Leadership. Annual Report Fiscal Year 2012 (January 2012 December 2012)

Leadership  Annual Report Fiscal Year 2012 (January 2012 ‐ December 2012)  Le er from Becky Wolfe, President  Teamwork What a year! As I look at ...
Author: Jared Marsh
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Annual Report Fiscal Year 2012 (January 2012 ‐ December 2012) 

Le er from Becky Wolfe, President 


What a year! As I look at the direc on Leadership Butler and the programs of the organiza on have taken, it amazes me to see all we have accomplished. Our Board of Trustees, the Adult Curriculum Commi ee, the Youth program commi ee and the Alumni Associa on Program commi ee are hardworking volunteers who guide and work toward the mission of Leadership Butler. It is their talents and resources that have steered Leadership Butler to seek new opportuni es. Powerful partnerships, collabora ons and conversa ons throughout Butler County have given valuable feedback to our programs that will enhance our strategic plan for short and long term goals. Having so many people in the business community, local and state government and Alumnus of Leadership Butler give their me to provide this informa on and comments is a great testament of the work being done by our organiza on. Crea ng a new vision statement, working on crea ng a “brand” for the organiza on, preparing recommenda ons to help youth look for scholarships, crea ng a user friendly website and u lizing the social media are just a few of the things we were focusing on in 2012. Leadership Butler is a diverse organiza on that provides opportuni es for par cipants, alumni and the general popula on and it has grown to more than a training organiza on. Take a moment to get to know us through this report. Thank you to all of the volunteers who con nue to believe in our vision and to those who have taken the me to partner and collaborate with us. We are grateful.

Yours in Leadership,


Becky S Wolfe, Execu ve Director 2

“Individual commitment to a group effort; that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. “ Vince Lombardi

Advisory and Focus Groups Steer Leadership Butler’s Strategic Planning  Key large and small business, government, non‐profit and educa on formed the Advisory Group in October to discuss ideas and thoughts about the Leadership Butler program and what the program means for Butler County. This was a two hour mee ng with a facilitator of the Kansas Leadership Center, Seth Bate. This was the first mee ng of its kind to hear from a diverse professional group of people about the impact of Leadership Butler on the community and also to discuss strategies for Leadership Butler moving forward. The group also felt that there were barriers for the Leadership Butler Board of Trustees to review when planning for the future of the organiza on. The Leadership Butler Board of Trustees will review all that was offered by this group of individuals and develop strategies to address those that fit within the vision and mission of the organiza on. The input and me by those who a ended was greatly appreciated. This group will be relied upon in the future to review the results of their input. The following are results from discussions: Impact: 

Barriers to the future: 

Felt par cipants become informed servant leaders

Rigid a endance requirements

Quality reputa on

Time commitment to par cipate and to volunteer

Connec on between individuals throughout Butler County

Some may find it a good program ‐ other than for themselves

Supplement workforce development

Lack of “brand” for the organiza on and people do not realize that the adult and youth programs and not all that Leadership Butler provides

Connec vity between communi es Bringing youth together from different school districts

In November, Leadership Butler Alumni were also called together to talk about the purpose of the Leadership Butler Alumni Associa on. Fourteen alumni a ended the focus group that was facilitated by Seth Bate from the Kansas Leadership Center. This group discussed all aspects of the alumni associa on and came up with thoughts and ideas to engage those who have gone through the adult program. They felt that barriers blocking volunteerism with the organiza on included: a) fundraising for the events and organiza on; b) lack of me due to family, job and involvement in other organiza ons; and c) unclear purpose and benefits of becoming a “member” of the associa on. A number of ideas were discussed for future movement within the Alumni Associa on such as: a) alumni project; b) networking with other leadership organiza ons; c) speakers bureau; d) community issue forums; and e) mul ‐ episode program with networking and community context. 3

First Leadership Butler Alumni Social  The Leadership Butler Alumni Associa on held the first Leadership Butler Alumni Social in October 2012, which was hosted by Joyce and Dan Demo. Thirty six Leadership Butler Alumni from Butler County and the surrounding area a ending this first every “social” event. This was me for Leadership Butler Alumns to connect with new people and to reconnect with old friends.


Tom Ostander of Andover School (retired) and  Joyce Demo of Mediation Works LLC.  Both  Tom and Joyce are from the LB Class of 1996. 

Execu ve Staff  Becky Wolfe  Executive Director

Board Members  Josh Shaw, President  City of Augusta

“The Leadership Butler Alumni AssociaƟon has several events through the year, but nothing focused on social Ɵme for LB Alumns. It was a huge success.”, stated Cindy Miles, 2012 Alumni Program Chair.

