harry saw the haunting sadness in his eyes, a sadness which he had caused. "I don't..." "I don't want to hear!"

Draco made to storm off but Harry stopped him. As Harry pressed his lips firmly against Draco's he saw Draco's eyes widen in shock, and then felt the Veela melt under his touch. "I don't love him," Harry whispered into his mouth. That was all the encouragement Draco needed before he began to thoroughly ravish Harry's mouth. ************** The next morning Harry arrived at the Gryffindor table with Draco. As soon as Draco saw the Irish boy he wrapped a possessive arm around Harry's waist, drawing Harry closer to his own body. Harry gave him a smile. "I don't want him," he whispered. "I don't care," Draco said equally as softly, but his eyes glowed with hatred as they fixed on Seamus. Harry hastily sat down, dragging the other boy with him. Seamus, thankfully, did not say anything, but that didn't stop him openly staring at Harry - which, Harry being Harry, he didn't notice. "Okay, Harry?" asked Ron. "Yeah...I'm fine..." "Have you done that essay for Professor Snape?" asked Hermione. "Yeah..." Harry muttered, not really listening. "What book did you use?" Hermione asked, curious. "Magnetic Attraction by Clare Sarend," Harry replied automatically, nibbling at a slice of toast. "Where on earth did you find that book?" asked Hermione. "In the library," Harry shrugged. "But that book is really rare...I read about it in another book...there are only several copies..." Hermione gasped. Harry blinked. "My mother must have put it there for you," Draco interrupted, frowning at his mother who was sitting at the Head Table with Marissa.

"But why?" asked Harry, confused. "So that you would find out more about the bonding," Draco grinned wickedly. "Draco!" Harry hissed, face crimson. "I love making you blush...the question is, do you blush all over?" Draco smirked. He was unsurprised when Harry promptly slapped him on the back of the head. "Well, that answers my question about whether you like it r......" Draco started. "Finish that sentence and I'll castrate you," Harry said bluntly. "Size twelve, wasn't it Harry?" whispered Draco, leaning in close to Harry. Harry moaned helplessly, burying his face in his hands. Draco grinned. ************* It was at dinner when the invitations appeared by everyone's place. Snatching Ron's out of his hand, Harry blinked when he saw a beautiful card, engraved with gold. There was a picture of what appeared to be a crest. "The Malfoy family crest," Draco told him. Nodding, he opened it. 'You are invited to the celebration of Mr. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy's engagement... The celebration will be held at Malfoy Manor on the evening of the 1st of October at 6:00P.M. Invitation must be presented on arrival.' "Oh..." Harry managed to say weakly. "It's a party," Draco said bluntly. "Yes..." "Then why are you looking as if the card was a letter from Voldemort?" Draco asked, concern in his eyes. "I was just wondering whether I would have to spend anymore time being interrogated by your family..." "Of course," Draco smirked.

"So it's in two days?" Harry asked. "Yes. It isn't a wedding Harry," Draco frowned. "I know, it's just a surprise," Harry shrugged, avoiding Draco's piercing grey eyes. ************** The next day Harry was waiting to be taken to Malfoy Manor. Narcissa and Marissa had insisted on Harry and Draco arriving earlier. What Harry didn't know was that Draco had planned a surprise for him that night... "Harry, come on, my mother's going mental," Draco yelled from the living room. Sighing, Harry picked up his shrunken trunk and slipped it into his pocket. He made his way to Draco and the pair of them walked to Dumbledore's office, where they were going to be transported to Malfoy Manor. Inside, Harry met a beaming Professor Dumbledore who offered him a lemon drop. Harry politely refused. "You'll be pleased to note that Sirius should be freed within the next few days," Dumbledore informed him. Harry grinned widely. "I can't wait," he confessed. "The boy deserves it..." Dumbledore trailed off, deep in thought. "Where's Narcissa?" Harry asked finally, breaking the silence. "You'll be using the fire place in my study to go to the Malfoy Manor," Dumbledore informed them. "So mother's back at home?" drawled Draco. "Of course - she mentioned something about preparing your room." Dumbledore trailed off, an uncharacteristic blush covering his face. "Oh..." Harry mumbled, looking away. Draco grinned. "We'd better go," he declared, slipping an arm around Harry's waist and leading him towards the fireplace. Dumbledore took out a pouch from one of the many collection of drawers he had, and handed it to Draco. Draco opened it, and gestured for Harry to take a pinch of the powder.

"I hate floo powder," Harry muttered, taking the powder. "Say Malfoy Manor," Draco instructed. Harry climbed into the fireplace and turned around to face them. He threw the powder to his feet and shouted 'Malfoy Manor'. As he disappeared, Draco turned to Dumbledore. "Did you get it?" he asked. "Of course," Dumbledore beamed, pulling a small velvet pouch out of his robe pocket. He handed it to Draco with twinkling eyes. "I'll look forward to the ball," he smiled. Draco nodded and stepped into the fire. As he felt himself disappearing he caught sight of a chuckling Dumbledore and rolled his eyes. ***************** Harry stumbled out of the fireplace, and someone immediately stepped forward to steady him. Startled, Harry looked up into the expressionless face of none other than Lucius Malfoy. "Mr. Potter," he said coolly. "Mr. Malfoy," Harry replied, giving him a hesitant smile. Lucius pulled away, studying him critically. Harry blushed, realizing that Lucius was seeing whether he was good enough for his son. "Narcissa has been babbling on about babies ever since she returned," he drawled. "Oh..." Harry had no idea what to say in answer to that question. Just then Draco shot out of the fireplace. The other boy's eyes instantly fixed on Harry and as he moved forward, Lucius stepped back, knowing that Veela were possessive. "Father," Draco greeted, his eyes still fixed on Harry. "Draco," Lucius smirked. "Are you okay?" Draco asked anxiously, brushing off Harry's robe. "I'm fine," Harry said softly, his eyes warily watching Lucius. Draco leaned forward and brushed his lips over Harry's cheek in a brief kiss. "Welcome to Malfoy Manor," Lucius smirked.

*************** I hope you liked this chapter. Anyway, here are the choices: A meal in a restaurant for Harry and Draco Harry and Draco share Draco's room Lucius gives Harry the 'talk'. Sirius shows up at the party Review with your decision. Back to index

Chapter 12: The Manor Disclaimer: I own nothing except the book by Clare Sarend, featured in my fic, the original Malfoy's and the plot. ************** The Manor: Harry soon found that The Manor was not exactly what he had expected. It was large, airy and beautiful. The house had been decorated with care, ensuring that everything blended in to give a soft, almost homey feel. There were no dark arts objects in sight, but Harry knew that they had probably been hidden under the floor in the dinning room before his arrival. After they had arrived Narcissa had soon appeared, fussing over Harry so that he was forced to blush. Draco had found this hilarious, but soon stopped laughing when Harry sent him a glare. Narcissa had soon sent them to their suite, which Draco told Harry was his room. Harry had blushed at this, but made no comment. He didn't mind sharing a room with Draco, and had grown used to the other boy's possessive nature. The suite had actually been a large apartment. The first room had been a living room in soft neutral tones. Harry had instantly liked the room. It was calm and quiet, the perfect place to think. Another three rooms connected off the living room. The first room was a bedroom, the next a large bathroom, and the third an empty room which Harry knew would be a nursery. It was this room, which had captured Harry's attention the most.

The room was circular, and Harry guessed that it had been created by magic. The walls were a soft lilac blue, plain and simple. The woodwork was white, discrete and simple. The floor was covered in a soft, thick dark blue carpet. There was a large window, looking out over the beautiful gardens surrounding the manor. There was no furniture, but Harry loved it. "It's beautiful," he breathed. "You could use it for a bedroom if you wanted," Draco said hesitantly, his voice clearly showing that he'd prefer to have the dark haired boy in his bed. "No. I just meant that it would be perfect for the children," Harry said softly, wanting to rid the other boy of his doubt. Draco's eyes glowed. "Wait until you see our room," Draco promised, and promptly dragged the other boy out of the nursery and into the bedroom. Harry gaped. The walls were not decorated. Instead, they had been enchanted to reflect the sky outside. The ceiling matched, and Harry watched as the clouds shifted around the room slowly. Harry suspected that it was the same charm that was on the ceiling of the Great Hall. "It's amazing..." Harry breathed, his eyes scanning the room. There was a large, simple four-poster bed and it was obvious that it had been chosen so that it would not distract the attention from the walls. There was a dressing table to the left of the bed, a desk to the right, and several bookshelves covered in expensive, well-read books. "I'm glad you like it," Draco sighed in relief, pulling the Gryffindor closer to the silk covered bed. Harry smiled. "You just want to get me into bed," he teased. "True," Draco laughed, his eyes glowing with love and adoration. Harry slid onto the bed and lay down, smiling as the other boy did the same. Harry closed his eyes and moved closer, wanting to feel the warm, comfortable heat, which Draco radiated. As he did so, Draco lightly slid an arm across his waist, pulling him closer. The hand slipped under his shirt, stroking the skin of his side in soft, circular motions. Harry sighed happily. "You're house is very beautiful," Harry said finally. "Our house," Draco corrected.

Harry smiled sleepily before falling asleep. ********** It was several hours later when Draco awoke Harry. The other boy was dressed and Harry couldn't help but stare in amazement. Draco was wearing a pair of silver silk dress trousers, his white shirt emphasizing his tanned skin and white blonde hair. An elegant silver cloak had been pulled on, telling Harry that Draco was going out. He looked...beautiful. "You're beautiful," Harry said suddenly and then went crimson at Draco's wide eyes. "Thank you," Draco said softly, his eyes showing how much the comment had meant to him. "Where are you going?" Harry asked quietly. "I'm taking you out for dinner." "What?" "We're going out for dinner...I've booked us a table at Gregory's - the best wizarding restaurant in London," Draco informed him. "Oh..." Harry gaped, feeling dizzy. "Go get dressed. I've put some clothes for you, out of your trunk, in the bathroom." Harry nodded and climbed off the bed. As soon as the bathroom door shut, Draco grinned and pulled out the small velvet pouch Dumbledore had given him. Clutching it tightly for a moment, he slipped it back into his pocket. ********** Draco had not been able resist the clothes he put in the bathroom for Harry, and as soon as the blushing Gryffindor had entered the room he knew he had been right. Harry looked.... amazing...beautiful...edible... Dressed in skintight black leather trousers, a tight fitting green shirt and a throw on leather jacket, the green eyed Gryffindor was the most tempting thing he had ever seen. Nervous green eyes peered out from beneath long, dark lashes, and Draco grinned. "I could eat you." "I don't think I can wear this, Draco," Harry argued. "Wear it for me..." the lust and desire in Draco's eyes must have reassured him that he looked amazing for Harry grinned slightly. "For you," Harry agreed softly.

**************** An hour later, Harry and Draco were sitting in London's best restaurant. The waitress had led them through the seated dinners towards a private table for two. Harry could still see the amazed and awe struck faces. After several glasses of champagne, a starter and main course, they were patiently waiting for their sweet. Or in Draco's case, barely restraining himself from pouncing on his unsuspecting mate. "Are you glad you came?" he finally managed to ask. "Yes - it’s amazing Draco," Harry smiled lopsidedly. "Good. Mother and Father brought me here several times and I loved it. It has the most amazing food I've ever tasted," Draco agreed. "Yeah. Thank you for bringing me." "We'll come again," Draco promised. "We don't have..." Harry began to reply. "I want to," Draco interrupted him. Harry took a sip from his champagne goblet, loving the bubbly liquid in his mouth. It was heaven. He definitely wanted to come back. Just then, their deserts appeared on the table. Harry eagerly picked up his desert spoon and began to eat his double chocolate sundae. Draco watched him in amusement as he ate his own Apple crumble. "You'll get fat," he grinned, voicing his thoughts. Harry smirked. "I'll never get fat - but if I do, what will you do about it?" "I'll just have more of you to kiss," Draco grinned. Harry blushed scarlet. "Draco! Not here!" he hissed. "You're so adorable when you're embarrassed." "I'm not embarrassed," Harry argued. "You are." "Am not."

"Are." "Am not." "Are." "Am...Oh for God's sake, Draco, stop acting like a child," Harry sighed in exasperation. "You love me really," Draco grinned. Harry's eyes softened. "I don't know why," Harry agreed, not denying it. At first Draco didn't realize what he had said, but as soon as he did, he stared at Harry with wide, unbelieving eyes. Harry smiled, and reached out to cup his face. "You're so good to me," Harry whispered softly, his breath lightly flittering across Draco's parted lips. "Harry," Draco warned huskily. "Let's go," Harry smiled. He stood up, watching as the other boy signed a check and left it on the table before Draco apparated them back to the manor. Instantly, Draco kissed Harry, and Harry eagerly kissed him back, enjoying the sensation. "Oh!!!!!!" Harry and Draco jumped apart, meeting the eyes of an amused Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy. Harry lowered his eyes to the floor, not protesting when Draco wrapped an arm around him protectively. Harry doubted he could be anymore embarrassed than he was right now - being caught kissing his boyfriend by his boyfriends parents. "Good night, mother, father," Draco said shortly, before guiding Harry back to their room. "Good night," Narcissa echoed, her amusement obvious. "Goodnight..." Harry mumbled. *********** In their room Draco and Harry had dressed for bed. It was while they were in bed that Draco had pulled out the velvet pouch. He stared into Harry's curious green eyes for a moment before nervously opening the pouch and tipping the contents onto the palm of his hand. Inside was the most beautiful ring Harry had ever seen. It was made from white wizarding gold, a simple band, decorated with vivid emeralds all the way around. Harry's breath

hitched in his throat as his eyes clashed with Draco's nervous silver eyes. "It's a promise ring. Every male Malfoy gives it to their mate. It used to belong to my mother but she insisted I gave it to my mate, as tradition," Draco explained. "What does it promise?" Harry asked softly. "That I will always love you, care for you, protect you," Draco said softly. "Oh..." Harry's eyes filled up with tears, knowing that Draco was giving him his heart. "Will you marry me, Harry?" "I...I..." "Not right away -we'll wait until you are ready," Draco hastily added, seeing Harry's discomfort. Harry relaxed. "Yes..." And he felt no regrets for his decision. ************* Harry awoke the next day wrapped in the Veela's arms. They had done nothing more than kiss that night; Draco had sensed Harry's hesitation and had not said anything, merely showing his understanding in his smile, whispering soft words of love and his silver eyes glowing with suppressed emotion. He dressed and left the Veela in bed, absent-mindedly twisting the ring on his finger; the ring that bound him to the younger Malfoy. Although he had not told the other boy specifically yet, he did love the Veela. 'It was impossible not too,' he mused thoughtfully as he made his way to the entrance hall. He was surprised to see Lucius Malfoy waiting for him. His sharp eyes immediately saw the ring on his finger. "Come to my study," he said calmly. Harry followed him into a large, airy office. There was a desk, several chairs, and row upon row of books, stacks of parchments and one or two quills within the mess. Lucius smiled at his astonishment. "I see that Draco gave you the ring," he said simply. "Yes. He gave it to me last night," Harry replied.

"Really?" Harry looked uncomfortable. "Do you love my son?" "Yes!" The answer was out before Harry could stop it. His eyes widened in shock. Lucius looked amused, his grey eyes glinting with suppressed mirth. His mouth twitched. "Good. I will not have my son hurt," he warned. "I won't hurt him," Harry promised. "Have you told him?" "No. I'm...I want to tell him when we bond," Harry finally told him. "Of course," Lucius suddenly went serious. "You do know about the mating season?" "Yes!" Harry blushed crimson, mortified at discussing his sex life with his fiancés father - and Lucius Malfoy of all people. "Then you will be aware that Draco will grow more and more determined to bond with you?" "Yes," Harry muttered, swallowing. "My son will not force you," Lucius said softly, understanding Harry's fear. Harry relaxed. "I know. He understands...Its amazing how much he knows what I want, what I think..." "There is something that I wanted to tell you, Harry. Narcissa is not a man so she knows very little about male pregnancy, except what she has read. I only ask you to tell me if you get pregnant, so that we can get you the correct help," Lucius said almost kindly. "Is it dangerous?" "Not really...but there can be complications or difficulties. Don't worry though; you will be safe from harm. Do you actually want a child or has Narcissa pushed you into agreeing?" "Narcissa was kind…She did sort of push the idea but I've always wanted a family…one of the reasons why I was against this to begin with was the fact that I would not be able to have a family, or so I thought." "I heard that you exploded in the Great Hall…an enormous amount of power. Voldemort was rather astounded..."

"Why did he send me Wormtail?" Harry blurted out. "Wormtail decided to go against Voldemort's wishes. Voldemort does not like to be he was gotten rid of," Lucius said simply, shuffling a pile of parchment. "Does Voldemort want to kill me?" "Voldemort will want a Malfoy heir, as do I. The Malfoy family is one of the most prominent wizarding bloodlines in the world. We pride our selves on our blood..." "My mother was muggleborn," Harry argued, lying. "Of course, but she was quite a witch. She had the famous red haired temper as well," Lucius grinned suddenly. Harry eyed him curiously. "Ask Black about the snake tongue, the bottle of champagne, the love letter and Severus Snape," he answered. Harry laughed. "You are perfectly safe in this house, and with my wife and me. We will protect you at all costs. Draco is our only child, and neither of us is willing to hurt him. Veela are very protective of their family's." "I've noticed," Harry smiled, remembering how possessive his Veela could be. 'Wait a minute Harry, since when has he become your Veela?' Harry thought, blinking in confusion. 'Perhaps since you became engaged to him...' Harry's inner voice smirked, sounding too much like Professor Snape for Harry's liking. "The rest of the family will be arriving today - the ball is tonight, after all. I know for a fact that Narcissa has planned everything already," Lucius interrupted Harry's chain of thought. "Why is Marissa a Malfoy? I thought she was Narcissa's mother...I was confused...I hope you don't mind me..." "You have every reason to ask about your family. Marissa is Narcissa's mother, but when her husband died she married a distant relative with the Malfoy name. He's a nice man, actually. You'll like him - his name is Henry Malfoy." "Thanks." "It's no problem - wait until you meet the rest of the family," Lucius smirked. Harry suddenly realized that he was curious about the male pregnancy. Deciding that Lucius was the man to ask, Harry fought back a blush and tried to phrase his question

carefully. "So, how do I become it like a woman...?" "I do believe that its time for breakfast!" Harry watched in shock as Lucius Malfoy nearly ran from the room. 'Well,' Harry mused, 'at least I know what to say when he gets too much to handle.' ************ Harry was sitting in the dinning room, between Draco and Narcissa when the house elf announced the arrival of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Harry had leapt up instantly; running into his Godfather's outstretched arms. "Missed me?" Sirius grinned, his eyes filled with laughter and love as he looked down at Harry. "Course I did - I missed you getting told off by Remus!" Sirius glared at him. "Behave Sirius," commanded Remus, giving Harry a warm hug. Harry laughed into Remus' shoulder, trying, unsuccessfully, to prevent Sirius from hearing his laughter. "I heard that," Sirius pouted. "Stop acting like a baby, Padfoot," scolded Remus. "I'm not..." "So what are you doing here?" asked Harry hastily. "Narcissa and Malfoy invited us to stay for the party," Sirius grinned. Harry's eyes lit up. "Black, Lupin, sit down so we may finish our breakfasts," Lucius snapped irritated. Harry frowned but went back to his seat. Sirius and Remus sat opposite him, having a whispered argument over something. It appeared that Remus was winning when Draco interrupted them. "What on earth are you muttering about?" Two pairs of wide, too innocent to be true, eyes met his. "What do you mean?" Sirius asked smoothly.

Draco's eyes narrowed. "What are you planning?" "We're not..." "Don't lie Sirius," added Harry. Sirius flashed him a wicked smirk which rivaled Lucius Malfoy's. "Well...we we're planning Harry's 'surprise' weren't we Moony?" "Of course, Padfoot," Remus grinned. "Any damage to the house will be paid for," Lucius snapped, eyeing them with almost amused eyes when he realized that Harry was biting his lip, eyeing his godparents warily. "What sort of surprise?" asked Harry apprehensively. "Not telling," Sirius said stubbornly. Remus nodded in agreement, the mischievousness in his eyes making Harry realize that he was up against the two, remaining Marauders. Draco grinned. "As long as you don't harm him, then I can't wait!" Harry threw him a disgusted, slightly put out, glare. Draco pouted. "Don't worry, Harry, I'll kiss you better..." "Draco!" "...And if they hurt you, hey I can murder them and then give you a nice, long, all over massage..." Draco continued, ignoring Harry's wide, mortified green eyes. "DRACO!" Harry promptly sent Draco a withering glare and got up from the table. He stormed off in the direction of their room, slamming the dinning room door to a close. Draco grinned, nodded towards the door and made his way after Harry. "I'd better go make it up to him if I want to sleep with him tonight," he threw over his shoulder. Sirius spat out the pumpkin juice he had been drinking. ***********

Sorry, but I couldn't help the teasing at the end. Sirius and Remus haven't noticed the ring yet... I'm sorry that I didn't let Lucius talk to Harry too much about the pregnancy but I thought that it would be more fun if I let Sirius tell him. I can just imagine a blushing Sirius telling Harry about male/ male sex. What do you think? Choices: The other Malfoy's arrive Sirius and Remus spot the ring Seamus arrives *jealousy* Sirius and Remus plot their 'surprise' for Harry Back to index

Chapter 13: The Dance part 1 Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ****************** The Dance part 1: Harry had stormed up to his and Draco's room and had decided to ignore the Veela for his behaviour in the Dining room. As he sat on the sofa, subtly watching Draco from beneath lowered lashes, he wondered how Sirius and Remus had not noticed his promise ring. 'Perhaps they weren't looking for one,' Harry thought idly. Draco fidgeted once move, turning lustful, and remorseful silver eyes on his mate. "I'm not angry with you,” Harry sighed finally. Draco instantly moved to sit next to him on the sofa, a pair of strong arms wrapping around him so that he was effectively trapped within the Veela's embrace. "I'm sorry for teasing you Harry," the Veela whispered softly, his breath brushing the sensitive skin behind Harry's ear. Harry closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation. He loved these moments with the other boy. Draco treated him as if he were made of glass - as if he were something so precious that he was afraid to touch him in fear of damaging him. Harry found this strangely amusing, especially as the Veela seemed to need constant touch all the time. Draco appeared to be torn between admiration and desire for him. “Its okay…it’s just that it embarrassed me to be talking about such things in front of others,” Harry confessed, his face turning crimson.

“You aren’t ashamed…?” Draco suddenly asked, pulling back so that his dark silver eyes met Harry’s. Harry was surprised at the panic and fear in the other’s boy’s eyes. “NO! Its just that it’s Sirius…and your parents…I’m just…” Draco understood, cutting him off mid speech with a soft kiss. Harry was startled by the touch at first but when Draco made to pull away he slipped his hands behind Draco’s neck, pulling at the soft strands of white blonde hair. Harry’s green eyes filled with a possessive fire as they met his. “Stay,” Harry demanded. Draco gave in to the kiss immediately, pushing Harry back on the sofa. As he explored the soft skin of his mate he wondered whether he would ever be able to rid the need for Harry out of his system. He wanted…no needed the dark haired Gryffindor, but he would never force Harry. He wanted Harry to bond with him voluntarily. He wanted Harry’s love, with no doubts or thoughts of uncertainty. He wanted everything from Harry…body, heart and soul. ************ It was a few hours later when a house elf arrived and told them that the rest of the family had arrived. Harry had paled dramatically, and Draco had nearly laughed, but stopped when he realized that he was as anxious as his mate. Besides, he didn’t want to anger the Gryffindor twice in one day. He definitely did not like the silent, moody Harry. After Harry returned from the bathroom, Draco turned and stopped, as amazed as always at the beauty before him. Harry was dressed in a pair of black, tight fitted denim jeans. He had thrown on a white silk shirt and a matching black robe, which clung to his muscular frame. His hair was as messy as usual — the wet strands looking as if Harry had simply run a hand through the damp locks. “They’ll love you,” Draco promised. Harry blushed. Draco had already dressed before him in a similar outfit, except his was in a dark navy blue. Draco had told him that the gathering was not a formal one, but did require suitable robes. The Malfoy family was, after all, from a pureblood family. Draco easily wrapped an arm around Harry’s slim waist and led him from their room towards the lounge, where he knew his family would be meeting. He sensed Harry’s fear and held him tighter, trying to show his support and love through the gesture. Harry smiled weakly at him. “Thanks,” he whispered softly.

“You’re my mate. They won’t harm you,” Draco said soothingly. “I know,” Harry sighed. They soon arrived at the huge oak doors leading to the lounge. Draco opened the door and led Harry through, who seemed to hesitate due to the silence which surrounded them. Harry looked around the room, seeing men and women with the usual Malfoy pale looks, and several dark haired women as well. He spotted Sirius and Remus easily — they were sitting next to Marissa Malfoy. Immediately Narcissa stood up. “Harry! Draco, you’re late,” she scolded, pulling Harry further into the room. Harry looked distinctly uncomfortable at having the entire Malfoy family studying him to see whether he was good enough for Draco. Draco noticed this and shot his family a glare, his possessive nature appearing instantly. “I see you enjoyed you’re meal last night?” Marissa asked, her eyes riveted on the ring on Harry’s finger. Harry watched as Sirius’ and Remus’ eyes followed her gaze. A look of disbelief crossed Sirius’ features on seeing the promise ring; the ring that bound his godson completely with Draco. “You’re really engaged,” he muttered hoarsely. Remus smiled, moving over to embrace the embarrassed Harry. He shot Sirius a glare over Harry’s shoulder as he was several inches shorter than the younger boy. Sirius winced, knowing that Remus would kill him if he hurt Harry. The werewolf was overly protective of Harry — everyone knew that. He got up and shoved Remus out of the way, flashing him a playful grin. Remus shook his head at him, muttering about ‘impossible mutts’. Sirius easily pulled Harry into his arms, relaxing when he felt Harry sigh in contentment. He adored his godson, and everyone who knew him knew this. His godson was the only thing he lived for. He loved his best friend, Remus, but Harry was his son, in everything except blood of course. He was James’ son — the only link with his dead friend. “Congratulations,” Sirius said gruffly. “You approve?” Harry’s muffled voice sighed in relief. “Not really, but Remus will kill me if I don’t behave,” Sirius grinned. Harry laughed, pulling back to peer up into the eyes of his Godfather. Sirius smiled, placing a gentle kiss on Harry’s scar. “You’re scared of Moony?” Harry laughed.

“Course…the full moons in a few weeks…he’s already had a screaming match at me today because I said that if Snape was here I wouldn’t behave,” Sirius smiled sheepishly. “Serves you right,” Harry grinned, flashing the embarrassed Remus a wink. “I saw that,” Sirius pouted. “Good.” Harry pulled completely away from his Godfather. “Harry, let me introduce you to the family,” Narcissa said, immediately pulling Harry towards the Malfoy family. “You already know Marissa, my mother. This is her husband, Henry,” Narcissa gestured to a tall, powerful, pale haired man who appeared to be in his late sixties. Henry smiled and held out his hand for Harry to take. Harry smiled back and accepted the handshake. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Henry beamed. “And you,” Harry replied. Draco moved closer to his mate, wrapping an arm around him. Harry didn’t seem surprised at the action. Instead, he flashed Draco a smile. “This is Henry’s son, Alexander, and his wife Georgina and their three children: Caitlin, Daniel and Mercedes,” Narcissa continued. Harry’s gaze moved to a short man with the usual Malfoy colouring. He was the exact double of his father. His wife, Georgina, was a beautiful woman with a mass of red hair, piercing violet eyes and a kind smile. Their children were in fact no longer children. Caitlin was obviously the oldest. She was tall, and had inherited her fathers white blonde hair and her mothers’ vivid violet eyes. She was obviously part Veela. Her smile was genuine, but she seemed to be studying Harry too closely. Draco’s eyes flashed with a warning. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Harry,” she purred. “Thank you and it’s the same for me,” Harry grinned; unaware of the predatory way she was eyeing him. “Daniel,” hastily interrupted a tall boy with dark brown hair and his fathers silver eyes. He appeared to be glaring at his elder sister, but smiled at Harry. “Nice to meet you,” Harry smiled, comfortable in the boys presence. “I’m glad to finally be able to meet the love of Draco’s life,” Daniel cooed, smiling sweetly at Draco.

Draco smirked dangerously, tightening his grip around Harry’s slim waist. “Thank you Daniel,” Draco murmured, amusement clear to see. Daniel smiled. “This is Mercedes.” Narcissa gestured towards a short girl next to her taller brother and sister. Harry liked her immediately. She had her mother’s fiery hair and a pair of honest, friendly blue eyes. She was only about fourteen years old but seemed older somehow. Harry guessed it was because of the way she stood. She was proud, almost as proud as Draco. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mercedes,” Harry smiled. Mercedes blushed but nodded her thanks. Harry blinked, why was she blushing? For a moment then she reminded him of a younger Ginny, when her crush had prevented her from talking to him. Harry hastily pushed this thought aside. “And this is my cousin Amethyst and her husband Hewitt Spencer. Beside them is their four children, Matthew, Angela, China, and Frances,” Narcissa introduced. Harry smiled at them. Amethyst was nothing like Narcissa. She was taller, but her body was not as slim. She had a mass of ebony hair, a pair of wicked chocolate brown eyes and a mischievous smirk. Her husband was a quite man with a pair of calm brown eyes and short, honey blonde hair. They both smiled at Harry, their curiosity obvious for everyone to see. “Welcome to the family,” Amethyst smiled. Hewitt shook his hand. “Thank you,” Harry said softly, thankful for their kind welcome. He turned his gaze to meet Matthew’s obviously amused silver eyes. He had his fathers’ dark blonde hair, but he was definitely related to Narcissa. Their facial structure was nearly identical. Angela, China and Frances were identical triplets. They all had the white blonde hair and angelic smiles, much to Harry’s amusement. Their eyes were a vivid chocolate brown, obviously inherited from their mother. “Triplets,” Harry grinned. “The terrible trio,” Draco murmured into his ear. “Draco’s only saying that because we put superglue into his hair gel,” said one of them innocently.

Harry gaped. “Super glue?” he croaked. “Our friend, whose half muggle, gave it to us. Its wicked stuff,” another one of them grinned, obviously amused by Draco’s furious face. “But why did you put it in his hair?” Harry asked in astonishment. “They said that my hair stuck like glue with the gel on, and wanted to know whether it was in fact glue or not I put on my hair,” Draco muttered, glaring at the triplets who smiled innocently. “You’re hair suits you better loose anyway,” Harry shrugged. He leaned closer to the triplets so that no one could hear his voice, except them. “Did you take pictures?” he whispered. “Yeah! Thousands!” chimed all three at once. Harry grinned, his eyes indicating that he would love to see them sometime. The triplets nodded in understanding, shooting Draco evil looks. “What did you ask them?” Draco asked suspiciously. “Nothing,” Harry smiled, his eyes radiating innocence. ‘Too much innocence,’ thought Sirius with a grin. Draco snorted, but didn’t bother to tell Harry he knew he was lying. “So when will the guests be coming?” asked Harry casually, smiling at the triplets. “At about 5:45 they were start to arrive through floo powder, of they will use the portkey which we have set up,” Lucius explained. “Who’s coming?” “All of your friends and mine,” Draco said softly. “So you invited Seamus?” Harry asked, amazed. “Yes,” Draco muttered, eyes flashing and teeth clenched. “Thank you,” Harry said softly. “Who’s Seamus?” asked Caitlin, eyeing Draco in amusement. “This Irish boy who’s in my year,” Harry shrugged.

“Why doesn’t Draco like him?” Lucius asked calmly, interest in his silver eyes. Harry blushed, avoiding the eyes staring at them. “Well…he…erm…” “Is an annoying prat who is lucky so far that I haven’t castrated,” Draco put in, interrupted Harry. Sirius burst out laughing, as did several other members of the Malfoy family. “Castrated?” asked one of the triplets. “Draco thinks…” “Knows,” Draco corrected. Harry shot him a dark look. “Draco THINKS I like him,” Harry corrected Draco. “No, I KNOW he likes you,” Draco argued, eyes glowing. Harry frowned. “He’s backed off,” Harry argued back. Draco snorted, clearly showing his disbelief at this fact. “He has,” protested Harry. “Then why does he keep staring at you?” “What? When?” Harry asked, astonished. Draco rolled his eyes, pulling Harry closer to his body as he met a pair of wide green eyes. “You are too innocent to be true,” Draco muttered. “I am not,” Harry protested with a frown. “Of course,” Draco drawled teasingly. “What do you mean by that?” Harry asked suspiciously. “Nothing,” Draco grinned, his eyebrow raised suggestively. Harry glared at him. “Do you want the silent treatment for another couple of hours?” Harry asked sweetly. “No,” Draco said hastily, knowing that Harry was serious.

Harry grinned, leaning his head back to rest it on Draco’s shoulder. “Then behave,” Harry murmured, flashing a smile at the amused Malfoy family, and Sirius who appeared to be laughing silently, and Remus who was glaring at Sirius with a frown. ***************** It was soon time for the dance and Harry was dressed, waiting for Draco to appear. It was nearly six o’clock. Narcissa had sent them to get ready at four, much to Harry’s astonishment, as he had protested that he only needed ten minutes to get ready. Narcissa had been horrified at the very idea, and had forced Draco to get Harry ready for the party in a ‘suitable amount of time’, Harry was already dressed in the green silk shirt and tight black trousers, which had been specially created for the ball. The tight fitting robe was open as it was hot, and his hair had been tamed. The only jewelry he wore was the white gold engagement ring, which gleamed brightly on his finger. Draco soon appeared out of the bathroom dressed in a pair of grey silk dress trousers. His white shirt emphasized his pale hair while showing off his tan. His hair was loose tonight, and Harry agreed with the triplets; Draco looked amazing with his white gold hair loose, the soft strands surrounded his proud face. The baby blue robe he was wearing highlighted the blue tints in his silver eyes, and Harry suddenly realized just how hopelessly in love with Draco he was. The pale haired Veela was everything he could ever wish for, and he knew that he would never leave him — he couldn’t, not without breaking his own heart. “You look amazing,” Harry confessed. Draco grinned, eyeing Harry appreciatively. “And you look as gorgeous as ever,” the Veela smiled. Harry blushed. “We’d better go then, hadn’t we? Otherwise my mother will come storming up here, insisting that I as hiding you away,” Draco chuckled. ***************** As they entered the ballroom the room went deathly silent. Harry was leaning against Draco, his eyes alight with affection, while Draco held him possessively, his eyes glowing with adoration and love as they gazed down at the smaller boy. They made a beautiful picture; Harry’s dark looks complimented Draco’s paleness, and vice versa. They completed each other perfectly, and even Ron could not deny that they made a good couple. Harry’s eyes immediately settled on his red haired friend and he rushed forward with a

laugh, dragging Draco with him. Draco merely rolled his eyes. “Ron!” Ron grinned, pleased to find that his friend had obviously missed him. Hermione shot Ron a knowing look which he promptly ignored as he hugged his best friend. When they separated, Hermione took his place and kissed Harry’s cheek affectionately. Draco did not even protest. He knew that Harry’s friends were hopelessly in love with one another, and were no threat. “You look great, Harry,” Hermione complimented him. Harry blushed. “Thanks — so do you, doesn’t she Ron?” asked Harry slyly. Hermione turned her eyes on the blushing Ron who nodded hastily. Hermione relaxed, obviously placated for now. “What was that for?” Ron hissed at Harry. Harry smiled innocently. “What? Don’t you think Hermione looks gorgeous? If I wasn’t engaged then I’d date her myself,” Harry said with a grin. Draco’s eyes alighted with humour. “Harry’s right, Weasley. Granger could have been my mate, after all,” Draco added with a smirk. Ron looked horrified at the very thought. “I’ll take that as a compliment Draco, and please, call me Hermione,” Hermione insisted with a bright smile. Draco nodded to show his acceptance. He easily swept Harry closer to his own body and everyone watched as Harry easily fitted against the taller boy, their bodies perfectly aligned. Harry rested his hands around Draco’s neck, lifting his head so that his eyes met Draco’s as they danced, completely oblivious to everyone else in the room. “They go well together, don’t they Ron?” mused Hermione, watching them. “Yeah…I guess they do…” Ron confessed. “So?” “So what?” Ron asked, not understanding. Hermione sighed impatiently. “Will you ask me to dance or must I ask you?”

Ron gaped. **************** “Are you enjoying yourself so far?” murmured Draco, pulling Harry closer. “Yes…it’s amazing,” Harry confessed. “Good,” Draco purred, covering Harry’s lips with his own. Harry sighed, eagerly giving in to the Veela’s demand. He pressed his body closer, not seeing the astonished faces watching them, or his two best friends dancing. The only one he was aware of was the boy holding him. He never noticed Seamus’ sad eyes watching him or Sirius smiling in amusement. For the moment he was content to kiss the boy he loved. *************** Next chapter: Choice for the dance part 2 are: Seamus dances with Harry Caitlin has a go at seduction Ron and Hermione finally spot the ring Sirius asks Remus to dance *giggle* Back to index

Chapter 14: The Dance part 2 Disclaimer: See previos chapter. *************** The Dance Part 2: It was later that evening when Harry left Draco to go to find his friends. Draco had reluctantly released him from his arms, much to Harry’s amusement. The Veela had looked as if Harry was leaving him for good. Harry made his way over to where Ron and Hermione were sitting. He threw himself down onto a chair next to them, grinning at their surprised expressions. He raised an eyebrow.

“What?” “Malfoy actually let you go?” Ron asked in disbelief. Harry blushed. “Of course he did! I’m not his slave,” Harry muttered. Hermione shot Ron a glare. “Of course you aren’t. This party is amazing though, Harry. Mrs. Malfoy even stopped to talk to us…” Hermione began. “Harry,” purred a voice. Startled, Harry turned and met Caitlin’s vivid violet eyes. She was dressed in a tight fitted silver robe, her hair cascading down her back. She tossed it over he shoulder and peered at Harry through her long lashes. Harry being Harry, he never noticed. “Hey Caitlin,” Harry smiled. “Who’s that, Harry?” Hermione asked quietly, her eyes narrowed as she stared at the beautiful girl next to Harry. Hermione did not like the way she was eyeing Harry. It was almost predatory — and she knew that Draco would have a fit if he found out. “This is Caitlin, Marissa’s husband’s child,” Harry explained. Caitlin flashed Ron and Hermione a false smile. Hermione smiled politely while Ron gaped. “Would you like to dance, Harry?” Caitlin asked, moving closer. “Harry! I’ve been looking all over for you,” a voice shouted to Harry’s left. Harry turned and met the warm brown eyes of one of the triplets. Harry grinned and leaned forward, genuinely pleased to see the girl. “Which one are you?” “China!” giggled the girl. “You’re prettier than your sisters,” Harry grinned. “We look the same, silly!” China giggled, blushing widely. “Silly me,” Harry smiled.

“Harry was just going to dance with me,” Caitlin added, glaring at China. China lifted her head defiantly, showing the arrogance that Harry knew most of the Malfoy family had. Caitlin smiled sweetly, gesturing for China to leave. China, of course, had no intention of backing down. “Daniel asked me to…” “Daniel will just keep out of it,” Caitlin said coolly. Harry looked at them blankly, not sure what they were talking about. He raised an eyebrow at Ron who looked just as clueless. Hermione’s mouth was pursed, her forehead creased into a deep frown. “Draco will…” argued China, her eyes flashing in anger. “Is not here…” Caitlin smiled frostily. “What’s wrong China?” asked Harry, deciding that the younger girl would give him a more honest answer. “Daniel asked me to find you to tell you that Draco’s looking for you,” China sniffed, her eyes watering slightly. Frowning at Caitlin for upsetting the girl, Harry stood up and slipped an arm around China’s slender shoulders. Caitlin’s mouth tightened slightly. “I’d better go find Draco then,” Harry said simply. Caitlin appeared as if she was going to argue. Her eyes flashed with annoyance. She opened her mouth to speak before slamming it closed. Malfoy’s, it seemed, had a strong selfcontrol in behaving in front of guests. She lifted a hand for Harry to correctly dismiss her with. Harry bowed over it and kissed the top of her knuckles. As he did so, the ring on his fingers gleamed. Ron and Hermione gasped. “Bloody hell!” Ron’s shout caused everyone to turn and look at them. The red heads eyes were fixed on the ring on Harry’s finger — the ring Harry had not told them about. “Malfoy gave you the Promise Ring,” Ron gasped. All eyes immediately fixed on the ring. Harry covered it, embarrassed. The people around began whispering excitedly, knowing what the ring symbolized. “Of course, Weasley. Why shouldn’t I give my fiancé the ring?” Draco drawled, suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Draco walked up to Harry, wrapping a possessive arm around Harry’s waist in a familiar gesture which Harry loved. As Harry relaxed against him, Draco’s mouth twitched as he fought a smile. “No reason…I just…well…” “As eloquent as always, Weasley,” Draco interrupted. Harry elbowed him in the ribs. “Be nice,” Harry ordered. China giggled. “I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t let you three come,” Draco frowned at China. “But I’ve been good Draco, honestly. I haven’t brought no superglue, or paint, or eggs, or flour, or water bombs or…” China insisted, her eyes wide with false innocence. “We get the picture,” Draco smirked. “I’m telling Mama that you think I’ve been naughty,” China threatened. “And I’ll tell Amethyst who put talcum powder in the salt pot,” Draco replied easily. China paled. “I’ll be grounded,” she wailed. Draco lifted an eyebrow and China stormed off, muttering about ‘telling daddy that Draco had been evil’. “You’re impossible,” Harry groaned, noticing that everyone was watching them. “Blackmail is very effective,” Draco smirked. ******************** Harry was once again dancing with Draco. The Veela had not left his side since the Caitlin incidence, much to Hermione’s relief. Harry didn’t mind. In fact, he liked having the Veela near him. He felt safer. “Mothers telling everyone about her future grandchildren,” Draco murmured in his ear. Harry shivered as the hot breath ticked the sensitive skin behind his ear. Sometimes he thought that Draco was deliberately trying to tease him, however innocent it appeared to be. Draco smiled at the shiver, proving Harry’s theory correct. “She’s happy,” Harry shrugged. “Don’t remind me,” Draco groaned.

“When are we having…?” Harry started to ask. “Draco — your father wants you in the library immediately,” said Blaise Zambini, appearing at Draco’s side. Draco frowned and pulled away from his mate. He sent Harry a smile, indicating that he had to leave. Harry smiled back, hiding his dismay. He had been comfortable dancing with Draco and had wanted to continue for a while longer. “I’ll be back soon,” Draco promised, leaving Harry on the dance floor. Harry moved towards the wall where Sirius was standing with Remus. The two appeared to be in a deep conversation. When he got close enough he coughed loudly, making the pair go instantly silent as they switched wide eyes to him. “Harry,” Sirius grinned. “Hey,” Harry smiled, wary. “Its an amazing ball, isn’t it?” asked Remus. Remus was wearing deep burgundy robes, his golden brown eyes warm and friendly in the dim lighting. His hair had been cut short, so that the long strands barely touched his chin. He looked better than Harry had ever seen him, and he couldn’t help noticing how handsome Remus was. “You look great,” Harry confessed, causing the were-wolf to blush. Sirius smirked. “You do, Moony,” he added, a teasing note to his voice. Remus snorted at that. “And Sirius looks…well…like…Sirius,” Harry added, eyeing his Godfather with a surprised grin. Sirius was dressed in pale blue robes, which matched his mischievous eyes. His long, dark hair had been tied back neatly, for once. Harry wondered why neither of the two men had ever considered settling down. “I’ll take that as a compliment,” Sirius pouted. “If I said you looked gorgeous then you’d get a big head,” Harry smirked. “But I am gorgeous! Aren’t I Moony?” asked Sirius, turning his blue eyes on Remus. Remus clearly didn’t know what to say. Harry couldn’t help but notice that Sirius was eyeing Remus closely, his eyes moving over Remus’s small frame. Harry refrained from grinning. It was obvious, now, that the reason why Sirius had never settled down was due to the golden haired werewolf by his side.

“Of course Padfoot,” Remus finally managed, a flush highlighting his cheekbones. “Why don’t you ask Remus to dance, Padfoot?” Harry suggested innocently. Sirius shot Harry a grateful look and pulled a stunned Remus onto the dance floor. Harry noticed idly that Remus didn’t pull away from Sirius. In fact, Remus was blushing. Harry turned away to give the couple some privacy and saw Seamus Finnigan making his way towards him. Harry panicked, and was relieved when someone crept up behind him. “Mr. Potter,” Severus Snape said crisply, his eyes fixed on Seamus who had stopped abruptly. Harry smiled gratefully at the older man. “Professor.” “Where is Draco?” “He’s in the library, talking to his father. Blaise Zambini gave him the message while we were dancing,” Harry told him. “He left you on your own, with Finnigan around?” Severus asked, clearly astonished. “I think he felt safe in the knowledge that I’m being carefully watched by his mother,” Harry aid dryly. Severus smirked. “You are correct. Tell me, I’ve just had a very interesting conversation with Narcissa, who seemed to be babbling about babies, is it anything to do with you?” “No! We’ve not bonded yet,” Harry denied, blushing furiously. Severus smirked wickedly. “I see that you’ve met Caitlin,” Severus said easily, his eyes watching Harry’s face closely. Harry frowned. “She’s a member of Draco’s family.” “Very pretty,” Snape commented. “What…?” “Caitlin. She’s a beautiful girl,” Snape repeated. “I guess…I never really noticed,” Harry said with a frown, remembering the violet eyed girl.

“Really?” “Yes…she spoke to me earlier…” “I know. A word of advice, Mr. Potter…” Snape murmured, leaning closer. Harry nodded. “Be careful around her…she had a nasty habit of stealing things,” Snape whispered. Harry blinked and watched as Snape moved away He was so preoccupied with watching Snape that he failed to see Draco return. “What’s wrong?” Draco asked, concern evident in his voice. “Snape was talking to me…” Harry murmured, a thoughtful look on his face. ‘Its almost as if Snape is looking out for me…he gave me the potion and now he’s warning me about Caitlin…surely he doesn’t mean that Caitlin was trying to steal him from Draco…?’ “What did he say?” Draco asked, clearly amused. “He warned me about Caitlin,” Harry muttered, uncomfortable with sharing the knowledge with a possessive Veela. Draco’s eyes narrowed slightly but otherwise he showed no emotion. Just then, a bell sounded. “It’s time for dinner,” Draco murmured, leading Harry to the large dining room, which had been expanded to be able to accommodate all of the guests. **************** “Harry, are you alright dear?” asked Narcissa, taking Harry’s elbow and guiding him towards a seat at the large table which appeared as if it could hold all the students at Hogwart’s, “I’m fine, Narcissa,” Harry reassured her. He had been told to call Narcissa by her first name, as with Lucius. He hadn’t really spoken to Lucius Malfoy, except their private talk in his study the morning after he received Draco’s ring. He privately thought that the older man was avoiding him at all costs. “You and Draco are to sit with me and Lucius at the top end of the table. Miss. Granger and Mr. Weasley, as well as Professor Dumbledore are nearby,” Narcissa informed him. Harry sat down in the seat next to Professor Dumbledore, who beamed at him. Draco sat by his side.

“How are you, Harry?” “I’m fine Professor. How are you?” Harry replied politely. “Fine, fine. It’s been a lovely evening,” Dumbledore answered, eyeing Harry over the top of his half moon spectacles. “It has,” Harry agreed. “It appears the congratulations are in order,” Dumbledore added, his eyes twinkling. Harry blushed. “Draco proposed the first night we were here,” Harry confessed. “And I take it that you accepted, due to the ring on your finger,” Dumbledore smiled. Harry nodded, his eyes meeting Draco’s. “You will be returning back to Hogwart’s tomorrow?” Dumbledore asked, his tone gentle but Harry could tell it was an order nevertheless. “Yes,” Draco said crisply, eyeing Dumbledore coldly. Dumbledore chuckled. “Harry is welcome to return whenever he likes,” Lucius added smoothly, his eyes mocking Dumbledore’s. “Of course, but he must not forget his education,” Dumbledore smiled. As the food appeared on the table Harry vaguely wondered why it seemed that Dumbledore and Lucius were fighting over him. ***************** After the meal the guests had returned back to the ballroom to talk, or to dance slowly on the dance floor. Harry had wondered off to go to the bathroom when he came face to face with Seamus Finnigan. At first Seamus didn’t say anything, much to Harry’s discomfit, as the boy was staring at him fixatedly. “Hey Seamus,” Harry broke the silence. “Harry. How are you?” the Irish boy smiled finally. “I’m fine. Have you had a good time?” Harry added politely. “Yeah - it’d be better if I could have a dance with you,” Seamus joked, his eyes telling Harry that he was serious. Harry hesitated, biting his lip.

“One dance couldn’t hurt…” Harry said finally. A look of amazement settled on Seamus’ face before he moved forward, lightly wrapping an arm around Harry’s waist. He was careful not to trap the other boy, in fear of provoking him and having the dance snatched away. Harry smiled at him. They danced slowly, careful not to be too close to one another, much to Harry’s relief. “So you’re really engaged to him?” Seamus said quietly. Harry stiffened in his arms. “Yeah.” “You love him?” “Yes,” Harry whispered. Harry pulled away slightly, tilting his head back to study the other boys face. It had a resigned look to it, a look Harry had never seen upon the usually cheerful face before. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “Don’t be. If he hurts you…” Seamus warned, his eyes telling Harry that whatever he was thinking wouldn’t be pleasant for the Veela. Harry laughed lightly. “He would never…” “What on earth is going on?” hissed a cold voice. Harry froze. He pulled out of Seamus’ arms to turn face to face with Draco Malfoy. There was a look of absolute fury on Draco’s face. It was mingled with pain and betrayal. Harry was shocked to discover that the anger was directed mainly at him. “Draco…” Harry started, moving towards the Veela. “No. We will discuss this later,” Draco hissed, his eyes narrowed to poisonous slits. Harry flinched at the cold tone. “It wasn’t…” “Really? You seem to be able to come up with excuses for everything,” Draco interrupted, his eyes like ice.

Harry stared at him in shock. “Why are you...?” Harry asked quietly, careful to keep his voice down due to the silent guests who had stopped to watch them. “I said that we will discuss this later,” Draco repeated. Anger flared up in Harry’s eyes. They burned darkly, flames lighting the emerald to an unfamiliar cold jade, which few people had ever seen. People hastily backed away from him and Draco, afraid. “Then I’m afraid we will have this conversation here,” Harry spat. “Don’t you dare…” Draco hissed. “What? What can you do? You don’t own me!” Harry raged. “You’re my fiancé!” “And maybe I don’t want to be,” Harry shot back. Draco paled, his body stiffening. “But you want that blasted Gryffindor, though? What do you take me for? A fool? I bet you’ve been seeing him behind my back…” “I’m not a whore,” Harry snapped, eyes narrowing. “Then don’t act like it,” replied Draco coldly. “You’re just mad because I won’t bond with you! Is that why I’m a whore? Because I won’t spread my legs like a good little mate and let you fuck me?” “Get out,” Draco hissed, furious with his mate for mocking their bond. “Gladly,” Harry spat back. Harry sent Draco a final glare, which made everyone gape at him, before storming from the room, his slim frame seeming to glow with the magic he was trying desperately to control. Several sparks had already escaped from his fingertips, scaring everyone. Sirius hastily left the room, Remus following. Hermione and Ron soon followed them; their faces were filled with concern for their friend. Seamus made to follow them but was stopped by a painful grip on his rm. He lifted his eyes to meet Draco’s cold glare. “I want you out of my house, now,” he said coldly, his eyes telling Seamus that he meant it. “You don’t deserve him, Malfoy,” Seamus mocked. Draco’s grip tightened but Seamus never flinched or moved away.

“I suggest you leave before I curse you to hell.” The words were filled with a warning, a promise that told the Irish boy that Draco meant it. Seamus searched his eyes for a moment before nodding. Draco let go. As Seamus walked away, he paused at the door. “You don’t deserve him,” Seamus repeated, before disappearing out of the room. Draco’s jaw clenched. ****************** A soon as Seamus had left the other guests had hastily disappeared, wanting to leave the house before Draco exploded. The cold fury in the young Veela’s eyes had terrified them. The blond had sat next to his mother since Harry had left the room, not listening to her distraught mutters. All that Draco could see was Harry staring up at Seamus Finnigan’s face, his eyes alight with laughter. The emerald eyes had been smiling, smiling at a man that openly wanted to seduce his mate. Draco severely doubted that Harry could be that innocent. The Irish boy had been virtually seducing Harry in front of hundreds of guests! ‘Maybe Harry wasn’t afraid that day in the library…he might have just acted like that when he saw me…’ Draco thought angrily. The thought of Harry pinned under Seamus, moaning, his back arched and his face flushed with pleasure made Draco want to explode. Harry was HIS! Harry had looked that way for him — he was the only one allowed to make Harry cry out in pleasure. ‘That’s why he won’t bond with me,’ Draco silently raged. “Draco — Draco — Please listen to me,” pleaded Narcissa, looking at Lucius for help. Lucius remained silent, his eyes fixed on his son. “Harry would never — he would never — Lucius, tell him — he cares for you — he loves you —” Narcissa soothed, touching her son’s face gently. Draco pulled away. “He doesn’t want to bond with me,” Draco reminded her frostily. Narcissa looked stricken at the memory. “The boy is afraid of commitment,” Marissa said softly, trying to reassure her grandson.

“He obviously doesn’t mind committing himself to that Irish bas — ” Draco spat. “Draco!” Marissa snapped, her eyes moving to the sniveling triplets. “We like Harry,” mourned Frances. “He said I was pretty,” sobbed China. “And he asked for photographs,” Angela added with a sniff. “The boy is too much of a Gryffindor to harm you,” Amethyst murmured. Draco laughed bitterly. “Peter Pettigrew,” Draco hissed. The name was enough to make the small group fall silent. “Potter could never hurt you,” Lucius finally said, giving in at the sight of Draco’s tormented face. “How do you know that?” Draco hissed venomously. “Because the foolish boy is in love with you,” Lucius said simply. Draco looked up, his eyes still growing with anger. “He loves me enough to let another boy pin him to a table and touch him. He loves me enough to dance with a boy who wants nothing more than to sleep with him,” Draco glared. “What on earth are you on about?” gaped Narcissa. “He’s been with Seamus before. I caught them kissing in the library a few days ago,” was all that Draco said. “Oh…” was all that Marissa murmured. Narcissa’s eyes glowed with anger. ************ Harry had collapsed on his and Draco’s bed, sobbing harshly. He couldn’t believe that Draco had done that…he had given his heart to the Veela only to have it thrown back in his face. He should have listened to Ron and the others to begin with. He should never have allowed himself to fall in love with Draco. When Sirius, Remus, Ron and Hermione arrived in the bedroom they froze. Harry was curled up on his side, his face half buried in the silken sheets, tears silently streaming down his ashen face. There was a look of anguish and horror on his face; but worst was the lost look in his eyes. It was Sirius who moved forward first. He gathered the sobbing boy into his arms and

rocked him gently, allowing Harry to cry onto his shoulder. His cries echoed around the room, making Ron wince. “I thought he loved me,” Harry moaned helplessly. “He does,” Hermione whispered, heart broken for her friend. “Then why — why — why does he think I like Seamus?” Harry sobbed. “He’s a Veela. He’s unsure about your feelings,” Remus soothed. “I nearly bonded with him,” Harry cried desperately. “You haven’t, have you? Tell me you haven’t, Harry?” Sirius begged, pulling back so that he could peer into his godson’s watery eyes. Harry shook his head wildly. Instantly Sirius and the others relaxed. “Thank Merlin,” Ron breathed. Hermione glared at him. “Why were you dancing with Seamus anyway Harry?” Hermione questioned, ignoring Sirius’ angry glare. “I was telling him that I loved Draco, and that I was engaged to him. Seamus said that he would hurt Draco if he hurt me and I was telling Seamus that he never would…and … and…and then Draco came,” Harry mumbled. “Oh,” Ron said, blinking. “Draco was just jealous, Harry,” Hermione explained. “But I didn’t do anything! I’ve already told Draco that I think of Seamus as a brother, but he still hasn’t listened,” Harry sniffled. “He’s a jealous Veela who is afraid that you’ll leave him,” Hermione repeated. “He called me a whore!” Hermione flinched at the icy voice, not used to having Harry talk to her that way. “I’ve never been a whore! I’ve never slept with anyone! He knows that!” Harry spat. “I know,” Sirius soothed. Remus gave Hermione a look which clearly told her to drop it; Harry was in no fit state to think clearly. “I wanted him to be my first,” Harry moaned.

