Lake Michigan College August 22, 2016

Lake Michigan College August 22, 2016 Board of Trustees President Emeritus/Acting CEO Robert P. Harrison, Ph.D Work Study Executive Assistant to th...
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Lake Michigan College August 22, 2016

Board of Trustees President Emeritus/Acting CEO Robert P. Harrison, Ph.D

Work Study

Executive Assistant to the President Rebecca Steffen

Chief Financial Officer Kelli Hahn Central Duplicating Finance & Accounting Grant Compliance (Financial) Information Technologies Mendel Center Operations Purchasing Risk Management

Executive Director, Lake Michigan College Foundation Mary Klemm Alumni Relations LMC Foundation

Vice President, Academic Services Leslie Kellogg Academic Scheduling & Publications Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, & Information Technology Business, Culinary, & Hospitality Credit for Experiential Learning Curriculum Review Distance Education Healthcare Education Health Sciences HLC Accreditation Rhetoric, Communication & Foreign Language Learning Assistance & Testing Center Library Mathematics, PE & Wellness Natural Sciences Program Review Social Sciences, Humanities, Creative Arts, & Education Teaching & Learning Center Technology Center Transitional Studies & CLS Wine & Viticulture Technology Work-based Outreach

Vice President, Administrative Services Anne Erdman Benefits Bookstore Childcare Contracts Diversity Employee Recognition Facilities and Land Management Human Resources Law and Regulatory Compliance Opening Days Policies and Procedures Professional Development

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Vice President, Student Services Doug Schaffer Admissions Academic Advising Career Services Enrollment Management Financial Aid Grant Programs Educational Opportunity Center Start to Finish Program Student Support Services Upward Bound Intercollegiate Athletics One-Stop Information Center Records Recruitment Retention Registrar Student Development Student Housing Student Life Student Resource Center Switchboard

Vice President, Regional Campuses and K-12 Partnerships Barbara Craig Bertrand Crossing Campus Brandywine Lab Campus Operations Community Education Early College Indiana Development Niles Fab Lab North Service Area . Development South County South Haven Campus

Director, Marketing & Communications Candice Elders Marketing Services

President Emeritus/Acting CEO Robert P. Harrison, Ph.D

Executive Director, Lake Michigan College Foundation Mary Klemm

Director, Marketing & Communications Candice Elders

Manager, Advancement Programs and Stewardship Rita Whise

Digital Communications Specialist Mackenzie Black

Coordinator, Multimedia Marketing Caroline Robinson

Coordinator, Advancement Services Jannette Yergeau

Graphic Design Coordinator Mike Johnson

Work Study

Marketing Coordinator Jennifer Jacobs Marketing Communications Coordinator Colleen Villa Work Study (Advancement & Marketing)

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Vice President, Academic Services Leslie Kellogg

Coordinator, Academic Services Jodie Littlefield

Director, Teaching & Learning Mark Kelly

Instructional Technology Specialist Donna Maxson

Director, Business Intelligence & Compliance Reporting John Hulsebus

Director, Wine & Viticulture Technology Michael Moyer

Director, Accreditation Melissa Emery

Director, Distance Education Bhagya Srinivasan

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Dean, Health Sciences Marla Clark

Dean, Career & Workforce Education Ken Flowers

Dean, Arts & Sciences Gary Roberts

Dean, Arts & Sciences Gary Roberts

Administrative Coordinator, Arts & Sciences Deb Montcalm

Work Study

Manager, Learning Assistance & Testing Center Deb Pratt

Transitional Math Learning & Testing Center Assistant - PT Victoria French

GED Examiner – PT Jackie Volker

Coordinator, Learning Assistance & Testing Center Robin Allen – PT Shelly Brown - PT Rochelle Gargus - SH – PT Donald Milum – PT Kristine Watson - BC – PT

Proctors PT

Tutors PT

Reference Librarian Diane Baker Public Services Assistant/ Cataloging Technician Vickie Semrinec

Library Generalist Brianne O’Neil - PT

Work Study

Lab Manager, Natural Sciences Scott Murton

Teaching Assistants - PT Brittany Hicks – Biology Lab Coordinator Lisa Sanders – Chemistry Lab Coordinator