Cindy Miles, Vice President  Butler Community College

There was great food, hospitality and reminiscing by those in a endance as well as conversa ons of those who wanted to do some “catching up.” The Leadership Butler Alumni program will con nue to offer two of these events a year throughout Butler County communi es.

Ma  Childers, Past President  City of Augusta

Jennifer McCausland, Treasurer  City of Andover

Kari Killman, Alumni Chair  Circle School District Broderick Bean, Youth  Leadership  Susan B Allen Memorial Hospital Brandon Kauffman, 2010 Class  Representa ve  Butler County Erica Jones, 2011 Class  Representa ve  City of Augusta Phillip Moore, 2012 Class  Representa ve  Automotive Specialist, Inc. Lindsy Light, At Large  All State Insurance Craig Lorenson, At Large  El Dorado Ace Hardware


Leadership Butler Adult & Youth Programs Implement Projects to Benefit Children in Butler County  When the youth program began in 1993, it was determined that each class would do a community project for Butler County. There were few restric ons early on but most projects dealt with issues the youth felt were important to them. The first youth project was to develop a Butler County Big Brothers, Big Sisters. This project took two years to implement, with the help of mentors from the adult program alumni. This program is a big part of Butler County today. The adult program began structuring their class projects in 2001. The par cipants decided to help Big Brothers Big Sisters kick off a new program called “Bigs in Schools”. Class members signed up to go to different schools in Butler County and read to students for 30 minutes a week. The class also purchased school items for the backpack program. Leadership Butler’s Board of Trustee’s and Execu ve Director was the guiding force to start the Community Founda on for Butler County in 1999 with two major funds. The Leadership Butler Children’s fund is the ini al funding source for these projects. Each project must benefit youth in Butler County in order to receive a grant from this fund. As with beginning the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, each project has had impact on Butler County in some way. It is the hopes of the Leadership Butler organiza on these projects help make Butler County a great place to raise a child. Youth Projects 


Adult Projects Kick Start “Bigs in Schools” Program‐Backpacks “Parents University” and Paren ng Classes “Leader Reader Program”‐Library reading programs: Provide children’s leadership books to libraries Friendship Boxes – looking at diversity (ethnic, size): Toys, books, puppets & parent resources “Buckle Up Butler” – Child Safety Seats Handout: Signage on roads throughout Butler County 7th Grade Students across Butler County‐Leadership skills and tools Camp Butler 2000 – different sessions on leadership Assisted Salva on Army to box food for 300 families Raised $7000 to go toward the new Children’s Home SCARF FREE COLLEGE CLASS DAY – importance of volunteer work in Butler County Package over 10,000 macaroni & cheese meals to help families in need in Butler County BULLY FREE BUTLER – reached over 5000 students – Brought in renowned speaker PHIL CHALMERS

Develop Big Brothers Big Sisters Butler County County Wide Youth Council Liaisons for Camp Butler 2000 Take Educable Handicapped children to zoo Drug & Alcohol Awareness for 8th Graders: Wrote & performed skit at schools Mandatory Drug Tes ng Policy Mentor Unmatched kids from Big Brothers, Big Sisters “Flatline…When the Party Stops” – drama za on: on a party for 6th grade students – 600 reached script given to a State organiza on to use Public Service Announcement about Drugs/Alcohol Caroling, Movie Event with unmatched kids Big Brothers, Big Sisters Bullying & Depression – created Video that was targe ng 8th grade students – schools were asked to show PARTY SOBER to eliminate the use of alcohol for underage drinkers – signs were placed at all schools “Murder Through Words” – develop script to address “bullying” in schools. A video was sent to schools “Be A Friend” – looking at the “invisible kids” in their schools and asking other students if they recognize they also handed out wristband with the slogan “STAY ALIVE…DON’T TEXT WHILE YOU DRIVE” – signs were made to go to each of the schools. Lanyards were passed out to all the high school students. WON THE “PEOPLE SAVING PEOPLE” AWARD THROUGH Kansas Dept. of Transporta on “Don’t Be Toast, Be Careful What You Post” – Facebook “We DARE you to try it” – Ge ng DARE back in the Schools  