“I know, darling, I know,” Sirius cooed. Harry relaxed in his Godfather’s arms, knowing that he was safe. As Harry’s eyelashes fluttered closed and he fell into a tormented sleep Sirius looked up at the other three. “Pack his stuff. I’m taking him back to Hogwarts,” Sirius whispered, his eyes dark with anger. “Sirius,” protested Hermione. Sirius glared at her and Hermione feel silent. Sirius Black was well known for being over protective of his godson. Harry was like a son to him, and heaven help anyone who hurt him. “I’m taking him back to Hogwarts,” Sirius repeated, stubbornly. Remus sighed. ************************* It was ten minutes later when Sirius gathered Harry back into his arms, careful not to awaken him. They watched as Remus created a portkey which would take them back to Hogwarts. As they vanished, Sirius just caught sight of a furious Narcissa Malfoy entering the bedroom. Her eyes were riveted on the disappearing boy in Sirius’ arms, anger clear in her eyes. As they landed in Dumbledore’s office they were unsurprised to see Dumbledore peering at them, a sad smile on his face as he studied the unusual group intently. His eyes noticeably softened when they landed on Harry, still fast asleep in Sirius’s arms. “I take it that the problem has not been solved?” he asked softly. Hermione just shook her head. ********************* Wow! This chapter is massive! I must admit that I didn’t plan for this chapter to go this way but it just happened as I wrote it. I hope you like it. Harry was, to me, showing just how stubborn he is. I think that it was about time that he proved to Draco that he could survive on his own. I hope you don’t hate me too much! Don’t worry though — they will get back together! Choices for the next chapter: Harry has an interesting talk with Severus Snape Lucius and Narcissa arrive at Hogwart’s

Draco returns to school Pansy Parkinson tries to worm her way back with Draco Malfoy Review with your choice. Was there enough Seamus in this chapter *giggles *. I know that some of you don’t like him, but I think he’s adorable *pouts *! That just means that there’s more Seamus for me!

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Chapter 15: A New Day Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ******************** A new day: Harry awoke in the Gryffindor Tower. He heard hushed voices next to him and moaned, not wanting to wake up yet and face the nightmare he had unsuccessfully tried to persuade himself to believe was an actual nightmare. His heart ached with the loss of Draco’s warm body next to his; he longed for the strong arms which usually held him through the night. He desperately yearned to open his eyes and meet a love filled silver stare — a stare which had only last night burned with hatred for him. “Harry?” Harry buried his face further into the covers. With a sigh Sirius moved forwards, yanking the covers off his Godson. Harry stirred, his body stretching like a lazy cat. As a pair of misty green eyes met him, Sirius inwardly cursed Draco Malfoy for hurting his Godson — the one person who meant more to him than life itself. “Hey kiddo,” Sirius murmured. Harry smiled, not realising that Sirius was torn by the falseness of it. “I’m fine,” Harry muttered, slipping off the bed and moving towards the bathroom. Ron, Hermione, Sirius, Seamus, Dean and Neville watched him silently. As soon as the bathroom door shut then the boys turned to look at Sirius, unsure of what to do. Sirius ran

a hand through his hair, showing just how tired he was feeling. “I’d kill that blasted Veela if I could,” he said finally. Ron cracked a weak grin. “Yeah…he always was nothing but a ferret.” Seamus frowned. “He just lost it…I think it was because of the time in the library…” “What time in the library?” Dean asked sharply, eyeing Seamus carefully. Seamus blushed. “I…well…I…er…” “Yes?” queried Sirius. “I kissed Harry,” Seamus choked. Everyone gaped at him. “You what?” Ron asked stupidly. “I kissed him — Harry tried to push me off but it was too late. Malfoy arrived and had a fit,” Seamus explained, squirming at the accusing looks on the other boy’s faces. “Oh…so that’s why Malfoy thinks Harry’s a whore,” Neville mused. “He had no right to call Harry that! Harry’s been faithful to him!” Seamus protested firmly. “He’s a Veela Seamus,” Hermione said simply, as if that solved everything. “So?” Sirius asked, not understanding. Hermione shot him a dark scowl. “Don’t any of you read? Didn’t you even try and find out what Harry has got himself into?” she accused. Weakly, they all shook their heads. “Veela are possessive — and for a reason. To them, their mates are everything. Harry is Draco’s entire world. Imagine seeing the boy you loved being held by another boy — you’d flip. Draco obviously thought that Harry was doing it on purpose and guessed incorrectly that Harry had been seeing Seamus, who, may I just add, has done nothing but cause trouble since this whole thing started.” “Oh…”

“Right…” “So…” “So? So! Ron, Draco needs Harry. In case you don’t know, in less than four months the mating season starts — when Draco will want to bond with Harry more than ever! And in case you are forgetting, your best friend is in love with him!” Hermione ranted. “Ok!” Ron cried, throwing his hands up defensively. “So Harry needs to be with Draco,” Seamus concluded. Hermione nodded. “So we’ll get them back together — somehow,” Sirius said thoughtfully. Hermione snorted. “They’re both as stubborn as each other, so how on earth do you suggest that we do that?” Hermione asked. “You won’t.” The firm voice startled them and they turned to see Harry standing at the doorway. Harry didn’t even look at them, he was staring at the ring on his finger. He hesitated before he pulled it off, the warm metal lingering on his skin for a moment too long before it was finally off. “He doesn’t want me for myself. Malfoy only likes me because the bond is forcing him too, as last night proved. I won’t bond with someone who doesn’t truly love me,” Harry whispered. They watched in shock as Harry moved over to his trunk. He opened it and slipped the ring inside, locking it away. ‘With my heart,’ Harry thought silently, forcing the tears away. He would not cry, not again. ‘I’m stronger than that…’ he thought, but even as the thought left his mind he knew that h wasn’t. Inside his heart was still weeping. “Let’s go to breakfast,” Harry spoke finally. His tone told the rest that he wouldn’t be persuaded otherwise. ***************** The Great Hall was silent when the Gryffindor sixth years and Sirius Black entered the room. All eyes fixed on the emotionless face of Harry Potter, who promptly walked over to his usual seat, sat down, and helped himself to a slice of toast.

Sirius shot him a worried glance before moving to the Staff Table. He slipped into his seat, next to Remus. Remus raised an eyebrow. “He’s not talking about it,” Sirius warned him. Remus nodded, his eyes watching Harry thoughtfully. “The boy is upset?” Dumbledore asked. “I don’t know. He woke up, had a shower, locked the ring inside his trunk and basically ordered us to come to dinner,” Sirius summarized, not wanting to tell Dumbledore about Harry’s words. As far as Sirius was concerned the matter was private. He would never go against Harry’s confidentiality and tell another person. He would tell Remus later, as Remus was part of Harry’s family — but that was it. “He’s hiding it,” said a neutral voice. Sirius and the rest of the Professor’s turned and stared at Severus Snape in shock. The man was watching Harry with a calculating gleam in his dark eyes, his observational skills in action as he studied the boy at the Gryffindor table. “How do you…?” “Personally I think that Potter is within his rights to scream and yell bloody murder. Draco needs to learn that the boy will not be controlled. By being stubborn Potter will leave Draco in no doubts that his attitude needs to change before they can enter a stable relationship,” Severus sneered. The Professors gaped at him. “Oh for Merlin’s sake! The boy has been thrown into a relationship with a complete stranger and you expect it to be bloody perfect. Potter and Malfoy are too different to be able to act happy and Gryffindorish without arguments. Personally, I would be concerned if they bonded straightaway and posed as the perfect couple!” “You’re right, as usual, Severus,” Dumbledore agreed. “So you’re saying that we need to let Malfoy break first?” Remus asked slowly. “Yes.” “Oh…” Sirius said, understanding dawning on his features. “So this is basically a test of boundaries?” Minerva McGonagall mused. “Of course. What would you do if you were accused of being unfaithful? If anyone is more ridiculously noble than Potter than I’d become a bloody Gryffindor,” Snape snorted, sarcasm dripping from his every word.

****************** Harry was sitting in the Great Hall at lunch when Draco Malfoy finally appeared at Hogwart’s. The Veela stormed into the hall, his face a cold mask, and made his way over to the Slytherins who were regarding him in something akin to terror — especially Pansy, who was remembering the last time the Veela had lost it. “You all right Draco?” asked Blaise carefully. “Fine,” Draco hissed, his eyes avoiding Harry’s stiff figure. Draco sat down and helped himself to something to eat. The silence disappeared as the students began to mutter, eyeing Draco warily, and shooting Harry sympathetic looks, which the Gryffindor ignored. “You okay Harry?” Hermione whispered. “Yeah — do you want to go flying Ron?” “Course mate,” Ron grinned, pleased that his friend was showing some enthusiasm towards something. “I’ll come,” Hermione hastily added. “WHAT?” Everyone turned to stare at the red head. Harry laughed, unable to prevent it on seeing the gob smacked expression on his best friends face. Hermione shot him a stern glare reminiscent of Professor McGonagall’s. “Really Ron, don’t shout.” “You can’t even fly!” “How dare you? I can fly if I want to!” Hermione ranted. Ron snorted. “Tell him Harry! Now!” ordered Hermione loudly. All eyes turned to the laughing Harry. Harry smothered his laughter with his left hand, hastily on catching sight of his friends’ furious eyes. On seeing Hermione’s glare he sent Ron an apologetic look and turned to the glaring witch. “Course you can fly Mione — Ron’s just being an idiot! Aren’t you Ron?” “Yeah! Course I am! It was a joke Mione,” Ron nodded wildly, agreeing with Harry. Hermione sniffed and flounced out of the hall. Harry relaxed.

“I thought you were a goner there mate,” he smirked. Ron sighed. “Bloody women!” “Ron!” Ginny squealed indignantly. ***************** Draco barely stopped himself from screaming in frustration as his mate finished his meal in silence and left the hall, surrounded by his friends who seemed to be showing Harry moral support. What had hurt Draco the most was the fact that Harry had taken off his ring. He had noticed it when Harry had smothered his laughter, lifting a bare hand to cover his mouth. The knowledge had been like a knife through Draco’s heart. “Are you alright Draco?” Blaise repeated. “Yes,” Draco said calmly. His friends looked at him as if he was mental, knowing his mood swings well enough by now to know that he was mad enough to hex Harry Potter, his own mate, into oblivion. Draco ignored them and remembered last night. Narcissa had gone to search for Harry and to drag him out of hiding. She had returned, face dark with anger and with the knowledge that Harry had left, in his Godfathers arms. No matter what his family had tried to say, their words had not penetrated the wall he had built around himself. Finally, they had given in and put him to bed, hoping that he would wake out of his daze after a decent nights sleep. Draco had fallen asleep praying for Harry to return, needing the other boy cuddling into his side, his dark hair brushing his neck and his soft lips pressed into the skin behind his ear. He had felt empty with not being able to wrap his arms around Harry’s slender hips, feel that masculine body pressed tightly against him, and see his emerald eyes flutter closed in sleep. He had awoken only to find that his prayer had not been answered. Harry had not returned. It was then that anger had taken over. He had been furious that the other boy had left him, to go back to his Irish lover. Deep in his mind he had known that he had over reacted. He had known that Harry had never had a lover, never mind Seamus Finnigan, and yet his possessive nature had forced his doubts to push this knowledge away. H remembered Harry’s green eyes, filled with fury, as they had met his own. His words even now returned to haunt him: ‘“You’re just mad because I won’t bond with you! Is that why I’m a whore? Because I

won’t spread my legs like a good little mate and let you fuck me?”’ Harry’s words had been harsh, mocking his love cruelly. He had mocked their bond, knowing that that would hurt Draco more than anything else. He had given his mate everything — his heart being the most sacred — and yet Harry had thrown it back in his face. ‘But he never did actually say that he loved you, did he?’ a traitorous voice whispered into his mind. He looked up and met the angry eyes of Seamus Finnigan. They didn’t show any happiness in finally splitting the pair up; in fact, Draco swore he could see sadness reflected in the other boys’ eyes, underneath the anger. ‘Why would he be angry?’ he thought. Seamus’ words echoed inside his head: ‘“You don’t deserve him, Malfoy.”’ Draco shut them out, unable to bare the truth. He sneered at the Irish boy and went back to his meal. ******************** Harry was flying rapidly around the pitch, trying to rid the pain in his heart by exhausting himself. He couldn’t rid his mind of the pale haired Veela. Draco had not even looked at him — did not want him… ‘No!’ his mind screamed. ‘I don’t need him.’ “Harry! Slow down!” Hermione yelled, trying to pull Harry from his thoughts. It worked and Harry flew towards her at a reckless speed, barely preventing himself from flying into her. Ron instantly appeared next to them. “What?” Harry asked, annoyance in his voice. “You can’t hide away from your problems, Harry,” Hermione scolded. “I can try,” Harry snapped, defiantly. Hermione shook her head sadly. “You’ll just make it worse if you ignore the situation,” Hermione reprimanded. “If Harry wants to forget that Draco Malfoy exists then I side with him,” Ron sulked stubbornly. “You are only saying that because you hate him,” Hermione reasoned. “So?” Ron snorted.

Harry frowned at them both before flying down at a neck-breaking angle. He heard Hermione scream as he barely slammed his broom upright, preventing his incoming crash onto the ground. Harry climbed off easily and, ignoring his friends’ shouts, left the pitch. As he was walking down the corridor leading to the Fat Lady Harry was surprised to find himself pinned to the wall, the annoyed face of Blaise Zambini staring down at him. Harry struggled, vainly, in a need to escape. Suddenly the face changed, blurring to form the face of non other than Vernon Dursley. Harry cringed as the face peered closer, afraid that the man’s fist would follow. “Let go!” Harry pleaded “Potter? Are you all right?” “Let go of me!” Harry yelled. Blaise let go and watched in shock as Harry collapsed on the floor, face devoid of colour and green eyes frantic. Harry’s breathing finally calmed down and he hesitantly looked up into the other boys face. Blaise crouched down on the floor next to him. “Are you alright Harry?” The voice was soft, strangely gentle. Harry nodded weakly. “You reminded me of someone…that’s all…” Harry said firmly, trying to convince the boy that he was all right. Blaise, who wasn’t a Slytherin for nothing, knew he was lying. “Don’t lie to me Potter,” he growled. “I’m not!” Harry protested. “Then tell me the truth!” “What do you want to know? You’ll only tell Draco anyway — is that why you’re here? Are you trying to sort this out for Malfoy?” Blaise flinched at the accusing tone. “To begin with yes,” he said finally. Harry’s eyes closed off, leaving the emerald green blank. “I’d better go —” Harry stood up, careful not to touch the other boy. Blaise watched him turn around before asking what he needed to now. “Who hurt you Potter?”

Harry’s body stiffened. “Leave it Blaise…” Harry walked off, leaving a bewildered Blaise to stare after him. Shaking his head, Blaise decided to go back to the Slytherin Common Room and tell Draco what he had found out. It seemed that there was a lot that the Veela did not know about his mate. **************** Blaise found Draco sitting on one of the leather sofas near the fire. His eyes were dark with pain but his face remained neutral. Draco was, if nothing else, a Malfoy. “Draco,” he greeted. “Blaise.” “I just met Potter in the halls,” Blaise started. Instantly Draco’s head spun around to face him. “What did he say?” “Nothing really,” Blaise shrugged, but the dark look on his face told Draco otherwise. “Tell me,” Draco growled. Blaise hesitated, not knowing whether to betray the Gryffindor’s trust. He gave in on seeing the agony on his best friend’s face. Draco had refused to stay at the Tower since his return, unable to bear staying in the bed where his mate had once slept. “He didn’t say anything, really,” Blaise muttered, more to himself. “Then why are you telling me this?” “It wasn’t what he said — it was more how he reacted…” “What do you mean?” “I scared him, slammed him against the wall to attract his…” “WHAT?!” The fury in Draco’s face told Blaise that his explanation better be good. Blaise hastily began to explain. “He freaked out — begged me to let him go. He was terrified. He flinched away from me as if I would hit him…I asked him if he was alright…Potter just said that I reminded him of someone…I asked him who had hurt him and he left…” Draco’s body went limp.

“Somebody touched him…against his will?” “I don’t know, Draco. Whatever the person did to him scared him… It appeared as if it was an automatic reaction — almost burned into his mind…” “So you think that he’s been hurt before…a while ago?” “Yes…” “How long?” Blaise hesitated. “He reacted like a scared child — as if he was trapped…” “How long?” “Years, Draco. Whatever has terrified him has happened frequently over a long period of time…probably as a child…” Blaise’s words made Draco give out a desperate moan and Blaise rushed forward to comfort his heart broken friend. ******************* Harry hastily made his way to the breakfast table the next day. He was soaked through from the rain outside. On waking that morning he had left his room mates a note, requesting them to leave him out flying until he was ready to come in. Draco’s head jerked up. Harry was soaked. His black hair clung to his head in wet, straggly strands. His green eyes peered out through lashes covered with raindrops, while his right hand clutched his famous Firebolt. He didn’t appear to even notice the fact that his clothes were drenched, clinging to his long legs and muscular torso. He flopped down next to Ron, transferring some of the rain onto his red headed friend. “Ewww! Harry, thanks a lot,” Ron groaned. Harry blinked, looking down at his wet clothes. “Sorry Ron — I hadn’t realized that I was wet.” Ron gaped at him. “Harry, its been raining for hours! You’ve been flying for hours! How on earth could you…?” ranted Ron. “Here Harry,” Hermione interrupted, flicking her wand and magically drying Harry’s clothes.

Harry smiled his thanks. “Did you enjoy your practice?” she asked. “Yeah…I guess I did,” Harry remarked with a grin. “Just don’t do it again in the rain,” Hermione admonished. “I won’t…” “You had us worried when we woke up and you weren’t there,” Seamus added. Harry looked startled. “I left you a note!” Ron snorted. “Ron — Flying — stay away — Harry, does not count for a note, Harry,” Neville scolded. “What did you want? A five foot essay on the joys of flying?” Harry grumbled. “It would have been better than a five word scrawl,” Hermione scowled. “I could have just left without writing that,” Harry threatened, clearly in no mood for being told what to do. “Course he could of — leave him alone. Harry just needed some time to think,” Seamus backed Harry up. “Thanks Pixie,” Harry yawned. “Pixie?” Ron chuckled. “Irish Pixie,” Harry mumbled. “Did you sleep last night, Harry?” Hermione asked, obviously concerned. “Yeah…woke up early though,” Harry mumbled, his words slurring. “Harry…” started Ron. “Think I’m falling…” That was all the warning they got before Harry promptly fell fast asleep, Ron barely preventing him from landing face first into his breakfast. People around the hall laughed, not noticing Draco’s clenched jaw. “We’d better take him back to bed — let him sleep it off,” Hermione suggested. “What? The great Hermione Granger is suggesting that Harry skip class?” Ron teased.

“Ron! Harry needs to sleep,” Hermione snapped, helping the red head gather their best friend into his arms. “He hardly weighs anything,” Ron stated in amazement, looking at Harry in awe. “Being nearly anorexic is not something to be proud of,” Hermione muttered, guiding Ron through the door and up to Gryffindor Tower. ****************** “He’ll be alright,” Blaise whispered to Draco. Draco shot him a death glare. “You’re impossible Draco. Just apologize to him, or at least find out why he flipped like that.” “Perhaps Pixie will know,” Draco scathingly scowled. “Potter was hardly awake — and even Seamus appeared stunned at the nick name. Give Harry a chance. You know that Harry was within his rights to yell at you. What would you do if somebody called you a whore? Honestly, Potter’s as bloody innocent as the Virgin Mary,” Blaise snorted, but there was concern in his voice. “Blaise,” Draco warned. “At least find out about last night,” Blaise pleaded. “Why are you so concerned?” Draco asked finally, his eyes narrowed into jealous slits. “I don’t fancy Potter but I know that you love him. I would never come between you. Besides, if anything I want to find out why Potter flipped when I touched him,” Blaise frowned. Draco nodded. Blaise could never stand an unsolved mystery, and was sure to get to the bottom of the problem with Harry, even if he had to force a confession out of the other boy. Draco was also secretly worried about Harry. The boy appeared to be barely aware of anything happening around him. But the main thing worrying Draco was Harry’s reaction to Blaise. It was obvious that somebody had hurt the boy physically in the past… “We’ve got potions now, Draco,” Blaise interrupted his chain of thought. “Yeah…” ******************* The next chapter: Choices:

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Chapter 16: Irish Pixie Disclaimer: See previous chapter: ********** Irish Pixie: Seamus Finnigan was not in a good mood. He was uncomfortably aware of the scathing looks aimed his way from the Slytherins, and Draco Malfoy's fury filled silver eyes which seemed to be trying to burn a hole in the back of his head. He knew that Harry was in love with the ferret but was hurt. Seamus also knew that whoever received love and affection from Harry received it for life. Harry had always been shy, and had always been exceptionally close to his friends - especially Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Seamus had watched as the small, timid first year had developed into a proud, modest, handsome young man. He had to admit that he had had a serious crush on Harry for several years. Chasing after the beautiful Harry Potter had been the most challenging challenge Seamus had ever tried to win. The boy was completely oblivious to flirting, sexual innuendos and anything else which Seamus had thrown his way. The school had followed his seduction with wide, mirth filled eyes as he had hopelessly tried to date the green eyed Gryffindor, who frequently thought Seamus was mad, with a need for physical touch. Seamus vaguely remembered having playing footsie with the gorgeous boy, and only to have Harry ask him why he was kicking him. The whole hall had erupted into laughter at Harry's curiosity and Seamus's disbelieving eyes. 'That was the problem,' Seamus thought. 'Harry is innocent. He needs someone to protect him, love him, care for him.' In other words Harry Potter needed Draco Malfoy. Seamus had tired to compete with the blond haired Veela but it had been too late. Harry had already given the other boy his heart, whether he realised it or not at first. Seamus

suspected that Harry hadn't even realised it at first, and had only become aware of it when Draco Malfoy had admitted to loving Harry. The Veela was the most annoying boy he had ever met. Everyone could tell that Draco Malfoy wanted nothing better than to ravish his mate, even if he was still trying to ignore him. Draco had obviously badly reacted to the situation, fueled by his jealousy and need to bond with Harry, who seemed nervous in wanting to bond with him. It was no surprise to Seamus that Harry didn't want to bond. Harry was, after all, the most innocent and compassionate boy he had ever met. One of the reasons why Seamus had been so attracted to Harry was the passion he displayed to something he cared for deeply - Quidditch for example. Harry had an unlit fire inside of himself, something which Seamus had been drawn to. It was undoubtedly what Draco had been drawn to. Harry was unique. Harry was, in Seamus's opinion, simply Harry Potter. After returning from the party Seamus had realised that he had never been in love with Harry. Oh, he loved the other boy deeply, and always would, but he was not in love with him, and that was the difference. Seamus had only chased after him because he was the one person Seamus could never have. Harry was like a brother to Seamus, and Seamus was protective of his friends and family. Yet what Seamus knew was that Harry would never be truly happy without the blond haired Veela who had managed to steal his well guarded heart. Seamus sighed out loud, causing the people around him to stare at him, perplexed at the thoughtful look upon his usually smiling face. 'I guess I just need to talk to the ferret,' Seamus realised, raising his head and staring into Draco's narrowed silver eyes. Seamus gulped. ************ "Finnegan keeps looking at you," Pansy said suddenly. "I know," Draco snapped. "Why?" asked Millicent. "He's obviously trying to taunt Draco," Pansy smirked, looking at Draco through lowered lashes. Blaise looked at Seamus. "It looks as though whatever he's thinking about is serious. I don't think I've ever seen him

so silent before," Blaise murmured contemplating the Irish boys' behaviour. Draco snorted, eyeing Seamus not so subtly. **************** "Malfoy!" Draco ignored the shout "Ferret!" Draco froze. They had been walking down to the common room when he had seen Seamus Finnigan following him. Draco had tried to ignore him, but couldn't. He turned around, eyes flashing dangerously. Seamus stopped before him, panting slightly. His cheerful face was creased in something that resembled sadness. "What do you want?" Draco sneered, feeling the other Slytherins move around them, offering silent support to their leader. Seamus didn't look intimidated in the least. "It's about Harry." Seamus' soft tone froze Draco's sarcastic retort before it past his lips. He tilted his head, eyeing Seamus carefully. "He doesn't hate you," Seamus blurted out, eyes widening in horror as he slammed a hand over his mouth. "Why are you telling me this?" Draco asked finally, still studying him carefully. "I do love Harry.... I mean..." Draco tapped his foot impatiently. "He's gorgeous - a great flying and has a great body..." "Is there a point to this conversation?" Draco growled, not liking the fact that another boy was thinking about his mate in such a way. 'The mate who does not want you,' Draco's mind reminded him viciously. "And he's the nicest bloke I've ever met - a great friend...but..." "What is the point Finnigan?" Draco snapped angrily. "But I don't love him!" "What on earth are you trying to say? You just admitted that you loved Potter and now

you don't?" Draco raised an eyebrow. "No that's just it. I love Harry..." "Then why are you here?" Draco hissed. "Let me bloody finish!" Seamus nostrils flared, Irish temper showing. Draco nodded slightly, avowing his consent. "I love Harry but I'm not in love with him. He's a friend - like a brother to me..." "And you just figured this out now?" Draco purred, voice dangerously soft. The Slytherins shifted uncomfortably, recognising the fury beneath Draco's calm exterior. "Yes! No! I've always known...but I wanted was a habit! I mean, I've been trying to seduce him for years and he's never noticed. I wasn't about to let you try without some competition." "So you deliberately split me up from my mate because you had a habit of trying to seduce him?" Draco summarized icily. "No...yeah...I wasn't dancing with him to seduce him!" Seamus explained. "Then why were you?" "I knew Harry...well I knew about the engagement and asked Harry something personal. He told me the truth, about how he cared for me only as a brother. I accepted it and asked him to dance. It was nothing but two friends dancing. I told him that if you ever hurt him I would kill you and he laughed and said you would never, and then you arrived and yelled at us," Seamus finished in a rush. Draco realised that the boy was telling the truth. But one thing was puzzling him - why was the Irish boy telling him this? "Why are you telling me this?" "You're the only one that can make him happy. I'm not telling you why he is so angry with you, or why he took off the ring. That's something that you'll have to discover yourself but he had a good reason," Seamus answered cagily. Draco nodded, showing that he understood. Seamus sighed in relief and turned to leave. He stopped after a few steps, turning to face the Slytherin in an act that resembled his parting words at the party. "I don't know what he sees in one does, and I don't care. Hurt him any more Malfoy and you'll have me, Ron and Hermione after your blood." "Understood Finnigan," Draco smirked. He was shocked when Seamus smirked right back at him.

**************** It was later that day when Harry received the letter. Hedwig had delivered it to him in his dorm room, where he was lying on his bed, his head propped up on his elbow as he contemplated Draco's behaviour. He must admit that he was terrified of the Veela's reaction. Draco had been keeping his temper firmly in control, basically ignoring him. That had hurt Harry more than he would ever admit. He had grown used to the Veela's constant attention. 'You fell in love with him and yet you hardly know him...I thought he'd explode or come to see me as soon as he arrived and yet he's done neither...He just sits there, not noticing me...I was a fool...A complete and utter fool....' He untied the letter from Hedwig's outstretched leg, ruffled her feathers lovingly and watched as she flew away. With a sigh, Harry turned to the letter in his hand. He froze when he recognized the Malfoy family crest on the seal. With shaking hands Harry opened it, thankful and yet anxious to discover why it wasn't the expected howler or poison. He began to read the elegant scrawl, squinting slightly to read the confident, bold lettering. 'Dear Mr. Potter, You have no idea of how hard it was to persuade my wife from sending you the malicious howler she was planning, so be thankful that I am good at manipulation and blackmail. Although we have never seen eye to eye on everything, and we did meet during an unusual situation, I feel that perhaps I am able to judge your character perhaps more accurately than your friends. You father was the same: courageous, powerful, and intelligent and most of all loyal. Perhaps his most obvious value was his loyalty. He cared deeply and fought for his friends, even Peter Pettigrew, and especially you and your mother. You especially share the same proud stubbornness which he possessed, which rivaled that of the infamous Sirius Black, our well known Azkaban Escapist, and the well known Severus Snape, Potion Master at Hogwart's. However, although you share some of the very same traits, and have an uncanny resemblance to James Potter, with the exception of your mothers' eyes, I have to admit that you're probably more like your mother than you realize. Lily Evans was a popular girl at Hogwart's. She was muggleborn, of course, but beautiful very beautiful - and immensely intelligent. She was very perceptive. She was different from your father though. She was cunning, something which surprised me at first. After all, Slytherins were known as the most cunning people of all, and yet a mere Gryffindor shared the same trait.

I think that the only thing which prevented her from becoming a Slytherin was her muggle blood. Ginny Weasley reminds me of her, albeit vaguely. They have the same red hair, although your mothers' was more auburn. I have a suspicion that the sorting hat hovered over the decision between Gryffindor and Slytherin for you. The Parseltongue ability is one of the most reknown abilities Salazar Slytherin himself was blessed with. You're a mixture of three people. You have the appearance, loyalty, power and pride from your father, your eyes, cunningness and perceptiveness from your mother, and last but not least the gift of none other than the Heir of Slytherins' magic. You are perhaps the most unusual person. A boy who grew up in a foul background, cared for by hopeless relatives whom I know cared little for you. I will not tell you how I received this information, and I will never tell my son. That will be something I expect you to inform him of at a later date. You must be immensely curious as to why I did not murder you at my home, as will your friends. The main reason, of course, is the fact that Draco is in love with you. I thought it was some elaborate joke at first... The second reason is the fact that you know who I am. I will not deny the fact that I am a Death Eater, and serve the man that ruthlessly murdered your parents. You are considered family now after all. I just wanted to inform you that Draco was never intending to become a follower himself, and I would never allow my son to bow before another man as nothing but a mere servant. So you know the truth. You know the one way in which a person could rip away my heart. I love my wife dearly, but my son, my beautiful boy, means more to me than even her. He is the only one able to breach the barriers I have built around myself over the years. He is my pride and joy, rather like you were to your own father, if I remember correctly the times I saw you in his presence in Diagon Alley before Dumbledore pleaded with them to hide. Draco is not able to deny the fact that he is desperately in love with you. I do not know the reasons why you were angered, and I will not pry. Your own opinions may remain your own, as long as they do not hurt my son any further. You were thrust into this relationship without considering the consequences, and that, I feel, is the reason why you have fallen out. Dumbledore always was a foolish matchmaker, and always will be. I know for a fact that Draco is at this very moment hiding away his pain behind an expressionless mask, which I myself helped him to create when he was at a young age. What you must remember is the fact that he is angry, jealous and hurt. Veela are possessive, and he just needs time to think before he acts. He will soon be back by your side, have no doubt. I will never confess to writing this letter in any way shape or form, and as soon as you have

read the last word it will automatically turn itself into ashes. Your future father-in law, Lucius Malfoy.' Harry dropped the letter in shock. ****************** Harry was sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room, surrounded by his friends and a grinning Seamus Finnigan when they heard a knock on the portrait. Seamus leapt up, grinning and hastily opened it, allowing whomever it was who had knocked inside. Harry's breath caught in his throat when he saw none other than Draco Malfoy standing there, his back straight and determined, but his eyes soft, showing the swirling emotions that he couldn't hide. "We need to talk," Draco said softly. "Go up to our dorm," Seamus said instantly, dragging a bewildered Harry up the stairs with Draco following silently. Ron gaped. "Did Seamus Finnigan just let Draco Malfoy into our common room and lead him up to a room where he could be alone with Harry?" "Yes, he did," Hermione said with a smile. When Seamus returned he grinned merrily, flopping back down onto the sofa. He raised an eyebrow at the stunned faces watched him. "What?" "I thought that you were after Harry?" Dean asked in confusion. "Harry's Draco's," Seamus answered, as if that simple answer solved everything. "What on earth do you mean by that?" Ron asked, perplexed. "Harry can't be mine, and don't get me wrong, I love him, but I'm not in love with him. I can't give him what he needs," Seamus explained. "I'm proud of you," Hermione said in a motherly fashion. Seamus grinned, giving her a teasing grin. 'I just hope it works,' Seamus thought worriedly, chewing his bottom lip absently. *******************

Harry sat down on his bed, staring at Draco silently. He shivered slightly under the Veelas' gaze, aware that Draco could easily mend or break his heart even further. The Veela moved to sit next to him, thinking. "You're not just my mate, Harry," he said finally. "What do you mean?" "You're everything to me - absolutely everything," Draco confessed. Harry bowed his head, unwilling to see the pain in the Veelas' eyes. He was startled when Draco moved, raising a finger to tilt Harry's face towards him. Their eyes locked together. "You have no idea what you do to me, do you?" Draco asked finally, slight disbelief and wonder in his voice. Harry hesitated before shaking his head slightly, careful not to dislodge Draco's hand. "That's probably why we're having problems, because we haven't really talked about this together, have we?" "No." "You know about the Magnetic Attraction?" "Yes." "Do you know why I'm attracted to you?" "The Veela in you needs me," Harry said simply, keeping his answer reasonably short. Draco frowned. "You think that I am only with you because I am a Veela?" Draco asked slowly, phrasing the question carefully. Harry flushed. "You never liked me before any of this!" "We never had the chance to find out," Draco pointed out. Harry remained silent. Draco sighed. "You think I only love you because I'm a Veela," it was a statement rather than a question. Harry's eyes widened, telling Draco that he was correct. "Veela choose their mate by smell Harry. They choose the perfect match for them - heart, body and soul..."

"I don't understand..." "I would never have been able to have you for my mate, Harry, unless I was in love with you. Veela are able to select the one person in the world who they love to bond with them. I could have been in love with anyone - a muggle, giant...But I choose you, Harry...I was in love with you, so my Veela blood choose you," Draco explained softly. "You loved me before your Inheritance?" "Yes. Do you know how hard it is to try to deny love Harry? I had a crush on you for a while, glared daggers at Seamus Finnigan and tried to effectively get rid of competition years before my Inheritance. My Inheritance only made me realize what I had tried to deny all along - I am, and always will be in love with you, and only you." Draco's grip tightened. "I'm sorry that I'm possessive, Harry. It's just in my nature. It hurts me to see you with someone else, to know that I may loose you..." Draco trailed off before continuing, his voice rising as his eyes became aflame with desire and love. "I'm the only one allowed to touch you, taste you...I'm the only one allowed to worship you with my hands, body and mouth, to make you sigh and whimper as I..." Draco closed his eyes, not needing to go any further to tell Harry how he felt. "I understand." Draco opened his eyes, meeting Harry's sympathetic green eyes. "I just don't want to bond yet - I'm only sixteen..." "We don't have to bond yet, Harry. I would never force you. I just need to know exactly what you feel about me," Draco hushed him softly. "I love you." The words were firm, but soft, leaving Draco in doubt that they were true. "Are you sure?" "Yes. I love you so much - that's why it hurt so much. I couldn't bare the thought of you only loving me because you had to...I would never sleep with anyone else Draco..." "You don't have to say..." "...I want you to be my first," Harry finished, ignoring his interruption and blushing slightly. Draco smiled, his happiness reflected in his unusually soft silver eyes.

"You don't know how much that means to me," was all he said. Draco leaned forward, his hand rising to brush Harry's cheekbone gently with his fingertips. Harry shivered at the touch, reveling in the contact. "Draco..." The voice was soft, and husky with longing. Harry's emerald green eyes met silver with an intensity which stunned Draco. "Yes love?" "Kiss me, please." Draco moved his face so that their lips were only millimeters apart. Harry's eyes fluttered closed, his dark lashes lightly sweeping his flushed cheekbones. Draco breathed onto his lips, loving the way Harry whimpered. "Draco..." That was all it took before Harry was crushed against the Veela, his lips ravished as Draco parted his then and swept a warm tongue over his own. As their tongues twisted and dueled with each other, reveling in being reunited Draco pushed Harry onto the bed so that he toppled on top of him. Harry moaned, arching up to gain more contact. Draco's hand slipped under his shirt, his fingers ghosting over pink nipples which instantly hardened at his touch. He toyed with the nipple stud, delighting in the sweet noises he was gaining from his love. "I love you," Draco whispered into his ear. "I love you too." ************************ Choices: Harry finally tells Draco the truth about the Dursley's Sirius gives Harry the 'talk'. Harry explains about the ring Back to index

Chapter 17: A Fresh Start Disclaimer: See previous chapters.

********** A fresh start: Harry awoke the next day wrapped in Draco's arms. He wriggled slightly so that his face was pressed in the hollow of the other boys' throat, sighing with relief as he realized that it had not been a dream. "Morning love," Draco murmured huskily into his ear. "Morning," Harry sighed. Draco pressed a tender kiss on his forehead, lightly stroking the soft skin behind his ear, which caused Harry to moan slightly. Draco grinned wickedly, clearly delighted with his reaction. "I thought it was a dream," Harry confessed. Draco pulled back slightly so that he could search Harry's eyes. Harry's emerald eyes were wide, filled with love and relief as he tried to move closer to the blonde. Draco smiled softly, his eyes glowing. Harry felt the familiar magnetic pull towards him and eagerly gave in. He leaned forward and possessively captured the Veelas' lips under his own. He smiled into the kiss when he felt Draco melt against him. Harry heard a noise from Ron's bed and pulled away. "Tease." "That's why you love me," Harry agreed. Draco laughed, not denying it. Harry climbed out of the bed. "Where are you going?" "To my trunk." "Why?" Harry ignored him and began rooting around, moving books and clothes to the side. He eventually found what he had been looking for, clasping the small ring tightly in the palm of his hand. He silently handed it to Draco. "I'm sorry," Harry confessed. "For what?" Draco asked sharply, worried that Harry was breaking up with him yet

again. "For taking it off - it hurt to wear it when...." He was cut of when Draco's lips demandingly met his own. ***************** When Harry arrived at the Great Hall, Draco's arm tightly wrapped around his waist, the engagement ring on his finger once more, surrounded by his fellow Gryffindor's, the silence was deafening. Draco merely smirked, leading Harry to the Gryffindor Table. "Morning," Harry greeted Seamus who had left the Tower earlier with Hermione, who had helped him out at the last minute with his Transfigurations essay. "Morning Harry," Seamus grinned cheerfully. "Finnigan," Draco said simply, tilting his head slightly in greeting. "Malfoy." The two stared at each other for a moment before breaking eye contact, staring at the oblivious Harry who was helping himself to some toast from the pile in front of him. "Sleep well?" Seamus teased, eyes innocent. Harry looked at him blankly. "Yeah why?" Draco hastily placed a hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter. Harry stared at him curiously, clearly not understanding the sexual innuendo behind Seamus' 'innocent' question. "What's so funny?" he questioned. "Nothing darling," Draco shrugged, biting his lip, yes dancing with mischief. "Tell me," Harry ordered. "You really want me to?" Draco asked, eyes glowing with suppressed mirth. "Yes." "Finnigan's comment did not refer to sleep Harry, he asked whether we had sex last night," Draco smirked wickedly. Harry choked, face flushing as he stared at Draco incredulously. "What?!" Harry yelped. "You asked me to tell you," Draco pointed out smugly.

"Well in future don't tell me," Harry snapped, clearly not able to say anything in answer to the logic of Draco's defense. "So did you?" asked Seamus. "Seamus!" "What? I'm just curious Harry," Seamus said slyly. "Why are you so embarrassed?" "I'm embarrassed because you're discussing my bloody sex life in front of the entire school," Harry hissed, his voice lowered so that only Draco and Seamus could hear him. "So you did?" Seamus gaped, jaw slack. "No!" Draco smirked. "Harry and I are trying to sort out our relationship Finnigan," Draco informed the Irish boy easily, slipping an arm around Harry's waist. Harry leaned into the touch instinctively. "So you didn't forgive him straight away?" Seamus queried, curious. "No," Harry said shortly. "Oh..." "Shut up Finnigan," Draco growled. Seamus hastily shut up. ******************* "Are you moving back into the Tower?" Hermione asked Harry later that day. They were sitting in History of Magic, listening, or in everyone's case except Hermione's, pretending to listen, to Professor Binns lecture them on the past dark age of Grindelwald. It was amazing how boring he could make a fascinating war sound. "Probably," Harry shrugged, trying to stay awake. "And then Grindelwald saw himself in the Mirror of Erised. Can anyone tell me what the mirror shows?" The question startled Harry out of his daze. "The Mirror of Erised shows you your hearts desire," Harry said softly. All eyes turned towards him.

"Would you care to explain?" Professor Binns asked, clearly surprised that anyone other than Hermione had answered his question. "It's a mirror which showed you your hearts desire. Erised is desire spelt backwards. The happiest man in the world would be able to use it as a normal mirror, but anyone else would look into it and see the thing they wanted or needed the most reflected around them." "Excellent! Five points to Gryffindor Mr. Potter. So Grindelwald saw himself in the mirror, conquering the world. It drove him insane and made him strive towards the goal it had showed him. He therefore tried to take over the wizarding..." Harry promptly went back to sleep. As he did so Harry wondered vaguely what the mirror would show him now if he looked into it. ***************** Harry was sitting in the Tower waiting for Draco to return from his Quidditch practice. He heard a knock on the portrait and asked Merlin who it was. "A dog," Merlin winked. Understanding, Harry hastily stood up and moved towards the portrait. He opened it and moved aside to let the huge black dog through. As he closed the portrait he was pulled into a tight embrace. "Sirius you're suffocating me," Harry joked. Sirius pulled back instantly, concern on his face. "How are you?" The question was relatively simple but Harry knew from instinct that a simple 'I'm fine' would not satisfy his over protective Godfather. "I'm better," he confessed. Sirius nodded, leading Harry over to one of the sofas. They sat in silence for a while, Sirius obviously waiting for Harry to speak. "Me and Draco - we had a talk. He came to the Gryffindor Tower last night and spoke to me." "He came to you?" "Yeah," Harry grinned, understanding Sirius's slight amazement. Draco was, and always would be, a man with too much pride. It had surprised Harry last night to see the Veela apologizing to him, as he had thought that Draco as waiting for him to apologize, something Harry never would have done.

"What happened?" "We told each other why we were so mad. He told me that it was jealousy and that he never meant it. I accepted his apology and told him how I felt about the bond and him loving me. He told me that he loved me for myself, and his Veela powers only made him realise that he loved me," Harry blushed, an almost dreamy look in his eyes. "What happened next?" "Nothing!" Sirius raised an eyebrow at the hasty reply, taking note of Harry's flushed face, wide eyes and squirming body. "Don't lie to me Harry," he said sternly, wanting to tease his Godson. "He...we... I...we kissed, all right?" Harry finally exploded, slamming a hand over his mouth in shock as soon as the words had left his lips. Sirius laughed loudly. "Harry, everybody kisses, its nothing to be ashamed off. I'm just worried that you will do something you don't understand." "Like what?" Harry questioned, looking puzzled. Sirius bit his lip, inwardly marveling at how innocent Harry really was. "Do you know what will happen to you when you bond?" Sirius finally asked softly. "Yes...I mean...I know that we' know...." Harry blushed. "Do you know how you'll do it? Do you know what happens when a man has sex with another man?" Harry shook his head slightly, clearly mortified. "Not really," Harry reluctantly muttered. "It's nothing to be ashamed of Harry. I know this is embarrassing but we need to sit down and talk about this. I don't want you going and bonding with Draco and not knowing what will really happen until it's too late." "Does it hurt?" "Pardon?" Sirius blinked. "Sex - does it hurt?" "Not really..."

"What do you mean?" Harry's green eyes were filled with an almost childlike curiosity. "Well - having sex with a man is different from sleeping with a girl. Do you know what happens with a girl?" "Yeah...Ron's dad told us," Harry blushed. Sirius fought back a grin, knowing that if he laughed at Harry's child like naivety then he would make the situation worse. "When you sleep with a man there are two roles, like when sleeping with a woman. One man will have the more dominant role, in your case Draco." "So I'll be the woman?" "Yes." Slight understanding dawned on Harry's face as he realised what Sirius was implying. "So he'll...up there?" "Yeah..." "Will will he...?" "He'll use lubricant - a slippery gel," Sirius explained. "Where...?" "He'll stretch you first so that you won't tear when know," Sirius told him, wondering why he wasn't blushing. "Oh...!" "It will sting at first; it always does the first time, as with a girl. But it can be amazing, and I'm sure that Draco will make it special," Sirius reassured him, wondering whether he had put the boy off sex for life. "Just don't do it until your absolutely certain about it Harry," Sirius asked. "I won't." "Promise me." "I promise." Sirius looked relieved. Just then the portrait opened and a soaking wet Draco climbed through, his broomstick in his hand. He eyed Sirius warily, not sure about his reaction to Harry's and his relationship.

"Sirius was just talking to me," Harry explained. "What about?" Harry blushed crimson. "Private stuff," Sirius said easily, slipping off the couch and moving towards the entrance. "Bye," Harry called after him. Sirius blew him a kiss and disappeared, the portrait swinging shut. Harry faced Draco who was eyeing him curiously. "What did you talk about?" "It was...private.... it doesn't wasn't really about you..." "Oh," Draco didn't force the issue, but wondered what on earth Sirius could have said to fluster his mate so much. "I'm going to have a bath," Harry said hastily, wanting to get away from the persistent blonde, darting towards the door. Draco watched him go in amusement. ********************* It was later that night when they were cuddled together on the bed that Draco remembered what Blaise had told him previously. He frowned, wondering how to voice his fears before deciding that it would be best if he asked Harry outright. "Harry?" "Hmmm..." Harry murmured, eyes fluttering open. "Blaise told me about that night in the corridor," Draco whispered softly. Instantly Harry tensed in his arms. "What do you mean?" Harry asked, hoping desperately that Draco would not say what he thought he meant. "Who hurt you Harry?" Harry tried to pull away from Draco's embrace but the Veela tightened his grip. Harry moaned, his head nuzzling Draco's shoulder as he tried to hide his face from the other boy. "Who?" Draco asked again, his voice telling Harry that he would not get out of answering

his question. "My uncle..." Draco froze, hardly daring to believe what his own ears were telling him. His Harry, the boy he loved, had been abused by his own family, the people who were supposed to care for him and love him. The only remaining family he had had hurt him. "How?" he whispered, caressing Harry's cheek. Harry shuddered at the touch, tears sliding past his tightly closed lids. "It wasn't so bad at first," Harry confessed. "Tell me." "They never loved me; I always knew that because they told me. They said that a freak like me deserved to be unloved." Draco's grip tightened as he held Harry's sob wracked body close to his own, wanting to offer comfort. "I can't remember much about my childhood. I think I must have blocked it out, for some reason. I can remember being left to sit by myself in a playpen with nothing to do except watch Dudley play with his toys. I was always left alone at first - it was as if they didn't want to touch me." Draco silently fumed. "I was five when my Aunt Petunia gave me a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. She made me scrub the kitchen floor for two hours before I could have a glass of water. The disinfectant burnt my hands, but she told me to stop whining. Then Dudley came in from playing outside and got mud on the floor. She scolded me for not cleaning it properly. The next thing I remember was gardening. I loved being in the garden because I was free. I was never allowed out where the neighbours could see me, unless it was for school or to do chores. There was one day where it was so hot that I was burnt bright red from being in the sun too long - I had been made to weed the back garden and wash Uncle Vernon's new car. Then I can remember Mrs. Figg. She used to look after me when the Dursley's went out or went on holiday. I've never been on holiday before," Harry sighed wistfully. "Never?" Draco asked, shocked at the level of abuse Harry had gone through. "Yeah. I would love to go to a beach...I remember one time, before I got my Hogwarts letter that I was allowed to go with them to the zoo. I accidentally set a boa constructor on my cousin. I was locked in my cupboard for that." "Your cupboard?"

"I slept in the cupboard under the stairs," Harry confessed quietly. Draco's jaw clenched. "It wasn't that bad I guess. They never hit me unless I did something strange - magical. They usually just starved me, or locked me up. Dudley used to chase me as well, but he could rarely catch me." "No wonder you were so small..." Draco murmured, realising that Harry's tiny, thin frame when he had started Hogwarts had been caused by abuse from an early age. "I guess." "It was better after I got the first letter. They were afraid because it was addressed to my cupboard. They moved me into Dudley's second bedroom..." 'So they kept the Boy Who Lived in a cupboard while their muggle, useless son had two bedrooms?' Draco inwardly sneered, furious. "They didn't give me the letter..." "What do you mean?" "They tried to stop me from coming to Hogwarts. I know now that they believed that by abusing me they could stomp the magic out of me..." "But didn't you know about Hogwarts?" Draco asked in surprise. "No. I knew nothing about the magical world until Hagrid told me." "But your parents...?" "They told me that my mum and dad died in a car crash." ***************** Choices: Harry buys Draco's Christmas present Sirius and Remus finally give Harry their 'surprise'. Narcissa returns to Hogwart's, along with the Triplets Harry is invited to the Manor for Christmas Back to index

Chapter 18: Mistletoe

Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Mistletoe: It was now December the 10th. The students were impatiently waiting for the usual Christmas holidays, wanting to go home and spend time with their families whom they hadn't seen for several months. Harry was especially looking forward to the holidays. For the first time that he could remember Harry had a family to be with for Christmas - and he had Draco, the boy he loved to share it with him. "Harry?" "Hmmm?" Ron rolled his eyes, elbowing Harry sharply in the ribs. Harry cried out, causing the other occupants in the library to stare at them. Harry, noticing their attention, flushed. He scowled at Ron, rubbing where the red head had poked him. Ron had very bony elbows. "Very mature Ron," Hermione muttered, not even taking her eyes off the book she was reading. "Harry was staring off into space," Ron argued. "You poked me!" "You weren't listening!" "I was thinking," Harry snapped hotly. "About what?" Harry went crimson, lowering his eyes and staring fixedly at the book on the desk in front of him. Ron looked at him uncertainly, not knowing whether to force him to speak. "It doesn't matter," Harry grumbled. "Tell me," Ron urged. Harry shook his head wildly, eyes rather dazed. Ron suddenly realized that he might not want to know exactly what Harry was thinking, especially if his blush was anything to go by.

'After all,' Ron thought absently. 'Harry did have a Veela pining after him for sex.' They got back to work, Harry trying, but failing miserably, to read the book he was supposed to be reading for research on his History project. He was thinking about his relationship with Draco. Since they had gotten back together the Veela had been completely different. He was a lot calmer about their bonding, and appeared to want nothing better than to hold Harry in his arms, which Harry loved. The Veela had even begun to talk civilly to Ron, much to the whole school's delight. Harry could still remember the astonished look on Ron's face when Draco had calmly told him that his hair was looking neater for once. Ron, of course, hadn't known whether to take it as an insult or a compliment and had sat through the meal staring at Draco with wide, disbelieving eyes. Harry had given Draco a prize for his good behaviour - a deep, passionate kiss which had stunned both of them with its intensity. Harry had been thinking lately more and more about the talk Sirius had given him. He knew now what would happen to him, and he had to admit that he was curious about what it would feel like. He wasn't ready to have sex and bond yet, but Harry was finding that he was unable to stop himself from imagining several other things they could do instead things which Harry knew the Veela would like to do. He had caught himself staring at Draco several times, imagining what the naked blonde would look like, and how it would feel to be touched by him...and whether Draco would like his own body. 'Maybe...we could...on Christmas a Christmas present,' Harry thought idly. Satisfied with his idea, Harry set to work. ****************** It was several days after the library incident when they arrived. Harry was leaning against Draco at the Great Hall, the Veela's arm wrapped tightly around his waist, listening to the blond talk about potions with Hermione when there was a sudden silence in the hall. Suddenly, a figure lunched herself at Harry. "Harry!" Harry choked, pulling back slightly to pair into a pair of mischievous chocolate coloured eyes. Harry instantly grinned, remembering who the stranger was. "China," he smiled warmly, hugging the grinning girl. "I've missed you! It was awful! Frances and Angela put beetles in Uncle Lucius's wine and they blamed it on me!" Draco gaped.

"I bet he tried to kill you." "Don't be horrid Draco! I barely survived! I'm grounded, Harry - I can't even play outside," China mourned, turning wet eyes to gaze up at Harry who instantly softened. "I'll try and talk to him," Harry offered. Draco shook his head. "Awww! Thanks Harry! You're the greatest. You can marry me when I'm older," China grinned, fluttering her lashes and adopting Caitlin's seductive smile. Draco choked, spitting his pumpkin juice out. "Bloody hell! I knew Caitlin would have a bad influence on you." Harry grinned, smiling at the blond. "I couldn't marry China - I'd strangle her within ten minutes," Harry confessed, winking at the small girl. China pouted, tossing her white gold hair over her shoulder stubbornly. "But I'm way nicer than Draco! Draco's evil. He told Mother that I'd set the library on fire!" "You did," Draco pointed out calmly. "I did not!" "Don't lie!" "It was an accident," China wailed, her eyes becoming once again wet with tears. "Girls," Draco muttered, eyeing China uncertainly. "I heard that," Hermione scolded, her eyes riveted on China. "What on earth are you doing here China?" Draco asked warily. "Didn't Mama tell you?" "No." "Aunt Narcissa brought us to Hogwart's with her," China stated, looking pleased. Draco looked as if he had just been told that Ron had a crush on him. "What?" he croaked. "Auntie was trying to make me wear a dress so I escaped! Angela and Frances covered for

me - they owe me," China shrugged. Harry looked down to discover that China was dressed in a pair of muggle jeans and a faded white blouse which was looking very disheveled. "She'll kill you when she realizes that you've gone out in public dressed like that," Draco remarked casually, eyeing China with his sharp silver eyes. China rolled her eyes. "Harry can say that he found me and insisted I join him for dinner." Harry blinked. "Won't you Harry?" China's dark eyes immediately melted Harry's heart. "Course I will." "Harry you can't lie!" gasped Hermione. "Why not?" asked China, confused. "Its wrong," Hermione objected. "Why?" "It just is." "But my Mama lies - and Uncle Lucius!" Hermione opened her mouth and then closed it again, obviously at a loss as to what to say. "What she means is that you are supposed to lie subtly, so that no one knows. The whole school knows now that you are going to lie," Draco rolled his eyes. China grinned, obviously accepting his answer. "Draco! How can you tell your cousin that it's okay to lie?" Hermione shrieked. Harry turned to see Draco rolling his eyes. "She's a Malfoy, she's supposed to lie." "Really?" Harry asked, curious. Draco nodded, turning soft silver eyes on Harry, and tightening his grip around Harry's waist slightly. Harry blushed at the love in his eyes, still not used to seeing the emotions directed at himself. "Let's go to the Tower, and get China in some decent clothes before my mother sees her," Draco suggested calmly, his eyes glinting strangely.

Harry shrugged. "Sure." As Harry, Draco and China left the room Ron turned to Hermione. "How innocent could he possibly get?" Hermione giggled. ****************** The Tower had been decorated already, and even had its own Christmas tree in the living room, lit by small, magically lit candles. Mistletoe and holly was scattered here and there to add a romantic touch. Harry loved it. They were going home in a week to spend the Christmas holidays and New Year with the Malfoy's, Sirius and Remus at the Manor. Harry was looking forward to his first family Christmas. "Draco!" Harry, who was doing his Divination homework on the bed, shook his head as he heard the splash of water. It seemed that Draco had had to throw a fully clothed China into the bath so that she would get clean. "What are you doing?" Harry looked up, smiling when he saw Draco leaning against the doorframe, his silver eyes watching Harry intently. "My homework." "Divination?" "Yeah." Draco grinned, shaking his head as he stole Harry's parchment and began to scan it quickly, all the while fending an indignant Harry off himself. 'On the twentieth the new alignment of Pluto will mean a rapid change in affairs. New relationships will strengthen. On the twenty second a family member will tell a family secret, something which I had previously not known. On the twenty third the fourth star in the fifth house will mean a dangerous plot will thicken. On the twenty fourth a new development will be created, and a path of two ways will be formed.

On the twenty fifth I will choose the right path which will lead me to confessing something personal due to the moon being in alignment with Jupiter.' "A path?" "Yeah - Draco..!" "What path? What will you confess?" Harry blushed. "You'll find out," he said heatedly, snatching the parchment out of the blonds hands. "Will I?" That was all the warning Harry got before he was thrown against the bed, Draco straddling his hips and holding his hands high above his head. Harry tried to pull away, knowing that he was virtually powerless under the Veela. Draco grinned. "Are you sure that I can't persuade you?" Draco purred seductively, grinding his hips down slightly. Harry gasped, eyes wide. "Draco?" he asked uncertainly. "Do you have any idea of how beautiful you are?" Harry opened his mouth to ask Draco what he was doing when he felt a pair of soft lips sweep his own. Harry groaned, whimpering when the lips drew away. "Do you want me to kiss you?" "Yes," Harry breathed heavily, his face flushed and eyes dark with desire. 'He's driving me crazy,' Harry thought dazedly. "Where?" "I..." Draco, sensing Harry's confusion, bent down and kissed his cheek, licking a path down to the tender skin just behind Harry's ear. He sucked it before catching Harry's ear lobe between his teeth, nibbling it slightly. "Ohhh!" "Are you going to tell me yet?" Draco teased as he pulled away. Harry closed his eyes, fighting the idea of telling Draco his confession and having those

teasing lips on his skin again. He drew a shuddering breath, calming himself, before he opened his eyes. He stared at Draco resolutely. "On Christmas Day," Harry said finally. Draco smiled softly. "I can't wait." "Merlin! Get a room!" China shouted. Harry buried his face into Draco's chest. "We are in our room," pointed out Draco. "That's not the point!" Harry sighed softly, realizing that he was in for one hell of a holiday. ****************** "Sirius!" "What?" Remus rolled his eyes, snatching the photograph out of his friend's hand. Sirius pouted, trying to take it back. "I somehow doubt that Harry will want a picture of his father in a pink thong," Remus said finally, clearly frustrated. "Why not?" "Would you like to see your father in a pink thong?" Sirius shuddered at the question, watching as Remus placed the photograph on what had become the 'no' pile. "I guess you're right," he conceded. Remus shook his head at him, flicking through yet another pile of photographs. "I had a talk with Harry the other day," Sirius confessed. Remus looked at him, his golden eyes filled with curiosity. "About what?" "Bonding and stuff." Sirius trailed off. "What? Oh..." Remus blushed, realizing what Sirius meant.