Natural Sciences Department Leah Parkinson Department Chair Bal Barot, Chemistry Jessica Beachy, Biology/Natural Sciences John Stahl, Engineering Tech/ Physics Melissa Howse-Kurtz, Biology Susan Lentz, Biology Cole Lovett, Geology/Math Frances Miles, Biology John Beck, Chemistry Leah Parkinson Chemistry Frank Stijnman, Biology John Doudna, Lecturer, Biology

Mathematics, PE and Wellness Department Dan Meyer Brenda Shepard Department Chair

Chris Bendixen, Math Gerry Cox, Math Peter Brown, Math Jim Larson, Math Brenda Shepard, Math Dan Meyer, Physical Ed/ Coord. Phys. Ed & Wellness Prog.

Rhetoric, Communication & Foreign Language Department Nick Brittin Department Chair Joseph Eklund, English Sharon Klemm, Communication Nick Brittin, English Sean Newmiller, English Chuck Jordan, English Sara Jane Smith, English Janice Zerfas, English Part-time Faculty

Part-time Faculty

Social Sciences, Humanities, Creative Arts & Education Department Denise Scameheorn Amy Scrima Department Chairs Amy Scrima, Psychology Christopher Paine, History Tiffany Bohm, Political Science Michelle Stone, Sociology Denise Scameheorn, Psychology John Owens, Music Brandon Pierce, Art (shared position with Graphic Design)

Erika Milovich Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education Part-time Faculty

Part-time Faculty Work Study

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Transitional Studies & CLS Sean Newmiller Brenda Shepard Department Chairs Part-time Faculty CLS 100-104 Part-time Faculty

Transitional Studies Support Specialist Sonya Yoder Math Specialist, Bertrand Crossing - PT Deb Lotsbaich

Work Study

Dean, Career & Workforce Education Ken Flowers

Administrative Coordinator Jennifer Oldenburg

Director, Hanson Technology Center Chad Dee

Coordinator, Institutional Research VACANT

Contract Trainers Part-time Faculty

Director, Workforce Outreach Debbie Gillespie

Project Manager, TAACCCT Lynette Wolf

Advanced Manufacturing, Energy & Information Technology Department Kevin Kreitner Shawn Hisle Department Chairs

Talent Development Specialist Karen Broadwater

Steve Karsten Energy Advanced Mfg.

Talent Development Specialist, Employment Services Michelle Rush

Kevin Kreitner Advanced Mfg. Nathan Kramb Welding Shawn Hisle Computer Info. Systems

Agricultural Employment Manager VACANT CIS Lab Assistant - PT Daniel Gerstenberger

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Jay Keeler Computer Info. Systems Brandon Pierce Graphic Design Certificate (shared position with Art) Part-time Faculty

Business, Culinary & Hospitality Department Joe Zwiller Department Chair Danny Langston, Business/ Accounting Lisa Augustyniak, Business Erick Pifer, Business Joe Zwiller, Business/ Energy Management, BAS Chris Woodruff, Hospitality Management/ Culinary Luis Amado, Culinary Part-time Faculty

Dean, Health Sciences Marla Clark

Administrative Coordinator, Health Sciences Erin McGuire

Director, Healthcare Education LaToya Mason

Lecturer, Medical Assisting Nicole Lanning

Nursing Kathleen Szymanski, Program Director, Nursing Kay Rice Francis, Nursing Denise Gardner, Nursing Shelley Hennen, Nursing Dana Jenkins Nursing Suellen Klein, Nursing Mary Jo Risetter, Nursing Kim Sherman, Nursing/Simulation & Skills Lab Coordinator

Medical Imaging

Ildiko Widman, Radiologic Technology Program Director/Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Beth Zak, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director/Instructor Mary LeRoy, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Clinical Coordinator/Instructor

Part-time Faculty

VACANT, Manager, Nursing Education Center – PT VACANT, Health Sciences Simulation Lab Tech Support Spec. – PT Part-time Faculty

