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LIMITED WARRANTY FOR CRYSTALLINE PV MODULES Note: These warranty provisions apply regardless of, and in

Optical deviations, including but not limited to color

addition to, the legal and contractual warranty rights which

changes, corrosion, stains, scratches, etc., occurring after

the purchaser is entitled to claim from the relevant direct vendor.

the delivery to the customer, are excluded from the warranties, as long as the guaranteed output set out in §1

§ 1 Warranties 1. Astronergy Solarmodule GmbH, Conergy-Straße 8, 15236 Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, (hereinafter referred to as "Astronergy") demands a very high level of quality in its

used as intended as defined by these warranty conditions 2. All above-mentioned module types are delivered by Astronergy with at least the nominal output under STC


(Standard Test Conditions, defined as follows: radiation

Astronergy therefore guarantees the owners of its solar

temperature of 25°C.) shown on the data sheet or module

modules (hereinafter referred to as the "customer") within the framework of this product warranty that the following

(2) is reached and the solar modules can continue to be

power of 1,000 W/m², spectral density of AM 1.5, and a cell label and with only positive power tolerance.

models of solar modules

Astronergy guarantees the customer that the actual output

Astronergy ASM6610P-xxx

year by more than 3.0% based on the nominal output

(xxx = power rating in Wp) (hereinafter referred to as the “solar modules”) will be free of product and manufacturing defects in the event of use according to regulations under normal installation, use and operating conditions for the duration of 10 years. Use of the solar modules as defined by the warranty conditions is the generation of electricity by solar radiation in gridconnected photovoltaic systems with and without storage unit. All components belonging to and supplied with the solar module on delivery (glass, cells, films, frame, electric components, connection boxes, plugs and wires) are included in the product warranty. Like all materials exposed to different environmental

of the solar modules will not decrease in the first operating stated under STC. Astronergy guarantees that the further output decrease will not amount to more than 0.7% per year from the second year of operation up until the end of the twentyfifth year. Consequently, at the end of the twenty-fifth year of operation the solar modules will still produce an output of at least 80.2% based on the stated nominal output at STC. The power warranty includes power degradation, resulting from natural degradation (aging) of cells, foils or glass only. Power degradation, resulting from product or manufacturing defects, is excluded of the power warranty.

3. If a customer lodges a complaint regarding the

conditions, components of solar modules are subject to

output produced by the solar modules, it is entitled,

natural degradation (aging) and their appearance may

after consultation with Astronergy, to commission an

change within the operating period.

internationally acknowledged test body (such as the


Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg, TÜV Rheinland in Cologne,

5. In the event of dispute, Astronergy is willing to accept

Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory (PTL) in Arizona, USA and

the verdict of an independent expert or testing institute,

other test laboratories (CBTL) accredited by the IECEE) with

determined by mutual agreement. In the case of a

a standardized output measurement.

justified claim, Astronergy will reimburse the customer the appropriate costs of the expert opinion previously agreed

Output measurements must be carried out in accordance

between the customer and Astronergy. If the warranty case

with IEC 60904 and must make allowance for measuring

is unjustified, all costs incurred will be at the expense of the

errors in accordance with EN 50380.


If the output measurement produces a value below the

6. The warranties do not cover any costs other than those

output guaranteed by Astronergy according to § 1 (2),

described in §1 (3), §1 (4) and §1 (5). In particular, the

Astronergy will acknowledge the warranty claim and

warranties do not include costs that are incurred due to

bear the appropriate costs of the output measurement

disassembly and reinstallation of the solar modules.

previously agreed between the customer and Astronergy. If the warranty case is unjustified, all costs incurred will be at the expense of the customer. 4. In the event of a warranty claim according to § 1 (1) or § 1 (2), Astronergy will, at its discretion, either carry out a professional repair of the parts in question, or will replace the parts in question with new or reconditioned parts. In the event of a series defect or if appropriate modules are no longer manufactured or available, Astronergy is entitled to supply another module type (if necessary, with other properties) with which the output guaranteed at the time of the complaint can still be produced. All replaced modules become the property of Astronergy.

§ 2 Warranty conditions If the customer is a consumer, he must notify Astronergy in writing of any obvious defects in the solar modules within 2 months of receipt of the solar modules, otherwise no warranty claims may be made, unless of course the customer himself is not at fault for failing to submit the notification. If the customer is a contractor, warranty claims by the customer are subject to the condition that the customer has properly carried out his duty to examine and object to defects in accordance with § 377 German Commercial Code.

In the case of a justified warranty claim, Astronergy will reimburse the customer the costs associated with transportation of the defect modules and replacement modules. If the warranty case is unjustified, all costs associated with transportation will be at the expense of the customer.