"You did tell him the truth, didn't you?" Remus asked suddenly, eyeing Sirius sharply. "Yeah! I'd never let Harry bond without realizing what he was doing. I told him that Draco would make it pleasurable for him, after all, he is a Veela." "What did Harry say?" "He promised me that he would tell me when he was going to bond with Draco before hand. I told him a bit know..." "Oh..." As Remus stood up, moving to pick up yet another stack of dusty photographs Sirius idly wondered why the other man was so oblivious to his attentions. It sometimes appeared as if Remus was more innocent that the clueless Harry. Sirius sighed. 'Why do I bother?' "What's wrong Padfoot?" AS Sirius looked into Remus' concerned face he knew why. 'Because love is blind...' "Nothing Moony - nothing at all." ****************** Draco eyed Harry subtly as the other boy played Exploding Snap with China - Narcissa and the other two Triplets had yet to arrive. Since their conversation the other night about Harry's childhood they had been closer than ever. He wanted to give Harry the love and support he needed - the love that he had always been denied. Harry deserved to be loved more than anyone and Draco was going to make sure that Harry knew that he would always love him. "Harry?" "What?" "Look up." Harry did so, blinking in astonishment when he caught sight of the mistletoe above their heads. As Draco's lips descended on his own Harry vaguely wondered why Draco seemed to be a drug, a drug he couldn't do without. "I love you," Draco breathed into his mouth.

"I love you too," Harry whispered as they pulled apart, his eyes telling Draco just how much he adored the blond Veela. "That's all that I need," was his response. "Ewwww!" Harry threw a pillow at the girl who was now making kissy noises, and pulling a love struck face. "Behave China." Startled, Harry looked up to see none other than Narcissa Malfoy. "Draco," she said coolly. "Mother," Draco greeted her quietly. He moved to embrace her and as he did so he missed the dark look Narcissa gave Harry over her sons head. Harry bit his lip. "How long are you staying?" Draco asked his mother affectionately. "For at least a week." "That's fantastic. I guess that the Triplets are staying as well?" "Yes, if they behave, dear. I've missed you," Narcissa smiled at her son. "Sit down, I'll just go get something to drink," Draco gestured towards the sofa. "Thank you," Narcissa smiled graciously, sweeping past him to sit opposite Harry. Draco gave Harry a bright smile and left. As soon as the portrait shut after him Narcissa turned to face Harry, her eyes glittering with dislike. "Harry, play with me," commanded China, not seeing the way her Aunt was looking at Harry. Instantly the other two girls gathered around where China and he were playing, giggling excitedly as they began their game. "Did you receive the letter from Lucius?' Harry looked up at his future mother in law. "Yes Mrs. Malfoy."

"Good." It was at that moment that Harry knew that Narcissa would never forgive him for harming her son. It was obvious that she was going to put on a show around her son, but alone they would never have the close friendship Harry had thought Narcissa and he would eventually have. ****************** Choices: Harry and Draco go to the manor for Christmas Harry and Remus have a 'talk' Narcissa starts her evil plan Draco and Harry have problems Back to index

Chapter 19: Christmas Holidays Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Christmas holidays: It was the 17th December, the day that Harry was going to the Manor to spend Christmas with the Malfoy family, Sirius and Remus. Harry had been looking forward to the holiday, but now he wished that he had the choice to stay behind at Hogwarts. Harry had never had a real family before and the thought that he had lost his new family so easily had hurt him more than he would ever admit. Oh he had Sirius, Remus, Draco, Ron Hermione, the triplets and even Lucius on his side, but Narcissa was a different matter entirely. Although she had kept up the pretence when around Draco, when they were alone she left Harry in no doubt that she despised him. She would not speak to him, and when he spoke to her she eyed him as distastefully as she had done at the Quidditch World Cup. Harry had not told anyone other than Narcissa about Lucius's letter - it was personal. He had not even given Narcissa details, just told her that he had received the letter. Harry honestly couldn't wait to see Lucius again. The older man was strange, distant at times, but he was clearly devoted to Draco, and he had offered support when Harry had most needed it. Harry would never forget that. Draco seemed oblivious to the tension around Harry and his mother, or ignored it. Either

way, it hurt Harry to know that his fiancé could not see through the façade he had built around himself. Remus had been the only one who seemed to notice anything, and he was constantly eyeing Narcissa almost coldly, which was strange for the werewolf. Narcissa seemed almost terrified off Remus - no doubt remembering that a werewolf attacked anyone who hurt his pack. "Harry?" Harry looked up. He had been sitting out by the lake, having escaped from Draco and Narcissa's company. They hadn't even noticed his disappearance. "Hey Remus." Remus sat down next to him, not speaking. "You know, don't you?" "Know what?" Remus turned piercing eyes to meet Harry's troubled green. "About Narcissa - how..." "Yes," Remus interrupted him, his eyes narrowing slightly in anger. "I don't know what to do. Draco hasn't noticed, and I know he'll probably think I am imagining things. He'll say something like 'she loves you, you're the one who'll give her grandchildren' and then expect it to be alright." "And it isn't." It was a statement, not a question, so Harry didn't answer. Remus knew the truth anyway. "She's a stubborn fool," Remus said softly, reaching out to pull Harry against him, sheltering the slender boy from the wind. "She hates me." Remus didn't deny it, knowing that it was true. "The she's a fool who doesn't deserve you, or the children you will bear. Draco is hiding behind the blind love his has for his mother. In his eyes, his mother loves you because you are his mate. He can't see the fact that she's harming you." "I was thinking about setting a date for the wedding..." Harry confessed softly, his eyes blurring slightly with tears. Remus sighed, holding him tighter.

"Don't do anything you may regret Harry. Once bonded there is nothing to break it. Don't marry him if you won't be happy." "I will be happy with Draco. I love him." "But you're worried about Narcissa, and how she'll react?" "Oh, she'll act all happy and excited around Draco and then when we're alone she'll look at me as if she would prefer Ron to be her son's mate." "Forget about her Harry. Be happy, that's alls I ask." "I will be." Remus didn't say anything, but his silence told Harry that he had heard the slight doubt in his voice. "I guess that it's just falling apart..." "What do you mean?" "I've always wanted a family, and now that I had the chance to have one I've gone and ruined it," Harry muttered. "You haven't!" Surprised at the werewolf's harsh voice Harry eyes him warily. "You deserve a family Harry -" "Maybe." Remus looked at Harry's bowed head, frowning. Although Remus would never voice his doubts out loud, he suspected that Harry had been abused more than he let on to Sirius. Oh, Harry had mentioned the lack of food and the many chores he had been forced to do, but he never once discussed the other events in his childhood. It was strange. It was almost as if Harry had never been a child - as if he had never been loved. Harry didn't fully understand love - oh, he loved, and loved with all of his heart, but he found it much harder to accept the fact that he could be loved himself. "You will always have me and Sirius," Remus smiled warmly, trying to cheer him up. Harry smiled weakly. "Yeah." He seemed to be struggling as to whether he should say something. Finally, his mouth won. "I love you Remus," he blurted out.

"I love you too Harry," Remus murmured, smiling warmly at him. ************* "Where is Harry?" asked Draco suddenly. He had been discussing the plans for Christmas day with Narcissa, and had only just realized that his mate wasn't beside him, where he had been. Draco panicked, looking around wildly. "He left to go for a walk," Narcissa soothed, sounding interested in Harry's well being. "Oh..." "He'll be fine." "I worry about him," Draco confessed. "Why?" "No reason - I just like having him close to me." "You don't trust him." "I do!" Narcissa seemed to realize that she had pushed her son too far because she smiled, leaning forward to ruffle his hair before returning to the seating plans on her lap. "Of course. Anyway..." But it was too late - the seeds of doubt had already taken root. **************** Harry was sitting huddled between Sirius and Remus in the carriage taking them to the Manor. Draco had been obviously hurt at Harry's decision to sit next to somebody else, but Harry needed time to gather his thoughts, and to decide whether he truly wanted to marry the Veela yet. "What are you thinking about?" Harry jumped. Sirius laughed, poking his Godson in the ribs. "Nothing..." "I don't believe you. You've been silent the whole trip," Sirius argued. "Sirius leave Harry alone," Remus said sharply.

"But..." "Now!" Sirius gaped at the werewolf. He opened his mouth to protest but caught sight of the golden gleam in Remus' eyes. It was near the full moon - Remus was fighting the wolf and wouldn't hesitate to lash out. "Ok...calm down," he said defensively, raising his hands in surrender. "It’s okay Remus," whispered Harry softly, smiling at the over protective werewolf. Remus shot Sirius another warning look before he turned to Harry, his expression instantly softening. Harry was the one thing that Remus openly adored. He was the last connection to Lily and James, the only new generation of Marauder. "Sorry," he murmured, not looking it in the least. Harry laughed, leaning against the other man. "It’s okay. I like it when you yell at Sirius," Harry grinned, winking. "Hey!" exclaimed Sirius. Draco's jaw clenched. 'Was Harry deliberately ignoring him? Well two can play that game...' **************** They soon arrived at the Manor, and it looked exactly the same, except this time there was a thin layer of snow covering the grounds, roof and trees. It looked rather desolate - as if it had been left empty for a long period of time. The carriage stopped and Harry climbed out. Narcissa led the way up the stairs and into the main hall entrance hall. Harry pulled off his cloak, smiling at the house elf who took it from him. "Thanks." The house elf looked at him in astonishment before disappearing. Sirius smiled. "They aren't used to being treated as an equal," Sirius informed him quietly. "Where is Lucius?" Narcissa snapped, obviously put out that her husband wasn't there to greet her. "Here," called a soft unmistakable drawl. "Lucius, darling," Narcissa smiled, lifting her face to accept the dutiful kiss.

"Narcissa," he greeted her, sweeping his eyes over to his son. "Father," Draco greeted him cordially. Lucius nodded, his eyes betraying his love for his only heir. "I think that we'll retire to our rooms," Narcissa instructed, sweeping out of the entrance, and up the marble stairway leading to the next floor. She dragged Draco with her, and the Veela never looked back. As soon as they were gone Lucius turned piercing eyes onto Harry. "You received my letter?" "Yes - Thank you," Harry said softly. Harry saw a brief flash of emotion in those cold eyes before it was quickly hidden. Sirius and Remus eyed them in puzzlement. "Have you and Draco solved your problems?" "Yes." "Good." "You know where your rooms are," Lucius smiled frostily before stalking off towards in the direction of his study. "Letter?" asked Sirius. "He sent me a letter..." Harry confessed. "What about?" "It’s private!" Harry stated firmly. Harry could see that Sirius was about to argue but one look from Remus silenced him. "Fine," he said reluctantly. Harry smiled at him. "No one knows what was in it. I haven't even told Draco that he sent me a letter," Harry informed them. Sirius seemed to relax at this. "We'd best go to our rooms then, hadn't we?" Harry smiled easily. ************

Harry entered the rooms he had shared with Draco on his last visit to the Manor. He found Draco lying on the bed, eyeing the ceiling in contemplation. The Veela didn't even look at him as he entered, which caused Harry to frown. "Draco?" he asked uncertainly. "Your stuff is in your room," Draco snapped. Harry blinked, not understanding. "What do you mean?" "I mean that you are not to share my room. My mother thought that it would be best if we didn't share a bed. I think she's right - it's not fair on me." Harry flinched as if Draco had physically struck him. "Of course...I'm sorry....I never realised..." Harry murmured softly, fighting the tears that were threatening to fall. He would not cry in front of Draco. "Where will I sleep then?" "In the circular room," was the cold reply. Harry bit his lip before he made his way into the circular room. He shut the door quietly, not wanting to anger the Veela in any way. What on Earth was wrong with Draco? He had never been so cold since they had made up the other week. "Why is it that when we finally get everything sorted, something else happens?" Harry asked out loud. There was no answer. "Talking to myself..." Harry muttered, shaking his head. He looked around the room. It was bare, except for a single bed and a small wardrobe. Harry felt like hexing Narcissa. She was ruining everything, out of spite. 'Well if he believes her then I can play their game,' Harry thought angrily as he began to unpack. *********************** Harry was sitting on his bed when he heard the knock on the door. He had decided to get his holiday homework done after unpacking, knowing that Draco would not like him

disturbing his rooms for a conversation. His books were scattered all over the bed. Harry hesitated, not knowing whether to open the door, which he had locked with magic. "Harry!" Recognizing China's voice Harry immediately opened it with a flick of his wand, watching as China bounded in. He watched as China took in the simple and bare room with a frown, no doubt wondering why Harry was not sharing Draco's bed and why Harry had the plainest room in the Manor. "Why are you in here?" she asked uncertainly, biting her lip. Harry was strangely touched by the concern in her chocolate coloured eyes. "I like this room," Harry lied. It wasn't a complete lie. He did like this room, but he did not want to be left in here. He wanted to be back with Draco. This room was meant to be for their children, children which Harry was beginning to doubt would ever materialize at this rate. "Oh!" China didn't look very convinced but she let the matter drop. She walked over to the bed, sitting down next to Harry. "Aren't you coming to dinner?" Harry stared at her. "Dinner?" he asked blankly. "Draco said that you didn't want to be disturbed," China explained. "Oh! I'm not hungry," Harry lied. China ignored him, pulling out a small bar of chocolate from her pocket. She handed it to Harry in silence. Harry smiled gratefully. "Thanks," he murmured. "Have you and Draco fallen out again?" Harry smiled brightly, shaking his head. 'I'm lying an awful lot today,' he thought idly.

"Liar," China pouted. "We're not - Narcissa just thought that it would be more respectable if we had our own rooms," Harry said softly. China snorted. "Yeah right," she muttered. Harry began to work, not knowing what to say. China started looking though his books, curious. It was strange seeing the usually hyperactive girl so subdued and quiet. "Do you like us?" China asked suddenly. Harry smiled. "Course I do." "Is Draco mad because you won't bond with him?" "I don't know," Harry confessed, deciding to tell her the truth as lying hadn't worked as well as he had hoped. "Draco's stupid." "Maybe," Harry mused. "Will you go flying with me tomorrow?" "Yeah," Harry smiled a genuine smile. China beamed, obviously delighted at his response. "I'll see you later then Harry. Good night!" Harry watched as she leapt off the bed and scuttled out of his room, closing the door behind her. Harry hesitated before locking the door again. "Good night Draco," he murmured softly, sad that the boy couldn't hear him, but knowing that the gesture would not be appreciated. As Harry changed and settled down into his bed to sleep Harry felt happier than he had done all day. China had cheered him up. Harry smiled, picturing the pretty girl. "She's barmy." ***********

Warm hands trailed over his chest, lingering on his lower stomach before moving to touch his shoulders. Soft lips pressed small, lingering kisses all over his throat, sucking slightly claming him. "Draco," Harry moaned. Harry opened his eyes, staring into soft silver before the eyes changed, hardening into the familiar glare. "I hate you." Harry opened his mouth and screamed, as the boy he loved viciously took him, sparing no thought for his pleasure as he selfishly sought for his own release. Harry sobbed, trying to move away, crying for his stolen virginity. Harry gaped, jerking awake. He lifted a shaking hand to wipe away the sweat and tears which had streamed down his face. "It was just a dream," Harry sighed, wrapping his arms around himself. And yet no matter how much Harry tried to persuade himself to believe it, Harry felt the slight doubt linger. "No, he would never..." Harry denied harshly. But as Harry closed his eyes to sleep again the image of Draco's face, eyes narrowed and face distorted in lust appeared behind his closed lids. The dream had affected him more than he would have thought possible. "I hate you." The words repeated themselves in Harry's mind, and as sleep claimed him once again Harry could have sworn that he heard mocking, high pitched laughter... ***************** Choices: China and Harry go flying Lucius discovers the truth Caitlin makes another appearance Harry has another nightmare Back to index

Chapter 20: Suspicious Lucius

Suspicious Lucius: Harry was awoken the next morning by a loud knock on his door. Harry groaned, burying his face further into the covers as he sought to find his fiancé. Harry froze, not finding the other warm body he had grown used to. Fearing that it was in fact reality that he was at Malfoy Manor surrounded by the abnormal Malfoy family, Harry tried to make himself fall asleep, to no avail. "Harry! Wake up!" "What?" "It's eleven! Come on Harry - are you ok?" The concern in China's voice forced Harry to grab his wand and mutter the counter curse at the locked door. It opened to reveal an already dressed, beaming China who appeared to be almost bouncing with joy at the thought of spending time with Harry. "Eleven? Bloody hell," Harry groaned, realising that it must have been his restless night which had caused him to sleep so late. "Remus was worried about you," China informed him, moving over to the bed. Grumbling, Harry climbed out of bed, ambling over to his wardrobe to gather a pile of warm clothes. China grinned at him. "I'm fine China - just a little tired from the journey," Harry lied. China glared. "I'm going to have a shower." Harry walked out of his room, his clothes clutched in his arms. He never noticed Draco sitting on the bed silently, watching him enter the bathroom, his eyes dark with a mixture of sadness and longing. ****************** Harry sat on his broom, in mid air, watching as China enthusiastically performed a series of playful stunts. She was a good flyer: swift, skillful and a fierce opponent. However, she lacked the natural flying gift which would give her a chance at playing professionally. 'She doesn't have Draco's style...' Harry thought sadly, remembering the difficult blond Veela. "Harry?" Harry started, gripping his broom tightly while he lowered his head to stare into China's concerned face. She seemed to be wearing that expression a lot, Harry mused. "Yeah?"

"Are you alright?" "Yeah - I was just wondering where your sisters were," Harry lied smoothly. China grinned. "They got sent home because Aunt Narcissa said that she could only handle one of us, and I wanted to stay with you. They're coming back on Christmas Eve. We all meet up and have a meal together." "That sounds great," Harry murmured trying to sound enthusiastic. "Yeah - but Caitlin's coming," China complained. "You don't like her?" "Nope." "Why not?" "She's a tart. I mean, she sees a handsome boy and sleeps with him. She's always been like day she'll get into trouble..." China predicted solemnly. "Pregnant?" "Yeah." ************** China had managed to drag Harry down to lunch. He was sitting between Sirius and Remus. Draco was sitting opposite him but had not said a single word to his mate. Narcissa was ignoring Harry's very existence, Lucius was frowning, and China was biting her lip. "Me and Harry went flying," she blurted out suddenly, trying to break the silence. "Really?" Lucius drawled, raising an eyebrow, almost mockingly. "Yeah - it makes a change from flying by myself," China enthused, clearly not getting the message that Lucius wanted her to remain quiet. "China be quiet," ordered Narcissa, frowning at her niece. China looked at her venomously. "What is wrong now China?" the elder woman all but exploded. "Nothing," China sniffed. Harry offered her a small, comforting smile, leaning over the table to whisper something to her. "Ignore them...that's what I do..."

China giggled, hastily covering it with her hand. After all, Malfoy's weren't supposed to giggle at the dinner table. Narcissa glared at her. "Sorry," China mumbled. "So what are we doing tonight?" Sirius asked cheerfully. "I'm going to sit with Harry," China announced clearly. Harry blinked. "Isn't that right Harry?" the girl demanded. Harry nodded his head slightly, concentrating on his meal. "I'm glad you two are getting along so well," Lucius drawled. "Yeah..." Harry muttered. Lucius frowned. "Harry - Hermione sent an owl while you were out," Remus interrupted quickly. Harry flashed him a dazzling smile, his eyes suddenly glowing. Even Lucius seemed taken aback by the change in him. "Really? Why didn't you tell me?!" Harry demanded. "You were out and we didn't want to disturb you," Remus smiled, pleased that his interruption had worked so well. It had even cheered Harry up. "Where is it?" "In your room," Narcissa said coldly. "Oh...right..." Harry's voice trailed off, his eyes dulling. He knew exactly what room it was in. The circular room. ******************* It was after dinner when Lucius was able to literally force Harry into his study. As soon as the door had locked Lucius rounded on Harry, his silver eyes alight with the desire to find out what exactly was going on in his household. Harry shivered. "What is going on?"

Harry shrugged, moving towards the door. Lucius stopped him with a stern look. "What do you mean?" Harry asked, keeping his face deliberately blank. Lucius glared. "I am not, and have never been, stupid Mr. Potter. For the past few days, ever since you have arrived at the Manor, you and my son have barely been talking!" "It's not my fault!" "Then what happened?!" Lucius roared, loosing control. Harry backed away from him, fear clear on his features. Startled, Lucius moved towards him but hastily stopped when he saw the trapped, panicked look covering his sons mates face. "Harry?" he asked, dropping his voice so that it was almost a soothing purr. "I'm sorry I..." Lucius silenced him easily, placing a hand over the boy's mouth. Harry's eyes widened. "I would never hurt you Harry." "I know...I..." "You have had bad experiences in the past," the words were distant, and left Harry in no doubt that Lucius suspected abuse in his childhood. "Yes," Harry whispered, his voice so low that Lucius barely caught it. Lucius sighed. "What is happening between you and Draco?" "I don't know," Harry said truthfully. Lucius frowned at him, clearly not believing him. "I've been thinking a lot recently...about Draco...I thought that maybe we could get married..." Harry trailed off sadly. "Marriage?" "Yes...I know Draco will need to bond with me before he goes into heat...I wanted to tell him on Christmas Eve...I was planning that we could have the service in February...but..." "But?" Lucius asked softly, his eyes tinted a pale blue in the dim light from the candle

chandelier above them. "But Narcissa...she doesn't like first I thought that we could solve it but it seems to be getting worse. She was always there...and Draco didn't notice the way she hated me...he seemed to think everything was okay..." "So what did you do?" "I started to disappear more often, trying to get away from her...Draco must be mad at me for that...and then in the carriage I sat between Sirius and Remus because I wanted to think about how I was going to tell Draco that I wanted to marry him..." "And my son believed that you were ignoring him?" "Yeah, I guess. And then when we went to our rooms..." Harry trailed off, eyes distant. "Yes?" "Draco was already there. He didn't look at me. All that he said was 'your stuff is in your room'. I didn't understand at first... Then he told me that we weren't to share a room...that Narcissa disapproved and that he felt it was right because it wasn't fair on him. I can understand that but he's never wanted to be away from me before. It hurt...I thought he wanted to be near me..." As Lucius listened to Harry, noticing the tension in the boy and the way his words were filled with uncertainty he found himself longing to throttle his wife. Due to her Veela blood Lucius thought that she would understand the nature of mating, but obviously she was blind to anything except protecting her son - even if it meant that she had to split him up from his mate to do it. He knew that Draco had been hurt by Harry, but Draco had hurt Harry as well. They had been getting a long well ever since they had repaired their relationship, a jubilant letter from Draco had assured him of that. Narcissa had to be stopped. He would not allow her to toy with Harry's emotions like this. The boy was clearly exhausted. "Is there anything else?" Harry bit his lip. "I've been having dreams," he confessed quietly. "What about?" Lucius asked softly, carefully not to startle to trembling figure before him. "I can't...I'm sorry..." As the emerald eyes blurred with tears Lucius found himself stepping forward. As Harry clung to him desperately he could feel the troubled emotions and erratic heart beat of the boy who had stolen his son's heart. The boy who Lucius now considered as family. "Whatever you tell me will be kept between us," Lucius murmured stoking his back.

"Like the letter?" "Yes," Lucius answered, surprised at the reference to the letter. "I had a dream...It started out...well..." Harry blushed. "A teenage dream?" "Yes...with me and Draco..." "Ah..." "It was nice at first, but then..." "Then?" Lucius prompted. "He told me that he hated me...and..." "And?" Lucius questioned, already knowing what would follow. "He raped me," Harry moaned. Lucius tightened his grip around the sobbing boy, hoping to ease the boy's tears enough so that they could talk properly. Finally, the sobs faded away and Harry was staring at him with grateful green eyes. "Thanks," he whispered shakily. "You are family," Lucius said simply. "That means a lot to me," Harry smiled weakly. Lucius nodded. "You do know that Draco would never touch you in that way?" "I know! But it was so real...and now that he doesn't want me..." "He does. Harry, what you need to understand is that Draco could never be without you. Oh, he might try and be angry for as long as he wants, but he will always come back to you. He has to - because he loves you." "I know." Lucius raked a hand through his hair, making it look slightly disheveled. "Good." Harry couldn't help but smile at the sight. It was a rare occasion indeed when one caught Lucius Malfoy in a state less than perfect.

"Narcissa has been interfering again, I think." "Oh...." "I will speak to her." "No!" Harry looked panicked. "I can't allow you and my son to be hurt by her foolish ideas, Harry," he scolded quietly, telling Harry through his voice that their conversation would remain confidential, but that he had to act. "I understand," Harry muttered. "You'd better go on up to bed." "Yeah." "Goodnight Harry." "Goodnight Lucius," Harry echoed, slipping out of the room. ***************** "Narcissa!" Narcissa Malfoy paused, staring open mouthed as her husband charged towards her, his eyes filled with fury. She knew instantly that she was in trouble. Lucius had never been this angry before - at least towards her. "Darling?" she questioned gently, trying to calm him down. "Didn't I tell you that you were not to interfere with Harry and Draco's relationship?" Narcissa flinched. "I haven't..." she lied. "Don't lie! Separate rooms? Not fair on Draco?" Narcissa flushed angrily, not liking the fact that's she was being put in the wrong. "What has that little...?" "Your future son in law," Lucius corrected, his jaw clenched. Narcissa froze. "Lucius, Draco was upset!" she defended herself stubbornly.

"No - Draco was fine until you decided to try and cause tension between them. You read the letter from Draco! You knew that he was happy with Harry!" "But Potter hurt him!" "And Draco hurt Harry. They both were wrong, Narcissa, but they don't need you to correct their mistakes. They were together again and you have deliberately split them up!" "But he's been leading our son on...teasing him...not allowing him to bond..." "Narcissa, I know it might be hard for you to understand, due to your Veela blood, but people do not always want to be tied down in marriage to a perfect stranger!" Lucius raged. "But they..." "Were worst enemies for over five years!" "But..." "And then you go and force silly baby issues into their ears - terrifying Harry..." "I didn't..." "Is it any wonder that the boy is afraid of marriage? He probably thought that he was only being welcomed in our family so that he could breed!" Narcissa gaped. "I never..." "No? Well you did. I will not warn you again Narcissa. Stay out of their relationship. They don't need your help!" Narcissa could see that Lucius would not let the matter drop until she decided to leave them alone. Although she would never admit it, she knew deep down that her husband was right. "Fine," she agreed reluctantly. "You will treat Harry with the courtesy his title as Draco's mate deserves," Lucius hissed. "Of course." "Good." ******************** Harry had made his way up to his room. He felt drained after the conversation with Lucius, but he knew that he had to sort the problem with Draco out. He entered their apartment and found Draco lounging on his bed.

Harry swallowed nervously. "Draco?" his voice croaked. The boy jerked, turning to face him, surprise etched onto his features. "We need to talk." "No, we don't." "Please!" "So now you have decided that you want to talk to me?" "I'm sorry!" "For what? Ignoring me? Disappearing? What exactly have you been doing behind my back Harry?" "Nothing!" Before Harry knew what was happening he was pinned down on the bed, Draco's hands tearing at his clothes. Harry struggled, his eyes wide with fear as he felt his nightmare coming true. "Is this what you want?" Draco hissed. "" "If you act like a whore I will treat you as such!" "No...Please...oh God, please don't..." Draco yanked down Harry's trousers, leaving Harry clad in a pair of simply black silk boxers. Draco moaned, crushing Harry with his body as he roughly seized Harry's lips with his own in a painful kiss. Harry cried out when teeth scarped across his nipples, pulling at the nipple stud. "You're mine," Draco growled possessively. "Stop it! Don't! I don't..." But it was too late. Draco had already ripped away Harry's only protection, one hand moving to touch the flesh that had always been denied to him. Harry squirmed, trying to get away. It was too much like the wasn't how he wanted it to be...with gentle kisses and soft words of was not right... As Draco used his upper body to pin Harry down, he somehow managed to undress himself. As he roughly pushed Harry's legs a part Harry threw back his head and

screamed. It was a scream of pure terror, and it echoed around the room. Draco froze. ***************** Lucius was in bed, reading, when he heard the scream. He leapt from the bed, barely stopped to grab his night robe before he ran towards his son's apartment. He barged in, meeting a panting Sirius and Remus as he did so. They rushed to the bedroom, flinging the door open. What they saw stunned them completely. Harry was huddled on the bed, sobbing wildly, his face flushed. He had been covered with the covers but there was no hiding the fact that underneath he was naked. Draco was sitting on the bed as well, dressed only in a pair of boxers, trying to get close to Harry, but the dark haired boy screamed whenever Draco tried to get closer to him, terror visible in his green eyes. "Oh my God," Sirius gasped. Lucius had to agree with him. He rushed forwards, gathering Harry into his arms. The boy clung to him, his wet face buried into his chest. "Shush, everything's ok now. You are safe..." "Oh God, Harry, I'm sorry," Draco moaned helplessly into his hands. "You bast-" Sirius raged. "Sirius!" Remus scolded loudly, but his eyes were narrowed. "I lost control...Merlin, I nearly raped him," Draco cried helplessly, not able to take his eyes away from the bundle in his father arms. "Nearly?" Lucius asked sharply. "I stopped...he screamed..." Lucius nodded. "Please go and sleep in Harry's room Draco," he instructed. Draco obeyed, shooting Harry a look of pure anguish and remorse before closing the door behind him. "I thought he'd..."

"Shush Harry," Lucius murmured, not looking at the stunned Remus and Sirius whose mouths had hit the floor by this point. "The was so like the..." "I know love," he muttered softly, cradling him gently. "He didn't mean it though...he stopped.......he tried to dress me but I couldn't...I couldn't let him near me..." "I know..." ********** Choices: Lucius talks to Draco Draco tries to avoid Harry Harry and Draco talk Sirius and Remus get together Back to index

Chapter 21: Proposal Disclaimer: See previous chapters. ************* Proposal: "Draco, please!" Draco was pacing up and down in Lucius' study. Lucius had forced him down there to talk early that morning. Harry had been given a dreamless sleep potion to help him sleep as he had been unable to stop sobbing, clutching Lucius as if he was his lifeline. "What?" Draco hissed. "You need to speak to him," Lucius said calmly. "How can I? I nearly raped him!" screamed Draco. "The key word being 'nearly'."

"He was so scared...terrified...and I did that to him...he hates me," Draco moaned helplessly. "He could never hate you," Lucius replied softly, reaching forward to wrap an arm around his son. "How can you say that?" "Because he loves you, and when you love someone with all of your heart you can never hate them." "What if he doesn't love me anymore?" "If you think that then you don't deserve his love." "I adore him!" "Trust him." "I..." "You need to trust him Draco." "I do." "Then show him." ******************* Harry was curled up on the small bed in the circular room. Lucius had been with him through the night, but as soon as the elder Malfoy had left, intent on finding his son whom had left the room several hours earlier, Harry had moved to the room in which Draco had slept in. As Harry breathed in the musky scent of the Veela, he knew without a doubt that he could never hate the other boy. "I can't even hate you!" Harry wailed, furious with himself. "It's not your fault," Remus argued softly, stroking his hair. Sirius nodded in agreement. "He...I teased him -" Harry argued stubbornly. "You didn't. Draco couldn't control his Veela instincts Harry. He needs you... the mating season is getting so close..." Remus trailed off. "If you want to we could always go back to Hogwarts," Sirius suggested hopefully.

Harry snorted back his laughter, turning grateful eyes onto his Godfather. "I want to stay." "You're very close to Lucius," Remus said, wanting Harry to explain and making it very obvious with his tone of voice. "We talked.." "Oh..." The elder men didn't need anything else. Lucius Malfoy was a very private man, and would not appreciate them trying to get the details from Harry. "You still want to bond with the crazy Veela?" Sirius asked, trying to sound supportive although his tone of voice clearly told Harry that if he did then Sirius thought that he was crazy. "Yes," Harry said firmly. "Oh..." "Yeah..." "It might be better if we bond...if we do then we won't have to worry and Draco won't be as suspicious," Harry said softly, talking more to himself than to Remus and Sirius. "Yeah.." "And it wasn't technically Draco's fault - it was Narcissa causing trouble." "Yeah..." "So everything should be ok!" Harry summarized, a smile on his face. Remus and Sirius hastily nodded, pleased that Harry had cheered up. ******************** "Mother," Draco said politely, greeting her with a cold smile. "Draco..." Narcissa began, a frown on her face. "Don't speak to me." "Draco! I'm your mother and as such I deserve some respect!" "Then act like my mother." "Pardon?" "You don't act like my mother. If you cared about me in any way you'd leave me and

Harry be! But no, you had to twist it! Do you have any idea of what you caused? I almost raped my own mate!" Narcissa stared at him in shock. "I'm sorry," was all she could say. Draco met her stare with icy eyes. "Sorry doesn't work. You were so thrilled to have Harry as my mate, talking about grandchildren and spoiling him. You made him part of our family when it suited your purposes and when he needed your help the most you turned from him. If I loose him, I'll never forgive you," Draco threatened softly. "I'll make it up to you," Narcissa replied quietly, telling Draco that she understood the threat. "It's not me you should be making it up to." ************** It was evening, and Harry had decided to go find Draco, as it seemed that the blond Veela was trying everything to avoid meeting Harry. He asked a nearby house elf who immediately told him to visit the gardens. It was cold outside. Harry's warm breath was clearly visible as he moved silently over the snow-covered ground. The sky was covered in ominous black clouds, the moon hidden from view, causing Harry to shiver slightly. He heard a soft sigh to his left and quietly headed in that direction, searching for Draco. He soon found the blonde Veela. Draco was sitting on a wooden bench, his head bowed and his long silver hair obscuring his expression. "Have you been out here all day?" Draco jumped on hearing his voice, raising a pair of stunned silver eyes to meet Harry's amused green. No one spoke. Instead, they studied each other silently, no need for words. "I love you," Draco said finally. "I never meant to hurt you, Harry. I swear to you! I just lost's hard to fight the desire to bond when you're not near me." "Then why did you push me away?" "Because I thought that you wanted space. You kept disappearing...leaving me with my mother...saying nothing when you got back...Of course, I understand exactly why you left now," Draco sighed, eyes filled with remorse. "I have a confession to make." "What?" "The reason why I was so distant with you even when we were alone was because I was busy thinking about how I could give you my Christmas gift."

"Gift?" "Yes." "I've been an idiot, haven't I?" "Yes," Harry agreed, chuckling. "So what is it, the gift, I mean?" Harry grinned, moving forward so that he was standing in front of the seated Veela. He pulled Draco to his feet. He stared into confused silver eyes for a moment before looking down, suddenly unsure of what to say. "What is it Harry?" Draco asked, worry clear in his voice. Harry laughed. "Will you marry me?" The question was so softly spoken that Draco barely heard it. When he finally understood what Harry had just said he froze, eyes widening in barely controlled shock. "I want us to get married," Harry explained. "Maybe in a month or two..." He was cut off when Draco wrapped his arms around him. A delighted grin had formed on Draco's face. "I love you," Draco breathed into his ear, his warm breath tingling Harry's cold skin. "I love you too." "So much..." "I know..." "Utterly and completely..." Harry lifted his lips impatiently. "Aren't you going to kiss me?" Draco laughed. "Always love," he promised. And he did. **************** "Do you think that's they'll be alright?" Remus asked quietly from his position by the

window. Sirius frowned anxiously. "I hope so." "Harry deserves happiness," Remus agreed softly. "What about you?" Sirius blurted out, meeting shocked, wide golden eyes. "Me?" "Yeah, you. What do you want Moony?" "Oh! Nothing - I'm alright..." "Nonsense! Do you prefer men or women?" Sirius knew that Remus had never been a relationship before, after all, a werewolf mated for life, and Remus had never had the chance to fall in love. Werewolves were feared particularly by those who didn't know them personally. "Me...Why are you asking Padfoot?" "Men?" "Sirius!" Sirius grinned in delight. "What's your ideal lover?" "Sirius, why do you want to know?" Remus' question was casual, but there was an intensity in his eyes which startled Sirius, and the animagus knew that his answer was important to the werewolf. "I wanted to know whether I had any competition," Sirius grinned, honestly. Remus blushed. "What?" "I love you when you blush," Sirius sighed, eyes filled with adoration. "Pardon?" The confusion and disbelief in Remus' eyes caused Sirius to decide to show him how he felt with actions rather than words. He moved quickly, so that the werewolf couldn't move, and soon had him in his arms. Remus lifted confused golden eyes to meet Sirius's mischievous blue before his lips were

captured in a soft, teasing kiss. Remus sighed softly, enjoying his first kiss as much as he had thought he would. "I love you," he moaned helplessly, staring into Sirius's dazed blue eyes. "Love you too Moony," Sirius replied, his voice strangely husky. ***************************** "I have something else to tell you," Harry said nervously, picking at a loose thread on his sleeve. Draco raised an eyebrow, holding the other boy closer to his own body. Harry curled up tighter, clutching Draco's shoulders almost desperately. "The reason why I was so scared was because I've been having dreams. It's the same dream repeated. It starts off nice," Harry admitted, blushing uncontrollably as he remembered. "Yes?" Draco purred. "But" Harry was pale by now, his eyes vacant. "What do you -" And then it clicked. He forced Harry's chin up so that their eyes met. "I would never hurt you Harry. I love you, with all my heart. I want your first time to be the most amazing thing you will ever experience...I want it to be perfect...I would never force you to give me what is by rights yours to give to whomever you wish." "I want you...I've been thinking a lot lately..." Harry blushed. Draco fought a grin. "What happens at the beginning of your dream?" he asked softly, voice purring into Harry's ear. Harry's breathing hitched. "You touch me........." "Where?" "Draco!" "Aw, come on Harry. Surely you want to know what it will feel like..." Draco teased him.

Harry's face burned. "What do you want me to do to you?" Harry buried his face into Draco's shirt. "I want you to make love to me," he choked, his voice muffled. "When do you want to get married?" Draco hissed, barely restraining himself from doing just what Harry wanted. "Soon." "When?" "January..." "That soon?" Draco teased, thrilled. "Yeah." "What about the sixteenth?" "The sixteenth?" "Yes. If that's okay with you...?" "That's fine," Harry murmured. "Good..." "Mmmm." "And Harry?" "Yes?" "I'm looking forward to our honeymoon." Harry buried his face deeper into Draco's chest. Draco laughed. "You have no idea how thrilled my father will be," he commented. "I like him," Harry blurted out. "Good. He likes you too - even if he never admits it." Harry laughed.

"He'll like me even more if I have a son." "I want a son and a daughter of course," Draco grinned, leering. Harry swatted the straying hand away, laughing despite himself. "I want a boy as well," he confessed. "Just one?" "No. A girl would be nice as well." "Two?" "How many do you want?" "Loads. Malfoy's never normally have more than one or two children. I want to rectify that. I want the whole Manor filled with kids," Draco smiled at the thought. "Really?" "Yeah." "I'd like that as well." "Mmmm...What about Alexander for our first child?" "It might not be a boy," pointed out Harry, fighting a grin. Draco glared. "Of course it'll be a boy." "I don't know about Alexander for a first name..." "You're right. He can have that as a middle name." Harry rolled his eyes. "What about Brandon?" "Brandon? Hmmm that's a nice name..." "I like it." "So do I..." Draco looked so serious that Harry broke down into a fit of laughter. Draco eyed him curiously. "You do realize that we're sitting here discussing the names of children which haven't even been conceived yet?"

"Oh I know," Draco said idly. "So?" "So what?" Harry sighed exasperatedly. "Don't you think it's a little stupid?" "No." "Why not?" Harry asked, puzzled. Draco smirked. "Because I intend to create our child the night we bond." "Wha...? Oh!!" Harry flushed. "Imagine it...our child...created when I take you for the first time...when I love you for the first time..." Harry eyed him with a strange look on his face. "What is it?" "I never thought that you'd be so romantic," Harry admitted. Draco laughed, cupping his chin with one hand. "You have no idea of how I plan to make that night the best of your life, love," Draco smiled. "You don't..." "I do." "But..." "I will." "I just..." "I know." Harry blinked. "I know Harry. You just want it to be perfect, and it will be, trust me."

Harry bit his lip before nodding. "You trust me?" "Yes." And Harry was telling the truth. He did. ********************* Choices: Harry and Draco tell everyone about their marriage date Narcissa tried to make it up to Harry Remus and Sirius confess to Harry about their relationship Harry gets a visit from the tailor Back to index

Chapter 22: Reactions Chapter 22: Disclaimer: I own nothing except the term 'Magnetic Attraction', the book by Clare Sarend in this fic, and the veela plot as I have written it. Also, I mustn't forget the original Malfoy's. Authors note: By the way, it is now the 20th of December in this fic. Enjoy! Reactions: Harry snuggled closer to Draco for warmth, delighted to find the blond Veela still by his side. He vaguely heard Draco sigh in contentment. He prepared himself to fall back asleep when. BANG! Harry jumped off the bed, his eyes wide as they scanned the room. Draco was cursing, mumbling about stupid brats. "Harry!"

Harry, recognizing China's voice, grinned. "Hold on," he shouted, hastily finding his wand and flicking it at the door. China bounded into the room. She was obviously not intimidated by Draco's icy glare. Draco, it seemed, did not appreciate being awoken when fast asleep. He wrapped possessive arms around Harry and forced the dark haired Gryffindor to lie back down. Harry, who longed for the affection Draco seemed prepared to direct his way, cuddled up immediately, sighing. China cooed. "Awww!" "Shut it," Draco growled warningly. China pouted, sitting cross-legged on the bottom of the bed. "I just thought I'd warn you. The rest of the family's arriving today." "Oh?" "Yeah...Caitlin included." Draco tensed at the name, causing Harry to stare at him in confusion. "Its nothing," Draco reassured him. Harry, after studying Draco silently for a minute, reluctantly nodded his head. "Yeah - so are you getting up now?" China asked, changing the subject. "No," Draco growled, kissing Harry's cheek possessively. "Awww! Have you bonded yet?" Harry gaped at her. "Get out!" raged Draco, throwing a pillow at her. "But..." "Now!" China hastily dodged the pillow and sped off towards the door. She paused, turning to face Harry before winking. "By the way Harry, you've got a very nice body." "Get OUT!" Draco's face was flushed with anger as he hastily threw the sheets over Harry's bare chest -

Draco had removed his top in the night without Harry knowing. Harry appeared to be mortified, and was staring at the door in shock. "Did she just say that I've got a nice body?" Draco growled. "I'll kill her," he muttered. "She didn't mean it," Harry argued. Draco's eyes softened. "Maybe not," he conceded. Harry pushed the sheets off his legs, hot. As he stretched out he never noticed Draco's eyes filling up with desire. He did, however, feel the gentle hand trailing down his throat to tease a nipple. "Hey," Harry whined, not really complaining as he arched his back and released a soft hiss. Draco smirked, leaning down to suck at his neck. "Draco," Harry breathed, trying to pull away. Draco relented, after leaving a vivid red mark. He raised an eyebrow. "You can wait until the wedding," Harry laughed playfully. "But that's weeks away!" "It's only a couple of weeks," Harry protested. "But..." "And then we can do more," Harry added, smiling innocently. Draco moaned in distress. "What's wrong?" Harry said hastily, leaning over the Veela. "Nothing," Draco muttered, biting his lip. "Look at me!" Draco looked up, and as their eyes connected Harry understood. Draco was fighting his desire. Smiling to show his appreciation Harry kissed his lips lightly before climbing out of bed. "Where are you going?"

"To get ready." "Why?" "I want to make a good impression." "You've already met them," pointed out Draco. Harry rolled his eyes. "It's polite." Draco snorted with laughter. Harry ignored him. ******************* Harry appeared from the bathroom an hour later, much to Draco's amusement, but his breath soon caught in his throat when he caught sight of his mate. Draco had to fight the urge to bond with him there and then. Harry was dressed in a pair of black silk trousers. They clung to his long legs, showing off their perfect shape and powerful muscles. The dark green cashmere sweater clung like a second skin, revealing a toned stomach, broad shoulders and strong arms. His hair, which had grown over the past few months, had been pulled back into a tidy ponytail, wisps of black tendrils framing his face. Vivid green eyes met his. "Do I look okay?" "You look perfect," Draco breathed. To his surprise, Harry didn't blush. In fact he smiled brightly, flashing white teeth. Draco moved over to him, kissing his lips briefly before continuing to study Harry close up. Harry seemed almost amused at his behaviour. "I want to look my best," Harry admitted. "Why?" Draco asked, but he definitely wasn't complaining. "Aren't we going to tell your family about the wedding date?" Harry asked, eyes almost childlike in their innocence. "Are you sure?" Harry knew then that Draco was offering him the chance to back out, the chance to change his mind. He fought back a smile. If only Draco knew just how much he was looking forward to their wedding... "I'm sure. Now go get ready," he scolded lightly. Relief swept over Draco's features.

"Go get ready," Harry repeated. ********************* Lucius, Narcissa, China, Sirius and Remus were seated at the breakfast table. They all seemed to be avoiding conversation. It was a surprise therefore, to hear yells from the corridor. "Harry!" "No!" "Why not?" "I don't want to!" "Ill make it worth your while..." "Draco!" There was another cry and a loud bang as the doors fell open, revealing a flushed Harry Potter being thoroughly ravished against the huge oak doors. Everyone gaped. Draco, not even noticing the people watching, lifted Harry's body so that the other boy's legs were wrapped around his waist, forcing their bodies even closer. As they kissed Harry weakly tried to push away. "Draco," he breathed, cheeks flushed, eyes dazed, mouth swollen. "What?" "We have to get to breakfast," Harry protested, albeit weakly. "Tough," Draco hissed before promptly attacking his mate’s mouth again in another tender, passionate kiss. Harry twisted his neck so that he could get his breath back, panting against the other boys throat, and causing Draco to shiver in the process. "The sixteenth," Harry reminded him. Reluctantly, Draco eased Harry down onto his feet, cupping Harry's chin with one hand he placed a tender kiss on his swollen lips before pulling away. Harry smiled at him, straightening his clothes. "I can wait," Draco promised. "Good, because as much as I like the idea of grandchildren I would prefer not to have them conceived in front of my very eyes first thing in a morning." Harry spun around, stunned.

Lucius simply raised an eyebrow, but it was obvious that he was highly amused. Sirius was grinning madly, even though Remus was eyeing him disapprovingly. Harry couldn't help the blush the rose to his face. He had just been caught making out with his fiancé - again. "We were...well..." "Celebrating," Draco said crisply, warm eyes meeting Harry's for a moment before he wrapped an arm around the other boys slender waist. "Celebrating?" Remus asked, obviously curious. "Yeah..." "Celebrating what?" Lucius smirked, already knowing the answer. Draco smiled brightly, a smile so genuine that it surprised even Lucius. The Veela looked down at his mate, his eyes filled with love and adoration. "Harry's set a date for the wedding." "That's marvelous," Lucius smiled. Harry squirmed. "When?" Sirius asked, shocked. "The sixteenth..." Harry mumbled. "Of June?" Sirius queried, sounding strangely hopeful. Harry weakly shook his head. "What month?" Remus coughed. "January," Draco grinned, leering at Harry. "January?" said Lucius, Narcissa, Remus and Sirius in unison. "Yes," Draco said firmly. "That's sooooo cool! And if you fall out again Harry can always come and live with me!" chimed in China. "Thanks China," Harry smiled, clearly amused. China winked. ******************** Harry was curled up on the sofa in Draco' s arms when the other Malfoy's arrived. Harry and Draco had spent the morning talking quietly, kissing softly, and smiling tenderly at one

another. Even China had left them alone, on seeing the way they were looking at one another. She hadn't even teased them once, much to Harry's surprise. Draco was lightly kissing the soft skin behind Harry's ear, nuzzling the soft flesh every now and then, and driving Harry crazy. Harry sighed happily, snuggling closer to the blond. "Happy?" "Very," Harry responded. Draco murmured an agreement, too busy with touching Harry to actually make a reply. "You drive me crazy," Draco mouthed onto his skin, causing Harry to cry out. "Draco!" "Sorry love," Draco smirked, kissing his lips lightly. Harry parted his lips, allowing the Veela to deepen the kiss. He barely acknowledged the fact that Draco was pushing him back onto the couch and climbing on top of him. He caught sight of mischievous silver eyes before his own eyes fluttered closed. Draco caressed his face, leaving a trail of moist kisses along Harry's now heavily marked throat. "Ohhh!!!!" "Boys!" Draco looked up. Harry protested strongly when Draco stopped, pulling the Veela back down on top of him. Draco, thrilled at the response from Harry, shot the intruders a wink before resuming his seduction. Harry bit down on the Veela's throat, causing Draco to gasp in surprise. "Draco! Harry! We do have visitors," yelled a loud voice. Draco cursed as he felt Harry stiffen, obviously recognizing his Godfather's voice. "Hey Sirius," Harry stuttered. Sirius grinned wickedly. "Hey Harry..." he purred. Remus elbowed him sharply in the ribs, causing the animagus to shoot the Werewolf a dirty look. Remus ignored him. "Draco, the rest of your family has arrived," Remus said easily. Draco nodded, helping Harry to sit up. He kept his arms around the dark haired boy so that Harry was trapped on his lap, his head resting against Draco's shoulder. Harry didn't

complain. Instead, his green eyes widened when he realised that the Malfoy family were watching them from the open doorway in amusement. "What a nice welcome," Daniel winked, his silver eyes glowing with mirth. "You should see Harry when he's half nak..." "China!" Harry snapped, blushing heatedly. China smiled innocently, standing next to her giggling sisters. "Half naked?" Mercedes asked, clearly interested. Harry muttered something about locks. "Its nothing," Draco dismissed easily, but he was glaring at China. "Sure..." drawled Lucius mockingly. The Malfoy's moved into the room to sit down, their eyes watching Harry move closer to Draco. Harry sighed softly, uncomfortable with the scrutiny. "So Lucius tells us that you have set a date for your wedding?" Marissa asked finally. Draco and Harry nodded. "It's rather...soon," Marissa continued, her eyes showing her curiosity. "We want to be married," Harry shrugged. "Of course," cut in Amethyst. An uncomfortable silence followed. "Harry, can we go flying again?" China asked suddenly, turning pleading eyes on Harry. "Er..." "You said we could," pointed out China. "I said..." "You said maybe," China interrupted. "Yes but..." "So when can we?" Harry blinked. "Come on Harry, you told me that you'd show me a Wonskei Feint!"

"Did I?" "Yes!" "When?" "When we were flying!" "I can't remember," Harry mused thoughtfully. "You were across the pitch and I yelled 'can you show me a wonskei feint?' and you yelled yes." "I thought you said that you were going to use Caitlin as bait," Harry argued. "Bait for what?" Caitlin asked sharply, eyes narrowed. China looked innocent. "I have no idea what Harry is talking about." "I must have misheard you - I wasn't really listening," Harry confessed. China pouted. "What were you thinking about?" asked Draco, whispering into Harry's ear. "Nothing," Harry muttered, fighting a gasp at the affectionate purr in Draco's voice. "Right...." The Veela teased. ********************* It was later that day when Sirius and Remus visited Harry and Draco in their apartment. They found the boys wresting on the bed, Harry conveniently pinned under Draco, who was teasing the other boy mercilessly with his lips. "Boys!" The two boys stopped, moving apart and staring at a sheepish Remus and a grinning Sirius. "What's wrong?" Harry asked hesitantly. "Nothing!" Sirius beamed. Harry eyed them closely, noticing the blushing Remus, and the way they were standing close together. Harry gasped as realisation hit him. He grinned brightly. "I'm so happy for you," he gushed, rushing over to hug them both. Remus smiled at him, holding him close. Sirius flashed Remus a leer.

Draco snorted. "Stop it Sirius," scolded Harry, pulling Remus over towards the bed. They sat down next to Draco, Sirius soon joining them. "By the way, that was quite a display this morning," Sirius teased. "Which time?" Draco smirked. Harry grabbed a pillow and threw it at his mate, clearly not wanting to discuss their love life in front of the two people he considered as his adoptive parents. Draco promptly pinned Harry back down on the bed. "This isn't fair!" Harry whined. "What isn't?" "Why are you always on top?" Draco leered suggestively, his eyes scanning Harry's body. "Because...Veela's like to dominate..." "So?" "So...they like to take their mates and..." "What?" Harry asked, confused. "And..." "Draco I think that's a conversation you need to have in private," interrupted Remus hastily. Harry frowned, not understanding. "Why? Draco was just telling me about Veela... What's wrong with that?" "Nothing," Sirius coughed. Draco kissed Harry lightly on the cheek. "No wonder I love you," Draco murmured affectionately. ******************** The next day Harry found himself alone with Narcissa in the living room. The woman was clearly nervous; she was wringing her hands, but otherwise she showed no signs of emotion. "Harry," she greeted coolly.

"Mrs. Malfoy." Narcissa winced. "Harry...sit down...." Harry sat down, eyeing her warily. "I believe that I need to tell you why I did what I did," she started. Harry nodded. "I am very protective of my son, Harry. I love him dearly. I was thrilled to hear that he had found an acceptable mate, you. I was happy that he was in love...I never thought that it would be more difficult than that...In my mind you would bond and have children...I foolishly forgot the fact that you didn't really know one another very well. I was blinded by the need for a larger family. I dearly want grandchildren..." she confessed. "I understand why you were angry with me," Harry said simply, staring straight into her eyes. "But...?" "But I can't forgive you at the moment. Draco would have raped me...if he hadn't come to his senses...I think you fail to understand what it would have done to us both to know that we were bonded, bonded by force rather than love...It would have destroyed us." "I know." "Good." "I apologise," Narcissa whispered. Harry bit his lip. "I can't accept it...I need time..." "I understand," Narcissa said hastily, sensing Harry's confusion. "Thank you." "I only hope that we can become friends...." "Maybe," Harry said cryptically. ********** Choices: Harry gets his presents from Hermione and Ron, and the rest of the Weasley's

Harry gives Draco a Christmas present he'll never forget Remus and Sirius finally gave Harry the surprise they have been planning for months Lucius gives Harry a surprise present Back to index

Chapter 23: Christmas At Last Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Christmas at last: It was Christmas Eve. Draco was in the bathroom preparing for bed, and Harry was lying on the bed, uncertain of how to start what he wanted to do. Christmas was in less than an hour... Biting his lip, he pulled the covers over his trembling body; his eyes fixated on the door which his mate would soon come through. Less than five minutes later, Draco reappeared, his blonde hair glowing in the dim candlelight. Harry watched as Draco brushed his hair before making his way over to the bed. He closed his eyes as the Veela pulled back the covers, hearing the sharp gasp, and sudden silence. Heart thumping wildly, Harry opened his eyes. Draco was standing still, his hand still clenching the sheets. His eyes were riveted on Harry, raking up and down his naked frame. Desire was evident on his face, but Harry didn't feel afraid. He knew that Draco would not go any further than he wanted to go. "Harry?" Draco questioned, his voice hoarse. "I..." Harry froze, not knowing how to put his thoughts into words. "You''d better go and...Put some clothes on..." Draco whispered, his eyes lowering to Harry's lower stomach. Harry shook his head. "No...I thought that we' know...not sex but..." Confusion swept over Draco's face, only to be replaced by amazement seconds later. Draco's eyes searched his mates face for any evidence of reluctance, but he found only sincerity and longing.

