Life Cycle Management Solutions

Life Cycle Management overview

Zero Harm

solutions reduce mining costs by

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Joy Global Life Cycle Managment (LCM)

Lowest Cost Per Ton

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Service Leader Highest Production


enabling us to partner with customers to optimize machine performance throughout the asset’s life cycle.

World-Class Mine Performance

Joy Global’s direct service teams work

Joy Global LCM solutions

on-site and in local service centers to provide superior maintenance and

Every customer is a reference

repair services along with quality service products and consumables (SP&C) to

LCM solutions

meet the unique requirements of each

Joy Global LCM solutions link mines to the world’s largest

mining environment. These teams

direct service network, connecting with our customers from

work alongside mine personnel and

132 locations in 18 countries around the world. Joy Global’s

At the core of our commitment to

recommend productivity-enhancing

direct service model links our entire organization, from field

customers is providing world-class

options and modernizations to help keep

services to factory engineering to customer training and all

the asset available to achieve the lowest

disciplines in between. Our network allows customers direct

cost per ton throughout its life cycle.

access to mining equipment experts whenever and wherever

Delivering world-class mine performance

solutions through our unique direct service network. This allows us to collaborate with customers,

support is needed. We are focused on delivering customized

developing innovative parts, products,

solutions that solve mining’s toughest challenges.

consumables and systems that lower their total cost of ownership while


safely maximizing production.

Understanding that each mining environment has unique challenges, Joy Global partners with each customer to accurately and effectively scope its requirements and TM

deliver world-class service that helps reduce downtime and operating costs. This partnership is founded on mutually

Our commitment to quality and reliability is supported by our focus

beneficial solutions and commitments to maximize safety, performance, planning, machine monitoring, maintenance,

on Operational Excellence. We use

repairs, technical service, training, information sharing and

Joy OpEx principles to eliminate waste,

efficient administration.

simplify the process, automate and remove people from harm’s way.

Customized support Joy Global leverages these partnerships to provide solutions that meet the complex applications and environments of our customers. Joy Global and our customers work in tandem to develop customized service support to complement current capabilities. Whether the customer requires dedicated service or simply replacement SP&C, Joy Global employs flexibility to configure its support to match any operating environment.

Optimized strategies Joy Global’s strategies are continually reviewed and optimized to meet the changing operational and production requirements of each mine. Through the utilization of global data and industry-leading technology, our service personnel analyze previous experience along with real-time machine data to recommend and implement the best strategy for

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each environment. The strategies are established using a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) philosophy focused on lowering the cost per ton, increasing production and supporting a zero harm environment.

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Customers gain control with LCM

A wide range of customized LCM support

Joy Global offers a variety of LCM programs and will partner with you to configure a solution that best meets your needs. Once in place, a Joy Global contract manager will work directly with you to optimize the performance of your program. Depending on your requirements, we can manage your entire Joy Global equipment fleet or simply provide tools to help you better manage it on your own.

Examples of various LCM services

• Optimal maintenance and Component Exchange Program (CEP) scheduling through direct planning with Joy Global • Common supplier of machine exchanges results in continuous improvement of machine performance due to familiarity with a customer’s specific mining conditions

• Customizable and predictive pricing structures lead to better budgeting and long-term planning capabilities


mer to


JoySmart Solutions


• Machine Exchange Program (MEP) reduces need for capital outlay

PLCM Ser vic e

• Increased availability on machines: paying on a Cost Per Ton (CPT) or Cost Per Hour (CPH) basis fosters a culture of proactive maintenance

Customer requirements


Improved cost control

SP&C, components, CEP, MEP and dedicated full service team


For decades, Joy Global LCM programs have enabled customers to be proactive rather than reactive, allowing them to make decisions that optimize machine performance and offer long term benefits.

