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MASJID UMAR BIN KHATTAB- Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter ISLAMIC ASSOCIATION OF MI NEWSLETTER May-June 2012 / Rajab-Shaban1 14...
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Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter




May-June 2012 / Rajab-Shaban1 1433 -- Volume 2 Issue 2 Address: 18105 Racho Road, Brownstown, MI, 48193 Website: http://www.masjidumarbinkhattab.org

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Phone: 734-281-8050 Email: [email protected]sjidumarbinkhattab.org.

Message from the Masjid board Assalamu Alaikum, Alhamdulillah the progress of the Masjid expansion is ahead of schedule. As you may have seen, the foundation and outer layer has been completed. It is truly a beautiful sight to behold.

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Hadiths of the month:

Alhamdulillah the entire community has come together to support this historical expansion. Enthusiasm is growing as we get closer to our main fundraiser, highlighted by br. Junaid Jamshed, along with Maulana Qari Ilyas and Mufti Nayef Patel. The event will be held on June 10 th, starting at 5pm at the Wayne Tree Manor, in Wayne, MI. Tickets are selling fast but still available. Please see any board member for tickets. During this event, the goal will be to raise $500,000 to complete the project. This expansion will serve the growing downriver community. This allows us to increase the prayer area, establish and expand the Hifz and Islamic education (Alim) programs, provide women/girls programs, funeral preparations, provides a gymnasium for the youth to play and stay connected to the Masjid, plus other great benefits and programs. These are exciting times and we should always give thanks to Allah for providing these gifts and opportunities. We earnestly request our brothers and sisters to continue to support these projects and take an active part in the affairs of the Masjid in the best manner possible. Jazakallah-Khair to everyone that assists the Masjid directly or indirectly. Website: http://www.Masjidumarbinkhattab.org Board of Directors, Masjid Umar bin Khattab/Islamic Association of MI

The Messenger (SAW) said, “Whoever builds a Masjid for the Sake of Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari]

The Messenger (SAW) said: When a person leaves his earthly body, all his or her actions terminate but three: 1. Knowledge through which people benefit, 2. Sadaqa Jaariyya (recurring charity), and 3. Pious child who makes dua or supplication for the parents. Building of Mosque falls into the Sadaqa Jaariyya or recurring / continuous charity because as long as people come for Divine Remembrance and worship, the merits and blessings are sent to the ones who were behind building the mosque.

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Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter

Imam’s Corner: Mufti Nayef Patel – Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Shafee` Sahib (rah) and the Darul Uloom property The Darul Uloom (Darul Uloom Karachi) was originally situated in Nanak Warah housed in a small building. When the workload increased and the place became constrained, a dire need arose for a larger place. Hence, Allah Ta`ala provided the means and a large tract of land was allotted by the government for the Madrasah. Presently the Islamia College is situated on that land. Apart from the land being situated on a very prime location the grave of Allamah Shabbeer Ahmad Uthmani (rahmatullahi alaih) is also adjacent to the property. Hence, it was an ideal spot for the Darul Uloom. The legal procedures were followed and papers for the land were procured. Control was gained and a room was built on the land which had a telephone line. An official foundation laying jalsah was announced and leading ulama from various parts of Pakistan graced the occasion. It was on this occasion that some individuals laid claim to the land stating that the land did not belong to the Darul Uloom. Coincidentally the claimants had engaged certain reputable personalities who were also revered by Mufti Shafee` Sahib (the respected widow of Allamah Shabbeer Ahmad Uthmani [rahmatullahi alaih]). Initially, he attempted to defuse the dispute but to no avail. Hence, he thought to himself that what kind of barkat will there be in a Madrasah whose foundation is laid on a dispute. Subsequently, he announced that he was relinquishing his right and abandoning the property. Upon hearing this decision, the Madrasah’s administrative committee objected by saying, “How can you pass such a decision? Such a large property in the middle of the city! It is extremely difficult to find such a property. How can you leave such a property which we have already gained control over?” Mufti Shafee` Sahib replied, “I am not compelling the committee to abandon the property, because the committee has already gained control and ownership of the land. If you wish to still go ahead and construct the Madrasah then you may do so. However, I will not be part of it, since I do not see any barkat in a Madrasah whose foundation is laid upon a dispute. He then cited the Hadeeth of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), “I guarantee a home in the middle of Jannah for that person who leaves out quarrelling despite being correct.” He further added: “You are complaining that to get such a land is difficult whereas Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) is saying that he guarantees a home in the middle of Jannah. Constructing a Darul Uloom is fardh-e-kifaayah and saving Muslims from quarrels and disputes is fardh-e-`ayn. It will be a disservice to Deen if a fardh-e-`ayn is left out in order to discharge afardh-e-kifaayah. I will not construct a Darul Uloom whilst engaging in a dispute.” Saying this he abandoned the property. Subsequently, Allah Ta`ala blessed Hadhrat Mufti Sahib with a very much bigger and better property upon which the Darul Uloom is currently built. (Islaahi Khutubaat, vol. 6, p. 153)

Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter

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Masjid Update & News Masjid Expansion Update