"You're sure?" "Yes." Harry's firm voice encouraged Draco to take control. He slid onto the bed, eyeing Harry's body as if he were afraid to touch it. Harry squirmed uncomfortably, not knowing whether Draco liked his body... "Is it okay? I I...? Or..." "NO! You' perfect..." Draco hissed fiercely, his eyes glowing. Harry blushed. "Very perfect..." Draco repeated, reaching out to place a hand on Harry's thigh. Harry sighed. "You can touch me," he encouraged. "I don't want to loose control," Draco admitted. "I don't know what to do!" Harry almost yelled in frustration. Draco grinned suddenly. "Then I'll have to teach you." Before Draco could touch him, Harry pulled away, a frown marring his face. "Who taught you?" Draco blinked, unsure of how to answer that question. He knew what Harry was asking. His mate was asking him whether he had genuine experience, and who he'd been with. He was asking about Draco's past love life. "Several people," he confessed finally. Harry swallowed, but didn't say anything else. "Blaise Zambini was the first. I was drunk..." Draco trailed off. "How many?" "Hmm, nearly all the Slytherin 6th years, and the 7th years...maybe one or two from Ravenclaw..." "Oh..." Harry pulled the sheets from Draco, wrapping his body up, away from Draco's prying eyes. He felt suddenly cold. He was a virgin...he didn't know how to please Draco...what would Draco expect of him...? Harry suddenly felt afraid...afraid of whether he'd compare to

Draco's other, previous lovers. "They meant nothing Harry. They were just normal teenage lust. I never cared about them..." Harry didn't speak, his eyes lowered. "They would never compare to you...You are beautiful... perfect...It isn't ever going to be sex Harry...Its making love," Draco whispered, watching Harry carefully as he slipped a hand under the sheets to touch Harry's bare back. Harry looked up to him. "But I won't know what to do. I don't know how to touch you..." "Just let me touch you, that's all that I want. Trust'll see..." Harry nodded, allowing Draco to pull the sheets off his body. He shivered from the cool air on his skin. "I'll soon warm you up," Draco promised. Harry eyed him warily as he took off his clothes, revealing his muscular body. Draco soon climbed back onto the bed, easing Harry onto his back. He watched as Harry relaxed, before kissing his cheek. "Where do you want to be touched the most?" Harry's eyes widened in surprise. "What?" "Here?" Draco murmured, running a hand over Harry's chest, touching his nipples with fleeting, teasing touches. Harry gasped. "Here?" Draco's hand dropped lower, tracing the soft belly button, and tugging at the dark trail leading down to his groin. Moaning, Harry squirmed, arching closer to the teasing hand. "Or here?" "Oh!!" "Sure?" "Merlin! Draco...please...Oh!" **********

Harry awoke the next morning feeling warm and safe. He vaguely wondered why he felt so content, and snuggled closer. As he felt Draco's arms tighten around his waist, the fingers brushing against his lower stomach, Harry blushed wildly, vivid memories of last night coming back to him. He couldn't believe how passionate it had been. Draco had teased him completely, stopping him from his release until his body could take it no longer. It had been the most amazing night of his life. He had barely touched Draco. At first he had wanted to, moving his hands hesitantly over Draco's soft skin, but he soon became aware that Draco just wanted to touch him...and so he had simply clung to Draco, his face buried into the Veela's chest. Afterwards, Draco had kissed him, touched him...caressed him until he had drifted asleep, murmuring a sleepy 'I love you', which the Veela had gladly returned. "Morning love," Draco murmured, his voice husky. Harry twisted around so that he was facing Draco, their bodies pressed up against one anther. Realising this, Harry blushed, but did not protest when Draco pulled him closer with a wicked grin. "Hmm...I think we'll stay in bed today," Draco suggested with a wink. Harry shook his head, a smile lingering about his lips as he caressed the soft skin at the nape of Draco's neck, his green eyes filled with love. "Thank you Draco," he said softly. "What for?" "For being so sweet to me," Harry smiled. "No, thank you for letting me touch you," Draco said seriously, his eyes staring straight at Harry. "I wanted you to," Harry protested. " did..." Draco's hand slipped between their bodies, his nimble fingers touching Harry in ways that made Harry cling to him desperately. Draco smirked at this, kissing his shoulder supportively as the orgasm rocked his lovers system. Harry shuddered. "Oh...!" "Like that?" he teased. "Hmmm...God...." Draco laughed.

As Harry slumped into his arms, their bodies entwining together, Draco remembered last night...the best night of his life... "Thanks for the Christmas present Harry," he said softly. Harry blushed. "You liked it?" "Loved it," Draco smiled, nodding his head to emphasize the point. Harry laughed softly, kissing Draco's cheek. "Good." ************ It was twelve o'clock when Harry and Draco finally emerged from their apartment. Chine, Sirius, Caitlin, and several others had knocked - to no avail. Draco had not let Harry out of the bed. It was therefore no surprise when the whole Malfoy family looked at them as they entered the lounge. Draco merely smirked, pulling Harry over to a spare sofa. Harry had settled down next to the Veela, their bodies happy at the contact. Lucius merely raised an eyebrow. "Nice evening?" Harry didn't even blush. "Lovely," he answered with a teasing grin. Draco laughed. "Why? What did you do?" asked China, curious. Harry saw Draco open his mouth to answer but slammed his hand over it to stop him. Draco laughed, eyes merry, while Harry glared at him. "Don't you dare!" he hissed poisonously, not aware that he was speaking in parseltongue. "Pardon?" Draco asked, voice muffled. "You know what I mean!" Harry hissed again. He was completely surprised when Draco pounced on him, sending him sprawled out against the arm of the sofa. He yelped when Draco's hands roamed his body, aware that they were being closely watched. "Draco!" he hissed.

"Merlin," Draco breathed, eyes glazed. "What?" Harry hissed, confusion obvious. Draco groaned, collapsing on top of him. "Parseltongue..." "What?" Harry asked, this time in English. "You spoke parseltongue." "Really? When?" "Just." "Oh..." Harry flushed, confused as to why Draco had virtually made out with him in front of the rest of his family just because he had spoken in parseltongue, but embarrassed nevertheless. "You don't even know when you speak it?" asked Sirius in surprise. Harry shrugged uncomfortably, slipping his arms over Draco to hug him gently. Draco sighed. "Not really," he admitted. "It's an amazing gift," Lucius commented. The Malfoy's nodded their agreement. "Sexy," Caitlin purred. Draco stiffened. "What?" Harry gaped. Understanding dawned and he looked at Draco in amusement. "Shut it Potter," the Veela threatened. Harry collapsed into peels of laughter. "Open your presents," Remus interrupted. ************* Harry soon found out exactly what Remus and Sirius had been planning. It was a brown book, entitled 'The Marauders'. Inside were pages of photographs, notes, plans, diagrams, and the full mischief guide. It seemed that the Marauders had planned every prank in

detail, and the last two remaining, faithful, Marauders had gathered them together. Harry's blinked away his tears, recognizing his father's handwriting. "Thank you," he whispered hoarsely. Sirius had grinned at him, but there was a sadness in his eyes which told Harry that he understood. Remus just smiled gently, golden eyes filled with wisdom. Draco held Harry lightly. "Here Draco, open your gift," Harry smiled at him nervously. Draco eagerly opened it, frowning when he saw a box with a strange picture on the front. Harry rolled his eyes. "It's a mobile phone," he explained. Draco's expression didn't change. "You can ring people on it. It's a muggle one, but I changed it to work on magic...I have one as well, and I brought one for the Triplets, Hermione, Ron, Remus and Sirius." "Son we can call one another?" Draco asked eagerly. "Yeah, and its silver..." "Silver?" "It’ll match your uniform," Harry said solemnly. Everyone laughed. "Thanks love," Draco smiled happily, glad to have a way to be constantly in touch with his love. "And this..." Harry handed Draco another small box. He opened it to reveal a black velvet pouch. Hesitantly, he pulled it out and slipped his hand inside. He picked up a small object and held it in his palm. It was a ring. A gold simple band with a single red stone set in the center. "It was my father's engagement ring," Harry explained. Draco felt tears fill his eyes. He knew just how much Harry must love him to give him such a priceless object. He knew that Harry had few possessions which had once belonged to his parents. "Thank you love." "Your welcome," Harry beamed, accepting Draco's loving kiss.

"My gift now," Draco said afterwards, his loving smile making everyone laugh. Harry hesitantly accepted Draco's gift. It was wrapped in green and gold paper, a mix of their house colours, which Harry appreciated. He smiled at Draco who beamed, flashing him a wink. Harry opened it, to reveal a small box. He looked at Draco in curiosity, hoping to get a clue but the Veela simply smirked at him. Harry laughed, shaking his head at him as he opened the box. He gasped. Inside was a white gold necklace. It was a simple chain, but what attracted Harry's attention the most was the gleaming silver serpent which hissed on the chain, its green emerald eyes strangely alive as the snake flickered out its tongue. "It's enchanted to act like a live snake...he'll answer you and everything," Draco informed him. "Hello," Harry hissed at the snake. "Hello I haven't ssssspoken to a sssssnake ssssspeaker for a long time..." "Really?" "Yesssss..The lasssst wasssss Ssssalazar Sssslytherin himssssssssself..." "Ssssssalazar Ssssslytherin?" "Yessss....." "Then I am honoured to meet you," Harry hissed. "And I you...Massssster..." "I am not your Massster..." "You are my are better than that evil ssssnake....Sssalazar will be turning in his grave..." Harry laughed, amused. "What did he say?" Harry turned to Draco. "He said that I am the first snake speaker that he has spoken to since Salazar and that he prefers me to Voldemort," Harry grinned. "That's Salazar’s necklace?" Draco gaped, stunned.

"Apararently," Harry mused. Draco laughed, but soon stopped when Harry placed a loving kiss on his lips. It was brief, but told Draco exactly what he felt. "Thanks love," Harry murmured. "You're welcome..." "But you shouldn't have," Harry admonished, thinking about the amount of money it must have cost. Draco winked. "The owner did not know that it was Salazar’s!" "Did you?" "No." Harry laughed. "Open the present off me, Narcissa, and the rest of the family," interrupted Lucius, handing Harry a gift. Harry took it, smiling his thanks. Inside was a beautiful watch. But what stunned Harry the most was the fact that it was a wizarding watch, and had two hands. One labeled Harry, and the other labeled Draco. It was a sign of showing Harry that they had accepted them. On opening his own gift, Draco found an identical watch. "Thank you," they said in unison, smiling lovingly at one another. ********** So what do you think? Were the gifts okay? Several of you questioned what the 'surprise' was by Remus and Sirius, and I hope you liked it. I thought that it would be typical of Remus to suggest such a thing. Don't forget to add any baby's names onto your reviews. All suggestions are welcome. Do you want a boy or a girl? Choices: Ron and Hermione find out about the wedding New Years Eve party Seamus finds love - any suggestions as to his partner are welcome More of Harry and Draco

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Chapter 24: New Year Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Important: It's now the 30th of December, so it’s been five days since the last chapter happened. ********** New Year: The past few days had been the most amazing days of Harry's life. He had found himself enjoying the holidays more than he had ever thought possible. Sirius and Remus were happy and content, and it was clear to everyone that the animagus virtually adored the werewolf; Lucius had been friendly, especially in private; China had been a great friend, and he had made friends with all of the younger Malfoy generation; and of course, there was Draco. The boy who drove Harry crazy. It seemed that no matter where they were, who they were with, or whether it was appropriate, the blonde Veela could not keep his hands to himself not that Harry minded. Their nights had turned into a constant need to touch. Draco had already memorized his body and knew exactly what he liked, where he liked. He used this knowledge to make Harry cling to him, shuddering to resist the urge to allow the Veela to go even take the last break the last barrier separating them... But he had resisted...barely. "Harry?" "Hmmm?" "What are you thinking about?" "Draco." China collapsed into fits of laughter, her sisters soon following. Harry blushed, scowling at them - well he tried to. "I don't even want to know exactly what you were thinking about," Frances laughed. "Oh...Draco! Merlin..." mocked China, her voice dropping to a breathless moan.

"Stop it," Harry hissed. "Why?" asked Angela, looking innocent. "Leave Harry alone you three," scolded Matthew from the chair he was sitting in, not even looking up from his book. "Of course..." " dear..." "...we...." "....could just..." "....leave him here..." "....and let Caitlin find him..." "....and Draco can kill you," finished China. Harry blinked. He couldn't tell them apart when they did that. Matthew looked up; his silver eyes alight with laughter at Harry's confused expression. "Ignore them, Harry. You'll soon figure out which is which," he chuckled. Harry suddenly noticed that Draco's eyes were a much vivid silver. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the image of Draco last night... "Harry?" "What?" Matthew laughed. "Go find Draco," he instructed, turning his amused eyes back to his book. Harry smiled sheepishly and got up. He left the laughing triplets on the floor and wandered out into the hallway. He looked down at his watch and found that Draco was in Lucius' study. He was walking past the dining room when he heard a noise behind him. Surprised, he grabbed his wand from his pocket and spun around, leveling it so that the tip was aimed perfectly at the intruder. On seeing Caitlin, he relaxed, lowering his wand. "Harry - are you feeling alright?" she purred, moving forward and lifting a hand to brush his forehead, the fingers lingering too long over his skin. Harry felt uncomfortable, although he wasn't sure why.

"I'm fine. You just startled me," Harry shrugged, moving away slightly. Caitlin's vivid violet eyes flashed. "I was wondering whether you would walk me back to my room," she smiled. "Er...I was going to find Draco..." Harry muttered, trying to move backwards. He slammed up against the wall and he cursed himself for his lack of attentiveness. He was trapped. But why was he suddenly uncomfortable? It was just Caitlin, she wouldn't hurt him... "Please, Harry," Caitlin purred. Harry gulped. "Draco will be looking for me," Harry protested weakly. Caitlin moved closer, clearly amused. She tossed her white blonde hair over her shoulders and laughed, the sound like tinkling bells in the nearly empty corridor. "What's wrong Harry?" "Nothing," Harry smiled falsely. Caitlin pursed her lips, moving closer. Harry's heart rate sped up, but not from desire. It was fear. Caitlin, though, seemed to think it was the former, because she smiled brightly. Her hand reached out and skimmed over the top of his jeans, lowering to touch the firm thigh muscles. Harry felt rage creep up on him. "Get off me!" he hissed. "Calm down," Caitlin murmured, her voice husky. "Get off...I love Draco...I don't want..." She cut him off by pressing her body closer, her lips forcefully prying open his own mouth to slip past gritted teeth. Harry bit her tongue. "Bastard!" She slapped him across the face and aimed to grab his wand from his hand when she heard an angry shout. She turned, face pale. "Narcissa," she said smoothly. She was unprepared for the hand which connected to her face, leaving a vivid red hand ark on the pale skin. A trickle of blood oozed from her nose. Caitlin yelped, moving backwards.

"What part of mate do you not understand Caitlin? I know for a fact that Draco will tear you limb from limb when I tell him that you were accosting Harry in the halls," Narcissa hissed, eyes furious. Harry pulled away from the wall, eyes wide with disbelief. "Go into the living room now Harry," Narcissa instructed calmly. Harry nodded weakly, hastily leaving the two women. He burst into the living room several minutes later. He saw Draco lounging on the sofa he had lain on earlier and rushed over to him. He settled onto Draco's lap, burying his face into the hollow of Draco's throat. "Harry?" The voice was filled with uncertainty and confusion. Without a doubt Harry knew that his lover could smell Caitlin on him. He shivered, needing the boy he loved to remove all traces of Caitlin. "What happened?" insisted Draco, his voice filled with concern, and anger, anger which was barely controlled as he tightened his grip around the boy in his arms. "I...I met Caitlin in the halls...Narcissa told me to come here..." Harry's hesitant words were enough. He felt the boy holding him go tense with fury. He looked up, startled by the glowing silver eyes and the way the other boy so readily protected him from anything, from everything. "I'll kill her." Harry shivered. "I'm...okay..." "I'll kill her." "Draco, don't." "Why not?" Harry flinched at the cold tone. Draco instantly softened, lifting a hand to tilt Harry's face. Harry avoided his eyes, which made the Veela frown thoughtfully. "I can protect myself you know," Harry said softly. "I know," Draco admitted, obviously not liking the fact. Harry smiled weakly. "Love you," he said honestly.

Draco smiled. "Love you too darling." As Harry relaxed into his lovers hold he barely caught the whispered words: "She'll wish I had killed her..." ********** "What in Merlin's name were you thinking?" raged Narcissa, unable to believe her own eyes. "I didn't do anything1" Caitlin defended herself angrily. Narcissa's eyes flashed. "Didn't do anything? You had Harry against a wall and were kissing him against his will!" "He's not some helpless woman," Caitlin argued, her own eyes glowing with suppressed fury. "I don't care! He told you that he didn't want you to touch him and you defied his wishes. I thought you'd have more respect for Draco, Harry, and yourself than going around like a common tart!" "How dare...!" screeched Caitlin. "I dare because Harry is going to be my son-in-law in just over two weeks! I hope for your sake that Harry manages to control Draco! If their relationship takes another backwards step because of your indecent behaviour you will be sent home. Is that clear?" "Yes," Caitlin said sullenly. "Good. I want you to promise me now that you will not lay another finger on Harry. He is not to be touched! Is that clear? "Yes," Caitlin muttered, knowing that unless he promised she wouldn't be let out of the hallway alive. "Good. Just wait until I tell your mother..." With a sweep of her elegant robes Narcissa stormed off in the direction Harry had disappeared in, leaving Caitlin boiling with fury behind her. ********** The Malfoy's had been silent ever since the Harry and Caitlin incident. The girl in question was sulking, sitting next to her furious parents who were apparently disgusted with their daughter's behaviour. Lucius had also had a word with her, and Caitlin had reappeared from his study white,

shaken, and virtually terrified. No one asked her what Lucius has said to her. No one needed to know - it had worked, and that was it. Harry had been wrapped in Draco's arms since he had found the Veela on the sofa, much to Harry's delight. Draco had finally calmed down but his eyes watched Caitlin's every move and he would snarl whenever she came too close to Harry. "Pass me that card Harry?" asked Frances, gesturing to an exploding snap card which had been thrown by China at Draco. Harry laughed and picked it up. He tossed it back to her. Draco tightened his grip again when Harry sat back against him, making Harry squirm to get comfortable. The snake pendant against his throat hissed in disagreement, attracting everyone's attention. "Ssssshhhhh Felicia," Harry hissed. "Ssssssstupid boy....Doessssn't he know how deliiicate I am?" "He didn't mean to....ssssssshhhhh...." "Hmmmmmm," was the reply. Harry laughed, shaking his head. "What did he say?" "It's a she...her names Felicia," Harry corrected on hearing Felicia's indignant hiss. Draco laughed, shaking his head and muttered an apology at the hissing snake around Harry's throat. "You talk to her?" Henry asked in surprise. Harry shrugged. "She likes to talk." "Awwww!" cooed the triplets. "Shut up," Harry laughed. ********** The next day Harry sat on his and Draco's bed, composing the letter which was to inform his friends of the upcoming wedding. His wedding. The problem was, how was he going to tell them without them getting suspicious of the sudden decision....and how soon the wedding actually was. Harry sighed, picked up his quill and began writing.

Dear Ron and Hermione, I'm having a great time. Thank you for the presents. Draco and I loved the chocolate, not to mention the book on Quidditch. I hope you liked the gifts I gave you. Draco's thrilled with the ring...I decided to give him it after all, and I'm glad I did. He also loved the mobile phone and we've set it up ready to use when we get back to Hogwarts. Draco got me the most amazing gift...It's a white gold necklace with a snake pendant. The snakes got emeralds for eyes and it's been enchanted to act like a real snake. On talking to her I've found out that her names Felicia, and that her original master was Salazar himself! Lucius gave me and Draco matching watches. They tell us where we both are! I think Draco's glad that he can keep an eye on me at all times! Sirius and Remus got me...Oh! I forgot to tell you, they've finally got together. They make a cute couple and Sirius is absolutely soppy! I never thought that he'd act like that! You should see him when Remus tells him off! Anyway, they got me a book. It’s got everything in it from when the Marauders were, plans, notes, name it, its there. Some of the stuffs pretty cool. I can't wait to show you! They must have been working on it for a while. I've got something to tell you...Me ands Draco fell out again. It was because of Narcissa. She didn't like the act that I had hurt her son. Everything's okay now though - its all been sorted out. But I guess what I actually wrote to tell you was that I'm getting married. I've set the date with Draco - it's on the sixteenth of January. I know it's all of a sudden but Springs coming know what I mean! I want to do it. I'm not being pressured or anything. I was hoping that you'd be the witnesses. I've decided to have Sirius give me away because he did the same for my dad...I couldn't choose between you two. Draco's thrilled...he's treating me as if I were made of china! He and I have come closer...and stop pulling faces Ron!...and I'm happy. Hoping to hear from you, Love, Harry. P.S. Don't send a howler! Satisfied, Harry rolled up the parchment and tied it to Hedwig's leg. He ruffled her feathers and she nipped his finger affectionately before soaring out of the window. **********

"Herm! We got a letter from Harry!" "What?" Hermione had stayed with Ron at the Burrow for Christmas, much to her joy. She loved spending time with the Weasley's. On seeing the parchment in his hand she grabbed it. "Hermione!" Ron yelled angrily, trying to snatch it back. "I'll read it out loud," Hermione told him, eyeing him in amusement. The Weasley twins laughed. Reluctantly, Ron nodded. After she had finished the room was silent. "He's getting married?" shrieked Ron. "Yes." "But he can't!" "He can," Hermione insisted, smiling at the thought of how cheerful Harry sounded. "I'm sending a bloody howler," Ron snapped. Hermione grabbed his arm, stopping him. She frowned. "Harry's happy Ron. He isn't happy much anymore," she said softly. Ron's face softened at the thought of their friend. "I guess." "We're witnesses," Hermione reminded him. Ron beamed. The rest of the Weasley's laughed at him. Molly sighed, thinking about how Harry had grown up so suddenly. She had always had a soft spot for him, mainly because of the way he was so...normal...and it didn't hurt that he had the most childlike green eyes. "Married..." she muttered. "It feels like only yesterday we met him for the first time at the Station." ********** Harry watched as Lucius poured out the glasses of champagne. The triplets were giggling, eating sweets and chattering loudly. The elder generation were smiling, watching the clock for when it struck midnight.

"Happy?" Draco murmured into his ear, his arms going around his mate. Harry laughed, turning round. Draco's breath caught in his throat when he caught sight of the flushed face, bright eyes and parted lips. Harry would never know how beautiful he was to Draco. He couldn't possibly understand the self-control he had to have to stop himself at night from taking things too far. But he resisted...resisted knowing that he would soon have Harry completely - forever. "...five...four...three..." "I love you," Draco murmured. "I love you too." "" As the Triplets shouted out 'Happy New Year!' Draco leaned forward to tenderly kiss his love, stroking the soft skin of his chin while Harry pressed closer, parting his lips to allow Draco to kiss him more thoroughly. As usual, Harry felt the same dizzy feeling he got whenever he touched Draco. The feeling that everything was alright...everything was long as he stayed in those arms. "I love you so much," Harry whispered into his mouth. Draco smiled into the kiss. ********** Sorry there wasn't much of the party but I felt that the engagement party was enough and I thought that it would be better to have just a family occasion. Don't forget to send baby names and tell me which gender you want. Choices: Harry and Draco's wedding Seamus introduces his new love Draco gets all protective News on Voldemort Back to index

Chapter 25: The Big Day

Disclaimer: See previous chapter. Authors note: The most requested chapter is here. ********** The big day: “You’re nervous,” Lucius stated calmly, his silver eyes, identical to his sons, gleaming with suppressed mirth. “I am not!” Draco declared hotly, smoothing his robe unnecessarily. Lucius laughed, reaching forward to place a soothing hand on his sons shoulder. Draco didn’t shake it off, but glared at his father. “Relax. This is supposed to be the happiest day of your life.” “It is,” muttered Draco. “Don’t worry. If your panicked, imagine how Harry must be feeling. After all, he’s the one that’s going to be given away,” Lucius reminded him. A dreamy look came over Draco’s features as he remembered the reason why he was panicking in the first place. He was finally being married — bonded — to the love of his life. “I wonder what he’ll look like…” Lucius coughed. “Sorry,” Draco smiled sheepishly, much to his fathers’ amusement. “No problem.” ********** Harry was in a similar state. He was pacing backwards and forwards in his room, his Godfather and Remus watching him. He stopped, facing the wardrobe on which hung the robe he would be wearing for his wedding. “I’m getting married.” “Yes,” said Remus and Sirius in unison. They had already been through this procedure with Harry earlier.

“To Draco.” “Yes.” “Today.” “Yes.” “And I’ve got to stand up in front of everyone and say my vows.” “Yes.” “Oh hell!” Harry flung himself onto the bed, burying his face in the silken covers. Sirius hesitated before moving over to gather him up in his arms as if he were a small child. Harry didn’t complain; instead, he leaned into the embrace and sighed with relief. “I don’t know whether I’m doing the right thing.” “Do you love him?” Sirius asked softly. “With all my heart,” Harry said truthfully. “Do you want to spend the rest of your life with him?” “Yes.” “Then you’ve made the right decision,” Remus said firmly, stroking Harry’s flushed cheek. “You’re right,” Harry sighed, relief obvious on his face. Sirius laughed. “James was exactly the same,” he mused. Remus nodded. “Really?” “Yes.” “Go and have a shower Harry,” Remus instructed. Harry nodded, flashing the werewolf a smile. “Thank you guys,” he muttered before disappearing into the shower. As soon as the door had shut Sirius pulled Remus into a strong embrace, his arms wrapping around the slender form of his mate. Remus nuzzled his neck in affection, golden eyes glowing with love.

“Do you think he’ll be ok tonight?” Sirius asked softly, careful to speak low so that Harry wouldn’t hear. “Draco would never hurt him,” Remus pointed out. “But Harry’s never had sex before, you know that. He knows what’ll happen but…I don’t know…it would have been easier if Draco had been a girl.” Remus laughed out loud at the seriousness in his lover’s voice. He kissed Sirius’ cheek before standing up, moving over to stroke the soft fabric of Harry’s wedding robe, being careful not to wrinkle it. “Lily and James would be proud of him.” “Yes,” Sirius agreed. “And it’s James that should be giving him away.” “They would not hate you for this Sirius. They would understand that you are doing this for Harry, and they would want it this way,” Remus informed him quietly. Sirius nodded. “I know,” he sighed. “Then stop worrying.” “I’m his Godfather, I’m allowed to worry about him,” muttered Sirius. “He’ll be fine.” ********** “Are you sure I look ok?” Draco asked, self consciously fingering the expensive fabric of his robe while studying his reflection in the mirror critically. Lucius looked at him. The black dress trousers were a perfect fit, while the white shirt surrounded his muscular torso comfortably. The sweeping black robe, which hung to the floor, was the only thing decorated; if you looked closely you could see small silver snakes embroidered around the cuffs and lapels. It was all tailor made, and created out of the most expensive fabric in the wizarding world — spider silk — but the cost was well worth it. Lucius had never seen his son look more handsome. “You look fine,” Lucius said softly. Draco eyed him through the mirror before nodding, satisfied. His father would never have let him out of the room on such an important day less than perfect. Lucius picked up the white rose which had been enchanted to stay alive and carefully pinned it onto the front of his sons robe. He examined it critically before nodding.

“Perfect.” Draco smiled. “Every man wishes to be there for their son on his wedding day,” Lucius said suddenly. Draco felt a sudden pang of sadness for his mate knowing that although the man Harry regarded as an adoptive father would give him away, it would never be the same. Harry would never see the pride in his parent’s faces as he was given away. “You’re right,” he murmured. Lucius hesitated before speaking. “Be careful with him tonight.” Lucius didn’t need to mention exactly what he was referring to, Draco knew what he meant. He was referring to the bonding that would occur after the service, away from the prying eyes of the guests. “I will,” he promised. “Good.” ********** Harry eyed himself in frustration. “It won’t stay flat!” “Harry your hair looks fine,” Remus soothed. “But it…” “Looks perfect,” Remus interrupted. Sirius appeared from the bathroom, and Harry turned to face him. The elder man froze in shock, his eyes riveted to the trembling form nervously biting his lip in front of him. Remus hid a smile. “Do I look ok?” Harry finally said. Sirius didn’t answer. “I told you Remus! I look a mess! I can’t…” Harry shouted, thinking that his Godfathers silence meant that Remus had lied to him. “You look perfect Harry,” Sirius said suddenly, moving forward to gather his Godson in his arms. Harry’s eyes widened in uncertainty.

“You’re sure?” “Draco’s a lucky man,” Sirius smiled, and meant it. Harry blushed, fingering the collar of his robe. “Are you sure about the robe…?” “Of course. You look beautiful.” Harry blinked. “I never realized just how much like your mother you really look,” Sirius continued, eyeing Harry’s confused face closely. “Really? Everyone normally says that I look like my dad,” Harry muttered. “You’ve got her lips…her eyes…and your cheekbones are slightly higher than James’ were,” Sirius muttered. “Thanks Sirius,’ Harry smiled, oddly comforted at having something more than his mothers eyes. “No problems,” Sirius said gruffly, pulling away. ********** Harry stood by the entrance to the hall where the ceremony would take place. Sirius stood by his side, often staring at Harry, which would creep the younger man out, before looking away quickly. Remus, of course, found the situation hysterical. “Are you ready?” Sirius asked quietly. “Yeah — as ready as I’ll ever be,” Harry sighed. They heard the first few notes of the wedding song float through the door. Harry accepted the arm Sirius held out to him, as Remus opened the door. The sudden silence was deafening, and Harry fought the urge to bolt. Sirius slipped an arm around his waist to rest it carefully on his back — mainly for comfort but also for guidance. ********** Draco had listened as the familiar song had begun to play. When the doors had opened he had turned, seeking his mate, only to be frozen to the spot. He barely acknowledged Blaise's smirking face. He had never seen Harry like this before. He had known that Harry was a handsome man, and had even bought him clothes that had turned him from the Gryffindor urchin into the mate of a Malfoy — but he had never seen Harry like this… His robes were white, was the first thing Draco noticed. They were open, swirling around his legs as he walked into the room. As the light from the floating candles caught the fabric

it gleamed a bright silver, encasing Harry in a soft glow which made Draco catch his breath. His trousers and shirt were white — the same fabric but without the silvery finish, and pinned to his robe was a single white rose. His hair had been tamed, and the soft curls hung over his face, making him seen more feminine than his usual hairstyle allowed. It showed off his high cheekbones and firm jaw and contrasted sharply with his robe. His eyes were a vivid green, the colour bright against the white canvas of his robes. He was smiling, his eyes meeting Draco’s and glowing with a mixture of emotions that Draco could see was nervousness, love and admiration. His tan had obviously been removed, leaving his skin the pale cream colour he remembered from their childhood. He was slightly flushed, a soft pink spreading over his cheekbones at the silence in the room. As Harry approached his side Sirius withdrew his hold from Harry, allowing him to move over to the altar where Draco, Blaise, Lucius, and Albus Dumbledore stood. Sirius moved to stand beside him. “We are gathered here today to join Harry James Potter and Draco Lucius Malfoy in holy matrimony.” Draco barely heard Dumbledore announce the service and describe to the guests what marriage was. His attention was riveted on his mate, soon to be husband, who was standing by his side calmly, his green eyes moving to smile at Draco every now and then. “Draco, repeat after me: I call upon these people here to witness…” “I call upon these people here to witness,” Draco stated firmly, turning to face Harry fully, showing that he meant everything he said. “…That I, Draco Lucius Malfoy, do take thee Harry James Potter…” “That I, Draco Lucius Malfoy, do take thee Harry James Potter.” “…To be my lawful wedded husband…” “To be my lawful wedded husband.” “…To have and to hold from this day forward…” “To have and to hold from this day forward.” “…For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer…” “For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer.” “…In sickness and in health…” “In sickness and in health.” “…To love and to cherish…”

“To love and to cherish.” “…Until death do us part…” “Until death do us part.” “Harry, repeat after me…” Draco watched as Harry repeated the same vows, his green eyes firmly fixed on his own as he spoke them softly, the honesty in his voice making Draco feel as if he could never be as happy as he was right then. “Until death do us part,” Harry finished. Dumbledore smiled, his blue eyes twinkling behind his half mooned spectacles and he turned to Lucius who was standing proudly next to his son, dressed in an identical outfit. “The rings.” Lucius opened a small box which he had been holding in his hand and pulled out two matching rings. They were gold, and a plain band with no decoration at all, which surprised Harry who had been expecting something more elaborate. “I hereby bless these rings…” Dumbledore smiled, waving his wand over the rings and summoning a white light which surrounded them for a moment before fading away. Draco picked up one of the rings and took Harry’s left hand. “Draco, repeat after me: Harry James Potter, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity…” “Harry James Potter, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity.” “…In the name of Merlin….” “In the name of Merlin,” Draco finished, eyeing Harry closely as he slid the ring firmly onto Harry’s finger, the gesture possessive. “Harry repeat after me: Draco Lucius Malfoy, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity…” “Draco Lucius Malfoy, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity.” “…In the name of Merlin…” “In the name of Merlin.” Harry pushed the other ring onto Draco’s finger, smiling brightly at the veela while he did so. “I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may kiss.”

Draco instantly wrapped his arm around Harry, drawing him closer to his own body. Harry laughed lightly, lifting his head. Instead of the passionate kiss he had been expecting Draco softly kissed his lips, caressing them, pouring all of his love into the simple act, and leaving Harry breathless when he pulled away. “I love you,” Draco breathed into his ear. “Love you too,” Harry echoed. The guests applauded wildly when Draco leaned down for another kiss. ********** The party was going well. The great hall, which had been decorated in white lilies and white roses, was filled with laughing people. Harry was seated on Draco’s lap, much to everyone’s amusement, talking to Ron, Hermione, Sirius and Remus. “The service was lovely,” Hermione commented. Ron rolled his eyes. “She cried the whole way through,” he added quietly. Harry laughed, leaning against Draco’s chest. “I did not!” Hermione bristled. “Don’t lie,” Ron retorted. “I am not!” “Don’t argue,” Harry scolded them, causing them to blush. “The rings are nice,” said Remus, leaning over to examine their matching rings. “They are engraved with the first words we said to one another after the service,” Draco smiled, clearly thrilled at having Harry as his husband. “What did you say?” asked Ron, curious. Harry blushed. “That’s private,” Draco grinned. “Between me and Mr. Potter Malfoy.” Harry flushed, turning his head to smile at Draco. It was the first time anyone had called him by his new name, and he felt it was an oddly romantic gesture that it be made first of all by his new husband. “Awww!” China cooed, suddenly appearing. Draco glared at her.

********** Seamus coughed, catching Harry’s attention. “Hey Seamus,” Harry smiled. “You look gorgeous,” Seamus said honestly, eyeing Harry in admiration. Harry blushed. “Thanks,” he muttered, clearly uncomfortable. Seamus chuckled. “Get used to compliments Harry — I know for a fact that you’ll be getting loads,” Seamus teased. “Was there something you wanted?” Harry interrupted him, but his smiling eyes told Seamus that he didn’t mean to sound rude. Seamus understood. Harry was just uncomfortable about his appearance, although he didn’t know why. “I wanted to wish you all the luck,” Seamus said playfully. “Thanks — it means a lot to me,” Harry said honestly. “I love you Harry.” Harry looked away. “Calm down — I love you, of course I do, who couldn’t? But I’m not in love with you…I’ve found someone though…” Harry looked at him with startled eyes. “Really?” he asked, clearly happy for his friend. “Yeah.” “Who?” “Blaise Zambini.” “Blaise?” “Yeah — he’s okay once you get to know him. But don’t tell anyone yet Harry, it’s supposed to be a secret! I just wanted you to be the first to know,” Seamus blushed. “I’m happy for you.” “Thank you Harry.”

Seamus turned to go when Harry stopped him. “I love you too,” was alls he said before he vanished in the crowd, leaving Seamus with a grin on his face. ********** Harry was beginning to get slightly uncomfortable. Several guests were drunk, and openly leering at him, raising suggestive eyebrows and then looking at Draco before breaking out into peels of laughter. It was clear that they were discussing their wedding night. Harry slid of Draco’s lap, told him that he was going to the bathroom and disappeared into the crowd, leaving Draco with Remus, Sirius, and Lucius Malfoy, who had joined their conversation earlier on. “I understand why Draco wanted him now…” slurred Millicent. “Yeah…for a skinny Gryffindor urchin he sure turns into a sexy bastard when dressed up, don’t ’e?” Marcus Flint smirked, watching Harry as he moved through the crowd. Pansy snorted. “He’s ugly!” “Awww….Pansy don’t be mean…you’re only sayin’ that cause ’e stole yer man…” Michael Anderson sneered at her. Pansy sniffed. “I don’t see the attraction.” “Imagine it…” Marcus purred. “Imagine what?” snapped Pansy. “Potter…creamy flesh unmarked…pinned to a bed…laid on white silk sheets…eyes wide with curiosity…body laid out to touch…taste…take…” lusted Marcus, eyes going unfocused as he imagined it. Pansy shuddered. “Don’t be disgusting. Besides, white isn’t his colour.” “It is…” defended Michael. “Virgin,” Marcus agreed. “Virgin?” blinked Millicent. “Of course. Potter’s a virgin…never been taken…or taken…completely pure…until

tonight…Draco’s a lucky bastard…” Marcus explained. “Yeah…I’d do anything to take his place tonight,” Michael nodded. “So Draco wants him because he’s a virgin? Whets so good about that? He’ll know nothing!” Michael and Marcus looked at Pansy as if she were mad. “Marrying a virgin is the best thing you can do. You’re a woman so you don’t understand…Potter’s never been had…he’s not used goods…he’ll be Draco’s and only his…never anyone else…Draco will be able to teach him everything and anything…” “Pure,” Michael agreed. “Perfect,” Marcus summarized. Marcus looked around, spotting Harry making his way back over to where he had left Draco and his Godfather. “Imagine that arse bent over a bed…legs spread…” Marcus began. “I suggest you shut your mouth before I cut that part of your body, which you obviously want to use on my mate, off,” hissed a voice. Marcus gulped, spinning around to meet Draco’s furious silver eyes. “Draco…!” “Surprised?” Draco hissed, moving dangerously close, wand twirling in his fingers. Several guests moved away from him. “We didn’t mean any harm Draco We were just discussin’ it — honest…we wunna touch ’im!” Michael defended himself. “You shouldn’t be discussing him in the first place!” ********** “Where’s Draco?” Harry asked, sitting down on Draco’s seat. He noticed Blaise Zambini sitting next to Lucius and nodded a greeting. Blaise smirked wickedly. “Dealing with a few guests,” he said smoothly. Harry frowned. “Why?” Remus and Sirius shifted uncomfortably.

“What did they do?” he asked again. “Nothing,” Lucius lied. “They were talking about…ah…should we say…your…wedding night…” Harry flushed. “What?!” “And Draco did not like their appreciation of your…gifts…” “Be quite Blaise,” snapped Lucius, eyeing the other boy coldly. “What gifts?” Harry asked, ignoring Lucius. Blaise beckoned Harry to lean closer to him and Harry obliged before Remus and Sirius could stop him. “They were discussing your…soon to be taken…virginity.” “Stop it Blaise!” Lucius ordered, glaring icily at the boy. Blaise smirked. “Where is he?” Harry asked, horrified. “Cursing them.” “Where?” Harry snapped, moving to his feet. “By the punch bowl.” Sirius tried to grab Harry’s arm but it was too late. Harry had already vanished. Sirius cursed, eyeing Blaise in anger. “Why the hell did you do that?” he asked. “Entertainment,” Blaise smiled, sipping his Fire whiskey. ********** “Give me one good reason why I don’t kill you,” hissed Draco. “We’re your friends!” “You were talking about my mate as if he were a common tart!” “We didn’t…” “Don’t lie to me!” raged Draco, lifting his wand threateningly.

“Draco stop!” Draco turned his head, meeting Harry’s frantic eyes. His gaze immediately softened, much to Marcus and Michael’s relief. “What’s wrong love?” he asked softly. Harry smiled, moving closer. “I want to dance.” Draco hesitated, clearly not knowing how to tell him that he was about to hex the boys near him for talking about his husband in less than appropriate language. He was about to tell Harry to go back to Sirius when he saw the pleading in Harry’s green eyes. He sighed before nodding. “Of course love,” he smiled. Harry visibly relaxed before leaning up to kiss his cheek in appreciation of his behaviour. “I like this song,” he murmured, taking Draco’s arm and propelling him towards the dance floor. Draco sent the Marcus and Michael a warning glare before sweeping his husband into his arms. Harry soon nestled against his chest and they talked quietly, enjoying the dance, and soon forgetting about the people around them. “Good job Potter’s got him twisted around his little finger,” Marcus breathed. “Yeah,” agreed Michael. ********** “Have you packed his bags?” asked Draco quietly. Sirius nodded. “We flooed them over to the Manor today.” Draco smiled. “Thanks.” “No problem.” Sirius was about to turn away when he paused, eyeing Draco sternly. “Be gentle with him or I’ll kill you,” Sirius said finally, meaning every word he said. Draco nodded.

“I would never hurt him.” “Good.” ********** It had been arranged for Draco and Harry to spend a week at the Manor for their honeymoon. Lucius and Narcissa were to stay at a hotel so that the couple had the privacy they needed to bond, and to get used to it. Harry stood in Dumbledore’s Office, his closest friends and family around him, as well as his new family. Draco stood by his side, watching as he hugged everyone before moving over to the fireplace. “Where are we going?” “The Manor.” “Really?” “Yes.” “Oh…” “Don’t worry,” Lucius smirked. “You have the place to yourselves.” Harry blushed. “Thanks,” he muttered sheepishly. “Congratulations,” they shouted, watching as Harry threw a pinch of floo powder into the fire before yelling the destination and disappearing. Draco soon followed. ********** “Did I tell you how beautiful you looked today?” Draco purred, pulling Harry into their room. “Beautiful?” Harry asked, clearly not believing it. “Beautiful,” Draco reaffirmed. “But I’m not…” “So beautiful…gorgeous…like an angel…teasing me…” Draco murmured, slipping Harry’s robe over his shoulders to land in a pool of silver silk at his feet. Harry shuddered. “Those boys…they were talking about you…how they longed to be in my position right

now…” Harry’s eyes widened. “…And I have to admit that they at least have exquisite taste…but they’ll never get the chance to touch you,” Draco growled. Draco expertly undid Harry’s shirt, pushing the silk over Harry’s creamy shoulders to fall on top of his robe. Harry stilled his hands as they moved to his trousers, smiling as he did the same to Draco until they both stood topless. “You’re so beautiful Draco — what do you see in me?” Harry wondered aloud, comparing their bodies. “Everything.” Harry’s trousers soon followed his other clothes, and he kicked off his socks and shoes so that he stood in a pair of white silk boxers. It was obvious that Sirius had emphasized the colour of Harry’s clothes to make Draco remember that Harry was inexperienced. Even though they had touched each other’s bodies before they had never gone further than touching with hands. Draco had never touched Harry’s lower body with his lips. He had wanted to save that experience for tonight. Harry carefully undressed Draco so that he was clad in only his black boxers and Draco took time to marvel at how opposite they were. Harry was dark…but innocent…where as he was light and nowhere near innocent. “Do you trust me?” “Always,” Harry promised. ********** An hour or so later Draco carefully settled Harry into a comfortable position, placing a pillow under his hips. Harry was watching him with wide green eyes, but there was no fear in his gaze. “I’ll go slow,” he promised. Harry nodded, nestling into the silk sheets. Draco had already brought him to orgasm once that night, and his body was completely relaxed, ready for Draco to complete the bond. Draco had not been bothered about his own pleasure, instead, as usual, he had been fixated on making Harry happy. He stiffened slightly as Draco prepared him, but soon relaxed again. “Oh!” Draco smiled.

“Your prostate,” he explained, teasing him mercilessly. “Draco…oh…” ********** “Oh!” Draco fought to calm himself down as he gazed down into the dazed green eyes glued to his own. “I adore you…” “I adore you too,” Harry gasped, arching his back and wrapping an arm around Draco’s neck for support, successfully bringing the Veela closer in the process. “Always…” “Always,” Harry echoed. He was drowning. He could feel the magnetic pull binding him closer to Draco…he could feel the veela in him…around him…everywhere. Every inch of his skin tingled deliciously. Draco’s love was surrounding him…touching him…binding with his own heart… “Draco!” “I love you,” breathed Draco, fighting to keep his self-control. “I love you too,” cried Harry. “Now and forever.” “Now and forever.” The collapsed at the same moment, their eyes wide with the intensity of the emotions racing through them. Harry buried his face into Draco’s sweat soaked shoulder, sighing with contentment as his husbands arms wrapped around him while he pulled out of him at the same moment. “That was amazing,” Harry murmured sleepily. “Shhh…sleep,” Draco cooed, stroking his lower back. “Hmmm….” “Was that how you wanted it?” Draco asked suddenly, breaking the silence. Harry started, lifting slightly confused green eyes to his husbands. Understanding flashed across them before a teasing smile lit his face. “Better.”

“Better?” “Lots better.” “Only lots better?” “I did say that it was amazing,” pointed out Harry. “Hmmm…let me mark your performance then…” Harry blushed at the intense emotion and concentration on Draco’s face. “You were so beautiful…I loved to hold you…I nearly couldn’t control myself when you let me make love to you…It felt so amazing…so special…” Draco trailed off, understanding Harry’s embarrassment. He pulled the wrinkled sheets over their cooling bodies and settled down on top of Harry, his head resting against the smaller boys throat. Harry snuggled closer. “Night Draco.” “Night Harry,” murmured Draco, kissing his cheek. Harry muttered a sleepy ‘I love you’ before falling fast asleep, Draco soon following. ********** Choices: Draco gives Harry a surprise Remus and Sirius Back to index

Chapter 26: Honeymoon Disclaimer: See previous chapter ********** Honeymoon: Draco awoke the next morning feeling the most contented he had ever been before. He looked down at the dark head nestled on his chest and smiled softly, raising a hand to caress the soft curls.

Last night had been…Draco didn’t know how to describe it. He had given in to the desires he had held back for months… He remembered the night vividly…the way Harry had reacted to his first blow job…the way he had been able to touch every inch of his mate…no his husband…the way Harry had clung to him…the way they had bound themselves with the spell “I love you… I love you too… Now and forever… Now and forever…” Those few words had bound his very soul with his mate…they had sealed their marriage so that it could never be broken… But what had pleased Draco the most about the night was the way Harry had reacted. Harry had been curious about everything…responding with a rising passion to everything Draco did or tried. The way he had looked when Draco had taken him… Draco shuddered, bringing Harry’s slumbering body closer. He never wanted that memory to fade. “Draco,” Harry murmured. “Morning love,” Draco whispered. Harry’s eyes fluttered open, the green still filled with dreams. “Morning,” Harry yawned. “Sleep well?” “Yeah,” Harry blushed. ‘Only Harry would blush after what they had done last night,’ Draco thought lovingly. “Good,” Draco breathed, rolling Harry over so that he was under him. “Draco!” “What? I have waited months for this chance…I intend to use every possibly moment to show you exactly just how much I love you,” Draco whispered passionately, kissing Harry’s lips with soft, quick, butterfly kisses. “Rea-Really?” Harry gasped. “Oh yes.” Draco was stunned when Harry smiled, arching up against him wantonly.

“Now?” he asked, voice pouring with innocence. Draco pounced. “Oh Merlin!” ********** Harry opened his wardrobes, looking for some clothes to wear. Draco had gone to summon an house elf and he wanted to take the time to cover himself up, without having to do it, all the time blushing, in front of his husband who had also turned out to be a sex maniac, or so Harry had said to his face. Draco, of course, had grinned and began to tease him mercilessly to ‘prove Harry right’ — not that he had minded. “What are you doing?” Draco leaned against the doorframe, clad in a black silk dressing gown, watching Harry in amusement. Harry clutched the sheets tighter around his body, face red. “Getting some clothes,” Harry said weakly. “Just throw on a robe. I don’t intend to let you wear anything else all week,” Draco said simply, completely serious. “What? We can’t!” “Of course we can. I’d prefer you to be completely naked, of course, but I don’t want to share you with the house elves,” Draco smiled. Harry gaped. “You’re serious,” he realized. “Of course.” Draco moved over to the wardrobe and pulled out a white silk robe which Harry had not seen. He handed it to Harry, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “Try it on.” “Can you turn around?” Draco snorted with laughter, but complied, knowing that Harry was a prude when it came to his body. “Thanks,” Harry muttered, hastily pulling on the robe. He looked down at it and opened his mouth to protest but stopped, seeing Draco eyeing him with desire.

The robe was short. The hem rested half way down his thighs, much to Harry’s embarrassment. The material appeared to be the same one his wedding robe was made from, because as he shuffled under Draco’s stare it caught the light and shimmered the familiar silver. It clung to his shoulders and fastened around his waist with a thin belt made from matching material. It was obviously a flimsy robe — and definitely wasn’t something Harry was comfortable in, even though he barely felt the silk against his skin. “Stunning,” Draco murmured. “It’s a bit — short,” Harry hesitated. “Yes,” Draco agreed. “Er…?” “Yes?” “Can I…Can I put something on underneath?” “No.” “Draco!” “It’ll spoil the effect. Don’t you want to look beautiful for me?” Draco purred, moving closer. Harry shuddered, feeling his husbands desire through the bond. “Yes,” he rasped out. “Will you wear it for me?” Draco asked, looking innocent. Harry hesitated. “Can’t we reconsider the robe? Or let me wear a longer one?” “Oh Harry,” Draco sighed, shaking his head. “What?” “I’m afraid you’ve missed the point of the robe.” “What’s that?” “Now I get to take you without you getting undressed,” Draco smirked, wandering closer. Harry saw the look in his eye and frowned. “Can we just…hold each other?” he suggested tentively.

Instantly Draco’s face was filled with a look of absolute horror. He rushed forward, gathering Harry into his arms. “Of course love, I’m just teasing! I would never do that to you!” Harry relaxed. “I know,” he murmured. “If you ever don’t want to, promise me you’ll tell me?” Draco asked, caressing Harry’s cheek. “I promise.” “Good. I want every time to be special,” Draco whispered, helping Harry settle on the bed. “It’s not that I don’t want to,” Harry explained, blushing heatedly. Draco frowned. “Then what is it?” “I’m…I’m tired,” Harry blurted out, hiding his face. A wicked grin appeared on Draco’s face. “Then we can rest love,” Draco smiled. “Thanks. I do love you Draco.” “I love you too, now relax,” Draco ordered. “Relax?” “On your stomach.” Eyeing Draco suspiciously, Harry turned over. Draco tried to fight back a groan but was unsuccessful. “Are you okay?” Harry asked worriedly. “Yes! Yes I’m fine,” Draco managed to choke out, closing his eyes. He opened them again after he had gotten control. ‘Whoever designed that gown deserved a medal,’ Draco thought heatedly. The robe had risen as Harry had turned over, the flimsy white material barely covering Harry’s round cheeks, which peaked out shyly. It was obvious that Harry had not noticed, and for once he was glad of Harry’s naivety. “I’m fine,” he repeated, leaning over to the bedside table where he removed a small vial.

He opened it and poured a few drops of the clear liquid into his hand. He replaced the bottle and rubbed the oil over his hands. The heavy sense of lilies fragranced the room. Harry sighed in appreciation. “That smells nice.” Draco didn’t answer, instead he climbed onto the bed and straddled Harry’s hips, causing the other boy to jump. “Draco!” “Relax. Enjoy it,” Draco teased, settling down comfortably. “What are you-?” Harry broke off when Draco began to slip his hands under his body, expertly unfastening the robe and sliding down over his shoulders and hips to reveal his back. He was about to protest when he felt the soft fabric covering his lower body. He relaxed. Draco leaned forward and kissed the nape of his neck. “Massage,” he explained, setting to work. “Oh…” Harry moaned at the sensation, having never experienced it before. “That feels nice,” he gasped. Harry sighed in contentment, feeling Draco’s hands rub the tiredness and aches from his body. He felt Draco’s love through his hands — in the way the other boy almost appeared to stroke him, so softly Harry thought he would melt. “You’re so beautiful,” Draco murmured, leaning over to kiss Harry’s cheek. Harry didn’t respond. “Harry?” No response. Frowning, Draco peered at Harry’s half hidden face. He grinned when he realised why Harry couldn’t speak. He was fast asleep. ********** Harry soon grew used to the silvery robe, and found several other robes with the same cut and design but in different colours in his wardrobe. Draco, it seemed, had had the robes tailored for him, in a variety of pastel colours — mint greens, pale blue, warm peaches,

pale creams…but Draco’s favourite was the white robe which he had worn the day after their wedding. Draco had also had matching silk slippers made, and although Harry was entirely embarrassed with the expensive, and almost feminine night ware, he wore it to please his husband. It seemed that Draco needed little reason to guide him to their bed and tease him mercilessly. He had often wondered before their marriage if Draco would force him to try different positions and other things which he had already experienced with past partners, but Draco was so tender and gentle with him that he sometimes felt like crying. Harry was still new to sex, and found it to be a thrilling new step in their relationship. He loved it when Draco made love to him…and even if the first time had been slightly painful at first it had soon faded and pleasure had taken its place. Draco had been extremely careful, and prepared him every time. He never forced himself on Harry and always waited until Harry was ready before he entered him. If Harry looked tired he would just hold him close until they both fell asleep. But Draco had completely disappeared. Hence, the reason why Harry was walking around the Manor in nothing but the white robe. “Draco?” Harry had left his watch in their bedroom that morning, and didn’t want to go to the other side of the Manor to get it. Instead he was wandering around searching for his husband who had been absent nearly all day, much to Harry’s confusion. “Draco?” “Harry!” Harry turned, startled, to face his flushed lover. Draco’s eyes were bright, and something akin to mischief lingered within them. This was soon replaced when Draco’s eyes hungrily moved over his near naked frame. “What are you doing?” Harry asked, curious. “Nothing,” Draco lied smoothly. “Liar,” Harry smiled, not in the least bit bothered that Draco was lying to him. He trusted Draco. He would never hurt him intentionally. “I was planning a surprise,” Draco said simply, his eyes telling Harry that any further attempt to persuade him to tell the whole truth would be futile. “Oh…for me?” “Of course.” Harry smiled sheepishly at him.

“When do I get it?” “Now.” Harry opened his mouth to express his surprise when Draco reached out and he felt the familiar pull of a portkey tug his stomach. ********** Harry was caught easily by Draco when they landed, his face buried into Draco’s chest. He breathed in deeply, getting balanced, before pulling away slightly to look around. His eyes widened when he realized where they were. They were on a beach. He was actually on a beach — for the first time in his life. “Oh Draco,” Harry murmured, turning loving eyes to his husband who was eyeing him nervously. “You like?” “Love,” Harry corrected, leaning further into his embrace. “Good.” Harry found himself led towards a palm tree, where a blanket had been spread out over the ground. There was also a picnic basket next to it. Harry buried his feet in the sand as he walked, exhilarated to feel the sand under his slippers. It was warm, and he could hear the sea splashing in the distance. “Sit down,” Draco smiled, helping him onto the blanket. Harry did so, pulling off his slippers as he did so and spreading his feet out so that they lay off the blanket, playing in the sand. “This is amazing Draco — I don’t know what to say.” “You’ve never been to a beach before,” Draco said simply. Harry eyed him in surprise. “You remembered that?” “Of course I did,” Draco said, eyeing him as if he were mad to suggest otherwise. “I like the sand,” Harry said, digging his feet further into the golden mass. The robe, which by now was only barely covering Harry’s thighs, rode higher. “Really?” Draco managed to say, glad his voice did not falter.

“Yeah…where are we?” “Malfoy Island — unoriginal I know,” Draco smirked. “Really? You have your own island?” “Yes.” “Its lovely,” Harry smiled. “We can come here whenever you want. No one will ever bother us here,” Draco informed him. “Thank you…” Harry shifted so that he was nearer to the sand, lying down to scoop up the grains with his fingertips. He examined it closely, never having seen real sand like this before. Oh, he had seen and once played in Dudley’s sandbox but that had only been for a few minutes when he had been left alone. Draco moved over until he was lying next to him, pulling the robe down from his shoulder so that he could kiss the creamy skin. Harry shuddered with desire, his green eyes darkening. “Draco?” “Yes?” Draco’s voice had dropped to the husky pitch Harry loved to hear. “Make love to me.” Draco laughed, amused. “Outside?” he teased. Harry laughed to hide his embarrassment. “Don’t you want to?” he asked finally. Draco looked at him strangely. “Not yet,” he said finally. “Why not?” frowned Harry. “Because I want to take some photo’s first,” Draco informed him, moving over to the basket. Draco rummaged inside and finally pulled out a small camera. He placed it on the blankets and then pulled out a bottle of champagne and two crystal glasses. He used his wand to magically open the bottle and poured the bubbly liquid into the glasses. He handed one to Harry.

“Trying to get me drunk?” Harry laughed, amused. Draco smirked, but shook his head. Harry took a sip, used to the taste by now. Draco had introduced him to several wines and other alcohol by now but champagne was his favourite. “What do you want to take photo’s of?” Harry crawled over to Draco, glass carefully held within one hand. “You.” “Me? But why?” Harry gaped. “Because I want to…because I love you…because you’re so beautiful…I intend to have portraits painted of you…at every angle…” Draco purred, stroking Harry’s cheek. Harry gulped. “Ok,” he said shakily. Draco smiled. “Just relax. Lie on the sand and look at the sea.” Harry obeyed, moving off the blanket to lie on the sand. He squirmed to get comfortable, the sand molding beneath his body. Satisfied, Harry lay still, eyeing Draco nervously. Draco laughed. “You look like you’ve just signed your own death sentence,” he teased. “I may well have,” Harry grumbled. “Don’t you like having your photo taken?” Harry shrugged, clearly uncomfortable. Draco frowned. “What about as a child? Surely you must have lots of pictures of you as a young boy?” A look of utter sadness passed over Harry’s features and Draco silently cursed himself for digging into what was obviously a sensitive part of Harry’s past. A suspicion rose within him, but he didn’t speak. Harry would tell him when he was ready. “My Aunt and Uncle always took photographs,” Harry said finally. Draco waited, knowing there was more to come. “They took them of Dudley,” Harry shrugged.

