Logistics Trends in China

Logistics Trends in China Guojin Liu East Asia Business Manager Antwerp Port Authority 24 March 2015 1 The link between Antwerp and China China...
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Logistics Trends in China

Guojin Liu East Asia Business Manager Antwerp Port Authority

24 March 2015


The link between Antwerp and China

China is a major trade partner of Port of Antwerp Top 10 countries: maritime traffic Port of Antwerp United States United Kingdom Rusland Turkey China Brazil France Spain Finland Singapore India UAE 0

5.000.000 10.000.000 15.000.000 20.000.000 25.000.000 Tons


Maritime traffic between Antwerp and China Main commodities:



   

Containers Iron & steel Rolling material Non-ferrous ores








Total maritime traffic between Antwerp and China 2014 9,4 million tonnes


Strong relationship with China Port of Antwerp agreements with China: • • • • • • • •

Chongqing Shenzhen, Sisterport Dalian, sisterport Yangzhou Shanghai, sisterport Ningbo Lianyungang Qingdao, sisterport

Port missions to China: focus on North, Central & South China: • • • •

yearly seminars & conferences participation in fairs 1-1 meetings (Port Authorities, Associations, Universities, …)

Port Days and other events for Chinese communities in Belgium and the hinterland of Antwerp • •

yearly Networking opportunities

Strong relationship with China •

Chinese traditions in Antwerp

Long-term diplomatic relations

President Xi Jinping, R.M King Philippe of Belgium and Marc Van Peel, president of the Antwerp Port Authority.


Strong relationship with China • Sponsoring and logistic support of the loan and the Exhibition of the Chinese and European old sailing ship models to China Maritime Museum

The opening ceremony at China Maritime Museum on 4 June, 2012

A visitor enjoys the unique craftmanship of the Chinese old sailing ship model

Investing in the future generation of decision-makers

STUDENTS Dalian Maritime University 2 Maritime awards for best thesis students - support to the education of future maritime talents Lectures at Shanghai Maritime University and Shenzhen University



APEC seminares:

APEC seminares:

Exclusive Seminar IT and EDI in Port Business Cold Chain Logistics Breakbulk Cargo

Exclusive Seminar IT and EDI in Port Business Cold Chain Logistics Breakbulk Cargo

Company visits

Company visits Middle Management Events

Collaboration with AMS en UA


Increase of Chinese investments in Belgian ports

2005 First Chinese investor: Cosco Pacific with 20% share in Antwerp Gateway Terminal

 2012 Sinopec takes 50% shares of Vesta Terminal in Antwerp through the mother company of Vesta Terminal  2013 China Merchants takes shares in Terminal Link(CMA CGM) with shares

in Antwerp Gateway Terminal  2014 China Shipping takes 24% shares in APM Terminals in Zeebrugge


Logistics & maritime sector

Map of China

China’s manufacturers and investment locations

Cargoes generating bases: Move to the west region, in particular Chengdu and Chongqing

Chengdu Chongqing


Ranking of Ports in Mainland China (2014) Total maritime traffic:

Foreign trade volume:

1. Ningbo-Zhoushan 2. Shanghai 3. Tianjin 4. Tangshan 5.Guangzhou 6. Suzhou 7. Qingdao 8. Rizhao 9. Qinhuangdao 10. Yantai

1. Ningbo-Zhoushan 2. Shanghai 3. Qingdao 4. Tianjin 5. Tangshan 6. Rizhao 7. Shenzhen 8. Suzhou 9. Guangzhou 10. Lianyungang

Container traffic: 1. Shanghai 2. Shenzhen 3. Ningbo-Zhoushan 4. Qingdao 5. Guangzhou 6. Tianjin 7. Haikou 8. Dalian 9. Xiamen 10. Yantai

Bohai Rim

Yangtse River Delta

Pearl River delta

World’s 7/10 busiest container ports are in China

Ro-Ro Ports in Mainland China

In 2014, 1.42 million cars imported, + 19.29, SUV fastest growing. More import to the western region: Chengdu and Chongqing

Coal Receiving Ports in Mainland China

Qinhuangdao Tangshan Yantai Qingdao Lianyungang




LNG Ports in Mainland China

Transportation Network of China

China’s Railway Network

Rail Container Terminals in Mainland China

Inland navigation & ports in mainland China

China’s Highway Network - evolution of the length of National Trunk Highway System

1989 => 147 km (0 mi) 2015 => 111,950 km (69,560 mi)


Logistics trends in China

The trends of logistics in China  From common cargo to special cargo -> cool logistics, dangerous goods, heavy and project cargo, ro-ro cargo  Cargo centers move inlands and towards western region  Business concentration managed by corporations  E-commerce involvement  More cross-border connections

 Gradual liberalization of port operations  Flexible customs policies  Regulated labour market and increasing labour costs

 Integrated port, logistics and industry model  More value added services

 More automatisation in port and logistic operations

The impact of China on world logistics  Trendsetter in shipping and port operation  More control in port and logistic operations  More influence on international rules and regulations  More influence on price setting and decision power

 Increased quantity of cargo

 New cargo types from and to China  New cargo flow directions and destinations due to FDI and trade connections  New transportation routes

 New infrastructures  Elimination of certain routes and ports/logistic hubs  Creation of new logistic chains and hubs  More international railway transportation



Customs Trends in China

Trends in Chinese customs and cargo inspection  National integrated customs administration network  Increased international cooperation and system integration  Nearly 100% paperless customs  One document for customs and quarantine inspection  More green lanes and AEOs  More customers-oriented attitude  More specialization in facilities, equipment and personnel

 More open market, less administration burden  More transparency, less corruption  More free choices of customs clearing

 Increased safety and environmental regulations 32

Build-up of Dry Ports – Extended gateways


The 15 Bonded Zones in China



Main production and export zones in China

Special Economic Zones in China

4 Free Trade Zones (FTZ) in China FTZ Characteristics:


    

Simplification of administration Negative list, less restricts Currency freedom Attractive customs policy Taxation advantages

Shanghai, 126 km² Fujian Guangdong


National and international Investment projects

Chinese investment in ports out of China

Chinese investment opportunities outside China     

Brazil-Peru Railway(5000 km, $ 60 million) Songkhla Canal in Thailand Moscow-Beijing High Speed Railway Gwuadar-China pipeline China-Pakistan Railway


Chinese investment in the Nicaragua Canal project

Long: 278 km Wide: 230 – 520 m Deep: 27.6 m Investment: $ 50 billion


The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road


Opportunities for Belgian logistic companies

New market (in both senses of destination and cargos)

Cooperation with Chinese companies where Belgian companies have solid networks

Exchange logistics expertise

Cooperation for education and training

Set up of joint ventures

Enlargement of service radius by using the new routes and reaching the new destinations


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