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Dental Assisting Julie Uribe, Program Director/ Instructor Dental Assisting Mary Ann McCarthy, Dental, Assisting Cynthia Wheeler Clinical Assistant, Dental Assisting-PT Dinah Haney, Donna Newman, Dental Assisting Support - PT Part-time Faculty

Vice President, Student Services Doug Schaffer Coordinator, Student Services Administration Jessica Medina-Hargan

· Advising Plan · Transfer Articulation · Retention Plan

International Student Specialist VA/International Representative Linda Pliml

(shared position with Regional &Community Engagement)

Financial Aid Systems Analyst VACANT

Student Outreach & Support Services Coordinator Andrea Timmons

Director, Financial Aid VACANT

Assistant Director, Financial Aid Susan Fintze

Financial Aid Assistant – PT Patricia Pomeroy Coordinator, Scholarships and Grants Kay Chalus

Coordinator, Loan & Work Study Carol Ostyn

Work Study

See separate page

Director, Start to Finish Program Louis Thomas

Executive Director, Students Pam McVay

Student Life & Beckwith Hall Assistant VACANT Work Study

Coordinator, Financial Aid Emily Hoover

Grants Manager Selene Anderson

Director, Public Safety/Evening Administrator & Clery Compliance Officer

Steve Silcox · Administrator on Duty (AOD) · Student Discipline · College Volunteer Program · Housing · Title IX (Students)

(shared position with Facilities Management)

Director, Intercollegiate Athletics Jason Cooper

Life Coach, Upton Grant Marcus Martin Learning Lab Coordinator Brandon Flowers

Assistant Director Intercollegiate Athletics Melissa Grau

COACHES PT Men's Basketball Jeremy Schaeffer Asst. - VACANT Women's Basketball Jason Cooper Doris Cooper Men's Baseball Scott Ponegalek Nickolas Wheeler Women's Softball John Jewell Laura Jewell Women's Volleyball Michael Matti Andria Baker Men & Women’s Soccer Justine Dover

Life Coach/Mentor Carleton Brooks Mshannon Rockette

Admissions Specialist Alexis Johns Charmae Sanders

Director, Advising & Retention Angela Marsh-Peek

Academic Advisor David Blumberg (Shared position with M-TEC)

Work Study

· Recruitment Plan · International Student Plan · Veterans Plan

Kate Attila-Hyska Nicole Hatter Ken Kettler

Career and Transfer Center Coordinator & Work Study Program Krista Elkins

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Registrar Sara Skinner

Associate Registrar Carrie Beukelman

Records Generalist Meghan Pelkey Records/ Registration Generalist Brittany Tanke

Lead Generalist/ Academic Advisor Mary Stephens Work Study Generalist Jennifer Coleman Student Information Receptionist Pam Parker Customer Service Representative Nino D’Agostino

Work Study · Hall of Pride

Lead Admissions Specialist Elaina Paulson

· Records Plan

Grants Manager/Director of Upward Bound Selene Anderson

Director, Student Support Services Nancy Johnson Academic Transfer Advisor Brandy Thompson Educational Skills Specialist Math – PT Penny Strang English/Writing – PT Dominic Sobieralski

Project Director, Educational Opportunity Center Lanre Ajayi Educational Coordinator Jacqueline Johnson Laura Brimer - PT

Upward Bound

Pre-College Coordinator/ Advisor Adrian Lee

Administrative Assistant Karolyn Wells

Academic Counselor VACANT

Adult Education Field Coordinator Shayna Razor

Office Manager - PT Patricia Plaut-Payne

Work Study

Tutors - 3

Office Assistant Pam Weir

Summer Instructors

Work Study

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Vice President, Regional Campuses and K-12 Partnerships

Barbara Craig

Coordinator, Student Services Administration Jessica Medina-Hargan (shared position with Student Services)

Director, Early/Middle College Partnerships Larissa Hunt

Director, South Haven Campus Jeremy Burleson

Academic Advisor Mary Farrell (shared position with Student Services)

