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THE NEW GENERATION IN BODY CONTOURING atnt Viora Reaction System laser & light technology laser & light technology By Cindy L. Vandruff, MBA Edit...
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Viora Reaction System

laser & light technology

laser & light technology

By Cindy L. Vandruff, MBA Editor in Chief

Developing a product for the aesthetic industry has become a challenge for many manufacturers in this harsh economy. More, now than ever, physicians must weigh the pros and cons for each device they introduce to their patient base and integrate into their practice. There are not enough dollars to go around for practices to have a stock pile of systems as in years past. Choosing the right devices can be

The trend now is to find a device that can perform more than one procedure which fits the needs of more patients within their demographic area. daunting for those physicians who are not as seasoned as others. And, frankly, the educated physician with years of device experience is starting to pare down the number of systems they have to perform several procedures.

The trend now is to find a device that can perform more than one procedure which fits the needs of more patients within their demographic area. It makes sense not only to the bottom line of your practice, but it also helps to increase revenue for your business in a much more efficient manner. Price matters, too, and so does the ability to treat multiple patients with varying skin conditions. Presently cellulite is a hot topic for not only patients, but also practitioners. More patients are going into their dermatologist and plastic surgeon’s offices and asking for skin tightening and cellulite treatments. We have seen a proliferation in the market place with new systems being introduced for the past 5+ years that are marketed to the physician treating cellulite and replacing the face lift with skin tightening procedures. Viora (Jersey City, NJ) has a solution that is good for the practice and the patient. In September 2009, this up and coming manufacturer received FDA clearance for body contouring. Viora launched their Reaction™ bi-polar multi frequency RF device | may ● june 2011


laser & light technology

into the U.S. market at the American Academy of Dermatology March 2010 annual meeting in Miami, Florida. The response by the industry was positive, and there was much attention drawn to the specific way the Reaction was used to treat a host of skin concerns among patients. This was the first system of its kind to incorporate multi frequency RF energy and vacuum therapy for body contouring.

stimulating lymphatic drainage, and assisting in the shrinkage of fat cell volume during the procedure. The vacuum therapy is used in correlation with the body contouring/cellulite treatments, while the tightening treatment does not use vacuum therapy. The Reaction is two systems in one with its multi-frequency modes available for both contouring and tightening. Reaction’s multi-frequency mode allows for much quicker

The Reaction is two systems in one with its multi-frequency modes available for both contouring and tightening. CORE TECHNOLOGY The Reaction system has a unique multiple frequency technology called “CORE” (Channeling Optimized RF Energy), which provides the medical and aesthetic practitioner the choice of three frequencies delivering energy at different levels for precise skin depths based on the required treatment for the patient. The lower the frequency, the deeper the penetration of radio frequency energy is delivered. Also part of this system is a fourth multichannel mode, which is an innovative approach that concurrently incorporates all three frequencies for a more comprehensive treatment. Also as part of this system, the Reaction has multiple settings for vacuum therapy which allows further penetration of the RF energy while simultaneously increasing blood circulation, 2

increase of temperature to the efficacious range at the treatment site which is important for solid outcomes. With the Reaction it is possible to heat the skin of a patient of varying degrees of adiposity, which means that a Reaction treatment can have a favorable outcome for a range of patients. However, a true candidate for body contouring treatments would be someone with a BMI of 30 or under.

MODES & SETTINGS The CORE Technology’s three distinct RF frequencies are listed in the next column along with a fourth mode that uses all three RF frequencies:

may ● june 2011 |

Mode 1 RF frequency at 0.80 MHZ – Deep Treatment

Mode 2 RF frequency at 1.70 MHZ – Mid-Layer Treatment

Mode 3 RF frequency at 2.45 MHZ – Superficial Treatment

Mode 4 Multi-layer RF frequency combining all three above modes

*Reaction’s RF penetration range is 3.9mm to 18.6mm.


Patient face before (left) and after (right) 2 Reaction treatments. Photos courtesy of Ronit Addi Aesthetic Medical Center, Israel.

laser & light technology


Patient upper legs before (left) and after (right) 8 Reaction treatments. Photos courtesy of Dr. Matthew Schulman. Patient nasolabial folks before (left) and after (right) 1 Reaction treatment. Photos courtesy of Viora, Ltd.