“What about you?” Draco asked quietly. “Why would they take pictures of me?” Harry asked, clearly stunned by the thought. “You are their family,” Draco pointed out. “You know that they don’t care for me Draco,” Harry said finally, his tone clearly telling Draco not to pursue the subject. “Sorry,” Draco smiled. Harry smiled weakly back at him. “It doesn’t matter,” Harry lied. Harry couldn’t fool Draco, no matter how convincing he tried to be. ‘What would it be like,’ he wondered, ‘if you never had anything from your childhood… only bad memories…no love…no one to care for you…?’ “Are you going to take a photo?” Harry teased half-heartedly. “Of course.” Draco took several photo’s of his husband, carefully arranging the camera to show off Harry’s best features, in Draco’s opinion: the long legs, the creamy skin of his chest which peeped out from beneath the loosened robe, and the sad green eyes. He placed the camera back into the basket and swallowed the remains of his champagne. He smirked and then moved over to Harry, lazily reached out to play with the belt tying his white robe. He undid it and let it fall open, his breath catching in his throat as it did every time he saw his mates’ nakedness. Harry was used to the way he reacted by now and didn’t say anything, just smiled at him with glowing green eyes. “Aren’t you a little over dressed?” Harry asked, undoing Draco’s shirt. “Eager?” Draco teased. Harry’s face took on a look of pure innocence. “Isn’t this what you want?” he teased, pulling his hand away, lightly brushing his fingers over Draco’s collarbone. He knew by now that the briefest touch from him could cause the veela to loose control more quickly than a longer touch ever could. “Tease,” Draco smiled. Harry laughed.

“Says you,” he retorted childishly. Draco slid out of his trousers, socks and shoes quickly. He easily slid off his boxers, his face never leaving Harry’s. He loved the way Harry’s face would light up with that strange, never ending innocence. It was as if every time he took his husband he was returned back to his virgin status. It was more appealing than his other more passionate, experienced lovers from his past. He pushed Harry back onto the sand, Harry immediately wrapping his arms around his neck, his green eyes smiling. Draco rocked his hips. “Oh!” He licked Harry’s lips, teasing them before retreating when Harry moaned. “Draco,” Harry complained. “Do you want me?” “Draco…what are…?” Harry gasped when Draco’s hot hands slid the robe from his shoulders, his fingers expertly tracing the cloth to tease him into breathlessness. “Do you?” “Yes,” Harry muttered helplessly, eyes pleading. “Tell me,”Draco teased, tugging the nipple stud. “I…I want…you…Oh!” “Now?” “Yes!” Draco laughed at the impatience in his voice, which matched his own. He kissed his way down Harry’s throat to suck on the fading bruise from that morning. Harry gasped, body squirming in pleasure. “I love you,” Harry gasped. Draco smiled, leaning down to capture Harry’s lips with his own. “I love you too, my angel.” ********** Choices: This week the choices are the following:

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Chapter 27: Back at Hogwart's Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Back at Hogwart’s: “Harry!” “What?” “Are you packed yet?” “Nearly.” Draco shook his head affectionately and entered the room his mate was in. Harry was throwing his clothes into a large suitcase. Draco laughed, took his wand out and cast a spell. “Pacarentiao.” Instantly Harry’s clothes began to fold themselves neatly before lying themselves correctly in the suitcase. Harry smiled sheepishly and pulled at his collar uncomfortably. He seemed uncomfortable in the black slacks and green shirt, which Draco found adorable, the green matching the colour of his eyes perfectly. “What’s wrong?” he asked, concerned. “Its nothing,” Harry muttered, looking away. Draco frowned. “Don’t lie.”

“I’m just not used to wearing clothes,” Harry said hotly. Draco laughed loudly. “When we get back to our Tower you can get changed,” he suggested, his eyes telling Harry that he preferred the robes himself. Harry blushed. “We’d better go,” Draco sighed sadly, thinking back on the week he had spent happily hidden away with his love. “Yeah.” ********** Harry flew out of the fireplace, and was caught by his widely grinning Godfather. “Sirius!” he exclaimed in delight. “Hey Harry,” Sirius greeted him warmly, pulling him into a strong bear hug. Harry squirmed. “Not so hard Sirius!” Sirius sheepishly nodded and slackened his grip on him. Harry laughed. “Missed me much?” “Loads,” Sirius admitted. Remus tutted. “Hey Moony,” Harry greeted, moving over to hug his Godfather’s lover. “Have a nice time?” Remus enquired, eyes sparkling wickedly. Just then Draco appeared. He immediately fixed his eyes on Harry before cleaning the soot from his robes. Harry looked down at his own dirty clothes, then his Godfathers, and grinned. Sirius was covered in soot. “Thanks Harry,” Sirius whined. Remus rolled his eyes. “Stop complaining Sirius,” he teased. “So?” Sirius asked, raising an eyebrow, eyes playful.

“So what?” Harry asked, confused. “Did you have a nice time?” Draco smirked wickedly, his eyes lingering on Harry’s embarrassed figure before he nodded ‘yes’. “Lovely.” Sirius was about to open his mouth and tease Harry further when Remus looked at him. “I wasn’t!” he protested. “Don’t lie!” “You don’t believe me?” “No.” “Why not?” Remus simply smiled. “If I didn’t adore you so much I’d make you pay for that,” Sirius muttered. Harry laughed, unconsciously moving nearer to Draco and leaning against his chest. The other occupants in the room didn’t comment, but noticed how familiar they were with each other’s bodies. Harry appeared to be content, and sighed softly when Draco’s arms wrapped around him, drawing him closer. “Ron and Hermione would love to see you,” Remus said after a moment of silence. Harry smiled, not really listening. “Yeah…” “Are you going to see them today?” “Probably,” Harry said vaguely, feeling Draco’s body reacting behind his own. “You’d best go unpack then,” Sirius said, fighting to keep a straight face. Harry nodded, allowing Draco to lead him out of the room. ********** "What time do you think Harry will arrive?" Ron asked, eyeing the entrance of the Gryffindor Common Room longingly. He had missed Harry - spending more time with Hermione, no matter how much he secretly cared for her, was rather...well...boring...Ron had decided earlier on that Harry was his Saviour. He was sick of the sight of the library.

Hermione sniffed. "He'll arrive when they arrive," she answered, reminding him that Draco would also be with him. Ron frowned. "Do you think he'll be okay though?" "Who?" Hermione asked vaguely, not taking her eyes off the thick Arithmacy book she was trying to read. "Harry!" "Why wouldn't he be?" "You know why!" Ron snapped hotly. Seamus, who had been listening to their conversation, sniggered loudly. "Honestly," Hermione huffed, slamming her book shut. "Sorry Mione," Ron smiled sheepishly. Hermione's face softened, knowing that Ron was just worried about his friend. He could be really sweet sometimes, she mused. "He'll be fine. Draco wouldn't be able to hurt him." "They'll have bonded now then, won't they?" "Yes." "Will Harry be pregnant then?" "Not necessarily." "How will he get pregnant?" Hermione rolled her eyes, blushing. "Go to the library!" Ron looked horrified. "Why can't you tell me?" Seamus burst out laughing. "Because - Just because!” Hermione stuttered, wondering how she had got herself into this conversation in the first place.

"But you know how," pointed out Ron. "Yes," Hermione agreed reluctantly. "So tell me!" "They have sex," Seamus cackled. A look of absolute horror passed over Ron's face. "Ewww! Seamus shut up. I didn't mean that! I wanted to know whether Harry had to take some sort of be like a woman." "Harry will get pregnant naturally," Hermione said shortly, clearly wanted to end the conversation. "So it will just happen?" "Yes." "Anytime?" "Yes." "Poor Harry." Seamus fell off the couch, his loud laughter echoing around the Common Room. The other children eyed them in puzzlement, clearly not knowing what was so funny. Hermione just glared, wondering what Ron would be like when his own wife fell pregnant with his child. ********** "I have to go see Ron and Hermione," Harry moaned, trying, halfheartedly, to pull away from the persistent Veela. Draco growled playfully, pushing him onto the bed. As usual, he was extremely careful to make sure he didn't even bruise his mate. Harry found this oddly sweet. Draco almost seemed terrified that he would break...or easily crack. Harry obligingly lifted his hips so that Draco could remove his trousers. "Later," Draco promised. Harry's breathing hitched when Draco's fingers tugged at the nipple stud. Draco smiled lovingly. "I adore you," Draco breathed, nuzzling his neck. Harry wound his arms around his shoulder, burying his face into Draco's chest. He ran his

fingers down Draco's chest, using his nails to add just enough pressure to cause Draco's blood to boil. He kissed the soft skin behind Draco's ear, leaving the area moist. Smiling wickedly, he blew lightly until Draco started to shiver. Harry protested loudly when his hands were stopped from touching his lover’s skin, much to Draco's amusement. "I want to touch you," Harry complained, wriggling. "You can - just let me completely undress you," Draco growled, silver eyes soft. Harry stopped moving, lying docile while he was stripped. He watched as Draco's eyes traveled over him and shivered from the scrutiny. "You've put on weight," Draco noticed, lifting a hand to stroke the soft skin of Harry's stomach. "Have I?" Harry shrugged, obviously not bothered. "Yes. You can't really tell...but you have...not much though...." Harry wondered why Draco was so interested in the fact that he had put on weight. "I've been eating more," Harry said simply. "Good - you were too skinny." "I wasn't!" "I could wrap my hands around your waist," Draco pointed out. "So you're saying I'm fat?" Harry asked horror on his face. Draco threw his head back and laughed. Offended, Harry sulkily grabbed the silk sheet and pulled it over his body. Draco wiped his eyes and shook his head at him. Before Harry could protest he pulled the sheet off completely and flung it onto the floor, leaving Harry uncovered. "What are you...?" Draco placed a hand over Harry's mouth to cut him off. "I wasn't laughing because you're fat Harry." Harry, who couldn't speak, narrowed his eyes. "I was laughing because you mistook me." Harry's eyes widened in surprise. "You don't need to know what I thought Harry - I was wrong’s impossible..."

"What's impossible?" Harry mumbled against the palm of his hands. "I thought you might be pregnant," Draco confessed, dropping his hand so that he could study Harry's face. Harry blinked. "Pregnant?" "Yes." "But we've only been married a week!" Draco laughed. "Calm down...I admit that it is a short period of time, Harry, but veela are very virile. It is very easy for you to get pregnant," Draco said seriously. "Oh..." Draco watched as Harry lowered his eyes. "Don't you want a child?" Harry's head jerked up. "Of course I do," Harry gasped, eyes filled with honesty. "Then we have no problems, do we love," Draco purred, coaxing Harry onto his back. "But even if I was pregnant I wouldn't be showing yet," Harry pointed out, biting his lip. Draco nipped at his nipple, before sucking. "Draco!" "What?" "Did you hear what I said?" "Of course." "So why am I putting on weight?" "I've been forcing you to eat more lately...especially on our honeymoon..." "Why though?" "You were too thin...and you needed the energy," Draco added as an afterthought, moving to Harry's other nipple.

He slipped a hand under Harry, cupping one soft buttock firmly. Harry squirmed under his touch, wrapping his legs around Draco's waist. "What did I need the energy for? I didn't do anything," Harry frowned, staring into Draco's amused silver eyes. Instead of answering, Draco kissed him into silence so that he completely forgot what he had been asking. ********** Harry snuggled further into Draco's arms, breathing still erratic. His dazed green eyes smiled at Draco in wonder before they fluttered closed. Harry sighed happily, feeling Draco stroke his back and kissing his neck. He liked the way that the veela always touched him after sex. It made it more...well...Harry didn't really know. "I love the way you look when we're together like this," Draco said finally, studying Harry closely. Harry blushed, opening his eyes. Draco laughed, kissing his lips tenderly before caressing his shoulders and chest. "I love the way you hold me," Harry said softly. "Good," Draco smirked, but Harry could tell that he was pleased. "I really should go and visit Ron and Hermione," Harry pointed out. Draco didn't say anything. Instead he pulled away and made to settle down on the bed. Harry watched him for a moment, torn. On catching sight of Draco's profile he knew without a doubt that he couldn't go. He moved over and nuzzled Draco's shoulder. Surprised silver eyes met his. "I thought you were going." "I can see them tomorrow," Harry smiled, shy. Draco stared into his mates' eyes, feeling his heart clench tightly at the sight. He had honestly expected Harry to leave and it meant more to him than he could ever possibly say to have Harry change his mind. "Come here," he said huskily. Harry moved closer, a little embarrassed with his nude state. Draco, though, seemed to prefer him this way, and was staring openly. "Closer."

"Closer?" "Yes." Draco reached out and pulled Harry on top of him, easily entangling their limbs together. Harry laughed, kissing his cheek. "I'm glad you stayed," Draco said seriously. "I am too," Harry confessed softly. Draco's grip tightened, pressing Harry closer. Harry leaned down and pressed a teasing kiss to Draco's throat, squirming a little when Harry's already tight grip threatened to crush him. He smiled down into a pair of glowing silver eyes which were eying him closely. "Aren't you tired?" "No," Harry said innocently. "If you don't stop now Harry I'll..." "What?" Draco groaned, wondering why Merlin had given him a mate who didn't know just how tempting he was to him. Harry could be so oblivious to his own charms...and when he did use them he never realised how deeply he affected Draco. "I won't be able to stop myself from making love to you," he croaked. "Really?" "Yes! Harry stop it..." Harry's expression changed at the desperation in Draco's voice. He leaned closer, pressing their chests together while perfectly aligning their lower bodies. "Make love to me then," Harry said simply. "I don't want to tire you out - we have school tomorrow," Draco choked, clearly wanting to give in. "You won't." "Harry..." "I want you to..." Harry persuaded, deliberately squirming. "Stop..." "I like it..."

"Please st..." "I want you to make love to me." Looking into Harry's sincere and pleading face Draco gave in. He swept Harry underneath him so fast that Harry gasped. Smiling into Draco's face, Harry wrapped his arms around his neck, kissing him eagerly. "Tease," Draco whispered hoarsely, holding back. "Don't you want to....? If you want we could stop..." "NO! Merlin no," Draco breathed, biting Harry's shoulder until he drew blood before sucking tenderly. Harry shivered as desire raced through his body, marveling, as always, at how easy it was for him to want Draco to touch him. "I love you," Harry whispered, kissing Draco's lips tenderly. "I love you more than you could possibly even imagine," Draco answered solemnly. ********** It was the next morning when Ron, who by now was extremely impatient, dragged Hermione down to The Tower. Merlin smiled at them cheerfully, clearly expecting their arrival. "Can you let us in?" Ron asked hopefully. "Harry said to let you in if you popped around," Merlin answered, opening with a bow. Hermione smiled at him, shaking her head when Ron pushed past her and darted though the entrance. She followed, muttering about 'boys'. ********** "Draco I have to wear this," reasoned Harry. Draco scowled. "Let me make it bigger." "Why?" Draco eyed the black school robe Harry was wearing. To Harry it was perfectly normal, but to Draco, who vividly remembered hearing his school friends discussing Harry's body as if he were a common whore, it was far too...improper. The black robe was tighter than he had remembered, and clung in all the right, or wrong places, in Draco's opinion. The tight fitted school trousers and shirt were also too revealing

for Draco's tastes. "It's..." "Ron!" He sighed as Harry spun around to embrace his red haired friend who had appeared in the room. He couldn't really complain though, as Harry had postponed meeting his friends to spend the whole night with him. He had made love to Harry well into the early hours of the morning, and his husband had been nothing except an eager and very enthusiastic partner. The memory brought a smile to his face. "Morning Draco," Hermione greeted politely. Blinking, Draco looked around the room, spotting Hermione, Ron and Harry staring at him in concern. Well Harry and Hermione looked concerned. Ron was looking at him as if he had grown two heads. "Morning," Draco said easily. "Are you ready?" "I am, Harry isn't," Draco said instantly. Harry frowned. "I am ready." "You're not going out in public like that!" Draco declared hotly. The other three looked at him in confusion. "Draco," Harry said slowly, "I wear this nearly every day." Ron nodded, clearly thinking Draco had lost it. Hermione, however, scanned Harry and hid a smile. It appeared that the veela bond was increasing Draco’s protective urges. She didn’t blame him though, Harry was a very attractive young man, and due to his fame he already received a lot of female, and male, attention. "Fine," Draco spat, sweeping from the room. "What's wrong with him?" "I don't know," Harry frowned. "He was ok yesterday..." "Oh Harry," Hermione sighed, eyeing him in amazement before following Draco out of the room.

"What did she mean by that?" Ron asked, curious. Harry shrugged. ********** As soon as they entered the Great Hall there was silence. Harry, who had been talking to Ron about Quidditch, never noticed it, much to Hermione's and Draco's disbelief. "So I missed it?" "Yeah just a bit! It was hysterical! I mean, Ginny didn't think so, but it was!" "I can't believe she fell asleep on her broom," Harry laughed. Harry was dragged back to his usual seat at the Gryffindor table, Draco immediately sitting by his side. "Hey Harry," beamed Seamus. Harry flashed him a smile. "How's you know who?" he asked softly. Seamus grinned, shooting a look over at the Slytherin Table. "Fine." "I'm glad." "Wait a minute, who's you know who?" asked Ron, confused. "No one," Seamus grinned. "I'm sure Blaise would like to be considered as a nobody," Draco drawled. Seamus choked. "Blaise!" Ron shrieked. "Draco that was horrible," Harry said firmly, spinning on his seat to face the veela. "He told you where to find me when I wanted to...hex...some people," Draco said evenly, looking at Michael. Marcus had only been a guest for the wedding - fortunately for him. Michael, therefore, had the full wrath of Draco’s veela instincts on his head. Michael lowered his eyes quickly at the dark look in Draco’s silver eyes. Really, Draco mused, I only looked at him. "So?"

"So I paid him back." "But it wasn't just his secret! It wasn't fair on Seamus." "Finnigan annoyed me." Understanding flashed over Harry's face. Draco Malfoy took revenge, even if it took a while to plan a suitable way to do it. "It doesn't matter Harry," Seamus muttered, looking uncomfortable. Draco shrugged. "Blaise will understand why I did it - he's a Slytherin." "Slytherins are weird," Ron mumbled. Draco opened his mouth to say something to him when Harry hastily slammed a hand over his mouth. The whole Great Hall went silent. "Don't. Say. A. Word." Putting on his most innocent expression Draco easily slipped his arms around Harry's waist and pulled him close so that their foreheads pressed against one another. In surprise, Harry's hand dropped away. "You're forgetting your place Mr. Malfoy." Harry rolled his eyes. "Yes sir." Ron choked while the Gryffindors and Slytherins hooted with laughter. The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs tittered. "You'll be punished tonight," Draco added with a smirk. He was unprepared for Harry shoving him off the bench. Everyone laughed loudly, and Draco, who was still half stunned, shook his head. "I've had a bad influence on you." "Behave Draco," Harry scolded, a flush covering his face. Ron sniggered. "Shut it Weasley," said Draco easily, standing up. "Whatever Malfoy." "You do realise that I intend to make you pay for that?" Draco asked Harry, ignoring Ron.

Harry shrugged. "I thought you would. You deserved it though." Draco put on a fake hurt look. "You didn't mind last night." Everyone turned to look at Harry who had flushed crimson. Harry buried his head in his hands. "Draco!" Draco, smirking at the horrified expression on Ron's face, patted Harry's back reassuringly. "I'll behave now," he promised, feeling a little guilty for embarrassing his mate so badly. "You'd better," Harry muttered. ********** Choices: A letter from Lucius News of Voldemort Harry visits Madame Pomfrey (smirks) Please Read and Review! My fic can also be found at the sites given in my bio. Back to index

Chapter 28: Surprise Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Authors note: This is IMPORTANT INFO now, so all of you who don't normally read authors notes please read this, its about the plot. PLEASE READ!!!

The last chapter was a day after their honeymoon. I've moved a head now, so Harry and Draco have been married for six weeks. If you don't like MPREG please don't continue to read! ********** Surprise: Harry had soon grown used to married life at Hogwarts. Draco was in all of his classes, and although Harry sometimes felt a little too protected he knew that his husband was only trying to care for him in the way he thought best. He had grown used to always having Draco by his side, and they had become closer than ever as they became not only husband and husband but also close friends. Ron had learnt by now to put up with Draco. He still pulled a face when Draco was too romantic, but otherwise left them alone as a couple. Hermione, and most girls in the school, thought they were adorable together. Blaise and Seamus were still together. It seemed that the Irish boy had managed to tame the Slytherin. He was still spiteful at times, but most of the time he managed to stop his sarcastic comments, or at least toned them down. Ron and Hermione seemed to have come to an understanding. They were friends, closer friends because of Harry’s marriage, but they had not started a relationship. Ron, Harry discovered, had realized that it would be better to spend more time with her than start a relationship. They hadn’t argued in weeks. Harry’s relationship with Draco outside of school had also set into a routine. He would wake up with Draco, they would then get ready and dressed together before setting off for the Great Hall. After classes they went back to The Tower, where they did their homework. Afterwards they either had their friends around, or spent the time together, snuggled up on the sofa, talking or playing games. At night they would make love until the early morning hours, when Harry would curl up in Draco’s arms to sleep. Harry smiled to himself. “What are you thinking about?” asked Draco, who was sitting next to him on the couch. “I was thinking about how happy I am,” Harry confessed, giving him a warm smile. Draco pulled him closer, nuzzling his neck. “Let’s go to bed,” he whispered softly. Harry smiled, following Draco into their bedroom. **********

Harry rolled onto his side, cuddling up against Draco. Draco, instead of touching him lovingly as he always did after they made love, was staring at the ceiling, a small frown on his face. “What’s wrong love?” Draco’s head turned, and on seeing Harry’s confused, slightly fearful eyes he moved and gathered Harry into his arms. Draco brushed Harry’s lips lightly with his own, nipping at the slightly swollen lower lip until Harry eagerly parted his mouth. As their tongues met Draco felt the familiar love swell in his heart. He ended the kiss and pressed his forehead against Harry’s. They stared at each other in silence. “I think that you should see Madame Pomfrey.” “Why?” Draco pulled away completely and placed Harry carefully on the bed. Harry watched as he began to examine his stomach. The gentle fingers caressed the soft flesh, careful not to prod too hard. “You’ve been eating strangely,” he said simply. “Oh…” Harry muttered, not really seeing the point of the conversation. “And your nipples are tender,” Draco mused, blowing on Harry’s nipples to prove it. Harry gasped, nodding to say that Draco was right. “I think you’re pregnant,” Draco said finally, meeting Harry’s green eyes fully. Harry saw the concern and joy in his husband’s eyes and looked down at his stomach. It was true he realized. He had been eating food he didn’t usually eat, and his nipples were more sensitive than they had ever been. Could it possibly be true? “I can’t believe it,” Harry said in delight, raising glowing green eyes to meet his husbands. “Me neither — that's if I’m right,” Draco smiled. “I think you are…I feel…different…” Harry struggled to explain himself. He shivered as the cool air hit his skin. Draco immediately grabbed the sheets off the floor and covered them both, moving Harry onto the pillows carefully. Harry protested, saying that he could move himself, but Draco ignored him. “Do you want something to eat?”

“I’m fine, Draco.” “What about…?” “Draco! I might not be pregnant you know. We’re better seeing Madame Pomfrey tomorrow,” Harry smiled. “You’re right,” Draco agreed, settling down next to him. “I hope you’re right though,” Harry murmured, curling around him. “Me too.” Draco wrapped his arms around him, holding him close. He made sure that Harry was completely covered by the sheets, except his head. “Do you want another blanket?” he asked in concern, worried that Harry might be cold. “Draco shut up,” Harry laughed. “I’m worried about you,” Draco confessed. “You’re dad said I’ll be fine.” “I know but I can’t help it. If you are carrying our child…Merlin…we’ll be parents… fathers…” “I know. It seems a little unbelievable, doesn’t it?” “I’m happy though - very happy,” Draco smiled, kissing his cheek affectionately. “And me,” Harry yawned. “Go to sleep love.” “Love you Draco.” “Love you too Harry,” Draco whispered. Draco watched as Harry drifted asleep, holding the warm body close. He suspected that his suspicions were right. In fact, he had been suspicious of Harry’s condition for a few weeks… The thought of Harry carrying his baby made him smile with delight. “I love you so much,” Draco whispered to the silent room. “Both of you.” Harry, who was deeply asleep, snuggled closer. ********** Draco held the door open or Harry, and Harry shook his head in exasperation, but stepped

through anyway. Ever since last night Draco had been treating him as if he would break if sneezed on. “Mr. Malfoy,” greeted Madame Pomfrey. “Hello Madame Pomfrey,” Harry smiled, feeling Draco come up behind him and wrap his arm lovingly around his stomach. Understanding flared in the matrons eyes and she smiled. “Sit down Mr. Malfoy.” Draco helped Harry to settle on one of the beds while Madame Pomfrey went searching in her cupboards. Harry decided to take the time to talk some sense into his husband. “Draco you don’t need to do everything for me,” Harry began. “I want to make sure nothing goes wrong,” Draco said simply, handing Harry a glass of water he had summoned. Harry sighed, but smiled his thanks. He sat sipping the water. “We’re missing class,” Harry said finally. “It doesn’t matter. No one will mind. You’ll be missing most mornings now I guess,” Draco shrugged. “Why?” Draco eyed Harry to see whether he was joking. “Morning sickness,” he said finally, seeing that Harry was serious. “Oh!” Harry blushed, knowing that it had been a stupid question. “Here it is Mr. Malfoy,” Madame Pomfrey said loudly, interrupting them. Harry turned and saw her handing him a goblet of orange potion. It smelt strangely of oranges. “What is it?” “It’s a simple pregnancy potion…I believe that the correct name is Pregnante Suspecia,” Madame Pomfrey informed him, gesturing for him to drink it. “What does it do?” Harry asked, turning unsure eyes onto his husband. Draco squeezed his hand. “You have to drink the potion for me to cast a spell. Once you drink it, I will need you to take off your clothes, lie flat on the bed, and let me examine your stomach.”

“Oh,” Harry mumbled, raising the goblet to his lips. He drank it cautiously, having experienced many vile, disgusting potions in his past visits to the infirmary. It tasted like it smelled, so Harry drank it without complaint, much to Draco and Madame Pomfrey’s satisfaction. She took the goblet and placed it back on the table while Draco helped Harry to undress. Once he had removed his clothes, blushing the whole time, he lay back on the bed. “Good boy,” she said briskly. She didn’t say anything when Draco stood beside the bed, holding Harry’s hand. Instead, she bent over Harry’s stomach, mumbling. Harry strained his ears to hear. “Revealio pregnante.” Harry watched as a beam of white light hit his stomach before changing to a vibrant red. Madame Pomfrey nodded in satisfaction. “Congratulations Mr. Malfoy,” she said simply. Draco let out a cry of delight, swooping down to kiss his husband. Harry responded, forgetting his state of undress and the waiting matron. “Hum hum.” Blushing, they broke apart. “Sorry,” Harry muttered. “No problem, Mr. Malfoy,” she said, her mouth twitching. “Can I get dressed now?” Harry blushed. “I need to examine you properly now.” “Oh…” “Do you know about male pregnancy?” “Not much,” he confessed. “You will give birth through a birth canal through your anus,” Madame Pomfrey informed him in a business like voice. “So it will be like a normal birth,” Draco added. Harry relaxed, relieved. “Don’t worry Mr. Potter. You will be given the best care,” Harry was surprised to hear her voice soften.

“Thanks,” he smiled at her. Her mouth twitched. “Mr. Malfoy, would you care to move towards the headboard while I continue my examination?” “Of course.” Draco moved, allowing Madame Pomfrey to get ready. She pulled another vial from her pockets and poured some onto her hands. She looked up. “Lift you legs up to your chest Mr. Potter, while lying on your back.” Harry blushed, but complied. Once he was comfortable, he felt her probing around his entrance. Her finger slipped inside. “What’s that for?” “Its to test to see whether your body will be able to carry the child,” was his answer. Harry nodded, smiling into Draco’s worried face. “You should be fine,” she said eventually. Harry moved so that he was lying with his legs down again. Madame Pomfrey continued to examine his lower stomach, her hands soon moving to examine his genitals. Harry flushed, but didn’t protest because he knew that it was necessary. “All healthy,” she said finally, moving to wash her hands. “You can get dressed now, Mr. Potter.” Draco, who had sighed with relief, helped Harry to dress. “You’ll need to come every week for regular checkups, but otherwise you should be fine. We’ll need to talk about the birth, the pregnancy, food, and numerous other things.” “I can come whenever you want,” Harry offered politely. “I’ll arrange a time and send you an owl,” was the reply. They made to walk out of the door but she stopped them. “Sexual intercourse is no problem in early pregnancy.” Harry’s mouth dropped open, but she only gave them a pointed look before sweeping into her office. **********

“Where have you been?” hissed Hermione as soon as they had sat down. Harry looked around, and on seeing that the entire class was listening, shook his head. He gave Draco a pleading look and his husband nodded, showing that he understood that Harry wanted it to remain a secret. “Is there a problem Mr. Malfoy?” asked Professor McGonagall. “No Professor.” “Good. Turn to page 163 of your test books and read the chapter on animal transfiguration.” ********** “Well where were you?” demanded Hermione as soon as they were out of the classroom. Draco simply beamed at her, causing her to look at him in confusion. “Do you mind if we wait before telling you?” “Why?” “I want to say it to you, Sirius and Remus at once,” Harry said simply, eyes pleading with her. “Course you can mate,” Ron smiled, patting his shoulder. Hermione nodded, curious. ********** After spending a day watching Draco acting happier than they had ever seen him, and Harry smiling, everyone was curious about what the news could be. Sirius, Remus, Ron and Hermione sat on the sofas in The Tower, waiting for an explanation. “I went to the infirmary,” Harry said suddenly, breaking the silence. “Why?” Ron asked, concerned. A suspicion rose in Hermione’s mind. “I’m pregnant,” Harry smiled. Sirius let out a cry of joy and lunged forward to hug Harry. Draco gave him a stern look and Sirius hastily stopped himself and gently gathered his Godson in a loving hug. Harry smiled at him, clearly happy at his reaction. “Congratulations! A little Prongsie!” “Sirius,” Remus scolded, standing up to hug Harry loosely.

Harry tightened the hug, laughing. “You don’t need to be so gentle with me — you’re as bad as Draco.” He turned to Ron, who had said nothing. Ron was sitting, staring at Harry as if he had never seen him before. “You’re pregnant.” “Yes.” “Having a baby.” “Yes.” “In your stomach.” “Yes.” “And its…gotta come out…somehow…” Ron stuttered, waving his hands about and making vague gestures towards Harry’s lower stomach. Hermione whacked him over the head. “Don’t be silly Ron, of course it has. Stop stating facts.” Ron looked at Harry’s anxious face and, with a gentleness which surprised them all, he gave Harry a hug. Harry buried his face in his friend’s chest. “Congratulations Harry,” he said, smiling. “Thanks,” Harry said sheepishly. “Come here,” Hermione beamed. Harry moved over to her, pulling her into his arms. She kissed his cheek, happy for him. “I expect to be his or her Aunty Hermione,” she told him sternly. “Don’t worry — you will be,” Harry smiled, looking at Draco to make sure that it was all right. Draco nodded, smiling. ********** Choices: Lucius' reaction The school's reaction

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Chapter 29: The News Disclaimer: See previous chapter. *********** Warning and authors note: The MPREG starts from the last chapter. If you feel offended then please don't read. You have been warned. ********** The news: Lucius Malfoy eyed the offending owl with curiosity. You didn’t see many owls as beautiful as this — and it was vaguely familiar. The owl hooted impatiently, and he reached forward to untie the letter from her leg. “Thank you,” he said simply. The owl didn’t move. “So you want a reply?” The owl didn’t answer, but gave him a reproachful look for thinking otherwise. Lucius opened the envelope, recognizing his son’s handwriting. ‘Dear Father, I have the most amazing news to tell you! Harry’s pregnant with our first child! I must admit that I had been suspicious for a while, but yesterday we received confirmation from Madame Pomfrey. Harry’s ecstatic, as am I. I’ve never seen him look so happy…he glows…Sirius and Remus were thrilled, of course, and Hermione and Weasley gave their congratulations — after they got over the shock. Harry keeps telling me that I’m fussing, but I can’t help it. It’s amazing — knowing that the person you love is carrying your child. I’ve sent Mother a letter with the good news, but can you make sure that she doesn’t pressure Harry? I’m worried about the pregnancy. Anything could go wrong. I want

Harry to be as relaxed and happy as he can be. Knowing her as well as I do she’d start bombarding him with letters with good advice, nursery ideas etc. Harry sends his love. Hoping to hear from you, Love Draco.’ Lucius stared at the letter in shock. He was to be a Grandfather. He couldn’t believe it. He thought of the tiny life growing inside of his son-in-law. The tiny life that was in danger from the Dark Lord he followed, and felt a surge of protectiveness towards the ‘mother’. Harry and his child would remain safe — even if he had to give his own life to make sure that happened. Lucius picked up a quill and began to compose his letter. ‘Dear Draco, Your news was most welcome. Congratulations. I can’t convey how thrilled I am at the idea of being a Grandfather. It was a shock; I have to confess, to hear about the pregnancy so early in your marriage. I hope that Harry and the baby are well, and that they are being well cared for. Narcissa will, without a doubt, be thrilled, but I will try to restrain her from making a nuisance of herself. Madame Pomfrey is one of the best matrons in the country, so Harry should be safe under her care. If there are any problems, however, then do not fear — everything will be done to correct it. Harry is young, and well able to carry a child to term as long as he is careful. Do not suffocate him, though. He is used to being dependant. Stick to your normal routine…Harry will appreciate your normality. I have to stress that it is the correct approach to keep Harry as happy and as relaxed as you can. His hormones will be out of control, as will his magic. I expect to hear from you soon, with news on my grandchild and Harry, and I will try to arrange a visit to Hogwart’s to see you both. Give my well wishes to Harry. Love, Your Father.’ Satisfied, Lucius tied the letter to the owl’s leg and watched it fly through the window, aiming for Hogwart’s.

He got up, intent on finding his wife. ********** Narcissa was in the lounge when he finally found her. She was reading a book, but she looked up when she saw her husband enter the room, a smile on his usually cold face. Her face registered surprise. “Lucius?” she questioned. “Have you received a letter from Draco?” “Not yet, why?” “I just received one. Harry’s pregnant with their first child.” A look of utter joy settled on his wife’s face. “A child? Harry’s pregnant? So soon?” “Yes. He must be around six weeks…” “How delightful!” “Yes,” Lucius agreed. “I must send a letter at once…” “I have just sent one.” “But I must tell Draco myself…” “Narcissa, Draco will be busy caring for Harry. Harry must be cared for…male pregnancies are never easy, as well you know,” Lucius said firmly. Understanding flared in her eyes. “Of course. You’re perfectly right! We must make sure that he is comfortable. Perhaps I may visit soon?” “I told Draco that we may pay a visit,” Lucius informed her. “Lovely…I must tell Mother…” Narcissa walked out of the room quickly, intent on telling the rest of the Malfoy family the news. There was to be a new Malfoy heir. **********

Harry laughed at Draco, who was wrapping his own Slytherin Scarf around Harry’s neck to prevent him from getting a cold. “Draco stop fussing,” he scolded, but he didn’t really mind. He actually loved being so close to Draco. “I can’t help it,” Draco shrugged, his hand moving to slip inside Harry’s coat. Harry shivered as his husband’s fingers began to rub at his stomach in soft circles. It was strangely relaxing and Harry leaned against him, sighing softly. He had been feeling tired lately. “Tired?” “Yeah.” “We’ll speak to Madame Pomfrey about it,” Draco said, concerned. Hermione, who had been walking next to them, snorted. “What?” Draco asked her, annoyed. “Harry’s pregnant.” Draco and Harry looked at her as if she had gone mental. “We know, Hermione,” Draco said slowly. “Boys! Don’t you know anything about pregnancy?” “Not really,” Harry admitted. “I was going to ask Madame Pomfrey if there were any books she could lend me.” “You’re feeling tired because your body is trying to cope with the demands made upon it from your pregnancy. If you’re about six weeks pregnant, which I suspect you are, then you should feel nauseous soon,” Hermione said matter of factly. Harry and Draco stared at her in shock. “How do you know that?” “I’m a girl,” Hermione said superiorly. “So when will I get fat?” “You’ll have a bulge at about eighteen weeks,” Hermione said easily. “Really?” Far from being repulsed at the thought of his body changing shape, Harry looked delighted.

“Yes,” Hermione said patiently, her voice softening when she looked at Harry. “Its amazing, isn’t it?” Harry said almost dreamily. Hermione stifled a laugh. “Course it is love,” Draco answered, kissing his cheek. ********** “Harry Potter!” The Great Hall went silent when they heard the shout. Harry, who had been sitting talking to Draco, turned to face the angry group who were glaring at him. “I can’t believe you Potter!” shrieked Angelina. “I…” “I’ll tell you what I can’t believe, shall I? I’ve just been sent a letter saying that you have been discharged from Quidditch!” Harry’s mouth opened in shock. “I never sent a letter.” “Madame Pomfrey did — something about you not being in any condition to play! Rubbish! You’ve never been as healthy!” Angelina had taken over from Oliver Wood as Quidditch Captain. It was her last year, and she desperately wanted to win the cup. Harry secretly thought that she was worse than Wood, which was an accomplishment. “I can’t play,” he said weakly. “Why not?” she hissed, eyeing him beadily. Draco, who was smirking wickedly, wrapped an arm around his husband. “Because I said he couldn’t play. Who knows what could happen to him — broken leg, broken arm…hit by a bludger….” “I don’t care! You’re fit enough to play Potter!” “Malfoy,” Draco corrected. Angelina and the rest of the Quidditch team glared at him. “So Harry can’t play because you said so? I don’t think Harry’s the sort of person to let

you control him! He’s our seeker — just because you want to win,” shrieked Katie. “Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more important that Harry’s safety,” Draco said dangerously, eyes flashing. Harry groaned. “Really? Don’t li….” “Harry can’t play,” yelled a voice. Harry turned grateful eyes onto his best friend, Ron, who was obviously angry. “Ron, what on earth are you…?” started Fred. “He can’t play because he’s ill,” Ron said firmly, nodding to emphasize his point. “Ill?” gaped George, going white. “Oh Ron stop being dramatic. Harry isn’t ill!” Hermione scolded, patting Harry’s shoulder in a motherly gesture. “Course he’d ill…being sick…getting fat…” Ron shuddered. “Thanks Ron,” Harry grinned. “No problem mate.” “Sick? Fat? You’ve lost me!” Angelina shrieked. “I’m pregnant,” Harry said quietly. The silence was deafening. “Pregnant?” gaped Fred and George in unison. Harry nodded, moving to lean against Draco for comfort. “You’re going to have a baby?” whispered Angelina. “Yeah.” “Oh! Mum will be thrilled…” George cooed. “Ecstatic…” Fred agreed. “She’ll start knitting jumpers…” “Sending advice…” “Letters….”

“Chocolates….” Harry was positively stunned when they grabbed him off his chair and pulled him into a three man Irish jig. “Draco!” Draco though, instead of rescuing him, laughed heartily. “Leave him alone guys,” Ron snapped, pulling his friend back over to his seat. Harry leaned against him, feeling dizzy. “You alright mate?” Ron asked, pale. “Just tired,” Harry mumbled. Instantly Draco moved to his side. “Come and have something to eat love,” Draco soothed. “I’m not that —” Draco stopped Harry’s protest with a look. “You need to eat.” ********** “They took it well,” Harry commented later that night, preparing for bed. “Hmmm,” Draco murmured. Harry pulled off his robe and flung it onto a chair, starting to unbutton the buttons on his school shirt. “Especially the twins.” “Yeah….” Harry slid off his shirt. “I didn’t know that Madame Pomfrey would do that though, did you?” “No…” Harry undid his trousers and kicked them off, along with his socks. “It’ll be allover the Daily Prophet tomorrow.” “Hmmm…”

Draco watched as Harry picked a pale green robe from the collection in the wardrobe. He then disappeared into the bathroom to change. He reappeared minutes later with the robe snuggly fastened around his naked frame. “I wonder what your father and mother will say?” “I sent them a letter.” “Really? What did you say?” “Just that you were pregnant and how happy we are,” Draco murmured, watching Harry move over to the bed, where he was lying. “I think your father will be happy for us,” Harry smiled, slipping onto the bed. Draco moved to pull him closer, kissing his cheek. Harry sighed softly, enjoying the feel of Draco’s arms around him. He felt Draco’s fingers expertly peel the silk cloth from his body until it dropped into a pool around his thighs. He inwardly smiled, recognizing Draco’s silent question as to whether Harry wanted to continue. He sighed softly. Draco’s lips moved to nibble his ear lobe. “You’ve made me incredibly happy,” Draco said huskily, pushing Harry gently onto the pillows. Harry smiled, stroking his cheek with the finger bearing his engagement and wedding ring. Draco kissed his way down his throat until he came to his nipples. He fondled them until they were hard, and then slid down until his face was rubbing against his stomach — where their unborn child lay. He kissed the soft skin, running his fingers through the trail of dark hair. Harry gave out a little mewl of protest when Draco pulled away to study him. “We don’t have to go any further,” he said softly. Harry smiled at him brightly. “Madame Pomfrey said it was ok,” he reminded him. “You’re sure? I can stop,” Draco asked again. Harry laughed, pulling Draco down for a passionate kiss. “Show me how much you love me,” Harry begged. Draco stared into his glowing emerald eyes before showing Harry exactly how much he loved him.

********** “Well? Did I show you?” Draco asked afterwards, holding Harry tightly. “Hmmm…you’ll have to remind me again later,” Harry muttered, eyes fluttering closed. Draco laughed, his fingers moving to stroke his husband’s stomach. Harry’s eyes opened. “You have a habit already for doing that.” “I can’t help it,” Draco said simply, smiling lovingly at him. Feeling a wave of tenderness well up in his heart, Harry leaned towards him and softly kissed him. Draco soon responded, his hands moving to support Harry against him. Harry slipped his tongue inside Draco’s parted lips, gently stroking his tongue with his own. “What’s this in aid of?” Draco panted when they parted. “To show you how much I love you,” Harry smiled, moving down to kiss Draco’s throat. Draco gasped. “Really?” “Yeah…tell me Mr. Malfoy, what exactly do you want to do to me?” “I want to be inside you…with you…together,” Draco breathed heatedly. Harry laughed softly, pressing their bodies close. “So soon? We only just made love,” he said innocently. “Harry,” Draco choked. Harry lay over Draco, his fingers lightly stroking Draco’s chest. “I’m not sure whether I have the energy,” he added, his voice filled with laughter. “Tease,” Draco hissed, trying to control himself. “But then again,” Harry smiled wickedly, “I do want you to.” Draco pounced. ********** Choices: Morning sickness for Harry

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Chapter 30: The Bad Side of Being Pregnant Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Warning: MPREG- MALE PREGNANCY ********** Notes to everyone: Voldemort will appear later on. Lucius and the Malfoy’s also appear. ********** The bad side of being pregnant: Harry sat up, rubbing his eyes. As soon as he did so he felt sickness rise in his throat and hastily dashed from the bed. He heard Draco’s concerned voice but ignored it, retching into the toilet. “Are you all right love?” Harry nodded weakly, brushing his hair out of his eyes. Draco came up behind him and rubbed his back soothingly, watching as he brought up the undigested food from last night. “Sorry,” Harry muttered, feeling embarrassed at having Draco see him in such a state. “You don’t need to apologize. You can’t help it,” Draco said sternly. Harry had been having morning sickness for three days. It was just under a week since he had first seen Madame Pomfrey, and his appointment to see her again was tomorrow. Draco had been a great comfort in the mornings — just by being there. “Feeling better?”

“Yeah.” “Come back to bed then, love,” Draco coaxed. He helped Harry onto the bed, pulling him close. Harry relaxed against him with a soft sigh. He hated morning sickness. “I hate being sick.” “I know,” there was amusement now in Draco’s voice. Harry scowled, hitting him weakly. “Don’t laugh at me. It’s your fault that I’m pregnant in the first case,” Harry snapped. Draco, who knew that Harry had been a little short of temper lately due to his recent morning sickness and tiredness, nodded seriously. He didn’t want to make Harry angry in his condition — his magic would get out of control and that was something he was trying to avoid at all costs. “I know love,” Draco soothed, kissing his nose. Harry’s eyes softened. “Sorry,” he muttered, knowing that he had been annoying lately. “Its nothing,” Draco shrugged, pulling him closer, a hand reaching down to caress Harry’s stomach. “We have class in an hour,” Harry reminded him. “Do you want breakfast?” Harry wrinkled his nose up in distaste. “No thanks.” Harry had already found out that the smell of food so early in a morning was the worst thing you could smell when prone to morning sickness. He had had to rush out of the Great Hall the previous day before he had been sick all over Ron. Ron, of course, had found the whole situation amusing. But his attitude towards Harry was that of an over protective elder brother. He rarely let Harry out of his sight when Draco wasn’t around, or close enough to watch Harry. “Then go and have a bath,” Draco coaxed. Harry smiled tiredly, shaking his head. He wanted to sleep. Draco rolled his eyes. “I’ll go run you a bath,” he said, pulling away from his husband and going into the bathroom. A few minutes later he arrived back in the bedroom to find Harry fast asleep, curled up

tightly in the silk sheets. He easily pulled the sheets away and gathered a protesting Harry into his arms. He carried him into the bathroom. “Draco,” Harry complained. “You’ll feel better after a bath,” Draco promised him, already stripping him of his robe. Harry sighed but allowed Draco to ease him into the hot water. He sighed with bliss when he smelt the faint scent of lavender. He heard Draco go over to the door and opened his eyes. “Draco?” “Yes love?” “Will you come in with me?” They hadn’t been in the bath together before, but Harry had always wanted to try it. Draco quickly stripped and slid in beside him. His arms immediately wrapped around Harry’s waist, drawing their body’s close. “It saves time,” Harry blushed. Draco raised an eyebrow. “I think I like this idea,” he murmured, running his hands over Harry’s wet body. Harry gasped. “We don’t have time for that!” “It won’t take long,” Draco whispered, knowing that he could easily satisfy his husband with a few simple touches. Harry was, and probably always would be, very responsive to his touch. “Hmmm….” Draco easily lifted Harry so that he was sitting on his lap, encouraging Harry to wrap his legs around his waist. Harry smiled at him. Draco had been very cautious lately about putting any weight on his stomach — especially during sex. It was endearing to see the once cold hearted Slytherin so loving towards him and their child. Harry knew that he was one of the only people to see this side to Draco. They kissed slowly, feeling the love they shared in their kiss. Harry soon became as eager as his husband, squirming delightedly when Draco touched him in the right places. Harry cried out when they joined together, as usual falling into a state of absolute bliss. He was one with his husband… the man he loved more than anything. Nothing compared to the feeling of being taken by his husband.

Draco kissed him softly, rocking his hips. “Oh!” “I love you so much,” Draco whispered, breathing heavily. “I…I love you…t — Oh!” Draco’s grip tightened, their bodies pressed as close as they could possibly get them. Harry clung to him, shaking. “I…” “Shh love,” Draco whispered, kissing him gently. “I love you so much,” Harry choked, still reeling from his orgasm. “I love you too love,” Draco smiled, feeling his heart ache at the words he knew Harry honestly meant. “Never leave me,” Harry begged, staring deeply into his husband’s eyes. Draco saw the pure emotion in Harry’s eyes and fought back his tears. Instead, he gave a shaky smile, pulling Harry even closer. He hugged the smaller body tight. “Never,” he promised softly, meaning it. Harry’s only response was a tender kiss. ********** “You’re late,” Hermione said as soon as they arrived in the Transfiguration classroom. Luckily, Professor McGonagall hadn’t arrived yet. “Harry was feeling sick,” Draco explained quietly, watching as his husband slide into his seat. Understanding, Hermione nodded, eyeing Harry softly. “Morning sickness must be terrible,” she agreed. Draco nodded. Harry was talking to Ron, but was looking better than he had done that morning. Harry’s words had troubled him. ‘Never leave me…’ Was Harry expecting him to leave? Surely he knew that Draco would never leave him and their child? “Good morning class,” Professor McGonagall said loudly, making the room go silent. “Today we will be going over the theory of…” **********

The day went fine. Harry seemed happy enough - he was laughing and joking with his friends. The Gryffindor House seemed to have decided to look after Harry at all costs and were making sure he was ok, giving him fruit they had saved from breakfast, and basically mothering him. Harry, of course, didn’t even realise what they were doing. Potions was the last class of the day, and not even the thought of Snape could make Harry unhappy. He had eaten a large dinner and wanted to get the class over and done with so that he could spend some time with Draco, Ron and Hermione. “Today we will be making a sleeping draught. Unlike the easier version which you created in your first year, this one is more complex. You need to be careful that you add the ingredients in exactly the right order, and time is extremely important in this potion. Do not forget to stir only eleven and a half times. Get to work — the instructions are on the board!” The class silently set to work making the potion, Professor Snape watching them closely from the front of the classroom. Harry was relieved to notice that his own potion was turning out, if not perfect, then at least nearly right. It was a very pale baby blue, but not pale enough. Unlike most of the class. Ron’s was a bright pink. Neville’s smelt of dog’s breath, and Pansy’s was bubbling dangerously. “You’re getting better,” Draco approved. “One good thing about this pregnancy thing,” Harry started to say, watching Neville drink his potion. “What?” “At least Snape can’t force me to drink anything,” Harry grinned. Draco smirked. ********** Ron and Hermione had joined Harry and Draco in their Tower after tea. Everything had started out all right, until the pair had started arguing — something they had been avoiding for a while. “Its not nice to discuss girls like that!” “I only said that Parvati looked great in that shirt!” “Its not right! A girls figure is her own — maybe she doesn’t want you drooling all over it!” “I wasn’t drooling,” Ron snapped hotly, glaring at her. Hermione snorted.

“Don’t lie Ron!” Harry winced at her shriek, rubbing his head. He had been having headaches more and more frequently over the last few weeks. Draco, of course, was watching the two with rapt attention, clearly thrilled at having them argue in front of him. Harry smiled at the sight, snuggling closer to his husband, who promptly slipped an arm around his waist and pulled him closer. “I’m not lying! What’s it got to do with you anyway if I like Parvati?” “It just does! You’re my friend!” A hurt expression settled on Ron’s face. “So I can’t go with any other girl because you said so?” he asked bitterly. “Ron I…” “Forget it Hermione,” Ron snapped, picking up his Transfiguration essay and turning his back on her. Tears filled Hermione’s eyes and Harry reached out to touch her shoulder when she leapt up, grabbed her bag and fled out of the room. The portrait shut with an echoing bang — something that made Harry wince for two reasons. One, his headache, and two, Hermione never banged doors. “You went too far there Ron,” he said softly. Draco nodded. “She started it,” Ron defended himself stubbornly. “She’s hurt.” “I didn’t do anything!” “Hermione’s jealous and you just hurt her by showing her that you don’t care for her,” Draco pointed out smugly. Ron’s jaw dropped. “Oh,” he managed to say. Harry and Draco watched as the other boy hastily picked up his things and made to follow Hermione. As soon as he had gone Harry sighed with relief, causing Draco to look at him in concern. “What’s wrong love?” “Nothing,” Harry smiled weakly, trying to get Draco to leave it.

“Don’t lie,” Draco warned, not believing him. “I just have a little headache, that’s all,” Harry muttered, lowering his eyes. “How long have you had it?” “A few hours maybe,” Harry squirmed. “And you didn’t tell me?” The hurt tone of Draco’s voice was obvious. Harry lifted his eyes, a look of horror on his face. “I don’t mean it like that Draco! I was just afraid that you would start fussing again,” Harry explained. “I’m worried about you!” “Draco, I’m going to be pregnant for another eight months. You need to understand that it’s usual for me to be sick whenever I smell food, or I have mood swings. I don’t need to be wrapped in cotton wool. I know you’re trying to protect me and the baby…” Draco cut him off with a swift kiss. He pressed their foreheads together so that they were staring into each other’s eyes. Draco’s betrayed his concern, worry, and hidden fear. Harry’s softened noticeably after a while. “I’m sorry love, it’s the hormones,” he muttered. “I know. I’m sorry for being so over protective,” Draco replied softly. “I like you like that,” Harry confessed. “But not all the time?” Harry nodded. “Sometimes it’s a bit much,” he confessed with a wry grin. “Then promise me that you’ll tell me if there’s something wrong — even if its just a ‘little headache’ and then I won’t have to be constantly watching you,” Draco coaxed. Harry gave in at the pleading expression in Draco’s eyes. “Ok,” he agreed. Draco smiled lovingly, but it soon turned into a frown. “Harry this morning when you said ‘never leave me’ why did you say it?” Harry squirmed uncomfortably, wondering how to explain exactly what he felt to Draco. He knew that there was no way that he could get out of telling Draco the truth and Draco

did deserve to know why he had been so upset that morning while making love in the bath. “It’s just the hormones,” he said finally. “And?” “And sometimes I think about everything that’s happened. I mean, we’ve been married for six weeks, I’m pregnant with our child and everything seems so perfect. Sometimes too perfect.” “You’re worried that it isn’t,” Draco realised, pain in his eyes. “No!” “Then what is it?” “I was remembering all the arguments, and how much it hurt when you left or we were separated. It hurt before, but now that we’re bonded it would tear me apart if you left. I couldn’t live without you Draco.” “I won’t leave you,” Draco promised again. “I know…it’s just the hormones and everything,” Harry smiled brightly, too brightly in Draco’s opinion. “I’ll never leave you Harry. I’d be nothing without you, you know. You’re everything to me, always will be. It’s addictive. I can never get enough of you. You will never know how much I love you right now, how much I adore the thought of you carrying our child — the little baby we created when we made love…” Harry suddenly felt desire course through his body at Draco’s words. Draco’s eyes were filled with an intensity which frightened him. He needed reassurance. He needed to know that Draco would always love him, no matter what. He needed Draco. Now. He lifted his head and leaned forward, pressing a passionate kiss on his lover’s mouth. Draco eagerly responded, lapping at his tongue. Harry slid his lips over Draco’s jaw; his breath coming in short pants. He sucked at the soft skin behind his ear, impatiently undoing the buttons on Draco’s shirt. “Harry?” Draco’s voice was a mixture of desire and concern. “I need you.” Draco nodded, helping to remove his own clothes before undressing Harry. Harry’s impatience surprised him, as did the whimper Harry gave when their naked skin met and pressed together. “Make love to me,” Harry begged, his whole body taut with need. Draco smiled, kissing him tenderly, while pushing him to lie comfortably on the sofa, covering Harry’s eager body with his own. But Harry knew that he was being careful about where he leaned, and Draco’s weight barely touched his body.

“That’s all I’ll ever want, love.” ********** Later that night, after Draco had carried Harry into their bedroom and laid him on the bed, Hedwig appeared, carrying a letter. Draco, knowing whom it would be from, eagerly moved to the window to open it. He accepted the letter, stroked Hedwig, and moved over to the bed where Harry was waiting. “Who’s it from?” “Father. I told him about you,” Draco explained. “Oh! I forgot that he would like to know.” “Of course he will. He’s the Grandfather,” Draco smiled at him warmly, opening the letter. He read it silently. “What does it say?” “He’s told me to take care of you, sends his congratulations and promises to try and subdue Mother.” Harry laughed. “That’s typical of him.” “True.” Draco tossed the letter aside, intent on ravishing his lover again. Harry eagerly gave in, laughing. The only sound after that were the soft sounds of love. ********** Choices: A talk with Madame Pomfrey A baby girl A baby boy Review.