Lead Generalist Keri McGarr

Generalist PT Shelly Lorbeck-Lacy

Coordinator, Assessment & Learning Assistance - PT Rochelle Gargus

Instructional Technology User Support Technician PT Jordan Briney

Coordinator, Early/Middle College Emily Fritz

Director, Bertrand Crossing Campus Jeremy Schaeffer

Campus Coordinator Kamala Chancellor

Generalist Ashley Frizzell – PT

Work Study

Lead Generalist Robin Mandarino

Work Study

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Instructional Technology User Support Technician - PT Steven Camacho

Director, Academic Services Rebecca Foster

Coordinator, Assessment & Learning Assistance PT Kristine Watson

Chief Financial Officer Kelli Hahn

Director, Finance & Accounting Karla Pankratz Senior Accountant

Morgan Callahan

Staff Accountant Sara Brant Jessica Worthington

Auxiliary & Compliance Accountant Cindy Birk

Central Duplicating Assistant – PT Velma Holliday John Hunerjager · Risk Management · Grant Repository

Accounts Receivable Manager Elizabeth Mosbey Work Study Cashier/ Accounting Assistant Karen Osborn

Director, Conference & Event Services Tonya Martindale Food & Beverage Manager Alice Archer-Snow

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager Christine Anderson

At-Will, Production Dishwashers

Chief Information Officer Randall Melton

Executive Director, Mendel Center Operations Michael Nadolski

Manager, Purchasing Nathan Main

Event Supervisor VACANT Set-up Staff Front Desk Support

Coordinator, Mendel Center Services Brittany Watts

Coordinator, Information Technologies Scott Pratt

Mendel Center Operations Manager Autumn Pelkey Technical Services

Mainstage On-Call

Infrastructure & Helpdesk

Academic & Remote Campus Support

Banner & Applications Solutions

Sales & Development Manager Paul Orlando

Front of House Manager, Mainstage Services Grace Kelmer

Front of House Staff

At-Will, Box Office


Operations Manager, Information Technologies Roger Shupert

Network Engineer & Security Manager Mathew Rainey

Systems/Security Engineer Derrick Griffin

Coordinator, Accounts Payable Ruth Hines

IT Academic Project & Support Coordinator Thomas Till

Network/Support Technician Michel Moreno Instructional Technology User Support Technician – PT Steven Camacho – BC Jordan Briney – SH

Systems Engineer Nicholas Miller Coordinator, Payroll Felecia Terris Coordinator, Telecommunication Services Todd Blake

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Work Study

Application/ Programmer Analyst James Brower

Application Programmer/ Analyst II Tyler Fish Application Programmer/ Analyst I Max Stahl

Vice President, Administrative Services Anne Erdman

Work Study


Coordinator, Administrative Services Kathy Tebell


Executive Director, Students Pam McVay

Title IX (Employee)

Executive Director, Facilities Management Lee Van Ginhoven

Executive Director, Human Resources Joe Cronin

Human Resources Manager/ Compensation & HRIS Specialist Kathy Burnett

Human Resources Generalist - PT Martha Pepple

Human Resources Manager/Benefits Specialist Annmarie Sawyer

Office Manager, Facilities Management Regina Goins

Director, Public Safety/Evening Administrator & Clery Compliance Officer

Steve Silcox (shared position with Student Services)

WFF Facility Services Mike Breyen

Facilities Engineer Michael Girard

WFF Custodial Team Napier Academic Mendel Center Bertrand Crossing Hanson Technology Center South Haven

Master Maintenance Technician Curt Grier – Beckwith Allen Hall – NA Maintenance Technician David Beaman – NA Alan Jewell – NA Robert Jones – NA Mike Trux – NA Carl Westlake – PT Diogenes Heer – MC John Hoskins - PT

Facilities Operations Manager Charles Masters

Utility William Herod – NA Maurice Turner – NA – PT Justin Jones – NA – PT Mason Arent – NA – PT

General Utility/Landskeeping Kevin Robinson - NA Tony Ward - NA Pamala Warner – NA Riley Beaman – NA - PT Bron Milliken – NA – PT

Mail Clerk/Warehouse Tammy Barber - NA VACANT – PT

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Work Study (mailroom)