Optimized performance

Service technician(s) product specialist(s) and LCM coordination

Turn-key, full maintenance and repair


Factors to consider when deciding how to customize an LCM program that is right for your operation:

LCM coordination and service assistance (as required)

SP&C, components, CEP/MEP and service assistance included


LCM coordination and service assistance (as required)

SP&C, components, CEP, and/or MEP



J oy



• Defined exchange processes and rebuild specifications reduce administrative costs • CPT/CPH allows for payment to be made according to production and reduces the need for large capital outlays

Performance Life Cycle Management (PLCM) Integrate JoySmart Solutions and further improve production, safety and TCO

• Flexibility of program makes it easy to add machine upgrades

With smart, connected products, Joy Global is able to provide visibility on the performance,

• Detailed history of SP&C and components consumption by machine allows for better analysis of operations and maintenance practices, resulting in lower operating cost per ton/hour

by reducing physical proximity to the machines and provide prognostics for the equipment as

health and safety of the mine and equipment, ensure more efficient and safer mineral extraction well as performance optimization for the people and processes. Through this direct partnership, Joy Global can move beyond the role of service provider and deliver the unique capability of anticipating customer and equipment needs. • Joy Operational Excellence drives performance to world-class levels • Integrated, game-changing technology and product upgrades • Global benchmarking of performance with LCM Operational Scorecard • Data centric view of people, process and technology TM

• Health Management and Condition Monitoring for real-time analytics • Targeted training programs to meet a wide array of needs • Prognostics: fix it before it breaks

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Life Cycle Management

JoySmart Service Centers

Through collaboration, operational excellence and integrated technology solutions, Joy Global partners with our customers to provide the asset management strategy needed to achieve desired results. Customers can select from LCM options that complement their support structure to reduce costly downtime, optimize equipment performance and take the uncertainty out of maintenance, repair

Joy Global service

and rebuild management.

help maximize performance and productivity of P&H and Joy mining equipment. Customers are served directly by Joy Global service

Prognostics and remote health management

centers and distribution facilities that are regionally located and globally linked. The following service offerings are designed to help

Leverage predictive, prescriptive and

achieve each customer’s unique objectives:

real-time operational analytics to

Joy Global recognizes the diversity of our customers, allowing them to select from flexible service offerings that are designed to

transform that data and information

Service Products and Consumables

Component Exchange Program

to maintain and repair customers’

into actionable knowledge for

Production goals will only be achieved

equipment 24/7, 365 days/year. These

production and maintenance teams.

Our service products and consumables

if machines remain in operation.

regional service teams are regularly

Integrated services and technologies

(SP&C) are engineered and specifically

Minimizing machine downtime during

trained and recertified to maintain high

enable customers to achieve increased

selected to meet exacting application and

planned and unplanned outages is

proficiency standards.

production, higher availability, better

design standards. With dedicated regional

critical to maintaining production goals.

warehousing and computerized inventory

The Joy Global Component Exchange

Service center repair

systems, we can assure timely and cost

Program provides a ready supply of

Our unique direct service business

effective SP&C delivery to our customers

like-new, remanufactured components

model enables customers to deal directly

anywhere in the world.

incorporating the latest design

with Joy Global service centers offering

improvements, available from regional

expedient turnaround time and

Machine Assembly and Rebuild

warehouses for same day or next

high-quality service repairs based on

Our service teams are structured to

day delivery.

OEM specifications. Each service

machine rebuild by applying new

Technical and field services

well-trained technicians committed to

machine assembly factory best practices

We offer factory-trained service

delivering quality and reliability.

culminating with the Joy Global Flawless

technicians and skilled tradesmen

Management solutions are tailored to meet

utilization and improved profitability.

your cost objectives and optimize profits.

Performance Life Cycle Management

center is staffed with experienced and

be the preferred resource for every

Joy Global Life Cycle

Prognostics and remote health management

Start Up process. Our assembly and rebuild program is backed by a complete range of OE services including SP&C,

Life Cycle Management

Component Exchange Program (CEP), on-site project management, labor, shop services, as well as a wide range of

Joy Operational Excellence products/processes/people

technical support. Flawless from the Start

Contact your local Joy Global service team for more information on our service offerings or visit

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Joy Global worldwide locations

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