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Chapter 31: An Appointment Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Warning: MPREG - MALE PREGNANCY ************ An appointment: Harry had been told to go and see Madame Pomfrey after breakfast. Due to the fact that he wasn’t eating breakfast incase he had another bout of morning sickness, Harry and Draco arrived early, the latter eating an apple which they had collected from the kitchen on the way there. Madame Pomfrey greeted them with a smile, and gestured for them to sit in two armchairs which she had conjured ready for the meeting. Harry relaxed visibly, having been worried that it would be another embarrassing meeting which involved him removing his clothes. “I want to spend today talking with you about the pregnancy and any symptoms you may have been having the past weeks. I’ve noticed that you’ve had morning sickness,” she said simply. Harry nodded. “Its getting worse I think though,” Draco added. “I’m afraid that there is no potion to remove the morning sickness. Any successful potions had side effects which I’m afraid I can’t allow you to take. Male pregnancy’s are more… dangerous than female pregnancies.” “Is there anything I can do though? I don’t want to miss time off school,” Harry pleaded. “There are several things you can do which would help ease it,” she agreed. “I suggest eating in bed before you try moving around — and try to avoid fatty foods. Cereal or fruit would be a good idea at first to get your stomach used to food. Moving often makes morning sickness worse which could be why going to school in a morning might be a bad idea…but we’ll see… Eating broth, or drinking salty liquids would help. Also, I highly recommend drinking

peppermint tea, frequently — small sips of course — as this prevents dehydration and relieves morning sickness. Even if you were sick an hour later, most of it would be absorbed into your body. If it does get severe then we will have to try something else, but I don’t think it will go that far. You’re perfectly healthy Mr. Malfoy.” “I’ll try the breakfast in bed, and if that doesn’t work, the peppermint tea,” Harry mused. “Good,” Madame Pomfrey said approvingly. “Have you had any cravings? Constipation?” “No. I did send Draco to the kitchen to get me lemon cheesecake though the other day,” Harry said thoughtfully. “Cravings,” Madame Pomfrey said simply. “Oh.” “What about your nipples?” “My nipples?” “Take off your shirt Mr. Malfoy,” Madame Pomfrey tutted. Harry easily took off his robe and shirt, allowing the nurse to examine him. His nipples were tender, something Draco had found out, and barely needed a touch to hurt sometimes. “They tingle,” Harry offered. “That means that you’re preparing to breastfeed,” Madame Pomfrey said in satisfaction. “Breastfeed?” Draco asked, surprised. “Of course.” She moved over to gather her wand and a clipboard. She muttered a spell, and writing began to appear on the paper attached to the clipboard. “You weight ten stone two pounds, and are six foot tall exactly…no illness…could do with more food though,” she said beadily, examining his body. Harry wrapped protective arms around his stomach. “I’m fine,” he protested. “You’re eating for two now,” she said firmly. Harry gave in, nodding. “You’re uterus is developing fine…”

“Uterus?” “Of course boy! How on earth did you expect to be carrying a baby without a womb?” “I don’t know…” “You’re body have developed a womb to carry the baby…but don’t worry, it will magically disappear after the birth. Its exactly the same as a female womb, except that the entrance is your anus instead of the usual vagina.” Harry blushed, nodding. “Mr. Malfoy, you don’t need to be embarrassed with me. We will be talking more and more about personal issues, and I will be thoroughly examining your body constantly.” Draco laughed at the flush which developed over his husband’s upper body. Madame Pomfrey’s mouth twitched. “You’re baby is now ½ an inch long,” she informed them, looking at the parchment again. Harry looked delighted, leaning against Draco. “It weighs a fraction of an ounce currently but that will soon change, which is why you need to eat,” she said, looking at him sternly. “I will,” Harry promised, silently marveling that his child was that small. “The conception date was the sixteenth of January,” she coughed. Harry blushed crimson, which deepened when Draco let out a cry of delight. The veela was obviously overjoyed at having their child conceived on their bonding night — which he had wanted to happen. Draco believed that the conception of their child symbolized their love for one another. “So you’re seven weeks pregnant now. You’re baby’s heart started beating on the 25th day, in the fifth week. The spinal cord, head, and organs have started to develop. I can tell you the gender from the sex organs, if you wish to know?” Harry looked at Draco, wanting to know but he would respect his husband’s wishes if he didn’t want to know himself. Draco though, appeared t be more eager than Harry. “Yes,” Harry said firmly, smiling at Draco. “It’s a boy,” Madame Pomfrey said after looking at her clipboard. Draco let out a loud shout; his face flushed with happiness, and carefully hugged Harry tight, kissing his lips softly to show his love. Harry smiled, happy. He had a son. They had a son. He could feel the love that had already grown in him for their child grow, because he now knew that he had a son. He would have been just as happy if it had been a girl, but it was the fact that it was official, he had a son, a child with an identity, that made him so

happy. “I’m glad you’re happy,” Madame Pomfrey interrupted them before they could get more passionate. Harry grinned at her. “Thrilled,” Draco nodded, kissing Harris cheek while rubbing a hand over his husband’s still bare stomach. “Sit down then, Mr. Malfoy, we have more to discuss.” The two boys sat down, Draco pulling Harry onto his lap instead of allowing him to sit in a separate chair but Madame Pomfrey didn’t protest. Instead, Harry could have sworn that he saw a glimmer of amusement in her eyes. “You should feel more cravings, your nipples will stay sore for a while, and you could get constipation, indigestion, heart burn, and you’re clothes may be a bit tight in the next month. You need to try and eat as much as you can.” “I will,” Harry nodded. “I’ll see you next month them,” Madame Pomfrey smiled. Harry and Draco left the office feeling dizzy. They had a son. ********** “How’s the baby?” was the first thing Ron asked as soon as Harry appeared in the Potion’s classroom. The rest of the students listened eagerly. Harry grinned. “Fine,” he smiled, waiting for Draco to tell everyone the gender. “It’s a boy,” Draco cried, obviously thrilled. There were shouts of congratulations from both the Slytherins and the Gryffindors. Ron hugged Harry, as did Hermione and several other Gryffindors, but they had to do it under Draco’s possessive eye. Strangely, he didn’t comment when Seamus hugged Harry so gently it was as if he were holding a fragile doll. Professor Snape didn’t say anything, but Harry could have sworn that he saw congratulations in the other mans eyes. Harry flashed him a smile and saw the stern mouth twitch before they were set back to work. ********** “My Father will be happy when he finds out we’re having a baby boy,” Draco said during Divination.

“Yeah…a new Malfoy heir and all that,” Harry laughed. Draco clasped his hand, bringing it to his lips to kiss the palm. “Of course, my love,” Draco murmured. “Knock it off, you too,” Ron complained. Harry grinned at him. Although Ron and Hermione would not tell him how they had solved their argument, they had become friends again, and Harry secretly thought they were together, although so far he had no evidence to prove his theory. “You’re just jealous,” Harry teased. “Yeah…I’m jealous because you’re married to Malfoy,” Ron rolled his eyes. Draco pouted. “I think I’m worthy of him, Weasley,” Draco smiled. Ron rolled his eyes again. “Whatever.” Harry laughed. “At least we we’re married before you knocked me up,” he added. Ron choked, and Draco thumped him on the back. “Course love — but I prefer being married.” “It’s a good job. Can you imagine what Rita Skeeter would say if she found out I was pregnant before the marriage?” “WHAT?” “It was a joke Ron!” Harry said hastily. “What Harry was trying to say, Weasley, is that it was a good job he forced me to wait. The baby was conceived on our wedding night,” Draco smirked. “Too much information,” Ron groaned. ********** It was in the evening when Ron gave him the paper from that morning. Harry and Draco had missed seeing it because of their appointment to see Madame Pomfrey. As Harry unfolded it he gasped.

‘BOY WHO LIVED PREGNANT!’ “Read on,” Ron muttered. ‘Today it was revealed that Harry Potter, now Harry Malfoy, is in fact pregnant with his first child. The pregnancy was announced in the Great Hall by Mr. Malfoy and his husband, the Malfoy heir, Draco Lucius. No other details have been given to the public as of yet, but both parents are said to be overjoyed at the upcoming birth. For those that can’t remember, Mr. Potter married on the 16th January this year. Mr. Lucius Malfoy was happy with the news, saying that he had always wanted a grandchild. Mrs. Narcissa Malfoy said: ‘I am delighted at the news and incredibly happy for Harry and Draco. They deserve all the happiness. I will be visiting shortly to enquire on the health of my son-in-law, with my husband.’ For those that don’t know, male pregnancy is incredibly dangerous and many case have resulted in the death of both the ‘mother’ and the child. Further research shows that most male pregnancies are in fact the mates of veela, as with the case of The Boy Who Lived. Professor Gregory, from St. Mungo’s said: ‘Male pregnancy is, and always will be, a great risk. The male’s body will have to naturally create a womb using their inner magic to carry the child. It takes a lot of magic to sustain the womb, and in some cases the baby died from a miscarriage when the ‘mother’ was unable to hold the baby any longer.’ Professor Hungary said: ‘My congratulations to the couple. I only hope that every caution is take to ensure the safety of Mr. Malfoy and his child.’ Our congratulations go to the couple, and we hope for the safety of both Mr. Malfoy, and the unborn child.’ Harry’s face paled, his green eyes darkening. Draco, who had been waiting to read it, snatched the paper from his hands. He read it quickly, his eyes glowing with rage before he had even finished. “I’ll kill her,” he hissed. Harry didn’t even say anything. He stared at his stomach in shock, unable to believe that he could die, or the child he was carrying would not even live to draw breath from his body.

“I…” “Oh Merlin Harry, shh, it’s alright,” Draco hastily gathered Harry to his chest, trying to comfort him and snap him out of the daze he was in. “The baby…” Harry mumbled. “Shh love, shh…” “No I…die…the baby…” “Ron get Madame Pomfrey!” The frantic tone of Draco’s voice wasn’t lost on Ron, and he raced out of the common room, shocked and worried for his friend. Hermione summoned a blanket and draped it over Harry’s shaking frame, Draco wrapping it around him, trying to warm him up. But Harry was staring sightlessly at the door where Ron had gone, not even aware that his husband’s arms were around him. His child could die. The words repeated themselves over and over in his mind. He wasn’t bothered about his own safety…but that of his child…his and Draco’s…created on the night they had bonded… Harsh sobs slipped past Harry’s lips. “Come on love, please,” Draco pleaded, trying to calm him. Hermione wrung her hands. “Get Severus!” Draco snapped at her. Seeing her confusion Draco glared. “Professor Snape!” Understanding dawned and she ran out of the room, down into the dungeons. ********** “Professor Snape!” “What is it Granger?” Snape snapped angrily. “You have to come…Harry…” she panted. Snape sneered. “What on earth has the boy going into this time?”

“He read the article in the paper! He won’t calm down!” Snape stared into her frantic face for a moment before running in the direction she had come, Hermione racing behind him. ********** When he arrived at the Gryffindor Common Room Ron hadn’t arrived back yet. Harry was still sobbing in Draco’s arms, his face pale and eyes filled with fear. Fear, Snape realised, not for himself but for his child. “Let go of him Draco!” he commanded. Draco slackened his tight hold, but didn’t let go completely. Snape sneered at the watching Gryffindors before sweeping up to Harry. Gently, so gently that even Draco was surprised, he titled Harry’s head to stare into his eyes. For a minute he didn’t speak. “Your child will be fine,” was all he said. Harry’s eyes clouded with disbelief. “I’m an expert Potions Master. Lucius has already contacted me on the matter. You don’t need to worry…ignore the past cases.” “But the babies died!” Again, Harry was only concerned for his child. “Those cases were over a hundred years ago! We have higher medical research and more complex, workable potions now,” he explained soothingly. Some of the sincerity in his eyes must have calmed him, because Harry nodded weakly, his tears stopping. “You need to remain calm…for the child…do you understand?” Harry nodded. “Draco, take him back to The Tower. I’ll send up a calming draught immediately,” Snape instructed, letting Harry’s face go. Harry leaned weakly against Draco, who sighed with relief. “Thank you sir,” he breathed. “No problem. And don’t plan revenge. I have a feeling that Lucius will be very angry tonight,” Snape said softly, telling Draco that his father would deal with it. Draco nodded, wrapping his arms back around the now silent Harry.

“I will tell the Headmaster to excuse you two from classes tomorrow, go,” Snape said. Draco led Harry past the Gryffindors and out of the Common Room, leaving Snape eyeing the paper thoughtfully. “Go to bed,” he ordered the Gryffindors. The Gryffindors, who had been astonished by his tenderness towards Harry, darted for the dorms. A nice Snape was a scary Snape. Hermione hesitated. “Thank you for your help Professor,” she murmured before disappearing. She never saw the smile on Snape’s face. ********** “Here Harry, lie down,” Draco coaxed, ridding Harry of his uniform. Harry climbed onto the bed, not even noticing his nakedness. Draco quickly stripped and lay down next to him, pulling the Gryffindor into his body and curling around him as if to protect him. “Draco?” “Yes love?” “Did you know that our baby could die?” “I knew that some babies did die, yes,” Draco said softly. “You never told me,” Harry said quietly, turning to face Draco so that their eyes met. There was anger in Harry’s eyes. “I didn’t want to worry you.” “You told me to tell you everything…that’s why you’ve been so worried about me....and Ron as well…” “Yes.” “They knew?” “Yes.” “And you didn’t tell me.” “I was protecting you!”

Harry pulled away from him, shivering from the lack of contact but needing to think without the overpowering smell of the veela all around him. He needed to think by himself. Draco saw a vial appear on the bedside table and picked it up. “I don’t want to take it,” Harry said angrily, his voice rising. “You need to calm down,” Draco said, voice breaking. “I’m fine.” Harry turned over so that his back was to Draco’s face, closing his eyes he buried his face into his pillow, trying to muffle the sound of his sobs. He heard Draco lie down close to him but the veela never touched him. ‘My child could die…’ ********** Choices: Nobody hate me! I just wanted to let everyone know how serious pregnancy was...and it is dangerous for Harry...I mean, his body isn't made for childbirth, is it? Harry and Draco argue Lucius takes revenge Madame Pomfrey arrive Sirius and Remus arrive Back to index

Chapter 32: It Never Rains But It Pours Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Warning: MPREG - MALE PREGNANCY ********** It never rains but it pours:

Harry awoke the next day feeling tired — more tired than he had ever felt before. His whole body felt like lead. He turned over, seeking the usual warmth of his husband but couldn’t find it. He opened his eyes in susprise to find the bed empty apart from himself. The memories of last night returned. The newspaper… Snape… Draco… Harry felt a sense of dread enter his heart when he remembered how cold he had been to Draco last night. He had been angry, yes, but his hormones had made him angrier than he should have been. He understood why Draco had done what he had done. The veela couldn’t control his veela instincts. He climbed out of bed and hastily wrapped himself in one of his robes, his heart breaking when he realised that it was the silver white robe he had worn the day after their first night together…the night their child had been conceived. He walked out of the room, making his way to the living room. He entered, finding Draco on the sofa, dressed in his uniform, staring blankly at a book in his lap. Harry froze, not sure how to approach the veela. “There’s some peppermint tea by your bed,” Draco said finally, his voice emotionless. “Draco, please…” “I have class.” “Professor Snape said that you could miss it!” “I can’t afford to have time off,” Draco said easily, placing the book in his satchel and standing up. “Draco, please!” “There’s a calming draught next to the tea. Take it before Madame Pomfrey calls before tea.” “Draco…” Draco swept out of the room without even looking at him. As he did so, Harry collapsed onto the sofa, silent tears streaming down his face. He never saw the matching tears in Draco’s eyes as the veela made his way to the Great Hall. ********** “Draco!” Hermione explained in surprise. Draco ignored her, sweeping past her to sit at the Slytherin table. The Great Hall went

silent as the veela began putting food onto his plate. Blaise hesitated, knowing that by speaking he could be angering his friend’s temper. “Where’s Harry?” “In The Tower,” Draco said calmly, his jaw tightening slightly at the sound of Harry’s name. “Is he ok?” “Fine.” “Why are you here then?” “Do I need to tell you everything?” Draco snapped, patience wearing thin. Blaise closed his mouth quickly, knowing that Draco was likely to kill him if he pushed it any further. ********** Harry managed to make his way to the bed, hastily pouring the calming draught into his mouth. He curled up onto the bed, burying his face into Draco’s pillow, breathing in the veela's scent. “How could I have been so stupid?” He sat up, sipping his peppermint tea. As soon as he the liquid went down his throat he felt the now familiar sickness appear. He hastily climbed out of bed, rushing to the bathroom. He retched into the sink, sobs racking his body. This time there was no Draco to stroke his back or hold his hair out of his face. This time he was alone. Alone and frightened. Draco had been with him at every stage of his pregnancy so far and the thought of carrying his child alone terrified him. “Draco…” he moaned helplessly, leaning over the sink and studying his pale, gaunt face. The familiar green eyes looked empty, causing Harry to look away. Harry managed to make his way back to the bedroom, slowly, so not to have another sickness fit. He sighed with relief when he sat on the bed, only to retch onto the floor. He clutched his stomach, which had grown sore from the continuous retching. The smell soon made him reach for his wand, which was on the bedside table, but as he did so he slipped. He grabbed the covers to stop himself but he landed on the floor with an echoing thud, his head crashing against the side of the wooden bed as he did so. Harry’s last conscious thought was of Draco’s swirling silver eyes… ********** “Mr. Malfoy?”

“Yes Professor Trelawney?” Draco wondered why on earth he had ever taken Divination…then he remembered. He had taken it to be near to Harry, his mate. He snorted. He had only wanted to be close to Harry, to know he was safe, and Harry had thrown it back in his face. “May I look into the crystal ball for you?” “Yes,” Draco ground out through gritted teeth. Professor Trelawney smiled mistily at him. She placed the crystal ball carefully in the middle of the table Draco was sitting at. She arranged her shawl before peering into the globe, her magnified eyes reflecting in the glass. “I see darkness…dark times ahead…” Draco smirked. “Really?” he drawled sarcastically. “There’s a…” Suddenly, Madame Trelawney’s voice changed. It grew harsh. “It’s already started…you made the wrong choice that can never be rectified…alone in darkness…Now that the Serpent has raised once again, a Phoenix rises from the ashes; the creation of the Marked and the Bonded. It is the Phoenix who decides on the fate of the wizarding world. The Phoenix shall be the Judge.” Her speech ended in a screech before hers large eyes blinked, snapping out of their daze. “Forgive me child,” she murmured standing up. Draco snorted, amused. She eyed him closely, smiling mistily. “Turn to page twenty five.” “Professor? What did you mean by the Phoenix?” asked Lavender, leaning forward eagerly. “The Phoenix? I have no idea what you mean, my child.” “But you said,” Parvati started to argue. “I’m sure I said nothing of the sort! Open your book!” Draco shook his head.

‘The old bats completely lost it,’ he thought snidely. ********** It was after divination when Ron caught up with him. Draco could tell that he was worried for Harry — his blue eyes were narrowed and his red hair stood up on end more than usual, telling Draco that he had been running his hands through it, something that Draco had only seen him do when nervous or worried. “Malfoy,” Ron greeted him. “Weasley.” “How’s Harry?” “Fine.” “Where is he?” persisted Ron. “In the Tower.” “You left him alone?” Draco bristled. “I left him with a calming potion. He didn’t want to speak to me last night so I thought that he’d prefer some time to think without me being there.” “Oh…” “What is it now?” “Has he calmed down?” “He’s mad because we never told him how dangerous it was for him, but other than that he’s fine.” “He’s mad?” “He’s pregnant. He can’t control his moods,” Draco shrugged, feeling guilty at taking Harry’s rejection to heart when he had been so distressed and didn’t know what to do. “Can we see him?” “If he feels up to it.” “When?” “I don’t know!” “Ok!” Ron threw his hands up in defense, walking off towards Hermione who was waiting to hear what Draco had told him.

Draco rolled his eyes. “Typical,” he muttered. Blaise smiled lightly, spotting Seamus. “But we can’t help but love them.” Draco snorted. ********** Lucius knelt down to kiss the hem of Voldemort’s robe, before standing with his head bowed slightly in submission — a stance he knew Voldemort approved of. “Ah Lucius…” “My Lord.” “I have been waiting for you to arrive…” “I’m sorry for keeping you waiting my Lord,” Lucius said hastily. Voldemort dismissed his apology with a wave of his hand. “I read the article in the Daily Prophet,” Voldemort said softly. Luicus’s jaw tightened. He had read the article himself and hoped that Draco had managed to prevent Harry from reading it. Who knew what it would do to him in his condition. He had already sent a howler to the Daily Prophet, saying that such news and information was highly dangerous towards Harry’s health. He had received a letter of apology. It seemed that they hadn’t realised that Harry would be affected by it, which he knew was an outright lie. What pregnant male wouldn’t be terrified of such information? “You must be happy at the news Lucius…” “I am My Lord.” “Just make sure that your loyalty never wavers,” Voldemort smiled wickedly. “My loyalty lies with you always, my Lord,” Lucius lied, knowing that his loyalty would always be towards his family first. “Good. Do you know the child’s gender?” “It’s a boy, my Lord.” Draco had written and told him of the gender that morning, and he had been thrilled to discover that he had a grandson, a child to carry on the Malfoy name. The Malfoy family had an heir as long as the baby survived, something Lucius was going to make sure

happened at all costs. “Of course…” Lucius turned to leave. “Oh and Lucius?” “Yes my Lord?” “You really should have told me this sooner Lucius.” “I’m sorry my…” “Apologies are useless Lucius.” “I…” “Crucio.” ********** Madame Pomfrey made her way to The Tower, tutting quietly to herself. Really, she thought angrily, Severus should have sent the boy to the hospital wing! Such a shock in his condition wasn’t good. Who knows what could have happened? All though she would never admit it to anyone, not even Dumbledore, she had a soft spot for Harry Potter, now Harry Malfoy. She had been secretly concerned on first seeing him…noticing how pale and thin he was. On seeing how he was a constant magnet for trouble, she had been terrified. Oh, his father, James Potter, and Sirius Black had been constantly in the infirmary, but it was Harry whom had softened her heart. She had always felt close to Lily Evans — especially when the young witch had visited her during her own pregnancy with Harry. She was afraid for Harry but she knew that he would be cared for. His baby would be fine, and she had no doubts about the love Draco Malfoy had for his mate. Draco Malfoy adored Harry — every one knew it. She arrived at the portrait and stared disapprovingly at Merlin who was sucking lemon drops. Sometimes she wondered whether Dumbledore had been talking to the portrait too much. “Magnetic Attraction,” she said coolly. Merlin beamed at her before opening, and she swept through. She made her way through the rooms until she found what she suspected was the bedroom. On opening the door she knew it was. As soon as she entered the room she knew something was wrong. She could smell the vomit in the air, but there was no sign of Harry. Thinking quickly she realised that Harry would have gone to the bathroom, and made her way over to the bathroom door.

She paused when she passed the bed, seeing a white heap on the floor in the corner of her eye. Curious, she turned and stared. “Merlin…” she breathed. ********** “Albus, this is an emergency,” Madame Pomfrey shrieked. Albus Dumbledore turned, surprise etched onto his features. He soon noticed the panic in her eyes and rushed forwards to have a better view of the fire where Madame Pomfrey’s heard was floating. “What’s happened Poppy?” “Harry Potter’s in the hospital wing. I don’t have time for details! Tell Mr. Malfoy,” Poppy shrieked, before disappearing with a loud pop. Dumbledore hastily stood up. ********** “Severus, where is Mr. Malfoy?” “Which one?” sneered Severus Snape, clearly angry at being disturbed from his book. “Draco of course!” Snape looked up, surprised by the impatience in his voice. He knew something was wrong as soon as he saw the man’s face. He looked positively old — older than he had ever seen him look before. He had always known that the other wizard was getting on in years but he had never really realized how old he was until today. His age was always concealed behind his carefully constructed smile. “He’s in the Slytherin Common Room, I suspect,” Severus said easily, frowning. “Collect him, would you Severus? And then make your way to the Infirmary,” Dumbledore said urgently, already making his way to the door. “Infirmary?” “Poppy requested him to go! At once Severus!” Severus nodded, watching as the older man all but ran out of the room. ********** Draco sat beside Blaise on the sofa in the Slytherin Common Room, laughing at Crabbe and Goyle who were having a conversation on Quidditch — or should he say ‘trying to’. But even as he laughed, relaxing with his friends, there was the need to find Harry. The need to have the other boy by his side.

He had barely parted from Harry since Harry had been told the news about him being Draco’s mate, and they had grown close. Draco had grown accustomed to having Harry by his side, sitting next to him in class, and snuggling up to him in their bed at night. “Mr. Malfoy!” Draco looked up, surprised to see his Head of House sweeping down towards him so that he was staring down at Draco with disapproving, slightly suspicious dark eyes. Severus Snape was concerned about something — which was rare. “Yes sir?” “You are requested to go down to the Hospital Wing immediately.” “Hospital wing?” “Yes.” “Why?” “I’m afraid that the Headmaster did not give me time to question him on why you were needed,” the sarcasm was obvious. “Of course sir,” panic was building up in Draco. ‘Where’s Harry?’ “Immediately Mr. Malfoy,” Snape reminded him, but in a strange gesture of affection, he placed a comforting hand on Draco’s arm, guiding him to his feet. “Its Harry, isn’t it?” Draco breathed, too afraid to hear the answer. “I do not know,” Snape said calmly but the words ‘I suspect…’ hung in the air. Draco bolted from the room; his only thought to find his mate. ********** “Sh…” Madame Pomfrey carefully magicked the stretched onto the bed. Harry never moved, or gave her any signs to show that he was alive and she felt panic race through her. She had never dealt with a pregnant male student before — especially one with concussion. She didn’t even know if the baby had survived the fall. She hastily summoned a clipboard and quill and enchanted them to give her Harry’s details. “Concussion…severe…baby still alive…heart beating weakly…live signals weak…” Thanking Merlin that the baby was at least alive she hastily began gathering blankets,

piling them onto Harry’s cold form. She couldn’t use magic incase it interfered with the baby’s development, so she was forced to use muggle methods. It was this scene which Draco Malfoy found when he barged into the Infirmary, and the site of his husband, as cold and still as death, lying under a collection of thick blankets, terrified him. “Oh God…” *********** Well, what do you think? Please don’t hate me for this. This had to happen…Harry needs to become more independent… Well, choices for this week: The baby dies *sobs* Harry wakes up Lucius and Narcissa arrive Sirius and Remus are told Review and tell me what you think about the story so far. Back to index

Chapter 33: Sometimes You Don't Know What To Do Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Warning: MPREG - MALE PREGNANCY ********** Sometimes you don’t know what to do: Draco sat down on the chair next to his husband, reaching out to clasp the cold hand lying limp on the bed. Harry never moved or gave Draco any response, and it was at that moment that Draco experience a terror he had never felt before. The terror of knowing that there was nothing he could do to help the one he loved. “The Headmaster is coming,” Madame Pomfrey said quietly, almost as if she was trying

not to disturb the boy on the bed. “What’s wrong with him?” Draco asked harshly. “He must have slipped off the bed while trying to get to the bathroom. He was violently sick…morning sickness…he hit his head…” “He’s alive?” “Yes.” “The baby?” “Alive…” The ‘just barely’ hung in the air, even if the words hadn’t been spoken out loud. “Have you seen to his head?” “I can’t do anything until he wakes up…and with him being pregnant…” she trailed off. ‘Of course,’ Draco thought, ‘she couldn’t take the risk of using magic on Harry when they didn’t know how the baby would react to it. Potions wouldn’t work either…’ “How long will he be like this?” “I don’t know…hours, days, weeks…” Forever. The hand that Draco was using to hold Harry’s trembled. “Sirius and Remus would like to know,” he said finally. “Of course, the Headmaster is contacting them…and your family…” Draco nodded, stroking Harry’s face tenderly. “Why did you leave him alone?” There was an accusation in her voice but Draco didn’t bother to deny it. If he had stayed with Harry then his husband and child would not be in this situation. He deserved the woman’s wrath. He should have let his veela instincts take control instead of his anger. He had always been short tempered, and it was his temper which mainly caused the problems between him and his mate. “We argued.” “About?” “He blamed me for not telling him the risks of pregnancy.”

“Oh,” Madame Pomfrey sighed, understanding. “I tried to tell him that I was protecting him but he wouldn’t listen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen his so scared before. I’ve seen him mad, happy, angry but he was scared……” “He was still in shock, and then there’s his hormones added to the mix. He’ll be more emotional than normal pregnant women, and Harry isn’t really the sort of boy who understands what he feels.” “I know…I knew that this morning but I was too hurt by his rejection to care…and now look what happened…” “He will not blame you.” “You don’t know that! If our child dies then he may never forgive me!” “He loves you.” “But I turned him away when he needed me the most.” “He’ll understand.” Draco ignored her, concentrating on the face of the boy who had stolen his heart. The boy who was now more than likely going to die or hate him for the death of their child. “The Headmaster is here.” ********** Sirius laughed loudly as he caught his lover around the waist, twirling him around. Remus smiled light heartedly, a blush high lighting his cheeks. “Come back to bed love,” Sirius coaxed, kissing his throat eagerly. Remus squirmed. “Stop Padfoot,” he said weakly, knowing that he had to visit Snape for the Wolfesbane Potion. “We can go later…” Sirius said huskily, pushing the werewolf onto the bed. “Sirius,” Remus protested, but when he felt Sirius slide down his stomach to lick his thighs he let out an animalistic growl, eyes glinting with lust. “I want to make love to you,” Sirius continued to coax; even though he knew he had already won. Remus wrapped surprisingly strong legs around Sirius’s waist. Sirius, pleased at his lover’s response, grinned wickedly and sucked on the bare hip in front of him. “Make love to me now,” Remus growled.

Sirius eyed him lovingly, kissing him deeply before doing exactly what Remus wanted. ********** It was an hour later when the owl arrived. They were curled up on the bed, Sirius having pulled the sheets up over their rapidly cooling bodies. Remus felt contentment settle over him, nuzzling Sirius’s neck affectionately. “It’s from the Headmaster,” Sirius said, climbing out of the bed and moving towards the window to let in the familiar owl. He took the letter off the owl, and the owl raised its wings before flying away again, obviously not wanting a reply. “What’s it say?” Sirius opened it, and began to read out loud: “Sirius and Remus, Please return to Hogwarts at once. Harry is unconscious in the hospital wing. Albus.” “Oh my God!” Remus cried, leaping out of bed and hastily throwing on his clothes. Sirius did the same and within minutes they had flooed to Hogwarts, their only concern to find their pregnant Godson. ********** It was a similar letter which was sent to Lucius Malfoy. As soon as he had finished reading the brief note Lucius called for Narcissa. His face grave, he hastily explained the situation to her, not needing to tell her that they might arrive at Hogwarts only to find their grandson dead, and their sons mate barely alive. “We have to leave at once…Draco will need us…” Narcissa choked. Lucius nodded, throwing some floo powder into the fire in his study. As he watched his wife disappear, he sent a mental prayer for everything to be all right. ********** Remus and Sirius dashed into the Infirmary, rushing over to the bed where Harry lay. Draco looked up at them through haunted eyes. “Hey,” he croaked, his eyes red rimmed. “What’s wrong with him?” shouted Sirius, fear in his eyes. “He’s unconscious…he slipped out of the bed…” Remus closed his eyes. “Calm down Siri. Harry needs you to be calm right now,” he whispered.

Sirius went silent, moving to kiss Harry’s still face. “How long?” “We don’t know…Madame Pomfrey said that he could wake at any time…” “The baby?” “Alive.” Sirius and Remus visibly relaxed. “Dumbledore came earlier…” “What did he say?” “He told me that he’d sent you and my parents a letter inviting you to the castle.” “That’s why we’re here,” Remus explained, eyes filled with understanding when he met Draco’s heart broken eyes. “It’s my entire fault you know,” Draco whispered. “What do you mean?” Sirius growled. “I left him in the Tower. We’d fought…you must have read the paper?” “Yes,” Sirius said through clenched teeth. “Harry was angry with me for not telling him about the dangers of the pregnancy…I left him in the tower this morning…In Divination Professor Trelawney had a prediction, well, I think it was a prediction. She went all strange and didn’t even remember what she said afterwards. It was something to do with a Serpent rising…” Draco broke down into sobs, burying his face into Harry’s shoulder, careful not to move his head. Sirius’s anger died away when he saw the sadness and despair on Draco’s face. “You shouldn’t have left him,” Sirius said finally, voice tense with suppressed emotion. The sight of his godson’s pale face was hauntingly familiar to that of his old best friends, James, and the thought that Harry could be taken away from him so easily, just like his parents, terrified him. “I know.” “But we can’t change it now. We have to stick together and pray that Harry and the baby will be ok.” “Who’s the Serpent?” Remus asked after a moment of silence. “I don’t know,” Draco whispered, kissing Harry’s hand gently.

“Voldemort,” Sirius suggested. “Probably…and you said that Trelawney didn’t remember it afterwards?” “No…she went all weird…” “A proper prediction,” Remus mused, surprised. *********** Madame Pomfrey soon began to examine Harry again. She’d stripped him of his clothes and had begun to examine his stomach when Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy walked into the Hospital Wing. She paused, eyeing them carefully before resuming her task. “Father, Mother,” Draco greeted quietly, never taking his eyes off the boy in the bed. “Draco,” Lucius nodded. Narcissa rushed towards her son, hugging him tightly. Draco felt himself relax, fighting back tears. His eyes met Lucius’s over his mother’s head and he smiled weakly at the concern in the usually cold eyes. “I’m glad you came,” he admitted. “What happened?” “Shh!” Madame Pomfrey hissed, moving her hands over Harry’s stomach. The Malfoy’s went silent. “No change,” Madame Pomfrey said finally. Draco felt his heart clench painfully. He shuddered, covering his eyes with his hand to hide the tears that threatened to fall. “What happened?” Lucius repeated. “He fell off the bed, and hit his head,” Sirius said softly, helping the nurse to pull the blankets back over Harry’s still form. “He fell off the bed?” Narcissa asked in disbelief. “He must have been trying to get to the bathroom…he’d been sick on the floor,” Remus explained. “He must?” Lucius snapped, immediately picking up on their lack of knowledge. “Madame Pomfrey found him in the Tower…” Draco explained. “You left him alone?” Lucius asked, disbelief obvious in his voice.

Draco nodded, body shaking. “We’d argued.” “Again?” “Lucius!” Narcissa hissed, clearly angry at the mocking tone. Draco flinched. “He was mad at me for not telling him about the dangers of the pregnancy,” Draco said stiffly. Understanding flashed across his father face. “I see…” “I left him alone because I thought he needed time to think, and because I was hurt. He’d rejected me the night before, not wanting to speak to me.” “You shouldn’t have left him Draco,” Lucius said simply, moving closer to the bed. “I know! Don’t you think that I don’t know that? I’m praying to God that he’ll wake up! If he dies I’ll…” Draco broke off abruptly, pulling away from his mother. Lucius nodded, not apologising but his eyes showed his sadness. “I know Draco,” he murmured. “The only thing we can do is wait,” Remus said gently. Everyone nodded. ********** “Unconscious?” Hermione hastily moved over to stand next to Ron, worried that he might try and hex Professor McGonagall. The familiar red flush that had begun to creep over his neck and face was a tell tale sign that her friend was angry. Very angry. “He had an accident in the Tower,” the Head of Gryffindor said gently. “An accident?” “Yes Mr. Weasley.” “But he’s ok? The baby?” “I do not know the details Mr. Weasley. You’ve been invited to visit Mr. Malfoy in the hospital wing if you choose to…” She didn’t need to finish. Ron and Hermione had already started running, their faces filled with fear for the boy they loved as a brother, and his unborn child.

“Bless the child,” Professor McGonagall murmured softly to herself. ********* “You bastard!” Ron stormed up to Draco and hit him, his fist making direct contact with Draco’s nose. Draco didn’t even cry out, but he easily caught the red heads hands in his own. Ron, however, didn’t appear as if he was calming down. If anything, he was worse than ever. “You utter bastard!” “Weasley,” Lucius growled, grabbing him and flinging him off his son. Lucius may have understood Ron’s anger, but no one touched his son. Draco had made a mistake, a huge mistake, but he had admitted it. There was nothing they could do until Harry woke up — and Lucius knew for certain that he would. He had to. He didn’t even want to consider the consequences the loss of a mate would do to Draco, especially if he lost his unborn child as well. “I thought you loved him! You said you’d protect him!” “I’m sorry alright? I’m so sorry,” Draco cried hoarsely. “You’ll never know how sorry I am. If only I’d have stayed with him he’d not be here!” “Sorry is not good enough,” Ron growled. “I know.” Draco ran a hand through his already dishevelled blonde hair, pale featured pinched with worry and guilt. He didn’t even try to hide the slight trembling of his fingers. He couldn’t even describe the feelings churning inside of him — the feeling of incredible loss. They had been so happy, and yet again their happiness had been short lived. Were they destined to be a part? Was that what Harry really wanted? The thought made his heart ache painfully. Hermione walked over to the bed, ignoring Ron and Draco. She hesitantly reached out and touched Harry’s face with the tips of her fingers. She felt her heart clench when he didn’t respond to the simple gesture of affection. “What’s wrong? What happened?” “He slipped off the bed and hit his head. He’s unconscious,” Draco said quietly, looking straight at Ron while he spoke. Ron’s jaw clenched. “This is your fault Malfoy. If you hadn’t left him alone…!” “I know,” Draco snapped, trying to control his temper.

The veela blood rushing through his veins was urging him to protect his mate, even though he knew that Ron was not a threat, at least not physically. He was more concerned about Ron forcing Harry into giving up on their marriage. “But he’ll wake up?” “We don’t know,” Draco said, pain obvious in his voice. “What do you mean?” Hermione choked. “He’s in a type of coma…” “The baby?” Draco closed his eyes. “I could loose them both,” he finally managed to say, his voice cracking. “You won’t!” the anger in her voice made him look at her. “We’ve been in worse situations that this…Harry will be fine, he always is…” she seemed to be trying to reassure herself more than them. “You’re right,” Ron agreed, nodding his head. Draco didn’t have the heart to tell them that they could be wrong. “He’s fought Voldemort…he can get out of a coma,” Hermione murmured, clasping Harry’s hand. “Yeah,” Ron smiled weakly. “Come here Mr. Malfoy, let me heal your face,” Madame Pomfrey said briskly, glaring at Ron angrily. It was a well known fact that she hated physical violence of any sort, and the fact that it had happened in her own Infirmary made her anger double. Ron smiled sheepishly. “He deserved it,” he muttered defiantly, a blush covering his cheeks. “I know I did,” Draco said, voice carefully neutral. “Just so you know,” Ron said casually, rubbing his slightly sweaty palms over his robe, his eyes moving to stare at the motionless figure laid out on the bed. “Yes.” Hermione shook her head. “Wake up soon Harry — they’re driving me mad already!”

********** Choices: Harry wakes up Harry doesn’t wake up Draco has a little talk with Harry when he’s still in a coma. Review and tell me what you think *laughs* and I’m sorry that this chapter didn’t really tell you much. The prophecy will be in future chapters. Back to index

Chapter 34: Waiting Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Warning: This fic also contains MPREG. If you don't like then please don't read. This fic was always going to be MPREG, I never hid the fact, so please don't send any flamers.

Waiting: Ron watched as Draco’s eyes fluttered closed, before jerking open once again, blinking, before fixing on Harry’s face. He could tell that the other boy was exhausted, but Draco has insisted on staying by Harry’s side. He had even thrown his marriage rights into Madame Pomfrey’s face when she had tried to force him to go and sleep on a bed. “Harry is my husband and it is my right to stay by his side, and I have every intention of doing just that.” Hermione was sitting on the bed beside him, her intelligent eyes narrowed with concern as she watched the veela. She knew better than him the effects of Harry being in such a state would do to the veela, Ron thought with an inward smile. It wouldn’t surprise him if she had read every book she could get her hands on to try and know and understand what exactly their best fiend had got himself into. “He needs to sleep,” she whispered, watching as Draco’s silver eyes flustered closed and stayed closed. His breathing began to even out, until it fell into a deep rhythmic pattern only an exhausted sleep could bring. “Yeah.”

“I know I should be mad at him, Ron, but I can’t be.” Ron nodded. He understood what she was feeling. How could they be mad at the ferret when he was acting so pathetic? He must have said that aloud, because Hermione’s eyes were gleaming with suppressed amusement. He watched as she relaxed against the pillows, her eyes straying to stare blankly at the ceiling. “Will he be alright?” Hermione sighed. “Harry’s in a critical condition,” she confessed. Ron paled. Even though he had suspected that, it pained him to hear the truth from the one person he trusted never to lie to him. “His pregnancy prevents Madame Pomfrey from giving him the essential care his condition needs. If she gives him a potion, or casts spells on him there could be after effects on the baby. Harry and the baby are connecting through their magic, so in theory any magic cast on Harry is automatically cast on the baby as well.” “Oh…” “Yes.” “So we have to wait?” “Yes.” “Will the baby be ok? I mean, if anything ever happened to it, and Harry survived, I don’t think he’d, well,” Ron fumbled for the correct way to phrase his thoughts. “Harry would die himself rather than let his child die,” Hermione acknowledged. Ron sighed and watched as Draco fidgeted in his sleep, clearly uncomfortable in his position. “If anything happens to him I’ll never forgive myself you know. I mean, Harry’s closer to me than my brothers sometimes. I know we’ve had trouble in the past but…” “You love him.” Ron smiled sheepishly. “I love him too,” Hermione confessed softly. ********** Lucius studied his wife silently, marveling as always on how self controlled she was in a

time of crisis. Lucius knew that she was barely holding herself together, and yet no trace of her inner turmoil marred her perfect mask. She was a woman he admired greatly, even if her behaviour was sometimes inappropriate. There were in the Tower. Draco had insisted on staying by Harry’s side, and Lucius had decided to visit the Tower to think. It was one of the only places he felt comfortable enough to let his guard down. The Tower was well protected, and Lucius knew that not even Albus Dumbledore himself could get past the wards surrounding the small apartment. Narcissa lifted her hand elegantly to brush a strand of silken blonde hair from her brow. “Draco really should be in bed,” she commented idly, a flash of concern darkening her eyes before it disappeared. “He won’t leave Harry — you know that.” Narcissa flinched at the cool reprimand. She knew that Lucius was subtly reminding her that Harry was Draco’s mate, and as such Draco was lost to them. Oh, Draco still loved them dearly, but Harry held his heart. Harry and the child he carried, the child she had desperately craved, and which was now in danger of dying. “I know.” “Good.” Lucius sipped on his whiskey, idly swirling the golden liquid around the rim of his glass before frowning thoughtfully, eyes straying over to the fireplace. Narcissa watched him carefully, waiting for him to speak. “Madame Pomfrey tells me that she has no idea of when Harry will wake up.” Narcissa tensed slightly. Lucius always knew how to make her react. “She also told me that the baby was stable at the moment, but warned me that his condition could worsen.” “I know,” Narcissa snapped, clenching her fists. Lucius raised an eyebrow. “Damn it Lucius, tell me what you want to tell me without the riddles,” she hissed, eyes flashing furiously. Lucius congratulated himself for managing to break past her defensive walls. It had been much easier than he had expected, but he shrugged that off as her pain on their son’s predicament. Draco was her only son, after all, something they shared. He was their perfect boy, spoiled rotten, something he admitted freely. “I was simply trying to tell you that we must prepare ourselves for the worse.” “I know that! Do you think that that hasn’t crossed my mind? My son is completely and utterly destroyed, and if anything happens to that boy I’ll loose him!”

“And your son-in-law.” Narcissa’s anger deflated. “I know.” “You haven’t solved your problems with Harry yet?” “He needs time,” she said softly. Lucius nodded. “Of course. I hope you realise that there is more at stake than Draco’s sanity. If Harry dies we loose Draco, Harry and our grandchild.” “Are you saying that Draco is not important?” “Of course I am not, Narcissa. You know more than anyone how much my child means to me. His health if prominent in my thoughts, but Harry is Draco. They are mated, and the sooner you begin to accept the fact the better.” “I have,” she raged, face flushed. “Narcissa,” he sighed, rubbing his temples. “Sometimes you make me want to hex you. Harry’s health at the moment is more important than Draco’s because Harry is what sustains Draco.” “Stop repeating facts, Lucius.” Lucius wondered idly whether he could strangle her. The woman was infuriating in her blindness to accept the truth. “Narcissa, our duty at the moment, and the only way to help Draco, is to make sure that Harry stays alive. If, and I mean if, Harry does not survive then we will discuss the possibility of subduing Draco. At the moment that is not needed.” “How will be subdue him though?” Lucius noticed the slight tremor to his wife’s voice but pretended to ignore it. It actually made him feel completely helpless, to know that there was nothing he could do to comfort his wife. He had to tell her the truth. He couldn’t lie to her about this. “Then we will use medical care.” “We will use potions?” “Yes. It won’t make him live, but it will take away the pain…” ********** Seamus Finnigan stared dreamily out of the window, completely oblivious to anything

around him. Dean Thomas, who had been watching him, rolled his eyes. “Seamus!” “Hmmm?” “For God’s sake, do you want to play chess or not?” Dean sounded particularly annoyed. Annoyed enough to attract the Irish boy’s attention. Seamus’ dreamy eyes met Dean’s for a moment before he went back to looking out of the window. Dean growled angrily, too frustrated to yell at him. Instead, he got up and left the boy to his thoughts. Seamus didn’t even see the other boy leave. He was thinking about Blaise Zambini. No one knew about their relationship, except Harry and he suspected that Harry had told Malfoy as well. He really wanted to tell everyone. After all, Blaise was gorgeous. An image of the Slytherin boy came to his mind. A mass of hair as dark as ebony, combed neatly to frame a handsome face. A pair of dark brown eyes, the colour nearly as dark as the pupil, and slightly tanned skin gave him an erotic foreign look which Seamus had grown to adore. The other boy had bewitched him. It had been fairly easy for Seamus to fall under his spell. He had been feeling lonely after giving the challenge of gaining Harry up. He had spent so much time trying to catch the innocent Gryffindor that he had not even noticed Blaise’s beauty until… ****flashback**** Seamus sat beside the lake, watching the giant squid move silently through the murky waters. It was a chilly day, and the sharp wind bit through his robe and stung his skin, making him shiver. He vaguely scolded himself for not bringing a cloak with him. He never noticed the other boy sitting next to him until he spoke. “Finnigan.” The voice was soft, and as smooth as molten chocolate. It had startled Seamus out of his thoughts and he had turned his head to stare into a pair of amused brown eyes. Beautiful eyes… “Zambini.” Blaise made no move to explain his presence, and instead had settled comfortably next to him, a critical eyes scanning over Seamus’ thin robe. “What do you want?” Seamus asked, curious. Blaise smirked. “I was curious to find out why the resident slut was still mourning over Potter.”

Seamus blinked. “Pardon?” Blaise rolled his eyes, snorting softly. “Gryffindors,” he murmured. “Slytherins,” Seamus retorted, and felt instantly childish. Blaise laughed softly, the sound making Seamus join in. It was strange sitting next to the other boy, laughing at their childish behaviour but it was a nice change from brooding. “I take it you know about Harry and Malfoy then?” “Yes.” Seamus sighed. “Draco was thrilled to have Potter back,” Blaise commented lightly. “He better look after him.” Blaise’s eyes sharpened, their intensity frightening Seamus for a minute before he gave a crooked grin to lighten the tension. “Potter is nothing to do with you anymore.” “I know.” “Why did you want him in the first place?” “Because…because I couldn’t have him,” Seamus sighed, fidgeting slightly. Blaise nodded. “He’s very beautiful,” he agreed. Seamus nodded. He was staring out at the lake when he felt a soft brush against his lips. Blinking, his vision cleared and he stared into a pair of dark eyes. Eyes which drew him in…warmed him… caressed him… “You regret your decision?” Blaise asked, voice husky with desire. Seamus didn’t answer. Instead, he pulled the other boy closer to his own body and pressed an insistent kiss on his lips, which quickly escalated into a passionate embrace which made Seamus’ blood boil. He moaned in protest when Blaise pulled away. “See you around Finnigan.”

****end of flashback**** Since then, Seamus had been meeting the Slytherin in secret, waiting impatiently for their next meeting. Their time together was short, and Seamus hated having to hide their relationship. He wanted everyone to know that Blaise was his. Ok, so he was possessive, but Seamus reckoned that he had the right to be possessive about Blaise. He cared about him. He heard the soft tapping on the window and moved over eagerly to open it, recognising Blaise’s owl easily after his frequent meetings with the bird. He opened the letter, giving the bird an absent minded pat on the head before it flew off. “Meet me.” Short and simple. Seamus smiled in delight. ********** Choices: Narcissa talks to Snape about precautions Seamus visits the infirmary Harry wakes up Review! Back to index

Chapter 35: Precautions Disclaimer: See previous chapter: *********** Warning: MPREG- MALE PREGNANCY ********** Precautions:

The next day Narcissa made her way to the dungeons, her walk carefully measured. She nodded to several of the students she recognized, her manners as faultless as always. She had always prided herself on her manners. She entered the Potions classroom easily, finding the very man she wished to speak to seated at his desk, a frown on his face as he rapidly wrote on the parchment in front of him. His eyes instantly met hers and she moved closer, amusement in her eyes when she saw that he had been scribbling all over some poor student’s essay in red ink. He was still the same Severus she remembered. “Severus,” she greeted. “Narcissa.” He was curious, she could tell, about why she was here. Although she guessed that he suspected that her visit was connected to the boy lying in a coma in the Hospital Wing. She sat down on the chair he summoned, facing him. “How are you?” she asked. “Fine.” He wasn’t in the mood for pleasant conversation, she realised, and smiled. “I think you know why I’m here.” “I can guess.” “You have no doubt heard about the fact that Harry is in the Hospital Wing.” “Of course.” She sighed. “Then you know that precautions need to be taken for Draco’s health.” His eyes narrowed at her words, understanding flaring in those intelligent eyes. Severus Snape was a very powerful man, and his knowledge and understanding of the people around him made him the perfect spy for Voldemort, or should she say Dumbledore. It was a well known fact in the Malfoy household that Severus Snape was on the Light side, and it was also a well known fact that such information would stay within the Malfoy family. Severus Snape was Lucius’ friend, and she herself liked him. He was, after all, Draco’s Godfather. “Precautions?” he asked, voice soft. Of course, she thought, Severus Snape liked to play the game — finding out information without revealing too much at first. Clever, but then again, he had survived years as a spy under Voldemort’s watchful eyes.

“Harry Potter is in a coma and there is a chance of his recovery. However, it is more than likely that the boy will die,” Narcissa stated quietly, her voice trembling slightly towards the end. Severus nodded. “The veela bond is difficult to understand,” he said smoothly. “Yes, and Draco is inescapably bonded to his mate.” “You need help with Potter?” “Madame Pomfrey is a capable medi-witch and if she says that there is nothing to do but wait then I accept her answer.” “The baby will interfere with any magic cast on Potter, and any magic which is cast could affect the fetus. It’s a delicate situation, and not even a potion should be administered. The boy is fighting for his own survival, once again,” Severus smirked. “I want my Grandchild to stay alive…” “But you are more worried about Draco.” It was a statement, not a question, but Narcissa nodded anyway. “Then you must understand that there really is nothing that anyone can do for Draco until we know whether or not Harry will recover. The baby will sap his strength, but he has the magical ability to get both himself and his child out of the sleep he’s in. Harry Potter is too stubborn, much like his father before him, to allow such a thing to end his life, after he has survived greater dangers.” “You are right,” she conceded. “But you wish to know about any help Draco may need should the occasion arise?” “It is better to be prepared,” she said simply. Severus raised an eyebrow, before glancing at the scroll on his desk. “Veela are magically strong, but their power relies in protecting their mate. As you yourself should know, Harry is bond inescapably to Draco. Basically, their souls are joined. Should Draco loose the boy it would be as painful as loosing his own soul. Veela live for their mates…” “I know that,” she snapped, clearly agitated. “I know,” Severus said softly, glaring slightly. She gracefully smoothed an imaginable wrinkle in her silk skirt, giving the other man the impression that she was not really interested in what he was saying, but Severus knew enough about Narcissa to know that Draco’s health and well-being was the most important

thing to her. She was a veela after all, and they were immensely possessive and protective of their family. “I have a potion which should subdue the longing Draco may feel in the event of Harry’s death, but nothing will heal the heartache. I suggest strong painkillers. It may be far kinder to him to allow him to…” “No!” The anger in her voice was no surprise. Severus inwardly sighed. Couldn’t she see that by helping Draco is such a way she was going to force her child to live a life of misery, away from the only person who could make him happy? “Then there is little more to say, except I think that it should be Draco’s decision. He may find death preferable to being kept alive in agony, away from the boy he loves, until the day he dies.” ********** Seamus stared at Ron in shock, unable to believe his ears. Ron and Hermione had appeared, after being absent all day and night and now they were telling him that the reason was because Harry was lying in a magical coma caused by falling out of bed. He wondered whether they were serious, but on seeing the despair in their eyes he realised with a strange calm certainty that it was. “Pardon?” “Harry’s in the Infirmary. He must have fallen off the bed and hit his head. We were told to go the Infirmary by Professor McGonagall…” “Is he alright?” Seamus asked, voice rising in pitch from fear. Ron and Hermione looked at one another, exchanging their answers without speaking, their friendship allowing such closeness. At any other time Seamus would have laughed at it, but he was too worried about Harry, the boy who had been a constant thought in his life for the past few years. The boy who had turned him down to mate with the veela…Malfoy! “And where the hell was Malfoy?” Seamus roared. Hermione flinched visibly. “He left Harry in the Tower,” Ron explained, not caring whether Draco ended up in hospital himself, after all, it had been the blasted Veela’s fault. Seamus went white. “What?” he croaked. “They’d fallen out,” Hermione whispered. Seamus closed his eyes.

“Please tell me he’s ok,” he choked, not even trying to hide the tears which threatened to spill. The silence was deafening, and the other people in the common room, who had been listening, began to whisper. “The baby?” “They’re stable…at the moment, but Madame Pomfrey doesn’t know when they’ll wake up. She can’t wake him up via magic incase she causes a miscarriage,” Hermione whispered, voice trembling. “I’ll kill him! That bastard! I thought he’d look after him!” “Seamus, please,” Hermione moaned, covering her eyes with a trembling hand to hide the tears trickling down her face. “No! Harry loves that blasted ferret and Malfoy left him alone, pregnant, in that bloody tower where anything could have happened to him. If he doesn’t wake up the ferret’s dead,” Seamus yelled, clenching his fists and imagining the joy he would feel on smashing them into Malfoy’s fist. “I was right all along. Malfoy doesn’t deserve him.” Hermione lowered her hand. “It was a mistake, Seamus. Draco’s already filled with enough guilt to last a lifetime. I wanted to ask you to visit the Infirmary, but I won’t allow you to go if you even look wrongly at Draco. Draco’s barely holding himself together, and he needs to remain strong for when Harry awakes.” Seamus stared at her as if she had grown three heads, wondering why she was siding with Malfoy when he had put her friend in hospital. Her pregnant friend. In a coma. He’d missed something. Suddenly, it hit him. He narrowed his eyes. “You don’t blame him,” he whispered, shocked. “No,” she said firmly, her face tired and pale. “Why not?” “Because whatever Malfoy does, and believe me, I know he’s far from perfect, he will always love Harry. How would you feel if the person you loved, the person whom you adored, who drove you crazy when near and crazy when apart was lying on a bed, not moving, not even aware that you were by his side?” Seamus lowered his eyes, imagining what he would feel if it was Blaise lying in that bed. “I won’t touch him,” he said quietly.

“Then go to visit.” “I will.” ************ Narcissa, Lucius, Draco, Sirius and Remus sat around Harry’s bedside, eyes fixed on the boy lying as if in a sleep. His chest raised slowly, evenly, under the thick blankets, much to their relief. Draco was holding Harry’s hand, silver eyes filled with inner anguish as he prayed that his husband would wake up unharmed. The door opened, but Draco didn’t look up. It wasn’t until he felt someone staring at him that he raised his head and stared straight into China’s eyes. They weren’t angry. If anything they seemed resigned. Resigned to pain. That made him blink. Why would China be resigned? “China,” he greeted, his voice coming out in a croak. “Draco,” she nodded, eyes moving over to Harry where they softened, love visible in their depths, and Draco froze. Was it possible, he wondered, that China was in love with Harry? He knew that she had had a great affection for his husband but he had never even thought that it could be a romantic type of love. She moved forward and brushed a strand of messy black hair from Harry’s eyes. The gesture made Draco’s eyes narrow in jealousy. “I was angry with you,” she confessed. Draco waited for her to continue, body stiff. “I wanted to yell and scream until I was hoarse…but then I just felt lost…I can’t explain it…” “You love him,” Draco snapped, rage obvious. China turned to face him. “Yes.” Sirius gasped, surprised. “But it isn’t that sort of love. Harry’s perhaps one of the kindest people I have ever met. He never once thought me a nuisance. Instead, he talked to me, listened to my problems and treated me like an adult. He’s like a brother to me. I love him very much.” Draco relaxed at her explanation, seeing the truth in her chocolate brown eyes. Eyes which had never lied to him. They couldn’t. China may have been a holy terror but her eyes betrayed her most of the time. “I left immediately when mother told me what had happened. I had to be here…”

“I understand,” Draco sighed, gesturing for her to sit in the spare seat by Harry’s bed. China smiled, but it was forced. “Thank you.” She sat down, nodding a greeting to the other members of the room. “My sisters wanted to come but mother forbade it. She only let me come because she saw how upset I was and knew I’d come with or without her permission.” “That sounds exactly like something you would do,” Lucius replied, eyes gleaming with amusement. China shrugged. “Harry would do the same for me.” It was true, they all knew. Harry would sit by China’s side night and day if the roles were reversed. In the short time they had known one another China and Harry had managed to bond and create a strange relationship that they didn’t really understand. ********** Seamus made his way to the hospital wing, trepidation making his strides falter. He arrived at the door and took a deep breath to try and control his temper. Ron had told him all about Lucius Malfoy’s anger at his attack on Draco, even if the git deserved it. He pushed the door open and stepped inside. He smiled sheepishly at the heads turned his way. He noticed that Narcissa’s eyes narrowed into angry slits. “Hey,” he mumbled. “Finnigan,” Draco said coolly. “I came to visit him,” Seamus explained, even though he didn’t really need to. It was rather obvious. “Of course,” Draco replied, looking at Seamus briefly. “You don’t mind?” “No.” “Oh, why?” “You are no longer a threat,” Draco shrugged. “Because of what you know about Blaise?” “Yes.”