Architect Rendition

Alhamdulillah, Phase 1 & 2 of the expansion project (excavation, foundation, underground plumbing, outer shell, roof foundation, etc) has been successfully completed. The next phase which has begun will need $500,000 to complete the project. Insha’Allah, if we receive these funds, this phase will be completed by end of summer 2012. These projects will need continuous funding. InshaAllah, we hope to see all community members at the up-coming fundraiser on June 10th. Please see any board member for ticket information. Donate to the masjid to assist with regular operations, land purchse, expansion, or special programs:

Actual as of 5/16/12 – outer shell

Donate to the masjid on a monthly basis by: 1. Check-o-matic donations. 2. Setting up online payment via the bank. 3. Donate using Google checkout, through our masjid website: http://masjidumarbinkhattab.org/ Insha’Allah, we hope that every single community member will consider setting up monthly donations to the masjid via one of the methods noted above. Please direct any questions to Br.Safder Khan, Treasurer ([email protected]) or to the masjid email: [email protected] If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to: Islamic Association of Michigan, 18105 Racho Road, Brownstown, MI, 48193.

Actual as of 5/16/12 – inner shell

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Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter

Youth’s Perspective KIDS ARE US By Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Mehboob In one of the Hadith narrated by Haz. Abu Zuifa, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that you will not enter Paradise until you love Allah and the Prophet (SAW). (By Bukhari, Muslim, Mutafaqa Alleh). According to this Hadith, we will not go to Jannat until we love Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) more than anything or anybody in this world. As we all know, we all are unable to see Allah (SWT), but we can all see the creations made by Allah (SWT) such as the sun, the moon, the stars and all the things in the universe including animals, human beings, trees, plants, flowers, etc. According to Al Quran, Allah (SWT) in Surah Noor tells us that Allah (SWT) is the Noor of the World (Allaho Noor-Um- Samavat-Wal Arz). The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had the honor to meet and see Allah (SWT) (Surah Miraj Al Quran). Even though Kufar and Mushrakeen did not believe him at that time, Abu Bakr Sadiq (R.A.) did believe him. Now, we all have the honor to be the Umah of our Prophet (SAW) and believe and have faith that it is all part of our faith and Eman. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is our connection to Allah (SWT) and as ordered by Allah (SWT) (Ati-Al-Laho and Ati-o-Rasool) means whatever Allah and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) orders us to do, we have to follow their orders. In order to please Allah (SWT) and his Prophet Muhammad (SAW), we have to follow the orders of Allah (SWT) and follow and love our Prophet (SAW). In order to please both Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (SAW), we have to do what Allah (SWT) and Prophet (SAW) love and like, as directed by our prophet (SAW): believing in the

5 pillars of Islam. We also know that our Prophet (SAW) loved musajid and as narrated by Hazrat Anas that our Prophet said that Qaimat will not come until the Muslim people are proud of their musajid (Abu Dawood). By building a mosque, the home of Allah (SWT), the purpose was to have a place to worship Allah (SWT) and pray five times a day. The concept is to love and please Allah and his Prophet (SAW) by taking care of our musajid. To summarize, we can say that we all have a lifetime opportunity to help build our mosque for the sake and love of Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Let us all do whatever it takes to finish building our masjid by donating whatever we can, even if it is $1000.00 per person that will give us enough funding to finish this project. This is the future for our children and will provide them with wonderful opportunities in the years to come, inshallah. Thank you and Jazak Allah Khair.

Hadhrat Shaqeeq Balkhi (rahmatullah alayh) said that 700 Ulama were asked: "Who is an intelligent man? Who is a wise man? Who is a wealthy man? Who is a durwaish (holy man)? Who is a miser? All of them unanimously replied: `He who does not befriend the world is an intelligent man. He who is not trapped in the deception of the world is a wise man. He who is contented with his taqdeer (what Allah has ordained for him) is a wealthy man. He who does not beg is a holy man. He who withholds Allah's wealth from His creation is a miser."

Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter

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Bulletin Board / Community News Daily Schedule: After Fajr & Isha prayer: Imam reads Hadith After Magrib prayer: Taleem (10-15 minutes)

Weekly Schedule: Monday-Thursday: Kid Quran Classes (1st) 4:30pm-5:45pm and (2nd) 5:45pm-7:00pm Tuesdays: Muslim visitations (Joula & Bayyan) Saturdays: 1. Quran Tafsir by Maulana Qari Ilyas after Zhur, starting with the 30th para, including Fazail and Masail injunctions (in Urdu). Sundays: 1. Quran Tafsir by Mufti Patel after Zhur (English) 2. Sunday school - 10:30-1:00pm during daylight saving time, otherwise from 11:30 – 2:00pm

Upcoming Special Events: June 10: Masjid Fundraiser Dinner: CHIEF GUEST: Br. Junaid Jamshed SPEAKERS: MAULANA QARI ILYAS (URDU) MUFTI NAYEF ABBAS PATEL (ENGLISH) PROGRAM STARTS 5:00 PM SHARP AT: WAYNE TREE MANOR 35100 Van Born Road, Wayne, MI 48184 (734) 728-3020 July 8: Second Sunday of Each month: One dish

community dinner after Maghrib salat. Please check the masjid e-mail / website / bulletin board for any changes to the events listed above. All community members are requested to participate in these events. Please pass on this information to others. If you would like to inform the community of any special news or events, such as matrimonial, births, condolences, achievements, degrees, promotions, etc… Please send an email to: [email protected]