Patient arms before (left) and after (right) 3 Reaction treatments. Photos courtesy of Keren Medical Aesthetic Center, Israel. Patient jowls before (left) and after (right) 3 Reaction treatments. Photos courtesy of Ronit Addi, Medical Aesthetic Center, Israel.

Patient upper legs and buttocks before (left) and after (right) 6 Reaction treatments. Photos courtesy of Viora, Ltd.

Patient stomach before (left) and after (right) 8 Reaction treatments. Photos courtesy of Arena Medical Center, Spain. | may ● june 2011


laser & light technology

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS For further understanding of the energy delivered with each treatment, listed to the right are the specifications for each mode (Table 1.). The Reaction comes on a rolling cart, and weighs 42 pounds.

RESULTS WITH THE REACTION Results show that 81% of patients treated with the Reaction in recent studies demonstrated a moderate or significant improvement in skin laxity following a skin tightening treatment. Also, over 83% of study participants showed a noticeable circumferential reduction at the first follow up visit with the greatest circumference improvement noted in the buttocks. Participants were recorded to have no adverse effects nor discomfort during or post treatment. An integrated skin cooling mechanism ensures that electrode tips are chilled to 6 degrees Celsius thereby protecting the patient’s skin throughout the treatment duration.

PHYSICIAN EXPERIENCE Dr. Daniel Man Boca Raton, Florida Dr. Man has treated over 20 patients with the Reaction, with 75% skin tightening and 25% contouring. His patients are looking for alternative treatments with little down time and lower cost than traditional invasive 4

may ● june 2011 |

Table 1.




RF Power

Up to 130 J/cm/3

Up to 50w

Up to 8.5w

RF Mode 1




RF Mode 2




RF Mode 3




RF Mode 4

800KHZ, 1.7MHZ, 2.45MHZ

800KHZ, 1.7MHZ, 2.45MHZ

800KHZ, 1.7MHZ, 2.45MHZ





procedures. He and his staff were very pleasantly surprised to find that this modality was very acceptable as it is rapidly employed and offers improvement over a short time. Patients would tell him they couldn’t believe the change they saw after one treatment. “This kind of response is new to us as we usually offer more improvement, but with much more downtime,” stated Dr. Man. Both patients and staff are enthusiastic about this device. Another point that Dr. Man conveyed was that the device is so efficient, with virtually no consumables, which lowers the cost to the patient unlike many other systems. “The Reaction system is different as it employs three different frequencies and vacuum at the same time or at separate times; and it is very versatile as it improves loose skin, excess of fat, cellulite, and post-operative scars. We look forward to increasing the rate of conversion of new consults to this kind of useful treatment,” commented Dr. Man.

Dr. Stanly Kovak Chicago, Illinois Dr. Kovak purchased his Reaction system over 12 months ago and has treated over 150 patients to date. Average treatment price is $150-$350 and performs 75% contouring procedures over 25% skin tightening procedures. Pain scores range from 3 for facial and 6 for body treatments. “We use the Reaction in our practice as an add-on to our laser lipo procedures,” said Dr. Kovak. “I like the fact that my patients walk out of our practice, and they continue to feel something in the treated areas, which means something is still going on and the penetration was there. It’s working and it shows we are doing something more aggressive than before.” Dr. Kovak believes this device helps to improve the outcomes of his procedures, and his patients are seeing great results from it. “The Reaction gives you more versatility with the two treatments of contouring and tightening than other devices,” commented Dr. Kovak.

Over the past 6 months, Dr. Iman Al-Haj has treated over 33 patients and has performed 111 procedures since she purchased the Reaction. A large percentage of her patients that she treats with the Reaction request tightening of the face and neck, while the balance of the patients have contouring of the abdomen, arms, and thighs. “The multiple heads make it convenient to treat a variety of patients,” commented Dr. Al Haj. “I especially like it for treating the arms, which is crucial for the region that I practice. I charge an average of $300-$400 per session and usually treat 1-2 areas.” Dr. Al-Haj is confident that with the proper communication with her patients, she can achieve safe, efficacious results; and her patient’s pain scores are low, usually very tolerable at a 3-4. Dr. Al-Haj was interested in offering her patients an alternative to surgical procedures, and this was a good fit. “The CORE concept is very promising technology in the field of non-invasive skin tightening,” said Dr. Al-Haj.

