Beginner | Conversation Lesson 60 _LEVEL 5_

Lesson 60: Wishing Merry Christmas Hi! How are you today? Today’s lesson is about “Wishing Merry Christmas” Let’s make learning English fun!

Pelajaran 60: Selamat Natal

Exercise 1 | Vocabulary and Expressions (Kosakata dan Ungkapan) Directions: Listen and repeat. Petunjuk: Dengar dan ulangi.

Vocabulary and Expressions



This was a dreamy festival, I was really satisfied!

very(aktual, sebenarnya, sangat)

He appeared at the office on the very time he promised to come.


He always complains about his salary.


Let’s combine our efforts to solve the problem.

whether I like it or not(apakah kamu suka atau

You need to enter the university whether you like it or not.

tidak, entah kamu suka atau tidak) Everything’s coming up roses!

I got a new job, and got a boyfriend there! He is my officemate in my

(semuanya menjadi sangat baik)

workplace and he is so nice and handsome! And I got promoted recently! Everything’s coming up roses!

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Beginner | Conversation Lesson 60 _LEVEL 5_

Exercise 2 | Dialogue Practice (Latihan Berdialog) Directions: Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher. Petunjuk: Baca dialog ini dengan lantang bersama gurumu. In the morning of Christmas Eve, Stella and Lisa meet and talk about their Christmas.

Stella: Hi Lisa, today is Christmas Eve, I’m so excited! When Christmas comes, I feel like I can forget about all the bad things, and feel that everything’s coming up roses!

Lisa: Me too, especially since I am also looking forward to my birthday!

Stella: Yes, your birthday is on the very same day of Christmas, right? You are such a lucky girl to have your birthday on Christmas! December 25th is such a dreamy day for you!

Lisa: Thank you. But you know what? When I was a child, I used to complain to my parents because they didn’t give birth to me on another day. You know, everyone gives me only one present on December 25th. Christmas and my birthday are combined in their mind whether I like it or not. I even wished that Santa Claus would bring me two presents!

Stella: If I were you, I would’ve thought the same way, since receiving presents is one of the greatest joys for children.

Lisa : No doubt it is. Even now I look forward to the presents from my friends!

Stella: Me too. Anyway, now we are on the happiest days in a year.

Lisa: Yes, we are. Merry Christmas, Stella!

Stella: Thanks. Merry Christmas, Lisa. And happy birthday in advance!

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Beginner | Conversation Lesson 60 _LEVEL 5_

Check your understanding: Answer the following questions.

1. When is Lisa’s birthday?

2. Why did Lisa complain to her parents when she was a child?

3. What is one of the greatest joys for children in Stella’s opinion?

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Beginner | Conversation Lesson 60 _LEVEL 5_

Exercise 3 | Listening Comprehension (Pemahaman Dalam Mendengarkan) Directions: Your teacher will read a text. First, listen to it. After that, choose the right answer to the questions. Petunjuk: Gurumu akan membaca teks ini. Dengarkanlah. Setelah itu, Jawablah pertanyaan tersebut dengan benar.

“Perhatikan gurumu ketika sedang membaca teks”

1. How did Yuki and Toshi enjoy their vacation? A. They spent their time inside, resting and watching TV. B. Yuki and Toshi had walks every single time they were able to do so. 2. Whom did they come across on one of their walks? A. They came across their friends from the USA. B. Some friends from the UK called them from the nearby café. 3. What did Toshi and Yuki tell their friends from the USA? A. Toshi and Yuki wished them a Happy New Year and to have a lot of money and happiness. B. They wished them a Merry Christmas, and also to have a lot of health and happiness. 4. What did Yuki’s and Toshi’s friends from the USA ask them? A. They asked them to come over to their place and spend Christmas Eve with them. B. They asked them to go have a drink after the traditional Christmas dinner.

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Beginner | Conversation Lesson 60 _LEVEL 5_

Exercise 4 | Role Play (Bermain Peran) Directions: Have a role play with your teacher in the situation below. Petunjuk: Bermainlah dengan sebuah peran bersama gurumu dalam situasi berikut. Situation: You meet up with your best friend, who your teacher will act as. The two of you talk about Christmas and what it means to you.

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Beginner | Conversation Lesson 60 _LEVEL 5_

Exercise 5 | Conversation Questions (Pertanyaan Seputar Percakapan) Directions: Take turns with your teacher in answering the questions. Petunjuk: Bergantian dengan gurumu dalam menjawab pertanyaan.

1. How do you feel when Christmas comes?

2. Which one makes you happier, Christmas or your birthday?

3. What Christmas songs are popular in your country?

4. How do you usually spend Christmas?

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