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Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter

KIDS Page Newsletter – Youth Quiz & Prizes The first three individuals to get the correct answers will each receive a 10.00 dollar gift card. The winner will be announced on our website and in the next newsletter. Questions: 1. How many prophets are mentioned by name in the Quran? 2. Name the six famous Hadeeth compilations. 3. Name the Sahabi that was most obedient to his mother. 4. Name the four Imams. 5. Which Sahabi was known as the keeper of the toothstick/miswak and the keeper of shoes? Rules for the quiz:

Help Mariam get to the bread!

1. No one is allowed to ask the Imam for answers. 2. Age group: less than 15 3. Restrict to one winner per family/year. 4. Send answers to:

[email protected] LAST WEEK WINNER:

By Anonymous: In Happy moments, praise God. In Difficult moments, seek God. In Quiet moments, worship God. In Painful moments, trust God.

Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter

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The Virtue of building a Masjid Question: What kinds of blessings can we attain by participating in building a mosque? Answered by Sheikh Khalid b. Salih al-Muwayni A mosque is the best of places. It is more blessed and virtuous than all other places. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The most beloved of places to Allah is the mosque, and the most detested of places to Allah is the marketplace.” [Sahih Muslim] There is great reward in building a mosque for Allah’s sake. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise.” [Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim] In some narrations of this hadith, it reads “Whoever builds a mosque seeking Allah’s pleasure…” It is also narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever build a mosque for Allah – be it large or small – Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhi – and graded as good (hasan) by al-Albani] In a narration in Musnad al-Bazzar that al-Albani graded as authentic, it reads: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah – though it be the size of the ground nest of a sandgrouse – Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.” The building of a mosque is a way for a person to continue to earn blessings after death. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Among what continues to accrue for a believer of his good works after death are the following: knowledge that he learned and then imparted to others, a pious child whom he left behind, a copy of the Quran that he bequeathed, a mosque that he built, a guest house he built for travelers, a river that he made to flow, and charity he spends from his wealth when he is in good health – all of this continues to avail him after his death.” [Sunan Ibn Majah and Sunan al-Bayhaqi – and graded as good (hasan) by al-Albani] Al-Shawkani comments on this hadith in Nayl al-Awtar (2/213), saying: “This shows that the blessings which are mentioned are for the actual construction of a mosque. It is not enough to designate land as a mosque – or to demarcate the land in some way – without building a structure on it.” And Allah knows best.

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Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter

How To Do Good Deeds that Reward a Muslim After Death By Sadaf Farooqi

"Whatever is with you, will be exhausted, and whatever is with Allah (of good deeds) will remain." [Qur'an - Surah Al-Nahl 16:96] Allah's Messenger (SAW) said: "When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end except three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge and righteous offspring who will pray for him." [Sahih Muslim: 3084] Al-Nawawi [may Allah have mercy on him] said in Sharh Muslim: "The scholars said: the meaning of this hadith (above) is that the deeds of the deceased come to an end when he dies, and the renewal of reward ceases for him, except in these three cases, because he is the cause of them: his offspring is counted among his earnings, as is the knowledge that he leaves behind through teaching or writing, and ongoing charity, i.e., a waqf (Islamic endowment)." Consequently, a Muslim must not just persist in doing good deeds while alive, but should also pursue projects that will reap benefit after death. Options for such endeavors are listed below: 1. Constantly remembering death: One of the best ways to actively do good deeds and leave behind avenues that will continue to benefit after death, is to remember death itself, often and consistently. 2. Invest money in welfare projects: Whether it's a hospital, school, mosque, domestic shelter or a welfare organization that generally helps the needy, a Muslim should invest some money in it, in order to ensure that the rewards for charity will keep coming even after they have died, when the money they invested continues to benefit others in different ways. 3. Spread beneficial knowledge through media: - Educate another person or teach others a skill; contribute in starting a regular Islamic class. The more students you have, the farther your trail of good deeds will extend after you have left this world. "And We record that which they send before (them), and their traces, and all things We have recorded with numbers (as a record) in a Clear Book." [Qur'an, Surah Yaseen: 12] - Sponsor the printing and distribution of the Qur'an or Islamic books. - Record and distribute Islamic classes, article and lectures. - Write articles and books. E-books now make it easier for writers to get published. Lulu is a tool that allows users to publish their own books for no cost. - Build and maintain an Islamic website, or write Islamic content for other websites: If you are tech-savvy, you can start your own Islamic website! - Start and maintain an Islamic blog: Wordpress, Blogger and IslamicInk allow individuals to upload their personal content for the world to see. Be it personal reflections on the Qur'an, tips and advice on acting upon Islam, or general musings, maintaining a blog will benefit you well after your death, insha'Allah.

Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter

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Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter

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Masjid Umar Bin Khattab-IAM June 2012 Newsletter

JUNE 2012 Prayer Schedule

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