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Research & Development

MMC Armory - www.mmcarmory.com

Our Mission Our mission at LOCKJAWZ® Tree Stands is simple: Develop, manufacture and distribute a product that will help prevent hunting accidents. There are entirely too many tree stand accidents happening across the nation every season. We have all heard stories or personally know hunters that have been seriously injured or even killed. We will tell from experience, this is not an easy market to start a new business. There are hundreds of alternatives for ladder stands to choose from that do not feature a safety system. We started LOCKJAWZ® to make our line of ladder stands, including the safety systems, available to you at a price comparable to those already on the market. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in research, development, patents, trademarks, prototypes and manufacturing with one thing in mind: Your safety!!!

The Original LOCKJAWZ Safety System “Do something different to make a difference”

This is the Original LOCKJAWZ® Safety System. This is the safety system we have carefully designed our line of tree stands around. We have developed what we believe to be the safest and most practical method of securing a ladder stand to most any suitable tree from the ground. The beauty of this system, it does not require you to find a tree without limbs to hunt out of. Being able to hunt in the canopy of a tree instead of under it helps hide the profile of your body. Our simple, yet effective pulley assembly and linkage mechanism allows the user to advance the gripping arms around the tree by simply pulling on the rope from the base of the tree. Once the system is in place around the tree, you can climb the ladder without the fear of the ladder stand falling backward, slipping from side to side or sliding down the trunk of the tree. When your life depends on our product, failure is not an option.

The Deluxe Convertible This This is is our our Deluxe Deluxe Convertible Convertible ladder ladder stand stand featuring featuring the the Original Original LOCKJAWZ® LOCKJAWZ® Safety Safety System. System. It It shares all of the feature of the Basic Convertible, Convertible, but but has has aa more more generous sitting area with a back rest, arm arm rest rest and and aa shooting shooting rail. This model can can also also be be converted converted into into aa game/equipment game/equipment cart cart with the add-on wheel assembly. Designed Designed with with comfort comfort in in mind mind for for the the all all day day sit.

Height: 16’ to Platform Seat: 18.5” x 23”

Weight: 80 Lbs. Platform: 23” x 22”

SPECIFICATIONS Weight Rating: 300 Lbs

Tree Size: 8”-20” Construction: Steel

The Bow Hunter Here at LOCKJAWZ® Tree Stands, we wanted to offer a stand design that is not only the safest ladder stand, but one that is also budget friendly. The Bowhunter is light in weight while offering a generous seat and platform along with the LOCKJAWZ® Safety System.

Height: 16’ to Platform Seat: 12.5” x 23”

Weight: 62 Lbs. Platform: 16” x 21”

SPECIFICATIONS Weight Rating: 300 Lbs

Tree Size: 8”-20” Construction: Steel

The Outfitter The The Outfitter Outfitter was was designed designed to to accommodate accommodate all all styles styles of of elevated elevated hunting. hunting. With With it’s it’s extra extra wide wide flip flip up up seat seat design, design, oversized oversized platform, platform, shooting shooting rail rail and and aa foot foot rest, rest, this this is is the the ultimate ultimate stand stand for for all all day day comfort. comfort.

Height: 16’ to Platform Seat: 23” x 13”

Weight: 75 Lbs. Platform: 32” x 23”

SPECIFICATIONS Weight Rating: 300 Lbs

Tree Size: 8”-20” Construction: Steel

When When it it comes comes to to deer deer hunting, hunting, safety, safety, confidence, confidence, and and comfort comfort are are very very important. important. Lockjawz Lockjawz treestands treestands provides provides you you with with all all of of these these important important aspects aspects of of hunting hunting that that we we all all need need with with several several other other great great features. features. Lockjawz Lockjawz allows allows you you to to have have the the utmost utmost confidence confidence while while you you are are hunting hunting because because you you now now you you are are safe safe and and secure secure in in the the treestand treestand you you are are hunting hunting out out of. of. They They also also provide provide exceptional exceptional comfort comfort while while you you are are hunting hunting which which in in turn turn makes makes you you sit sit longer longer in in the the treestand. treestand. The The longer longer you you can can stay stay put put in in the the stand, stand, the the greater greater your your chances chances are are of of harvesting harvesting that that animal animal you you are are after. after. Not Not only only do do they they provide provide all all these these great great aspects aspects we we all all look look for for when when picking picking aa treestand treestand but but they they also also permit permit you you to to be be very very mobile mobile when when in in the the field. field. If If II need need to to make make adjustments adjustments to to my my hunting hunting area area to to get get closer closer to to the the animals animals II am am after after Lockjawz Lockjawz are are easy easy to to move move and and allow allow me me to to get get to to the the right right area area quickly. quickly.This This is is aa very very key key element element when when picking picking aa stand. stand. Lockjawz Lockjawz treestands treestands provide provide every every feature feature you you need need to to become become aa better better hunter hunter and and to to become become more more successful successful in in the the field. field. They They are are proven proven and and have have opened opened up up my my possibilities possibilities of of harvesting harvesting more more animals animals every every year. year. II just just had had the the best best deer deer hunting hunting of of my my life life this this past past year year and and II was was sitting sitting in in aa Lockjawz Lockjawz Treestand. Treestand. All All documented documented on on film film and and will will be be featured featured in in aa full full length length documentary documentary in in 4K 4K resolution resolution coming coming in in 2016. 2016. Big Big thanks thanks to to Jimmy Jimmy Boekeloo Boekeloo for for making making such such aa great great product. product. Lockjawz Lockjawz have have truly truly changed changed the the hunting hunting game game for for me me and and look look forward forward to to many many more more years years of of successful successful hunting hunting in in aa Lockjawz Lockjawz Treestand. Treestand. They They in in fact fact are are the the best best stands stands on on the the market market today, today, make make sure sure to to order order one one now!!!!! now!!!!! Sincerely, Sincerely, BILLY BILLY KATS KATS Billykatsadventures.com Billykatsadventures.com


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