“Oh…” Seamus moved closer to the bed. He felt unnerved by the unnatural stillness of Harry’s usually energetic body. He frowned, feeling anger but on seeing Draco’s pale face it faded away. Hermione had been right, as usual, not matter what punishment he gave out to the veela the thought of loosing Harry was enough a punishment. “How is he?” “He’s stable.” Seamus nodded. He eyed Narcissa warily. “I was worried about him.” “I thought you’d come,” Draco answered, voice so soft Seamus barely caught it. “I didn’t come to gloat,” Seamus defended himself. Draco couldn’t help the small smile which graced his mouth at Seamus’ words. “I know. You care about him.” “He’s my mate,” Seamus shrugged. “And you fancy him,” Draco pointed out. Seamus flushed. “Well…maybe…I mean, not that Harry’s ugly or anything…I think he’s bloody gorgeous but…wait, that came out wrong! What I meant was that Harry…” Draco rolled his eyes. “Harry’s my friend. I mean, I fancy him, what gay man wouldn’t? He’s bloody beautiful, and you’re a lucky ferret, but I wouldn’t try to touch him against his will. I mean, he chose you over me, don’t ask me why. He loves you.” “Strange as it may sound Finnigan, you’ve just cheered me up.” It had. The reassurance of Harry’s love from a boy who had once been his rival for Harry’s affection made the pain easier to take. Harry would always be his, no matter what happened, and they would be together, even in death. “Good, I don’t want your mother to kill me,” Seamus grinned, paling slightly on seeing Narcissa’s furious eyes. He gulped. “She’s harmless. Sit down Finnigan, and tell me why you are so calm about it.” Seamus sat down hesitantly, eyeing Draco warily. He didn’t want to upset the over

protective veela. He had enough experience on that matter to last him a lifetime and he wanted to keep his body intact. “I know that nothing I could say would make you feel any worse than you feel right now,” Seamus shrugged. “Yes, you’re right,” Draco conceded. ********** Review and tell me what you think of the story so far. Love it or hate? Back to index

Chapter 36: Miracles Sometimes Happen Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Warning: MPREG - MALE PREGNANCY ********** Miracles sometimes happen: Draco awoke, his body still and sore from sitting in the chair all night. As he opened his eyes he looked at Harry, his heart wrenching when he saw how the dim morning light enhanced Harry’s pale features. He looked at Harry’s softly rising chest, relieved. “Morning love,” he whispered. It was something he always liked to do, start the day with a word of affection, and even though Harry probably couldn’t hear him he wasn’t about to stop his tradition. He subconsciously suspected that Harry could hear him. He suspected it was his veela senses telling him through their bond. He leaned over and ghosted his lips of Harry’s immobile ones in a loving kiss. He got no response but he had already expected it, and he clasped Harry’s limp hand tightly in his own. “It’s strange without you here Harry,” he whispered to the silent room, his eyes wandering to the filled chairs surrounding the bed. No one had left that night. “I’m used to seeing you…so alive…so filled with spirit. It hurts to see you lying there,” he admitted, squeezing the hand he was holding.

He looked down into Harry’s face, hoping that he would open those green eyes which he had hopelessly fallen in love with. “I was angry at you for rejecting my apology. I was only trying to protect you, you know. You mean everything to me. I would never have allowed you to carry a child if it meant that I could loose you. Yes, there is a danger, but my father and Severus have assured me that you and the baby will be alright. It’ll be just like a normal pregnancy…it’s the early months which are the most dangerous…the chance of a miscarriage is at its highest…” he trailed off, knowing that Harry had nearly lost the baby, tears making his voice go husky. “I can’t believe I nearly lost you. If only I had stayed…I always did have too much pride. I’m so sorry Harry. Please come back to me. I love you.” He broke off, blinking his eyes to stop the threatening tears. Tears which ached to be shed, but he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t cry when he had hope. “It was maddening you know, at first, when I found out you were my mate. The attraction to you was so great, so powerful, that it took my breath away. Every time I looked at you I wanted to kiss you, hold you, and make you mine. So I went to Dumbledore and he arranged the meeting. Your Godfather was furious, claimed that he didn’t think I was the right one for you and he didn’t want to force you into doing anything you didn’t want to do. He loves you so much, you know. I can tell. He’s been here since last night, going mad with worry… I know I’m over protective and possessive of you…I try to calm down, and succeed most of the time, but I always fear that someday…someday that you’ll not be here. I wake up in the mornings and I pray with all my heart that it’s you in my bed, in my arms. It’s the most amazing thing, you know, to wake up to you. You probably don’t believe me. You never understood why I care about you, and I blame those muggles for that. I know that they hurt you, and you’ve told me a few things but I know that there’s more. I won’t pressure you into telling me, but someday I hope that you can talk to me about it. I want to know. I want to know everything about you. I got those pictures developed…the ones I took of you by the beach…I forgot to show them to you…but I think you’ll like them, even if I forbid you to show your Godfather…and your friends. I doubt that they’d like the way I make the most of your best features,” he laughed harshly, trying to control his emotions. “You’d be embarrassed by them…I know you would. But you looked so beautiful…you are beautiful…I know they all say that you look like your father, but you don’t, not really. You have his hair, even if yours is longer now,” he mused, reaching out to stroke the soft strands. “It’s so soft. You have the most amazing smile you know. Your lips tug upwards, the left side slightly higher than the right…You’re probably thinking I’m weird now, noticing all these little things…I love to watch you though… Your skin’s like silk…it tastes like whipped cream…and your perfect…Merlin…that first night, at Christmas, when I saw you completely for the first time I was stunned…I’ve never

seen anyone as perfect as you, and I know you know about the other people I’ve slept with, in the past. The most amazing day of my life was the day we got married, and the bonding. I’ll never forget that for as long as I lived…you were so beautiful, and you didn’t even know it! That’s what stunned me. Everyone was looking at you and you never noticed their looks, their faces…you just wanted me… When you proposed to me…ever the Gryffindor…you had to have all the romance… moonlight…almost cliché…that’s what I love about you…you’re so naive…so vulnerable, and even when you deny it you know it’s true. Oh, you can stick up for yourself no problem, but when it really hurts, you hide it, but I see it. I always saw it. Your eyes give you away. They’re so bright, so filled with every emotion I can think of. I love the way they sparkle when you are happy, and the way you look at me and with one look you can tell me that I’m your entire world…Just like you are mine. When I told you that I thought you were pregnant, I have to admit that I had suspected it before that night. It was always there, I guess…it must be my veela senses…but when Madame Pomfrey told us that you were carrying our child, conceived on our wedding night, I was so happy, so thrilled. I couldn’t believe it… It was perfect, absolutely perfect.” Draco paused, a hand moving to carefully caress the still boy’s stomach. “I know we’ve had a bad start. You were afraid to bond, we argued, hell we’ve always argued! I guess that its just a habit of ours to go back to our earlier behaviour when we’re hurt…its so easy to pretend that it isn’t real Harry, but it is, and no matter how many times we argue, no matter how many times we yell and scream at each other, I know I’ll always love you. That’s what hurt Harry, because I know that without you I couldn’t survive, and yet you could live without me. Merlin Harry, you balance me, alright? I mean, you must have noticed how easy it was for you to get me to do something for you? At the wedding when I wanted to hex Marcus Flint and that other boy Michael for talking about you like that you just came up to me and told me that you wanted me to dance with you. And I did. Pride be damned Harry, I’d do anything for you and the baby. Wake up Harry, please wake up.” ********** Hermione and Ron, who were sitting in chairs next to one another, listened in silence to Draco’s speech. The blond never noticed that they were awake. When they knew that Draco had finished, they stared, wide eyed, at each other, before sitting up, stretching their stiff bodies. Draco didn’t even look at them. He was too busy pulling the blankets further up the boy in the bed. “Morning Draco,” Hermione said softly.

“Hermione.” “Are you alright?” Ron blurted out. Draco eyed them coolly. He had always been slightly detached from them, even though he got along with them for Harry’s sake. He didn’t need then, he just needed Harry, but Harry wanted him to get to know them. Harry wanted them to all be friends. “I’m fine Ron.” Ron nodded, not saying anything about the first name basis Draco had started to use. His eyes turned to Harry, and softened noticeably. “Has he woken up?” “No.” “Where’s Madame Pomfrey?” “She said that she needed to go to sleep. She cast a spell over herself so that she would wake immediately if anything changed with Harry’s condition though.” Hermione nodded, satisfied. “I’m going to the kitchen to get some breakfast for us all, do you want anything?” “Just a drink of black coffee,” Draco murmured, eyeing them with gratitude. Hermione and Ron nodded, making their way out of the infirmary. As soon as the doors shut, they looked at one another. “He really loves him,” Ron whispered. Hermione rolled her eyes. “Of course he does.” “I knew he cared…and that he was a veela and Harry was his mate but I never knew just how much Harry meant to him.” “You’re blind most of the time,” Hermione said lightly, a teasing note in her voice. Ron laughed quietly. “Yeah,” he agreed. ********** When everyone was settled, eating their breakfasts in silence, Madame Pomfrey appeared. She made her way straight to Harry and pulled the blankets off him. Draco eyed her warily; his veela instincts wanting to protect while his human mind told him that the

woman wouldn’t hurt his mate or child. “I need to examine him,” she said bluntly. Ron choked when he saw the woman begin to remove his best friend’s clothes. “All of him?” Madame Pomfrey eyed Ron scathingly. “How else do you expect me to check whether he and the baby are healthy Mr. Weasley?” “Me and Ron will go wait outside,” Hermione said firmly, grabbing her friend and dragging him out of the room. Sirius shook his head at them, understanding their embarrassment. Narcissa stood up. “I’ll leave as well,” she said, sauntering out after the two. Once Harry’s clothes were removed Madame Pomfrey began moving her hands over Harry’s body, checking to see whether his brain had been damaged by the fall. She began rubbing a cream allover him, letting it soak into the skin. “What’s that for?” “It’s to make sure his body doesn’t get dehydrated.” Sirius looked at her oddly. “The potion absorbs into the bloodstream and gives him the water and nutrients he and the baby need,” she said simply. “Oh…” Lucius snorted, earning a weak smile from his son. “Is the baby all right?” Draco asked anxiously, watching her hands travel over Harry’s stomach. “It appears to be, yes,” she said, nodding approvingly. “His condition is better than last night?” Lucius said quickly, leaning forward. “Yes.” Sirius, Remus, and Draco sagged with relief, tension easing from their bodies. “Good,” Draco whispered, stroking Harry’s cheek. “He should wake up today, his head is healing nicely.”

“Today?” “Yes.” Draco let out a soft cry, unable to stop the tears that slipped down his face. Lucius was by his side in an instant, putting a strong arm around his shoulders to offer comfort. The others seemed surprised by the visible gesture of affection by the usually cold older man, especially Madame Pomfrey who hadn’t seen him looking after Harry. Lucius sneered. “Is there a problem?” “Of course not,” Madame Pomfrey flushed, tuning back to Harry. ********** Dumbledore sat in his office, sketching out a letter which would tell the Ministry of Magic the condition their Saviour was in. Cornelius Fudge had been trying to discover why the boy wasn’t in his classes since the first day. “Dear Cornelius, Harry Potter, student at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, has been in the Infirmary under Madame Pomfrey’s excellent care. It is nothing serious, but it was safer for Harry himself to remain in an environment which would suit his needs. I will pass on your regards and concerns of his safety when I next see him, Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwart’s. It would do, he decided. It was brief but not too vague. Cornelius would most certainly be satisfied. If the boy was alive, then Cornelius was happy. After all, the whole wizarding world would have his head if anything happened to Harry. He sighed. He wasn’t as concerned about Harry as he was the baby. Harry had the magical strength to pull through, Dumbledore had no doubt about that, but he was worried about whether or not the baby would live, even though Madame Pomfrey had assured him that the baby would most likely be fine and develop normally. *********** It was midnight, and as of yet Harry had not shown any signs of waking. Madame Pomfrey had already gone to bed, the same spell as the night before firmly in place in case Harry decided to wake. Sirius and Remus were asleep, curled up in one bed, Lucius and Narcissa in another, while Ron and Hermione slept in their respective, individual beds in Gryffindor Tower. Draco, of course, was wide awake, holding Harry’s hand tightly. “Wake up Harry,” he pleaded softly, trying not to wake the other occupants of the Hospital Wing.

Harry squeezed his hand. Draco’s eyes widened in shock, and he leaned over, examining Harry’s face closely, relief in his eyes. “Harry?” “Hmmm,” Harry mumbled tiredly, his eyes fluttering, before closing with a sigh. “Thank Merlin,” Draco breathed, reaching out a shaking hand to caress Harry’s cheek, wanting to throw himself at Harry and not wanting to hurt him as well. “Are you alright?” Draco asked softly. “Hmmm…” Harry moaned, not able to answer. “Help him to sit up,” Madame Pomfrey commanded, appearing by the bed. She was holding a glass of water. Draco leaned over and helped Harry to sit up, leaning against the pillows. He moaned in pain as his head was jolted, even though Draco had been as careful as he could. Madame Pomfrey placed the glass to Harry’s lips, stroking his throat to encourage him to swallow. Harry sighed in gratitude as the cool water soothed his throat. She pulled away and placed the glass beside the bed. Harry eyed her through slightly dazed green eyes. The nurse tutted, reaching out to collect a headache remover draught from the collection prepared by Harry’s bed. “You had us worried Harry,” Draco whispered, kissing the hand he was holding, and praying that Harry wouldn’t reject him. Harry squeezed his hand. “Sorry,” he managed to muttered. “It’s not your fault…its mine,” Draco said harshly. Harry appeared as f he wanted to argue, but didn’t have the strength. He was barely keeping his eyes open, but he wanted to stay awake long enough to make sure that everything was ok. He was relieved to see Draco by his bed. Draco nodded, raising the goblet Madame Pomfrey handed him to Harry’s lips. Harry took a tentative sip, wincing at the sour taste. Madame Pomfrey tutted. “You don’t have to like it Potter.” “Malfoy,” Harry corrected, making Draco’s aching heart ease a little, even if the voice had been croaky and had been filled with pain. “Hmmm,” the nurse muttered.

After Harry had finished drinking the potion Draco passed the empty goblet to the waiting nurse. “How do you feel?” “Better.” “Good.” She made to turn away, when Draco called her name out softly. “He’ll be alright? He doesn’t need no more potions or anything else?” “He just needs a natural sleep,” she said simply. Harry nodded tiredly, smiling sleepily at his husband. He tugged the blankets down and shuffled to one side. Draco eyed him hesitantly. “I won’t sleep properly without you,” Harry admitted, voice still slightly husky and slurred. Draco smiled softly, pulling off his robe before climbing in. Instantly, Harry snuggled up next to him, Draco’s arms winding around his waist, protecting him and their child. Harry lifted his head and laid it on his shoulder, kissing Draco’s chin affectionately. His head hurt like mad but he wanted to try and make Draco understand that he didn’t blame him. He felt as if he could sleep for a week…or two…He ached all over… “Love you,” he slurred. “I love you too.” “I know…I heard you.” “You heard me?” Draco asked, shocked. Harry nodded his head slightly, trying to avoid the stab of pain he predicted would occur if he moved his head too much. “When…*yawn*…I was…*yawn*…asleep…” “Everything?” “Yes…The baby?” Harry murmured, green eyes dulled slightly from a combination of pain and tiredness. “Fine.” Harry cried out softly in relief. “Sleep,” Draco commanded. Harry nodded, eyes fluttering closed as sleep overcome him.

“Good night love,” Draco murmured, kissing his sleeping face lovingly, before settling down further into the bed. ********** “You mean he was awake?” Sirius asked joyfully. Madame Pomfrey tutted. “Will you be quiet Mr. Black. The boys need rest!” “Yeah,” Sirius muttered, distracted by a strange noise coming from the bed. Harry’s eyes fluttered open, amusement obvious in the green depths. He yawned, burying his face into Draco’s shoulder. “Harry?” Sirius asked hesitantly, moving closer. “Hey Siri,” Harry murmured. “Thank Merlin,” Sirius breathed, rushing over to the bed to gather Harry into his arms. Draco awoke with a start, looking severely annoyed. “Do you mind sodding off Black?” he scowled, pulling Harry back against his body. Harry laughed softly, wincing with pain almost immediately after he had started. Draco noticed immediately. “Feeling better?” “Hmmm.” “Do you need a potion?” “No.” Harry didn’t want anything else to dope him. He wanted to stay awake. “You should have slept you know,” Harry scolded, eyes playful. “How could I sleep knowing that you might not wake up?” Draco looked horrified at the very thought. “That’s so sweet.” “I’m not sweet,” Draco protested, closing his eyes. “Hmm…whatever you say Draco.” “I am not.”

Harry made a soft noise of contentment when Draco pulled him further under the covers, snuggling down into the others boy’s body heat. He felt Draco press a soft kiss on the column of his throat, nuzzling him softly. Sirius pulled the blankets further up them, ruffling Harry’s messy hair gently, careful not to aggravate his head in fear of causing any more pain. Madame Pomfrey tapped her wand onto her clipboard, her eyes roving down the parchment as she tried to evaluate the condition her patient was in. Her lips pursed. “You seem to have escaped the coma in a good physical condition, over all. You will have headaches for several days, and I want you to rest as much as you can to try and gain the strength you lost. You need to eat lighter meals to build up your appetite again; I’ll have the house elves prepare you a lamb stew…” “But the baby is all right?” Harry asked anxiously, biting his lip. “The baby is fine. It seems that you were unconsciously using your own magic to conserve your child, which is why you may be weak over the next few days.” “You mean I saved my baby?” Harry asked, surprise visible on his face. Draco held him tighter. “It seems so, Mr. Malfoy,” Madame Pomfrey soothed. “Good.” The relief on Harry’s face caused her to smile. Really, she thought, the boy was more worried about his child than he was about his own health. “I would, however, like to know what happened.” Harry frowned, thinking back. The memory was rather vague, he realised. “I don’t really remember…I think I was sick…” “You must have slipped off the bed,” Madame Pomfrey said easily, hiding her concern at the memory loss. She would have to keep a closer eye on him. The side effects of the fall and coma may interfere with his health and pregnancy at a later date, if she wasn’t careful. ********** This week the choices are: More information about the baby Seamus Finnigan *grins* Review and tell me what you think so far.

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Chapter 37: Guests Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Warning: MPREG - Male Pregnancy *********** Guests: It wasn’t long after Madame Pomfrey had concluded that Harry was in fact in good health, and Lucius, who had no idea that Harry had awoken, was preparing to go down to the hospital wing. He was therefore surprised to find an owl, which seemed to eye him disapprovingly, perched on the chair next to China. China had spent the night on a magically transfigured bed in the tower, claiming that she would remain at Hogwart’s until Harry was fit enough. She was seated on the sofa, eyeing the owl with mischievous amusement. Narcissa, who had been seating next to her, simply stared at he girl, reprimanding her for her ‘unladylike’ behaviour. Lucius untied the letter and the owl took off, flying out of the opened window. China moved over to close it, answering his question about who had opened the window and let the creature in in the first place. He opened the wax seal, recognising Albus Dumbledore’s family crest, and pulled out the sheet of parchment. He began to read: “Mr. Malfoy, I wish to inform you of the sudden awakening of your son-in-law, last night. He has been resting over the night, and has been given a thorough check by Madame Pomfrey. He and the baby appear to be healthy, although Harry does need to gain back the strength he lost when trying to save his child with his own magic. Madame Pomfrey declares him fit enough to have visitors. Albus Dumbledore.” Lucius couldn’t help but let his body sag in relief at the words. It seemed that the

precautions to preserve his son’s sanity were not needed, and that he, Harry, and his grandchild were healthy. He was not surprised to discover that it had been Harry himself, who had craved for a family, who had saved his child’s life in risk of his own. He was, after all, the typical self-sacrificing Gryffindor. “What does it say?” China asked anxiously, her eyes filled with worry. “It seems that Harry is awake.” China let out a cry of delight, a grin on her face. Narcissa relaxed, but her eyes were still on the letter, no doubt wondering on the condition Harry and the unborn child was in. She wasn’t heartless; her love and family loyalty was often misplaced but she did care. “The child is stable as well. It seems that the reason why Harry was in a coma was because he was trying to keep the baby alive by using his own magic and strength resources.” “That’s something Harry would do,” China remarked with a grin. “So, can we go see him?” “Yes, Madame Pomfrey declares that he is fit enough to see visitors, but I won’t have you upsetting him or making him tired, China. He’s been through a lot and his body cannot take any more physical accidents or strain.” “Understood,” China grinned. ********** Albus Dumbledore sipped on his tea, a thoughtful frown on his face. He stared into the brown liquid, relishing the feel of the hot cup cradled in his wizened hands. He loved a cup of tea, it warmed him through. His muse was interrupted by the soft snort, deliberately made to attract his attention. Dumbledore smiled serenely at the man seated opposite him, a smile lighting his merry blue eyes. Severus merely scowled, the usual expression which adorned his face when he was wary. Severus no doubt expected him to want him to do something. “Voldemort appears to have an interest in the child, you say?” “Yes.” “Hmm….” Severus raised an eyebrow questioningly. “I must admit that I did suspect that he would. After all, a child born from the heir of Gryffindor, Merlin and Slytherin would be powerful…but add that to the veela genes Draco Malfoy gives and the child will be invincible.” “No one is invincible,” Severus reminded him coldly, not liking the way that the other man planned to use an innocent child to be his tool. The baby would be innocent, how could it not, when its ‘mother’ was Potter, the boy who lived merely to make Severus go grey and old. He had wasted countless years trying to make sure that the brat stayed alive and look

where it had gotten him; the boy had gotten himself into even more trouble, bonded to a veela, and pregnant. The boy would never have an easy life, and Severus knew that Harry would do anything Dumbledore asked, for the sake of the wizarding world. However, sacrificing the baby which he had risked his own life to save would not be something Potter would do. If Dumbledore even tried to force Harry into giving up his child he would lose the hold he had on him, and Draco Malfoy would insist on taking him away. Draco would not appreciate the danger aimed towards his mate and child, and Lucius himself would try to make sure that his first grandchild, a boy heir, would be safe. “Hmmm…” “Voldemort will want to know where the Potter boy has been for the past few days,” Severus interrupted his trail of thought. “Then you will tell him the truth.” “What if he uses the boy’s weak state to try and get to him and the child?” “I must admit that I am not sure of Voldemort’s attentions towards the child but we must try to find out. Try to measure his reaction when you tell him of Harry’s near death experience.” “At least he will trust me more if I tell him the truth about this. It will seem more believable that I am telling him something against your wishes because no one outside of Hogwart’s knows that Potter has been in the hospital wing.” “Yes. What we need is time.” “Voldemort may not be prepared to give us time,” Severus snipped, aware of how impetuous the Dark Lord really was. It seemed that Voldemort’s sanity had taken a nasty blow after his encounter with one-year-old Harry Potter. “Then we will make time. We cannot have Voldemort gain access to Harry when he is in such a vulnerable condition.” “Then what do you propose?” “I do not know, until we have knowledge on Voldemort’s plans. We have to wait.” Dumbledore smiled at Severus’ disgruntled expression, clearly amused. “Lemon drop, Severus?” “No thank you,” was the snarled reply. Dumbledore chuckled. ***********

Harry looked up in surprise when China flung herself through the doors, a laugh escaping from her parted lips as she literally flung herself at Harry, who wrapped his arms around her, surprised by her emotion. “I was so worried,” she whispered softly, her voice muffled by his pajama top. Harry heard it and smiled. “I’m fine. It was a stupid thing to do anyway. I mean, I fell off the bed,” Harry murmured, trying to lighten up the situation. China sobbed. “I don’t think I could bare it if you left, you know. I mean, I know we’ve only known one another for a short time, but…” Harry cut her off by placing a hand over his mouth, briefly acknowledging that Lucius and Narcissa had entered the room and were glaring icily at the girl in his arms. “I know what you mean. I’d miss you too.” China smiled, wiping the few tears which had escaped, away. “You’re stuck with me now then,” China said with a slightly forced grin. “Good. You can baby sit.” Draco, who had been sitting next to Harry on the bed and who had watched the scene with amusement, snorted. They looked at him. “If you think that I am going to leave my child in her care you are sadly mistaken. We’d come back and find the baby scared out of its wits.” “I would not harm the baby!” China cried, angry. Harry laughed lightly. “Ignore him China, he’s just being over protective,” Harry muttered, green eyes gleaming with amusement as he leaned over and caressed Draco’s cheek lovingly. The room’s occupants watched as Draco immediately relaxed. “Good boy,” Harry grinned. Draco glared, but it was so weak that Harry and China burst into laughter. “I am glad that you escaped with barely any injuries, Harry,” Lucius interrupted, sitting down in the chair Sirius had been sitting in before Remus had dragged him off to sleep. The animagus had barely slept since Harry’s accident, and had been falling asleep in the seat.

“Yeah, me too,” Harry said softly, squirming slightly. “I must admit that we were worried,” Lucius said calmly. Harry nodded, understanding. “I’m sorry. I promise that I won’t try to do anything so stupid again…” “It was my fault,” Draco objected harshly. Harry gave him a look which clearly said ‘shut up.’ Draco ignored it. “We’ll discuss that later,” Harry said firmly. Draco nodded. “The only thing that matters is that the baby is fine and healthy. Madame Pomfrey said the reason why I was in the coma was because I was using my own magic to make sure my baby survived,” Harry said thoughtfully. “It is possible,” Narcissa said simply. “I guess. I mean, I knew that there was a chance that a fall could harm my baby…” “You are very lucky that you are so stubborn,” Lucius said with a smirk. “You have no idea,” Draco mumbled. “What was that dear?” Harry asked, vice soft and teasing but there was a gleam in Harry’s eyes which told Draco that he was treading on thin ground. Draco inwardly smiled, realising that Harry had come through the coma ok, if he could laugh and joke about such trivial things. “Nothing,” Draco smiled innocently. China giggled. “We might need to arrange for you to stay at the Manor for the duration of your pregnancy,” Narcissa said suddenly. Harry looked up, green eyes wide with surprise and trepidation. “Why?” “It’s clearly not safe for you to remain in the school. You need to be supervised at all times…” Harry paled. “You’re going to lock me up?” “NO!”

Everyone was startled by the venomous tone of Draco’s voice. He was glaring at his mother coldly, his arms moving to gather Harry closely to his own body; possessively and protectively. He clearly thought that his mother was trying to interfere with their bond. What Narcissa didn’t realise was that Draco had sensed the fear in Harry at the thought of being taken away and locked away. He remembered vividly the way that Harry had been forced to grow up and he knew that he couldn’t allow his mate to be treated like that again. Harry would not stand for being taken away from his ‘home’. He loved Hogwart’s and Draco didn’t want to see the effect of being taken away from his family and friends would have on him. He had promised himself that Harry would never go back to that way of life, and he meant it. “Harry will stay at Hogwart’s.” “Draco, you would come with Harry to the Manor,” Narcissa tried to calm him, not realising why he was so upset. Draco glared harder. “We both want to remain at Hogwart’s,” Draco said through gritted tear. Harry nodded. “I want to stay here,” he murmured, avoiding everyone’s eyes. Lucius narrowed his eyes thoughtfully, before nodding his assent. “It is probably better for both you and the child to remain under Madame Pomfrey’s care. I insist that you not be left alone, for any period of time, until after the baby is born.” Harry nodded, accepting the boundaries placed on him eagerly, clearly relieved at being allowed to stay where he was. “I’ll stay with him at all times,” Draco promised, knowing that his veela instincts would force him to stay by Harry’s side no matter what, even if he wasn’t hopelessly in love with the stubborn Gryffindor. “Good.” Narcissa was clearly annoyed at having her idea dismissed so easily. She wanted Harry and Draco under her own watchful eyes so that she could know if her son was safe. She was also worried about the child her son’s mate carried. It was her grandchild, the child she had craved since she had been denied other children from her own body. “You will come to the Manor for the Summer Holidays?” she asked coolly. Draco nodded. “If Harry wishes to. He may want to stay at Hogwart’s.” “No, it’s alright. We can go to the Manor if you like,” Harry smiled, face earnest. He knew

that Draco loved the Manor. It was his home. “Then we will go. After the baby is born, and it is safe, we will arrange to move into my Grandfather’s house.” Harry’s eyes lit up with interest. “What’s it like?” “It’s not as grand as the Manor is, but it’s beautiful. It’s situated near a valley in Wales. It’s in the Snowdonia mountains — beautiful views,” Draco described, frowning as he considered the house he didn’t really remember. “It’s quite large…On the ground floor there is the main entrance with the staircase, which leads to the two wings upstairs. The ground floor consists of here two reception rooms, one for family and one for guests, two studies, a huge library, a ballroom, and the kitchens. Upstairs there are twenty bedrooms, all with en-suites of course, in the left wing. The right wing consists of the family quarters. It has a large Master bedroom with en-suite, it also has a several large rooms connected to it, which would be suitable for the children…” “It’s huge,” Harry said, a little overawed by Draco’s description. Draco laughed. “It was built to entertain, but I will not force you to invite guests over or to hold extravagant dinner parties. The balls room and other such rooms are merely there if they are needed, and the bedrooms are there if you wish to have friends over to stay,” Draco replied, looking pointedly over to China. Harry laughed. “When we move in you can pick your own room,” Harry suggested. China beamed at him, loving the thought of being able to visit in the school holidays. “I’d love to,” she enthused. “And of course you will want your Godfather and Lupin to stay, as well as Weasley and Granger…Finnigan as well,” Draco said casually. Harry raised amused eyes to stare at him. “Seamus?” “He dropped by when you were unconscious,” Draco admitted. Harry smiled. “I’m glad you didn’t decide to kill him.” “He’s in love with Blaise,” Draco shrugged.

Harry laughed. “I know. It’ll be amusing to see how they interact with one another. When we move in we can ask them to stop with us…” Draco nodded. ********** I hope you liked the Malfoy’s in this chapter. Choices: Ron, Hermione and Seamus visit More on the prophecy More Seamus and Blaise

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Chapter 38: The Prophecy Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Warning: MPREG - MALE PREGNANCY ********** The Prophecy: Hermione, Ron and Seamus were sitting in the Common Room, huddled near the fireplace. They were waiting to be summoned to the Hospital Wing. Madame Pomfrey had told them to go back to Gryffindor Tower and rest, and that she would call them to visit when it was a suitable time. Ron bit his lip. "Do you think he's awake by now?"

"I don't know," sighed Hermione. "But he won't be…well…dead?" Seamus rolled his eyes. "No," Hermione said firmly. "Oh…" Hermione glared at him, waiting for his next question. "When do you think we'll be allowed to visit again?" "Soon." "But...." "Ron?" asked Hermione, smiling sweetly. "Yeah?" "SHUT UP!" ********** Minerva McGonagall made her way into Gryffindor Tower, her lips pressed into a stern look. She caught sight of a group of third years playing Exploding Snap, and her lips twitched in amusement. It was a freshening change to see young children acting their age. She caught sight of Hermione, Ron and Seamus and made her way over to them, the other children giving her bright smiles and nods of respect. She was their Head of House, after all, and well liked by her students. "Miss. Granger, Mr. Weasley, Mr. Finnigan," she greeted. They looked up at her, their eyes filled with a mixture of hope and fear. They clearly weren't sure whether or not she had brought good news, or the worst news. "I am glad to inform you that Mr. Potter, or should I say Malfoy, has awoken, and is currently recovering from his ordeal in the hospital wing." Ron let out a cry of delight, causing the other students, to stare at them. "Is he all right? And the baby?" Hermione asked, leaning forward. "I have been told that both Mr. Malfoy and the baby are in a good condition," she said, her stern lips twitching as she repressed a smile. It was comforting, she thought, that children could bond so strongly with one another. These three would go through hell to remain at their friend's side. "Can we go to see him?" Seamus asked.

"Yes, if you behave," she said, giving them a pointed look. Ron grinned at her innocently. *********** Harry was sitting on the bed, wrapped up in the blankets Draco had draped over him, drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate, when his friends entered the room. He couldn't stop the grin which appeared on seeing how anxious his best friends were. He was unprepared for Hermione bursting into loud sobs. He hastily looked at Ron, who was staring at the girl warily. "Hermione? Are you alright?" Harry stood up, silencing Draco's protest with a look. He moved closer and hugged her tightly, guessing correctly that her she was currently going through her monthly roller coaster mood swings. She sobbed into his shoulder, her cries causing Harry to wince. He hated it when Hermione cried. The studious girl had obviously been greatly affected by his coma, and he hated hurting her. She was his best friend. Oh, Ron was his first friend, but Hermione had stood by him through thick and thin, always. "Hey, it's alright," he soothed. "I've been so worried," she moaned. Harry sighed, pulling her to the bed where Draco was eyeing them in amusement. He was clearly surprised at seeing the usually reserved girl break down. It was a rare occurrence, at least to the rest of the school. Ron and Harry, who had been around Hermione since they became friends after the troll incident, had seen Hermione in all of her moods. Tears were the worst though, as Harry never really knew how to cope under the onslaught of a teary eyed girl. He was terrified of making things worse. "Are you okay now?" he asked after her sobs had reduced to sniffled. She nodded, eyes red rimmed. "Sorry," she murmured sheepishly. "It's been a long few days." "Yeah, it has," Harry agreed, smiling at Ron and Seamus. "I'm glad you're all right mate," Ron said, looking awkward. Harry grinned. "Yeah," he agreed. He watched as Ron's eyes moved down to his stomach. "The baby's fine," he assured them, smiling at Draco when the other boys right hand moved to slip under his top and caress his bare skin. "We knew you'd make it," Seamus smiled, eyes narrowing slightly at Draco.

Harry sighed. "It wasn't his fault, Seamus. I was at fault as well. I should have been more careful, and I shouldn't have pushed him away." "He still should have stayed with you," Seamus muttered. Draco ran a hand through his hair, ruffling the blonde strands in an endearing way. "I've already apologised, and it won't happen again," Draco said firmly. Harry rolled his eyes playfully. "Draco?" "Yes?" "Can you get me a drink of hot chocolate?" Draco was out of the door in an instant, making the other four laugh loudly. It seemed that Draco had forgotten that Harry had already got a drink of hot chocolate. Harry saw Seamus relaxed and inwardly sighed with relief. Seamus was a constant in his life at the moment and he didn't want to loose him. ********** It was later that night when Draco made his way up to Dumbledore's office. He knew that he had to tell someone about the prophecy, as he didn't really understand it and he needed to know what it meant so that he could protect his family. He stood outside the gargoyle guarding Dumbledore's office and sighed. He didn't know the password. "Sugar Quills?" Nothing. "Canary Creams?" Nothing. "Blood flavoured lolly pops?" Nothing. Draco fought back the sudden urge to hex it. He didn't have much time and every second he was fighting the urge to run back to the Infirmary, where he had left Harry under the suitable care of his Godfather and Remus Lupin. He knew that they wouldn't harm his mate. He trusted them, but he wanted to be by Harry's side, to watch him sleep.

"Veela in love?" It opened. Draco sighed. Trust Dumbledore to be such a romantic fool. Gryffindors, he thought, but instantly softened when he thought of his own Gryffindor, belly ripe with his child - their child. He made his way to Dumbledore's office door and knocked. He heard the old man call 'enter'. He wasn't surprised to see Lucius and Severus Snape seated before the Headmaster, but they were obviously surprised to see him apart from his mate. Draco hastily thought of something else other than his mate, before he decided to go back and check up on Harry. "Draco?" Lucius asked, concerned. "I wanted to tell you about a prophecy." Dumbledore conjured up a cup of tea, gesturing for him to seat down on a chair next to his father. Draco complied, accepting the sweet liquid gratefully. He didn't know how to start. "Prophecy?" Lucius asked, raising an eyebrow. Draco nodded, eyes slightly out of focus as he tried to remember the words Professor Trelawney had spoken. "What did Professor Trelawney say?" Dumbledore asked. Draco looked at him, startled out of his thoughts. How did Dumbledore know it had been her who made the prophecy? Draco shrugged it off as Dumbledore knowing everything, as usual. "It's already made the wrong choice that can never be rectified...alone... in darkness. Now that the Serpent has raised once again, a Phoenix rises from the ashes; the creation of the Marked and the Bonded…It is the Phoenix who decides on the fate of the wizarding world. The Phoenix shall be the Judge," Draco quoted. "Hmm." Dumbledore mused, stroking his chin thoughtfully. "The Serpent is more than likely Voldemort," Lucius pointed out. Severus nodded, agreeing with the other man. "But who's the Phoenix?" "The creation of the Marked and the Bonded…Harry was marked by Lord Voldemort on the night he defeated the Dark Lord for the first time." Dumbledore sighed. "So I am the Bonded?" "It would appear so."

The implications of that hit Draco hard in the chest. His eyes went wide with terror. "Then the baby is the Phoenix," Draco choked. Lucius reached out and grabbed Draco's hand, which had been clenching the cup in his hand to tightly that his knuckles were white. He never noticed. His child, the baby Harry had nearly sacrificed himself to save, was more than likely going to die - to save the world. Draco felt like crying. "I won't allow it! The baby won't be involved. I won't allow you to use our child as a pawn in the war," Draco yelled, throwing the cup so that it smashed against the far wall. "If it has been prophesized then it shall be so," Dumbledore said tiredly. "I'll make it not true! Harry would rather die than let our child die! He nearly killed himself in that coma protecting the baby," Draco raged, fury in his eyes. Lucius hastily grabbed his son's wand. As much as he would love to see Draco hexing his Headmaster (Lucius secretly thought that the old man deserved it) he knew that they needed to discuss this before it got out of hand. He knew that Voldemort had an interest in the child, but if word of this prophecy ever got out then the Dark Lord would have a greater interest in Harry and his child, and that had to be avoided at all costs. Harry was very vulnerable in his condition. The child was also his grandchild, the new heir to the Malfoy estate and fortune, and Lucius would protect it with his own life if need be. His family came first before serving the man he had called Master for years. Lucius also knew that Draco would go ballistic if Dumbledore used the baby as a pawn. Veela were very protective of their children and mates, and if Voldemort ever got his hands on them Lucius knew he'd loose his son. "Your child will be safe, I promise you Draco. I will protect them both." Draco turned wide silver eyes on him and Lucius inwardly shivered at the helplessness in the grey depths. He had never seen his son helpless. Even with Harry in the coma there had been hope. Hope that he would be with his love no matter what. But to loose his mate and the only connection to their love in one go. "Every time we finally get everything sorted more problems occur," Draco choked. "I know, Draco." It seemed that his son was not destined for an easy life. "I want my son and Harry to be protected." "They will be," Severus interrupted softly. Draco smiled weakly at the other man. He trusted Severus Snape. In fact, he had a lot of

admiration for the other man who had spied for the Light even at risk of his own life. Severus had also saved Harry's life time and time again. "Thank you." "We need to wait, and see what will happen when the child is born," Dumbledore said softly. "Does anyone else know about the prophecy?" Severus asked sharply. "Remus and Sirius," Draco admitted. Severus scowled. "Those mutts? What on earth possessed you to tell them?" "Although they are sometimes irresponsible, I know that they would protect Harry and the baby. Harry is as good as their own child. He's the only link to their past - to their best friends. I trust them." Severus nodded, knowing that it was pointless to argue. The veela blood running through Draco's veins would not have allowed him to leave Harry with those he considered a 'threat'. "I will tell them to keep it to themselves." "It would be better if Harry were not to know," Lucius said softly. Draco looked at him, silently, before nodding. "Yes," he agreed. "Harry's not well enough to cope with the strain and he might do something stupid if he realizes that the baby is in danger. He needs to get through the pregnancy before we tell him." "He's vulnerable," Severus admitted grudgingly. "Yes," Draco smiled sadly. ********** Draco made his way back to the Infirmary quickly, his long legs covering the ground easily. He paused outside the doors, making sure that he didn't make a sound which could wake his sleeping mate. He entered, sighing with relief on seeing Remus and Sirius next to his husband. "Has he woken?" "No," Sirius murmured, eyeing Harry lovingly. Draco paused, not sure what to say. He needed to phrase his words carefully. "I have told Dumbledore about the prophecy."

"Oh?" He had captured their attention easily. They stared at him with worried eyes. "He's told me not to worry about it yet," Draco lied. "Harry doesn't need to know." They believed him instantly. They believed everything Dumbledore said, or supposedly said. "What is it about?" "Its better you don't know everything," Draco said vaguely. Remus frowned, clearly wanting to ask questions. A sleepy yawn stopped him and all eyes turned to stare at the bed, where the sleeping figure was waking. Harry stretched idly, arching his back like a cat before opening languid green eyes. He smiled at them, flashing even white teeth, before shuffling under the covers for warmth. "What were you talking about?" "Nothing," Sirius said instantly. Harry eyed them in amusement. He turned emerald eyes onto his husband, pouting his lower lips slightly in a way he knew made the veela melt. Draco clenched his fists at his sides tightly, determined not to give in. The truth was, he had never seen Harry look so desirable. The messy black hair cascaded over creamy white skin, slightly flushed from pleasant dreams. The pyjama top, made of black silk, was a perfect contrast to the soft, alluring skin of Harry's chest, which was visible from the top few buttons which Harry had left open. The green eyes looked as if they were going to close in dreamy slumber yet again, lashes half closed as Harry peered up at him. Combined with rosy lips which were pouted slightly to try and get him to cave in, Draco was having a hard time to control the desire coursing through his body. Harry immediately saw the flash of desire in Draco's warm silver eyes and inwardly grinned. He stretched his hands over his head, pretending to stretch his back, and pretended not to hear Draco's sharp intake of breath as his top rode up, showing off his stomach, the slight curve due to his pregnancy visible. Remus watched the young boy in amusement, clearly recognising what Harry was trying to do. Lily had often employed the same trick to get a hopelessly in love James to do what she wanted. It had always worked. James hadn't even been able to say 'no' to the beautiful redhead. "Aren't you cold?" Sirius asked, rushing forward to pull the blanket over his Godson.

Harry smiled. "I'm rather warm actually," Harry replied, eyes moving to linger over Draco's tormented face. Sirius turned to pick up a chocolate frog from off the bedside cabinet, oblivious to Harry's actions. "Do you want to lie next to me?" Harry asked softly, eyes gleaming with mock innocence. Draco moved forward, easily climbing onto the bed and facing his lover. Harry shuffled to lie next to him, pressing his body close. He could feel Draco's reaction to his closeness and smiled brightly at Remus, who shook his head at him, amused. Harry reached out under the blankets and slipped a hand under Draco's shirt, stroking trembling, taut muscles. Draco was obviously trying to control himself. He lightly scrapped a nipple with a fingernail, feeling it harden instantly under his touch. "I think I'll have a shower," Harry said brightly, moving off the bed, leaving Draco gasping for breath and trying to hide glazed eyes. "Better make it a cold one," Remus added, face innocent. Sirius eyed him strangely. "Harry will freeze to death Moony." Remus laughed loudly, ********** Choices: Blaise and Seamus Harry and Draco discuss who's to blame Ron and Hermione visit again Back to index

Chapter 39: Seamus Finnigan Disclaimer: See previous chapter. ********** Warning:

MPREG - MALE PREGNANCY ********** Authors note IMPORTANT: I would also like to say something to everyone. I have read the fifth book, I do know about J. K. Rowling’s prophecy but I planned this fic months before the book came out. I decided to stick with the plot even when J. K. Rowling decided to have Harry as the only one to defeat Voldemort. I apologise to those who don’t like the idea of my own prophecy, but this story only has spoilers from the first four books. ********** Seamus Finnigan: Harry settled himself comfortably on the bed, nestling against Draco’s comforting heat. He sighed, idly watching his Godfather read over Remus’ shoulder, much to the werewolf’s annoyance. He smiled when Remus swatted Sirius’s hand away from his hip. They looked like the perfect couple, and it was obvious that Sirius adored the other man. “Are you ok?” Draco asked, voice clouded with concern. Harry twisted his neck slightly so that he could look up into Draco’s face, a smile lingering on the corners of his mouth. He placed a quick kiss on Draco’s cheek, careful not to make it linger under the watchful eyes of Sirius and Remus. “I’m fine Draco, don’t worry.” “Yesterday you were unconscious,” Draco pointed out, self-loathing darkening his eyes. Harry frowned. “I thought that had been sorted out, Draco. We were both at fault…” “You were emotional because of the hormones. You had no control over your reactions and I did, therefore I’m to blame. I deliberately left you in the Tower, on your own, with no one to help you. I knew that you were ill in the mornings and yet I still left you!” “Draco, stop, please.” Draco closed his mouth with an audible click. “I know you were hurt Draco. I never meant to hurt you; you know that, don’t you?” “Of course I…” began Draco. “Then why don’t you understand that I know that you would never hurt me? Ever since we’ve been together, Draco, all that you have done is protect me from anything you deemed a threat. Yes, we have had our arguments, but then again, every couple do. We just have more than the usual couple,” Harry shrugged.

“But…” “I guess what you said when I was in the coma was true, we have a habit of arguing and it’s going to be a difficult habit to break. You don’t need to wrap me in cotton wool, Draco. I know you care, hell, I know you adore me,” Harry smiled softly to show he didn’t mean his words to offend, “but you need to let me be independent again. I need to have my own space. I think that this has been good for us…” “How could you ever say that?” Draco asked, shock and horror on his face. Harry sighed. “Draco, I love you more than anything. I’ve never felt the way I do for you, or our child, before. I just think that we needed to sort out a few things. I now that the veela blood in you is urging you to protect me and the baby but you aren’t invincible, Draco, and you can’t protect me from everything.” “I can try,” Draco argued stubbornly. Harry laughed, amused. “I know, love, I know.” Sirius and Remus looked at one another silently. They shook their heads, not wanting to get involved in the couples conversation when it was obvious that they had a lot to think and talk about. They quietly stood up and left the room. Harry never noticed, instead he leaned up and pressed a loving kiss on Draco’s lips, teasing the other boy with his body. Draco growled softly, taking control easily, and causing Harry to groan in desire. “I’ll never stop protecting you,” Draco swore, eyes a blaze with determination. “I know. Just don’t blame yourself when things go wrong,” Harry smiled, stopping Draco’s protests with another kiss. What he didn’t know was that Harry had realized how easy it would be for himself and the baby to become endangered. He had been living in a dream, believing that nothing could harm him while he was under Draco’s care and with Voldemort still alive he had been endangering their child even more. He had to be aware of the risks, and he had to try and prevent them. ********** Seamus leaned up and gave Blaise Zambini a loving kiss, his mischievous eyes alive with a soft tenderness which made Blaise’s heart ache. He grinned in delight when Blaise pushed him back onto the bed. Blaise rolled his eyes, used to the Gryffindors antics by now. Seamus pouted. “I wanted to talk Blaise.”

“We can talk later,” Blaise murmured, kissing Seamus’s tanned shoulder. Seamus frowned, glancing down to stare at his lover’s bowed head. They had been together for a few weeks now, and as of yet he had not been able to get any information about what Blaise may be feeling out of the other boy. They had talked at first, after sex, but now it seemed as if Blaise was deliberately avoiding speaking to him and Seamus was getting tired with pretending that everything was ok when there was clearly something wrong with their relationship. Blaise, who had been sucking on Seamus’s neck, stopped. He had discovered that the Irish Gryffindor was particularly sensitive there, and the fact that Seamus wasn’t even responding made Blaise realize that the other boy was being serious for once. He pulled away. “What’s wrong?” “I just wanted to talk.” “What about?” Blaise snapped. Seamus flinched. Blaise stared at him, emotionless. Inside he was a whirlwind of emotions. He didn’t know what to say to the boy he had managed to seduce into his bed just under a month ago. They had gradually become to get used to each other, and although not many people knew about their relationship, hell, he hadn’t told anyone and he only suspected that Seamus had told Harry Potter to put Harry at ease around him, he wanted it to continue. In the few weeks they had been together Blaise had grown used to having the Irish Gryffindor in his bed. He found his mischievous antics adorably sweet, if annoying sometimes. He knew that Seamus had had a thing for Harry Potter and deep down he suspected that the Gryffindor still didn’t know what he really felt about Harry. Blaise had started the whole affair as a challenge, and because he had felt some strange emotion for the boy who had had the boy he cared for snatched away by Draco Malfoy, Blaise’s friend. He didn’t regret starting the relationship, but he was finding himself out of his depth when facing the other boy’s insistence to talk. “I wanted to talk about…us?” the last part sounded almost like a question, as if Seamus wasn’t sure whether there was an ‘us’. “What about us?” “Are we going to tell anyone about us?” “No.” “Why not?”

The pain in Seamus’s usually cheerful eyes made Blaise’s heart clench. “Because I don’t want to.” “That’s childish!” “You can talk! When we first started this relationship all that you could talk about was Potter!” Seamus paled. “Pardon?” “It was always Harry this and Harry that.” “I never meant to…” “No.” “Blaise.” “There isn’t an us, Seamus, there’s just me and you, got it? I only came after you for sex, so unless you are ok with that, I suggest you leave, otherwise, shut up.” Blaise hadn’t meant it. He wanted to take the words back as soon as they came out of his mouth, but it was impossible. Seamus stared at the boy before him silently, his heart torn. He knew that he would only get hurt if he stayed with the other boy and yet he couldn’t seem to force himself to leave. “Well?” Blaise snapped, hoping that the other boy would stay. Seamus closed his eyes before he pushed the other boy off of his body. “I need to think,” he said suddenly. Blaise shrugged, looking unconcerned, when inside his stomach churned, dreading Seamus telling him that it was over. “Take your things with you.” Seamus stood up, suddenly feeling self-conscious of his naked body. Was it because he wasn’t good enough? Was it because he was a slut? Hell, Seamus knew he was a slut, but he had never had the chance to be with someone he could love before. He had thought that he had loved Harry and had spent most of his teenage years trying to seduce the naive boy. He may act like a slut, but Blaise had been the first boy to take him, a decision he would never regret, even if they did break up. He grabbed his boxers, pulling them on in record time before hastily dressing in his trousers. He shoved his shirt in his trouser pocket and wrapped his robe around his bare shoulders, suddenly wanting to get away from it all. From Blaise. From the pain.

He didn’t say goodbye. He knew that Blaise didn’t expect him to. ********* Blaise pulled the wrinkled sheets over his chilled body, shivering slightly. The dungeons were well known for being the coldest part of the castle and even after living here for six years he still wasn’t used to it, especially in the winter months. He thought back to the hurt expression which had crossed Seamus’s face after he had told him that there wasn’t an ‘us’. He sighed softly, looking around the dim room until his eyes landed on the door which his lover had used to leave. Would Seamus come back? Blaise doubted it. Seamus was highly principled, even if he did have a reputation. Blaise had realised during the last few weeks that most of what he had heard about the Irish boy had been simply rumours. Seamus was a careful lover, and didn’t simply choose a partner randomly. Blaise did want to have a proper relationship with Seamus but he was afraid of getting hurt, and the only way a Slytherin could protect their heart was to try and fight it. He wouldn’t back down. He prayed silently that Seamus would come back and say that they could continue the way they had been. He doubted it. And it hurt. ********** “Do you think they’ll be alright?” Sirius asked, biting his lip. Remus looked at him. “Who?” “Harry and Draco.” “They have a lot to get through,” Remus said softly, trying to lift his lover’s spirits. He didn’t like seeing the usually cheerful man so serious. Sirius wasn’t meant to be serious. Oh, Sirius was more observant than people gave him credit for, and he was a very intelligent man when he tried, but he hid it all behind an optimistic face. A face he had perfected before Azkaban. It seemed that Sirius’s time there had taken even that from him. “I know. I mean, we nearly lost Harry and the baby…” “Harry’s right though. Draco needs to let Harry go sometimes.” “Yeah, but it’s so hard not to want to protect him,” Sirius sighed. Remus fought back a grin, knowing how over protective the other man was of his Godson. Sirius would lock Harry away like the muggle Rapunzel if he believed that Harry was in danger.

“They’ll be fine. They love one another.” “At least Madame Pomfrey told us that Harry and the baby are in good health,” Sirius sighed. They had stopped to talk to Madame Pomfrey on their way out of the Hospital Wing. The nurse had told them that Harry would be fine after he had rested, and that he should be healthy enough to go through with the pregnancy. “Yes.” “Do you ever want to have children Remus?” Sirius asked suddenly. Remus blinked. “Pardon?” “Do you want to have children?” Sirius repeated, watching the werewolf closely. An almost dreamy smile appeared on Remus’ face at the thought before it was wiped away to be replaced with a look of absolute sadness. He wanted children, of course he did, it was one of the things he wanted more than anything, but that had been taken away from him the day he had been bitten. “What I want doesn’t matter Sirius.” “What do you mean by that?” Sirius asked, wondering whether the other man thought he didn’t want children. “I am unable to have a child,” Remus said softly, voice strangely emotionless. Sirius blinked. “Since when?” “Cornelius Fudge forbids a werewolf to reproduce. I was given a potion to render me sterile.” Sirius froze. “What?” Remus tensed, suddenly realising the enormity of what he had just confessed. As Sirius moved forward to grip his shoulders the werewolf flinched. “When?” Sirius demanded. “While you were in Azkaban.” “How dare they?!” Sirius raged, fury in his pale eyes. Remus sighed.

“It doesn’t matt-” “Of course it matters Remus. You’d make a brilliant dad,” Sirius snapped. Remus smiled sadly. “I’m sorry if you wanted children Sirius. I will not hold you to your promise to stay in a relationship with me now that…” Sirius cut him off. “Whatever made you think that? I love you, Remus.” “I thought…” “It doesn’t matter…yet anyway…but we’ll sort it out. Even if we can never have children Remus, I’ll never leave you. Hell, I couldn’t unless you threw me out,” Sirius grinned, albeit forcibly. Sirius was secretly furious. How dare that man prevent Remus, the kindest man he had ever met, the chance to be a father? He knew that Remus would make a good father, hell, he adored children, and had taken to looking after Harry as a baby for Lily and James like a duck took to water. Remus relaxed. “I love you too Sirius,” he said honestly, eyes burning with suppressed emotion. ********** “Do you think I’ll be allowed to go home soon?” Harry asked. Draco looked at him, biting his lip thoughtfully. “I don’t know. I’d prefer it for you to have a check up before you left.” Harry nodded, agreeing. “Yeah.” “I’ve talked to her and she tells me that you and the baby are fine. You need to rest for a few days though.” Harry smiled, relived at the news. “I’m glad,” he murmured, a hand going to caress his stomach. He felt slightly tired, and sometimes it hurt to think about what had happened before the fall, but otherwise he felt fine. He hated the way they were all determined to wrap him up in cotton wool. He had brought himself up, and even though he knew that Draco and the others meant well it was rather suffocating.

********** Hermione sighed, pushing a strand of hair out of her face. Ron was sitting next to her on the sofa, pretending to study, but he kept shooting glances at her, something Hermione found severely annoying. She didn’t like being watched when she tried to concentrate. “What?” she asked finally. Ron blinked. “Erm…” Curious, Hermione looked at him. Ron was eyeing her thoughtfully, his teeth biting his lower lip as he considered whether or not to ask what he wanted to ask. His usually unconcerned blue eyes were dark with anxiety. “Is there something you want to ask me?” “There’s a Hogsmeade trip coming up next weekend…” Ron muttered Hermione nodded, already aware of the fact. “Are you going?” Rona asked suddenly. Hermione stared at him. “Ron, of course I’m going,” she said finally. Ron blushed. “No, I mean…will you…? I mean…” Hermione finally realised what Ron was trying to say, and her face softened. Ron, the boy she had had a crush on for several years, had finally brought up the courage to ask her out on a date. She fought back a giggle when Ron turned red with the effort to explain himself. “Erm…we normally go with Harry but Harry will be with Draco, if he’s allowed to go so I thought that maybe we could…” “Yes?” she asked innocently. “WillyougotoHogsmeadewithme?” he asked in a rush, his words all jumbled together. “We always go together,” Hermione teased, face perfectly straight. Ron glared at her. “You know what I am trying to say!” Hermione couldn’t help it, she laughed. Ron’s face was hysterical.

