LCSThe High Speed Laser Contouring System

LCS The High Speed Laser Contouring System The Laser Contouring System (LCS) by Process Metrix rapidly measures lining thickness in the BOF, EAF, Q-...
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The High Speed Laser Contouring System

The Laser Contouring System (LCS) by Process Metrix rapidly measures lining thickness in the BOF, EAF, Q-BOP, or ladle environment. The LCS combines high-speed, laser-based distance measuring equipment with a robust mechanical platform and easy-to-use software. With a laser scan rate of over 8,000 points per second, a single vessel scan can include over 500,000 individual contour measurements, providing incredibly detailed contour resolution and accurate bath height determination.

The Mobile Platform Two principle objectives are emphasized in our mobile platform design: SPEED and SIMPLICITY. Fast measurement times are achieved using our laser-based navigation system. Working from three reflectors mounted on the building structure behind the cart, this system automatically measures the cart position relative to the BOF and reports position information directly to the LCS computer. The navigation system is completely automatic and updates 8 times per second. Process Metrix has also implemented a radio (RF) link that continuously broadcasts the vessel tilt to a receiver located in the cart. The RF-link incorporates 2.4 GigaHertz spread-spectrum technology for interference-free transmission. During the measurement, the RF receiver automatically reports the vessel tilt to the LCS computer. Together, the laser navigation system and RF link enable fast, error-free measurement of the vessel lining thickness. Measurements are initiated with a single tap to the computer's touch screen. Once the measurement process begins, the operator need only confirm the measured value of cart position and vessel tilt, the software does all the rest! Single measurements can be made in 20-30 seconds. An entire map of the vessel interior consisting of 46 measurements, and 500,000+ data points can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

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LCS The LCS-cart also incorporates the following features: ■ Pentium III-850 MHz Industrial Touch Screen Computer ■ 2 USB, 1 Ethernet (RJ-45) and 1 Modem (RJ-11) front panel port ■ On-board battery power delivering up to three hours of continuous operation. The battery charger allows continuous system operation while battery charges ■ Internal, two-axis cart inclinometer ■ Large diameter (16"/41 cm) wheels on spring suspension ■ Pressure regulated Vortec cooler for excessive (+120° F/50° C) environment ■ Pull-out electronics drawer ■ Retractable heat shielding

LCS Bottom Contour Map

Functional, Efficient Software Tools The LCS software has two primary functions: Data measurement and lining thickness display. Of course, the software also includes all of the setup functions that Process Metrix uses to configure our instrument to your application. However, these functions are password restricted, and most of our users don't access the configuration tools under normal, day-today operation. All controls are highly intuitive, with label definitions implemented pictorially. Our innovative completion grid, illustrated at left, tells the operator what sections of the vessel have and have not been measured. The vessel profile is displayed automatically within five seconds after acquisition. Bath height, based on input values of charge weight and density, is also displayed on each data view.

LCS’ innovative completion grid. BOF cone in green, barrel blue, bottom in gray. Darker shading indicates more date in that sector

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LCS A high degree of output customization is available to tailor the view definitions to the needs and preferences of the mill. Two-dimensional slices through the vessel can be made at virtually any location (e.g. tap hole, trunion, or slag line). The vessel profile used to determine lining thickness is also displayed for visual reference. Contour maps of both the vessel wall and bottom clearly illustrate lining thickness over the entire vessel interior. Thickness values are displayed both numerically and by color key, immediately revealing regions that might require attention. Our report generator automatically prints all of the views and screens needed by the mill to make informed process decisions. New software releases, that include upgrades and feature requests we receive from our customers, are made twice annually.

Fixed-Position Installation for "Always-On" Measurement Capability For converter and ladle applications, fixed position installation coupled with the high measurement speed of the LCS enables measurements after every heat with little or no loss of process time. The automated measurement approach provides the following benefits: ■ Push- button measurement availability, ■ Heat to heat assessment of refractory wear, ■ Detection of sudden variations in wear patterns, with direct relation to changes in process, ■ Prediction and scheduling of maintenance in advance of the immediate need for repairs, ■ In converter applications, heat-to-heat lance height control. ■ Each installation is custom engineered for your application and space availability. To avoid conflicts with hot metal and scrap charging, tap side measurement locations are typical. Solutions anchored to the tap floor, building columns, or in the hood area are all possible; the principle design goal is to place the sensor as close to the vessel mouth as possible to maximize the field of view into the vessel.

LCS Fixed Head Enclosure and Instrument

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LCS System components consist of the laser measurement head, system power supply, Pentium III computer, and water-cooled heat shield. An Ethernet link enables fast, long distance transmission between the computer and optical head. For most applications, the computer can be placed in the control room or other suitable structure away from the vessel that is local to the operator. Wall Contour of BOF Lining Thickness Measured with LCS Instrument.

Uncompromising Support Our equipment is of little value to you if it's not working properly. Therefore, Process Metrix provides a preventive maintenance plan designed to keep your hardware and software operating at full capacity. Should a failure occur, a Process Metrix certified technician can always be reached around the clock at our dedicated service telephone line. Should on-site support be required, an Process Metrix certified technician will travel to your facility, usually arriving within 48 hours. If an internet connection is available, software updates, configuration changes and data review can be performed remotely over the web. Process Metrix also keeps a fully-configured instrument at our California offices ready for immediate shipment around the world.

Contact Process Metrix for More Information PMC provides industrial process control solutions for the steel industry using intelligent instrumentation. We currently offer oxygen lance-based sensors for imaging and pyrometry, as well as laser-based sensors for particle size and concentration. Please contact the engineering staff at PMC directly for more information about the LCS, or any of our additional sensor technologies. Reach us at (925) 837-1330 or at [email protected]

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LCS Laser Contouring System Specifications Optical Head


■ Range Uncertainty: 16 mm single shot 6 mm averaged data ■ Measurement speed: 8,000+ sample/s ■ Divergence of beam: approx. 3 mrad ■ Field of View: ±40° vertical, 360° horizontal ■ Angle stepwidth: 0.01° vert. and hor. ■ Angle accuracy: 0.005° vert., 0.005° hor. ■ Eye Safety Class: CLASS 1 ■ Max range measurement (stand-off): 20 m

■ Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz industrial-grade computer (or better) ■ Windows XP operating system ■ Inclinometer resolution — 0.6 arcminutes (or better) ■ 200° C plenum cable throughout ■ Modular design for simple field servicing.

NavigationSystem ■ Positional uncertainty: 10 mm ■ Heading Uncertainty: 0.1° ■ Eye Safety Class: CLASS 1

LCS’ Software desktop, Illustrating a Radial Slice Through the BOF Trunion Axis

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