Leadership Butler Partners with Organiza ons in Butler County and Across the State of Kansas  Leadership Butler seeks partnerships in ways to benefit the program and the partners. In 2012, a partnership with Butler Community College to bring in the regional Student Councils from areas such as Conway Springs, Eureka, Rose Hill, Douglass, Bluestem, Belle Plaine, and several other schools for a day of ac vi es on leadership development, board development and ethics. Over 250 students were in a endance at Butler for the day. The Kansas Leadership Center offers training and opportuni es for Leadership Butler staff and alumni throughout the year. The Kansas Community Leadership Ini a ve Summit involves par cipants of Leadership Butler to interact with other community leadership programs across the State of Kansas for 3 day training in Wichita surrounding the principals of Civic Leadership. They also provide “facilitator” training for the front of the room people in community leadership programs. A special grant opportunity from the City of Augusta through their liquor tax fund is instrumental in implemen ng the Youth Leadership Butler class project and one session dealing with drugs and alcohol awareness. Leadership Butler partners with the school districts to provide a youth leadership program for juniors in high school. Other partnerships came in the way of speaking and consul ng with other groups and organiza ons. Butler Community College Life Enrichment asked Leadership Butler to speak to their group about Learning, Thinking, Working Styles. Leadership Butler also spoke to the El Dorado Kiwanis Club in 2012. Leadership Butler staff worked with El Dorado United Methodist Church on the idea of partnering to bring a “leadercast” to El Dorado and Butler County featuring speakers such as John Maxwell, Jack Welch and many more who are known in the leadership arena. Leadership Butler Consultants worked with a business out of Wichita on strategic planning and crea ng a vision and mission for their company. The consultants also worked with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia to work with rural communi es in Kansas interested in star ng a community leadership program. Ac ve Partners  Butler County Butler Community College Central Kansas Community Founda on‐Butler County City Governments of Andover, Augusta, Benton, El Dorado, Potwin, Rose Hill, Towanda School Districts of Augusta, Bluestem, Circle, Douglass, El Dorado, Flinthills, Remington and Rose Hill Kansas Leadership Center Kansas Health Founda on Newspapers of Andover, Augusta and El Dorado Chambers of Commerce in Andover, Augusta, El Dorado, Rose Hill and Whitewater


Financials . . .


Assets  Cash and Cash Equivalents

By developing “servant leaders” through educa on and example, Leadership Butler provides people with tools and confidence to make their organiza ons and Butler County a place where we live well and laugh o en.”

Statement of Financial Posi on at December 31st 

Statement of Financial Posi on at December 31st 

Total Assets  Liabili es  Payroll

Total Liabili es 





$10,254.26  $11,066.82  2012 









Direct Support



Interest Income



Miscellaneous Income



Program Income






Total Revenues  Net Assets  Unrestricted

Total Net Assets 





$9,694.39  $10,732.92 

Total Liabili es & Net Assets  $10,254.26  $11,066.82 










Opera ons



Facili es & Equipment



Travel & Mee ngs







Miscellaneous Expense Contract Services

Total Expenses  Net Income (Loss) 


$52,590.35  $44,887.58 

$52,595.40  $44,405.74  $(5.05) 


New Logo, New Direc on 

Stone Family Founda on Becomes Benefactor 

As part of the marke ng and branding for Leadership Butler, the Leadership Butler became the recipient of funding from the Stone Family Board of Trustees and the Leadership Butler Alumni Associa on Founda on. Since beginning the program in 1988, Mr. Clifford Stone program began looking at the logo of the organiza on and asking spoke to the classes many mes on the history of Butler County and the whether the logo that was designed in 1999 was telling the story the oil industry. He also sponsored sessions over the years, personally and organiza on wanted it to tell. Kerry Unrein, LB Class of 1996, professionally. contacted Dewey Price, LB Class of 2007 to come up with some Mr. Stone’s family wanted to con nue suppor ng Leadership Butler and ideas for a new look. Price came up with two versions of a logo he the work done by the classes of the youth and adult programs thought would fit the board’s vision. With through a grant from the family founda on. Samuel feedback from Leadership Butler Alums, the C. Stone, son of Cliff, is the contact for the Stone Board of Trustees made the decision to use Family Founda on and has spoken about the both versions of the logo to create a new look interest to keep his father’s interests a part of their for the organiza on. Thanks to Dewey Price for philanthropy. your crea vity. 2375 W Central Avenue El Dorado, KS 67042 316‐321‐4108 [email protected] www.leadershipbutlerinc.org Number of Leadership



Butler Adult Graduates

Number of Class Community Projects Completed


350 Alumni Association Members 8

Number of Leadership Butler Youth Graduates