“You’re asking me out on a date,” she smiled. Ron nodded, avoiding her eyes. “I’d love to go out with you Ron.” Ron’s yes boggled in disbelief. “Yes?” he squeaked. “Oh Ron,” she sighed, shaking her head. Sometimes she wondered how she had survived spending the past two years adoring the most oblivious boy in the school. Ron was so dense sometimes, but then again, that was one of the reasons why she loved him. She gathered up her books and pushed them into her bag, forgetting to place them in their usual alphabetical order. She hastily stood up, brushing the wrinkles out her robe, before leaning over and lightly kissing him on the lips. It was only the briefest of kisses, but it made her heart race and her face flush. Seeing his dumbstruck expression she hastily made her way to her dormitory. She couldn’t believe that she had kissed him — it was totally out of character for her to loose control. Ron stared after her in shock, before lifting a hand and lightly touching his lips. He wondered whether he had imagined the whole thing. Remembering the touch of her lips against his own, he grinned. ********** Review, please, and tell me what you think. Do you like the extra Ron and Hermione I added in? *laughs* I couldn’t help myself. I know this is a chapter you’ve seen before. I have added extra paragraphs here and there as well as added Hermione and Ron’s blossoming relationship. Choice this week: Seamus decided on his and Blaise’s relationship Madame Pomfrey and the baby Seamus talks to Harry Back to index

Chapter 40: Madame Pomfrey Disclaimer: See previous chapter.

********** Warning: MPREG - MALE PREGNANCY ********** Madame Pomfrey: Madame Pomfrey made her way over to the bed where Harry Potter - Malfoy she corrected herself - was lying. She had forced the boy to stay within her sight so that she could monitor his progress. He was eight weeks pregnant, and it was time she had a talk about the next month of his pregnancy. She sighed. Talking to boys was much harder than talking to females. Males only had a vague idea of how their own bodies worked, and explaining male pregnancy to a boy who didn’t even know the symptoms of a normal pregnancy was difficult work. She saw that Sirius and Remus were still there, as was Lucius Malfoy and Draco. Ron and Hermione were in class, and Narcissa had left to visit her mother and tell her of Harry’s recovery. China had also been sent home by Lucius, who had decided that her presence, lovable though it was, was no longer needed. “Mr. Malfoy,” she greeted Harry. Harry looked up at her, smiling slightly. “We need to talk about the next stage of your pregnancy,” she said firmly. Harry nodded. He had wondered when the nurse would talk to him again. “I thought you would.” “Good. Would you prefer to be alone, or would you like them to stay?” she sniffed, gesturing to the watching men. It was clear that she didn’t like the idea of conducting her lecture in front of a large audience. Harry shrugged. “They can stay if they want.” “Of course we want to stay!” Sirius said, clearly excited. Harry stifled a laugh when Madame Pomfrey glared at him icily. “Please control yourself, Mr. Black, or I will be forced to send you out of the room. These discussions are personal and necessary, and I dislike interruptions. Is that clear?” “Yes, Madame Pomfrey,” Sirius muttered, eyeing the woman warily. She reminded him of Molly Weasley when one of her children were being particularly annoying. Frightening

really, he mused. “Good.” Harry watched apprehensively as the woman sat on the bed next to him. She smiled in a motherly way, surprising him, and smoothed the hair out of his eyes. “Now, Harry, I need to examine you, but I can do that later. I really want to talk to you about the next stage of your pregnancy. You’ve been experiencing morning sickness, I know that. Have you been feeling any other cravings?” “Not really. I haven’t really wanted anything like that,” Harry confessed. “Any heartburn? Indigestion?” “No.” “Constipation? Headaches?” “My head hurts sometimes.” “Hmmm… What about your scar?” Harry flinched. “Fine.” “No dreams?” “Dreams?” Draco asked, eyes glowing strangely. It was clear that he had no idea about what they were talking about. Harry stared at his hands, which were folded in his lap. Madame Pomfrey tutted disapprovingly. “Harry has dreams…visions…about You-Know-Who,” she informed the Veela. “And when were you thinking about telling me this?” Draco asked, angry. “I didn’t think I needed to!” “Of course I wanted to know! You’re my mate, my husband, and you’re carrying our child!” Harry paled. “I’m sorry Draco, I really am, but I’m used to it being a secret…” “Who else knows?” “Dumbledore, Sirius…the Gryffindors…”

“Oh that’s alright then, isn’t it? Don’t tell Draco, your husband, but tell hundreds of other people!” “They only found out because Ginny told them! I placed a spell on them so they couldn’t talk or think about it,” Harry defended himself hotly. “And how did Weasley find out?” Draco sneered, visibly jealous. Harry sighed. “She saw me after a nightmare at the Burrow. She sat with me,” Harry explained. “Really?” Draco drawled, eyes glinting. “We just talked!” “Really, boys, stop arguing,” Madame Pomfrey snapped. They went quiet. “Have you had any dreams recently?” “No. I haven’t had any since I was bonded to Draco,” Harry whispered. Draco’s eyes widened in surprise. “Hmmm…so your veela bond has blocked the connection,” she said approvingly. “Is that good?” Harry asked with uncertainty. “Of course, Harry,” she said kindly, patting his hand. Draco calmed down slightly at this; he was glad to know that he was the one who had stopped the visions. He didn’t want Harry witnessing things like that in his sleep. It wasn’t healthy for him or the baby. “And has your bond strengthened during your pregnancy?” “What do you mean?” Harry asked, confused. Draco shook his head. “Not as of yet,” he told the witch. “We should establish a mind bond over the next few months though, which will help, especially with the pregnancy.” “Really?” “Yes.” Draco smiled, pleased at the thought. “I guess we won’t need those mobile phones then.” Harry smiled. Sirius laughed, smothering it hastily with his hand when he caught sight of Madame

Pomfrey’s annoyed face. “Hmmm…the mating season is due to start soon?” Madame Pomfrey queried. “Yes,” Draco said calmly, watching Harry, who blushed crimson. “Sex shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are careful….” she said, her eyes warning Draco that she would hex him if he was rough or hurt Harry and the baby in any way. “He won’t! He’s been gentle with me…” Harry reassured her, breaking off when he realised that he was discussing their sex life with the people he considered parents present in the room. Sirius was obviously thrilled at seeing Harry so embarrassed. “Good. If it begins to get uncomfortable for you, or if you don’t feel like it, then tell him straight away. Just because you are married, you don’t have to let him force you into having sex.” “I wouldn’t force him!” Draco said indignantly. “I know you wouldn’t.” Harry smiled at him, calming the anger in his mate easily. Draco glared icily at Madame Pomfrey. He clearly didn’t like the way that she thought he’d hurt his mate. Honestly, thought Draco irritably, that woman gets worse every time they meet. She knew that he would never harm Harry deliberately. “In the next few weeks the risk of a miscarriage is reduced,” she said, smiling slightly when Harry sighed with relief. “Your uterus has now moved from the pelvic cavity into the abdomen.” “What’s the baby like?” “I was going to recommend a wizarding scan, which would allow me to monitor the baby’s heart beat and allow you to see your baby for yourself.” “Can I?” Harry looked positively delighted at the idea. “Yes,” she sniffed, fighting back a smile at Harry eagerness. She pulled out her wand, tapping it against Harry’s stomach for a moment before clearing her throat. “Projecto Metomorphis Pregnanto.” Harry watched in wonder as a picture began to hover in the air. It was blurry, but Harry could clearly see a tiny baby. With a look of awe, he reached out a hand to Draco, which Draco clasped tightly. “He’s so tiny,” Harry whispered, shocked. “He’s lovely,” Draco whispered, kissing Harry’s hand lovingly, eyes glued on the picture.

Lucius couldn’t help but feel awed at the sight, remembering the time he had witnessed the picture of his own son in Narcissa’s womb. It was an amazing feeling to know that that baby was his grandchild — the new heir to the Malfoy throne. Sirius and Remus experienced similar thoughts. Remus felt tears blurring his eyes. That little baby was Harry’s child, James and Lily’s grandchild. “He’s beautiful,” Remus murmured. “There’s his head,” Harry smiled, watching as the picture became clearer. “And his nose,” Draco grinned, delighted. “And he’s in perfect health,” Madame Pomfrey concluded. “The spell should fade in a few seconds…” As the image disappeared, Harry felt highly emotional. He couldn’t help the tears that slipped down his face. Horrified, Draco gathered him close, hugging him, trying to soothe him while giving Madame Pomfrey helpless looks. “Mood swings,” she explained to the three watching men. “I don’t know why I’m crying,” Harry sobbed. “Cry all you want,” Draco soothed, rubbing his back. “I could have lost him! I was so stupid, falling off the bed!” “It was my fault as much as yours,” Draco whispered, his own eyes filling up at the thought. “I’m sorry,” Harry choked. “I know. Shhh….” “I need to examine your body, especially your anus to see whether the birth canal is forming properly,” Madame Pomfrey interrupted, handing Harry a piece of chocolate she had found in her pockets. Harry accepted it gratefully, placing the piece in his mouth. “Now?” “Yes, would you like the others to leave?” Harry was torn. He wanted the three men to stay, but he was embarrassed about them seeing his body. Draco was the only one to have seen him completely undressed, and he preferred it that way. “I don’t know…I want them to stay but…”

“I can cover you up so that won’t see you,” Madame Pomfrey appeased. Harry relaxed visibly, smiling brightly. “Thanks.” Madame Pomfrey summoned a screen to appear, and gestured for Harry to get changed behind it. She handed him a thin robe. “Put that on.” Draco disappeared behind it with him, helping him to remove his pajamas. Harry blushed when his lover’s hands stroked his thighs, and Draco laughed lightly, kissing his cheek lovingly. “I love you,” Draco whispered. “I love you too.” Once dressed in the robe, Harry allowed Draco to help him on the bed. Madame Pomfrey gestured for the three men to move by his upper body, summoning chairs for them. Once they were seated, she magicked a piece of white material and made it hang in the air, shielding Harry’s lower body from view. She pushed up the robe, and Harry shivered as the cool air hit his bare skin. “I’m just going to examine you,” Madame Pomfrey soothed. Draco lovingly stroked Harry’s cheek and Harry laughed at him, amusement in his green eyes. He gasped when her finger penetrated, stretching him so that she could check to see whether he was developing correctly. After she had finished the examination, she washed her hands and pulled the robe down to cover him. She made the screen disappear. “All healthy.” They sighed with relief. “You need to keep exercising, walking - and swimming in the bath would be better. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and try not to worry over anything. Stress isn’t healthy for you or the baby. Massages are a good idea, especially as your skin will become more sensitive in the next month. Try eating breakfast such as porridge as your morning sickness decreases, and keep drinking that tea. Massage your stomach, and I’ll ask Severus to prepare a potion to rub into your skin to stop you from getting stretch marks.” “I’ll have stretch marks?” Harry asked, curious. “It’s mainly like a normal pregnancy until the birth, Harry,” she said, sounding amused. Harry shrugged. “I don’t know much about normal pregnancies either,” Harry explained, confirming

Madame Pomfrey’s suspicion. “Hmm…we’ll have to get you some books.” “Will I put on more weight?” “You should, gradually of course.” “But the baby is healthy?” “Yes. Come see me in two weeks, and we’ll discuss the next month and the development of your baby in greater detail.” “I can go?” “Of course.” “Thank you!” She couldn’t help but shake her head at how excited he was to escape the confines of the Hospital Wing. She was worried about him, male pregnancy was difficult after all, and she liked him within easy reach, where she could check up on him. He wasn’t careful enough — as bad as his father, she though with a tut. Now Lily Evans, she had been a brilliant girl, and ever so careful. Madame Pomfrey had rarely seen her in the Hospital Wing. She wondered why Harry couldn’t have inherited his mother’s tendencies for that. ********** Harry settled onto the bed. Draco had gone to have a shower, leaving the bedroom door open so that he could hear Harry if he had to. Harry sighed resignedly when he heard Draco singing softly. No matter how much he adored the blonde Veela, he couldn’t lie and say that Draco had a good voice. He was horribly off-key. Amused, he stood up, carefully climbing off the bed before making his way to the door. He walked in and carefully began to pull off his clothes. He scattered them on the floor, kicking them to one side, and opened the shower quietly. Draco never heard him enter and carried on singing until Harry wrapped his arms around him. “Harry!” “Missed me?” Harry asked, amused. “Always,” Draco murmured, turning around so that he could gather Harry into his arms. Harry laughed, amused by his response. He reached up and picked up the shampoo bottle. He poured some onto his hand and began to wash his hair. He never noticed Draco watching him as he rinsed the suds out, wringing it clean. “Merlin, Harry,” Draco breathed, eyeing his lover’s wet body. “What’s wrong?” Harry asked, confused.

Draco didn’t respond. Instead, he moved closer and began to slide an arm across Harry’s chest, tugging at the nipple stud. Harry’s body jolted with shock, before he playfully swatted the hand away. “Tease,” Draco growled, moving closer. “I’m a tease?” Harry asked innocently. “You just decided to come visit me in the shower based on purely innocent thoughts?” Draco asked, voice dropping to a husky pitch. Harry shivered, recognising his husband’s desire. “I heard you singing,” he teased. “Hmmm, sure,” Draco grinned, pressing Harry against the wall. Harry gasped when he felt Draco’s lips sliding against his collarbone, sucking at the damp skin. He felt desire course through him, and eagerly wrapped his arms around Draco’s body. Draco could still make him feel as if fire was coursing through his veins. It was an exquisite sensation. “Still having innocent thoughts?” Draco purred. “No.” “No?” “I want you to make love to me.” Draco’s breathing quickened. He lowered his head and nuzzled Harry’s neck before kissing him deeply. Harry moaned, pressing closer. He lifted himself up carefully, clinging to Draco’s broad shoulders for support, so that his legs were wrapped around Draco’s waist. Draco leaned against the wall, pinning Harry’s shoulders gently so that he wasn’t pressing against his stomach. Harry licked Draco’s throat, delighting in the soft purrs coming from his lover. He teasingly pulled away, staring into Draco’s glowing silver eyes. “I love you,” he whispered. “I don’t deserve your love,” Draco whispered back, kissing him hungrily. Harry arched against him. “Now, Draco.” “Now?” Draco teased, amused by Harry’s wanton actions. “Uh huh…before I decide to leave you, and your, shall we say, pressing problem?” Harry murmured throatily.

“Hmm…and what would you do about your own pressing problem?” Draco laughed. “Hmm…maybe I could get Marcus to see to it,” Harry teased. Draco growled. “After I’m through with you, you won’t even remember his name.” And Draco promptly decided to show Harry exactly what he meant. “Merlin!” ********** Lucius tapped his cane impatiently, eyeing Dumbledore coolly. “I take it that you are wanting to leave Hogwarts?” Dumbledore asked. “Yes.” “Hmmm…” “My son and Harry are safe enough at the moment for me to leave. I have business to attend to.” Dumbledore smiled serenely, knowing that the other man was referring to Voldemort. The Dark Lord would be too suspicious of Lucius’ loyalties if he remained at the school under Dumbledore’s guidance for any longer. Voldemort was not a fool, after all. He knew that Lucius’ loyalty belonged to his family first of all. “I promise you that Harry will be watched carefully,” Dumbledore smiled, sipping his tea. Lucius titled his head in a gesture of acceptance. “It has been a pleasure to see you again Lucius,” Dumbledore smiled. Lucius stood up. “And it has been, shall we say, educational to see you again.” Dumbledore chuckled. ********** Harry smiled against Draco’s shoulder, feeling pleasantly tired. Draco’s arm was wrapped carefully around his waist, and his fingers were stroking the soft skin around his belly button. It was surprisingly comforting. “Are you all right?” Draco asked, tilting his head to press a loving kiss to the top of Harry’s damp hair.

Harry laughed gently, eyeing his lover in amusement. “Draco, stop worrying.” “I’ll take that as a yes,” Draco laughed, relieved. “I feel great.” “Really?” Draco purred, nibbling Harry’s earlobe teasingly. Harry shivered. He was very sensitive around the ears and throat, and Draco knew that. It seemed that his lover planned to use that knowledge for his own advantage. Harry decided to tease his lover further. “Draco?” “Yes?” Draco purred. “Go take another cold shower.” He was unprepared for Draco mercilessly tickling his stomach. Harry screamed with laughter, trying to capture the hands which were tormenting him. “Apologise,” Draco demanded, eyes alight with humour. “No,” Harry shrieked. Two minutes later Harry surrendered, much to Draco’s glee. ********** Seamus sighed softy, confused. He didn’t know what to do about Blaise. He watched as Ron and Hermione talked softly, cuddled against one another on the sofa, and smiled sadly. They had finally confessed their feelings, and had not even considered keeping it a secret. Everyone had congratulated them on getting together. He wondered if they would have reacted the same to his confession of a relationship with Blaise Zabini. They had accepted Harry’s relationship to Draco Malfoy because it was impossible to avoid. Draco was a veela and Harry had to be with him, but would they accept the fact that Seamus had voluntarily slept with a Slytherin? Would they accept that Seamus had fallen in love with him? “Seamus?” Dean asked. “Hmm?” “Are you all right?” Seamus turned and looked into his friend’s concerned eyes. He smiled weakly. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he lied.

Dean clearly didn’t believe him, but let it go. Seamus would tell him what was wrong when he wanted to, and not before. ********** Review please and tell me what you think. This chapter is another old one I’ve redone, so I know you’ve read bits of it before. Choices: I don’t know whether I should have them get back together. What do you think? Harry and Draco — mating season Seamus talks to Harry More Ron and Hermione Hogsmeade trip Back to index

Chapter 41: A trip to Hogsmeade Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot, the term 'Magnetic Attraction', the original Malfoy's and the book featured in my fic. The baby also belongs to me grins ********** Warning: This is a SLASH fic. Harry/ Draco Remus/ Sirius Seamus/ Blaise Some Ron and Hermione in future chapters. This fic also contains MPREG. If you don't like then please don't read. This fic was always going to be MPREG, I never hid the fact, so please don't send any flamers. ********** Authors note:

Thanks you to all my readers who have waited patiently for me to get everything back together again. I appreciate it. I will start updating regularly again, I promise. Thanks to everyone who reviewed. A big thanks to Lisa and Winsome, my beta’s. ********** A trip to Hogsmeade: Harry glared icily at the blonde Veela sitting next to him on the sofa. Ron and Hermione had come to visit them in the tower, discussing the trip to Hogsmeade, which was to take place tomorrow. At first Harry had been too thrilled with the discovery of his friends’ new romance to care. He was happy for them, especially Hermione. Hermione needed someone to love her and to take her attention from her books every now and then. Ron needed someone logical, who would think things through and stop him before he plowed head first into danger. They were perfect for one another. “And why are you forbidding me from going to Hogsmeade?” Harry asked petulantly. He didn’t care if he sounded like a five year old child, which he did if Ron’s snigger was to be taken into account, but he was sick to death of being treated like a china doll. Draco and the others had not allowed him to lift anything heavier than his wand since he had come out of the Hospital Wing. He wanted to get out. He wanted to be able to sit by himself without being constantly spied on. He wanted to be a normal boy for one day, and it appeared that even that was to be denied him. “It’s not safe,” Draco said calmly, trying not to start another screaming fit. Harry had been having mood swings constantly. His body didn’t accept the extra hormones needed to maintain his pregnancy very well, as he was unused to having them in his system. Draco found himself constantly worried about his husband’s reactions. He wanted Harry to be happy, not driven to tears. “But I want to go! I’m sick of being locked up!” Harry yelled, eyes glowing with fury. “You’re not locked up,” Ron tried to placate. Harry jerked to face him, a look of betrayal on his face before standing up. He stormed past Draco who had stood up to assist him, slapping away the hand that tried to steady him. Draco sighed, looking helplessly at Ron and Hermione. He wanted Harry to be happy but he couldn’t let Harry go if it was too dangerous. “What should I do?” he groaned. Hermione bit her lip, thinking. “He feels that he’s being locked up, so it might be better for him to have a day out, away from the school and restrictions placed upon him,” she advised finally.

Draco’s head shot up. “But what about the danger? I can’t allow him to go out of the school grounds if I know that he might be in danger! I won’t let him put himself in a situation where he and the baby may be hurt!” Ron nodded in agreement. “Go to Professor Dumbledore and talk to him,” Hermione said simply. ********** Harry flung himself onto the bed, burying his head into the soft pillows to wipe away the tears streaming down his face. He let out a choked sob, hastily muffling it in case the others downstairs heard him. The last thing he wanted was to be smothered by them. He sat up, impatiently wiping away his own tears. He looked down at his stomach, which only showed a slight swelling. The child he was carrying was hardly visible through his clothes, but Harry knew the curve was there. He had seen it himself, that very morning, while he had examined his body for any other changes pregnancy could bring. He wanted to go out and have fun again, to have a drink with his friends at The Three Broomsticks, to laugh with Seamus and to drool over the brooms in the Quidditch shop. He scowled, drawing his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around himself. He wondered why Draco hadn’t followed him, and his expression darkened. He glanced around the room, noticing that the blond Veela wasn’t in the room with him either. He carefully climbed off the bed, wary of it since his fall, and made his way to the dressing table. He opened the top drawer and pulled out a box of Honeydukes best chocolates, wrapped in a beautiful red paper and tied with a gold bow. Draco had gotten them that morning after ordering them from Hogsmeade. Harry had been craving chocolate and Draco had insisted on him having the best. Harry had wanted them to share them tonight, wrapped in Draco’s arms and lying cuddled on the bed, but as he eyed the chocolates he fought the urge to pull the bow and just eat them. Madame Pomfrey had told him that chocolate contained something to make you happy, and Harry wanted to cheer up. Giving way to temptation, he made his way back to the bed, clutching the chocolates. Once he was settled against the pillows he tugged at the bow, watching the wrapping paper fall aside and reveal a box of the most delicious chocolates Harry had ever seen. He reached out, a finger lingering over the box before a dark chocolate truffle caught his eye. Harry picked it up, lifting it to his lips, but before he could bite into it he felt guilty. An image of Draco’s smiling silver eyes flashed before him and he sighed deeply, eyeing the chocolate with sudden distaste. “Looks like I’ll be eating you later,” he mumbled.

********** “Pardon?” Severus asked, eyeing the young Veela in surprise. “Harry wants to go to Hogsmeade tomorrow,” Draco repeated. “Is the boy completely out of his mind?” Severus asked, raising an eyebrow. Dumbledore chuckled. “Now, now, Severus, calm down, there’s no need to insult Mr. Potter-Malfoy. I’m sure Harry has a reasonable explanation for wanting to leave school grounds.” Draco sighed, shaking his head. “He wants to get out. I think he feels locked up.” “That’s not surprising,” Dumbledore agreed. “I’m only protecting him,” Draco snarled, angry at Dumbledore for even thinking that he wasn’t providing what Harry needed. “Harry needs protection, Draco, but he also needs space. Harry has never been used to being surrounded by love and at the moment it appears that you are smothering him in it. Give him a chance to breathe, to calm down and relax.” “And what if Voldemort plans to attack?” Draco asked, voice harsh. “What if I am unable to protect him and he captures Harry and our child? What then?” Dumbledore sighed. “Harry is not a danger to Voldemort while he is vulnerable. Tom wants the child and I doubt he will cause any undue stress for him until the baby is safely born.” “But you can’t be sure,” Draco interrupted. “No,” Dumbledore agreed. Severus calmly eyed the young Veela. It appeared that Draco had matured since his marriage. He no longer cared about his own safety, but that of his husband and child. The selfish brat that he remembered vividly had disappeared. It seemed that Potter had done some good to the boy. An image of Harry yelling at the Veela came to mind and he snorted. Harry Potter had a furious temper when provoked, and it seemed that Draco’s insistence on treating the boy as if he were to break at any second had finally made him snap. Not that he could blame the boy. “He wants to have a break from everything,” he said out loud. Draco’s surprised eyes turned to look at him. “Excuse me?”

“Potter, Malfoy, whatever you call him. He wants to have a break. Perhaps the trip will do him some good. He’s been surprisingly tense for the past few days. Madame Pomfrey was worried about him.” “You think we should go?” Draco asked, trusting the other mans judgment. Severus paused before speaking. “Under certain conditions.” ********** Draco made his way back to the Tower. On entering the living room he noticed that Ron and Hermione had left. There was no sign of Harry, which made the Veela anxious. An image of Harry, lying motionless on the hospital bed made him bolt, his eyes flashing with panic as he made his way to the bedroom. He pushed open the door with a force so large the door slammed against the wall, creating an echoing bang. Harry, who had been cuddled on the bed, jumped in fright, one hand going to protect his stomach while the other reached for his wand, which had been placed on the bed next to him. The green eyes relaxed when Harry recognised his partner, but widened when he saw the fear on Draco’s face. He opened his mouth to speak but before a word could pass his lips Draco had moved to sit beside him on the bed, eyes searching his body for any signs of injury. “Are you hurt?” Draco asked, voice hoarse. Harry blinked. “No,” he answered, eyeing Draco warily. The Veela visibly relaxed. “I’m sorry,” Harry mumbled, not looking at the other boy. Draco froze. “For what?” Tearful green eyes met his. “I’m so sorry Draco! I know it’s not safe but I wanted to go out and have fun,” he sniffed. Draco watched helplessly as Harry’s eyes blurred with tears, the dim light making them sparkle. Combined with a flushed face, a trembling mouth and huddled form, Harry looked so vulnerable that Draco’s heart nearly broke. “Oh Harry,” he murmured, pulling the smaller form into his arms. He pressed a loving kiss onto the dark hair.

“You don’t hate me?” Harry asked, voice strained. “Of course not,” Draco murmured. “I love you.” “I love you too.” They sat for a while in silence, Draco cradling the still trembling form until the shudders stopped. Harry tilted his head and peered into Draco’s warm silver eyes, relaxing when he saw the love in their depths. “We don’t have to go,” Harry smiled weakly. “Where?” Draco asked, pretending to be confused. “Hogsmeade.” “Don’t you want to go?” A wistful expression crossed Harry’s face before it was wiped away and a bright smile lifted his mouth. Draco’s wasn’t fooled, however, and suddenly realised how much the trip to the local town meant to his lover. “No,” Harry lied. “We’re going,” Draco said firmly, voice husky with suppressed emotion. Harry should be allowed to go anywhere he wanted, Draco thought. I should be able to take him anywhere and everywhere, without worrying about Voldemort harming us. He should be able to have anything he wants — and he will, Draco thought determinedly. Harry’s eyes lit up. “Really? We can go?” “Yes. I’ve talked to Dumbledore and he said that it should be safe enough, as long as Sirius and Remus follow us.” Harry nodded, happy that he was being allowed to go. He didn’t care about being watched if he could go out and be allowed to be free. Draco suddenly noticed the box on the bottom of the bed, amused to see that Harry had apparently tried to re-wrap the box of chocolates. He looked at Harry’s suddenly guilty face and laughed. “Hungry?” he teased. Harry blushed. “I wanted to eat them.” Draco leaned over, careful not to disturb the boy leaning against him too much, and picked

up the opened box. He looked inside and was surprised to find all the chocolates inside. He raised an eyebrow, turning to Harry with a question in is eyes. “I wanted to wait until you came back so we could share them together,” Harry explained. Draco’s heart melted. He dropped the chocolates aside, not caring if they fell from the box, and cradled Harry’s chin in his hands. He stared into confused green eyes before lowering his head and kissing Harry’s soft lips, a tingling sensation spreading down his spine and into his lower stomach as Harry responded immediately. Harry moaned when he pulled away, leaning forward so that their lips lingered together for a moment longer, breath mingling. “Why don’t we save them until later?” he purred, trailing his eyes over Harry’s body, hating the fact that his lover’s body was hidden from him by the clothes he wore. He wanted to touch him, kiss him, worship him… “Much later,” Harry agreed, eyes already glazed over with desire. *********** Ron fought back a laugh. They were in Hogsmeade, sitting in The Three Broomsticks. Harry was sipping a chocolate milkshake, eyeing their butterbeer with distaste. It appeared that his stomach couldn’t cope with the alcohol traces found in the drink, however small, and after a small sip Harry had refused to have anymore, face tinged green. Thankfully, he hadn’t thrown up. Draco was sitting next to him, one arm wrapped possessively around Harry’s still slender waist while in the other he had his glass of butterbeer, his eyes moving automatically every few seconds to settle on Harry’s beaming face. Sirius and Remus sat next to them, eyes scanning the crowd constantly for any threats against the two boys, while Hermione sipped her own butterbeer, her hand resting in Ron’s own. “I’m glad we could come,” Harry announced suddenly. Draco eyed him lovingly. “Can we go to Honeydukes next?” Harry asked, turning teasing eyes onto Draco. “You want more chocolate?” Ron grinned. Everyone in the school knew about Harry’s sudden craving for chocolate. Girls and boys all over carried it around with them, knowing that it was the only thing which stopped Harry from tearing up. “Yeah.”

“Didn’t Draco buy you a box which he ordered?” Hermione asked, voice stern. Harry blushed crimson. “Er…yeah…” “Have you eaten them all?” “Not all of them,” Harry mumbled, ducking his head to avoid their stares. Ron eyed him oddly. “So why do you want more?” “They were…squashed…” Harry squirmed. “Squashed?” Ron parroted, not understanding. Comprehension dawned on Hermione’s face as her gaze switched from Harry’s mortified face to Draco’s, which bore nothing but smug remembrance. She flushed when her mind decided to conjure up a picture of what Harry and Draco were doing when the chocolates got squashed…she squeaked. Ron eyed her in amusement. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing!” ********** Harry eyed the shelves longingly, his eyes switching from one place to the next as he wandered around the store, not sure about what he wanted yet. Draco eyed him in amusement. The salesperson behind the counter was eagerly watching them, clearly overjoyed at having the pregnant Boy Who Lived in his store. Draco gestured towards a pile of Honeydukes chocolate nougat swirls. “Two boxes,” he ordered. Harry turned to face him. Ron, who was standing next to Hermione, Sirius and Remus, several chocolate frogs hanging out of his pockets, watched, wondered what would happen. Over the past few days it had become obvious to everyone that Harry knew he had some sort of control over the young Veela, and he seemed to delight in using it to gain what he wanted. “Draco,” Harry asked, voice dropping to a shy whisper, green eyes lowered. The crowd watched in amusement as Draco instantly melted, cool expression turning into a

need to please his husband. “What’s wrong?” Draco asked, anxiety clear. Harry’s raised his eyes, making sure to keep his lashes lowered so he peered from under them. He pouted slightly, careful to make sure his lips parted just enough for Draco to catch a glimpse of his tongue which swept out to wet his lips. He easily caught the desire which flared in Draco’s eyes. “I wanted some more of those chocolates you got me,” Harry explained, smiling coyly. “The ones we ate last night?” Draco asked, voice hoarse as his eyes lingered over Harry’s lips before dropping to the fastenings of his robes. Harry nodded, titling his head to reveal a white throat, his hair tumbling backwards to reveal slight bruising where Draco’s teeth had nipped only that morning. He hid a grin when Draco’s breathing hitched. “You can have whatever you want,” Draco murmured, fighting the urge to drag his mate to The Three Broomsticks so that he could floo them to Hogwart’s and them take them to their room… “Anything?” Harry asked, carefully tingeing his voice with just enough doubt that Draco was bound to reassure him. “Of course,” Draco reassured firmly. Ron hastily smothered a snigger. Harry immediately grinned, eyes widening to reveal merry green eyes. He turned to the storekeeper who had been watching as if in a trance. “Can I have five boxes of Honeydukes Deluxe Chocolates, please?” ********** Harry flashed a bright smile at his friends and started to walk towards their Tower. Draco followed, carrying the bags containing the chocolates. He had refused to allow Harry to even try carrying them. Harry, who appeared in a happy mood, was eyeing him every now and then with a shy smile, making Draco’s blood boil. Since their visit to Honeydukes Draco had had to fight with his veela blood. The mating season was coming closer, after all, and the need to possess and take his mate was growing steadily. He could feel his rational human side fighting with the veela instincts. Veela were not used to trying to control the urge to mate with their partners…they locked themselves and their partners away until the season had finished. “That was fun, wasn’t it?” Harry chirped.

“I’m glad that you enjoyed it,” Draco relied, eyes narrowing ferally when he caught sight of Harry’s smiling mouth. “Can we go again?” “If it’s safe,” Draco promised. Harry reached out and slipped his hand into Draco’s larger one, making sure to keep the triumphant gleam in their depths hidden from the oblivious boy next to him. He knew that it was wrong of him, but he couldn’t help it. He liked winding Draco up. “I think I’ll have a bath when we get back to the Tower,” Harry decided, stilling a laugh when Draco’s silver eyes lingered on the fastenings of his robes again. “Yes,” Draco croaked. Harry eyed him with false concern. “Is there something wrong with your voice?” he asked, eyes wide with mock innocence. Draco, staring down into the vivid emerald depths of his love, shook his head dumbly. ********** Well, what do you think? I loved how Harry teased Draco *grins* Choices: More on Harry’s pregnancy More Seamus and Blaise More Harry and Draco REVIEW Back to index

Chapter 42: Seamus' Love Life Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the plot, the term 'Magnetic Attraction', the original Malfoy's and the book featured in my fic. The baby also belongs to me Warning: This is a SLASH fic. Harry/ Draco

Remus/ Sirius Seamus/ Blaise Some Ron and Hermione in future chapters. This fic also contains MPREG. If you don't like then please don't read. This fic was always going to be MPREG, I never hid the fact, so please don't send any flamers. Authors note: This isn’t beta’d so I’m sorry if there is any mistakes. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had chance to send it to my beta’s. I’ll change it next week when the chapter is beta’d. Thanks to everyone who reviewed the last chapter, and I’m sorry I haven’t got time to respond to them but I have exams coming up and I need to revise. ********** Seamus’ love life: Harry winced as his school shirt rubbed against his sensitive nipples. They had been sore for the past few days, and even though Harry knew it was normal, he hated it. He saw Draco eyeing him in concern and laughed. The other boy had been fussing over him constantly, especially since their trip to Hogsmeade last weekend. “It’s normal Draco.” “Are you sure you don’t want to go to Madame Pomfrey?” “Yeah!” Hermione, who had been listening to the conversation while taking notes from Professor Carrol, tutted, reminding Harry, strangely enough, of Madame Pomfrey. Draco looked at her, wondering what was wrong with her, and she rolled her eyes heavenward. “Stop fussing over him Draco — he doesn’t like it.” “He does!” Hermione narrowed her eyes. “Harry’s perfectly fine Draco, you don’t need to take him to the Infirmary.” “But…” “I’m fine, love,” Harry interrupted, smiling at him. Seeing that Harry wasn’t going to listen to him anyway, Draco scowled at Hermione. Ron, who had been sitting next to her, grinned, but his eyes were filled with concern when they traveled to Harry. If Draco didn’t know that the Weasel was hopelessly in love with Hermione he would have knocked him out. He didn’t like anyone staring at his mate,

especially with so much love and affection, however friendly it may be. “Are you sure the Weasel’s straight?” “What? Of course he is,” Harry whispered. Draco eyed him doubtfully. “I don’t know Harry, he keeps giving you these weird, intense looks.” Harry rolled his eyes. “Draco, who am I married to?” “Me.” “Who’s the father of the baby I’m carrying?” “Me.” “Who do I love?” “Me.” “Then what’s the problem?” Draco smirked, amused at how Harry had learnt to manipulate him. “Nothing.” “Good.” Harry began taking notes, frowning every now and then in concentration. Draco tired to do the same, but found his concentration wondering to Harry. He nearly moaned aloud when Harry bit his lip, sucking on it as he pondered on what to write. “Mr. Malfoy!” Draco looked up, smiling sheepishly when he realised that the class was staring at him rather dazedly. Even though they weren’t likely to throw themselves t him, with the mating season coming up, his magnetic attraction was a little out of control, even though Harry was grounding most of it. “Sorry Professor.” “I thought that was sorted out now?” Professor Carrol frowned. “It was,” Harry frowned, eyeing Draco in concern. “I’m fine.” “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” “Can I do anything for you?” Draco moaned, holding his head in his hands as images of Harry sprawled on his bed, in the bath, and in the shower came to mind. He thought about Harry’s expression if he asked him to leave class to have sex with him, and laughed. “Are you sure you’re all right, Mr. Malfoy?” “I’m fine Professor.” The professor eyed him thoughtfully before understanding dawned. “It’s nearly March…I should have realised.” “What happens in March?” Harry asked in confusion. Hermione rolled her eyes. “Hmmm…perhaps we should have a lesson on veela mating habits,” the Professor mused quietly, scribbling the idea on a piece of spare parchment. Harry flushed. “I’d forgotten about that,” he muttered, eyeing Draco uncertainly. “Nothings wrong Harry,” Draco reassured him, picking up a quill and setting to work. “Oh Harry!” moaned Seamus, mocking the veela. Draco glared at him coldly, but Seamus just grinned. “Shut up Seamus,” Harry said lightly, reaching out to squeeze Draco’s hand reassuringly. *********** Draco watched as Harry piled mash potatoes on his plate, and then added a spoonful of syrup. Several other Gryffindors near them eyed the plate with a range of emotions mixing from disbelief to nauseous. It was clear that they found it as unappetizing as Draco did. Draco wondered idly whether Harry himself ever felt sick when eating it. Harry picked up a spoon and took a bite, moaning in delight. “Cravings?” Draco asked, trying not to laugh. Harry glared at him. “Don’t start!” “I’m not,” Draco defended himself, holding up his hands.

“How can you eat that though, Harry?’ asked Ron, looking green. “It tastes nice,” he shrugged, having another spoonful. “Do you want some, Draco?” “No thanks Harry, you eat it all.” “More for me,” Harry grinned, eating it eagerly. An image of Harry squirming underneath him, green eyes dark with desire, while he slowly, slowly, licked off a trail of chocolate syrup from his lower stomach came to mind and Draco hastily looked away, not wanting Harry to see the desire he knew to be visible in his eyes, “Are you alright Draco?” ‘Yes,” Draco choked. “You sure?” Harry asked anxiously, green eyes darkening with worry. “I’m fine love,” Draco smiled. Harry grinned brightly, turning back to his plate. *********** Seamus stopped Harry in the hall way outside the Great Hall. Draco eyed him coldly, never having forgiven him for nearly taking Harry away from him in the past. He reluctantly agreed that the other boy was no longer a threat but he was still wary of him. He had come very close to losing Harry n several occasions because of the Irish Gryffindor and Draco was going to do everything and anything within his power to make sure that he was never separated from his mate and child again. “Can I talk to you, Harry?” Seamus asked nervously. “Sure. We can talk in The Tower,” Harry smiled. “What do you want Finnigan?” “I just want to talk to Harry,” Seamus muttered, uncomfortable. “Draco! Leave him alone. He’s going out with Blaise, remember? And I’d never be unfaithful to you!” “I know Harry,” Draco said calmly, eyeing Seamus with wary distrust. Harry rolled his eyes, knowing that it was useless to try and talk sense into the veela. Draco could be extremely stubborn over whom he considered a threat. His protective instincts had multiplied dramatically since his fall, and Harry was slowly starting to go insane from being treated like a child. He didn’t need looking after constantly.

“Veela,” he muttered under his breath. “I heard that love.” “You were meant to,” Harry teased. It was no good, he realised. No matter how often Draco annoyed him endlessly with his over protectiveness, all that Harry had to do was look into Draco’s concerned silver eyes and he would melt. He understood that Draco was terrified of anything else happening to him, and he was trying to gradually make this fear go away. It was a very slow process though. They arrived at the Tower, and Harry led Seamus into the living room. Draco sat down next to him, making Seamus sit opposite them. Seamus squirmed under their gazes, not quote knowing how to start. “It’s about Blaise,” he blurted. “What about him?” Draco asked, relieved. Seamus was going out with Blaise after all. “I don’t know whether he wants to stay with me! He’s been acting strange lately, I mean, I won’t talk to me at all. I asked him what was wrong and he ignored me! I don’t know what to do!” “Blaise is always like that,” Draco said with a frown. “But he’d calmed down, and now he’s even worse. Whenever we’re together he just wants sex. He won’t talk to me at all!” “You don’t talk?” Harry asked worriedly. Seamus shook his head, sadness in his usually smiling eyes. Draco couldn’t help but feel sympathetic towards the boy. He had gone through the same thing himself, worrying over Harry. Seamus seemed to genuinely care for Blaise Zambini, strange as that sounded. “Whenever we meet up and I start to talk to him he just tells me to shut up and tried to get me to have sex. Usually we do, but I’ve started pushing him away. I don’t want to just be used! I know I have a reputation of being a bit of a slut but I thought he respected me…I thought he really liked me for me.” “Have you told him that?” Draco asked, thinking. “I told him that it wasn’t good enough any more and he said that I should grow up. He thinks I’m just trying to get him to be a ‘bloody Gryffindor’ but I don’t want that — I just want him to be…” “You want him to love you,” Harry whispered, smiling at Seamus sadly. Seamus’ eyes widened before he sank miserably into the sofa, nodding tiredly. “Yeah.”

“You’re in love with him?” Draco asked, shocked. “Yeah — I didn’t want to love him, because I know he’s a slut…but I did. I think he’s sleeping with someone else,” Seamus whispered. “Oh Seamus,” Harry whispered, standing up and going over to hug his friend. “I guess I want what you two have got,” Seamus choked. Harry hugged his friend tightly, feeling the tears against his chest as Seamus tried to smoother them. He smiled sadly at Draco, rocking Seamus in his arms. Draco, strangely, didn’t feel any jealousy. Instead he felt sadness. Blaise had somebody who loved him, and was throwing it away for a fling. He would definitely have a word with his friend. ********** “Is everything set, Lucius?” Voldemort hissed. “Yes my Lord.” “Good. I would hate to have to punish you,” Voldemort smirked. Lucius remained impassive. He had learnt by now that if he remained emotionless he could learn more than if he asked. Voldemort found it strangely amusing when someone asked for knowledge…but then again, he probably liked placing the questionnaire under the crucius curse until they begged for mercy. One had to wait for Voldemort to give you the answers to your questions. “Tell me, Lucius, how is your son-in-law doing?” “Fine my Lord.” “The baby?” “In good health.” “I heard that Potter had a fall,” Voldemort hissed, his wood of his wand gleaming in the dim light. A warning. Voldemort wanted detail or he would be punished. “He slipped in their room and hit his head. He was unconscious…we weren’t sure that he would survive,” Lucius murmured. Voldemort eyed him shrewdly. “Your loyalty had better not waver Lucius.” “It won’t, my Lord,” Lucius promised, knowing deep down that if he was forced to choose between his family, especially his Grandson, he would choose them over his Lord. “Good.”

********** It was the next day when chaos erupted within the wizarding world. Diagon Alley, the center of the wizarding world in England, had been attacked. Harry sat frozen in shock, next to an equally pale Draco. It seemed that what they had feared had come to pass. Voldemort was preparing his army of Death Eaters. “Can I read the article?” “Are you sure?” Draco asked nervously, knowing that Harry shouldn’t be stressed. “Yes,” Harry said firmly. Draco handed it to him. ‘You Know Who Attacks! Last night, You Know Who attacked Diagon Alley, the center town of the wizarding world in England. The attack started shortly after midnight, and it soon became apparent to the aurors that his main intent was to get to Gringott’s. Luckily, the area was not as busy as it usually was. There were many casualties however, and forty seven witches and wizards have been killed, along with many injured. The aurors also suffered casualties last night, and Arthur Weasley, seen at the scene, said that many of the remaining aurors are being treated for Dark Arts curses, and other hexes. Diagon Alley has been reduced to rubble. The only building to remain standing was Gringott’s itself, which You Know Who was stopped from entering. The Ministry of Magic said the following: ‘We had no idea that there was an attack planned, and alls we can do is offer our sincerest condolences to those families who have lost someone in the fight. We must be prepared to suffer more losses in the times to follow, if we are to win this war.’ Our only hope lies with Harry Potter, defeater of the Dark Lord on numerous occasions in the past. But will Albus Dumbledore allow The Boy Who Lived to take part, when he is in fact eight weeks pregnant with Draco Malfoy’s child? The answer remains to be found.’ Harry dropped the paper on the table, eyeing the picture of the destroyed town of Diagon Alley in sadness. Draco reached out to take his hand, offering comfort and support. He knew that it would take a while for Harry to accept that he was not to blame. “I can’t let them to fight alone Draco, you know that,” Harry whispered. “I know love. We’ll fight this together,” Draco whispered, caressing his cheek. “I can’t let him hurt my child Draco,” Harry choked, tears welling up in his eyes. “As long as I live Harry, I promise you that no harm shall come to you or our child. You are both safe.”

“Thanks,” Harry said, smiling shakily. “No problem love.” But Harry knew that not even Draco could provide safety for their child while Voldemort was intent on taking over the wizarding world. No one was safe. ********** “Blaise!” Blaise turned, eyeing Draco in surprise. He hadn’t talked to his fiend, without Harry, for a while. He smirked, seeing that Harry wasn’t in sight. He wondered what was wrong with his friend, sensing that he was angry about something. “What’s up?” “Why are you being a prat?” Draco asked bluntly. Blaise gaped. “Who the hell are you shagging?” “What?” “I thought you liked Finnigan!” “He’s a good shag, I admit. He’s got a gorgeous arse.” “What?” Draco glared icily at his friend, unable to believe that he would be so cold about a boy who was hopelessly in love with him. He had known that Blaise was a slut — he was often referred to as the ‘Slytherin Slut’ but he had thought that he would at least consider Seamus’ feelings. He thought that Blaise had liked the Irish Gryffindor. “Why are you so worried Draco?” “I can’t believe you! I thought you at least had some morals! You’re dating him!” “I date everybody,” Blaise shrugged, unconcerned. “So whom have you been sleeping with behind his back?” Draco asked icily. “What has it got to do with you?” Blaise snapped. “Whatever upsets Harry upsets me! He’s pregnant Blaise! I can’t have him stressed!” “What’s it got to do with him anyway? Its not as if he’s going out with Finnigan!” “He’s his friend!”

“So?” Draco tried to control his temper, barely succeeding. “So he’s upset that you’re playing his friend around, and to be honest Blaise, I thought you’d at least just stay with him. You won’t even talk to him!” “Oh, I get it now, the Irish prat’s been talking to Harry has he?” Blaise sneered. Draco eyed him sadly. “What changed Blaise? You’ve always had a thing for Seamus and now you’re throwing away the only chance of happiness you’re likely to get…” “I don’t stay with one person Draco,” Blaise muttered, looking uncomfortable. Draco narrowed his eyes. “Then stay away from Finnigan, before I’m forced to hex you,” Draco said icily, walking away and leaving his friend staring after him with sad brown eyes. “If only it were that simple Draco.” ********** Harry happily devoured another chocolate. Draco had ordered some more from Hogsmeade, much to his delight. He looked at the veela, who was sprawled on the sofa next to him, a book propped up on his lap and a look of concentration in his silver eyes. He hesitated, not wanting to distract the other boy from his reading, but after several moments of silence only broken by Draco quietly turning a page, Harry was beyond bored. “Draco?” The veela’s attention immediately averted to him and the intense stare in the silver eyes made Harry squirm. He wondered idly whether their baby would have Draco’s beautiful eyes… “What’s wrong, love?” Draco asked, leaning forward slightly to peer into Harry’s dreamy green eyes. “I’m bored,” Harry announced, his eyes re-focusing on the blond. Draco blinked. “You’re bored?” “Yes.” “Why don’t you read a book?” Draco suggested.

Harry glared. “I’m sick of reading! I’m sick of sitting! I’m sick of sleeping! I’m…” Harry was quite prepared to carry on his rant until he got to the end of his list, after all, he was pregnant for Merlin’s sake, he was allowed to rant and rave at the injustice of it all. He was fat, craving chocolate, sick in the mornings and was forbidden from flying or doing anything else he wanted to do which he considered ‘fun’ and Draco considered ‘dangerous’. He was not prepared for Draco’s soft lips capturing his own in a breathtaking kiss. Harry felt his whole body melt and his mind go fuzzy. He tried to remember what they had been arguing about but he couldn’t quite remember…it didn’t matter…the only thing which mattered was Draco’s soft lips and tongue… When Draco finally pulled away he was amused to see that his mate was completely out of it, clinging to him with desperate limbs. When a pair of vivid green eyes, smoldering with lust, met his own, Draco felt his heart rate increase rapidly. “Let’s go to bed, love,” Draco whispered. Harry, who was still staring at his Draco’s lips with an intention to feel them against his own again, nodded, before eagerly following his lover into the bedroom. ********** This chapters one which some of you have seen before. Its been redone and bits have been added. The new stuff will be coming out soon, I promise. Choices: The mating season Some more Seamus News about Voldemort REVIEW! Back to index

Chapter 43: notice AUTHORS NOTE: PLEASE READ. Firstly, sorry about the lack of updates, I've had a few family problems. I would just like to say that I have never said that I own the veela idea, hell, anyone can use it. What I am complaining about is people using my plot. I don’t mind people writing Veela fics as long as my ideas aren’t used excessively, for example, most Veela fics I’ve read begin the same as my own. Why? There are hundreds of other ways to start off a Veela fic, or any

type of fic. Why does Dumbledore have to tell Harry in his office? Secondly, I do have a life, as amusing as the comment was, and I do not believe I am a “God” in any way shape or form — the very idea is blasphemous. If I was, I’d be as rich as J. K. Rowling, not writing on Thanks to everyone who said I have a big ego, even when you don’t know me personally and have no right to judge my personality, but if that’s how you see me then that’s up to you, I can’t change your mind, and I have no plan to try and persuade you other wise. I don’t have the time. A reader contacted me over the amount of people copying my fic - I do not sit here for hours on end reading other Veela fics, I don’t have the time, as I’ve just said. I read several myself, and I have no problems with those that are original. Michael Serpent has an amazing Veela fic, and I love it and wait impatiently for it to be updated. I know I don’t own anything J. K. Rowling owns, but even though this is fanfiction, I believe that you should create something purely your own. The whole point of fanfiction is to write something you wish to happen in the Harry Potter books, which you know probably won’t. I want to apologise to those that took my authors note the wrong way, I never meant to appear big headed. For those that complained about the change in plot, the fic won’t change dramatically. Its being beta’d, all the way through, and the chapters made longer, while I have the chance, that’s all. As to those that said that I shouldn’t need to give permission to authors, I never said that they had to contact me and ask, but they did. I thank those that did, as it shows respect for fellow writers, I’d do the same, but as long as they don’t use anything that’s mine good luck to them and I hope they are successful. I never asked them to write in their disclaimers or summaries that they had my permission either, anyone does, as I’ve said. I know I don’t own the term Magnetic Attraction as it applies to physics, by it is the name of my fic and the base of all the Veela Inheritance information in my fic, that’s all. As to the baby, the baby will be an original character, so therefore it will belong to me. I’m not the best writer, I never considered myself as such. There are many authors who have incredible talent, and I’m no where near their level, and probably never will be. I write because I enjoy writing and putting my ideas onto paper, or in this case, on your screen. I will continue to write, merely because I want to. This will be my final fic, and I have no intentions of writing anything else in the near future. I did draft out a Harry/ Severus fic for those that asked me whether I could write a fic with that pairing, so I’d like to apologise, but I shan’t be posting it. On a happy note, MA should be finished by March, at the latest, if everything goes according to plan, and if I decide to finish it (more details on that further down). Flame all you want, I don’t mind. I read them, take the advice and use it, but I won’t feel guilty about stating my opinions and beliefs — you did the same in your reviews, or should I say flamers? Who ever reported me for posting announcements and not chapters obviously is blind because I have not done that since I was pulled the first time, until now. I post chapters with authors notes at the beginning so technically it’s a chapter.*shrugs* If that’s your idea

of revenge then so be it, I don’t mind, you’ve got your wish, I GOT PULLED off fanfiction! I’m actually tired of explaining myself and plan to have a large break from writing, as of now. The world of authors has gotten too petty for my liking — and I’m considering discontinuing this fic. I won’t be posting on fanfiction for a while, months maybe, and I doubt I’ll update any new chapters. I’ll post the whole fic in full, if I decide to finish it, when it’s done for you to flame to hell and back, and to be honest, I won’t mind. If you review the last chapter on foreverfandom, and leave your email address, I’ll contact you when, or if, I decide to update there. Please write all in capitals, except your email address, as its easier for me to contact you. Lastly, I apologise to any readers who find me rude. If you decide to not read MA again, then I accept your decision and understand it. Yes, the number of reviews a person gets influences a person, but I started this fic because I had an idea, and I plan to finish it with or without reviews from the public, even if I don’t post it anywhere. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this fic for as long as it has lasted, as much as I have enjoyed writing it, but in the case that you don’t, you have my thanks for reading as much as you did. I apologise to all those that are disappointed and angry at me, you have every right to be, but I think I deserve a break. I accept that I deserved to be pulled last time but this time I feel as if it was unjust. If you want to contact me leave a review with your email address in it and I’ll get back to you. Apologies yet again, and flame me all you want, I deserve it. Thank you, and further apologies, Frizzy Ok - This is an extra note added on a day after the above. I was mad, hey, I was furious, hence the reason why I decided to take a break. I realised the timing was bad, but hopefully you will see the benefits - the whole story, completed, will be posted within a month. No more cliffhangers or a waiting a week to find out more. Sorry about the rant - the majority of you have been nothing but kind and patient with me, and I WILL finish it, for you. Thank you for being so understanding, I appreciate it. If anyone would like to beta for me, please contact me at [email protected] You will be incredibly busy over the next month - one reason why I'm employing more people to do the job. Only apply if you seriously want to help and have a lot of spare time. All help will be appreciated. Note: I own the original Malfoy’s, the plot in every way, shape or form, the book featured in this fic, the Veela Inheritance Information, the prophecy, the baby, as its an original character, the original dress maker, the MPREG info I created, and anything else which belongs to me. No one has permission to use it. Back to index

Chapter 44: Authors Note Dear readers, As many of you may already know, my account on fanfiction has been deleted. Therefore I will now be posting Magnetic Attraction here and on I've spent the last few months struggling to write while dealing with broken computers and family medical emergencies. I've re-written the first 25 chapters, up until the bonding, and I highly recommend reading them. The new version is currently being posted on adultfanfiction. The new version is longer, more detailed, and focuses more on the relationships between the different characters, in particular Lucius and Narcissa. I'll post the new version here when I get the time, but it won't be for a few weeks. I'll continue to leave messages on my bio here, so keep returning to read the latest news, and hopefully I’ll finish the next part of MA and then get back to posting regularly. I apologise for the delay in completing my fic, and for losing my account. What can I say? I think MA's jinxed. When everything gets right again something else comes along to get rid of it. *sighs* Yet again, I apologise, and I hope that you continue to read MA. Regards, Frizzy Back to index

Chapter 45: New notice Dear readers, I'm posting this here to say that I'm gradually posting the new chapters here, under the name frizzy, under the title "Magnetic Attraction revised". I also have a new account on fanfiction after being pulled. It's called: Frizzy001 Happy reading and I hope that you'll visit and read the rest of the new chapters there. All 25 chapters are posted. I also have a yahoo group which is: You can find amazing art work there as well as some of the chapters. Enjoy. I post notices there about MA's progress as well. It’s worth joining, if you can, as it’s easier for me to contact you — you get messages from other readers etc. Also, I’m hopefully getting Apologies and Past Mistakes posted on my yahoo groups as well, and I’ll post it here as well for all those that can’t join the group due to the age restriction. Regards, Frizzy

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Chapter 46: important - back! Dear readers, I can imagine that this email will come as a surprise to many as it has been a while since anyone has heard from me. I apologise repeatedly for my absence from this site and from writing fanfiction, and I only hope that you understand. My grandfather became ill about two years ago with lung cancer, which he had contracted from being a miner in his youth. As he had moved to France I rarely saw him in the last few years, but we kept in touch and he assured me that the treatment was working. However, I received word that the treatment had not been working as the doctors had hoped, and that his condition was worsening. My decision to visit him was immediate, and sudden, and I moved to France for a month to visit him. i had no internet access, and was so busy visiting hospitals, caring for my grandfather and supporting my grandmother that i did not have the opportunity to even write. Once there, I found it impossible to leave and my short vacation soon increased. The doctors had informed me that the cancer had spread too much for any treatment to cure, and instead were providing him with medicine to sustain his condition. He died six months ago. I have to admit that although I knew that he was going to die, the knowledge didn’t prepare me for reality. I know that anyone who has suffered a loss will understand. I still expect to ring my grandparent’s house and hear his voice. My grandmother, since his death, has been unable to cope, and I have spent the last few months in France helping her through the grieving process and helping her with the legal side of things. I did not expect to be gone for more than a month, and although I apologise for the

extended removal from writing I must confess that if the same occurred again my grandfather would come first. Since my return to England I have been busy putting my life back together and attempting to access my internet sites… the only problem is that I do not remember any of the passwords. I have created a new email address: [email protected] This email address has been created especially for the purpose of fanfiction and any of you can contact me here. I apologise for not replying to any previous emails sent in my absence, and I will not be able to reply to them as I cannot access them. I hope to start updating again within the next few weeks, and I have created an account on, on which I have already posted a few chapters. If anyone is a member of my yahoogroup, magneticattraction2004, of which I cannot access due to not knowing the password, can you please contact me and give me the address so that I may contact the moderator, arisawing I believe, then I would greatly appreciate your help. also, magnetic attraction will soon be posted on within the next week, and a new update - chapter 26 revised - shall be posted within a week as well. my account on is.... frizzy returned Thank you, Frizzy Back to index

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