§ 3 Warranty exclusions

5. Warranty repairs or replacement do not renew or ex-tend the original warranty.

1. The warranties do not cover any damage to the solar modules that has been caused as a result of:

6. The customer may have specific legal rights outside this warranty, and may also have other rights that vary from

· solar modules not being installed professionally and according to the installation manual, · solar modules being transported, installed or operated in violation of the acknowledged technical rules, · solar modules being used contrary to the intended

jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This warranty does not affect any additional rights the customer has under laws to which the sales contract with the customer is subject.

§ 4 Area of validity / start of warranty

purpose, · solar modules not being properly stored before

1. A warranty will be rendered for solar modules which were

and during installation,

purchased and are used in the following countries:

· interventions or modifications being undertaken on

Egypt, Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia,Bosnia and

the solar modules without the express consent of

Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica,


Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Member States of the

· use of components other than the related ones,

European Union including any associated overseas

· solar modules being exposed to unusual environmental

countries and sovereign territories listed in Annex II of the

conditions (salty air, salty water, sandstorms,

Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (AEUV),

overvoltage, magnetic fields, etc.),

Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan,

· solar modules being exposed to force majeure

Jordan, Columbia, Croatia, Kuwait, Libya, Liechtenstein,

(e.g. lightning, hail, fire, vandalism and natural disasters).

Luxembourg, Malaysia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Norway, Oman, Panama, Paraguay, Peru,

2. In particular, the warranties do not include indirect losses,

Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saudi-Arabia, Switzerland, Serbia,

such as incidental damage or consequential damage,

Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine,

including personal injury or material damage and loss of

UAE, United States of America.

profits 2. The warranty periods listed start on the day of purchase 3. No warranty claim exists if insignificant errors or deviations in the quality of the solar modules exist which do not

(conclusion of purchase agreement) by the first operator of the solar modules.

significantly affect the value and intended purpose. 4. Astronergy will not acknowledge complaints if serial numbers or labels are missing or were subjected to manipulations, or if the solar modules cannot be clearly identified for other reasons.

§ 5 Procedure for submitting claims If the solar modules have one of the defects covered under these warranty, please contact Astronergy Solarmodule GmbH immediately at the telephone number:

+49 (0)335 521 13 333


Please always have the following information ready when calling: · Your name, address, postcode and a contact phone number · The model and serial number of the solar module (both can be found on the module label) · A receipt with the date and address of the seller · The installation date · Location and address of the installation · A precise description of the defect observed and, if

§ 6 Final provisions 1. Claims by the customer under these warranties are limited to the warranty conditions described in § 1. 2. Astronergy shall not be held liable for delays in or the nonperformance of the warranties described in § 1 insofar as this is due to force majeure, war, war-like situations, unrest, strike, epidemic, fire, flood or other comparable circumstances that are outside Astronergy’s control.

applicable, additional information that could attribute to analysis of the defect

3. Astronergy provides these warranty conditions in several languages for the convenience of customers. In the event

The following documents and information must be made

of deviations, the German version is legally binding.

available to Astronergy on request: · Photographs of the damaged modules · The circuit diagram of the system · Any records from the system data monitoring (if available) Astronergy staff will inform the customer how to proceed and

4. This warranty is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, with exclusion of laws of conflict and UN sales law. 5. If the customer is a merchant and has his registered office

issue the customer with an individual claim number. Please

in Germany, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for claims on

always quote this in all further exchanges of information in

the part of the customer is Frankfurt (Oder).

connection with the processing of this claim. 6. This warranty constitutes the final agreement between If Astronergy employees ask the customer to send more

Astronergy and the customer as regards the subject

precisely determined purchase documents, these must be

matter of this warranty and (in relation to such subject

sent by post, fax or e-mail to the following address:

matter) supersedes and replaces all earlier understandings and agreements between any of the parties as well as all

Astronergy Solarmodule GmbH

previous assurances made by any party. This §6(6) shall

Order Processing Center

not exclude the liability of a party for fraud or fraudulent

Conergy-Straße 8, 15236 Frankfurt (Oder)



+49 (0)335 521 13 333

Fax hotline +49 (0) 335 521 13 491

Frankfurt (Oder), Astronergy Solarmodule GmbH:

E-mail: [email protected]

Dated January 2014

Please note that solar module returns cannot be accepted by Astronergy without advance notification by telephone.



CORPORATE HEADQUARTER & MANUFACTURING PLANT Astronergy Solarmodule GmbH Conergy-Straße 8 15236 Frankfurt/Oder Germany Tel: +49 (0)335 521130 Fax: +49 (0)335 52113491


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