cosmetic device. “The economic situation, combined with skepticism in the market regarding cellulite reduction solutions due to the failure of other devices to deliver results, forced us to conceive this innovative program,” said Josef Luzon of Viora in a press release. “The logic behind the program is that a practice with the right amount of traffic can recap its

advertise the procedures to the patients. The Asset Package Includes: • Waiting Room Roll Up • Waiting Room Poster • Client Brochures • Before and After Binder • Reaction Waiting Room DVD • Poster and Client Brochure Digital Copies

laser & light technology

Dr. Iman Al-Haj Houston, Texas

“The CORE concept is very promising technology in the field of non-invasive skin tightening.” – Dr. Iman Al-Haj •

Online Campaign: o Custom-made HTML for an Email Campaign with your logo and your details o Custom-made HTML for a Landing Page with your logo and your details, including form for lead generation Large variety of digital images: o Reaction model o Technology 3D diagrams o Logos o System and applicators Training DVD



Viora understands the importance of customer service. To further assist their customers in making sure the Reaction is well known by their patients, they also provide their Asset Package with each device sold. The Asset Package includes digital and printed materials to market and

One of the more forwardthinking advantages of owning the Reaction is the Risk Free Program they have established for their customers who want to incorporate this system into a practice to generate a new revenue stream without the burden of the up-front cost of a

Reaction by Viora | may ● june 2011


laser & light technology

investment in the program with just five patients for a series of treatments over three months, a long enough period to work with the system and feel comfortable in making the decision to purchase,” he adds. Angel Turlington is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) at the Southeast Women’s Center in Clayton, North Carolina. For the past six years she has developed the cosmetic portion of this thriving OB/Gyn practice that

towards the purchase of the device within the first 90 days. This allowed us to feel more comfortable about purchasing this device and taking our practice to the next step.” Viora’s Risk Free Program gave Angel the time she needed to line up patients and begin to grow their revenue to purchase the Reaction. To date, their practice has treated over 250 patients with the Reaction. Their average price per treatment is $200. Forty percent of their treatments are

With the help of Viora’s Risk Free Program, the Reaction has significantly impacted their ability to grow their business in only a few months. offers injectables, facial and body treatments. Viora’s Reaction was a perfect fit for the practice. “I wanted to add a body contouring device to our cosmetic practice without the large expense,” said Angel. “When I first chose to make the purchase with Viora, I made a down payment of only $10,000 for the Risk Free Program and paid the balance


facial and 60% body procedures. With the help of Viora’s Risk Free Program, the Reaction system has significantly impacted their ability to grow their business. When asking Angel what she thought about the Reaction system, she answered, “It works! Choose your patients correctly. Under promise and over deliver. It’s a win-win.”

may ● june 2011 |

About Viora Viora is a market-leading manufacturer of advanced radiofrequency, light-based systems and Diamond Tip microdermabrasion for the global aesthetic and medical markets. Viora offers a wide range of applications including body contouring, cellulite reduction, as well as phototherapy and antiaging treatments. Viora’s products are developed by veteran engineers and medical specialists in the industry.


other devices single frequency

multi frequency - core tm

2.4MHz 1.8MHz 1 MHz

0.8MHz Multi-RF

CORE™ Technology – Multi Frequency and Vacuum Therapy Three distinct RF frequencies, each precisely targets a specific penetration depth. An additional 4th dimension mode, multi frequency mode, travel through all dermal layers simultaneously and treat the full penetration range from mid to deep skin layers. This allows a multi dimension treatment for cellulite and body contouring. The freedom to choose the channel mode according to the treated body site optimizes results and ensures client safety and comfort. In addition a Vacuum Therapy feature positions the skin between the two RF electrodes to intensify treatment and enable deeper penetration.

Thermal Images of Tissue Heating Effects at Different RF Modes

Mode 1 0.8 MHz

Mode 2 1.7 MHz

Mode 3 2.45 MHz

Deep, accurate, flexible, safe and clinically proven

The Reaction™ is the RF device you need!

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